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Hotel a Restaurant Větruše

Pavel Dvořák

Moc pěkný hotel a naprosto nádherným výhledem na město, určitě se vrátíme. Chtělo by, ale zlepšit nabídku v lobby baru.
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Pokoje: 4
Obsluha: 4
Poloha: 5
Hezké pokoje, s dostatečným úložným prostorem. Pokoj je bez minibaru, na pokoji je připravena jen láhev vody. Trezor nefungoval, nejspíš je za poplatek (což je v dnešní době, v takovem hotelu rarita). Problém trošku s oknama ktere moc netěsní a večer je slyšet rachot lanovky, ktera končí ve 22:00. Dále docela v noci prosvítá večerní osvětlení, hodily by se lepší závěsy. Ale to jsou drobnosti.
Pěší dostupnost
Bezplatné parkoviště, případně lanovkou, která končí hned u hotelu.
Jídlo a pití
Určitě je dobré mít rezervaci, vnitřní část restaurace je relativně malá. Jídlo vynikající! Dobré víno i pivo. Obsluha velmi milá, ale trošku nestíhá.
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Krásný výhled a Romantický

Ribbs Plumbing Services

Marty Honda

Jonathan of RPS did an excellent job in fixing our kitchen and laundry drain leak. He carefully explained what the problem was and what needed to be done. He provided pictures and even a video of the crawl space where the leak was. He communicated with us very well answering all our questions in a timely manner. He and his crew arrived on time, carried out the repair efficiently and cleaned everything up at the end. Jonathan was very respectful and easy to work of the best service people we have worked with.

BAUHAUS Stuttgart-Möhringen

Marc-Oliver Lenz

Die Filiale an sich ist sehr gut aufgestellt, sofern die Ware verfügbar ist. Ich wollte heute online was bestellen, und in der Filiale bezahlen und abholen. Die Ware war nicht in der Filiale, und in die Filiale liefern lassen scheint online nicht möglich zu sein. Also anrufen, bestellen und wenn es da ist abholen... Denkste. Mir wurde mitgeteilt, dass ich in die Filiale kommen muss, es dort bestellt werden kann, und dann soll ich wieder hin zum abholen... Nach der Frage ob das sein ernst ist, wurde er leicht komisch... Ich könne es ja online bestellen... Da ich aber nicht zuhause bin wenn die Post kommt, macht das für mich wenig Sinn... Flexibel und modern ist was anderes. Daher bleibt mein Baumarkt eben Hornbach, da geht das alles etwas besser.

Masjid Ar Rahah

Fatim Meleana

As a first timer, there is a good and bad experience to be here. A very beautiful mosque to be seen from the outside, didnt get the opportunity, but will definitely come back to pray inside due to the overwhelmed reviews. However, since this is the first time, not notice any signage nearby, I park at the parking bay inside after the office hour, noticing that the area was empty and only few cars were seen, no security guard at the post, so I park there for a while for a short period meeting at the office in front, thought it was a public parking and as a woman, feel safe to be in the mosque area. A bit frustrated since my car was clamped, where later the PIC mentioned that the area was prohibited to park, and I didnt see any clear signage mentioning that the area was prohibited to park for public. For improving, hoping that the management to have a clear signage with a clear justification of making the parking prohibited for public, instead of easily clamping car.

静岡市清水森林公園 黒川キャンプ場

m to

無料で使えるなんて、嬉しいキャンプ場です。 近くのジェラート屋さんや売店も美味しく、皆さん優しいです。 ただ無料だからか、一部の利用者のマナーが悪すぎます。 団体客がいましたが、炊事場の2/3程に荷物を散らかして占領、一泊の間ずっとそままです。炊事場やトイレの屋根下にテントまで建ててました。 施設としてこの様な利用を許可しているのでしょうか? 小学校高学年程の子供達が、水道やかまどの上に乗り、人が食材を切っている作業台に足を向けてきました。 大人が沢山いて、見ているにも関わらず、注意はしません。 また現在、近くの銭湯は営業停止のようです。 保健所からの指摘があったとのこと。
客室: 3
サービス: 4
場所: 3

