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Coburg Aquarium is a Aquarium shop located at 232-236 Bell St, Coburg VIC 3058, Australia. It has received 1369 reviews with an average rating of 4.1 stars.





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  • The address of Coburg Aquarium: 232-236 Bell St, Coburg VIC 3058, Australia

  • Coburg Aquarium has 4.1 stars from 1369 reviews

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  • "Extremely disappointed with the coburg aquarium online shop & service received"

    "Edit for owner: my review is just as valid as the most experienced visitor you have, and if you read the review correctly you would see that I have had multiple visits that were disappointing & that I did not mention only one male worker to be the issue, everyone but the one young lady on the desk was unhelpful and barely seemed like they worked there"

    "I ordered fish online here not too long ago and my opinions of this place are rather mixed"

    "Thought I would try Coburg as they had a particular fish I was after that I couldn't source locally"

    "where do i begin? 4 months ago i bought a trio of red empress"


  • Brittney Giles

Extremely disappointed with the coburg aquarium online shop & service received. I ordered on Tuesday the 31st of January, upon reading their FAQ I figured I’d have my fish by the end of the week as I ordered before the cut off time listed. I continued to wait and wait for any form of update (other than ‘order confirmation’ email). The following Tuesday the 7th I rang at 10:30am approx to enquire about my order as my email had been ignored for an update. The girl I spoke to said they didn’t have any shipping boxes and that’s why my order had not been shipped, but they had arrived and my order should be shipped later a that day as they had a back log. She also mentioned everything on my order WAS in stock at the current time. Then at 2:50pm I received a call stating that about 1/2 my order was out of stock (and ofcourse it was the main things I’d actually placed my order for). I said okay, what do you have that’s a suitable substitute and was told barely anything was available that would be suited. I had ordered 2x mauve plants (different types of plant) and only one was available, I asked to have 2x of the one in stock and was told yes. Well I was VERY surprised when my ordered arrived and they had given me a different plant all together (that was green). As well as 1 of them being bagged with practically no air and 60-70% of the leaves falling off before it even made it to the tank. I’m extremely disappointed in the lack of customer service and communication. All they really needed to do was notify me or even pop a note on the check out screen that they didn’t have any shipping boxes but we’re getting some in. I really am reluctant to order again or visit in store (I live 2.5 ish hours from the store itself so shipping is easier but wanted to make a trip at some point). Whilst once it was shipped it arrived over night the overall service was subpar. EDIT- 09/02/2023 To top it off the plant that they gave me alternatively instead of what I ordered is not a true aquatic plant.

  • Reuben Hudson

Edit for owner: my review is just as valid as the most experienced visitor you have, and if you read the review correctly you would see that I have had multiple visits that were disappointing & that I did not mention only one male worker to be the issue, everyone but the one young lady on the desk was unhelpful and barely seemed like they worked there. Not only that but it has been two days and someone has already found this review "very helpful". Three bad experiences here in a row, as a newcomer to aquariums I was treated incredibly bluntly and rushed along by the men that work here, on my third visit I bought 5 shrimp that turned out to be sick, I could only see when I had them at home acclimating to the tank and when I called and came back in all I got was a really arrogant and rude "what do you want me to do about it" attitude rather than any form of sympathy for their own animals or customers. They even have a return policy so their rudeness was completely unnecessary. In short: The male staff were rude, arrogant, unhelpful and trying to turn me over when all I wanted to know was how can the problem be resolved. 1 star I do not recommend this place. I also saw dead fish in a few tanks and every single neo shrimp upon close inspection had parasites.

  • chanul weerasekara

I ordered fish online here not too long ago and my opinions of this place are rather mixed. I have to say I am quite happy with how the staff treated my order. I was very impressed with the courier and the staff who spoke to me over the phone. But my main issue had to due with the quality of stock they provide. I ordered three panda Corys and I was initially skeptical due to their pricing being about 10 dollars each. Every other store i have been to sells them between 18 and 22 dollars each. But i got them with some plants and guppies anyway. They all arrived alive which is great but the first thing i noticed was their coloring being super white. I have never seen an alive panda cory this white before. The only time i have seen one whiter was a dead one. I initially wrote this off as just stress from being shipped. They were not very active in the tank while my other panda corys(from another store) were thriving. Their colour didn't darken either. Soon after they all died. The guppies have been doing fine as well as all my other fish in that tank. I now am aware that a white panda corydora is a sign of sickness and its close to death. So to ship dying fish to someone is honestly disgraceful and Coburg should really work on their quality of stock.

