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Caffe Reggio

Vanessa A.

look, I get the appeal of an old building with all original molding and stuff but they have not been taking care of this place and now it's just visibly disintegrating. plus they try to pack in way WAY too many seats. it's horribly cramped and, obviously, the staff seems completely overwhelmed. I was there in the middle of the day on a tuesday and I was still struggling for enough elbow room to lift a coffee. if you must stop here, order to go and tip extremely well. it's not the servers' fault it's like this.
Dine in
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 1

Clinica Veterinária Cantinho do Animal

evert de paiva

Ha cinco anos atrás levei meu pastor alemão que sou apaixonado para a clínica, pois o mesmo estava quase morto devido a uma parvovirose. Eu era muito leigo no assunto e desleixo quase perdi meu cachorro. Atendimento excelente nada a queixar. Após um ano e meio ele teve babesia, doença fatal que quase o matou. Mas tbm foi tratado pelo Dr João e saímos felizes. Hj ele tem cinco anos e meio e é um baita de um cão. Pretendo leva-lo dnv para atualizar as vacinas e fazer um check UP. Camila, filha do Dr João, tbm baita profissional. Sucesso pra vcs sempre. Deus abençoe

Sabai Thai Spa

Stephanie Chiao

I really enjoyed the New Westminster location with Sophia, and had a really great experience. Today we were downtown and I decided to treat my partner to a 90-minute blend massage at the Coal Harbour location during their promo. Unfortunately, he was quite underwhelmed. He was expecting a full-body massage with more focus on the shoulders, but the therapist didn't work on that area much. The pressure wasn't up to par either. He found it relaxing, but it wasn't the high-quality Thai massage he was hoping for.

Quaresma Realty Group - Kingston Real Estate Agent - REMAX RISE, Kingston

Denise C.

Working with Jordan to sell our mother’s home was an excellent decision. From our first meeting, he was very well prepared, knowledgeable and professional. He was the clear choice among the three agents I met with. Jordan is personable, friendly and an excellent communicator. He was proactive and always responded to any questions or concerns promptly. The home sold quickly for significantly more than asking. The whole process was seamless and smooth. I highly recommend Jordan!

Ross Dress for Less


I like shopping at Ross a lot. They have a wide variety of sizes and styles. If they don't have what you are looking for today, try again tomorrow as they seem to get shipments in pretty frequently. The only thing I do not like about Ross is that the prices seem to vary depending on which store you are shopping in. Some stores will have the exact same item as another store with a price difference of 60%. It is still a great deal but I wish that the prices were consistent.

CHAMPION Real Estate

Lisa Adams

My husband and I, are pleased to say that we purchased the best home that we dreamt of. We got everything on our wish listand more. Thanks to Cobus Du Preez and Nicolene Nel. We went viewing at one of their properties and it was not what we wanted. Cobus and Nicolene were very helpful in finding an alternative to what we were wanting. Cobus recommended us to another estate agent that immediately notified us about a listing in the area in which we were looking. The properties description suited our needs. An immediately it was ours! Cobus and Nicolene is not just your average estate agent. It's not about making a sell for them, only. They walk through the home looking process with you and are very strategic in making it work for you. We have dealt with soooo many estate agents an none compares to them. They loyal , professional and compassionate to their clients needs. But we highly recommend Cobus and Nicolene . Well done We love our home and Thank you!!

House Team Nieruchomości i Finanse

Sylwia Lewandowska

Serdecznie polecam! Ogromna profesjonalność, zaangażowanie i bardzo duża wiedza, to cechy, które charakteryzują Panią Izabelę Fedak. Dzięki temu, że trafiłam na tak rzetelną osobę spełniło się moje marzenie o własnym mieszkaniu. Pani Iza wraz z Panem Marcinem poświęcają dla Klienta dużo swojego czasu i dbają o doprowadzenie każdej sprawy do końca z jak najlepszym rezultatem


Katie Lingafelter

This is for the pharmacy - I finally just switched my prescription over to another pharmacy yesterday but have been using this one for forever because the location is convenient. However, they are literally THE WORST - terrible customer service, painfully slow and inefficient. Any time I try to call, I am on hold for 40+ minutes, then someone will pick up, press some buttons and I’m back on hold…OR it’s apparent that I’m next in line because it changes from elevator music to ringing…but it’ll just keep ringing and they never pick up. If by some miracle, they do pick up, you’re met with the WORST, most entitled attitude from the pharmacist.

