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Aquarama is a Aquarium shop located at 482 Stafford Rd, Stafford QLD 4053, Australia. It has received 466 reviews with an average rating of 4.3 stars.





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  • The address of Aquarama: 482 Stafford Rd, Stafford QLD 4053, Australia

  • Aquarama has 4.3 stars from 466 reviews

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  • "I cannot with good conscience recommend supporting Aquarama based on their animal welfare standards"

    "We came here since their website said they had a wide variety of corals, if not, the best here in Brisbane"

    "We were sold a product that didn't work correctly"

    "I don't know if I went in on a bad day or what, but I went looking for a particular tropical fish and was appalled and heart broken at what I saw"

    "We went into the store today to purchase some fish from this aquarium as it is in our area"


  • A Lauca Fox

I cannot with good conscience recommend supporting Aquarama based on their animal welfare standards. I have been caring for betta fish for several years now. I did a lot of research before purchasing my first fish, but I understand that is not always the norm which is ideally where aquarium shops step in to educate consumers on caring for their animals. I entered the store hoping to purchase plants and water conditioner, and was really appalled by the state of their betta fish. They house the vast majority of their betta fish in cups, and a select few of their more expensive ones in small tanks with a see through divider between two fish. There are so many things that are unethical about this set up. Betta's need a minimum of 5 gallons, and while I understand it may not be sustainable to house them like this is shops, cups are grossly inadequate. Betta fish also require a heater and filter, and while there was some water circulation in the small tank set ups, there was nothing for the bettas in the cups. While there, I observed bettas with pop eye (caused by poor water conditions), fin rot (again, caused by poor water conditions) and ich (a parasitic infection). I ended up bringing home a young betta who was laying on the bottom of her cup breathing heavily and looking half dead. I tested the cup water and it contained toxic levels of ammonia. She has since been treated for fin rot and is regaining colour. This shop also sells tanks which are grossly unsuitable for bettas and yet are advertised that way. While I was there, I saw a parent and a child buying 4 female bettas intending for them to be housed together in their tank. They spoke to the workers who provided no information on betta sororities (the dangers of them and how they often fail) and instead were happy to sell fish to people who were not educated in properly caring for them. The worker also sold this same person semi aquatic plants for their tank, which were not advertised as such and will not live more than a couple weeks to months. Nobody enters fish keeping knowing everything they need to know, which is why aquariums can be great providers, however this does not appear to be the case here. Until there is a significant increase in welfare standards for the bettas (I cannot speak for the other fish as I am not nearly as educated on other fresh and salt water species), and they cease the unethical selling of bettas in cups, and the stocking and advertisement of unsuitable tanks, I cannot recommend anyone interested in ethical fish keeping shop here. While people should shop responsibly and avoid uneducated impulse buying living beings, aquariums also have a duty to properly educate their customers.

  • E GK

We came here since their website said they had a wide variety of corals, if not, the best here in Brisbane. Now that is EXTREMLY exaggerated. There was only one tank with corals in it and I’m not going to lie, their quality was bad. There was around 10 corals in the tank. Where’s the variety? In addition, we were told to wait outside with another family since there was too many people inside. And I respect that because of the virus. But leaving us unattended outside for more than 10 minutes at noon, where the heat was SCORCHING... what kind of customer service is that? A lot of people had already left the aquarium yet we had to let ourselves in. If you look at the other comments, a lot of people say that the staff there are rude and there are many fish that are dead. This is 100% true. The old lady that “served” us was shockingly rude. Just after 2 minutes that we were there, she told us if we’re not going to buy anything, we need to leave. She’s that type of person who only talks to customers to advertise their products. All the bettas there were in plastic cups. They had no filters. Just a plastic cup. Now, there were many empty tanks but I guess they didn’t care enough about their fish to put them in there. There’s barely any marine fish so don’t listen to their website. You’ll find it’s not true. Will never visit there again and also, thank you for being rude and ruining our family’s mood. Edit: I think you have the wrong family... Also in my review I did say that I did respect the fact that we had to wait outside, but we were the ones who had to let ourselves in after a group of family left the aquarium. And also, when you are explaining things to your customers, do you always yell? Wouldn’t it be better if you calmly explained to me that you were undergoing a renovation so that I would understand why there weren’t that many marine fish as no one explained when I was there?

