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1519 Sandgate Rd, Nundah QLD 4012, Australia



Atlas Aquarium is a Aquarium shop located at 1519 Sandgate Rd, Nundah QLD 4012, Australia. It has received 293 reviews with an average rating of 4.7 stars.





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  • The address of Atlas Aquarium: 1519 Sandgate Rd, Nundah QLD 4012, Australia

  • Atlas Aquarium has 4.7 stars from 293 reviews

  • Aquarium shop

  • "Sebastian at Atlas has been so helpful and honest as we set up our first reef tank"

    "Hi, Sebastian always looks after me, he's been with the company a long time"

    "Really happy with the service these guys provided"

    "Lovely sales team here, helpful and friendly"

    "Always amazing service, staff are very happy to have a chat if you're concerned or would like some advice"


  • Laurent Delpech

Sebastian at Atlas has been so helpful and honest as we set up our first reef tank. He never pushed things we didn’t need and would advise us against things even if we really wanted them but our tank wasn’t ready. Since starting our reefing hobby we upgraded and bought a Cade 1200 from Atlas. He was able to come out set up and show us how to maintain our beautiful new tank. He’s always there to ask questions and gives great advice I highly recommend them for there quality and service. We’re so grateful for the time he spent setting the tank up.

  • Craig Oakes

Hi, Sebastian always looks after me, he's been with the company a long time. Their new store off Sandgate is a lot better. His fish stock is always good quality, good range of plants. His stock of tank accessories is also extensive. It's layed out much better and it has good car parking. His giant display of salt water fish and coral isn't finished as yet, maybe by now, it was a couple of weeks since I was there. His staff is also very knowledgeable. Look forward to visiting again shortly. Craig.

  • Mike Facey

Really happy with the service these guys provided. We are setting up a tank for my primary school aged son and these guys were very patient and knowledgeable. They worked in with what equipment we already had, added new pieces so we could get they types of fish we were after and helped us create a fantastic set up with out a huge cost. We left there knowing exactly what to do to acclimatize the fish to the new tank and keep them healthy moving forward. Top marks to this small business.

  • Angela O'Brien

Lovely sales team here, helpful and friendly. Not over priced like some places. Very happy with my purchases and can't wait to see the new store open on the 20th of March on sandgate Rd Nundah. Sorry pictures are not the greatest with glare. Added note: Between my daughter and I, we got 4 mystery snails from here, had them a couple days and in different tanks and they all died. So not happy with this as I currently have a large snail in mine and it's happy.

  • Beez Knees (BEE)

Always amazing service, staff are very happy to have a chat if you're concerned or would like some advice. They take the time to help you with all aspects of your visit. And the absolute best part is that they don't make you feel like any question is silly, they will explain everything to such a degree you leave feeling that bit more educated. They are more than happy to help once you've left their store, with these guys help is just a call away.

  • Christiaan Dodemont

Sebastian was more than willing to help with my odd request - living in Hong Kong I cannot get Chaeto for my reef tank so he helped me package some up for my flight not to mention talked with me for a good hour (after closing hours incidentally) or so about reef tanks in general... corals, fish etc. Very knowledgeable and passionate guy and his livestock appears to be pretty healthy. Oh - my chaeto made it safely after all the fuss too!

  • Andy G

Customer service sometimes super rude sometimes amazing. I suppose it depends on who you get and/or how they’re feeling at the time. Also happy to keep you waiting. Amazing stock which also seems to change price drastically depending on which staff member you get or again, how they’re feeling at the time. Would be 1 star if it wasn’t for their amazing stock. I run a business myself and simply wouldn’t treat customers this way

  • Riley Clark

Atlas is my go-to for all things aquarium! The owners Finn and Marina are so friendly and knowledgeable and their staff are professional and knowledgeable also. They have loads of quality plants and interesting rare fish aswell as plenty of staple species. All their fish are healthy and have great colour. Saw them at the Brisbane Pet Show aswell, their terrarium kits are also fantastic!

  • Jayce B

Even since the last owner Seb, Atlas Aquarium has maintained a strong variety in both the freshwater and saltwater department of aquarium keeping, there’s everything you’ll need there and more. There’s always friendly staff that are willing to help out wherever they can. Anyone from the north or south brisbane area I’d highly recommend you to go pay a visit as often as you can!

  • Justin Herbert

Finn and the rest of the crew are very knowledgeable and shop has a great appeal about it love this shop great selection of fish would recommend to anyone will go back many more times and they have great selection of plants which every species of fish benefit from even African and American cichlids the pic below is the beautiful salvini I bought

  • Jason Weal

I've shopped around over the last month for my set up. Purchased an amazing bunch of red cherry shrimp from Atlas Aqurium today and a piece of awesome hollowed out log that I've attached java moss too. Sebastian provided brilliant service and was quite personal. Feels like your at a mates shop. Keep up good work!!!!! I'll be back. Cheers.

