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Naturally Urban · Pet Store · To Your Door is a Pet store located at 229 Keefer St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1X6, Canada. It has received 333 reviews with an average rating of 5.0 stars.





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  • The address of Naturally Urban · Pet Store · To Your Door: 229 Keefer St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1X6, Canada

  • Naturally Urban · Pet Store · To Your Door has 5.0 stars from 333 reviews

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  • "Naturally Urban is an amazing business and I cannot say enough good things about them! 10/10, 5* - I'll be a loyal customer forever"

    "I used to live in surrey and my cat food brand was only found in a few small local locations all over the lower mainland"

    "Most irresponsible place with worst customer service"

    "Naturally Urban is a one stop shop and the place to go if you're looking for top quality litter or food for your cat/dog at good prices and their customer service blew me away! I placed an order for pickup"

    "We've been buying our pet food through Naturally Urban for 3/4 of a year and can't recommend more highly"


  • Jenny Starmer

Naturally Urban is an amazing business and I cannot say enough good things about them! 10/10, 5* - I'll be a loyal customer forever. The selection of raw food that they have for my dog is phenomenal, and when visiting the store in person, I was able to get all my questions asked, recommendations given and even a sample for my dog to try as we transitioned to raw (she's a rescue, arrived eating kibble.) The staff member was super helpful, friendly and accommodating, so it was a great experience for someone who typically exclusively shops online. Once we have nailed down her favourite foods, the auto-reorder is going to be a total lifesaver. For now - as we are still trying to figure it out - when I placed a last minute online order & emailed with a follow up question, I got a response within minutes (on a Sunday!) I LOVE that the delivery is free so I don't have to worry about making time to get to the store if we are in a pinch, and the eco consideration of using an EV to deliver is awesome. I also love that they donate a portion of my purchase to a charity of my choice. My dog loves the food options we've tried so far, and I'm thrilled to have found such a great local business to support. Naturally Urban have made me feel like a valued customer from before I even made a purchase, I feel like they genuinely care about my dog too and I won't even consider going anywhere else now.

  • MG

I used to live in surrey and my cat food brand was only found in a few small local locations all over the lower mainland. I had recently moved to Vancouver & was in desperate need of cat food for my cat but I was so sick and I couldn’t leave my house. I found them through a Google search and reached out them and explained my situation. Brian and his team were AMAZING. They responded quicker than I thought they would of. I was so shocked with their customer service. Not only did they have a lot of brands and selections that were hard to find, quick responses but they also delivered for FREE. Brian was great he brought it to me as soon as he could and I was given a few free treats as a first time customer. Needless to say, I have been going to them and supporting their business since then. I get both my cat food and litter from them, Both at once! Let me tell you it makes my life easier but the FREE door delivery is just the cherry on top. Brian and his team are not only animal but also people lovers. They understand pets and their pet parents. I am happy and glad to be supporting such a great local business. I recommend and trust Brian and his team to help assist you with your pets needs. Naturally Urban thanks again for being a great company who finally gets it!

  • G Maile

Most irresponsible place with worst customer service. Ordered my dog food at the beginning of the week for delivery locally in Vancouver. Got no update about order dispatching. Inquired status early morning on Friday, was told apparently they sent an email about some out of stock item (a lie, I’ve always gotten emails nothing in spam nothing in general mailbox, magically this is the first email that never arrived) but they will send in stock items for delivery today so my dog can have food for the weekend. Waited entire day long, counted on these people, no one ever came, this put me in such a hard situation as someone who doesn’t have a car. Since my dog is used to this brand her stomach got upset as I had no food for her on Friday. No updates on delivery. Received some poor excuse email with “there was miscommunication between our employees about delivery” Saturday evening no apologies, no discount, nothing at all just offering to deliver on Monday (lol to not show up again??? )nothing to even show they were sorry at all, after failing so hard. They couldn’t care less about customers I’ve never seen a business be this unprofessional.