  • Yours Truly

We were sold a product that didn't work correctly. Called for advice immediately and staff told us not to worry as it was harmless. The product that was supposed to gradually, mildly reduce acidity in the tank instead increased it exponentially. Within 24 hours it caused a mass fish death in our tank, with a few lucky survivors living in buckets during the week it took to bring the pH levels back to something survivable. We were told to email and that we'd be financially reimbursed for the product and for our dead pets after they spoke to the company that made the product. It's been months and we have heard nothing from Aquarama. We will not be shopping here again and would advise others against it. Edit in response to owner's reply saying that they had no contact: I have uploaded the last email that was sent to Aquarama as a photo. It includes details of when the business was called (twice), the written account of what happened that was requested by staff after it had already been explained, the reply email that was sent by Aquarama, and our response which was summarily ignored. You claim that neither you nor your staff have any knowledge of any of this correspondence. Whatever your reasoning, that's terrible business practice.

  • Tristan

I don't know if I went in on a bad day or what, but I went looking for a particular tropical fish and was appalled and heart broken at what I saw. Sick fish trying to swim with the 'healthy' ones; on their side hardly able to get off the tank bottom, pop-eye, skinny/malnourished and just an air stone in the tank. This is a fish that absolutely needs vegetation to hide in to not be stressed. What happens to fish that get stressed?? Just pop a single fake plant in. Would cost you a dollar or so. Like I said.. appalled! 2 tanks down there were dead fish laying in the bottom being scavenged on and the same with the one next to it. The staff were helpful though and answered all of my questions re. their new fish quarantining processes etc. He seemed truthful enough. Anyway, if you're local and need supplies I guess they'd be as good as any, but for the overpriced fish (some literally 30%-100% more expensive than other aquarium stores depending on breed and some very small!) in the condition they're in, I'll shop elsewhere thanks. They do have a fantastic range though. Probably one of the largest of live fish in Brisbane. I'm not bagging them, just relaying my experiences. Yours might be different so judge for yourself.

  • Piyumi Pathirana

We went into the store today to purchase some fish from this aquarium as it is in our area. We have been multiple times before and have received the same customer service each time. Upon entering the store and browsing around, it took a total of 20 minutes before we realised no one was going to approach us (with very few customers in the store). The owner was sitting behind the desk and even came behind us twice to deal with some fish before walking away again, not even asking if we needed help. After finally having to go grab another staff member, we asked for the possibility of a small discount as the multiple fish being purchased were quite highly priced. Places like Smiths Aquarium have been more than accommodating to these requests, offering significant discounts every time we have gone there, however our small request was refused. We left with a small purchase as we still liked the fish, but we definitely will no longer be customers anymore.

  • andrea abate

Those people are there only for the MONEY they have zero respect OR LOVE towards fish... If they can make money on it all good if they have to help you even after 7 days they sold you 2 clown fish as a COUPLE and they start killing each other in the aquarium they tell you they can't do anything about it. even AFTER 3 years you spend money in theyr store... And UNDERSTANDABLE IF I WAS ASKING MY MONEY BACK but I only asked to avoid a dead fish and get another one to try and get a partner for my other fish... His answer was wery nice towards the fish... He just said leave it here and I'll. Give it to someone else or keep it if he die there is nothing I can do is not my problem if they fight in your tank and they were not fighting in ours.......WELL DONE MANGERE /BOSS... You should not turn your back on this episode.. Specially after a short time as a 7 days old sale... Was not a month only 7 days ..