  • Ben Hodges

Can’t recommend Atlas Aquarium highly enough. Great service, expertise and knowledge. A family run business who are passionate about what they do and they really look after their customers. They have a great range of fish and products. They are always happy to pass on their extensive knowledge…and for a novice like me, that is invaluable.

  • Esp3n_.

Amazing fish, well priced. The staff are extremely knowledgeable on what fish I can put in my tank and are always up for a talk about fish and even when busy they put aside some time to talk to you about your needs and focus on you individually. I love there THL plecos. They are so cute and I’m definitely going to get some one time. :)

  • Code Patient #Ad

These guys know there business. Super easy to get along with and have a wealth of knowledge. I purchased a marine setup through these guys and Ben and the team helped me with all the upgrades I wanted and where very patient with my numerous phone calls :). Would recommend these guys to anyone and they also do certegy. Bloody beauty

  • Chris

Very happy to find a competent LFS on the Northside since getting back into the hobby after a very long break breeding Africans. All the help and advice I have received from Finn and his team has been on point thus far. Can definitely recommend for first time aquarists, matching existing livestock in community tanks etc.

  • EP

Extremely awesome variety of fish and plants! The staff are incredibly passionate and helpful with queries. I have guppies at home which are hard to initially keep and their advice helped immensly! Definitely worth a look at whether you're shopping, looking for aquascaping ideas or just like looking at fish!

  • Barry Spies

I got a nano-marine 66 litre aquarium from Atlas (First Time aquarium owner) and these people really know their stuff. They gave the best advice for set-up and answered all my questions. My two Clown Fish and Elegance coral are doing great, 4 weeks after being introduced to my tank. I am very happy.

  • Renee Menhinnitt

Customer service is amazing. Ben, Seb and Steve are very knowledgeable and will always take the time to explain every detail of setting up and maintaining your tank. I have been to many aquarium stores in Brisbane, and the staff at Altas far outway those of other stores. Highly recommend a visit!

  • Salvatore Delvecio

The account’s & administration woman ripped me off, after supplying the store some stock. She said one thing, but done something else. My partner has spent over $1000 at this store recently. I highly recommend you go elsewhere. Will be sharing our experience on the Aquatic Online Forums.

  • Leo O'Reilly

Fabulous fish shop on the north side of Brisbane. A huge variety of fish and aquarium plants. Some amazing rays and plenty of Australian and New Guinea native freshwater fish. There are also many planted tanks, so it's not boring. Finn Ellis is very knowledgeable and super helpful.

  • Bradley C

Excellent service, advice and prices. Ben and the team are always super helpful, the store is better stocked than most and they've provided me great services like home visits when I'm away and stress free relocation of aquariums. A true local gem with staff who go the extra mile.

  • Bella L

Amazing variety of underwater life, some I had never seen in real life. Great to see the grow their own live coral and plants onsite. Definitely worth the visit just so see the amazing range of fish life they have. Was awesome to see the stingrays, eels and other beautiful fish.

  • Jesse Gorton

Sebastian provided excellent service and provided in depth knowledge of how I can start my own tank, I had a lot of questions as I am very new and made me feel very confident once I left the shop. Highly would recommend coming here, this will be my home store from now on.

  • Kylie Warren-Wright

Really knowledgeable and helpful. Not just trying to get a sale. Happy to spend time to help you understand the types of fish and make sure it’s right for your needs. We’ve been a customer for years and the service has never changed. Keep up the great work!

  • Nick Foulds

Good knowledgeable staff and a wide variety of species available. I would give 5 stars but one deducted due to see of the fish looking a bit worse for wear and several Oscars house (presumably temporarily but who knows) in very small tanks for their sizes.

  • Cal L

Amazing customer service at this store. Seb has an amazing knowledge of salt water systems which made my experience getting into the hobby extremely easy. They also have a good range of salt and fresh water fish. Definitely my favourite place in Brisbane

  • Marty Buhagiar

I first had the pleasure of dealing with Bentley and his team many years ago whilst living in brisbane. His service back then was top notch and his ability to teach a novice about fish keeping and the time he spent with me ill never forget.

  • Samantha Shrestha

Have been using Petbarn for my aquarium needs and getting unhelpful advice for around 18 months. Visited Atlas Aquariums and walked out with a world of information and well priced products! My aquarium has never thrived so well!

  • Grahame Geale

It's a young store with a lot of potential. Great colours in a lot of there corals. Fish stock fluctuate as with most stores, good staff, clean and professionally presented. I look forward to seeing how this store develops.

  • Ash Lou

We love Atlas! We have 14 tanks running between my household and go to these guys before anyone else! Super knowledgeable, extra helpful and pricing is sweet. If you keep salt tanks I highly recommend speaking to this guy!

  • Gerhardus Bergh

Great shop, great staff. Owners has changed and some good work has gone into this shop. Great stock and plenty of products on had for your every need. Highly recommend checking it out and supporting a great local business.