  • Isamu Dyson

Thought I would try Coburg as they had a particular fish I was after that I couldn't source locally. The fish were well packaged though it wasn't clear when they were shipped making it difficult to know when they would arrive, thankfully I am working from home but could be an issue for others. When the fish came I noted 2 out of 5 had noticeable deformities that is a sign of poor health in this breed of fish. Given the time it takes for this deformation to present symptoms, would have been present before shipping and selling the fish in this state is irresponsible. I emailed the store immediately and didn't receive a response. Two days later the first fish died and the second one was getting worse. I attempted to contact via email and phone to ask if they had other reports of issues with this batch of fish but was again received no response. Within the space of a week 2 out of 5 had died. For context, I'm an experienced fish keeper, the fish were acclimated over one hour for the new tank, kept in a cycled aquarium and water conditions are maintained within ideal parameters for the breed . I'm not sure what was more disappointing, the poor quality fish being sold or the complete lack of response.

  • toufic Boustani

where do i begin? 4 months ago i bought a trio of red empress. 1 male and 2 females. 7 days for the fish to arrive. terrible delivery service. the male was nicely coloured, and the so called females were silver as they should be. 3 months later im looking at my fish and realized the female red empress were missing and i had 3 of the same coloured fish. it turns i was sold 3 males instead but 2 of which were juveniles at the time which means they would be silver too. when i emailed about this, long story short, i was met with a terrible response saying that they cant do anything about it since it has been several months since the purchase and the fish cannot be vented till they mature (meaning and confirming they sold me juvenile fish) and some times the colours can remain dormant. so in other words... lets just call them a trio and who cares.. by the time they mature its too late for a refund. terrible practice and service. first time buyer and last time. never again. from my experience i do not recommend. i hope others have better experiences that i did.

  • Michael

What happened to Coburg aquarium? It was just shocking the amount of deceased/sick fish I saw on just one visit. The care seems to have just dissapeared from a hobby that requires care and love. At the start of my visit, I identified the first sick fish. I thought 'oh, maybe it's just in a recovery tank, surely it gets better, right?'. I started to notice that the tanks progressively got "cloudier" and one sick fish turned into a few sick/dead fish then a sick fish every other tank. I'm not sure why the dead fish aren't removed, as it's obvious this would contaminate the other tanks. It was also heartbreaking to see sick/dead fish just ignored by staff... from a consumer perspective it looks like Coburg aquarium has shifted its favours to quick turnovers. Which is a shame because I remember going to this place and being amazed by the sheer size and prestine quality of fish/water. I sincerly hope that Coburg aquarium returns to its roots and becomes the staple for quality and care it once was, to keep this hobby chugging along. Until then. Hopefully...

  • Rachel Holt

I keep/breed various types of fish (including Discus), regularly test my water parameters, and use top quality food and supplies. Almost every fish I have gotten from Coburg aquarium has died shortly after purchase, actually had a younger staff member apologise for not fishing about 5 dead fish out of a tank which makes me wonder how many they've already taken out each day. From what I can tell their growth is stunted and they have extremely low immunity (not enough nutrition for juveniles maybe?) or they have had a bacterial/fungal problem or parasite (a Betta and guppies with dropsy). Their prices are also fairly exorbitant compared to other places within less than twenty minutes/half an hour... Honestly you're probably better of using maps and going to a different shop, there's a lot around near here. (Note: I keep reptiles and amphibians too and a lot of their enclosures are substandard, like Eastern Banjo frogs (burrowing) in an enclosure that would be more suitable for a tree frog.

  • Laura Bailey

We went there with my daughter for her birthday present. We heard this was a place for great range and great advise. We had researched fish we could add to her tank that she has had for a good 1.5 yrs, but she wanted more fish. It is only a small tank but we knew we could add more but also needed more of the same schooling fish. The gentleman that attended us made us feel very rushed. He seemed not interested in helping her, but just wanted us "done". When we asked about more fish he just waved his hand to where we could find them without helping us. We pretty much had to find our own tetras. We were glad when he gave us another worker. It was disappointing considering she was excited to add more fish to her tank. This was a Sunday arvo at 3pm. Although the gentleman at the counter was more helpful, thank you for making the experience a bit more exciting and like we were welcome in the store to ask for advise.

  • Aida Dzuderija

Unfortunately they have a good range of fish and accessories, the customer service is ALWAYS trash, it’s like staff are scared to speak to people and constantly avoid customers too. I had the weirdest and rudest interaction just now. I went to buy a plastic egg crate for the bottom of my tank, i was shocked at the price of $70 for plastic. Whatever, I need it, I can’t find it anywhere else so I go back. She isn’t even welcoming me back or keen to see me, considering I just came back to spend more money in your store. I get ringed up at $79 when the price clearly states $70 and they won’t change the price and asking me if I want to see the manager when there’s clearly a line of people behind me so i felt pressured to pay the $79. I feel like this could be a problem coming from the big boss that all his staff are unhappy, where’s the culture guys? Come on you sell fish!!!