  • Ruthhyra Hamilton

After a terrible experience at my local pet shop trying to buy fish for my 400lt tank I made the mission to the other side of town where the staff couldn't have been more helpful, caring and knowledgeable. The fish are in great conditions and you can see the staff pride themselves on customer service, sale rep and generally have a pride for their store. Love the fish I selected, they have made a wonderful and harmonious addition to my tank. The recommendation of adding fresh fruit and veg to my tank was also great! The sales rep (sorry can't remember your name) even gifted my son a small floaty town after noticing I was having trouble drawing his attention away from the other larger, more expensive items for sale. This shows a genuine character, thankyou. All in all a wonderful experience and will definately be coming back for our fish in the future.

  • Mayla Lock

My partner and I visited earlier this year and are never going back. After seeing about 100 poor bettas living in drinking cups I couldn't leave without saving one. We found a koi betta that was in very poor condition as shown in the photo. While purchasing I politely asked the lady If she could perhaps lower the price a bit since he was in such bad shape. This lady (who I can only assume is the owner after reading other reviews) showed absolutely 0 compassion and remorse and just bluntly told me to go choose another fish. What a disgusting comment to make about an animal!! I tested the water he was living in and the water was an embarrassing swamp green instead of the lovely yellow it should be in regards to ammonia. Might I add as well that my betta is now the most beautiful koi after receiving the care he deserves.

  • Jessica Marcinkowski

When we 1st visited the aquarium we love it the gentleman was amazing however today we called to see what was available because we live an hour away and popping in isnt an option and the lady on the phone was very blunt came across slightly rude. I can understand if you are busy (we both work in customer service roles and take customer service very seriously when we provide the service as well as when we are receiving it), but ask if we can hold or give us the option of messaging on Facebook rather then telling us "I have 20 people waiting and you can message me on Facebook and I'll reply". An over the phone customer is just as important as an in-store customer, and we are quite flexible and happy to wait 10 mins or so whilst your get through the traffic or offer a call back.

  • Pulse DP

Aquarama is one of my Local Fish Stores and probably the one I visit most frequently to just window shop for fish. The staff are great and if it’s quiet can be good for a chat. When giving stars I’m looking at: Staff, Range and type of products, Range and Quality of Fish, Prices and finally an X factor which may be something like willingness to negotiate prices or payment options. Aquarama have great helpful staff, a good range of fish and a decent range of products that cater for the more advanced keeper. Prices can be at a premium though. Some products are well above what can be found elsewhere so price matching would be a welcomed policy. Overall Aquarama is a great place to have as a local fish store for most advice and needs.

  • Elaine Massaad

DO NOT GO HERE. 1. I had low PH. they sent me home with indian almond leaves. (that lowers the PH even more). 2. Bought a brittlenose catfish, died within 2 days 3. Did a water test. Cost $3. Came up that I had nitrate in my tank. Went home and did a water test. There was no nitrate in my test. Then went to another store and did a water test. Definately no nitrate present. The test they completed was inaccurate. They did not clean out there test tubes before conducting the test (giving a wrong reading) then charged me $3 for it. Absoloutely shocked as this is a fish store yet all advice and tests completed was inaccurate. Will not be returning here and wasted my money only to be advised that “the manager is funny with refunds”.

  • Greg holland

Been going there for years spent over 1000 + easy . Over that time one has stayed the same good young staff and a female staff owner that never smiles with a very unwelcoming vibe even that your have just walked in to spend money. and if you have the pleasure to have her serve you or if you need some information lol what a joke . Going to get my basics online now and new fish or running gear from another shops now . I was Pretty amused As I looked at the reviews of this shop first time ever and top of the list was the same issue . I suppose when you have a shop located on just a such busy road and easy car parking you have a everlasting wallets coming through the Door you can do as you please . never going back

  • Billie C

Do not buy your fish from here! My family bought numerous fish from this shop, only for all of them to die within a few days. We had the tank water tested both before the fish were introduced and after the fish died, and both water tests came back as healthy and well balanced. We reached out to Aquarama following the death of the first fish, only to be met with indifference and expensive medication that was supposed to help the other fish. This medication did nothing. Safe to say that Aquarama knowingly sold us sick fish and then charged us a fortune for a medicine that was a lost cause. Aquarama, you should be downright ashamed with yourselves and the sick fish that you continue to sell to customers.