Heylen Vastgoed - Makelaar - Antwerpen

said mehdaoui

Als kandidaat koper ben ik in contact gekomen met Heylen vastgoed. Ik werd bijgestaan door Sarah Benhammou. Sarah heeft ons zeer gedetailleerde informatie meegedeeld ivm de woning. De verdere procedure werd heel vlot en keurig afgehandeld. We hebben Sarah overdonderd met vragen die ze telkens enthousiast en snel beantwoordde. Kortom, ik zou Heylen vastgoed zonder enige twijfel aanraden bij familie en vrienden!

Manhattan Mini Storage

Ilona Cazorla

I chose this storage when I moved from Los Angeles to New York and I must say that I am delighted with their service! A professional, nice and helpful team, a perfect location, clean and practical. Special thanks to Lawrence who was a great help and made my move easier. When my 30 pieces of luggage arrived early at the storage, the team took care of storing them and keeping them for me, and they really helped me with all the difficulties. I recommend!!!

Bartlett Law

Lori Davidson

A 5 Star Lawyer! Thankful to have had you as my lawyer during one of the most stressful times of my life. If you're looking for a criminal defense lawyer to show up in court with you, Kurt is best for the job. He is reasonably priced and incredibly good at his job. I was amazed at how he walked into the courtroom and was able to quickly work out a great deal for me. I am extremely impressed on the work he does and with keeping me informed along the way, rather that was replying to text or calling me back. I highly recommend Kurt Bartlett!

Ananda SPA Natural Therapy Thamel

kailey hak

Great acupuncture! I came in with a headache, sinus pain, an overall body pain due to an ankle injury from a few months ago. The doctor listened very carefully to my concerns to work out a treatment plan. After two sessions I am already feeling such better and will definitely come back for all my acupuncture needs. Would also come back for other services. The place is quaint and the staff is very kind.

ENEOS オブリステーション昭和橋 SS (三愛リテールサービス)


隣にもGSがあり競合しているのか看板に出ている価格は2店とも同じですが、給油機に備えてある魔法のカードをスキャンするとリッター当たり1円割引になりメール会員になると2円割引になる。nanacoカードで給油すると更に安くなるのでいつもこちらにしています。 給油中にスタッフの人がステッカーチェックをしているのか車検やら点検やら、また、キャンペーン等のお勧めをしてくるのがちょっとウザい。 【追記】 レシートをよく確認したところ看板に表示されている価格は外税であることに気付きました。消費税を加えると割引カードやらnanacoカードやらの割引を使ったところで何もお得になっておらず、騙された気分でもう二度と行きません。


Emilie Rousse

Une super ballade en famille, les vélos sont top, aucun soucis avec, bien au contraire cela m’a réconcilié avec le vélo! Ça permet de faire des balades avec bcp de km sans aucune difficulté ou gros effort. Idéal pour ceux qui ne sont pas sportif de base (comme moi!) et top pour les sportif en adaptant l’assistance des vélos! Franchement j’ai adoré! Et dans notre région il y a tellement d’endroit à explorer! Mon mari (sportif!) a acheté un vélo chez eux et en est ravi! L’équipe de Smile-Ebike est super merciiii