  • Dominique Matys

Naturally Urban is a one stop shop and the place to go if you're looking for top quality litter or food for your cat/dog at good prices and their customer service blew me away! I placed an order for pickup.. only realizing that they're closed on weekends afterwards. I emailed them in a panic, asking if it would be possible to change my order to be delivered (scheduling conflicts would make it really hard for me to pick it up). I received a reply within half an hour (despite the shop being closed by that time), but they were super friendly in switching my order without issue. They answered my phone calls in the days prior to delivery and had no issue assuming me that their driver would do what they can do to deliver at a time that works best for me (depending on their route for the day, of course). The delivery went seamlessly and the driver contacted me to let me know they were en route for the day and had arrived a few hours later. The order was delivered safe and sound as promised! I'll certainly continue placing orders from this shop in the future.

  • Dexpan Canada

We've been buying our pet food through Naturally Urban for 3/4 of a year and can't recommend more highly. 1. Fair prices ( I periodically Google search and compare when visiting other retail stores and never find a lower price on our brands, especially when you factor in free delivery) 2. Communication (exceptional communication on a) orders b) when part of an order may be unavailable and requires 2 separate deliveries c) delivery progress d) confirmation that order was delivered 3. Convenience (normally prefer to support local brick and mortar stores, but getting timely delivery of big bulky dog food bags straight to my door is a no brainer when price is basically the same) 4. Values ( I also like supporting a business that pays is workers a Living Wage and delivers using electric vehicles ) Keep up the great work!!

  • Sally D

I am so impressed with Naturally Urban. They were the only place that stocked truly hypoallergenic pill pockets for my neighbour's old doggie. Even though my order was just a very small one, I got the full-on VIP treatment all the way through. If you're a VanCity kind of person, who wants to support local, sustainable companies that give back to charity with every order, and pay living wages to their staff, then you'll find a home here. Everything about their business model, including product selection and competitive pricing, made me feel good to support them! I'll surely be recommending them to all my friends and family who love their fur babies and care about socially responsible companies.

  • Valerie Kroeker

My neighbour recommended Naturally Urban Pet Foods to me & I’m so happy she did! What a great local company - they are friendly and send fun emails with cute pet pics & they donate part of their profits to local charities. They have a great selection of cat food & litter to chose from and the service has been fantastic. I have received my orders within a few days (you can text them if you need something urgently) their delivery service saves me lugging home the heavy bags of food & litter, in fact prior to this service, I bought the more expensive smaller bags so I could manage to get them home! I am so happy to have discovered them, I can’t recommend them highly enough!

  • J. L.

I recently moved to Vancouver and don't have a car, so commuting to get raw food for my cat was a big hassle. I found out about Naturally Urban on one of my commutes to pick up cat food and I haven't had to do that trip since my first order with Naturally Urban. The prices are comparable to or less than what I was charged at the store, which is fantastic for an online delivery service. Also, Brian is super accommodating when it comes to delivery times - I will get a call about an hour before delivery and another call when they're on the way for delivery. I will continue to use Naturally Urban for my cat's food! I highly recommend Naturally Urban for pet food deliveries!

  • Deborah Cochrane

This company has been absolutely exquisite to engage with. Friendly, caring, knowledgeable, and kind hearted staff, even available via text, if you have any questions. They're array and selection is wonderfully extensive and impressive. Each employee goes out of their way to personally connect and consciously engage, and accommodate with each and every interaction. As a side note...They also offer free delivery in Vancouver! It has been an absolute genuine and authentic pleasure to deal with them. Thanks so much for being such a professional and stellar bunch, Guys. You’re so appreciated!

  • Fai Hegberg

Wow! I am very impressed with Naturally Urban. After months of visiting the local pet store to find out they're out of the cat food we need (which happens half the time these days!), we decided to give Naturally Urban a try. Oh my goodness, not only did they have ALL the food we're looking for in stock and in sufficient quantity, but they delivered our cat food WITHIN 7 HOURS of us ordering them, and the way they automated their communication throughout the delivery process is damn extra! I will be a return customer for sure :) Thank you for keeping pets in Vancouver fed!

