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Brothers Moving and Delivery Service Vancouver is a Mover located at 4078 Knight St, Vancouver, BC V5N 5Y7, Canada. It has received 263 reviews with an average rating of 4.7 stars.





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  • The address of Brothers Moving and Delivery Service Vancouver: 4078 Knight St, Vancouver, BC V5N 5Y7, Canada

  • Brothers Moving and Delivery Service Vancouver has 4.7 stars from 263 reviews

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  • "Brothers moving pushed me pretty hard to give a review, so here is a summary of my experience"

    "I moved from a 2-bedroom apartment in Vancouver to a 3-bedroom house in Pitt Meadows"

    "Communication: - I sent Brothers Moving some questions in the two weeks leading up to my move, and it sometimes took over a week for them to reply to my emails, which was really stressful"

    "I had an extremely disappointing experience with Brothers Moving (Joe and Ben), and I feel the need to share my negative feedback to warn others about their unprofessional behaviour and questionable practices"

    "Thank you Joe and the team at Brothers Moving"


  • Joshua Del Begio

Brothers moving pushed me pretty hard to give a review, so here is a summary of my experience. 1. Attempted to book a rate advertised on the website (move by 24th of the month and get 2 movers + Van for $129/hr. I attempted twice to ask about this deal but was ignored and assigned 3 works for $189/hr. This would not have been as unfortunate if all three worked effectively, and I didn’t have to pay a third guy $200 to sit in the car. However, having three was much more inefficient. There was almost always someone waiting. Twos just work much more efficiently than threes, particularly when the third is a rookie. In summary, didn’t honour their website, costed me an extra $200-300. 2. Movers arrived pretty much on time, and moved everything without breaking anything, as of the next day unpacking everything. Credit where credit is due. 3. One of the movers was quite friendly, well done (Ben?) 4. I’ve hired movers before, and they have hustled. They moved essentially the same amount of things from a more difficult location in 40% less time. I’d give it 2 stars for efficiency. Maybe I just got real lucky with the first moving company I used, but those are my 2 cents. 5. The “travel time” I was billed for was based on Vancouver to Surrey, but I live right next to the hwy in Vancouver and to charge 1.5 hours when it takes 25 minutes to go from home to home is overcharging. They assured me everyone charges this but in since talking with others who used different movers it’s definitely not standard across the board. 6. When the job completes, one of the team members ends up asking for a photo, and then basically grabs my phone and starts imputing a google review with 5 stars before I’ve had a second to think. Knowing this is how Brothers moving has built its reputation on google is more than a little troubling. How can I trust reviews that have been intensely pressured in person? 7. When this was brought to their managements attention they said they would reach out but never did. Felt an artificially high 4.8 rated company in my opinion.

  • Katie Mack-MacDonald

I moved from a 2-bedroom apartment in Vancouver to a 3-bedroom house in Pitt Meadows. I have moved several times in the last 6 years and each time I have moved with less and less furniture/goods. I have never had a move take longer than 7 hours, and Brothers started loading at 9:15am (late, without notice by the way) and did not finish unloading until 9pm. I was then billed for the additional hour travel time, so I effectively paid 3 movers for 13 hours at $129/hr. I asked for a larger truck in my initial booking, because I knew that I still had quite a lot to move. When the movers arrived I warned them their truck was too small - they said not to worry, that it would be 3/4 full at most. Most of the additional time was spent trying to jam all of the stuff into that truck - things were removed & replaced - much like tetris. They forgot about a closest and didn't listen when we told them that the garbage (in garbage bags) did not have to be moved with us. Granted, not all of our things were in boxes ready to go by the time they arrived. I stayed up all night to try to get everything packed, but there was still packing happening as they were moving us out - that was completely unfair to the movers, but working 6 days at my new job left little time to prepare in advance. I can see that taking an additional 1-2 hours, but certainly not 5 additional hours. The guys were very friendly and chatty, and they did work for the full 12 hours, but this move was double what I expected to pay, and if I would have slept at all in the 36 hours leading up to the end of the move, I would not have paid full price. I can't recommend this company, despite the glowing reviews that influenced my initial decision to hire them. I don't normally post reviews, and since they were so nice, I have to give them a second star, but this experience was disappointing and the unexpected cost has put a serious dent in my savings.