MediaWorld Marghera

Massimiliano Hu

Purtroppo la mia esperienza è stata negativa (solo questa volta), allora dovevo acquistare una lavatrice da voi, ieri pomeriggio, 24/06/23, però c'è stata questa vostra dipendente, una signora un po' anziana, con gli occhiali che al posto di gestire il reparto lavatrice, ovvero fare il suo lavoro, stava chiacchierando con un suo conoscente (ponendo l'attenzione sul suo cellulare che aveva tra le mani, pure), e io ho dovuto aspettare un bel po' di tempo che finiscono di chiacchiere (forse 15 min)... E quando chiedevo un'informazione sul prodotto, questa signora mi rispondeva con una faccia schifata... Forse non era la giusta giornata per lei, però evidentemente, non aveva nessuna voglia di lavorare! Grazie a questa signora molta "competente e professionale", alla fino non ho fatto l'acquisto in questa sede. Questa recensione negativa praticamente è fatta solo per questa signora un po' maleducata. Perché ci sono stato anche diverse volte da voi, peccato.

Laneys Touch Hair and Beauty

Kristian Gause

Laney is by far one of the best hairstylist I have came across in years! She is very knowledgeable and always make me feel more than comfortable sitting in her chair! Not to mention she is honest and affordable with GREAT PROFESSIONAL HAIR CARE EXPERIENCE and just absolutely great at what she does. I am so very thankful that after searching for two years here in Nashville I have been bless to have her “bless growing hands” in my head! What you waiting for book your appointment you will not be disappointed her hands at the wash bowl is EVERYTHING!!!

Museo Diffuso della Resistenza

Fay Fay

Un museo molto interessante, in un certo senso anche interattivo che racconta una parte dura della nostra storia che non bisogna dimenticare, dal 1938 al 1948, dalle leggi razziali fino alla costituzione. Fa conoscere ciò che a Torino ha portato tutto quel periodo e come i cittadini hanno reagito, con oltre 6 ore di documentazione. Interessante anche per il rifugio antiaereo
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Black & White Burger Liège

le bg 44 pro

Expérience plutôt intéressante et franchement je le dis pour la première fois que je suis venu ici j’ai trouvé ça vraiment pas mal du tout après rien ne arrive à la hauteur des grandes chaînes de fast-food le Burger aitai bon les frites sont vraiment pas mal mais le gros souci ses que on as droit à des sachets de sauce et il en as pas beaucoup le Burger dur à manger mais sinon le reste ses biens passé bravo ibratv
Repas sur place
Type de repas
Prix par personne
10–20 €
Cuisine : 5
Service : 5
Ambiance : 3
Plats recommandés
Hamburger, Frites
Accessibilité en fauteuil
Entre sans marche et emplacement spécial

AUTOS DOMINGUEZ - coches de segunda mano en Málaga - vehículos de ocasión

Manuel Jiménez

Para empezar fui a ver un vehículo y no sé si por mi edad ( porque he visto un comentario similar al mío en las reseñas de un chaval de 20 años que no le tomaron enserio) o lo que sea el que me atendió estaba más pendiente del móvil que de hablarme del coche. Luego comento que tengo un vehículo por el cual he recibido ofertas ya por el para venderlo y pregunto si puedo probar el coche que tienen ellos y me dicen que no es posible , que venda primero mi coche para poder probar el suyo Falta de profesionalidad absoluta , no soy ningún mareante y tenía interés en vender mi coche para comprar el que tenían ellos pero desde luego lo he perdido completamente. Por 10 kilómetros que le iba a hacer al coche para probarlo y ver si me gustaba para vender el mío y comprar este ( que era una decisión que tenía ya tomada 99% segura ) han perdido una venta por no querer gastarse 3 duros en un seguro para que pueda ser probado antes de comprarse lo cual lo veo una tontería porque el que tenga interés en este coche va a querer probarlo seguramente antes de adquirirlo a no ser que te dejen probarlo o no según las pintas que tengas lo cual me parece repugnante

City Veterinary Hospital


मेरो कुकुरको स्वास्थ्य अवस्थाको बारेमा अचम्मको रूपमा वर्णन गरिएको छ, यहाँ बिहान 2 बजे गएको छु, मैले पाएको सेवा गजबको थियो .कुकुर ठीक छ .धन्यवाद डाक्टर र सम्पूर्ण टोलीलाई