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Nature Pets & Aquariums is a Aquarium shop located at 190 Whitehorse Rd, Blackburn VIC 3130, Australia. It has received 619 reviews with an average rating of 4.4 stars.





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  • The address of Nature Pets & Aquariums: 190 Whitehorse Rd, Blackburn VIC 3130, Australia

  • Nature Pets & Aquariums has 4.4 stars from 619 reviews

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  • "This aquarium is great in general"

    "Beware of AQUARIUM NATURE store"

    "They have a wide range of aquatic plants and fish for freshwater and saltwater aquariums"




  • Britt

This aquarium is great in general. Good quality fish, plants and corals and relatively good prices. During covid they have also sent us videos of their corals so we could choose virtually as they are further than 5kms from us. The issue I have with this place is that they are always "busy" and don't have time to answer simple questions. The question we had today, we were told we need a "clicky thingy", without any further description, and that they have a container coming in on Monday and to call then to see if it has come in - but they've been waiting for it for months. Then the man walked off while my partner was still talking to him. A better description of the product would have been helpful, as we drove 40 minutes to get there and would have purchased the product elsewhere online if we knew what it was. A "clicky thingy" is not a description. I have called about another enquiry on weekends, weekdays and at all times of the day (morning, midday and afternoons) but they're always busy. The other issue is that "the person that would be able to answer your question isn't in today, and to come in or call tomorrow". In one instance I was told that "I've only just clocked on so I'm not sure if he's in today. Maybe call back tomorrow when we're less busy". I was more than happy to hold and wait for him to check if the person was in, but instead he told me to just send an email. During a previous visit, we picked out a beautiful large flat Rock for an aquascape. The man at the counter dropped the rock after we'd paid for it and it shattered to pieces! We obviously got a refund, but it took us half an hour to choose the perfect rock and there weren't any similar replacements. Today, while waiting at the counter for 10 minutes before being served, a couple walked in to test their water. The person they spoke to was rude, and told them that they are too busy to test water today and to come in during the week. The man said he works full time but all he received was shrugged shoulders. The woman suggested leaving the jar of water at the shop and if someone has some free time throughout the day they can test the water and they'll come back in in the afternoon for the results. He shrugged his shoulders and said (without even looking at them while he spoke) they could leave the jar but he can't promise the test will be done because they're too busy today. I almost told the man to give me the jar and I'll do the 5 minute water test for him myself and call him for his results. They left without leaving the jar of water, I hope they found an aquarium that would test their water for them. In conclusion, this is a great aquarium but they need better service. Their younger casual staff seem to be more friendly and give you the time of day but aren't as knowledgeable.

  • Karen Cheung

Beware of AQUARIUM NATURE store. I rang the store on 7/10/19 asking if the Blaze x-mini was available. They said all they needed to do was to change the LED light from marine to freshwater and that I would be able to come and pick it up in about 10 minutes. I went to the store and received my item, but when I got home to assemble the light I noticed dried up drops of water with mineral deposits on the lamp. In addition, there was quite a bit of dirt inside the lamp and the serial sticker appeared to be a bit bubbly. I called them to ask if the product I received was brand new, or whether it was a used product. They were quite insistent that the item was in fact brand new, and continued to explain that the mineral deposits could be a result of wet hands whilst changing the LED light and that the dirt was most likely rust from the screwdriver that was used. They were happy to either clean the lamp up for me or provide me with another new one. I opted for a new lamp, however, they said they would need to change the LED light and therefore I wouldn’t be able to collect until the next day (even though they were able to get that done in 10 minutes the first time around and the store wasn’t closing for at least another 2 hours). Anyway, I went to collect the new blaze x-mini light on 8/10/19. The staff opened the box on the counter and allowed me to inspect the lamp. I was happy with the lamp and took it to my car. I decided to have another look just to make sure everything was right as I had noticed a stray wire (the ones that wrap around the cords) in the box. I opened up the bottom compartment of the box where the adaptor was and the cord had been unwound and there was quite a lot of splashes of mineral deposit on the AC adaptor. It was clear that the AC adaptor had been used, so I took it back into the store to show the staff and explained to them that I just want what I pay $345 for; a brand new light including a new AC adaptor not a used one. He took the box into the back room to discuss with another staff. When he came back, he said that the AC adaptor may have been opened to test it, but insisted that this other one he brought out was new. The cord of this “new” AC adaptor was also unwound and felt slightly sticky when I ran my fingers along it, so maybe they just wiped the adaptor clean. I took it anyway as I knew the light itself was new and I had 2 years warranty for it. They have a nice collection of fish, it’s just a shame they were pretty dishonest with me.

