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Fit Food Cuisine

Mesiah Ramos

Where do I begin, I’ve been ordering meals through John since way back in the Cafe Gourmet days, and if you’ve been around since then too, you’ll know the only thing that has really changed is the menu and it just gets better & better every week. The food is always fresh, tastes amazing, and makes living a healthy lifestyle through diet so easy. I’m an avid gym goer & am very serious about healthy living so eating clean is a must for me. I’ve been to many other meal prep companies in the past and I must say, the way Fit Food’s website is setup makes things a breeze & how great the food is they just go hand in hand and can’t be compared to any of the others. Since I’ve been around so long with this company I don’t see myself going elsewhere. Big shoutout to John and the rest of the staff that help make it happen day in & day out, without you guys there would be no us.
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The Reject Shop

Maggie Toufaili

I walked into this store enquiring about beach chairs as the ones they had displayed in the window were hard to get to. I approached a lady named Petala and asked if she had any chairs in store and she quickly and rudely replied “ we don’t have any left “ and was walking away from me while talking. I wanted to explain to her that I couldn’t get to the ones displayed and wanted to know if there was a designated section for them but she was so abrupt and cut me off. I then asked if she was the manager and she just rolled her eyes and said no I’m not. I had to ask her for her name as she had no name badge on like her colleagues. Didn’t end up purchasing anything as I disliked the customer service provided by this particular staff member. A little politeness can go a long way Petala.

Lemla Veterinary Services

Akosua Aning

Whatever you do, do not leave your dog kenneled here. Returned to find my dog bone thin and so filthy and knotted she had to be shaved. They never forgot to contact me for payment but they apparently forgot to take care of my dog as part of the bargain. Then they had the nerves to blame me for showing up unexpectedly. My dog developed a nervous tick where she still licks all her paws till they're raw and bloody. She's gone from a carefree dog to a nervous jumpy dog since this traumatic experience. Avoid leaving any animal you care about in their care. Just awful

BUCHBOX! Buchhandlung in Friedrichshain

Stephan Roch

Meine Kiez-Buchhandlung. Immer hilfsbereit, immer zur Stelle, wenn ich schnell ein Geschenk brauche, auch online bestellt ist ein Buch am nächsten Tag da und wird auf Wunsch dann auch noch liebevoll eingepackt. Ansonsten: maximale Auswahl auf kleinstem Platz, der Laden ist nicht sehr groß und besonders am Wochenende oder vor Weihnachten wird es voll und kuschelig. Trotzdem gibt es viel zu entdecken, für die Kinder eine kleine Ecke zum Spielen und Schmökern und für alle Altersklassen und Neigungen gibt es viele persönliche Tipps und Leseempfehlungen.


Ania B.

Klimat perfumy z nutą ciężkiej smażalni. Skrzydełka w panierce, total bez smaku warto sprawdzić czy może za dodanie soli nie trzeba dopłacić. Ani kuchnia ani tym bardziej amerykańska Sam olej. I niech was boska ręka broni od brania wódki chyba, że to nowa forma grzańca. Nie wiem, nie znam się, zarobiony jestem Podsumowując olej olej. Odradzam z całego serca.
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Brothers Bar & Grill

Thomas Allen

I came in town for the eagles and colts game from st. Louis. I can say I've been to a lot of bars across this great nation and this one ranks among the best. From the friendly attentive staff that works as a team to handle the crowd; to the people who patron it. Cold drinks and amazing food are also guaranteed. If you're a local or in from out of town I highly recommend this place.
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Europcar Melbourne Dandenong

Annette Morris

I had a car accident in August this year and my insurance company which will remain nameless offered a hire car though this Europcar. When I arrived to pick up the car the gentle man where very nice and walked though everything with me before driving off. Once my 2 weeks was up I needed to hire the car again I was serviced by the same guy who gave me the same deal I had though the insurance. Due to my mother passing away I went in to see the guys at Dandenong and asked to hire the car for another 2 weeks and they gave their condolences on the passing of my mum and I was able to hire the same car again. I would not hesitate in recommending Europcar Dandenong to anyone looking to hire a car ute or truck. Thank you Europcar Dandenong keep up the god work

Spendless Shoes

Mahmudan Mahmudan

The lady named Connie is the most nasty person you could ever meet. Witnessed her being extremely rude to 2 little girls (aged around 5-7). She kept telling them off for trying shoes. When I intervened, she told us to leave the store and called the security. We felt discriminated by her behaviour. When requested for cctv footage to prove her discrimination, she dismissed our request and refused to sell her products. We will be taking this matter forward so actions can be taken. I urge if anyone had similar experience, please come forward and speak out. SPENDLESS SHOES -SHAME ON YOU!

La Casa San Telmo

Laura Avila Peralta

Platos abundantes como para comer entre 2 Lindo ambiente, pequeño y acogedor La atención de Ramón muy buena 2 escalopes con puré + 1 mila con fritas + 1 tarta jyq + asado de tira con fritas + 2 gaseosas de litro + 1 café en jarrito + 2 dulce y queso + 1 flan con crema. 16.500$
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2000-2500 $
Comida: 5
Servicio: 5
Ambiente: 5
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Milanesa Napolitana

Sklep zoologiczny Kakadu Zoo w Galerii Kaskada w Szczecinie

Julia Kamińska

Sklep jak sklep, ceny przeciętne, mogło by nie być zwierząt bo nie ma tam na nie miejsca. Jeśli przyjdzie wam do głowy podjąć tam pracę to szczerze odradzam. Chyba, że macie nerwy ze stali, ale często i one nie pomogą wam w mobbingu który stosuje tam na pracownikach Pani zastępca kierownika, która uważa się za świętą. Odkąd podjęła tam pracę w sklepie jest bardzo duża rotacja i nie ma mowy o tworzeniu zespołu. Jedna gwiazdka na zachętę.