Ali Chicken Centre

Lukasz Salamon

Probably one of two the best places in Jaipur where you can get your chicken. It might look odd from outside, but for a well seasoned traveller, places like this, where locals going to eat are the first choice to try some of the finest local cuisine. Very good service, freshly baked roti and chicken that could put "colonel" in shame.
खाना: 5
सेवा: 5
माहौल: 5

Thai Village Massage and Spa Blacktown

Stacey Hicks

I have always had a good experience here but the last 2 times have been a little different. It is clean and they are always friendly. The last 2 times I have asked them not to use elbows while massaging as it isn't pleasant and it hurts quite a lot. I go there for a relaxing aroma oil massage but it isn't relaxing when they are digging their elbows in. Please listen to your customers next time. I have arthropathy in my lower back and also a herniated disc. This is why I tell them not to use elbows but they don't listen. They would have been given 5 stars if they would have listened to my request.

Riocan Merivale Place

Luc Drouin

Always a great place to hang out with friends and family. Proximity to new popular Asian restaurants ( fast foods ), coffee house, Dollar Store, supermarket, Liquor Store, Pharmacy, Hardware Store, SubWay restaurant, Tim Hortons, Pizza , southern style spiced Louisiana food ( Popeyes ), Shawarma, Beer Store and Breakfast place. There's more amenities in this area aka College Square or Woodroffe Campus area. Something is always open there, in including MacDonald's. If your bored or just hungry, go there now. I suggest you try the new popular Asian fast foods places as the or clients are numerous indicating a popular place.

Georgia State University

Julio Lois (TheOwner)

Graduated back in 2013, Robinson College of Business. This school was excellent for me, i had great professors and never had any type of administration problem. I see some negative 1 star reviews about various topics, and frankly, a lot of people are entitled and impatient. This school continues to grow every year, they are making huge investments in infrastructure and research, a very exciting place to be with almost unlimited opportunities, you just have to stop waiting for things to be handed to you and go get them!!

Bedshed Highpoint


Best customer Service, Best suggestions, Best beds and Mattresses Ans Bestest Staff. I came to Bedshed to look for a new bed and a new mattress and met Chris. Chris is the most dedicated, invested and genuine sales man we have ever come across. He gave us many options, spent time and made effort to understand our needs. Chris showed us everything as per our needs and requirements. He was honest and felt very genuine and cared about what we are looking for.. Thanks Chris and All the very best and we really hope all places have genuine people like you.. Your employer should give you a raise being so great at your work... We got the bed and mattress in just few days....Thanks again :)

Hubside.Store Sévilla Nervion

Carmen Zambrano

Para empezar, fue en esta tienda la cual el chico que nos atendió, super amable porque claro, hace su trabajo, me ofreció los servicios de prueba gratuitos, bombardeando a información y envuelto en una presentación agradable. Una vez en mi casa, me pare a informarme sobre la empresa y lo que ofrecían realmente, lo cual no me interesó nada a parte de la cantidad de reseñas que me pare a leer. Llamé la semana pasada para cancelar los 5 contratos, cosa que, el chico que nos atendió a mi pareja y a mi nos comentó que solo teníamos que llamar a dos teléfonos para darnos de baja. Fue un suplicio llamar a cada uno de los 5 servicios, los cuales tenías un tiempo de espera de más de 15 minutos; después de que por fin alguien cogiese el teléfono y "cancelase" el contrato, me comentaron cada uno de ellos que tardaban 2 días en llegar el contrato de cancelación. Tras esperar los dos días (y más), nada más me llegaron dos correos. 1 semana después, sigo esperando las cancelaciones pertinentes, y me llega otro correo como que sigo dada de alta en algo después de llamar servicio por servicio para cancelar cada uno de ellos.

Carl Wood's Garage

Casbah D

HIGHLY recommend these guys! I had an electrical issue with my vehicle's seat that another repair shop could have easily over-charged me for unnecessary parts/labor. My mechanic, Frank, called me twice on the first day after I dropped it off with an update on the repair, and again the next day when the repair was complete. He even followed up a couple of days later to make sure I wasn't having any issues. These guys are fast, fair, and professional; To boot, the shop was super-clean and tidy.