  • G M

They have a wide range of aquatic plants and fish for freshwater and saltwater aquariums. They are NOT the cheapest around, despite what they claim. For some items and fish, they are 2x above average price across metro Melbourne (chili rasboras $19.95 each for example and $9.95 each or 10 for $90 at Coburg… gouramis, rams, and dwarf shrimp are also overpriced but not as drastically). They are very friendly and try their best to help in whatever way they can. They do get relatively busy and that leads to a number of issues. I’ve purchased plants, fish, shrimp from there and have mostly had good experience, but there are times I have opened the bag to find fish with a gill infection or noticeable patches indicative of disease. I highly recommend choosing your own livestock and inspecting as they are bagged; do not let them bag without your choosing- that’s where my problems have started. The sick/fatality rate of fish at this aquarium is significantly higher than for livestock purchased from other locations (particularly, in my experience, Coburg Aquarium). Again, the range of items and friendliness of staff is excellent- they just need to step up their game with the quality of what they are selling.

  • Feliks Alidort

Wow. Just WOW is pretty much all there is to say about this place. Tropical fish? Marine fish? Corals? Cold water? Shrimp? Betta? Plants? Rocks? Medicine and essentials? The list keeps going and going! This shop has everything you would ever need and didn’t even know you needed. A hobby will quickly become an addiction if you spend too much time at Nature Aquariums. Not only do they have an amazing selection for every fish enthusiast, but the staff available to help and answer any questions is amazing! Someone at any time will definitely be able to help and in particular there is a lovely young gentlemen named Johnathon who is an expert! Have lots of questions but to embarrassed to ask for hours? Don’t be! Ask to speak to Johnathon and he will be more than happy to answer every question you have and will even have a joke or 2 with you. Great shop, great staff and the great Johnathon with unlimited knowledge, particularly about corals! Definitely go and check out! I could keep going but you have to go in to see the range yourselves! Quickly becoming our favourite fish shop in Victoria!

  • Shankens “Shanks” Janzie

TAKE UR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE SEARCH PRODUCT YOU ARE WANTING ON INTERNET, YOU WILL FIND THE SAME PRICE FROM OTHER ONLINE SELLERS AND IN MOST CASES CHEAPER OR THEY WILL OFFER DISCOUNTS TO HAVE YOUR BUSINESS. OWNER STEVE DOES NOT CARE NOR TRY TO ASSIST LOYAL CUSTOMERS - RUDE AND CONDESCENDING…. Previous manager JAMES no longer works there and I dare say it’s probable he left as a result of the owner STEVE’S condescending attitude. In the past 6 month have easily spent over $5k with Natures Aquariums and this was only due to the 5* customer service provided by JAMES who went over and above my customer service expectations (nothing was to difficult and if James didn’t know an answer he would find out and get back to you ASAP. Price matching wasn’t a problem and would normally provide a further discount as close to cost price where possible for being a loyal customer. Owner Steve obviously just looks at the bottom line of his P&L each month not caring about retaining customers. Reach out to me if you are wanting other online stores to purchase from.

  • Kemal Kutuk

Placed a click & collect order for a exo terra cabinet. Website was showing they had stock so was expecting to pick it up in 4 hours as their website says! A week went by and i had received no correspondence in regards to my order so I decided to finally give them a call. They then told me that they were out of stock and it was being sent by their supplier - Cool. A call or email to let me know would have been nice! Another week goes by and still no contact, no cabinet nothing. So i give them a call again. They now tell me that it’s lost in transit. Was told they will call supplier to chase up and return my call. Think i got a call back? Nope. I guess i have to do the follow up with these guys again! Over 2 weeks and still we’re nowhere. If i had known it was going to take over 2 weeks i would have purchased the cabinet elsewhere. Never again. Heard good things about this place but this whole ordeal has a sour taste. Will just stick with amazing amazon. UPDATE: 3 weeks went by and I decided to finally cancel the order and ask for a refund.

  • Andy Truong

I've been a long time customer of Natures Aquarium, but have recently had a very disappointing experience that will now prevent me from ever coming back. It was recommended that I purchase a sleeper goby to help turn my sand over. But it wasn't highlighted how much damage one could do to corals due to sand being on the corals. I had it for 2 days and within that time the fish had manage to already kill parts of my Duncan coral. In addition to that I had to remove all my hard scape to catch the fish to return it. I brought it back to the store hoping to do an exchange. Instead of understanding my pain points and the damage the recommendation had caused, the answer was straight no exchanges or refunds. I just handed them the fish without getting any compensation. I find it highly disappointing there was no middle ground or attempt to remedy the damages done. The lack of action will now result in me never shopping here again.

  • Janine Ryan

Prior to the move this was my go to aquarium however when I visited today, 3+ months after moving the store I was appalled! Where are the friendly, helpful staff? Where are the fish? Where is, well, everything! There were 2 staff working - one spend the ENTIRE time we were in the store (around 1/2 hour) with ONE customer and the other was walking around with a clipboard trying to look busy but not offering any assistance to customers at all. We finally asked for assistance and she gave the wrong advice (clearly from google) for just about everything we asked. I will give them one more chance as everyone has a bad day occassionally but based on todays experience I will definitely be looking for a new aquarium. Please do your research BEFORE going to this store as they are not interested in giving helpful advice at all and (on the subject of axolotls at least) they have no idea what they are talking about!

