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Hospital Guarás

Aryana Barros

Fui levar meu filho pra fazer lavagem, quando cheguei no banheiro não tinha papel, pedi a enfermeira que estava bem na frente, ela simplesmente saiu e não voltou mais. Moral da história, meu filho não aguentou chegar até o vaso sanitário e acabou sujando o chão, também não limpei, pois se ela tivesse trazido o papel eu ainda poderia limpar, minha sorte foi que tinha água na torneira pra lavar ele.

Sparkle Express Car Wash

Beth W

Good lighting, friendly staff, clean & maintained facility. Our only problem is the credit card payment option. Once the credit card is authorized, the timer starts and charges to your credit card begin. After washing is completed, you must press the STOP button firmly in order to stop the timer. Otherwise, it keeps on running. We have never used more than $7 to wash our small vehicles but we just received a credit card statment and there was a $14 charge! We must have left the timer running and/or someone else drove in and took advantage of a free wash. Only way around this is perhaps having an option to print out a receipt after the wash is done. Then you have a paper record of what the final charge will be.

2B Bar and Grill

Lina Samuchovienė

Tikėjausi skanių ir kokybiškų pietų, o gavau vieną sukepusį ir riebų žuvies gabalėlį, du citrinos griežinėlius ir tiek kiek matosi bulvyčių už 10€ Rekomenduoju valgyti bet ką kitą, tik ne "Fish & chips" :)
Maitinimo paslaugos
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10–15 €
Maistas: (1)
Paslauga: (2)
Atmosfera: (2)
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Šiek tiek sunku rasti stovėjimo vietą
Automobilių statymas
Nemokama stovėjimo aikštelė
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Buvo piešimo priemonių (švarių lapų ne), žaidimų, maitinimo kėdutė.

4one4 Property Co.


From start to finish, Martin showed us around in a welcoming disposition and he was happy to answer and find out other pertinent information which we required. Martin kept us informed in every step of the way which mattered due to our unique circumstances, and Martin is someone you want on you side. For us he helped us purchase the property in a diligent manner. Thank you Martin for the wonderful service you had showed us.


Takeshi Matsumoto

数年前こちらのアートインギャラリーさんで人生初の個展を開催させていただきました。 会場も広く棚やイス、机、パネルなどの配置の自由度が高く楽しく展示ができました。会場以外にも屋上の階で段ボールなどの梱包材や荷物を保管出来たり、小さな冷蔵庫、スピーカーで音楽も流すこともでき便利でした。 少し歩くと飲食店や衣料品店、100円ショップなどがあり買い物にも困りませんでした。 立地も竹下通りや表参道から近く良かったので数年中にはまたこちらで個展を開かせていただきたいと考えております。

Paul Gallegos - State Farm Insurance Agent

Blues Lover

I recently relocated to Albuquerque and had to change insurance companies as a result. I did a search for State Farm where I was going to be living and I found that Paul's office was in my neighborhood so I immediately contact his office and transferred my coverage. Paul, Monica and Ashley have been everything I could have ever hoped for in an insurance company and far more. They went out of their way to help me get acclimated to Albuquerque and Paul helped me through a very difficult situation with a former investment firm I was working with at that time. I can't say enough good things about Paul and how he does business. He and his staff aren't interested in me as a client, they're interested in me as a person. I tell all my friends about the amazing service I receive from Paul, Monica and Ashley. I highly recommend them.

Ben & Florentine Kenaston

Denis Courcelles

Food good, very similar to what you would get at Cora’s, however both times we had Kim as our server and I can honestly say she’s what made this truly 5 stars. Just extremely pleasant, didn’t feel like she was rushing, and when she came to the table you just immediately get the sense that she cares. Will keep going back, and hope we get the same server.
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Fremont Health Club

Liam Blodgett (L Blo)

I only talked with staff and toured this gym. I ended up going in a different direction, but only because I practice hardstyle kettlebells and have very specific equipment requirements, which FHC did not meet. Overall this seemed like a great facility for the average gym-goer: welcoming to all types, conveniently located, with well priced and flexible membership options. Taylor at the front desk was exceptionally helpful and kind over the phone and in person. Star employee.



電話予約のさいに、本当に予約できたのかな?と不安になるぐらい あっさりな感じでした。 当日は島に到着したら電話してと言われおり、 電話を掛けると 目印の場所を指定され ひたすら待ちました。 送迎のタイミングが悪かったのか、 約30分ぐらい待ちました。  他にも送迎希望の人が多いためか、全員が乗ることは不可能で運転する人のみが車に乗り込み 車を受け取りに向かいます。 場所は港から思ったよりも遠く 歩くのはシンドイと思われます。 バタバタで受付を済ませ キーキーブレーキが鳴る軽自動車を借りました。 禁煙車もあると後から知り 指定しなかったけど、まったくタバコの臭いもなく快適でした。 不便な点もあるけど 安価で借りることが出来ます! 当日 日帰りで伊豆大島観光だったので、車を借りる、返却でかなり時間が掛かりましたので、 時間を有効に使いたい方は港で借りる、返却できる所の方がよろしいかなと思います。 独特の雰囲気なレンタカー会社 安価な料金で借りる事が出来るので、コスト重視の方には向いてると思います!