  • Jane Waterman

I'm always a little hesitant when trying a new business, but I've ordered a few times from the team at Naturally Urban and have been impressed by the knowledgeable and courteous team. All my interactions have been overwhelmingly positive. They respond promptly to any questions and make me feel valued like a long-time customer! I live on Vancouver Island, and have multiple disabilities. Usually when we try local stores, they don't have the food our dog needs, so getting his favourite food delivered to our door is incredibly convenient. I recommend them wholeheartedly!

  • Trevor Hodgson

We started using Naturally Urban Pet Food Delivery after having some really lousy service at our local pet store. These guys are great. Great to deal with, very professional, friendly and of course, offering a home delivery service on exact days that work for us saves us a lot of time and hassle. They asked if we're happy with their services, and if we were, if we'd be willing to write a review here...and I told them I would, since we have a vested interest in keeping them in business! So there you have it, that's my review, check them out, you'll be happy you did.

  • Amy Moorcroft

I spotted the (very noticeable!) Naturally Urban car making a delivery to my apartment building, and it had not previously occurred to me to get my dog's food delivered. As I have a growing Great Dane puppy, I knew I soon wouldn't be able to carry her food home myself each week! I liked that they don't charge extra for the delivery, I think because I'm in Vancouver city, but I also like that they use an eco-friendly electric vehicle for the delivery! I also love the subscription so I don't have to reorder - so helpful! I highly recommend their service.

  • Michelle Vasseur

My review is belated, but I just want to praise this business for saving me during a time when I was dealing with an injury and no car, having someone able to deliver heavy bags to my door with a smile helped more than they can know! The communication and willingness to lock down a time that works for the customer is great, also who doesn't like a car that has cat ears? Delightful. I have also visited the new storefront location to pick up some food in a hurry. Thank you to the team, we look forward to ordering from you again!

  • abedah siddiqui

Naturally Urban is so easy to order from and they deliver for free within a couple days from your order. I like that they have a wide range of raw food for my cat, not just in types of meat but also different brands. My cat really enjoys raw food and prefers it to cans, so I’m glad to see that they have fair prices and a variety. I did have an issue with one order but I reached out to them and they resolved it so quickly and in a kind manner. I think we’re gonna be ordering from here for a long time, thanks!

  • Jessie Rehwald

This is probably one of the handiest services for people living in downtown areas who don't have the time or energy to get to a pet store and lug all their pet supplies home. I'm also always surprised by how competitive their prices are, which when you consider that they bring everything right to your door, is impressive. The team is also incredibly dedicated and friendly, which is really just the icing on the cake. I couldn't be more pleased with Naturally Urban and always enjoy using their service!

  • Moody Avocado

I have ordered once from NU and look forward to doing so again. From the day I placed my order I had personalized service regarding delivery because I would be at work all day. My neighbour received a text when the driver was close by and he even helped carry the food and litter to my door. Those 40-pound litter bags are too heavy for me. I am grateful for Naturally Urban's willingness to help with logistics and am happy to see how the company is growing.

  • Shân Murley

This shop offers a great service. I live in the East Fraser Valley and heard about a new type of cat litter that I could not find at any of the pet stores locally. My daughter recommended Naturally Urban and I'm extremely happy with their service. I make an order online and, as long as the product is in stock, its at my door within a few days. I now purchase everything I need for my pets through them. Great pricing and outstanding customer service.

  • Pavla Jerabkova

100% satisfaction, the food I ordered was delivered to my work place. The delivery guy even messaged me that he was waiting in front of my apartment building but I was at work at that time. I asked him if he could deliver it to my work and he showed up in 10 minutes and was very nice about it. I will definitely order from Naturally Urban Pet Food on regular basis, percentage from my purchase was donated to local charity <3 keep up the great work!

  • Brendan Price

These guys are the real deal - no question. Brian and his team are beyond knowledgeable and are always quick to respond to any questions about diet and availability etc. I even had Brian insist on a phone call to sort through some allergy questions i had with my dog Chef. Free pet food delivery in Vancouver in itself is worth 4/5 stars but the professionalism and reliability is what makes me want to give them 6! HIGHLY recommend!

  • Helen Kwan

I have been ordering my dry dog food from this company for the past year and have been extremely pleased with their service. Not only are they efficient and reliable but they write great emails! They are quick to communicate if they are going to be a little late with my order and let me know as soon as the order has been dispatched and is on the way. I love the ease of dealing with them and will keep on ordering from these guys!