  • Charles Mackay

Seb and the moustached guy with the good GSP helped me out and hooked me up with all the good stuff and were super friendly. All the good coral, all the tanks were clean fish were healthy, legit display tanks... the best!

  • Samantha Ng

Helpful staff. Bought gravel from there at far cheaper than most other places. Limited range of gravel but absolutely huge selection of fish and well kept fish at that (clean and tidy). Great selection of ornaments too.

  • Byron Mobbs

Very clean and well kept. Was impressed with the display tanks they has as well as their stock. They have harder to come by plants and a nice selection of corals. They also seem to have some more uncommon fish too.

  • Trent Wallace

Staff were amazing to talk to, tanks and fish and all stock were clean and amazing. Travelled 14 hours for a family holiday, and was so glad I took the time to visit. I wish this was my local aquarium store!

  • Rebecca Alexander

These guys helped me fix an algae problem I had in my tank. They gave me great advice and didn't try to sell me every product in the shop like another place I visited did. Thanks guys. I'll be forever loyal.

  • Codyiander

Whether your requirements are for salt water or fresh water, this is the spot to go to and ask the knowledgeable staff for recommendations/tips. You’ll come out full of inspirations to spruce up your tank

  • Dean Johnstone

Sebastian is very knowledgeable and is always willing to lend a hand. I do all my marine shopping with atlas aquarium and will continue to do so. Strongly recommend getting in touch or dropping in store.

  • Trent

Great knowledge, friendly service. Reasonably priced. Great range of corals and their tanks are absolutely standout. If you're looking for a high quality display tank you really can't go past Atlas.

  • Rob Hardy

I'm a relativity new reefer as we stumbled into the whole thing by accident. As it happens the first store I tripped into was Atlas. Fast forward 7 months later, and Seb has never steered us wrong.

  • Aaron Sisco

Owner is a really great guy who seems to really know his stuff. I would reccomend this place to anyone who really wants the best care for their aquatic life. Can't wait to see the new location

  • Justin Cammack

First time I have been in the store. Can't rate the staff high enough for their knowledge and how friendly they are. Will be back to buy more fish for sure. These to are absolutely amazing.

  • Rick Duhra

Amazing service from Seb and the staff at Atlas; recently delivered and set up my new aquarium; did a really great job with attention to detail; and I have had so much invaluable advice.

  • Chris Robinson

Helpful and polite, even though I made no purchase I received good, informative service. Nice displays of coral, they also had a good bundle deal on a small tank suitable for beginners.

  • J Murphy

Super knowledgeable and happy to help you with all your needs. My new go to shop. Much more enthusiastic than Aquarama, my local. I travel for Atlas service

  • Andos Aquatics

Absolutely Awesome shop. Good range of fish and aquatic needs. I personally bought a petworx nano30 tank today and will be buying more in the future!

  • Daniel R

Great service out there Sebastian took the time to explain a few things about corals and the types of food they need. Highly recommended.

  • Sohan

Great little aquarium well stocked and unbelievably clean. Well done to the owner. It’s very refreshing to see such a local fish shop.

  • Jamie Adam

Great customer service with the team having so much knowledge about fish keeping. All the fish there are happy and healthy.

  • Issy Bange

Will always come here for my underwater needs!! Always a good deal- staff are fantastic and so is the product. 100/10.

  • Mansory_

It’s a cute aquarium with a decent amount of fish, they even have rays ! I had a great time just looking at the fish

  • Steven Hay

Great service. Amazing shop with a fantastic selection of fish, plants and everything else for your aquarium needs.

  • Katie Cullen

Always fantastic customer service. The set up in the new location is impressive. Definitely recommend a visit!

  • Mark

Seb and his team are always helpful and very knowledgeable. A great range of dry goods and live stock!

  • Zachary Mcewen

Absolutely disgusting service, if you’d call if that. Staff as arrogant as can be. Do not go here.

  • Dan H

Excellent service and great selection! A couple of ridiculously rare fish and plants in there too

  • Imre B

An amazing store with some high end rare fish. Their display tank is incredible. Friendly staff.

  • david newman

Awesome place! Big variety of salt water and fresh water fish. Honestly just cool to go look at.

  • Kimberly Smith

Bought my gorgeous Betta from Atlas and couldn't be happier! Helpful staff and great product


The best aquarium shop in Brisbane! Hand down, great fish and even better staff♥️

  • Dana Steele

Awesome aquarium! Very engaging space and staff are super kind and helpful.

  • J Tiler

Excellent shop, the Lady and Gentleman was super friendly and helpful

  • Boki Dusanic

Great range of marine life, nice display tanks and very very clean.

  • Annette Dean

Very nice assortment of fish... just a little bit expensive...

  • Joel Snowdon

Amazing display tanks and friendly staff

  • Paul Stanley

Great service and excellent people

  • Calli Gregor

Very knowledgeable and helpful.

  • shane donaldson

They had everything I wanted.

  • Charles DuMar

A superb aquarium store.

  • W. H

Great store, great staff

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