  • Yilin Wang

Communication: - I sent Brothers Moving some questions in the two weeks leading up to my move, and it sometimes took over a week for them to reply to my emails, which was really stressful. - When I finally called Brothers Moving to confirm they received my deposit after a week of not hearing from them, and to ask questions, the person who picked up the phone and rudely cut me off mid-question, saying I should just email and was bothering them because they're really busy. Moving Pros: - The two movers who helped me were very friendly and helpful. - Everything was handled with care and there was no damage. - They worked hard to unload things to the second floor of a walk-up building and that was appreciated. Moving Cons: - The movers arrived about 5-10 minutes late and I was left waiting around for them wondering when they would arrive. - They only had very basic equipment (hand carts) and took a long time loading everything despite nearly all my stuff were well-packed, which meant the move was really slow. - The move took almost 5hrs, and I had to pay over $1000 for a move for one bedroom/a studio space's amount of belongings. - The movers were quite forgetful during the move in, because I had to remind them like 5 times to move some items like plants and kitchenware, and spent a lot of time waiting for them to come upstairs after unloading, which made the move less efficient. If I didn't keep reminding them, some of my belongings would have been left behind. - The movers weren't wearing masks or practicing social distancing.

  • Helen brown

I had an extremely disappointing experience with Brothers Moving (Joe and Ben), and I feel the need to share my negative feedback to warn others about their unprofessional behaviour and questionable practices. Firstly, the movers from Brothers Moving seemed more interested in gossiping and talking amongst themselves than actually doing their job. Not only was this distracting and unproductive, but they also showed a complete lack of respect when I overheard their conversation in the elevator which include derogatory comments about my LGBTQ identity. This kind of behaviour is offensive and shameful, and it made me extremely uncomfortable during what should have been a straightforward moving process. Furthermore, their pricing was exorbitant. Brothers Moving charged nearly double the market hourly rate for two movers, which is simply unjustifiable considering the mediocre service they provided. I even caught them purposefully working slowly to drag out the time and inflate the final bill. This kind of dishonesty is unethical and left a sour taste in my mouth after dealing with this company. Overall, my experience with Brothers Moving was deeply unsatisfactory, and I would strongly advise against using their services. Their unprofessionalism, disrespectful behaviour, high pricing, and subpar service make them a company that I cannot recommend to anyone. Look elsewhere for a moving company that values its customers and provides fair and honest service.

  • Nick Lalonde

Thank you Joe and the team at Brothers Moving. We sourced quotes from 5 moving companies for our move from Vancouver to Victoria. Brothers provided us with a fair price and the reassurance we needed to feel confident the move would go down without any issues. Ben and Saiid showed up on time and were super friendly. These 2 worked their butts off to get everything in the truck safe and secure. They went the extra mile to ensure some of our more valuable and fragile items were protected. Really want to say thank you to those two, they did an incredible job. Joe and Diego made the crossing the next day, showed up on time ready to unload. These 2 also worked their butts off and were really helpful in setting up our new home, respected our space and really cared about where they unloaded stuff so unpacking would be easier. They even moved all our plants without any issues. If you are planning an island move or just a city move, I cant stress enough how great Brothers Moving has been to work with. Moving sucks, and these guys took all the stress out. Thank you! PS. other companies tried to hustle us into a one day move where their movers would have to stay in a hotel, charged to us, if they didn't make the ferry back... which 100% would have happened... ask lots of questions and always ask for explanation of quotes and their moving plan :)