  • Jodie Hebbard

This store is a lifesaver. After recently switching both of our dogs to raw food, we found we were running out and forgetful about buying more. And because we had them on a certain kind, we would run the risk of not getting the same type of brand. Not we've set up auto shipments of their food every few weeks so I don't even have to worry about it anymore. Plus the delivery is also on time and friendly. Would highly recommend!!!

  • Iris Leung

Really amazing customer service - Brian (the owner) just goes above and beyond in trying to find the right food for my finicky puppy with a sensitive stomach. We've changed food twice already, and he's always open to have a phone call to discuss what we can do and is happy to offer a refund on food that doesn't work. The line of products also seem to be mostly locally-produced and very high quality. Definitely recommend this!

  • Mark Lapierre

I am very happy to have found a service to "deliver" those large, heavy bags of dry food AND also the bulky weight of wet food I used to carry / lug home from the pet food store. (usually had to be done in 2 trips) But the icing on the cake is the "old fashioned service with a smile" from Kris ... not to mention the easy navigation on NUPF's website! You guys have been a rare and great find !!! Thank you, Markie and DeNg

  • Judy Chartrand (CREEGAL)

I am very happy to find a place that has high quality dog food for my finicky 5 mth old pup. The delivery service is fabulous because they don't leave you wondering when they're going to arrive. There's been many times I've been stuck waiting all day and night for deliveries...its nice to not have those frustrations. I highly recommend Naturally Urban and have been telling other people. I'm happy I found out about it!

  • JC Adriana

For any of my Ferrets I have ever owned, Orijen Kat & Kitten (now called Original Cat) has been pretty much only what they eat. Sadly, It's been hard to find it Downtown Vancouver anymore. Was really happy to find out that I could purchase it here. Then Thrilled with the Amazing Friendly Customer Service I received! This is now My New Favourite Pet Food Store ! Check it out and it just may become yours as well!

  • Madeline Barber

I'm so happy I discovered Naturally Urban! I use their service for cat litter and discovered the best brand that makes my life so much easier. They also deliver it right to my door. It's a super heavy bag, one I wouldn't be able to bring home from the store by myself. Customer service is also excellent. They respond to emails quickly & are super friendly. I also love that they donate some of the profits.

  • Yoko45

When I initially made the purchase, I accidentally selected snacks for dogs instead of for cats. However, to my surprise, when the delivery arrived, the owner correctly anticipated my mistake and sent me the cat snacks without any issues. Their exceptional thoughtfulness and service truly impressed me. I am grateful for their attentiveness and I look forward to being a loyal customer in the future.

  • Mers Browne

Naturally Urban is the best pet store in Vancouver! They have a great selection, fair pricing and their delivery service is a life saver. I ran into some issues with the food I was purchasing and my concerns were taken seriously and rectified in record time. I’ve since moved out of Vancouver (and thousands of km outside of their delivery zone) but I’m definitely missing their amazing service!

  • D Nonnon

A big 5 stars for NUPet. They are on top of their communication and we know what is happening until we have the food in hand. They also really want you to be happy with your order. I tried them on a friend's recommendation because of COVID but now I will not go back to a store for pet food. This is way more convenient to keep our Moufassa fed and happy. On top of this they recycle my bags.

  • Gay Hawley

I found Naturally Urban Pet Store when I was looking for Rosies Kangaroo Treats. I love that I can order our pet food in larger quantities and have it delivered right to my door (with a smile and friendly greeting.) Now I have stopped making many trips to purchase the more expensive smaller bags of dry food, and even ordered a case of canned food. The donation program is great too!

  • Ann Le

We've been using Naturally Urban services for almost a year. Nothing to complain. The team at Naturally Urban always goes above and beyond for their services: high quality food at good prices, quick delivery, amazing customer services and on top of that, they support local animal organizations. I don't think you can find a better pet store than this. Kudos to the team <3

  • Roxane Carr

Great product selection and excellent service. The communication was fantastic. They have a great selection of products. They have consistently communicated clearly regarding when to expect delivery and what they have in stock and what they are waiting on. So nice to not have to haul huge bags of dog food but instead have it arrive on my doorstep. Highly recommend.