  • kazim

Ordered a pump and they sent it in a plastic envelope with absolutely no bubble wrap. By the time it arrived, the box for the pump was completely open inside the envelope and all the contents were falling out. Contacted them about my issue and they had the audacity to blame Australia Post (which would make sense if they at least put a FRAGILE sticker on the envelope) and thanked me for bringing it to their attention which I shouldn’t even have to do. Then they promised to package and wrap my next order with more care, I asked for a discount for the next order which only seemed fair and they couldn’t even provide that. This company has absolutely no common sense or any regard for their customers satisfaction. Take your business elsewhere and save yourself the disappointment. It’s not like their prices are anything special compared to competitors. Have a lovely day my fellow Reefers !

  • Brad H

This place has alot of products I have shopped here on many occasions and the staff seemed quite helpful. How ever yesterday I went in at 4 oclock to buy 3 saltwater test kits some anemone pellets and after looking at the corals saw 3 pieces i liked. I waited buy the coral tanks for around 20-25 minutes hold my anemone pellets to watch 2 staff people look at me and say nothing about any help and walk by. Then I walked to the testkits no staff to help me here either. So I walked up the stairs after giving up on the coral and test kits to pay for the anemone food.....but after waiting by the unattended register for 5mins I gave up on the food too. So with the 30min drive there and back I wasted 1.5hrs of my Saturday afternoon on this place.....might wait until they learn how to serve customers before I go back. To another Lfs today to get what I need.

  • Jason

I can't explain how elated I am with the service I received with Nature Aquariums today! I'm a shift worker in an emergency service and woke this morning to find a short circuit had killed my aquarium heater. Being unable to purchase a replacement and watching my precious fish suffer is a horrible situation. I ordered a new heater online, and opted for the priority shipping. I gave them a call, and asked to ensure that it is shipped in time for a delivery tomorrow. The call was answered by Mark, who upon hearing the situation offered to personally deliver the heater on his way home. This level of customer service, and passion for fish is literally the best retail experience I have ever had. I am so thankful that someone would do that, and you have won a customer for life! Thanks Mark! Jason

  • Brenton Lockyer

I recently visited Nature Pets and Aquarium and found the store to have a lot of potential, but also some room for improvement. On my first visit, I received a lot of helpful advice from the staff, which was greatly appreciated. However, on subsequent visits, I noticed that the store seemed to be understaffed, and I often found myself waiting for assistance. When I went to return and exchange an item, I was told to wait for 10 minutes, and when I was finally served, the interaction felt rushed. While I understand that staffing can be a challenge for businesses, I hope that Nature Pets and Aquarium will consider increasing their staffing levels to better serve their customers. With more attentive service, this store could become a go-to destination for pet and aquarium enthusiasts.

  • Jack McConachy

We came from regional vic to specifically visit Nature Aquariums and were very disappointed in our vist. For a start we walked in and their were no people looking to help us at all, they seemed more eager to talk about their lunch break than to help us with our fish needs. After that the guy finally trudged over, I asked him a few questions and he just said that everything I had been doing has been wrong, after months and months of research and numerous other people telling me that what I was doing was right. Then he just left didn’t even bother to answer my question. Maybe we visited on a bad day but belittling customers is a sure way to have them leave with a bitter taste in their mouth. We were very disappointed in our experience here and will not be returning.

  • Stephanie Gilbert

Pretty disappointed with their service and bad advice, bought 2x Molly after the staff member convinced me not to buy what I originally wanted for my nano 30 tank, as she said these would be better suited to my set up. I trust the advice and then the Molly became increasingly aggressive towards my guppies, and is now killing them Upon further reading 2 male mollies in a small tank like this smells recipe for disaster and they will become aggressive. When I called up to ask if they’d take them back for credit I was told they would only do that within 24 hours. I didn’t expect money back, I would just have liked abit of ownership of the bad advice that was given, and some sort of care factor instead of “well we’d have to quarantine the fish”

  • S C

They get one star for moving locations as this means that parking has drastically improved so it is possible to go into the shop now. Unfortunately despite visiting the shop on at least 4 separate recent occasions at different times of day I have not been able to purchase any fish or plants because there is absolutely no customer service. The staff are very selective in who they assist i noticed them approach other people but they never approached me or another customer even though we were standing at their station waiting for someone to come help. The photo is for reference re. Where NOT to stand if you want assistance. I am not sure what I am doing wrong but attempting to buy anything here is nearly impossible. Don't waste your time.

  • Riley Halvo

This is genuinely one of my favorite places to visit, the aquascapes are gorgeous, the selection of fish and plants are vast and the location is so convenient. Sometimes I will come in just to be in that environment. Most of the staff are really friendly and helpful. However there are a couple of duds and one particularly awful staff member. I think his name is Jono, he has a shaved head and a full beard and heaps of fish tattoos, (shown in the image below). He is always condescending, rude and treats you like an idiot whenever you have questions. I have avoided the store on several occasions because I was too anxious that he would be there. I wish all the best for the store and it's otherwise fantastic staff.

