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Pure Integrative Pharmacy - Robson is a Pharmacy located at 238 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6B 6A1, Canada. It has received 108 reviews with an average rating of 3.8 stars.





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  • The address of Pure Integrative Pharmacy - Robson: 238 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6B 6A1, Canada

  • Pure Integrative Pharmacy - Robson has 3.8 stars from 108 reviews

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  • "The best experience I’ve had !! I had to see a doctor to get a prescription I stopped in at the walk in clinic ( thinking oh I’ll prob not get seen for quite awhile) well No I was greeted by lovely Hazelle the front end receptionist who kindly asked me to take a seat she took my information and quickly asked doctor Patel ( so lovely funny and kind )if she would be able to fit me in for this prescription and then hazelle asked if I was open to seeing their natural path doc while I waited ( no charge) and of course I did if anything to pass the wait time but again a lovely lovely doc she gave me some suggestions etc"

    "Poor Customer Experience at the Post office "

    "July 11, 2022: I'm adding on to this review since I can't figure out how to post a new one"

    "Horrible, unfriendly staff!!! I waited outside on the street with a couple of other customers just before they opened so as to avoid any line up at the post office"

    "Just was hung up on by pharmacy assistant or whoever was answering pharmacy phone"


  • Janet McLaughlin

The best experience I’ve had !! I had to see a doctor to get a prescription I stopped in at the walk in clinic ( thinking oh I’ll prob not get seen for quite awhile) well No I was greeted by lovely Hazelle the front end receptionist who kindly asked me to take a seat she took my information and quickly asked doctor Patel ( so lovely funny and kind )if she would be able to fit me in for this prescription and then hazelle asked if I was open to seeing their natural path doc while I waited ( no charge) and of course I did if anything to pass the wait time but again a lovely lovely doc she gave me some suggestions etc.. dr.patel saw me shortly after talked to me about what the medication I needed wrote my prescription she had a nice gentle sense of humour I loved this whole experience!! You never get treated like this at any other clinic.. well at least I haven’t .. it didn’t stop there as it was a compound medication hazelle took me right to pharmacist and Johnny I’ve dealt with before is so nice and caring said oh I just won’t have time to fill it as he was by himself and I was going to go to another one of locations to get it done but Bob the owner/ pharmacist over heard this he was just there doing other business and chatting with another customer said hang on I’ll jump in and get it together WHAT!!! I was so grateful ( as I had to have it that very day I left it to last min leaving on vac that night )!!! Sorry this was so long winded but I have honestly never been treated this well ever at a dr/pharmacy !!!!!and I needed to share!! Janet

  • Yen Cheng

Poor Customer Experience at the Post office . I was second in line to a rather inquisitive customer asking a lot of questions , which is very understandable. However a gentleman from behind had decided that he could just skip the line and leave his package behind the counter and instructing the Lady working ( Angelita ) that he was doing so . She actual agrees to do so . She then looks and me with a semi guilty look saying that she will be with me in a second. The second takes 15 mins due to her inability to work out the customers in fronts needs. While all this is happening the line is beginning to stack up. It was now my turn and i told her my request and she decides for some reason to question my request by asking for dollar values for documents and when i told her that letters have no value she raises her voice saying that she has to put one down so just make one up . Now i have admittedly had enough by now and questioned her about the earlier customer she let skip the line. She replied that she has many customers and that he was here earlier before me . At this point there was really no point holding up the line and arguing with her. I paid up and left . I can understand difficult cases and even special treatment for certain customers. But to be antagonistic despite knowing how long people have been waiting is something that can be avoided. Please educate your staff members if you think that this is a reasonable request .

  • Lisa

July 11, 2022: I'm adding on to this review since I can't figure out how to post a new one. So, this is very important for me to do because I had gone in to inquire, then again to send out a package to the Ukraine. Ended up with the same Customer Service Representative at their Canada Post department. Her name is Winnie and she was so incredibly helpful, informative, patient with my questions and friendly! I ended up with an issue with the online app that needed to be completed for customs. She went above and beyond. I so truly appreciate her efforts! Wanted to write this as personel like her are invaluable to any organization and deserves kudos for her hard and dedicated work! I'll be visiting Pure Pharmacy even more often now for all appropriate needs. Thank you Winnie! Past Review from 2 years ago: Each and every time I've had to get something from Pure Pharmacy, the experience has been the best! The pharmacists and support personnel have always been so knowledgeable and super helpful. They always take the time to explain everything thoroughly and have gone above and beyond with customer service. I wish I could remember the names of everyone that I've dealt with there but most recently, Ada was amazing in every way and really cares. Thank you again Ada. They are all the best there and I so appreciate them. Highly recommend!