  • Pearly Li

I really appreciate being able to order food for my cat who has dietary restrictions and grab Sustainably Yours cat litter from one shop, and have it delivered quickly. I made a mistake typing out my address and they were quick to correct it for me. The ordering and shipping process is really smooth and I appreciate the follow-up emails.

  • Karina Lai

I am very blessed to have this company in Vancouver. I love how they carry dry/ raw dog and cat food. Their prices are very reasonable and free shipping in Vancouver area. It is the same price or less to get pet food in store. With my busy schedule, the best thing to do is have them deliver. Also, they deliver during weekend as well.

  • Alexandria Fordyce

Excellent customer service and quick deliveries! Prices are amazing! I really appreciate how great they are about keeping me up to date with my orders. I don't drive and find it difficult to get the right cat food for a good price, but with Naturally Urban I have no worries!! I will continue to order and I definitely recommend!

  • Samantha Banting

My pug is extremely picky - I reached out to Brian and he was so helpful and professional right from the very start...we had to try a few different brands before we got it right. Brian was very patient and the return process was very easy. I would highly recommend and so would Nola :) Thanks again Brian and Naturally Urban.

  • Shirley Wood

Amazing customer service and communication! I'm so glad I found Naturally Urban online! I had put in 3 orders over the past 2 months and every order was a great experience with 100% satisfaction. Brian and his team are extremely friendly and polite. I highly recommend Naturally Urban Pet Food Delivery to every pet owner.

  • A. G.

Most raw food option places I've been to sell out and don't restock well, which has been a major stress when you're looking to grab more food for your pet that's low. I have yet to experience that with Naturally Urban. The delivery option has a been a life saver as well, and they have a very cute delivery car, haha!

  • Cédric Tang

Great fast and reliable service ! I order my dogs raw proteins with Naturally Urban. They have a great selection of local food and they always deliver on time, communicate in advance to arrange the best delivery time, free delivery in Vancouver and all that with a smile ! I absolutely recommend them to friends !

  • Jacqueline Dara

I love this place! Amazingggg service, super nice guys. They were out of a certain kind of food so phoned me personally to make sure I had a good substitute and the shipping was SUPER fast. Not to mention my fur bb LOVED the food they suggested and was going crazy for it even before it was out of the box.

  • Silas Rae

Love it here. Brian is so knowledgeable and helped me out hugely when my Boston terrier developed a food allergy and we needed to switch her protein. He was able to offer me something of equal quality, within the same budget, that fit with her needs. We will absolutely be back again.

  • Amelie-Faye Roberts

Having my cat litter delivered to my door has changed my life! Their service is kind, prompt, and reliable. Best prices. Great communication with you about your orders. And I LOVE that they share a portion of their profits in charities! Thank you NU! Keep up the great work! <3

  • Alicia Morales

Excellent customer service! Delivery is fast and reliable. I ran out of food and couldn’t make it out with the snow, thankfully NU was able to deliver to us same day . Wide selection of products and well priced. My pup and I are very happy with Naturally Urban

  • Tina Palmer

I highly recommend Naturally Urban's pet food delivery for many reasons: convenient, reliable, friendly and accommodating; and of course, free local delivery (fun to see the Kitty Tesla), and lower prices. This is our 3rd time ordering and Ginger is a happy dog! …

  • Fiona

I love Naturally Urban Pet Food Delivery! They deliver right to your door (for free! there are exceptions I think). It is really convenient for me since I don't have to carry my 13kg of litter on foot anymore. Customer service is also exceptional, would highly recommend!

  • Karla DiGregorio

I would give more stars if I could. The customer service is incredible! Adam was so fantastic in suggesting some really great products for my sensitive dog! Their delivery is fast and efficient and products are incredible. Thanks for your amazing service and attention!

  • Sree Sen

The team at Naturally Urban is great - professional, responsive, and very helpful. They really care about getting your pet their food as quickly as possible! I have had a great experience every time I have ordered from them and will continue to use them in the future.