  • justdotravel

We have been to this aquarium shop twice now. Both times we felt very unwelcome by the staff. Although the shop is very well stocked, and has a great selection, we won't be shopping here any more. The older lady (one of the owners?) was particularly unfriendly. No smiling or greeting when you exit or enter the store. Even after spending a substantial amount of money, there was no thank you or appreciation for our business. In fact all of the staff came across as uninterested,. and a stone cold reception when we approached them. We felt like a bother asking for assistance. I would have given 1 star if it weren't such a well stocked and nice aquarium shop.

  • ME M

Last visit was surprising because while they have the best selection of prime fish (and yeas can be a bit pricey) the staff on the phone and in store were quite helpful. Odd as Ive shopped there many times because of the quality fish range and always have been meet with well rude a**hole staff members which is why we purchased all other non live products elsewhere. Maybe with online they realize they now have competition (especially online) or maybe just a new business model either way much nicer to go in now just to even browse selections for possible future purchases.

  • Donna Jacobson

Been going to Aquarama for years! My favourite aquarium store in Brisbane. Best place to find great quality imported fish (especially Bettas and Fancy Goldfish). The range available is awesome, I would not buy fish from any other nearby store. Great loyalty program (one of the best I have seen in any retail store). Staff are all really informative, have kept aquariums at home for years and very friendly. My favourite is Sam who I have been seeing for years and years. I don't know what the other reviews, but the owner is great! Aquarama is definitely worth visiting!

  • Bronwyn Brimblecombe

Great aquarium shop, definietly one of the largest in Brisbane. Ive personally had great service from knowledgable staff. Very large selection of fish including both fresh and salt water and organise them well (all salt water fish in one place ect) I would be surprised if they didnt have what you need or couldnt get it in for you in terms of fish/filters and general supplies. Little bit sad to see bettas in cups but it is temporary and necessary considering they get a very large selection of bettas in at the same time. I personally liked the selection of goldfish

  • Kate McCallum

I got three fancy goldfish and three snails from here. The staff made sure that before that gave me the fish that I knew about cycling my tank, they wanted to make sure that the fish would have a good home and that I wouldn't have to deal with losing a fish from something that I could have prevented. They informed me about where my fish had come from and how long they had them in quarantine. There has been times where I've gone to the store just to ask a question and they were happy to answer. I definitely want to buy more fish from here in the future.

  • Kyle Gibb

Good quality fish, but fish products (filters, heaters, etc) can be bought cheaper else where Staff always seem to be busy, even when there isn't anyone in store. Some of the staff are fairly rude and don't have an issue with treating you like an idiot (the one female staff member is the worst, was truly horrible to my wife). When I go there I find the same guy every time and don't bother talking to the rest of them. He seems to be the only one who knows anything. worth going if your looking for something a bit more exotic.

  • Just Reviews

They had a fantastic selection of marine life, the staff were more than happy to help, friendly and greeted you almost straight away. It was confronting seeing fighting fish in plastic cups, with cling wrap over the top (I understand the need of a cover) but it was sad to see so many fish that were at the bottom of the cup and not moving around. The tanks were quite expensive compared to other stores (almost double) though I understand buying from companies that aren't as large charge a little more to cover other costs.

  • Stacey Lanster

Has to be the worst aquarium in all of brisbane given many chances over the years, The blonde female owner takes no pride in fish quality just $$. On different occasions have see. - Drop a live fish on the ground and kick it under the tanks - Only store myself and three others keep getting ich - 1/5 fish generally survives - Everything not living is double the markup - Overdose fish on methatryptiline so customers return with sick fish and end up purchasing more Smiths aquarium makes here look like WISH of Aquariums

  • Caitlin Nixon

If I could give it 10/5 stars I would. Largest stock of fish you will find anywhere! All the staff are super helpful and knowledgeable. They never cease to amaze me with how willing they are to help and get to the bottom of any issue you might be having. It doesn't matter which staff members are there they will always know the best fish, products and food for your tank. If you are a member they also do extensive water testing that I haven't seen anywhere else. I refuse to, and will never need to go anywhere else.

