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143 Wynnum N Rd, Wynnum QLD 4178, Australia



Gallery Aquatica is a Aquarium shop located at 143 Wynnum N Rd, Wynnum QLD 4178, Australia. It has received 160 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 stars.





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  • The address of Gallery Aquatica: 143 Wynnum N Rd, Wynnum QLD 4178, Australia

  • Gallery Aquatica has 4.8 stars from 160 reviews

  • Aquarium shop

  • "There are a lot of people who have given high ratings(four five stars) to this business on google, I'm sure you know that this shop is good for a good numbers of reasons, so today I'll just talk about the things that had made me feeling not so good after visiting gallery aquatica for several times"

    "BE WARNED We STRONGLY advise Do not use this businesses services, we recently had the unpleasant experience of having Cameron servicing the fish Tank in our home"

    "Having been in the hobby for a while now you start to realise what makes an marine fish store exceptional"

    "Been visiting them for months"

    "Cannot thank Cam enough"


  • Y L

There are a lot of people who have given high ratings(four five stars) to this business on google, I'm sure you know that this shop is good for a good numbers of reasons, so today I'll just talk about the things that had made me feeling not so good after visiting gallery aquatica for several times. Number 1 the most obvious one, the shop environment, even the sign/logo of the business outside the shop looks not just old, it's like mouldy dirty or rusted. And then you walk into the shop, it's so crammed, sometimes messy, like if you came with a friend and you have little or no interest in coral or fish, you better wait for your friend outside the shop because inside the shop, you're very unlikely to find a good spot just to stand and wait, let alone sitting down. I don't know if you have noticed their front counter or not, that's where you pay. That counter surface is just a total mess... they do everything on it, they do water tests on it, they put your purchased items on it, they put their drinks and phones on it, everything. Yeah I'm guessing the main reason this shop looks so chaotic like that was because it's limited space, and I'm pretty sure that it is currently the worst aquarium shop in Brisbane and Gold coast when it comes to shopping environment. Number 2 is what frustrated me the most. Almost everytime I went to the shop, I had to spend a very long time waiting to be served, it's very common that I be left there standing for 10 or 20 minuets until one staff member comes to me, the worst time I remember was one afternoon, I went there at 2pm, I didn't have lunch and I'm starting to feel hungry, and I was kept waiting for more than 30 mins, and when everything was sorted and I'm ready to leave the shop, it was almost 4pm and I'm almost starved to passing out. I won't deny that they are a busy shop, but sometimes it makes me wonder things like "am I not welcomed here...?" Anyways, I want to thank them for their effort to help me in the past and that's all I wanted to say today.

  • Jay I

BE WARNED We STRONGLY advise Do not use this businesses services, we recently had the unpleasant experience of having Cameron servicing the fish Tank in our home. We are not particularly "fish people" as the home came with the tank. Cameron was employed by us to service the tank, provide food and generally advise anything fish tank related. After a couple of months our poor fish began to die. We found out Cameron was providing food that was not sufficient with the species of fish we had and they had simply starved to death. He absolutely never turns up on time or when he promises he will and would act creepy when my wife was left alone with him in our home to the point it was uncomfortable when he would arrive, Cameron has stolen expensive lighting equipment from our property and never retuned it, I am guessing they have now been sold or disposed of by now. We have now found a much more suitable replacement and since Cameron has now gone we have found HUGE mistakes he was making with our tank that because we were not fish people he thought he could get away with. Since our time with Cameron we have heard absolute HORROR story's about this business and him in peoples homes if you are looking for somebody to let into your home or business, then PLEASE stay away from this business, Cameron is Creepy, untrustworthy, unreliable and ha stolen from the homes he has graciously been let into. There are plenty of others in this industry that you do not have to put your home or tank in jeopardy for. after reading his reply's to bad reviews above I'm sure he will attempt to discredit this review in the fashion that only a guilty party can do but I strongly encourage you to listen to our review, I promise, it will save you both money and heartache. Good luck

  • Colin Campbell

Having been in the hobby for a while now you start to realise what makes an marine fish store exceptional. Healthy stock, good range of products and more importantly staff that are passionate and know what they are talking about. The guys instore have saved me numerous times from making bad decisions around fish, coral and equipment. They always have time to talk to you, give you their full attention and are great at offering solutions to the numerous "problems" that always arise in the hobby. This is now my go to store for all big purchases because I believe in supporting my local stores and because you I can't put a price on the knowledge these guys share each time I'm in store. Its a rare store that is less focused on "selling" you things and more focused on making sure you succeed in the hobby. PS. Cam has now reached legendary status by being the only person I know who tackles aiptasia anemones by climbing into the tank with a snorkel, pure dedication!

