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Tanya Schellenberg

Run, don't walk to this location and ask for Bella! Bella helped us out as we shopped for our company Christmas Party, and had us in and out of there in no time! Bella was gracious, kind, funny and above all professional. The store is spotless, and everyone working that afternoon was on their game. Thank You all for everything. Merry Christmas and see you next year Bella, for more of the same! Cheers,

Musée Redpath

Van' Essaie

Au cœur de l'Université MacGill, on a l'impression d'entrer à Poudlard ! Petit musée sympathique où travaille des bénévoles de l'Université. Entrée sur donation (10$ est plutôt correct). Énormément de minéraux, un étage consacré aux début de notre planète jusqu'à l'extinction des Géants. Je vais y retourner sans hésitation ! (Préférez un jour de semaine pour éviter les enfants qui cours et crient)


C Thomas

Like many CTA elevated train stations, it is a bit unkept and dirty. However, the platform and the train provides some nice views of the Chinatown area of Chicago. Even if you are not going to ride a train, it may be worth a ticket just to stand on the platform. With that being said, there was a lot of news reports on local Chicago stations about Chicago and CTA crime at the time of my trip so you may want to be cautious and it may not be a good place for kids. I will leave it to you and your discernment and discussion with officials to make the best choice for you and your family.

Restaurant Brücken


Liebes "Brücken-Team", gestern Abend sind wir ganz spontan und zufällig in Eurem kleinen feinen Restaurant gestrandet, als wird noch vor dem Musical Besuch etwas essen wollten. Wir hatten extremes Glück und bekamen noch einen Tisch. Ein super netter Empfang einer humorvollen und herzlichen Chefin. Schon die Auswahl unserer Gerichte war eine schwierige Aufgabe ... alle angebotenen Gerichte waren sorgfältig und liebevoll ausgewählt. Wir entschieden uns für das Rumpsteak und die Schweinesteaks in Champion Rahm. Alles war super lecker und sehr schön angerichtet. Wir haben das Essen bei Euch sehr genossen und es war ein wunderbarer Start in einen schönen Abend. Vielen herzlichen Dank dafür.
Verzehr im Restaurant
Art der Mahlzeit
Preis pro Person
20–30 €

Paris Prestige Cars

Paul Heliez

Bonjour, j'ai mis cette note car je suis fan des supercars. Je voulais rentrer regarder les voitures qui se trouvaient dans le concessionnaire, j'ai donc sonné et la vendeuse qui était à sa place s'est retournée, m'a regardé et s'est retournée en m'ignorant. Même pas une question sur le sujet de ma venue. C'est vraiment moche de laisser un jeune qui a des étoiles pleins les yeux à l'extérieur juste car il n'est pas un acheteur potentiel. Voilà pourquoi j'ai mis cette note et je ne m'en veux absolument pas, c'était justifié pour l'acte du vendeur.

Motivation Team Athletic Academy (MT Athletic Academy)

Briana Tart

I’ve been working out with Mack since 2013 when we was getting it in at City Park. I’m so proud to see how far he’s come and seeing his vision come to life. He is by far the best trainer I’ve had yet. He really keeps you motivated, and you see REAL results. I’ve been off for 2 years due to pregnancy, and coming back feels like I never left. I dropped 26 pounds in 2 months. I’m starting to gain my strength back, I’m looking better, and I’m feeling better.. When you step foot in that gym the vibe alone gets you going.. He’s also involved with the community and helping these kids become our greater future. It’s only up from here, because he’s definitely a blessing not only to me but to the community as well.

Walt's Ace Hardware

Cayla Grigg

Well if they offered a no star rating that would be my selection. I tried to shop for some hardware for home improvement and after taking a Lyft to the location I was sadly turned away because I had my "tool backpack." Being the environment conscious person I am instead of using a plastic bag to carry my goods I opted to use my backpack. The store associate asked me to leave my backpack outside. Seems kind of ridiculous that they are worried about theft in their store but not the potential theft of my backpack. . I offered to leave my backpack up front with them and they wouldn't hear of it.They told me an associate could grab what I needed but frankly this trip required me to go inside and find the best fit for the repair I was doing. meanwhile I witnessed three gentleman entered the store without their face masks during a world-wide pandemic and in Phoenix, AZ this is a requirement for the health and safety of all Arizonians. Perhaps Ace hardware might want to prioritize the health and safety of the public over the discrimination of backpack wearing patrons which to be honest when wearing said backpack correctly it is nearly impossible to steal just saying. Glad to have wasted my time/money from taking the Lyft to being discriminated against for carrying my backpack.

King Street Station

Von S-white

Not much to say, it's a train station. It was nice, bright, and festive for Christmas. The women's restroom could use a major upgrade and there were a few homeless people sleeping inside near the restroom. I did see a souvenir shop that sells hot breakfast items, sandwiches, and coffee. They also have a restuarant located outside nextdoor to the station, not sure of the hours. There are alot of hotels in proximity to the train station, you can get to within 5mins by Uber.

VCA Canada 17th Avenue Animal Hospital

Michael Procinsky

What a pleasant experience! Dr. Friesen was very kind and honest, and my kitty was so comfortable he couldn't stop purring, which made the heart examination tricky! Being that I am a student, it was nice the the doctor was very realistic and I didn't feel any pressure to do what was out of my budget, within my cats best interest. There was also a welcome sign to new patients with Garfield's name, small but kind gesture. Every staff member was really kind and took the time to say hi to me (although it was the kitty they really wanted to meet hahaha)! Great place, I would highly recommend.