  • kirk scott

Been coming here for over a year now and a bit dissapointed at how expensive you guys have become. 22$ each for blue rams that are tiny and hardly got colour when you guys only a couple of months ago were selling beautiful rams at only 15-16$ each. Understand everything has gone up since covid but thats a bit steep for baby tiny rams. Not the only fish shop around thats raised there price on everything but one of the more expensive fish shops to go to now unfortunately :/

  • Alex Bourke

Got home yesterday and had put my 5 new cichlids in to my tank with $700 worth of other fish only to notice they looked strange. After researching turns out all the fish I bought from here have sunken belly disease and I now have to treat the tank for parasites and hope all my other fish don’t get it. I will never return here. I can’t imagine having staff so uneducated on the disease to willingly sell them without saying anything in an aquarium store.

  • Chewbroccoli

The staff at Aquarama have the passion for the hobby which I love. They have always been really helpful in terms of fish stocking support and education which is really important for the hobby so you don't end up killing your fish from bad advice. I enjoy the store (it is slightly on the cramped side and the fish room could be somewhat better displayed) but overall I would recommend this business for professional standards and options.

  • Mike Carson

Not awful, vast selection of fish and supplies. But make your requirements clear to the shop assistants. As we were new to looking after fish and were going to be supplied with some guppies by friends, we had asked for colourful fish that would compliment guppies. It was not until our friends visited that we realised we were sold guppies. We love our new additions to our home, but the shop assistant did not follow the brief.

  • Kaitlyn Nunan

I love this store. Ben is my favourite he is fantastic with anything marine. Their range is huge! Coral and marine range has been awesome in last few months. I have bought approx. 12 individual pieces of corals for my seahorse tank and they are thriving. (Ben was extremely helpful in helping me choose corals that won't fight each other or hurt the seahorses). Extremely helpful I would defiantly recommend.

  • Sophie Grace

Wonderful service from Kobi! She helped me with so much, answered all my questions and was very sweet. She was very knowledgeable and I got some wonderful products from this store. I am excited to collect my fish and some more plants in 2 weeks ! Pricing is very expensive for certain products, but that's okay because it's good quality. Very happy with my first experience

  • lisa Smyth

This is one of the best stocked shops I've been in. The variety of freshwater fish was amazing. We were in the area from nsw and travelled around many shops, but this one impressed us more than any others hand's down. The tanks were all immaculate and the fish were healthy. The prices were very good too. The only thing missing was coral, that's what we were looking for.

  • Kai Mizuno

Great place. Beautiful setup and shop. Most amazing teenage staff member ever. I can't remember his name, but he happily helped me out when i was looking for some shrimp, and he seemed so intellectual. I'm not sure but he seemed like an intellect. It was incredible, his knowledge of fish was almost excessive, i wish i was as intellectual. Cheers for the great stuff.

  • Clara Duncan (Clara)

Found when returned fish that died within 24 hours that no replacement offered and personal negative comments made about me in front of my 6 year old daughter. They had tested water prior and all good. Don't acknowledge application of Australian consumer law. Told to clear out and not return. Very unprofessional and dissatisfied with them not backing their product.

  • Grace Porter

Usually I have a very positive experience here, however today I was there for about 20-30 mins and was only offered help on my way out. The staff was talking quite loudly about their personal lives and should probably pay more attention to their fish as I saw 5 dead fish, 3 out of the 5 were reasonably big fish, making me question the quality of their fish.