Linda Lam - Real Estate Agent

Anna Tan

Linda was the absolute best of the best!!! From the very start Linda was very professional and very knowledgeable in the areas that we inquired about as far as homes and cities to live in. Excellent service, super patient and do the best she can for us. She kept us informed, took us to houses safely. Fortunately we bought our dream house during COVID 19. Throughout the whole home buying process, she was very informative and Easily to get a hold of if we had any questions or concerns. We learned some much buying tips from Linda. We had experienced few more agents before we found Linda. She genuinely wanted what was best for me an my family. Finding a good agent could save your money and your time. I will absolutely recommend Linda to anyone that needs an agent in my area.

新潟ラーメンなみ福 角田浜本店


日曜日の朝10時前に到着。 整理券をもらうために開店前から並びました。整理券が1人1枚必要なのかと思い家族全員で並びましたが、代表者1名が人数を選択、整理券を発行するシステムでした。 順番待ちは店内のモニターを見るか、スマホに通知がくるようにできるみたいです。 順番がくると店員さんに呼ばれ案内されます。先に食券を購入するのですが、一万円札、五千円札は使えないので、千円札を用意しておきましょう。お店でも両替してもらえます。 ラーメンはストレート麺、出汁がきいたあっさりスープ。私的には好みの味でとてもおいしかったけど、濃いめの味が好きな人には物足りないかもしれません。 店長さんはじめスタッフのみなさんも親切で、店内にも細かい気配りがされていて素晴らしいです。 ハイスタファンのミーハーですが、嫌な顔せずに接客してくださいました。 また伺いたいと思います。ありがとうございました。
1 人あたりの料金
食事: 4
サービス: 5
雰囲気: 5

مجوهرات لامار

Nael Jalo

خلال يومين اني خسران ١١٠٠٠٠ لان باعولي مدالية ذهب عراقي مستعمل بسعر الخليجي الجديد وانوب يغشون بالوزن يكلك ٤ غرامات وطلع اقل من بعته وفوكاها فلوس الصياغة ما انصح اي احد يتعامل وياهم هذا بالاضافة الى سوء التعامل يحجي وياك كلمة ونص





Drew Michaels

Fishy tasting chicken. More so the breading. They probably use the same fryers/oil for everything. Spaghetti was sh1t, wouldn't recommend. Fries were probably the best part. Good fries. The spicy flavour on the spicy chicken option was good. They screwed up my order but made good by giving me free chicken on a future date, which honestly, I wasn't even keen on getting, but did cause it was free. Probably won't go again.

Box Advisory Services | Accountants Parramatta

Steve Sladek

I first dealt with Davie in August 2017 when he was acting as the accountant for a mutual client of ours .I am in the finance industry and deal with a multiple number of accountants every month so I get to experience the accounts that provide good service and bad service .I found Davie from Box Advisory to be very easy to deal with, he was efficient in providing the required information in the required time frame and followed through and did what he said he was going to do , this doesn't happen often in my experience with accountants to day . I have continued to deal with Davie and Box Advisory in relation to other clients .I would highly recommend Davie and his team for any one looking for a effective accountant that works for their clients best interests and financial out comes in a timely manner .

La Luce Ristorante ????‍????

chau toaby

At La Luce Ristorante, the lasagna truly stood out with its impeccable flavor profile, and the fact that it was served at an ideal temperature added to the culinary delight. Each layer of the lasagna seemed carefully crafted, creating a savory masterpiece. On the other hand, the smoked salmon linguine, although satisfactory, didn’t quite reach the same level of excellence. What truly enhances the dining experience at La Luce is the ambient atmosphere. The restaurant provides a serene and quiet environment, making it an ideal place to enjoy a meal. The staff’s service was commendable, demonstrating attentiveness without being intrusive. Overall, La Luce Ristorante offers a pleasant culinary journey with its standout dishes and inviting atmosphere. It’s a destination worth considering for those seeking both exquisite flavors and a peaceful dining setting.
Food: 4
Service: 4
Atmosphere: 4

Hill & Viteri Property


Sebastian and his team have been long term clients of ours and their passion for Real Estate is second to none! They are always learning new technology to help them serve their customers better that they could yesterday. Its been amazing to watch his business grow over the years! If your thinking of selling or buying in the Sutherland area you can rest assured Hill & Viteri Property are the right people for the job!

Teatro Cubano Warsaw

Софія Петрина

Personel jest stale niegrzeczny dla klientów. Nie rozpoznają ogólnie przyjętych dokumentów UE, nie wiedzą też, jak się porozumieć w grzeczny sposób. Wstyd! Nie polecam, jeśli nie chcesz zepsuć wieczoru The staff is constantly rude to customers. They do not recognize generally accepted EU documents, and they also do not know how to communicate in an elementary polite manner. Shame! Not recommended if you don't want to waste the evening


Renata Conrado

لقد غادرت المتجر للتو، وركضت إلى المركز التجاري لشراء بنطال عمل ليوم العمل غدًا، وقضيت بعض الوقت في الداخل لاختيار بنطالي الرسمي. لقد تحققت من أسعارها جميعًا كالمعتاد قبل التوجه إلى أمين الصندوق. كان أمين الصندوق الخاص بي على وشك أن يتقاضى … المزيد