  • rupa anurendra

Bad customer service. Called to ask for a refund for some fish I was told would be okay in my goldfish tank that were eaten immediately. Spent $47 (thank you for rudely correcting me on the phone when I said $60) on them and hoped I would get some sort of compensation for the bad advice I was given but the person on the phone who was also the one who served me changed the story to suit him, telling me I didn't tell him it was for a goldfish tank which I did. Said he would speak to his boss and call me back in a few hours and I never got a call. As a return customer I'm really disappointed that I wasn't even given an outcome even if a refund could not be given. Would love a response

  • Clarance Joseph

Great aquarium shop in Victoria. Friendly team members and always helpful. Best price. Jono is the best.. full of advices especially with my marine tanks. The owner seem rarely smiling but he's actually a nice guy. I remember my 1st marine tank set up as i was a newbie to marine, he refused to sale me livestock till my tank fully cycled. And for that I thank him. From there I learn and keep learning, each time I come to visit to the shop Jonathon always give me advice what's suit my tanks and what to do when something not right with my water parameters. For that, I thank to you all at nature aquarium especially Jonathan. Keep up the great work guys. You're the best!

  • Anne-Marie Carey

Great place to get some inspiration if you're creating a planted tank. They also offer better prices on most things than any of my other local fish shops, e.g ADA Amazonia is about 20% cheaper. Coming here makes me feel so much more confident about my purchases than if I'd just scoured forums - thank goodness for great face to face customer service! They also have much better quality fish. After spending a bit of time buying angelfish in particular from petshop chains, I've realised how much more disease and genetic problems those fish have. It's not worth it to save $5. Go here and get better quality fish that'll have healthier, happier, longer lives.

  • Romi rahman

Amazing aquarium store with great knowledgeable staff members and customer friendly Have a wide varieties of aquarium accessories and aquascape items Wide range of corals and marine accessories Magnificent varieties of freshwater plants and aquarium products Special thanks to James for his helpful ideas about aquarium maintainance and plants health Only i wish if there was plenty more varieties of freshwater fish range Apart from that we were absolutely amazed by the shop,decor and the helpful conversation with the staff members Was a pleasure visiting you guys and ill definitely come back and I strongly recommend to all the hobbyist

  • sean guthridge

I have to say I like your other store more. More variety of fish. Appearance.⭐️ Paint your building out the front I don’t think I’ll return here Potential ⭐️⭐️ , you guys had so much flare at the other store it started to dwindle before the opening of this one.. Tank lighting.⭐️ Can’t see the fish that well Health⭐️⭐️ Few dead fish in the tanks Service⭐️ Customers waiting at the front counter for a while I feel this store has so much potential but I’m just disappointed ☹️ Display⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I like your display tanks. Variety ⭐️ You guys need more bays of fish bring back your variety this is where you’ll get people coming back

  • Kaz Fontaine

First time customer and made my purchases over the phone due to restrictions. I was served by Marco , he went above and beyond expectations... I ordered live plants , beautiful quality ghost wood and a few bits and pieces . The quality of the plants was AMAZING.. so clean and spotless ! And incredible value for money as I ordered specialty pieces and the sizes I received were the best ever . I am thrilled with my purchases ! I had to get them couriered which was a little costly but well worth shopping at this store for their impeccable service and goods ! THEIR PLANTS ARE SECOND TO NONE !!! I will be back ❤️

  • Sean Fleming

The team are very knowledgeable, very helpful, and the range of products, fish, and plants is huge. When I identified a fault in my large aquarium, they were extremely quick to support me, and within a day I had the aquarium inspected and had a replacement ordered. Within 2 weeks I had the replacement installed with the help of the manufacturer who helped me plan the replacement, set it up, and then replant all of my plants. I now have an off the shelf peninsula set up for freshwater that is even more beautiful than the custom made peninsula setup I had before that! I can't recommend Nature Aquariums highly enough :)

  • Edison Bunag

I purchased a fish with them and I wanted to return it to save it from getting killed cause it's getting attacked by my other fish to atleast either swap with other fish from their shop or even a refund and none of this is possible with them. They wanted me to just give them the fish back and get nothing from it at all and they said Just buy another fish if I want to after. This people are dreaming they want me to return the fish and get nothing back at all while they will re sell it and get money from it LOL, Ridiculous customer service. I will never going back there again very unhelpful!!!

  • Mel G

My husband and I walked in urgently needing a tropical aquarium set up asap! We had decided to adopt some tropical fish that needed a new home that day. We didn’t know where to start. Jason was so helpful in finding the right solution for us quickly and helped us create the perfect tank set up in no time at all. He put us at ease with his patience, knowledge and professional manner. One week later the tank has settled and is looking gorgeous and the fish all settled into their new home. We are so happy with it Thank you Jason for all your assistance. We had an excellent experience

  • Emma

Everything we’ve bought from these guys have broken. We bought an ex display aquarium and a week after buying it the light stopped working, went in and was told as it was an ex display they wouldn’t change it over or refund us. Another 2 weeks later the filter stopped working. Was again told as it was an ex display they wouldn’t give us a refund or exchange it, we bought a new filter from them, a month later it’s stopped working. Have wasted so much money buying dodgy products from them. Do not waste your time!