  • iZaku Private

Overall pretty good. Staff are great (ask for Steve) as is the inventory. The owner is a bit inconsistent however - sometimes super nice and friendly and other times is firm and defers to odd business policy for example; saying one cannot redeem loyalty points because doing so would delete the customer's profile on their system. Sounded very odd to me.

  • Jon Alisha Remi

My daughter chose 6 fish from here for her sixth birthday present to add to a healthy aquarium. One died a few days after and was obviously sick on arrival. Daughter very sad. Owner showed zero compassion, implied it was our fault and wouldn’t even consider offering a small discount on a replacement fish. Never setting foot in this place again.

  • Matthew Escobar

Great variety and quality. The staff were kind and seemed to genuinely care about the fish. Great marine selection and great freshwater selection. If you like livebearers, there's a massive variety and theres also a great variety of all other tropicals like cichlids, tetras, barbs, catfish (especially corydoras), rasboras, rainbowfish etc.

  • Brizzy Pix

This store has a massive range of aquarium fish available, from basic goldfish to exotic tropicals and ocean species. Everything that you could possibly want for your aquarium needs, with knowledgeable and very staff. After many years between aquariums, they provided all the latest information and advice needed to set up once again

  • chawawookie

Been there a number of time throughout the years & it seems they have only recently got rid of a bad smell in the place. The range of fish is decent but the staff can be rude & clueless depending on who you get & the owner even worse. Do not put much faith in the glowing reviews as their are better stores on the North side.

  • Mr Jezu

These guys always have a lot of stock and I love them for that but staff aren't as helpful or knowledgeable as you would expect so novice fish keepers beware. They want to up sell you and encourage you to make purchases you may regret. Also their hardware is over priced and a lot is cheap Chinese stuff so do your reaseach.

  • kyle smith

Wow! This is one of the best aqaurium shops in Australia by far! Was in Brisbane for a few days so checked out a couple of aqaurium stores and stumbled across this store and I must say it has the most range of tropical and marine fish and coral. The staff were really nice too wish I had a store like this back over in WA

  • Dan Grant

Consistently helpful and friendly service, and a good selection of things to spend money on that my wife assures me is for the good of the children. I have been there 3 times in the past 2 weeks because my sons seem to be unable to follow basic instructions and keep the fish alive. Great crew here and highly recommend.

  • Bonnie Rose

These guys know their stuff! Heaps of staff to help, all very friendly, fish all looked healthy, and there was SO much variety. Asked 2 staff questions on different occasions and both seemed to know what they were talking about. Prices were a little more than expected but still reasonable for what we were there for.

  • Reif I'Anson

A consistent lack of customer service from the owner of this store. Its a shame to be giving two stars as all of the other staff are really lovely. Hopefully the service from the owner improves as this is my local store and is very convenient. I am always happy to change my review should the service improve.

  • Merrin R

Amazing, knowledgeable, and helpful staff who are very patient with beginners, and have an amazing selection of pretty much everything aquarium related. If I could add more than one photo, I would so I could show off just some of the many stellar fish I have purchased from Aquarama over the years

  • Tanner Flexhaug

We just set up our first aquarium and Aquarama provided us with alot of great advice. The staff are incredibly friendly and their range of fish and products is great. They are all very knowledgeable on fish and tank care and have helped us set up a great tank with healthy happy fish.

  • Mick Kerr

Great selection of fish and all the paraphernalia that comes with them. We were there on a Saturday afternoon and it was pretty busy. Made it difficult to get the help and advice we needed. That being said when we did get service it was efficient and we got what we came for!

  • Justin Herbert

This store has a lot of fish but that's where it ends staff need to be prompted to serve you too busy talking to each other to help will not be going back cos prices are threw the roof spend your money somewhere else like atlas or smiths better quality fish anyway than there

  • Steven's World

Just went for a visit to show the 2 year old granddaughter some "fishies". She loved it! One of the best home aquarium suppliers in Queensland. Bought fish here over ten years ago. Huge supply, spotless and perfectly maintained. Congrats to whoever runs the show.