  • AshFae

Easily worth every penny. Lots of incredible options for Canadian made and locally sourced pet food. Also their options of worlds best cat litter is great. Delivery just makes my life so much easier living in Greater Vancouver area without a car. Bless this service.

  • Ivory W

Always fantastic, consistent service! I appreciate the fast, free local delivery as well as the cute selfies from delivery people to document order drop off location (super cute delivery Tesla "cat" too). Will definitely continue to support this local business.

  • Sonia Stewart

We love naturally urban! I love the staff team, how fast they are with filling orders and the fact they carry some of our favourite raw companies. We don’t always use them since we live above a natural pet store, but whenever we do it’s a great experience!

  • Katsu O

It's easy and convenient, reliable. I tried to several places, and did not have good experiences. But they are the best in Vancouver so far. It seems like they also carry good stuff. We would like to visit their store sometimes soon, She is very happy too.

  • Laurie

I’ve ordered several times for cat food & litter and the communication from the store with updates has been excellent, as is their customer service. The delivery is fast, usually within a day or two, would highly recommend this local business to anyone.

  • Andrea Gervan

I stopped by this store after 1 week with my new rescue pup. They were so kind and helpful and gave me great advice. They go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction and I can’t say enough good things about them. The delivery service rocks too!

  • Angelina Surianto

I'm really happy with the cat food options here. Brian was very friendly and helpful in finding the right food for our cats! I have ordered from here 3 times and will definitely continue to be a loyal customer as they are also close to my house! :)

  • Charles Tomozer

The staff at naturally urban are great to deal with and provide exceptional service. Do take the time to visit the store or order online. The nice thing they will deliver to your home, if you have a busy life Style. Thanks we'll be back.

  • Vrindy Spencer

I love shopping with naturally urban! Since I adopted my cat they are the only place I get litter from. It's exceptional service to be delivered straight to my door and so flexible! I love supporting them and will continue to do so :)

  • Aaron Lee

Very friendly knowledgeable owner that has a very good selection of food for my senior dog. My go to pet store in the downtown Vancouver area. Very clean well put together store. My dog Jojo gives Naturally Urban two paws up. …

  • Victoria Marie

Naturally Urban carries the Open Farm brand cat food that my cat loves. They deliver with no charge for locals, which is great for me because I'm a senior and can't get out to pick it up and it saves on shipping costs.

  • Barnacle Records

They carried exactly what I was after, and were able to deliver to me in Kamloops way quicker than I anticipated. Their website was easy to navigate and find what I needed. Very happy with my experience.

  • Winnie Ou

The staff are so considerate and accommodating. Highly recommend this store!! Their selection of cat food is so big. I'm able to get everything I need in one order without having to go anywhere else.

  • Anna Looksup

Very client-oriented local store, they always put the needs of my dog first delivering goods exactly when I need them. Friendly staff! Dog food there is of high quality and fresh. Highly recommend!

  • Venus Sherwood

Always fast and reliable! Brian and his team are always exceeding my expectations and he is truly one of the kindest and most thoughtful business owners I’ve ever come across. 10/10 recommend.

  • Justin Bertagnolli

The driver for this business was aggressive and rude, cutting me off in traffic and tail gating others. The pet products may be highly rated but the service team needs an attitude check.

  • Robert St-Jacques

Fabulous service, great selection, and quality dog food options. The owner and staff are super helpful and their suggestions have been appreciated by my 12 years young pup.

  • Zoe Mok

Everyone is so lovely and polite, and the e-commerce experience is amazing. We have been in a crunch a few times now for food and the service and delivery is exceptional!

  • Andrea Kuch

Love this company! Reasonable prices and great variety for my cats for raw food. I also love how they donate a small percentage to charity! I will keep ordering.

  • Candace C

User friendly, very easy online ordering of my cats supplies and delivery is a life savior for me. Grateful for this service.

  • Paul Belserene

Free delivery, high end eats for furballs, and friendly humans in the odd little place they have in Chinatown.

  • Cas

I love their kitty litter so much, and the folks at Naturally Urban have always been super helpful :)

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