  • Hong Seng Sim

I walked past one day and couldn't help walking in for a browse. The aquarium is well stocked with all types of fish, plants and equipment. I loved it so much I brought my children there to have a look and they were amazed at the types of living creatures particularly the yabbies, koi, goldfish and florescent small fish. There were lots of water plants too and rocks, decoration. That said we didn't buy anything so I can't comment on how easy it is to maintain or look after the fish or plant life.

  • Peaceful Warrior

Terrible service. 4 staff people were absolutely not adequate and useless. They were constantly talking and joking with each other not paying attention to customer waiting to be served. Condition where fishes (plural form btw) live in is discussing, water is troubled, fishes look ill. AVOID unless you want to contaminate your fishes in your aquarium by bringing new ones but ill from that fish shop, waste your precious time waiting. We had tremendous bad experience and will never come back.

  • ewil0008

Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic! No other way to describe this place. The tanks are clean and the range is great. I would argue that Mentone aquarium has a better selection of filter floss/sponges, but that is the only drawback I can think of. After browsing since their days in Mont Albert, I finally bought 3 flashy guppies and two bristlenosed catfish, along with some dragon stone and accessories. I will be very likely to come back once I want to add some more fish to my community tank.

  • Narual Sakamoto

I'll give 5 stars for the wide range of livestock and products especially the shrimps, and the fish are generally well looked after. However I'd give 0 for the service if I could. One of the staff was very arrogant and rude. We spent a lot of time just browsing to prepare for a tank upgrade and only bought frozen food. One of the blokes mocked at us and did not even offer to wrap up the frozen food, making this whole experience extremely blizzard and unpleasant.

  • Giang Pham

My favourite local fish shop. Its not even that local to me. I travel across town to come here. Great range of healthy tropical and cold water fish, live plants, hardscape materials and hardware. Good pricing, if not cheaper than other places on some items. I don't do marine tanks so can't comment on that side of things. Customer service is always professional, friendly and helpful. I've never felt pressure to buy anything but always walk out with everything!

  • Suzanne Daniel

We have a rather large pond that we havent been able to get presentable since moving in. Jason came out and worked his magic getting pumps sorted, cleaning rocks, cleaning water, re doing our filter as it wasnt set up as it should of. Put in a new UV light and did general rearranging of rocks. The water is flowing amazingly now. The whole area has a lifted atmosphere with so much gunk gone. Cant thank u guys enough with the customer satisfaction.

  • Toan Pham

This store got me started in freshwater and marine. I knew nothing but the team, especially John, guided me through all the pitfalls. As most in this hobby would know, beginner's mistake can end in spectacular crashes but John came to the rescue (as part of offsite service that Nature offers) and fixed my tank at home. Can't thank them enough. Not to mention the amazing range of coral and fish as well as very competitive pricing on equipment.

  • Aidan O'Connor

Thanks for the help. Ignorant teacher with no aquarium experience looking for some plants for a school tank. Overwhelmed by the variety and quantity... Let alone other gizmo's and what not on display. Staff came to help. Offered clear and simple advice on exactly what I needed and some general care instructions. Along with some future possibilities (assuming the class don't kill everything). Straight forward, clear and helpful. Thanks heaps!

  • George Gayler

Alex spent well over an hour with me and my 6 year old, answering all our questions and helping us choose the right tank upgrade and the best plants and fish for an other tank. She was patient and knowledgable and our whole experience was fantastic. The store has a huge range, and the fish all seem very healthy. It's been over a week since our tanks got redone, and both tanks are going really well and everyone is thriving. Very happy!

  • Oliver Trusler

I have shopped for aquarium supplies here for the past 2 years and have been very happy. They have a huge range of fish and plant species and a great selection of equipment. The staff are knowledgeable and recently Bailey was super friendly and happy to help me out with a piece of equipment experiencing a manufacturing fault. I highly recommend this place whether you are new to the hobby, or are an experienced aquarium keeper.

  • Dehan Vander Werf

Ordered a Chihiros c2 nano light, not realising they hadn't received stock yet. Received a call from a staff member that the lights wouldn't be in for a fortnight and was I happy with that? It's understandable with how things are due to covid so I said it's no problem. Was picked up and delivered by courier this afternoon and felt the service was above and beyond. Can't wait till restrictions ease and I can pop onto the shop.

  • Patrick L

I have been to 95% of aquariums on the east of Melbourne. This and subscape aquariums(Richmond) is by far in the top two. Easily has the most tanks & exotic fish selections (marine, corals, fresh & tropical). Sometimes the tanks are dirty but usually are well kept and most fish look pretty healthy. Offer water tests. Staff are very knowledgeable. They are bit pricey, but worth paying a bit more for healthy fish. Great job.