  • Mindy Pye

Their fish all appear in good health and suitable selling tanks (except the bettas but that's normal, sadly), with no visible signs of disease or illness and the tanks all look well cared for. Everything is laid out well, plants and fish alike. They have a huge amount of stock, most anything one could need. In terms of stock they're definitely great. However, for me, as a person with severe hearing impairment and sensory issues, I found the shop too much. It's crowded, very busy, noisy with quite loud music, and a lot of staff not in any type of uniform so when a quiet spoken young fellow approached me I didn't even realise he worked there. Most people would likely have no trouble here, but if you have ASD or sensory diverse needs, or hearing difficulties, bring a friend or be prepared in advance!

  • Cooper Vik

Went in for a water test, have some problems with the balance in my aquarium and some sick shrimp, drove out, and they spilled the water opening the container, meaning another round trip to get more water and return. I get it accidents happen, when I got back they tested the water and I bought my own kit, they gave me the PH down and directions to start dosing, it wasn’t a cheap trip, but that’s fish care right. I started dosing immediately as suggested, but after retested myself I needed PH up and I’ve killed my shrimp by going the wrong way. They were apologetic about the accident with the water, and they didn’t even offer to discount anything given the mistake (even the $5 water test refund would’ve gone a long way). It’s been heartbreaking to see the results of this visit.

  • Jeremy Lu

Now that is a "LOVELY" customer service for my wife. My wife went there yesterday trying to buy some fish for our tank. Now one of the floor staff said to my wife go home and learn something first and then come back to buy the fish, and he won't sell fish to beginners. My questions is that aren't we all starting from the bottom? My wife asked if he can tell her some basic stuff or basic needs for the fish tank. Now he just turned down to say he is too busy to teach my wife. I thought for a retail store the staff should talk to the customers in order to sell the products. Lucky another lady taught my wife some basic stuff. I heard my wife that it was indeed a lot men going to the shop. Make me wonder why you treat my wife differently than other male customers?

  • Amber

Not happy…. I bought a fish tank and fish a few weeks ago I had ordered specific fish so they would not fight in the tank…. I had some girl ring me and tell me some fish were out of stock which was fine it was only my center piece fish I was worried about with the small ones… I asked twice for her to go and check that the red jewels would be ok with the other fish I got… she checked twice with her manager and he apparently said yes they are not aggressive fish… after the phone call and getting them home I noticed he was nipping all the fish… I’ve just found him eating a whole one and he had killed all the tetras I had in the tank… all 5… terrible advise from management and now a complete waste of my $200 order… I’m so fricking disappointed…..

  • M

Wasn’t too happy with my visit to Coburg Aquarium. While walking around I spotted several dead fish and the general conditions of each tank were very poor. I approached who I think was the manager as I wanted help from someone who knew what they were doing and I was spoken to quite rudely. The young girl dropped my starfish on the floor as she was getting it out of the tank, there was also no care put into bagging the fish, I noticed the workers being quite rough with the bags, including with the seahorse that she had just bagged for me. The workers all looked very young and inexperienced, none of them really seemed to know much. They also had a very young child at the registers which I found a little odd. Will definitely not be returning.

  • Madi Canfly

I am surprised about the negative reviews regarding customer service. Every time I have been there, all their staff have been pleasant and easy to talk to. As someone who also works in retail, I understand that sometimes they need to be swift with dealing with customers to keep people waiting for less time. I noticed a review where they asked for advice on day about a fish they were buying.. That's such a no-no. Before buying any fish you should do research! This includes researching place of purchase. In the end, this place works for me. Prompt service. Nice layout. Staff are friendly. Always going to go back :) The ONLY thing that would make this store better, is if they hired me (kidding). Have a fantastic day everyone!

  • Ravi Mudalige

Both the times I have been to this aquarium was a horrible experience. The guy served us was very lazy and don't even know how to catch a fish. Go find another job mate. I asked for pairs and he caught one male and the rest are all females. You guyz need to understand that this is a hobby, people like to pick their fish from the tank. Also few of the fish that I bought was sick and died. I'm not sure who's at the counter maybe the owner of the shop. Mate you don't know the people who's coming to your shop, maybe they're more educated than you in the hobby. So remember to listen to your customers and train your staff, instead of calling yourself the largest leading retailer in the hobby.

  • Antony McNeil

Very poor customer service, I've been 3 times this year and won't be going back. I asked for some assistance and was told to pick a number and wait, while the very same staff member just continued on some duty he was doing. I asked for clarity about the system they had in place as the sigange was inadequate and after waiting a few minutes for a staff member to assist me I just ended up leaving as I was so disappointed with the poor customer service. I thought I'd give them another chance after my second visit which was poor too but I will not be going back and would encourage those new to the game to stay away and try a smaller local aquarium or pet store.

  • R I

I find some of the reviews on here really bizarre. I've been keeping fish and aquatic creatures of all types for 23 years. I've been going on and off to this store for about 20 of those years, most recently around Dec/Jan. I don't know what people are on about rudeness, dead fish, stunted fish, poor conditions, rough while preparing transportation etc. Everything i have ever bought from here has thrived. I've even used the place as a cheap 'aquarium visit' with my little one. I dropped a star because I have to admit it's not a great place for bargains on equipment - everything is at a premium price. Livestock and plants are appropriately priced though.

