Uni Hill Aquarium

190 reviews

2/20 Graduate Rd, Bundoora VIC 3083, Australia




Uni Hill Aquarium is a Aquarium shop located at 2/20 Graduate Rd, Bundoora VIC 3083, Australia. It has received 190 reviews with an average rating of 4.1 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Uni Hill Aquarium: 2/20 Graduate Rd, Bundoora VIC 3083, Australia

  • Uni Hill Aquarium has 4.1 stars from 190 reviews

  • Aquarium shop

  • "If I could rate higher than 5 stars then I would give a million stars! I’ve visited multiple aquatic stores around Melbourne & I always come back to Uni Hill aquarium"

    "I think this is good Aquarium but with a lot more potential to be great"

    "Be careful buying fish from this shop"

    "Great little find"

    "We purchased 4 pet fish in the previous month from this shop "


  • Addilyn Vanic

If I could rate higher than 5 stars then I would give a million stars! I’ve visited multiple aquatic stores around Melbourne & I always come back to Uni Hill aquarium. I’ve bought all of my equipment from them and I have no complaints. The fish and plants are in mint condition compared to other well known aquarium stores that claim to be “Melbourne’s number 1 aquarium store”. Today I bought a betta for my new tank & little Geo is happily living in his new home with his tank mate Munchii; a mystery snail I bought along with some plants a couple of weeks ago from this store. Props to the two friendly staff running the place, they’ve given amazing customer service & that’s why Uni Hill aquarium is my Number 1 aquarium store in Melbourne!

  • Suresh Bopitiya

I think this is good Aquarium but with a lot more potential to be great. I've bought equipment from there, fish as well as food. I decided to write a review today, as I was annoyed that their website is not up to date with what they have in store. What's listed as in stock is not the case when you get there. I tried to call beforehand, but as usual the phone went to the answering service. I nearly had a wasted trip but I really needed the fish food so I decided on something else (hope my fish like it). My advice is to please keep your website up to date, and divert the shop phone to a mobile so that it is answered in person.

  • Michael Ross

Be careful buying fish from this shop. Asked them to test my new tank water sample. $5 Fee. I still don't know if my water parameters are correct. Sales person was unable to test general water hardness or sell me a kit. They said general hardness is not important. I advised I was looking to fill an 8ft tank with cichlids. GH range should be 200-400 ppm. Sales staff should have known water conditions for different types of fish. Looks like i will be buying my fish at another aquarium. What a rip off paid for nothing.

  • Sarah Williams

Great little find. Store is a touch on the small side - however what it lacks in size it makes up for in quality. This great little store is super clean and bright. The salesperson who served me was helpful and knew their stuff. He wasn't pushy at all, unlike some stores. We loved the gold fish ponds being open and spacious. All the fish appeared happy and healthy. The lady who processed our sale was lovely and even let us pat her beautiful furry friend. Would definitely recommend visiting this little gem.

  • Christine Andrews

We purchased 4 pet fish in the previous month from this shop . We returned to purchase special food for them and when we found 3 dead and dying fish we notified the staff immediately.. their response was “ yes we know “ and they did not act concerned or remove the dead fish .those staff need to realise that people get upset when they see dead fish and it contaminates the water

  • Jodie Robinson

It's Ok fish seem pretty reasonable lots of big Oscar type fish and appears to be a good array of Marine . I pity purchased the most depressed Betta I had ever seen in a cup, now he is happy. I would probably go elsewhere as it appears to concentrate on stock for larger tanks and Marine? Not appealing to me but staff were nice. Give it a go just not for me

  • Liz Iovannella

An excellent aquarium, can highly recommend. The staff are what make it great, cheerful and informative but the store is also well stocked with supplies. I have fresh water but the options for marine tanks look pretty solid. I've been to a few others in the area, Bell St as well as high st Preston and usual pet store options and this store is much better.

  • Steven Donnison

A great little store. They have lots of great stuff, at very affordable prices. They have a good selection of fish, that are very healthy, and well looked after, and to top it off, their prices, are competitive. The staff are very helpful and friendly, and know their stuff. It's one of our first stops for a variety of our needs. We highly recommend them.