  • Laura S345

Horrible, unfriendly staff!!! I waited outside on the street with a couple of other customers just before they opened so as to avoid any line up at the post office. A few of the staff arrived and let themselves into the store withoit saying Good morning, or even as much as a smile or nod or a ‘thank you for waiting, we’ll be opening shortly.’ They just pushed their way in without acknowledging the waiting customers at all. Very poor customer service even before entry to the store. When the pharmacist came to unlock the door to let customers in there was again no acknowledgment, no smile, no ‘welcome’, just an unfriendly pout! Once inside the store things went from bad to worse. The post office clerk was the crankiest of them all! Horrible woman, unhelpful about the products, different boxes and packaging for sale, yelled at me for buying a box there rather than bringing my own (Hello, they sell boxes, duh!). Threw (yes, threw!) the scotch tape at me when I asked for some to seal the box. I paid cash and she gave me my change all in coins. Seemed to be on purpose too as I saw bills in the til. I suggest avoiding this store at all costs until they can offer even the bare minimum in civility. And definitely go to another post office outlet even if there’s a line up.

  • LMD Designs

Just was hung up on by pharmacy assistant or whoever was answering pharmacy phone. I’ve been going here for several months and this was first time I called to renew and confirm a pickup vs in person. I Was trying to clarify that prescription would be ready today and he kept saying we will send a text when it’s ready. When I tried for third time to explain that text is great but I need to know if it’ll be ready today Vs Tuesday, He hung up. This is a critical prescription and if not ready I need to go to another pharmacy as this one is closed on Sunday! Which I found out the last time my prescriptions needed to be picked up (and they didn’t advise pharmacy was closed on Sunday’s). I could not believe how rude and abrupt he was considering the medication.

  • June Quiroga

Went into this Pharmacy for the first time this week for an order of vitamins from my new nutritionist. I had read horrible reviews about this Pharmacy and was hesitant to use them. Imagine my surprise when I got in there and was asked by the assistant if I needed help. She went out of her way to help me. Was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. I had no idea where to even start. So I have no idea where the negativity came from in the reviews. Thank you sweet Cynthia for the help you gave me and thank you for taking such an interest in me AND my new kitty. Now THAT is what I call customer service. Well done. I look forward to seeing you again when I re-plenish my stocks. June

  • Enrico R.

This review relates to the post office. It used to be really good and friendly. Recently staff has changed and they are not welcoming and helpful at all. Not sure if they hate to do Post Office since they are pharmacy employees. They were also pretty rude to the people in front of me. Total lack of costumer service. Was asking how long my international package(I just paid for) takes to be delivered. It look like she didn't like the question and after a while she said in an unfriendly manner at least a month. Fact is according to the website it is 6-10 business day. Please get the former employees back.

  • Jin Hua

Called to ask about a product. the person on the phone said the product is not available or on backorder and she also said don't know when it will come in again. The whole conversation was brief and no help offered. I called a different branded pharmacy and told them about this product that I wanted, their staff was wiling to call the supplier to find more for me. Yes, it is available, in stock and they ordered it in directly from the supplier for me. Poor customer service experience from pure on robson!

  • Morris Parkes

I am visiting Vancouver from the UK and ran out of my prescribed medication. I called into this pharmacy and was greeted by a pleasant lady called Regita (I hope I have the name correct). Regita was amazingly helpful, contacting my dispenser in the uk (which was closed due to time difference) and following up in the morning to ensure I had the correct tablets and dosage. Very efficient and medication was reasonably priced ( a nice surprise). Thank you Regita, you are a credit to your pharmacy!

  • Rebecca R

For 10 years I've come here when absolutely necessary, and the pricing has always been surprisingly high when compared with similar real estate. However, today I was made uncomfortable by a person I think may be the new owner (followed/profiled). I also discovered that I paid twice the amount necessary for a prescription compared with a nearby pharmacy/clinic. I'm not very interested in supporting small businesses where I experience these things, so I'll make myself scarce.

  • Andrew Pineo

Be careful with the price tags. I bought a chapstick that said 3.99 and ended up paying over $12. When I went back they seemed unconcerned and just moved the tag to the proper product but the one I bought had no tag. I should have paid attention when I paid but when that’s happened at other stores they understand it’s their fault because their staff placed it in the wrong place. I wouldn’t have bought and used it if I realized right away how much it was

  • Sarah Anderson

Pure Pharmacy is fantastic! I ordered an item online and requested rush delivery to San Francisco, and the people at Pure Pharmacy took good care of me! They called to confirm the cost of shipping, giving me a couple of options, and then they called to confirm that the order was shipped. My package arrived sooner than expected, and my experience was great over all. Excellent customer service and quick turn around! Thank you Pure Pharmacy!!