  • Louise Page

I received my beautiful neon tetra group the day after I ordered them from Coburg Aquarium. They arrived healthy and 'happy' and are now enjoying their new tank/home [after acclimatizing]. I can highly recommend Coburg Aquarium for, what I have experienced with all of my orders, sending me healthy livestock and in a very quick delivery time. The fish arrived packaged in a very safe and secure way, and handled in also a careful way in transit. I wouldn't hesitate purchasing livestock and other products from Coburg Aquarium again in the future. The image below shows just a few of the neon tetras with a couple of my ember tetras in the background.

  • Dank Ng

Bad bad bad customer sevice.This place is going downhill. Customer service is a joke now . Not all but alot Staff members act rude and dont seem to care at all.. I had cases where newly bought fishes died out in quarantine tank. Saw one of the staffs dropped a fish on the ground. Squeezed its head with his 2 fingers while trying to pick it up and then later tried to give his customer the same fish just so he didnt have to net another one out for her. Some of them have no idea about fish as any 1 can find out just by asking them a few questions. I used to love this place but now its standard is getting quite low.

  • Katie Smith

Don't order fish online if you want them to arrive alive. I ordered fish and was told by reception that it is guaranteed next day delivery ( for country areas). I ordered on Wednesday when they left shop, they didn't arrive until Monday and obviously tropical fish won't survive in cold water and no air for 4 days. I tried to ring the shop where I was told I need to write an email to management to replace the fish which I did on Monday morning and I'm now still waiting Tuesday night and still haven't received a response to my email. Terrible customer service and worse place to but fish online.

  • Wandering Bruja

Have not had a bad experience here everytime we visit. They have a lot of varieties of fish, reptile, insects and products to accommodate aquarium enthusiasts. At times it seems they're understaffed as it can get busy and you have to wait to be served. There is no order, it's whoever's can wave a member down first. However, everytime we've been assisted, staff have been helpful, patient and friendly Prices are moderate to pricey and not clearly labelled, so you can't browse freely without waiting for a staff member and ask for prices or you just pay for it at the end if you still want it.

  • Thien Bui

Great place to shop for aquariums, they have everything from goldfish to native and saltwater fish. They also have a large amount of plants so this store will have all you need. They also sell filters, food, tanks and also reptiles. They have literally everything. Me and my son love going here but it is a bit far from our house. Everytime we come here we usually take an hour or more looking at the large assortment of products. This store is also very large compared to other aquarium stores so this is another plus. Overall, I really would reccomend you to come here.

  • Sabina Amin

I am not the one to give negative comment so I will not give one, would definitely like to suggest to show a bit more enthusiasm towards the first timers, who are looking for some hands on information. I was told I could have 20 fish in a 23 litre tank! I have had more than one such experience. I can see you are a big fish place but kind and friendly service goes a long way. I have moved on to a much smaller fish shop, even though the variety is less but warmth by the staff is much much more. A friendly smile hurts none, smile a bit more. Good luck.

  • Jess Kidd

I don't like to write bad reviews at all, but I think this Aquarium needs to see this. The customer service is awful, it takes a long time for anyone to serve you. Even if you take a number and are number 1 they will just choose who they want to serve over you. Then once you get served they are very rude (have been served by at least 6 staff members and had this with all of them) and they have little knowledge on fish. The aquarium itself is filthy and just has such a bad vibe about it. I'll definitely be avoiding this Aquarium from now on.

  • Aqua Man

Wasn't too happy with my visit to Coburg aquarium. I walked in and some girl promised that a starfish wasn't actually dying, but rather just has the flu due to global warming. She insisted that the apparent dead fish in the tanks were just sleeping. In the aquarium I saw the worlds first 15 year old kid who was below average height so it must have meant he was younger than 15. Clearly I have never been to the Phillipines where 30 year olds grow to 5 foot nothing. To sum up, top place, will definitely be returning when the fish wake up.

  • Adrian Alessi

Waited for 45 mins for service to buy a marine tank but had no luck. Asked one person but he was busy filling the tank with water, asked another person and he told me he didn't know much about them and he would get someone but never did. No service also in the fish area where I waited for another 10 mins. A lot of staff but no customer service. This is not the first time I have experience this. Management really needs to understand what their staff is doing or train to give better service.

  • A. M. P.

Extensive range of aquatic life. Regularly getting more stock. It's like Christmas morning for the sea life lover to visit the store and check what they have in stock each time. I enjoyed that shopping experience thoroughly. More fun than visiting the Melbourne Aquarium because it's free entry and you can leave having purchased your own piece of exotic sea life to enjoy at home. The staff are extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. Smaller range of reptiles.