  • Natasha Collings

One large dedicated fish shop. We purchased our 800 Liter tank here and plenty of healthy aquarium plants and native fish. They have great salt water fish, corals... Aquarama have the largest range of fresh and salt water fish that I've seen on the north side.

  • Alex MC

aqaurama is an amazing shop friendly staff as well as fish extremely helpful with any concerns you have as well as always getting new stock so it is always exciting to see what new fish they brought in . love what you are doing keep up the good work

  • adam hill

The worst couldn't buy any more fish than what they said considering I have 4 tanks i was going to spend a fair amount of money and get about 20 different fish but decided against it after being told I was only allowed to get 5 what a waste of time

  • Tanya Petersen

Got a lovely fish tank for a great price. Much cheaper than other places for the same item. Heaps of all type of fish but a little pricey. Did buy about 12 and they are all still living & very happy in their new home. Definitely will go back again.

  • Aaron Armstrong

These guys are the best. I have never had a problem with them. Their reward system is great and I believe all have tanks at home so are well informed. Best staff for salt water tank info are Tom, Ben and Clayton...actually these are guys

  • Daniel L O'Keefe

Quite an impressive variety of fish, both fresh and salt water. Prices are on trend with their competition , both Mad Aquariums and Smith's. Room for the team to pick up engagement although a little tough given the low light set up .

  • Christine Foate

It looks great. There are a ton of fish, but steer clear. The staff were rude, they treated us like we were an inconvenience at best. We purchased a tank - yes it was on sale, but when we pull it out of the box it was covered in

  • Tom Mog

Pretty average. A tad overpriced and the staff were not very engaged. I think they focused more a clientele willing to spend hundreds of dollars rather than a cud trying to set up his first fish tank. O would go somewhere else.

  • Angela O'Brien

Wow this place was busy in minutes of being here it filled up with people to the point you nearly couldn't get served and felt very crowded. Great selection of fish tho and good prices. Recommend checking them out in Stafford.

  • jess ebbott

Terrible quality of fish - purchased two bristlenose and one died within hours, and the water from the bag spiked my tank levels and killed two pre existing fish. Not to mention they keep their Betta Fish in plastic cups....

  • lynelle schofield

Very helpful and knowledgable staff will help you with everything you need for your aquariums and ponds. They have all sorts of lovely fish and will advise on what goes with what etc worth going the extra miles

  • Lilly Shewolf

Wonderful Shop. Always a great experience. Staff go above and beyond to assist with all aquatic information and assistance needed for the novice or experienced fish keeper. A Big Thank You for all yr help.

  • Meredith Ham

I'm a fish novice but the team were so helpful and really care about their fish. They gave me lots of helpful tips including a fact sheet to set up and care for my Guppies. Thanks team Aquarama …

  • Jason Weal

My partner & I purchased our first tank set up from Aquarama! John was very helpful with providing information and spending time with us to pick the right gear for the 65ltr tank. Thank you so much!!!!

  • Asitha Karunaratne

Çlean and have good varieties but prices are high. Counter person was very rude. Use single bag for selling fish regardless of how many fish you bought. Smith aquarium is much better than this.

  • Caro M

Small, but it seems that if you want Aquarium stuff, this is where to go. Bought Dad his pond plants, he's happy, so I'm happy. Staff were helpful. Not really PWD friendly entry though.

  • Lauren Teixeira

The staff are super nice and really helpful, they have a lot.of knowledge to be able to give great advice. The fish all look really well taken care of and happy. Plus good pricing!

  • Ben Smith

Very friendly staff. Equal to their knowledge and advice on anything aquarium related. Great help, tidy well stocked shop and quality. An hour from home but now my local fish shop.

  • Travelling Ms_M

Great place to pick up a large variety of fish and accessories. Caters for reptiles also! Customer service is great. Listen to them because they know what they're talking about!

  • CEGSpace

I bought a plakat Betta here, he's loving my tank, thankfully the staff are actually knowing what they are doing and make sure you aren't going to neglect your new fish.

