Roxy Aquarium

105 reviews

1B Fleet St, Somerton VIC 3062, Australia



Roxy Aquarium is a Aquarium shop located at 1B Fleet St, Somerton VIC 3062, Australia. It has received 105 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Roxy Aquarium: 1B Fleet St, Somerton VIC 3062, Australia

  • Roxy Aquarium has 4.5 stars from 105 reviews

  • Aquarium shop

  • "I recently visited the Roxy Aquarium and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed with their exceptional customer support"

    "Customer service was wonderful, and the fish tank glass was really nice"

    "The man was very helpful"

    "I had a great experience with this shop, buying my son his first big tank"

    "I can't speak for the store itself, but I wouldn't order anything from them online again, despite their competitive prices"


  • Althaf Nizam

I recently visited the Roxy Aquarium and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed with their exceptional customer support. From the moment I walked in, the staff greeted me warmly and went above and beyond to ensure I had an enjoyable experience. The employees at Roxy Aquarium were incredibly knowledgeable about the various species of marine life on display. They eagerly answered all of my questions, sharing fascinating facts and insights about the underwater world. Their passion for marine conservation and education was evident in their enthusiasm and willingness to engage with visitors. Not only were the staff members friendly and approachable, but they also took the time to educate me about proper care and maintenance of aquariums. They provided valuable advice on selecting the right fish and aquatic plants for my own aquarium at home. Their expertise helped me make informed decisions and ensure the well-being of my aquatic pets. In addition to the excellent customer support, the Roxy Aquarium itself was a marvel to behold. The exhibits were well-maintained, showcasing a diverse range of vibrant and beautiful sea creatures. The tanks were clean, and the water quality was top-notch, creating a healthy environment for the aquatic life. Overall, my experience at Roxy Aquarium exceeded my expectations. The outstanding customer support provided by their knowledgeable and friendly staff truly made a difference. I highly recommend this aquarium to anyone looking for an enjoyable and educational visit. Whether you're a seasoned aquarium enthusiast or simply curious about tropical aquatic life, Roxy Aquarium is a must-visit destination.

  • Nirosh Kana

Customer service was wonderful, and the fish tank glass was really nice. But the light was really expensive! $140 for the led light where I saw the same light in a different shop for $90. But the light works really well and is fine. Furthermore, the heaters recommended to us were atrocious. The first one they recommended to us came in a white box with no instructions nor branding name as far as I remember, it also had glass covering that exploded a few minutes after we turned it on. Luckily there were no fish in the tank yet so we were able to clean it with ease. We brought it back to the shop and was handed a new one, but not as a replacement but more as another recommendation we had to pay for. This time it had coverings of aluminium that did not explode, but it came with a plastic holder that melted when we turned it on. We were forced to build a holder out of metal but then had many inconveniences where it wouldn't turn on unless we turned the temperature really high then back down, even then it was enough to melt the other plastic covering. We don't know what to do and it is turning to winter, our temperature in the tank water keeps dropping and I'm very concerned for my tropical fish. Other than that the workers we're really nice and explained a lot of things that we weren't so sure about but all and all the only bad thing I can mention is the recommendations of the heaters! Have a great day.

  • Sophie Charlotte

The man was very helpful. I went in with nothing but a tank and came out with everything I needed to get started. I can't wait to come back in a few weeks to get some fish once my tank has stabilised! They have a very large range of products, both for Saltwater and freshwater. I would reccomend doing a bit of googling first so you know what you are asking for, and to tell them at the start what your end goal is, as I forgot to say I wanted plants so we had to swap a few chemicals. Overall a positive experience and I will be back soon! The cons: When I got home and installed the filter I was recommended, it seemed way too strong and was creating a strong current in my 47L tank. I called up Roxy as the box on the filter said adjustable, but I could work out how to adjust it. It turns out this model is not adjustable despite the box, and is far too big for 47L. This is annoying as I said I'm a complete beginner and was relying on the store man's expertise. They said they'll return it for me, but it is very inconvenient as I will have to start the tank conditioning weeks from the date of the new filter, and I'm keen to get my fish ASAP! I live an hour and ten minutes from them so it isn't easy to get there.

  • Fiona Taylor

I had a great experience with this shop, buying my son his first big tank. We bought a very nicely made tank and cabinet for a much cheaper price than I had found elsewhere, and better yet they were both locally made by skilled craftspeople here in Melbourne. There was a wide range of imported and flat pack cabinets and loads of other tanks on offer too. They were even able to do same day delivery! Once we realised the prices were better than our normal aquarium shop, and the advice well informed and genuinely not trying to upsell us (!), we decided to do the full tank set up as well. There were a range of sizes available for Ehime, Pet works and Fluvial filters (almost tempted by the sump filter setups they have too!), and a good range of heaters and lights. Best of all, they had a beautiful range of drift wood and rocks (including okha rocks) all for sale at very good by the kilo rates - we were able to buy much more dramatic and large items than we could have afforded elsewhere. We will be back when we need plants and fish and other supplies as they had a great range.

