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814 W 6th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1A6, Canada



Bosley's is a Pet store located at 814 W 6th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1A6, Canada. It has received 275 reviews with an average rating of 4.3 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Bosley's: 814 W 6th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1A6, Canada

  • Bosley's has 4.3 stars from 275 reviews

  • Pet store

  • "I had ordered a couple of boxes of beef sausage treats for my chihuahua who has lots of food allergies"

    "Wow, some pretty bad reviews of the staff here"

    "I went in today to get some help for my rescue pup that I just got - he hasn't been eating anything - even treats"

    "This Bosley’s is my preferred location because of its dog washing station that offers 30 and 60 min appointments, shampoo/conditioner, towels, dryer, brushes, and a generous serving of treats"

    "Bosley's is a really good pet store"


  • Helena B

I had ordered a couple of boxes of beef sausage treats for my chihuahua who has lots of food allergies. I hoped and asked if they'd give me a discount for buying full boxes since they couldn't tell me the cost to start with. Instead, I paid $147 while in Edmonton it cost me $48 per box. Hello vancouver! First and last time.

  • N izmirli

Wow, some pretty bad reviews of the staff here...which surprises me as I've always had pretty friendly and helpful staff experiences here. Hence, my review. I think they're shortstaffed, so sometimes staff will be occupied with other customers - but, overall I find the staff really helpful and kind.

  • Tamara Bingley

I went in today to get some help for my rescue pup that I just got - he hasn't been eating anything - even treats. Two very sweet female workers helped me get him to eat, and helped me with a car harness. They were also so sweet to my pup, he was very happy. Thank you ladies, great experience!

  • Bella Sie

This Bosley’s is my preferred location because of its dog washing station that offers 30 and 60 min appointments, shampoo/conditioner, towels, dryer, brushes, and a generous serving of treats. The friendly and helpful staff are an added bonus that keep us coming back.

  • Denise Elizabeth Walker

Bosley's is a really good pet store. I never really went into there much except since my cats began fighting six months ago, and I've had to go in there for things to calm them down. Staff have always been really helpful and informative. Their prices are average

  • P.J. M

For three years this is been my go to for all of my pets needs. I admit that many times I arrive only to see products on the shelves not stocked however to avoid making my trip a complete waste of time to I pick up some treats or a sweater.

  • Winnie F

For a small Bosley's store they provide 5 star service to their self service dog wash station! I called them towards the end of the day to see if I can use their self serve wash station and they took my name & number, asked me what shampoo

  • Holly

Went to this store for the first time to use the dog Wash. Some of the other reviews weren't great but staff was super friendly when I went. Def a good deal for washing your dog esp if you're like me and have a giant floofer with tons of

  • Bruna Fugaz

I’ve been a customer for over two years now and My husband bought a frozen food from Bosley. When he got home, I told him that food wasn’t good for our dog and he went to return it the next day. When he got to the store, they refused to

  • Margherita

Staff is very kind and welcoming. The store didn't have in stock the filter for my fountain and they ordered it without asking anything in advance. With the COVID in full swing, this store also organized local delivery, real life saver!

  • C&A Inc.

Walked in there last night with my puppy and older dog. Puppy had a slip collar on and older dog had a herm sprenger on. Sales clerk then proceeded to judge our choices by implying most people use prong collars because they’re lazy and

  • Mark K

I've shopped at this Bosleys a few times and it's been fairly good but this time the service was not good. I only saw one employee working so impossible to get assistance. When i paid, the employee seemed fairly unfriendly and wouldn't

  • A B

Tried to book the self serve dog wash by phone, like I’ve done several times before and was told that they couldn’t do it; that you have to go to the store as it is apparently first come first serve…. Thank you Bosley’s for another bad

  • Christine Balkwill

Made an online purchase of 3 parrot perches. Went to pick up and browse for other items. The staff were helpful but I couldn't help feeling my presence was an inconvenience. The poor review though is based on the fact that while I was

  • Reva Clavier

I went there to use the dog wash service. It definitely cannot be recommended unless you are capable of lifting your dog into the waist high tubs or have an agile young dog that will not balk at the steep and awkward steps that are

  • Abril S

‍♀️Great store staff, love that they have a dog wash and a huge selection of pet food. I almost wish I was a cat, haven't seen better cat trees/scratchers Great location nestled right next to Tim's. …

  • Tweetie Pie

Good location. They always put up discount ads before the discount even starts so you have to make sure you read the signs carefully. Don't understand why they put the sign up on the date it starts and not a week ahead.