  • Soon Ong

Been visiting them for months. If you’re a beginner in reefing, this is the best place for you to ensure a successful start. The price over there is reasonable. The staff there are truly passionate about the hobby and will take the time to explain and discuss. Sure, the wait times can sometime be long, but think of it as visiting a doctor, surely you will want to ask 101 questions about your tank, especially you are very new to this hobby.

  • Aaron Kidd

Cannot thank Cam enough. i had a particularly hard scenario i was dealing with my existing tank that really required some expertise.. surely enough i reached out to Cam who went above and beyond to help me rectify my issue, squeezing it all in and taking time out of his busy schedule. cannot rate more highly and cant be ever so grateful for his assistance

  • R H

Excellent store and staff were very friendly. They got big collection of corals and healthy marine fish. I would really recommend if you are in to Reef tanks. I was after substrate for my freshwater tank. They arranged it from their Salisbury store and I was able to pickup next day from Wunnum. Thanks guys

  • Leuteri G

Service provided by Cameron and team is beyond amazing!! Gallery aquatica have helped me many times from interstate over messenger. Very helpful and informative! Did I also mention they have best YouTube Chanel? I love getting my gallery aquatica tv fix. Thanks Cam and team you guys rock

  • Andy G

Can't review these guys high enough. They really go above and beyond. My fave LFS. If only they were closer to me lol (South bris vs North Bris). Ania and Cam are extremely helpful and actually take their time out to help out unlike other LFS I've been to. Super highly recommended!!!!!

  • Morgs Morgan

What a great store with staff who really know their stuff and more importantly, are willing and patient enough to take the time to share with customers. The reputation of this store within the reefing hobby is definitely warranted! Can’t recommend this place highly enough.

  • Tom McPhail

Cam and the Gallery Aquatica team have been instrumental in both stocking and maintaining two tanks of mine over a number of years. Cam has been in my house many times and always provided a great service at a competitive price for the level of expertise he offers.

  • Thomas Martin

Very well set up shop. Cam and Thomas were extremely helpful. I bought my whole red sea reefer 525xl setup from Gallery Aquatica last week and they also installed the whole thing. After shopping around a lot, I found their customer service to be by far the best.

  • Justin McKay

Possibly the best aquarium in Brisbane! Cam, Ania, and Tom are always super helpful and have endless amounts of knowledge to share every time we visit. Great range of corals and fish available. I drive an hour just to go to this aquarium. Highly recommend!

  • Thomas Doig

This is bar far the best marine aquarium around Brisbane. I love being here and picking the brains of the marine biologists that run it. The staff are friendly and honestly the only negative is the shop needs to be closer to my home …

  • Karl Lehnert

Always found Cameron to be knowledgeable, trustworthy and friendly in general and while assisting with my marine aquarium. Highly recommend his services, products and expertise for any matters related to your home or business aquarium.

  • Andreas Koustas

Popped into this shop after randomly stumbling upon their youtube channel. Impressed by depth of knowledge of the staff, the range of aqua cultured frags is top tier. Highly recommend to anyone looking for specialized friendly service.

  • Dan Platt

I'm new to the hobby and was there to buy my first big haul of corals. Staff were excellent answering all my silly questions I had and explained everything in great detail on how to look after all the corals I brought. Awesome shop !!

  • Daniel Spiteri

Amazing store! Will definitely be my go to moving forward. These guys have corals that I have only ever seen in photos online. The quality of their pieces are amazing. The owners are incredibly helpful, knowledgable and are marine

  • James Anderson

Fantastic service, fantastic prices, responsibly and sustainably sourced stock, magnificent advice. Tanks are all in fantastic condition. These guys do what they do for the love of the hobby and it shows. What more could you want?

  • Matt Ostwald

Cam and Rory came down to the Gold Coast, waited for my new Reefer 525XL to arrive, then put it together for me. All for the same price as other places quoted for the tank alone. Very pleased with such great service.