  • Oxana Lavrik

Very unhappy. I asked for a pair of different species as a replacement for a missing stock. Coburg shipped 3 pairs. FF , FF and FF. 6 females. Oh that Wonderful Modern World! Fish were old enough to classify them as M or F. I guess customers should specify that they want a traditional pair, not any two fish. Literally money for nothing. UPD. The Coburg's "please contact us..." response below sounded promising, but nothing came of it. My email was ignored.

  • Amanda Bonsor

Customer service here is really poor. I ordered replacement filters for my aquarium from them online as it stated on their site that they had them in stock, whilst other companies stated they were out of stock. They also promote how quick their delivery is (metro melbourne). After 8 days, I had heard nothing from them so I sent them an email. Only then did they respond to tell me they did not have the filters in stock at all. Won't be shopping here again.

  • SkinksInTheCity HoG

Just got my exo terra heat mat & some pellets for my Blue Tongue. Fairly expensive but that's what you get in the reptile world. 2 amazing South American Pacu (big omnivorous pirahna cousin) on Display as well as a beautiful Woma Python. Loads of fish, tanks & accessories. The staff were great, Definitely a 5 star review is needed here...check out the photos below to see some of the wonderful creatures in the reptile that's my kinda place:-)

  • Shane Costa

No where near as good as it used to be. I used to go regularly but it seems a bit run down. The staff were not attentive, trying to find assistance, you needed to be ready to interrupt their staff meeting if you get my meaning. They still seem to have a great range of fish and plants. Maybe they're in the middle of renovation. The shop was hard to move around and just felt uncomfortable. I hope they get back to their stunning displays and great service

  • Adem

Feel sorry for the fish kept in then tanks, seen some that were dead and some appeared on the brink of dying. I'm a salt water keeper and I happen to have a lot of knowledge in fish keeping but I personally would not reccomend fish from this aquarium and especially for the price point. More care needs to be provided for them tanks and more experienced staff members need to be trained as almost everyone there seems to know very little.

  • Michelle M

Great advice was given being new fish tank owners and getting a lot of bad advice from other stores. We brought a few fish so hoping they go all good. Nice big store with a lot of selection. Definitely coming back when we add more fish to our fish tank. I loved being able to ask questions and not feeling like I was taking up too much time as they went through everything pretty detailed to make sure we understood what we needed to do.

  • Emily McDowell

Great range and helpful staff. I needed guidance on a new set up and the people assisting me were thorough, taking me through everything I needed and answering all my questions. Furthermore, they were very upfront about which products I DIDN'T need it weren't appropriate, which I always appreciate, and sold me the items best suited to my requirements (rather than just the most expensive one in the range). Can't recommend more highly.

  • Rohan Mandad

I have been visiting this place for quiet a long time and I’ve been to most of the Melbourne’s aquarium store this place is expensive for the fish that are available and the health of the fish is the worst I’ve seen in alot of places I still bought some rainbows and cardinals but they all dead with so many issues that came with the fish which was not visible at store but at home Very dissatisfied and not going here anymore.

  • Jacinta G

I came in for a sick fish and the staff here were helpful with suggestions and recommendations. A few staff were on the floor, so when staff member couldn't help me, they asked someone more knowledgeable. They gave great advice and my fish looks much better today. There were a few people in the store and plenty of fish to choose from. They do charge for testing the water though. The aquarium I used to go to do not do this.

  • R C

Terrible care of the fish. Constantly selling unnecessary overpriced products. Staff are uneducated and give false information which are definitely leading to the death of the animals they sell. Unethical. One of the older staff members there definitely knows better and struggles to answer questions straight because deep down he knows it’s wrong! Very disappointing. Coburg aquarium should be ashamed. Do not go there.

  • M J

Great range of stock, accessories and fish. It defiantly is a one stop fish shop. However the customer service could be improved. A few customers and myself were waiting at the register waiting to be served while a staff member walked right by ignoring us. A young lady was serving another customer or two with the stock and had to ask the other male staff member to assist. Didn't feel quite welcomed.

  • Holly R

The staff here are knowledgeable, but the state of some of the fish is pretty sad - in particular the betta fish. My betta was very sick when I brought him home and 3 months later is still not very healthy. He had quite a severe case of popeye. His left eye fell out during the 1st week with me, and the right eye after the 3rd week. He’s totally blind now and needs to be fed with tweezers.

  • Matt D

What a disappointment. Was hoping to buy a few fish from the store however the assistant was not very helpful. Unable to choose my tropical fish from the tank. There was a clear size difference between the adult and junvenile fish and he insisted in selling me the juvenile fish for the same price. Declined the sales straight away knowing these guys are sales people and not trying to help.