  • Katherine Lauriente

Their staff are very helpful and they have a wide range of products. I know with the supply chain issues sometimes they don't have what I'm looking for, but they will order it in for me. They have free parking as well.

  • ferron greer-polkow

Love this pet food store. Always nice and friendly. They don't even seem to mind kids coming in just to look at pet toys. Haha. Weird hours on Sundays though. May want to call before you go to make sure they are open.

  • Roamer

Love it! Shop there all the time. The Manager Chantelle and staff are great - very helpful and friendly. Store is always clean and tidy. Especially love the dog-washing stations that were just installed.

  • Julie Alladice

We had to put our 18 year old cat to sleep and wanted to donate his food and litter. A lovely young woman let us know Bosley’s has a program for donations. She was very kind in assisting us. Thank you

  • Rachna Singh

Really knowledgeable staff! After trying 4 different kibbles from PetSmart:/ My picky puppy finally ate all his food for the first time after getting the recommended one from one of their brands.

  • Elizabeth Riegert

Was in there today, they had everything. It was clean. The shelves were fully stocked. The staff was friendly. :) Also, the short haired girl who treated the other reviewer doesn't work there

  • Marc

A perfect showcase of the North American 70 Billion ++ $$ pet industry. My family is keeping dogs for 200+ years and all what we bought during these years were a leash and a collar.

  • Ami Star

Went in with a couple friends to quickly purchase a couple cans of cat food on the way home and was treated to very hostile treatment by the short haired female clerk.

  • Juliette Babowech

Best products. Friendly and helpful staff. $10 dog wash. My cat especially enjoyed the surf n turf pate by purrrfect bistro and my dog went cray on the beef rib bones.

  • Andrew Bold

Great pet store and great staff. Love this pet store and my dog loves the doggy wash. Always have our food in stock and even able to get us a special order jacket.

  • Andrea B.

Great selection, really nice staff. It's a small shop, so if you're looking for specific kibble, call ahead. But they also seem willing to order most things in!

  • Simon Church

Even though my dog hates getting washed, this is a good place to take your dirty pooch after a hike or visit to the beach to get rid of that stinky dog smell

  • Keenan “Keenan” Kickass

There was a beautiful lady who paid for my sandwich that works there. Your staff is so kind thank you Bosley staff you rock merry Christmas

  • Jonathan Barlow

Second review - So we’ve been shopping at the same pet supply store for 15 ish years, the one at 6th and Willow here in Vancouver.

  • Patrick Hogan

Great store with awesome staff. SO friendly and helpful. They have an awesome dog wash there with lots of soap, towels and treats.

  • BeeLee Lee

I take my dog to have a bath here. It is always available- no wait- it is clean and they are very friendly. The 5th bath is free

  • Lisa Suchy (Liisa-Shy)

This seasons winter apparel for dogs are styling and a bit pricey My puppy left happy with a affordable small size chew stick...

  • Brooke Amélie

Most staff are friendly but there is one employee at this location who acts like she hates me every time I go there.

  • Natalia Hutapea

Great quality dog food. Convenient washing station, shampoo&conditioner provided. Location is great.

  • Darryl Toth

Great place, great selection of treats and Raw & Dry Food. My number 1 choice to shop for our pets.

  • Wanda G

My little baby Girl loves to get her baths done at Petvalu after a long day at the beach ⛱

  • Andrea Halpen

Used the pet wash - such a great experience. Will definitely be back.

  • todd doiron

Friendly and helpful. Pointed me to a sales item.

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