Thotrin Cafe

Debojeet Ray

It happened finally . Sometimes love comes in a small tiny packages yet everlasting. Thotrin cafe was somewhat like that. Small, cramped space , but , somehow the food takes over all your thought . May be the AC is not powerful but food is as strong as it should be . Noodle /rice gravy bowls are too die for and specially try their seafood stuffs which are equally passionate to their people who are working there . Really enjoyed the food .



店舗管理が最悪!!! 一般客用の駐車場に面した通路のベンチ(花屋の前)に座ってたら、搬入業者のトラックのドライバーに「ソコに座ってると邪魔だからどけ。」と言われ、どかされた。搬入口から搬入しろ!!バカもん!!客どかして搬入すんな!!クレーム入れても、マトモに対応しない!!最悪店!!!!一般客用の駐車場に平気で駐車して搬入してる!!!邪魔じゃボケ!!!



Kleines Angebot, aber mit toller Lage. Ist bei schönem Wetter auch immer noch ein Plätzchen zu kriegen. Wenn auch nicht im Schatten. Wobei dies beim aktuellen Wetter ja eher kein Problem ist. :) Mein Mann und ich geniessen es hier ebenso gern miteinander zu chillen, wie auch hin und wieder allein nach dem joggen an frischer Luft. Wenn die Tische nicht immer mal wackelig und unrepariert, sowie die männlichen Angestellten (nicht alle) freundlicher im Umgang wären, hätte ich auch gar keinen Stern abziehen müssen.


Anne C Macintosh Speights

A favorite store that is nearby. Love that I can take Amazon returns here, but must always stay and shop because of the perk passed along. Almost bought this JOY ornament as the after Christmas Sale was in full swing. Love discounts I can enjoy at Kohl's. Been shopping at this store since it opened. My first card was hacked at the beginning, but straightened out and continue to appreciate being ID'd. Thanks, Kohl's!!!

Petland Brewery District

Courtney Dewar

This is my favourite petland in the city! All the staff are so kind, especially the reptile manager Jamie; she lets me hold everything you want and can tellyou everything about them. It’s very clean back there and you can tell the fish and reptiles are well taken care of. The store manager Larry is also very kind and good with all the staff and customers. I love all the hamsters and hedgehogs. The best pet place in the city


Iga Krzystek

Ciekawe miejsce, naprawdę warte odwiedzenia. Czysto, ładnie i w fajnym klimacie ale to ludzie robią największą robote. Obsługa sprawia wrażenie naprawdę zainteresowanych klientami z naprawdę sporą dbałością o komfort gościa. Zamówione żeberka smaczne, choć i tak wygrały ziemniaczki, które choć były dodatkiem odegrały pierwsze skrzypce. Początek świetny i trzymam kciuki za dalszą drogę

Northern Tool + Equipment

Brian Boyer

Sthil 170 chainsaw is the first product from sthil and it’s not worth buying. Seized up within 25 minutes of cutting wood and blisters between the fingers trying to start it.Give northern tools two thumbs down on the return they want to service and repair a product 3 days old instead of a new unit or upgraded unit. All and all I’d never recommend anything sthil it’s more like steal your money. Warranty, service, customer service is by far the worst I’ve dealt with for a tool that’s supposed to be top of the line. I rate them the worst for the dollar, so disappointed..I’d give a zero if I could.

The Home Depot


The best service in all homedepots I've ever been at. We were looking for a particular item and we had 4 employees help search the entire store. Even when they couldn't find it they contacted another homedepot close to them,and had them hold the items for us until we could get there. They definitely went out of there way to help. Thanks to all employees that work there, will definitely shop here again.

Amber Bake & Pastry

Hossain Mahmud

ফাজলামির একটা সীমা আছে। Amber নাম দেখেই Pastry কিনতে গিয়েছিলাম। Red velvet এবং Black Forest কিনেছি। প্রিয় বন্ধু অসুস্থ তার জন্য কিনেছিলাম। কিন্তু তারা Red velvet মেয়াদ ছাড়া দিয়েছি। একটা প্রডাক্ট এর মেয়াদ শেষ হয়েছে আরও ৩ দিন আগে আর তাদের এইটা নিয়ে কোন প্রকার মাথা ব্যাথা নেই। তারা কিভাবে এইডা রাখতে পারলো এবং আমাদের কাছে বিক্রি করলো ভাবতে খারাপ লাগে। ১ Star দিয়েছি সুযোগ থাকলে আরও কম দিতাম।

Heath's Auto Care Center

Pam Howard

I can’t say enough good things about Mr. Heath. He has worked on our son’s car several times over the past couple of years. We live in Mississippi & not knowing if you can trust someone that far away can be very stressful. After the first time he did work for us, we knew we had the right man for the job. He’s knowledgeable, kind, professional and extremely reasonable. We would give him 10 stars if we could.

BMO Bank of Montreal

Shana Lynn

I opened an account & Mastercard at this branch 1 month ago, and have no stop problems ever since. My name was registered incorrectly to begin, causing multiple cards to be issued to me. Today I made a CASH deposit onto my CC and confirmed the funds would be available immediately. Once I got home and checked my account, the deposit is on Hold and my CC balance has not been updated. I wouldn't suggest this branch or BMO period.