  • C B

*UPDATE* - after multiple attempts to contact this shoddy company, I've received 0 emails or calls back. DO NOT USE THEM! This is your warning. They'll just bust your furniture & ghost you. I had quoted a bunch of different places and ended up choosing Brothers because of the reviews, despite it being a higher hourly rate than other places. The movers were very inefficient, and had zero sense of urgency. It took them 5.5h to move my studio apartment (The destination is only a 10-15min drive & they found parking right away). They also cracked my $2,000 bed frame and didn't even mention anything. I essentially paid for hours worth of service for them to disassemble it poorly & crack the wood. They wasted 1-2h trying to figure out disassembly and broke it anyway??? They didn't even put it back together at my new apartment (but spent a chunk of time attempting to do so). All in it cost me over $1,000 for this move & I ended up paying for 5.5hours because they were taking their sweet time. Had I seen the cracked frame I would not have bothered tipping, but again they simply did not say anything. All of my furniture was essentially thrown into my apartment (the couches were not even placed right side up), and I am now dealing with the aftermath. Would not book their service again.

  • Maria Gil

Unfortunately i have had to move many times. I have had nothing but bad experiences with movers, some of them a nightmare. 4 years ago I used the Brothers Moving Service, and to my surprise, not only they were very reasonable, but also very professional and friendly. I didn't think I was going to move again, but still decided to save their number in case someone needed movers. I did not want people to go thru bad experiences as I had in the past. It's stressful enough moving. Since then I have referred this company to many others, and have had nothing but thank yous. An opportunity came up for me, and I had to move almost immediately. Called the Brother's, and sure enough they went out of their way to accommodate me. I had no time to prepare for the move, everthing was a mess. I just had to give them the address of where I was moving from to where I was going. They went to the "from" place, without me even being there, and delivered in a matter of a couple of hours. Extremely hard hard workers, do not slack at all, efficient while being very careful with my things as well as the walls, they are reliable, and went out of their way to help me. I would not hesitate to recommend the Brother's for any of your moving need

  • mahbobeh Rezaizanjani

I booked our moving for July 31 with Josef and his team. On that date, Josef arrived with two men and a small truck although he was told on the phone the exact amount of furniture we had. Due to the slow pace of their work, we had to help them with lifting and dismantling furniture like beds and the dinning table. Josef was asking me go to one dollar shop to buy an Allen key for opening the dinning table because they had insufficient tools with them. While we marked our glassware as fragile, his team was not careful with moving our boxes and many of our glassware was broken. Other furniture, including my wooden bed and dining table, were also damaged by the movers. At one point, we had a group of four people helping the three movers with lifting and moving things. One of his workers complained that he is 51 years old and needed abundant breaks to do his job. I called Brothers Moving asking for compensation for the damage caused to my furniture and they have failed to return my call. I would strongly not recommend hiring this company for any of your moving needs. We have dealt with numerous moving companies in the past and this one is by far the worst.

  • Ali Chaudhary

Edit (2019): returning customer. Downgraded rating. Completely mismanaged our move. Arrived late with inadequate manpower and materials. Left with unfinished packing. We kept packing after they left. Never again. Previous review: If you're looking for a reliable, yet affordable movers, then I can certainly recommend this company. Although there was a 1 hour delay in arrival I was kept informed. Joseph and Jerry were hardworking, efficient, and quite polite! They took care as much as possible not to damage our furniture. However the space was tight and a few things touched our walls thankfully without causing damage to either the paint or items being moved. There were a few things I would've appreciated. The movers came into the house with outside shoes. We later asked them to take their shoes off and they didn't mind. A few small yet critical parts were left at our previous address that prevented them from assembling some of our furniture. Finally there were no hidden fees. The movers were not slacking. All was clear ahead of our move and the final bill was given as per their hourly rate. Our move was smooth, thanks to Brothers Moving Service.

  • Olivia Darby

I had another fantastic experience with Joe, Ben, and Ayman this week! They were so efficient and did the job faster than planned, with 45 (!!) minutes to spare. As I said in my last review, I will never move my own stuff again. It’s so worth it to get professional help, and the Brothers are the pros you’re looking for. Previous Review From September 2022: Ben and Joe are amazing – I had a really heavy vintage couch that they hauled up three flights of stairs. I was so sure we weren't going to be able to get it into my new place and I'd have to put it in a storage locker or something, but they did it!! I had such a tough time trying to pick a moving company as it was my first time using one, but I'm so lucky to have booked in with them. I was in stressful-moving-mode trying to organize and arrange some things when they arrived, and Joe told me to just pretend like I wasn't moving because they were gonna take care of everything – they are such friendly and easy going guys. I don't think I'll ever move my own stuff again, hiring these guys was so insanely worth it! Thank you again Ben and Joe! :~)