South Coast Medical Centre

Mark Bruechert

I've been attending Sth Coast Medical in Rye for over 12 years now. I have, on every single visit, been treated by their reception and clinical staff with the utmost kindness and respect. I've found them at all times to be efficient and professional folk. I work in our emergency services (Fire/Rescue), and therefore understand the pressures such clinics find themselves in from time to time. Never the less, this clinic gets a 5-star rating from me for helpfulness, professionalism and their medical services expertise.



Always be extra careful when filling fuel from here...the fuel filling men are big time cheats...they try to dupe you without putting petrol..when ever you ask for a full tank petrol they will first fill for 100 Rupees..then they will distract you and will commence the filling from 100 again and will go to (say)350..and once the tank is full, they will tell you to give 450 rupees after filling only 350 Rupees worth petrol...they even claimed they filled 6 litre petrol in my 5.2 litre scooter's tank

Dinosaur World Somerville

Mo Shaz

Dinosaur World is a theme park that features life-size replicas of various dinosaurs, as well as interactive exhibits and activities. The park is suitable for families with children, as well as anyone who is interested in learning more about these prehistoric creatures. The park offers fossil digs The park also has a gift shop and a small snack shop to munch around. Dinosaur World is a fun and educational place to visit for anyone who loves dinosaurs or wants to learn more about them. The park has a variety of attractions and activities that cater to different ages and interests. The park is well-maintained and the staff is friendly and helpful. Literally my 20 sec video explored the whole park, its upto there personal choice to travel that far and spend some bucks to have limited fun for their little ones.
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Esso Station Stuttgart-Feuerbach


Ich wollte heute hier mein Auto während der regulären Öffnungszeiten tanken. Ich wunderte mich wieso die Tanksäule nicht funktionierte. Als ich nachfragen wollte sah ich dass die Tankstelle nicht besetzt war und abgeschlossen. Es sammelten sich immer mehr Autos welche sich alle wundert warum die Tankstelle offen jedoch nicht funktionierte. Es kam dann der Tankwart heraus gestolpert und während er seine Sprachnachricht beendet hatte, informierte er uns dass er jetzt Pause habe und deswegen 30 Minuten lang die Tankstelle geschlossen wäre. Daraufhin verließ ich so wie alle anderen Kunden verärgert die Tankstelle. Ich weiß nicht wieso etwas während regulärer Öffnungszeiten überhaupt möglich ist.

China In Box Meier

Julia Pinheiro

Tive muitas experiências boas com a China in Box na infância, que gostei muito, logo no início da franquia. A qualidade dos alimentos era excelente e os pratos muito saborosos. Com a expansão da franquia, percebi que a qualidade caiu um pouco, apesar de continuar bom. Hoje não é a minha primeira opção, mas é uma opção a se considerar caso queira algo diferente. Recomendo o Frango Agridoce, que considero o mais saboroso dos pratos.

THE MIE Restaurant

Dempo Luar

Proses mie nya lama padahal ngak rame setelah 20 menit br dateng baru makan br suap di info mbak nya mie nya salah meja, proses bikin yg baru , tunggu lagi 10 menit, bener2 worst, order mie keriting yg dateng mie biasa, mau di ganti lagi , kelamaan tunggu nya akhirnya saya terima saja yang di kasih.
Makan di tempat
Jenis makanan
Tarif per orang
Rp 25.000–50.000

CPMC Mission Bernal Campus & Orthopedic Institute

Jay Peek

There is a war being fought here that involves everyone in administration. The fallout is that you can't get any doctor or department to confirm or deny what the last department said or did. A 32 year employee went so far as to say that..when requesting to speak to a nurse for advice...that "we have never had nurses you can call for advice." There's an ideology at the top that insists that an indecision on whether an entire hospital can be run by doctors alone...and without any administration degree. Both sides may be right but it's costing the patient base. Just how much remains to be seen. Btw, this facility does not offer Covid testing at the time of this writing. You must rely on home kit companies.

Domino's Pizza

sachin s

टॉपिंग और पनीर की मात्रा बहुत कम है, कोई प्रबंधन नहीं, अशिष्ट व्यवहार, वे ऑफ़लाइन ऑर्डर स्वीकार नहीं करते, यहां तक कि आप शोर मचाने भी जाते हैं, आपको ऑर्डर करने के लिए एप्लिकेशन का उपयोग करना पड़ता है उह! … ज़्यादा