  • Ben Klein

Smaller pharmacy with a post office. They are a pretty good pharmacy usually with one or two technicians/pharmacists on duty. They have a large selection of alternative medicines and treatments as well. There is a post office here for package delivery. They have very friendly staff and the store is very clean. The selection of medicines covers the all the usual offerings.

  • Viraat BK Thammanna

It's a good pharmacy attached with doctors clinic in downtown Vancouver area. This pharmacy also carry speciality medication such as organic medication. Service and pricing is not that of a great. Located at the corner if Robson and Cambie. There is no free parking and also difficult to find parking space as most slots are pay park and most of the time they are taken.

  • Ivana Lizdek

The staff at this pharmacy are the most professional, diligent, thorough, and caring people we have had the pleasure of interacting with in our community. I have worked in a pharmacy and recognize the challenges that may exist in delivering such a service. They make it seem seamless. Thank you Pure Integrative Pharmacy!

  • Bean

Wow the new staff here I think is a Japanese or Korean lady at the Canada Post outlet is so friendly, helpful and nice. Mountains better than the other one. Shipping things can get confusing or lots of comparisons to make and most post office workers are mean and impatient but she is so friendly! Keeper for sure!

  • laleh asadi

The pharmacist's behaviour was horrible. They were unwilling to help, not even help, she was unwilling to do her job! All the answers were like, I don't know, I can't see it here... No one is at the pharmacy to have fun, people are sick there and need empathy, or at least for pharmacist to do their job.

  • Kyle Seagrove

The worst experience I've had in Canada. Unhelpful, rude staff. Couldn't "prepare" the medication that doesn't need to be prepared, mixed messages, no communication. Lying about the times they got prescriptions. Total rip off, as the price they've quoted me was much higher than what I eventually paid.

  • Jon M

I had a prescription for a medication that cannot be suddenly stopped. Pharmacist said it would be ready the next day and that I’d receive a text message when ready. No message received and when I called the day after, they were closed for the next two days!!! Very irresponsible and unprofessional!

  • Kimberley Mierau

Every time I go to Pure Pharmacy I get the best service with the most knowledgeable service and staff. The health products at top quality and as a result I no longer will shop at any other health food store. I highly recommend anyone looking for top quality in all areas to go to Pure Pharmacy.

  • Brad Allen

A boutique of a pharmacy! Have my prescriptions sent here. The pharmacy is packed with nutrition and for a fairly small space, has everything you need. The staff at the pharmacy counter has been cordial and helpful. Convenience of a post office. Clean and bright.

  • Lisa Ra

Love them. This is my favorite pharmacy ❤️ It’s always very nice to talk with pharmacists. It’s especially nice to deal with Rujuta Patel. She remembers my husband and me, her customer service at a high level, as well as professionalism. Thank you, Rujuta.

  • alex m

Pharmacist very rude and condescending for absolutely no reason. I simply had a question and was very polite in asking it. The response was unprofessional and rude and for that reason I'll be taking my business elsewhere moving forward.

  • Andrea Shillington

I drove all the way across town because they were the only pharmacy that was open that sold the iron my midwife advised me to get. The pharmacy itself was closed and so they wouldn’t help me. I’m pregnant and my iron is dangerously low.

  • Mona R

My advice for staff here: please greet customers and if you’re busy, let them know you will help them soon instead of ignoring them for 10 minutes. I’ve come here twice… same unpleasant experience. It comes off as extremely rude.

  • Kelen Maria

The pharmacy made a very big pill for my cat and when I sent a complaint email I never received a return. I paid almost 3 times more for a medicine for my cat and received a normal size medicine for people. I do not recommend!

  • Kmack

Useless place wouldn't even look at my script .... Told to wait for a text when you have none of my info will never return ... Like helping small business but not when they are Rude and turn away someone for no reason

  • Parv Kataria

June 9th 2pm. The guy at the pharmacy seemed too busy for us even though there was NO ONE around. We asked him a question and he basically ran away in the middle of the conversation. Poor attitude, pathetic service.

  • Jyeshii L.

My favourite compound pharmacy in the city. Friendly and professional staff, reasonable prices of front store products and great store hours!!! Very reliable and good last-minute service. Highly recommend.

  • Courtney Greaves

The is by far the nicest pharmacy I've ever been to. It's nice and clean inside, not much of a line usually. The staff are very nice and helpful and they fill prescriptions much faster than other places!