  • Melanie Carr

BEST movers! I want to make sure anyone looking for help with moving of any kind read my review and believe me when I say: BEST experience ever! Long story short, hit a rough patch, have moved easily over a dozen times in just the last few years, can confidently say I've used multiple companies, Brothers Moving made our experience a joy! Can you imagine this? Moving is so stressful and Brothers Moving treated my elderly Mother like gold, were so efficient and calming I felt like I blinked and everything was taken care of, and my teenage daughter was so impressed she gave them a tip from her savings, on her own, insisted. Zero stress! Our movers were Joseph and Kevin and I have never felt so compelled to offer a review and wish I could do more. So careful, kind, unbelievably fast with genuine concern for our belongings. We feel our moving experience with Brothers Moving was a gift! We will be going out of our way to pass their info on to anyone we can! Thank you! Seriously feeling we got beyond lucky with this company and were serviced by Angels.

  • Jeslen Bucci

Brothers Moving has done it again! This was our second move with them (well technically my second and my wife's first). They were here on time as they notified us in advance. No unexpected fees. Everything was as it should have been. We were moving out of the third floor with no elevator. I was convinced this was going to be a nightmare for the team. However, once they arrived I realized my squabbles earlier during the packing stage with my wife about what would be considered too heavy or not were meaningless. Joseph (the owner) moved everything with the elegance and speed you only find with a master of his trade. I know it sounds corny, but it's true. They've seen it all before, packed it all before, and moved it all before. They remain to be the best fit for the job as clearly established by the performance of their work I can't wait to move again so I can hire them again. Just kidding, moving is hard work (although these guys make it look like a breeze). Thanks again Brothers Moving—you did an absolutely terrific job!

  • Cindy Norman

The move done by your company was organized for my mother with short notice, at a time when everyone was moving. You managed to fit us in for which I am very grateful. Oscar and Joe arrived in the allocated time range given and got right to work. It was an extremely hot day and the apartment building did not have any air circulating in the hallways. Joe and Oscar kept at it and were very polite. They were definitely understanding of what it takes to be in a serviced based industry and how to treat the customers. Fortunately once we got to the new place there was air conditioning in the hallways, which I think was a reprieve for us all. I do not foresee any moves in the future, but if and/or when, I will certainly be recommending Brothers Moving Service. I will also mention you to anyone I come in contact with that is moving. Thank you again Oscar and Joe for making a difficult time much easier.

  • h _

I recently used Brothers Moving Service for my move, and I have to say that they did a fantastic job. From the very beginning, their team was extremely professional and helpful. They provided me with detailed quote and explained everything that I needed †o know about the moving process. On moving day, the movers arrived on time and were very courteous and efficient. They took great care with my belongings, making sure that everything was packed and moved with utmost care. They even helped me to unpack and set up my furniture at new place! Overall, I couldn't be happier with the service that Brother Moving Service provided. Their attention to detail and excellent customer service made my move stress-free and seamless. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and professional moving company.

  • Alysia Stansfield

Joe and Ben are the best guys ever. 10/10 highly recommended. We had to move on short notice and it was all extremely stressful. These guys took all my stress away. The place we moved too has a very difficult drive way on 88th in surrey. They were able to back it up no issues. Someone said we would need a 5 ton truck for our move and Ben and Joe without hesitation loaded it all into the 3 ton truck. Never said anything negative or had any bad vibes what so ever. Pointed out any potential damage from the previous movers for us as well. It felt like it took all day yet didn't break the bank. Thank you guys so much. You really have no idea how easy you made this experience for me. If I could have afforded to do so I would have tipped them what I paid for the move itself. <3 x 1000

  • Coral Jansen

These guys are the best! This is the second time Joseph and his crew have moved me in the last three years. Both experiences have been positive and absolutely painless. In fact, I called Brothers Moving this time because they were so fantastic with my first move. They showed up on time, were pleasant and courteous. They were quick but careful not to harm any of my belongings. Joseph and his crew obviously enjoy what they are doing and it shows. They are dedicated to making your move as quick, simple, and painless as possible. Their rates are competitive, and they stand by their quotes. There are no hidden charges. They even gave my dog some love. And they brought cookies! I would definitely utilize their services again and highly recommend them. Thank you Joseph and Bryan!