  • Lola Nicholls

I can't speak for the store itself, but I wouldn't order anything from them online again, despite their competitive prices. I placed an order over the weekend and contacted them 5 days later (Friday) to try and track down whether it has been sent. I was passed around to 3 people to be told they were unable to determine if it has been shipped. They were quite blunt on the phone, I felt treated as an inconvenience trying to track down a large order +$200+). The courier they use is cheap and notoriously useless. Took nearly 2 weeks for it to actually get to the departing airport. Sat in the back of a van. Pay a little extra and shop local for peace of mind.

  • Jasmina K

We loved Roxy Aquarium! A guy who assisted us was very helpful and kind. He gave us useful information but let us decide for ourself what we were after ... we did not fill forced into any purchase what was great. Staff even helped us with caring things we got to the car. They were also able to answer all our questions. They are knowledgeable but not pretentious. Finally, fish display really looks stunning and even just watching fish was amusing. we got the shopping with experience ;) Overall we highly recommend this business.

  • chris quai hoi

A big special thank you to the boys at roxy aquarium aquarium for providing me with a monster 4ft tank and cabinet combo holding over 520 litres of water!!! including light filtration and all chemicals food and equipment,most of all great customer and advice helping me maintain crystal clear water and keeping all my fish in pristine condition these guys are really the best at what they do their range of stock is really amazing once again a massive thank you to roxy aquarium!!!

  • beccahoo

The fish I purchased still lives along with the healthy plants I got from Roxy. The owner and workers are all so friendly and FRANK their massive 30 year old ++ fish at the front of the store is a MUST to meet!! Frank is very picky at who he gives kisses to so have some fun and give it a try!! There are also many other exotic fish to enjoy while doing your shop here. This aquarium store is worth the visit Thank you to the team for having such a great place!!

  • Rachel

This is by far the best place for fish tanks and stands, and really well looked after fish. They sell everything you need for your setup and staff are lovely. Update: I recently went here again after a couple of months and the range of fish has really expanded. The display tanks look great and they have a huge range of Discus which all look super healthy.

  • Kristy Keeble

Not sure what’s changed but bought 2 fish in which they died within a day. We have always purchased fish from this store but noticed recently the staff are inexperienced and have no idea. We checked our tank water and all levels were fine. Sorry but you need to stop hiring inexperienced it’s damaging to your business. Unfortunately we won’t be returning.

  • Nicole Lucas

Super staff very helpful happy to assist 5 star quality fish discus are amazing all fish are healthy and good quality tanks are clean and well maintained and prices are good cannot fault these guys and large assortment of products and aquariums happy +++++ will be my go to place for all my fish and tank needs keep up the good work guys :)

  • Danielle Atkin

I have been a regular delivery client for quite some time now, even gettingdeliveries to helpbset upbthe mans grandkids. Can't recommend Roxy Aquarium highly enough. Best live fish, plant, food and equipment supplier I have ever found. Quite literally have a "shut up and take my money" kind of relationship now.. love you guys.

  • Rose Ahmadi

How have I not seen this place before? Biggest range of tanks, plants, items in the shelf too. Fish range is very good too. Some rare fish that I’ve never seen. I was struggling to find a decent tank setup for good price. What I liked the most, very presentable setup, clean tanks and top dollar service

  • Shelby Harris

I love Roxy Aquarium!! Such an incredible range of live plants and fish. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. The fish are all bright, vibrant and obviously extremely well taken care of. Prices are also fantastic. Definitely my one stop shop for all my aquarium needs from now on!

  • Les Man

I went in there today after ringing for a underground filtration set n was told they had em. When I got in there I was left standing like a dill pickle for over 20 mins. But what I did learn unless your there nationality you will be left standing. Not very welcoming.

  • Từ An

If you look from the outside, you wouldn’t think it is a shop. You will see a surprised world once you open the door. They have plenty of fish wish aquarium supplies for fish ponds. My kids are so excited to watching around the shop and talking to nice staff.

  • Shruty InfoTech

Friendly guys, professional at their service. The team has good knowledge on their products and on aquarium hobby. We changed our mind as where we wanted the tank to be. The team was kind enough to move my tank once again. Their shop is wort visiting

  • Nicole Parkes

I’m loving Roxy Aquarium right now! They have a great range of products and the service is what sets them apart from other aquariums! They take the time to explain and educate their customers where necessary! The fish and aquascraping are amazing.

  • Paul Livori

Recently purchased a large aquarium from Roxy aquarium, had some issues with noise. These guys go above and beyond . They came out to my home on the very same day and rectified the issue.extremely happy with the support and after care they give.

  • ГОРАН TolmiePheasantsVic ГЛУШИЦА

One of the best set up aquariums in the area so far, great range of everything you will need for this kind of hobby ! Also great customer service . Should be more visible from the road,it's kind of hidden in the corner . I give 5 stars out of 5

  • Terry Place

Just purchased a 6ft tank, Bikki delivered & set it up , all the way across to Narre Warren, so professional with everything, I couldn't recommend them highly enough, can't wait to purchase fish off them,thanks so much …

  • Azhar

Good selection. Fishes looked healthy. Parking available. Shop is Open! Make sure to locate door on right side of shutters. Got some plants from here (see pic). Good quantity, all grown plants but not the healthiest

  • Phu Lai

Decent variety of fishes, which all look healthy. Livestock tanks well looked after and look very clean and immaculate. Plants rather limited. Pricing isn't very competitive tho. I think they do custom tanks too.