  • dylan mccansh

Love this shop so much! They always have everything I need in stock and the staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Anytime I'm downtown, this is my go to for all my natural supplement needs :)

  • O

Lovely natural health practitioner, very knowledgeable and helpful! Security guard follows you around in store, giving very little privacy when discussing health issues with staff. Very off putting.

  • Coquitlam Tarot

I am very happy with my online purchases with Pure. They are very helpful whenever I have a question when I phone before online ordering. My supplements arrive quickly and I highly recommend Pure!

  • Kristen Seer

The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. They have been very accommodating about special requests. Their products are all high-quality. And their Customer Appreciation Day is great!

  • Keary Dean

Received stellar customer service today from Lexi and Kristin, both Natural Health Advisers. This company stands out with their high professionalism and high quality products.

  • T Bru

Great resource for good quality supplements, as well as prescription medications. Great staff. Online orders also great as well. Comparable prices to other pharmacies.

  • Moira Casey

Excellent follow-up on a back-ordered item. Kept me informed and ready for pick up with a little gift for having to wait. They never let me down.

  • viren kumar

Absolutely atrocious service at the postal outlet. Rude, sullen, uncommunicative, unhelpful and belligerent. Would give zero stars if I could.

  • David Krismer

Needed help buying a product I was very unfamiliar with... The woman at the desk helped me find exactly what I needed and was super friendly.

  • Dee Brandt

They are helpful as long as you abide by the 2 day waiting period, if you are in a pinch or coming from out of town they are not flexible

  • Even Tong

All the staff and Pharmacists are super informative and professional. I appreciate that they take the time to answer my questions.

  • Babak K.Sabour

Dr. Sabet has the solid knowledge and is super “hands on” in her field of work and solved my problem with in a minute..Thanks

  • Matt Jackman Wong

Good spot for downtown folks. The clinic is connected to the pharmacy which is a benefit. There's also a Canada Post inside.

  • Shahram Rashti

Just had an encounter with one of the staff that answered us in a very rude manner. Would not recommend this pharmacy!

  • Gary Laughton

Outstanding client service - true professionals - must compliment Markus Guggenberger on his leadership and vision.

  • Y L

Attentive and friendly Staffs and Pharmacist is very knowledgeable and caring. I definitely recommend this place.

  • Eric Lam

I usually return my Amazon packages here. They take forever to go through a small line up of 2-3 people.

  • Kaflin Lee

Pharmacists and other staff are always friendly and knowledgeable. Interesting selection of products.


Still not too sure why they close so early could be because of the area danger of theft and things

  • Jasmine Malde

Staff is extremely lazy and manager in pharmacy is very rude and disrespectful towards customers.

  • Barb

Quick service. Needed prescription after surgery and is very close to Rosedale on Robinson hotel

  • Renata Hedman

Good selection with organic and natural ingredients. They also have snacks and cosmetics.

  • Jessie Lee

Amazing product selection and great staff!! Deserves more than 5 stars =D

  • Osvaldo Missio

Excelente atendimento e produtos. Recomendo muito essa farmácia.

  • gi seon Baik

Bed services..... Don't go... All price is very expensive. ....

  • Liz Martinson

Post office is Handy...enjoyed a nice cool cup of water there.

  • Janice Leung

Friendly staff and pretty short waits for prescriptions.

  • Louis Labreche

I only go here for the Canada Post outlet.

  • Zac A

Loved the help of canada posts employees

  • Alberto Cabello

Expensive but very good products

  • Ash Taba

Very professional! Liked there!

  • laurel allen

Huge selection, good prices.

  • Jake Kang

Go to Londondrug or Rexall.

  • C M

Closed on Saturdays now?

  • Blake Cowan

Great staff and service

  • Daniela Buzone

I love this place

  • Ibrahim Aljehani

Good service ...

  • Josephine Jarata

Great Doctors.

  • Ali Moosavi
  • Susan Bennett
  • Dervilia Coogan
  • Shayan NK
  • Abby Galenzoski
  • Camila Corbacho
  • Herman Lam
  • Kawaii Heather
  • Adam Burton - Antoniuk
  • Camila Corbacho
  • Gloria Loi
  • Masoud Behzadian
  • Skye Bioscience
  • Troy Tyrell
  • Dogu Taskiran
  • Oksana Spring
  • Farshid Khatibi
  • Jocelyne Chan
  • Hagar Aharon
  • Milena Prutean
  • Kay Chan
  • Herlinda dela Cruz
  • Mira Filipovic
  • M A
  • Carla Lowther
  • Amir salar soley
  • Sunil Fazaluddin
  • Tim Tang
  • Negar K
  • Amber Drach
  • Tamires Esther Ferreira
  • Mark Schnell

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