  • Nancy Grenier

I just completed a Vancouver downtown office move with Brothers Moving Service, and I am so glad I chose to do business with this company. The crew was punctual, professional, experienced, efficient and considerate. Our move was tricky (so I thought!) with portions of the load going to four different locations, but everything went without a hitch. At every drop off, those who dealt with Brothers took the time to call me and rave about Joseph, Mike and Paul. In my experience, Brothers is a trustworthy and fair company. Dealing with them was a pleasure and stress-free. Another perk is that they are a local, family-owned company--it doesn't get better than that! I highly recommend Brothers. Do yourself a BIG favour, and call them for your move.

  • A B

I recently had the pleasure of using Brother Moving for my move, and I couldn't be happier with their service. From start to finish, the team exhibited professionalism and efficiency. Their communication was clear, and they were able to accommodate my schedule without any issues. On the moving day, the crew arrived on time and worked diligently to pack and transport my belongings. I was impressed by how careful they were with fragile items, ensuring that everything arrived at my new home intact. The pricing was competitive, and there were no unexpected charges. If you're looking for a reliable and trustworthy moving company in Vancouver, I highly recommend Brother Moving. They made a potentially stressful experience smooth and hassle-free.

  • Drew Maynard

Brothers is the best moving company we have ever used. I would not recommend any other company. Joe & Ben were amazing. Our movers did not show up on moving day, talk about stressful, but Ben and Joe saved the day. They had already done 2 moves that day and were on their way home when they heard our story they came and moved us on very short notice. Full load from Vancouver out to Abbotsford. Joe and Ben are super nice guys, they are very friendly and courteous. They were great with our 4 year old also who was no doubt getting in the way from time to time. At the end of the day I felt like we got great value from Brothers and they were cheaper than the company that didn't show up. If you have to move call Brothers and ask for Joe and Ben

  • Nuruddin Lakhani

I found Brothers moving on Craigslist and before calling them, I checked their reviews online. And I received exactly the same 5 star service as seen on the reviews. I moved from Vancouver to Abbostford and had 2 pick up points in Richmond and 1 from North Vancouver. Joseph had a YES for all your requests and they did it with quick, ease and efficient. They arrive on time and have good communication over email and phone. Joseph and Ronald provided good service and are friendly. They packed all the glass items in a blanket nicely and without a damage it was moved to my new place. These guys are quick and professional and knows how to move your furnishings safely. Overall highly recommended and I will use their service in future.

  • p russell

Excellent service and value! I would highly recommend this moving company. I was looking for a moving company to help my daughter to move in Vancouver UBC. I talked to a few companies and found out that they had a minimum hours service fee in place. Also, they would not give a ride to my daughter to the new residence during the move (she’s on her own and she doesn’t drive). Finally, I found this company and they don’t have minimum service fee and they had no problem giving a ride to my daughter. Joseph and his brother was very helpful during the move and my daughter was very happy that everything went smoothly. Thank you to you, Joseph and your brother for your help.

  • Monique B

I am a new, young mother and this company honestly made my move so much easier! They did everything they could to help meet my needs with the move! They even went the extra mile and took time out of their own day to come by my place to check out what we had to give us an accurate quote. The people of the company were kind and caring--making conversation and getting to know us on a personal level while they quickly and carefully moving our belongings. I would definitely recommend this company if you want competitive prices, great work and amazing people you can trust that go above and beyond your expectations. Thank you guys so much for helping my family and I out!!!