  • Daniella Emanuelli

the workers are lovely and their range of products are good however when I went there were so many dead fish in the tanks. especially one tank I saw with a betta sorority there were 3 decaying bodies that looked like they were there for a while. also bettas are supposed to be kept in a low-flow environment but seeing them kept with filters that are set on high was disappointing

  • Ipa Tonkin

Honestly one of the best stores around. The staff are so friendly and helpful. My husband and I buy nearly all of our fish from here and let me tell you, the fish you buy from this store somehow has a long lifespan, compared to other fish stores I've been to. Also, thanks Steve for being so helpful when my husband comes in with a billion questions to do with his Bettas.

  • Jon C

Rude as hell manager . Went in to ask some questions about a lizard and I was speaking to a girl at the counter who was helping me plenty and the manager chimes in , cuts her off and speaks over her. Not even that I was asking about a blue tongue lizard and the manager condescendingly asked “do you have a reptile license” . don’t even need one for a blue tongue.

  • Phu Lai

I've visited quite a few aquarium stores all over Melbourne, and Coburg Aquarium is probably the best one, along with New Life Aquarium in Keysborough. HUGE selection of fish, which all look happy and healthy. Great variety of hardscapes. My only comment is that many item prices aren't labelled and I don't want to keep flagging down staff to ask for prices.

  • Hadia Azed

I visited with my mum who has had an aquarium for as long as I can remember. She absolutely loved the store. They have a wide range of fish, from saltwater to fresh water. All so beautiful and in great health. They also have a wide variety of aquariums in different sizes you can possibly imagine. This is a one stop shop for all your aquarium needs.

  • PJ

My Daughter bought a Betta, she always makes sure the water is perfect and her last one from another company lasted 5 years. In a matter of 5 days the fish from here started growing fungus and two days later is was dead, very disappointing..No wonder they don't have a replacement policy. Seems to be a recurring theme with a lot of reviews for here.

  • Jasmine

After having a look around I decided I wanted to purchase a live plant for my aquarium. I approached the man with the beard and was told “You’ll have to wait I’m doing maintenance.” That’s very disappointing to hear as a customer. Maintenance should be done when there isn’t a customer needing service. I walked out of there and won’t be going back.

  • Daniel Millhouse

Great shop Staff are quite rude though we were in there to stock our tank. Every time we got someone to talk to other staff would interrupt us. Then we finally got a guy who didn't seem overly keen to talk to much. Then just walk off mid conversation. So we left and another shop gets our money. Sad to see such a great shop with such rude staff.

  • Emily Bradley

I wish the staff were more helpful or even acknowledged me in the store. The past few times I have gone in wanting to buy products for a paludarium project I have just felt uninspired due to lack of help/no prices on items/lack lustre feel of whole store. I will be back to buy more fish because the store is local, but that's about it.

  • Dale Hatton

Bought $60 worth of neon/cardinal tetras (10 of each) today, now all but 3 are dead after releasing into a very large completely cycled tank with 300 other community fish with no issues, I have over 40 years of fish keeping, never have I had this happen. Also charged twice for a tiny piece of Java moss at a ridiculous price.

  • Roza Richards

I've never been let down here. Years ago I had 6x 6ft tanks, with things like yabbies, lobster, axolotls, massive goldfish, oscars etc. I spent a lot of time here, they know their stuff. Fast forward ten years and I'm back again, and still more than pleased. No where else has the stock and knowledge that these guys have

  • triumphdollysprint

Incredibly large range of cold water, tropical and salt water fish, and more aquariums and tanks than you could ever need. Massive range of food, water additives etc. Can be very busy on weekends, so try and get there after work during the week. Some of the staff are incredibly knowledgeable and all are very friendly :)

  • Phi

Large selection of fish but fish quality is lacking. I bought 10 tetras and found two with some sort of fungus on the tip of their mouths. I also bought a koi guppy which was acting a bit funny in the packaging. I followed the recommended acclimating instructions before I put the fish in the tank but it did not survive.

  • Hayden May

My favourite aquarium store. Excellent varieties and usually the cheapest in town. There are lots of accessories and food in stock to choose from. The store has a big variety of fish on display, but if go late in the day there may not be much left. Best to be there around 10 am on a Sunday. Strongly recommend

  • Amanda Mckay

Staff are nice but if busy it is hard to get any ones attention or help. I ended up leaving after not getting any help after half an hour and went back another day during the week. It is well set out and they have a large range but it seems a little messy and squishy in spots so not pram otlr wheelchair friendly.

  • Amimah Amit

What an awesome aquarium! You can practically find all sorts of freshwater and saltwater fishes, accessories and more. A huge range variety of live plants, moss, corals and more! There's even a collection of reptile - scorpions, frogs and lizards. We've absolutely enjoyed our visit to the site. It's been a joy!

  • Steve “Twisted minds of me”

I’ve ordered online from these guy a few times, each time fish have been very healthy. Only took 22 hours for fish to arrive from Melbourne to Wollongong. Only let down I’ve had was once I put in an order and they rang me to say that the fish I’d ordered was out of stock and they hadn’t updated their web site.