  • Wilson Nguyen

Love the shop when visited before lockdown, full range of Marine& coral stuff.Lovely coral section, didn't have a chance to talk to the owner. During lockdown, the shop does delivery, cant complain as they delivery same day. The owner have been super helpful with advice and understanding customer needs. If got a 6th star, i would give this shop 6 stars

  • jackie clough

My new fav fish shop. I only just discovered these guys a couple months ago. They are so knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Very happy with my C02 gear which was also a great price. Great selection of plant scissors and tongs. Also huge range of comets and fanatics for outside pond. Some nice cichlids and rainbows too.

  • Minu Chung

I can't imagine enjoying my fish pet life without having Joy and Daniel's help at Uni Hill Aquarium. Awesome couple with knowledge and a perfect size shop to get things and they always beat the price on either Amazon or ebay. Love it …

  • Tony Williams

First the salesman it’s virtually impossible to understand not his fault but I’m not sure what it why is there a if you can’t speak English. The price they are far far too expensive I wanted to buy some just some small catfish they said $10

  • Paul Romas

This would have to best the worst place.. Bought 2 fish from there and one died within an hr.. He said because I got them from 2 different tanks that the PH could be different.. Spent $35 on a fish and he blamed it on my water.. Mind u all

  • Mary Rutnam

Great staff .. love the guy who caught us the fish he was very patient and even caught us a pair of cory.. which never experienced before been too do many aquariums but the 1st who knew about fish. . Will definitely go back..

  • Azhar

Quiet on a Saturday afternoon. Bought a tank and pump at shop. Friendly staff with good prices. Fishes are healthy, pricing is good. They stock for both fresh and salt water But shop needs more variety. Overall, recommended

  • Pia Jones

Really helpful and friendly staff. They took the time to explain what I needed and even suggested ways of reducing the cost. Very reasonable prices and a good range of stock. Definitely worth a visit. Will be back!

  • Slopo JAM

Good range of fish & aquarium related products. Perhaps a little pricey. The shop is crammed & feels very cluttered but in an organised way. Credit card purchases under $20 incur a 2% surcharge.

  • Andrew D

Great little place, clean and light shop. Fish tanks and fish don't look the best / clean but plants are high quality and large and plenty of unique varieties. Note minimum card payment is $20

  • Dannie Liang

We bought some lovely fish from them and the staff were super friendly and nice and gave us lots of professional advice. We really enjoy the experience there and highly recommend to everyone.

  • Dom H

Uni Hill have an amazing variety of freshwater and saltwater aquarium stock and dry goods! The staff are absolutely wondeful too! One of my favourite marine stores in Melbourne!

  • Bill Hatzimihailidis

Absolutely love coming here. Very friendly and have great stock and great prices! Every time I’ve gone there, always leave with something. Would highly recommend to anyone !!!

  • Mc Neil Ngales

Lovely place to be. Very welcoming and will look after you and your need. They have some good veriarity of livestocks wity occasionally rare spicies of fish.

  • tweeg tweeg

most fish kept fine but the axolotls were literally stacked on top of each other! 12+ axolotls in a tank that could only properly fit 3-4 :( very immoral.

  • Erdoan Bayrami

The most helpful and friendly. Really beautiful and healthy fish. They even came out to my house after their long day at work to help me fix my

  • T C

Both fish from Uni Hill Aquarium purchased are happy and healthy. Pair of clowns as well hiding behind the rocks also from here …

  • Normanoz

Out of all LFS in Melbourne I think Uni Hill Aquarium has the best customer service good variety of Fish Coral and all dry goods.

  • Giang Pham

The displays tanks are so brilliantly crystal clear and full of happy looking fish. Stunning. But that's where it kind of ends.

  • Bayden Penrose

Seems to be fairly well stocked and in a convenient location but is hard to get around in the shop and is a little bit pricey

  • Rajan KC

Superb quality and choices with genuine and helpful owners.

  • ed yea

I would highly recommend this fish store to all of u.

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