  • Megan Butler

Looking like a great store. Cannot wait for it to be set out. I think a bit more time should have been taken to get everything up and running before opening to the public. Service was a bit lack luster, but assumed that they were very overwhelmed with getting things done. Fish appeared to be in good condition. Great variety of products. I look forward to seeing the store in the future once it has been set up fully.

  • Adrian Faure

Owner (I think) is pretty grouchy, fairly disinclined to help and only really Interested in talking to his ‘mates’ A simple “sorry, could you please ask another CSR” would suffice. (With a positive attitude) would have me and my fellow hobbyist friends spending more money... the other CSR staff are friendly and helpful and they have a decent collection but I’d much rather visit somewhere I feel comfortable.

  • Rillian Natriara

Had a great experience shopping here. Georgia was very friendly and went above and beyond to help us getting set up with all the necessary equipments and accessories for our new fish tank. Patiently answered all our questions and helped us choose all the right stuff. The place is also filled with various fishes and plants and accessories. Definitely recommend this place for all your aquarium needs!

  • Gilberto Alessio Marra

Super poor experience unfortunately, the stocky guy Is always rude and very unhelpful whenever you ask for assistance. It’s not the first time either hence the review. They have an excellent selection of plants and products, but poor customer service means I’m keen to go elsewhere especially when there are other stores with the same range and are cheaper.. I’d prefer the drive than attitude.

  • miss lady

Fantastic prices, have to search out the staff to ask questions though, the staff don't often come and ask if you need assistance, I've been standing there with products in my hands and the staff will walk right past, glance at me and rush away before I can open my mouth to ask for help. But when I can finally grab one by the scruff o the neck they are usually full of super helpful info. :D

  • Alexandra Ord

Staff are knowledgeable and always happy to help. Parking can be tricky, but it's worth it. This aquarium caters for cold, fresh, and tropical setups. They sell fish, live plants, tanks, substrates, and pretty much everything else you need for setting up or maintaining an aquarium/terrarium/paludarium. This is now the only place I'll buy my supplies from. Keep up the great work

  • Patrick C

Super friendly staff members who are always happy to help. The guy who helped me was very attentive, listening and thinking about how to assist me with my questions. He was also very knowledgeable which is important when dealing with things as precise as aquariums. Also a really well set out and visually appealing as every tank is well designed and clearly well thought out.

  • Emmanuel Edwin

Great fish store that's absolutely packed with value for it's size. If this place was any closer to where I live it would be my most visited fish store. The selection of all the hobby needs/wants is amazing, and the friendly staff are always happy to help. The prices here are also more than reasonable. Purchased most of my aqua scape from them and also scored a discount.

  • Matt Bane

This place has always had horrendous customer service which is partially the store layouts doing (New place is more challenged than the last) I guarantee NO ONES IN A RUSH TO HELP - Great selection but it's overpriced. Shop around & you won't have to go back. I’ll drive further just to have someone actually take the sale & let me get on with the rest of my day.

  • J B

Since I first started fish-keeping years ago until now, staff have always managed to find an answer to my questions and help me with any trouble-shooting. I ask 100000 questions every time I go in and always leave with the right products and my questions answered. I now have a 4-foot tropical tank with thriving fish and live plants thanks to their assistance :)

  • Jai Schulz

Online shopping with this shop is rubbish. I ordered needle leaf java fern for a 'medium' bunch expecting a decent amount of leaves considering the price. What I received instead was a plant with about 4 leaves, 2 of which were damaged and ripped in half. I've emailed and sent a photo and have received NO response. Pretty poor service guys #poorcustomerservice

  • Jerry Lee

Would not recommend ordering online from these guys if you're shipping to Sydney. Ordered 8 fish and ended up with 4 extremely sick, 2 dead, and 1 missing fish. The heat packs used didn't last long enough for the trip, and despite paying for express shipping the fish didn't arrive in time to survive the trip. Not buying from these guys again.

  • Sean Stuchbery

i drive 4 hours every now and then to visit, this place is first on my list. their show tanks are gorgeous. no dead fish in sight. im not even into corals but they are beautiful. staff are knowledgeable but honest when they dont know an answer, they are a little on the pricey side in some aspects, but sometimes money is no object ; ) love em

  • Parker Montgomery

Such a fantastic store with a wide variety, reasonable prices and very helpful staff. They're all very keen to help out and answered all the questions I had. They helped heaps with my first fish tank and I now have a beautiful betta and catfish tank thanks to this awesome place. I can't wait to come back for any tanks I build in the future.

  • Phu Lai

New location still being set up but from the looks of things I can see it'll be one of the best fish stores in Melbourne. MASSIVE range of products. I'm mostly into aquascaping and they got sooo much materials to pick from, especially woods. Saltwater isn't my thing (yet) but their collection looks pretty good. Pricing is quite standard.