  • -TERAFI -

Fantastic aquarium with some beautiful healthy fish. The staff are knowledgeable and very helpful. This is now my go to aquarium. They have a great range of cichlids In a variety of sizes and colourings.

  • Rank Beeto

Best aquarium shop I’ve ever stepped my foot in. They have got over 100 different types of fish. It’s a massive warehouse with thousands of product. Prices reasonable. You would not be disappointed.

  • Imran Shaikh

Had some great looking and healthy fish home delivered so very happy for what I paid. Good value for money and very responsive seller so awesome customer experience. will surely return for more!

  • Nhung Dang

Good fish store, this place has a lot of fish supplies, large variety of filters and good quality fish, price was okay but overall, cool place. I recommend going here if your a beginner.

  • Bimsara Geethya Hewabalammulla

Great place to visit good quality fish and everything anyone can select so many varieties of aquarium products and reasonable prices will come back soon highly recommended that place

  • Gspland.pp Pp

Went in for a bristle nose came out with a 4ft complete set up at descent price the staff are awesome to help in anyway after yrs of owning tanks I think I found my one stop shop...

  • Rachel Holt

Amazing staff, they're very knowledgeable and willing to answer questions. The fish selection and prices are good too, they look very healthy every time I come in here.

  • Jodi McDonald

Unfortunately I bought 5 corydoras to add to my brood and within 5 days all had gone belly up (water parameters are fine), luckily I had them in a quarantine tank.

  • Wasan Rotchiratthitikan

orders 5 rummynose Rasbora , they said Williams mixed male and female, but all i got Area females, such a cheating bussinese, dont do Online order with this shop.

  • Vince Borg

I have no hesitation recommending these guys….. Fantastic experience from purchasing a tank to same day delivery and set up.

  • Salwan Dh

The guy was so rude and told me it’s ok to have scratches on the glass and I don’t have to be picky about it what a joke.

  • __

Great new aquarium in the Northern Suburbs! Good range, and friendly service, catering for the novice and experts alike!

  • Scott Cushion

Not a bad little store. Lots of tanks. Reasonable range of fresh and some marine fish. And some very high end as well.

  • Kuhami Balachandran

Staff are super friendly and knowledgeable and huge variety of fish and assecories. Super pleased with the service.

  • Nina Euripides

Friendly staff and owner. Great variety from startup tanks to state of the art aquariums. Reasonably priced.

  • Jonathan Rath

Bishen and all the guys are fantastic and with good quality service and price what more could you ask for

  • Coheed

Ordered a tank and stand from these guys to deliver all the way to QLD. Very happy overall thanks guys.

  • Tou Yang

Great store, the people here is very helpful and they have a lot off different variety fish too.

  • Bonni Herself

Great aquarium shop! Wonderful variety, well stocked, friendly staff. We'll certainly be back.

  • Orbit Plumbing

Very knowledgeable, great customer service and great pricing. Thankyou for all of your help.

  • Charles Meredith

Well worth a visit if you are setting up your aquarium. Staff are very friendly and helpful

  • Mohammad Aziz

The stock is really good, and thats whats its all about, having the best live stock around

  • Andy Borg

Found this little Gem of a aquarium shop, they have everything and the guys very helpful.

  • Michael

Really good prices, Really good selection of fish and products, Really good blokes.

  • Rusty

Great range of fish and products. Prices are excellent. Definitely worth visiting.

  • Enoki N Daisy

Lovely staff, so many options. Reasonable price and well knowledge staff too.

  • Leanne X

Friendly staff and alot of different fish and to decorate tanks are nice too

  • Nabila Hamed

Excellent customer service, variety of fish, aquarium options and supplies.

  • chilli beean

Awesome, stunning and very helpful. Reasonable pricing as well …

  • Akila Perera

All the new pet fish and plants available here. Best in Melbourne.

  • Michael Poder

Amazing store, the guys really take pride in what they do

  • Dosha Toto

They just have amazing customer service much appreciated

  • K Potter

Extra helpful staff !! I would give them six plus stars

  • Aaron Galle

Great service, very nice range of fish. Good prices.

  • Cheyne Malcolm

Fantastic shop and staff. always happy to help you

  • Sean Buchli

Great range & had alot of fish dat interested me

  • Navar Russell

Great knowledge and variety. Beautiful Cichlid

  • ProfessorOctopus

Very good store, fish came alive and healthy!

  • Prashant Chaudhary

Nice shop. Have a lot of options on items.

  • sam cutri

Great advice and quality fish and food

  • Adam Donald

Very friendly an always happy to help

  • Gregg Brodie

Plenty of tropical fish. Excellent!

  • James Schmidt

huge range of fresh and marine fish

  • Its Me

Decent range. Not a great location.

  • Chris Brettargh

Prices are a bit farfetched

  • Craig Broderick

Great fish great store...

  • Alan McMullen

I didn't go there

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