  • Kay Jay

Prices were very high compared to other aquarium shops in Melbourne. Staff were very unhelpful and almost seemed annoyed that I asked to get fish, they didnt want to help me and was very rushed. But that aside they have almost everything you could need for your aquarium if youre willing to pay the high prices.

  • Peter Irwin

Had a great experience when myself and a great friend of mine visited the store. The staff could not have been more helpful. We were given a guided tour of the whole store, including behind the scenes and Wow. Would recommend that you visit here. Thanks Greg for your continued and ongoing support. Pete Irwin.

  • Glen Maxwell

I bought over $200 worth of fish over the few weeks and most of them are dead I can’t believe it. You even tested my water and said everything is good, I love my fish and always make sure everything is working and okay. When I complain you say “yeah we can’t keep them alive either” WHY SELL THEM THEN

  • sarath panikkassery

Large variety of fresh and salt water fishes at very humble prices. Good variety of live plants too. But the thing I love with these guys the most is their expert opinion when something in your home settings go wrong. Good professionals and best price for their products. Wayyy better than places like petbarn

  • William James

Recently purchased some guppies online. I was a bit nervous as I had never purchased fish online! However, they were delivered within a mater of days with each fish looking happy and healthy. I had one female guppy in my tank, so now she has plenty of friends to hang out with! Very happy with my purchase!

  • Lesley Lehmann

Have had nothing but the most positive experiences here , 9/10 times they have in stock what we require plus more and their fish variety is extensive. Some fish breeds are expensive but it’s quality at its best. Merry Christmas to all at Coburg Aquarium and also to everyone who reads these reviews

  • Vera Day

It’s always a pleasure to visit this store. So many beautiful fish and plants, and such great service and advice. Louis is absolutely brilliant! A class operator, generous with his advice and expertise! He’s been incredibly helpful with getting my betta set up right. So thankful he’s helped me!!!

  • bella miezis

i purchased my frogs from here, and have been back multiple times afterwards. if you do your prior research (as you should) they are lovely and very helpful! the frogs have grown up happily and healthily now, would recommend this place for all your amphibian/reptile needs! lovely staff too :)

  • Heather Heathfield

Thank you so much to Coburg Aquarium, they have gone above and beyond my expectations. Exceptional service received from my recent purchase with delivery arranged immediately and received the same day. •:*¨¨*:•Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction. Excellent Service. •:*¨¨*:•

  • Jeremy

If I could leave a 0 star review I would, staff have little to no knowledge on 90% if not 100% of fish, fish seem to die with no apparent reason and the whole store is crawling with pests such as cockroaches. Don’t go here unless you want to wake up to a dead fish in the morning.

  • Alex Z

The staff are really knowledgeable and experienced (but extremely busy) and can help with a number of issues. The aquarium has a lot of choices of fish that seem to be very well maintained. They also sell shrimps, axolotls, salt water fish and lots of plants along with equipment

  • suman basnet

Wide variety of different fish species,well managed ,reptile like snake turtle,blue lizard plus hermit crabs are available. They have their own car parking space, but felt little bit expensive compared to the place we have been in Sunshine and footscray .otherwise its good.

  • Matt

Terrific staff, very friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks to Adam and George for your advice and assistance. This is our “go-to” place for everything aquarium related. Prices are very competitive and they have a great selection. Highly recommended, thank you Coburg Aquarium.

  • Steven Pu

Great place to go to especially for your fish needs. They have a wide range and everytime I've been there to ask questions they always go out of their way to help. I cannot fault their customer service and they are very knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend these guys

  • Ben

We have bought Danios, Angelfish and Cory's from Coburg Aquarium. They have really good prices, only issue is 2 of our 6 angels died within 2 weeks. Both had some sort of sickness. All the others are doing great though. Overall, they are a decent store and worth a visit.

  • Sophie Veitch

Very, very impressed with Coburg Aquarium. I recently purchased a quantity of Sucking Catfish and Mystery Snails for "Seafood Tuesdays" at my boutique restaurant in Heidelberg. Customers loved it!! Will come here again for home cooking as my restaurant has now been shut.

  • Skydancer

This is my go-to shop for livestock, prices are very competitive and there is a wide range of products. Yes, sometimes you have to wait a while to be served but you can see just how busy the staff are. Order before 1300 and you get your order same day in Metro regions.

  • Sarah Williams

I've changed my review from a five to a three. The only reason I haven't given less is because of their product range. The last few times I've come in the srrvice in the fish room was super rude. I would complain about the customer service but their wasn't any.

  • Becca

I always stop by when we travel down from Albury. They have a great selection of healthy and well cared for fish and plants - lots of rare and unique finds too. The staff are always happy to help and offer advice. Great selection of tanks and supplies too.