  • Zichen Qiao

The team in Gallery Aquatica always sources high quality Aussie caught marine fish, including my barrier reef clownfish pair. Good range of very nice coral frags are often available with appropriate prices.

  • Byron Wooden

Cameron was excellent, his knowledge are service was 2nd to none. My parents owned an aquarium shop for the first 18 years of my life, so when I mention his "knowledge", I know what I am talking about.

  • Kaitlin Eleveld

Got these guys to move my big 5 foot tank from my old home to my new one and they were fantastic. Very friendly people and i also love visiting their store when i get time to drive out their way.

  • Ethan Grindal

The most beautiful people, they have helped me with every question since I started even when they were obvious. I really appreciate you Brendan and Ania! Sorry if I spelt the names wrong!!

  • Daniel R

Excellent service and knowledge exactly what I needed. Picked up a tank and equipment. The store is small but has everything you need for a marine aquarium. Definitely will be returning.

  • Zeta Thornton

A fantastic business and service. The staff are exceptionally helpful, passionate and leaders in the industry. Definitely my one stop shop for aquatics in Queensland and Australia wide.

  • Raphael Yaghdjian

First time customer today. This is probably the best reef store around southeast QLD. Service is great, great selection, quality and prices. I only wish I'd knew this place before.

  • Andrew Schipplock

Great selection of fish, corals and dry goods. Extremely professional and very friendly service. Special shout out to Rory for patiently showing me all the best beginner corals.

  • Craig Howie

Passionate, enthusiastic, knowledgable and gracious staff. A spotless and neat store with an exceptional range of Marine fish and Corals all competitively priced. A must visit.

  • Angus MacDonald

Best store and staff for marine fish and corals in Brisbane. Beyond helpful and friendly staff who always have time to answer our questions and give their experienced advice.

  • Cameron Gardner

Very helpful staff and owner. Great selection of corals and equipment for marine aquarium. If you love zoanthids then these guys are a must, plenty of frags to chose from.

  • Trevor Glur

awsome to deal with willing to spend time to talk about tank issues and give knowledge on how to rectify problems 100% highly recommend and corals and fish look awesome

  • Marijan Trezner

I knew this place was here but never looked inside. Then decided to take a peak glad I did the people were so lovely. A huge assortment of live coral and fish.

  • Artiom Bondarenco

Great shop and amazing friendly staff with ton of knowledge about fish and coral. Highly recommend to anyone getting into marine aquariums.

  • Denis Markwell

My go to shop for everything SPS reef. The staff are amazing and I cannot believe how much they manage to fit into such a small shop.

  • Aaron Frater

Great store , amazing staff and the products they sell are always 2nd to none , if I could give more then 5 stars I would …

  • Ryno H

Fantastic store!!! A must visit for everyone. Cam and the crew have an amazing amount of knowledge and are more than happy to

  • A M

Awesome shop hidden away but worth a visit and really friendly staff. Kids loved looking at the salt water tanks and coral!

  • Daniel White

Best store in Brisbane for live fish and aquarium advice. Cameron is completely trustworthy with his advice and pricing.

  • Boki Dusanic

Great little marine/salt water store, good prices, good range and some nice display tanks. Very friendly staff.

  • Danz Google

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Good range of products and it's local. Support your local businesses =)

  • Aaron Goodwin

Amongst the best marine aquarium stores in Australia. Specular stock, top shelf staff, always a pleasure!

  • Jay

Healthiest discus I could find in Brisbane. Staff have always been incredibly knowledgeable and helpful.

  • Connor Bettini

Very friendly staff with a good amount of quality stock. Cam and Ania are great and very helpful online.

  • Greg Scott

Friendly, knowledgeable staff with really wide variety of livestock and corals as well as hardware.

  • Jason Gilboy

Awesome shop and staff very freindly and helpful with huge variety of corals fish and products.

  • Arnel Ryan Bernabe

Good customer service and really nice coral frags and healthy fishes

  • Tommy “Ommeh” Hua

Amazing shop! A must visit if you're a die hard reefer

  • Ben Simpson

5 stars always but definitely time to offer afterpay

  • Andy Isbister

awsome place with very helpful staff

  • Luke Sturdy

Best marine store in SE qld.

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