  • C Ouellette

The process of moving is gruelling and definitely not a fun experience, no matter how great your new home is ... but no one told that to these guys. The amount of enthusiasm, care and guidance they put into my move truly blew myself and my partner away, in fact the team from Brothers Moving made the entire moving process smooth, positive and worry free. They took great care with our items, with our new home’s paint and carpet and sincerely aimed to please. I have already recommended them to a good friend of mine for her upcoming move. Thank you for the great work Brothers Moving, you really showed us what a great moving Company looks like!

  • Jeslen Bucci

What a life saver. We're doing a move from Vancouver to Toronto. We needed to move from our apartment over to the cross-country shipping containers. Joseph was absolutely the best help for this. He came with his team, moved us out of the apartment, and then--like magic--some how managed to fix all of our stuff into the tiny shipping containers (my fault, didn't realize I ordered the small ones). I don't know how he does it, but he pulled off the impossible--again--and for a totally reasonable price for the quality of service provided. If I wasn't moving over 4,000 km away, I would totally be using Joseph again for my next move. 5/5!

  • lauren deborah

I am so glad I found this company. I was moving across town from a small studio to a second floor apartment and I was treated so well. Before I found Brothers, I was being quoted ridiculously expensive rates for my very small move. Brothers had the best prices by FAR! Two men showed up and were friendly and hard working. The whole experience was great, and the thorough communication of the times etc for the day really gave me peace of mind. All of my furniture was wrapped and secured, and they took great care with even my smallest of items. I will use this company every time I move and will recommend them to everyone.

  • Estairia Hong

I used Brothers Moving for my move last week. I found them just by a google search. Two guys came on time and they were very pleasant to interact with and friendly. They dissembled my bed frame and assembled it back up in my new space. I am super grateful they offered this service as they was my major stressor going into this move. They made it super easy for me! They were very professional as well as when they dissembled my bed frame there would mold and moisture underneath I had no clue was there, I was totally grossed out! But they didn't make a thing and continued with the move. I would highly recommended them!

  • Debbie Olson

We used Brothers Moving this month and were so pleased with their service. They were very responsive to our requests and provided updated information by email. They arrived on time and worked efficiently but carefully. There was no damage to any or our items and they took extra precautions to ensure safety of both the home we were leaving and the one we were moving into. They had extra patience for our 5 year old grandson who was hanging around and were both courteous and pleasant to work with. They provided us with an accurate quote and there were no hidden fees. I would recommend them for a move any time.

  • eclectik vancouver

I needed quick and expert help to move a very difficult art piece on a Saturday morning and these guys went above and beyond to make it happen. This particular item was 12 feet long by 4 feet wide and weighed about 400 pounds, and they were able to get it out, onto their truck, unloaded up the street and then put up onto a second level of a new commercial retail unit. I thought it might not be possible, but they managed to pull it off and did the whole thing within an hour. I’m very happy with the value of what I got considering the complexity of the job. Highly recommended.

  • Melanie Booth

Had a very unfortunate experience with this company. They didn’t show up at the scheduled time and when I called to ask if they were coming, they asked “you have a move today?” and then said they would call me back, but didn’t for 6 hours. I tried calling them nearly 100 times with no luck, so I last minute hired a new company. 6 hours later, they called back and asked if they could come. I said no. After a lengthy conversation with the owner, they returned my deposit plus gave me $225 for my troubles. I advise you to use caution and do your research before proceeding.

  • Gloria

Excellent service! Joe and Ben were careful and efficient, ensuring that my furniture and plants were well protected during the move. They were thoughtful and thorough, double checking that everything I intended to move that day was loaded on the truck before leaving. Like most people, I don't like moving. Joe and Ben were helpful and attentive, making this move the quickest and least exhausting/stressful move I have had to-date. I would recommend Brothers Moving, and intend to use their service again in the future.

  • Tessa Burden

By far the best moving company we have ever used. We had a ton of things go wrong with the building we were moving in to, including a broken elevator, and access issues. The team at brothers moving helped us in every way possible and absolutely saved us from a really bad situation. They were so kind and understanding and incredibly professional throughout what ended up being an unexpected 2 day move. We are so grateful for this moving company and will continue to use them for every move in the future!