  • Mike Metro

With 4 staff and 3 customers in the store, while being served, the staff member put half of the fish i wanted in a bag and then started serving someone else. After 15 minutes of watching him serve another customer i decided to leave. Also not as good a selection of fish as i had hoped for. Great selection of live plants though.

  • Jason Boswell

This guy is nothing but a rip off ,will quote one price for shipping and then ask for more money Auspost express shipping for the item is$18.16 through another company he quoted the same on his website and then asked for $10 more so the total ship cost with its rip off was $25 for a item under 1kg ,look it up for yourself

  • Black Velvet Coffee

Bought plants to add to my discus tank. Within 24 hours all Tetras were dead and my extremely expensive school of Discus are fighting for life. Tank was perfect prior to the addition of plants and has been perfect for years. Not sure whether enough care is put into the water in the plant tanks at Nature Aquarium. Beware.

  • Paul Heath

As many others have stated, the biggest negative about this store is the owner. He is appalling! In my experience (as someone just starting on the reefing journey), I was treated with contempt and made to feel like my questions were stupid. He needs to find a profession that doesn't require him to engage with humans.

  • Sarah M

Had a really good experience today at nature aquariums. Was helped by the lovely Kath, I have been having issues with my beta tank and they helped answer many questions, and helped me pick out live plants for my tank. Highly recommend coming here for all your aquarium needs. I will definitely be back. Thanks guys!

  • Ben Gunn

I have purchased from them several times online. I have been happy with the service including their handling of two items returned under warranty. I did have to chase them up a little with the returns but nothing major. Overall I found the experience pleasant. Will definitely purchase through them in the future.

  • Justkaer

This store is massive! Alots of fish, food and accessories and the aquascaping in some of the tanks is beautiful. The only downfall I see is the lack of customer service for such a large store there wasn't many team on and some of the team what were on didn't really seem to interested to talk to anyone

  • Mick Anderson

Most of the stock in store is overpriced can find same stock much much cheaper look around people do your research before purchasing from this aquarium also be careful when purchasing fish from there have seen deasiezed fish in there display tanks on several occasions visiting this place be careful

  • Jonathan Beech

I'm a big fan of nature aquariums. They have helpful staff and are always around for you. Maybe the widest selection of aquarium/aquascaping goods in Melbourne, as far as I know anyways. feel free to ask any questions about the place and I'd be happy to answer any since I do go quite frequently.

  • Anathema Violet Harris

They don't stock everything aka Tetra Colour Bits or a bunch of apistos but they are knowledgeable, friendly, have a heap of plants some of which are difficult to find. They are also the best in Pond supplies in Melbourne, one day I want one and I will def be paying attention to these guys.

  • triumphdollysprint

Decent range of fish, really impressive range of underwater plants and grasses, decent range of tanks and food/supplies. Kinda dismissive staff but I could have just caught them on a bad day/I was also a pretty annoying customer, purchasing very little and spending at least 45 mins there.

  • Henry Chiew

Best aquarium shop in Melbourne. Great service, high quality selection and amazing range of supplies, tanks and aqua scapes. Lewis was very helpful and went above and beyond assisting me in purchasing an aqua scape. Nature Aquariums is worth the visit and is now my go-to aquarium shop!

  • Ganesh Devarakonda

One of the best LFS in Melbourne. In coming to stock, new corals and customer service. All my corals are from here and I would high recommend to anyone who’s looking for salt and fresh water needs. I take this opportunity to thanks Jonathan for his best advices and customer service.

  • Lily Prior

I took a younger family member here after Christmas who loves fishes and has a ton of aquariums. She was amazed by their selection, and when asked, the staff were very knowledgeable about what she should get! They are still moving in, but I reckon it will be amazing when it’s done

  • Tracey Tucker

James was so knowledgeable and helpful and went way beyond what we could have expected in choosing a fish and tank for my daughter. He genuinely cares about all the fish and he was really passionate about what he does. We will definitely be recommending James!!! Tracey

  • Slopo JAM

We've been to this store several times. We live on the other side of Melbourne so it's about an hour by car. Good range of fish & aquarium related products. Large store with 2 levels. Good tank displays. Service was OK. Overall a positive experience.

  • Jeckyl Hyde

Me and my Partner Aya have been to this store many times, Nina and James are two staff members who are always helpful and knowledgeable about tanks, fish and plants and are always helpful and polite. I could never recommend this establishment enough

  • Hambone Wilson

I tried making a purchase recently online and the vendor was unable to process it. They got in contact with me pretty quickly and organised a refund. Probably wont try ordering again with them, but was nice to have had the issue sorted out quickly.

  • Ashley Thomas

Very friendly staff with a great amount of knowledge. Product offering is vast and can accommodate from a beginners budget to an advanced aquascapers needs. Prices are competitive in the market with unparalleled fish, plant and coral offerings.

  • Andrew McLean

Huge place that looks like it just opened (because it did). The guy running the show seemed all mad about nothing. They have some good stuff in there and judging by the tanks they have set up it will be an awesome place in the future.