  • Jack Steele

I’ve bought all my fish and plants here and have always received excellent service. Their advice has been extremely helpful and the fish are all in very good condition

  • Kaylea Neale

Rhys was super efficient and friendly, great knowledge, Aquarama had everything we needed and more. All the fish are compatible and thriving in my new tank. Thank you

  • Alexander Morrison

Great place to get fish and supplies. They were really Informative when it come to telling me how to breed my fighting fish and setting up a tank. Would recommend.

  • Bree

We were helped but an awesome team member (gentleman with green hair, we didn't catch your name sorry!). Helped us out with some aquarium light questions, legend!

  • Dylan Wubbleu

Staff are super helpful, trustworthy and knowledgeable. I always prefer to come here rather than other places around Brisbane. Videos are of my small fish ponds.

  • Jonathan Robinson

The survival rate of my fish from this place is horrible.. i went to another aquarium store and noticed a significant quality increase. Never switching back

  • Boki Dusanic

Great service, very friendly and helpful staff. Great range and no expense spared in setting up quality display tanks to better inform the patrons.

  • Raquel Manson

Great place to buy great fish and aquarium fish supplies. Great Staff, easy parking. Great fish tank set ups and big variety of fish to purchase.

  • Rhiannon W

Excellent and knowledgeable staff! Very friendly and helpful! Gave me some great advice on my snail problems Love coming here. Recommend 10/10!

  • Michael Crilly

Great job. Jamie was the one to take me around the place, tell me about how-to get my first tank going, and made great recommendations.

  • Nikita Howe

Great selection of fish. One of the best in the area. Slightly limited on other equipment. Worth the visit, great knowledge from staff.

  • Rachel Timms Stewart

Got my Koi Betta and a plant from here. Large array of salt and fresh water fish. Team has lots of expertise and are always helpful.

  • Charlotte Porter

One of my fav aquariums in Brisbane. Customer service needs a little work but there variety is amazing and thier tanks are healthy.

  • Runaldo Muller

My wife loved the shop realy made her day and she chose to take home one of the beta fish. Realy knowledge staff and great service

  • Nathan Griffiths

Best aquarium retailer I have been to yet. Very helpful and knowledgeable. Great selection of either fresh, tropical or salt.

  • Dan McCoy

My go-to fish shop for over 15 years. Service and advice are top of the mark, as the health and variety of their fish.

  • mostafa sinbol

Ultimate stop at convenience and friendly staff with wide variety, rare to find similar stations in around brisbane

  • Punky B

The range here is amazing!! Service is very friendly and helpful. Fantastic aquarium shop. Highly recommend.

  • Kia

Fantastic place, friendly staff. If you are looking to buy fish and fish tanks, this is your destination.

  • Thomas Mill

Looks a bit pricey but a very large selection to choose from. Edit to 5 stars for the rapid response!

  • Jarred Stanes

Very knowledgeable and great help. Have all equipment needed and very wide range of fish and plants.

  • greg gromono

Great place to purchase all types of exotic and native fish. Great advise and range of product

  • Emily T

Good service, good fish. A bit crowded in the shop. Still the only place I buy aquarium fish.

  • Alex McKey

Great variety of fish and tank products. Lovely atmosphere and great service

  • Thor Leckie

bought nearly all my fish stuff here, great place, great range, great staff

  • Michael Drover

These guys have an excellent selection of fish, equipment and knowledge.

  • Jeremy Dixon

Awesome helpful staff, great range of aquatic life and products.

  • Rusty

Nice, well presented store. The staff are very helpful.

  • Fiona Rixon

The place was was too hot inside.however great shop

  • Vishal Rajendraprasad

Good place, lot of common aquarium fishes in stock

  • Ben Monro

Horrendous customers service, don't bother.

  • Ben Builds

Cheaper than smiths, staff a friendly

  • Classy OCE

Great service and great advice.

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