  • Donna R

I had a great experience with Joseph and his team moving a long couch into my condo after a delivery company said it wasn’t possible for it to fit up the stairwell. Joseph said he would be able to get it in either via the stairs or, failing that, by hoisting it up to my deck from the outside of the building. Within a few minutes after scoping out the stairs, Joseph and his crew had the couch in my condo. It was fast and professional and I was totally satisfied and very impressed. Thank you Brothers!

  • Alex Salb

I absolutely recommend Brothers Moving. They were exactly on time and we had excellent communication through the whole move. Even though almost all my belongings were odd shaped they were able to organize it all quickly and securely in the truck for transit -- loading and unloading flew by. I was moving my items into a temporary storage unit and at the destination they really took care to arrange it so that everything would be as accessible as possible to get to. I'm so impressed and thankful!

  • Hiral Patel

I had a fantastic experience with Brothers Moving and their team of movers, Ben, Said, and Max. They were prompt, professional, and friendly throughout the entire process. They worked tirelessly without any complaints or excuses, taking great care of our furniture by wrapping and blanketing everything. Their attention to detail and efficient work ethic ensured that the move went smoothly. I highly recommend Brothers Moving and the exceptional service provided by Ben, Said, and Max.

  • Vicky Hung

Great company! Ben & Joe make a fantastic team. They were professional and efficient but are also just pleasant people to chat to. Even though they came to our home after an unexpectedly long job, they still maintained a positive attitude and quickly emptied our home of our large furniture and still had the patience to accommodate for any last minute furniture moves. Thank you guys for making our move so much better. Will definitely be recommending them to my friends and family!

  • Cathy S

We had Brothers Moving move our offices from one Downtown location to another on a Saturday and these guys were AMAZING!! Joseph and Malek were total pros and made sure we were moved in quick and efficient matter and without any issues (they even helped to sort out parking with Security for me). They went above and beyond to ensure we were taken care of and followed up even after we were all moved in. Thank you again and will definitely recommend and use in the future.

  • Michelle Kinsler

Brothers Moving provide wonderful services. They arrived on time, packed our boxes and moved with furniture to our new home in North Vancouver. Surprisingly, at and affordable rate with no hidden fees attached. Have been burned by other movers in the past. Not with these gentlemen. I found them honest, friendly, above board and they followed through on all promises made at booking time. Without hesitation, will recommend them to family and friends. Thank You Again!!!!!

  • arronandsandra robinson

We used Brothers moving service to move my uncle from his home to assisted living. They were on time very friendly and professional they even asked if we wanted help with anything else as it was myself and my mother with my 83 year old uncle. They didn’t want us moving the furniture or if we needed assistance with anything if it was heavy they we’re definitely service with a smile. Thanks guys definitely referring you to anyone we know if they are moving. S Robinson

  • A C

Punctual which is very important to us. No hidden fees. Efficient. Straight-forward and easy to work with. "Joe" at Brothers Moving Co. was especially flexible and polite--he really made sure not to scrape/damage my walls or the items being moved. The movers also made sure our items were moved where we needed instead of just dumping them anywhere at our place. We were pleased with the cost & service. We would use Brothers Moving Services again & recommend them!!

  • Jim Newton

I had the pleasure of using their services. I found Joseph & his helper tp be friendly, professional &have my interest front & centre. I was very impressed with how they took extra care in dealing with breakable items & tv's. Their efficiency & speedm were very impressive. Most importantly, I found their rates to be very reasonable & comparable to other moving companies. I would not hesitate & will strongly recommend Big Brother Moving toanyone who has to move.

  • Rosie Jeon

This was my first time using a moving service and am happy Brothers made it stress-free and smooth :) They were efficient and careful in hauling everything to and fro and were communicative throughout the process. I had forgotten to retrieve my apartment key fob from them and they were kind enough to come to me in dropping it back off. All the best to the Brothers! Tip: Make sure to clarify what materials are included in your move and any additional costs

  • Niseema Emery

I hired these guys for my move last month and they were great. Super helpful, punctual and fast. In the building I was moving into, they were great about pointing out damage to the concierge that was not caused by my move and were very mindful about not causing damage- I felt like they had my back through the whole process. It was a bit more money than I had intended to spend for moving, but they were well worth it. I would definitely hire them again!