  • lostwithpets

Pretty good selection. I really like fish people to be talkative and approachable, so shall see how we go. If a fish shop is standoffish or not engaging enough I usually don't go back. especially if juniors don't seem interested.

  • Anna Mai

Missing order , they don’t respond to your email till a week later and once contacted no apology instead they would say that they did pack the item and I must be wrong. I wouldn’t lie or cheat over one small fish. Keep the $20 Thanks

  • Hamish Scattermish

Wow, I just happened to stumble across this place because I was in the area, and omg it’s an aquatic oasis in here. Friendly and helpful staff, heaps of aquariums on display, lots of fish, plants and accessories. Highly recommend.

  • Timothy Lee

VERY impressive, professionally run aquarium. Fish are a little pricey, but they are VERY COMPETITIVE in regards to price for their Seachem + Hikari. And not even by a little. Good one-stop shop if you live around the area!

  • Ryan Dhondy

Love this aquarium - the only aquarium worth visiting in melb! They have supplied everything in this tank (hardscape/plants/ferts ect) and I am very pleased with the results. Highly recommend Nature Aquariums for a visit!

  • Mark Gardiner

I visited the store today and was very impressed. Fraser assisted me and spent almost 1 hour helping with a multitude of questions, from a beginner. He was very knowledgeable and patient providing great customer service.

  • Lucy

This place is fantastic! The staff are so so helpful, answered my every question. Lots of inspiration for cool aquariums set ups. They helped me test my water and set up my tank for cherry shrimp. Thanks so much guys!

  • Matt Keratianos

Looks like it will become a great pet shop with tons of fish and hopefully all types of pet supplies. Whilst it's in the process of being built it's look amazing and I can't wait to see the final and finished product.

  • J H

Great place, great range and great set pieces. Zach is really friendly and helpful. He really took the time to help us get our tanks on track. We drive out of our way to get the service and rage at nature aquariums.

  • Joe Chen

Visited last Saturday and brought home my first aquarium. Jason was super friendly and offered helpful knowledge (as well as muscles) with getting the tank safely home. The fishes look happy :) Thanks Jason.

  • Rowan Wilde

Super helpful staff, a great selection of aquarium hardware and the livestock and plants are always super healthy. Their website doesn't do them justice. They're my go-to aquarium place in Melbourne.

  • Maria Larobina

Visited this shop this week and was very satisfied with customer service. The staff were very helpful, patient with all my questions and have given me great advice. Definitely recommend this place.

  • Chelsea Jose

Very helpful for us setting up our very first tank. We've had the tank for 6 months now without any major troubles, so their advice must have been spot on! Good range, exactly what we needed.

  • Samuel Lautier

The best Aquarium store in Victoria. The atmosphere of the store and staff is unlike any other I have been to. The range of products is unmatched and design and layout of the store is 10/10.

  • Troy Young

Slowly developing stock. To be honest i feel uncomfortable to talk to the manager about my tank. Staff are great. Generally pricey, but the api master test kits are a good price currently.

  • Jonathan Dunlop

As a newcomer into the hobby this store has been super helpful with getting me set up the right way. After going to a few stores this one seemed the best kept and offered the best advice.

  • zhifei qiu

Best price and most friendly staff! I lives in the suburbs nearby the shop. Recently my fish is very sick and staffs given us lots of advise and helps! Really appreciate! Best aquarium!

  • April Fever

I was assisted by Fraser who helped me do a set up for my new shrimp tank. Very knowledgeable young man who made sure I was set with everything I needed. Very happy with the service.

  • VP Reef

New store is terrible, dust everywhere on products, things thrown around. Customer service was poor. Felt like a run down furniture store. Shame as it was talked up to be amazing.

  • Amelia Rhodes

This must be the best aquarium supply store in Melbourne and the staff are so helpful. I also found the prices very competitive with what’s available online. Definitely recommend.

  • Folke Van der Spek

Their new store is massive, to say the least. All of their livestock from fish to plants are some of the healthy I have ever seen. Can't wait to see the final showroom and cafe.

  • Currer Bell

Store has inspiring displays and great stock. Live 2 hours away so have used their online store a couple of times and the shipping was crazy fast! Can't wait to back in person

  • Don Perera

Beautiful display tanks, great selection of products for freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Healthy fish and plants for sale, worth the half an hour drive up there

  • Fred F

Great collection of plants and fish, shrimps and anything you need for planted tanks. Good customer service. I drive 45mins to go there cause its a great shop

  • Derek Hafer

Great store for all your fish supplies. The place is huge. They are still transforming the place after they moved but service is always helpful and friendly.

  • Azhar

Visited new store. Very spacious. Was a bit messy, possibly still getting set up. Not much variety in store. Limited plants available and not healthy looking

  • G Roads

Best range in Melbourne for planted and salt water aquariums. Complimented by excellent service and pricing. I only shop here for my planted aquarium goods.

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