  • Melissa Tyquin

I done alot homework and got told by plenty of places like pet stock and pet barn, not to add fish to my new pond during winter, as they wouldn't survive. Got my goldfish delivered with a courtesy call about a appropriate time! and they are thriving.

  • Leevani Penman

A variety of fish some quite expensive. We had two lots of fish die in our fish tank, a bit disappointed, but will persevere with the remaining four. Worth a visit with little kids. My grandson loved looking at all the different beautiful fish!!!

  • Jimmy K

I haven't bought anything yet..but the advice I received from staff today was remarkable! Some new faces working in the front were so helpful and definitely happy to assist! Thank you as I have learnt heaps & will return soon for my purchase.

  • Cayherine Cockshott

I never go anywhere else. Awesome delivery service; one item was missing so staff went out of their way to ensure next-day delivery. The danios in my pond have exceeded their normal life expectancy so they obviously sell quality stock. 10/10

  • AusOutdoors

Poor quality fish. Many were dead on arrival. Most of the rest died within 24hrs. Internal parasites, columnaris and who knows what else. Refunded for the dead in bag but not interested in the issue of having sent sick fish to start with.

  • NPGM

Huge range of fish, reptiles and all the accessories you need to set up either an aquarium or reptile enclosure. The staff are great! Very knowledgeable, patient, and helpful. Plenty of parking out back or on the street. Worth the visit.

  • Jonathan Boucher

We have visited most of the aquarium-supply shops in the region. This one is probably the largest, and is focussed on fish -keeping, rather than as a sideline. They have a very good selection of accessories, food, tanks and livestock.

  • Lauren Stamp

Placed an online order as they offered same day delivery if you ordered before 1pm but I never received my order. Had to call for them to start packing and to send the order. Disappointing as I chose to shop with them for this reason.

  • Anthony Smith

Staff are very helpful and knowledgeable, also willing to give advice beyond just making a sale. In store, they were kind enough to let me return an unused filter for an upgrade when I realized I needed a larger model. Thanks again.

  • Yvonna Yong

They have variety of fish in the shop!!! I Finally found the brittle nose catfish!!!! 6-7$ for the size of 1-2cm. I bought the blue eyes albino brittle nose for about 40$+ and a new filter for my babies ❤️ happy customer!!!

  • Karen Barns

We received excellent service today at the Coburg Aquarium whilst selecting our fish and plants. It was followed up by the service we received at the cash register by, Con, thank you everyone we will definitely be back.

  • Trissa Christine

Such a great store. Same day delivery for all my fishy needs. Bought two pretty betta females and 2 sharks that were delivered that day and are going strong. Delivery guy is awesome as well. A very positive experience!

  • Wasim Shaikh

Placed an order online and it was not until a week later that they called to say they do not even stock the item anymore. They should have updated the website, or advised much before, after a payment of $900 was made.

  • Keegan Mory

Great displays and variety. Although one of the female workers with blonde highlights was dressed inappropriately and made my wife and in laws uncomfortable. Other than that it’s GREAT. My visit: 31 March 2023 1:45pm.

  • Sandeep

Though the aquarium itself is really nice. 90% of staff are awful, especially the ones that seem to be there for a while. Stupid attitude. I started exploring other places and have liked few because of their attitude.

  • KAN Gillian

Customer service was terrible there. An older "gentleman" in the tanks area was extremely rude and arrogant to customers. Other staff seem not experienced to answer questions. Won't go there again, it's not worth it.

  • Angry 3acon

Very nice selection of fish, majority of tanks are labelled correctly, everything is looked after... iv purchased many fish from here and have always been healthy! Wish the tropical water plants were a bit cheaper

  • Eleanor Chatterton

Visited Coburg Aquarium on a whim, and I'm so glad I did. Kendall was extremely helpful with all my questions, and she had genuine enthusiasm about the fish and setting up at home aquariums. Can't wait to go back!

  • Jenny Cui

I received my gorgeous betta tonight !! Didn’t expect to receive my fish today though, it’s a big surprise that the staff is still delivering my order!! Thank you so much and I’m happy with my beautiful betta! :)

  • man wang

Great range of products, fish, corals , you can find everything here! The staff are super knowledgeable, and patient, spend good amount of time to explain everything to me, it’s going to be my fish shop for ever.

  • Samantha Henry

Fish are always dying, buy 6 end up with 3. Only ever lose fish I get from here. Bad quality. Clearly don’t quarantine or treat fish. There’s often dead and visibly sick fish. Don’t buy here. Wasting your money

  • Indra Jarvis

Such an amazing store, fish and reptile enthusiasts, this is a great place to purchase all your shopping needs. With also a huge variety of aquarium tank and rocks. Freshwater and Saltwater fish available

  • Oshine Donohoe

Amazing people that run the show, price's you just can't argue with and some of the most mannerly and well read and dare I say charming fish and such,an absolute delight,5stars …

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