Lorne Park Animal Hospital

Carlee C

I'm convinced Dr Bhatti saved my cats life from pyometra. She was informative, kind, and very knowledgeable. All the reception people I met were the same! Elizabeth is wonderful. Very welcoming staff - which is very different from what I've grown to expect during vet visits. I also met the other doctor during the surgery follow up, I wont try to spell his name but he was equally incredible and so kind. I just got the feeling that everyone there actually cared about Annabelle, which is a first for me. Its 45 min from my house but well worth the drive to me. This vet has a new patient for life!

ガスト 西新店

Boss 1988

1 人あたりの料金
食事: 1
サービス: 1
雰囲気: 1

New Xcell Auto Repair

Alex Fadeev

Small and efficient shop on the corner of Old Fulton and Hicks. Unlike hundreds of alternatives, all 3 bays are clean and actively used to work on customers' cars. The parking lot has an assortment of Japanese, European and American cars. Nevertheless, the manager (Ronny) and his techs are very knowledgeable about BMWs. They knew the usual "weak spots" of 3-series rear suspension and use quality OEM replacement parts (not the cheap junk).

AMA Accountants

Vivek Shukla

AMA accountants have been our family Tax consultant company for long time now. The service provided by them is clear, proactive and user friendly. They have a deep understanding of Australian personal and commercial tax system and Amit makes sure all the client’s queries are addressed in detail before proceeding. I wouldn’t be hesitant one bit in recommending AMA accountants to my family and friends for any Tax related issues. V

Jaipur Palace Thali Restaurant

Lena Hoffmann

Mit Jaipur Prime das beste Indische Restaurant in ganz Düsseldorf! Einfach alles nur toll!
Verzehr im Restaurant
Preis pro Person
10–20 €
Essen: 5
Service: 5
Ambiente: 5
Empfehlung für Vegetarier
Sehr empfehlenswert
Vegetarische Angebote
Große Auswahl an vegetarischen Gerichten
Vegetarische Gerichte
Es gibt vegetarische und Vegane Gerichte und die sind einfach nur toll!

Mega Furniture

Cielo L

the workers are nice. however, the furniture is CHEAP CHEAP CHEAPLY MADE yet overpriced. i bought a king sized solid wood bed for $1100. the pieces didnt even fit properly, especially the legs that are supposed to hold up the middle panels, lets start there. but no refunds or exchanges. i managed to put the bed together without the legs, using extra wood panels to hold up the box spring. a month later i sit on the side of my bed, and it collapses. the cheap piece of wood on the side that holds up the panels, broke. also gave me many splinters throughout the process. just dont do it. not worth over $1000 for cheap thin pieces of dark painted wood.

Ricky's Automotive Repair

Jasmyn Matthews

We took our car here to get the AC fixed, we left it their over night and expected a phone call the next morning like we were told but we had to contact them. Thank god we did bc they where working on a completely different things on our car others then the ac. We told them to stop working on it because that’s not why we brought it in. We proceeded to pay $275 to get our car out of their shop for the man to recommend to buy a $20 part which my husband did and our ac is working amazing now. So they charged us a good amount of money on something that they didn’t fix also could have been looked at in one day and save us the hassle in the longs run. You guys are spouse to look out for the people and trying to make more money off us !!

Camping Falkenstein ZADAR

Sabina Saracini

Camping con ottimi servizi. Piazzole spaziose di ghiaia fine con attacco acqua. Numerosi wc, docce con spogliatoio, camerini per cambio dotati di lavandino, prese. Ampia zona lavatoio, con annessa stanza con lavatrici e asciugatrici (4€ a gettone da prendere alla reception). Buon ristorante. Market fornito aperto dalle 7 alle 22. Zona ricreativa per bambini con programma giornaliero di intrattenimento. Personale cordiale. Comodo a Zara. Abbiamo trascorso una settimana e siamo rimasto molto soddisfatti.
Numerosi, spaziosi e puliti. Non si fa mai la fila.

Reddy Roasts Cranbourne Central


Terrible experience ans was left very disappointed. Paid for crackle and got a tiny peice of unedible floppy "crackle" and the meat inside the roll did not even seem cooked completely. Was a total was of money unfortunatly. Used to come here a lot and only had great things to say. But wont be returning.
Take out
Meal type
Price per person
Food: 1
Service: 1
Atmosphere: 1

Toyota - Toys Motors - Le Havre

Karine Eichelberger

J était parti pour acheter un rav4 et bien je suis sorti aussi vite que je suis rentré. Vendeur qui ne dit pas bonjour , vous tacle parce-que vous avez ouvert la portière d un véhicule d exposition soit disant vendu...comme si je le savait aucune affiche ne le signalé. Alors à quoi ça sert de mettre des voitures dans un hall d exposition si on ne peu même pas les approcher!!! Il y a une façon d abordé le clients et de s intéressé à sa venu plutôt que de le mettre à l'amande au premier mot . Cependant je remerci le vendeur car du coup je me suis dirigé vers hyundai bien plus accueillant , j'ai pu approché les véhicules, même ce déjà vendu, le choix a été fait, j ai acheté le Tucson. Moralité, Quand ça démarre mal dans une concession, vaut mieux changé pour éviter tout problèmes par la suite.

Barr'd Tapas Bar

Im_ ckyan

Sat night dinner out with a good friend :) found this place and gave it a quick call before driving over, nice and easy! Enjoyed it very much with their specials, Mac & Cheese croquettes, satisfied both craving and hunger pickled octopus can be served warm or cold which is thoughtful as there are different seasons to cater. Pork belly tacos were delicious, and Churros' portions were super generous, ideal for sharing among a group of 3 or 4. Parking was easy around (2P), will definitely go again.
Food: 4
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 4