  • Louisa Carter Staton

Brothers Moving showed up on time and got it done with a great, friendly attitude and zero issues whatsoever. We had to scramble at the last minute to get moved out of our old place. I looked at quotes and reviews online, and this company was the winner. We moved a 2BD/1BA, and it was 2 hrs to get everything out, and 2 hrs to get it all in to the new place. Overall we were just really happy with the experience. Would definitely recommend.

  • Casandra Kaslo

Were recently referred by another mover to Brothers. Over the weekend they completed our move from Richmond to Vancouver. They were on time, ready to go and finished the move within a 4-5 hours - quicker than we thought. The movers were clean-cut, courteous and absolutely professional. I would highly recommend to anyone and everyone to use their services. Has been our best moving experience ever. Keep Up the Great work Guys!!!!

  • Francisco Sitja

Ben and Joseph were very polite, patient with the move and efficient even though it was scheduled the same day and we were not prepared with all things packaged as it should have been and it was stressful circumstances with a sudden need to move, they remained calm and delivered quick and friendly service, and went above and beyond expectations. I feel very blessed to have found them and would use their service again.

  • Keri MacLeod

The movers I had scheduled with TaskRabbit bailed on me the morning of so I had to scramble to find another mover. Brothers Moving was able to accommodate my last minute request, less than an hour’s notice before the scheduled move. They were so professional and kept me updated by text from start to finish. They helped turn a stressful situation into a very positive experience. Thank you guys!! 100% would recommend.

  • Frankie V

After getting quotes from many companies, we went with Brothers Moving as they were by far the most reasonably priced company. Confirming their availability was quick and easy and the two movers and truck arrived literally right on time. The guys were quick, efficient, and none of our property got damaged in the process of moving. What more do you want out of a moving company? Will definitely use them again.

  • Sunny Takhar

We used Brothers Moving Services for our move a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t have been happier with the service. They showed up on time and took great care with our furniture. They also went the extra mile with our oversized couch that wouldn’t fit in the elevator and we’re able to get it into our new place. We would definitely recommend them for your move and would use them again.

  • natalie b

Brothers Moving were fantastic. Arrived on time, were careful with our belongings, followed all directions provided, and had to get creative to move our couch into the new place. Both Ben and Joe were friendly and professional. They provided carpets to protect tile and laminate flooring, which our new building manager loved. I happily recommend hiring this team for your next move.

  • Victoria Squire

The elevator in my new building was broken for move-in day, but that posed no problem for Brothers! They carried everything up four flights of stairs, and still managed to do it quickly! Joseph was friendly, prompt, and helpful, and the price was excellent considering the distance and effort required for my move. Brothers was a huge help, and I would absolutely use them again!

  • Brittany B (BirdyBot)

Just moved today, and the team was so prompt and incredibly strong! I'm grateful since I recently injured my back, making even packing a painful exhausting endeavor, but they were able to move my whole 1 bedroom apartment so fast! They were also very kind and thoughtful, and helped me at the end move the furniture around to where I liked it! Thanks guys!

  • Miriam Ennis

I've used Brothers Moving twice now and wouldn't hesitate to use them again. They were friendly, efficient, and handled my items with great care. They did an expert job of navigating multiple flights of stairs and narrow hallways. They arrived on time and finished within the estimated time frame. The prices are reasonable too. Highly recommend!

  • Nancy Isberg

29Aug2015 We had a great experience with Brothers Moving Service. They were both very polite, concerned that locations of items was to our liking, and on time. The cost of this small move (desk and chair) was so very reasonable and fair considering the move was only 4 blocks away from us. I highly recommend this company to all. Nancy & Garry

  • Arlene E

I highly recommend Brothers Moving Service. They have exceptional service. They were punctual and have moved our furnitures and a other belongings in a very reasonable time and with care. Their price was very reasonable as well. I have moved my moving date twice and Joe was very accommodating. I will choose them again the next time I move.

  • Jen Sissons

I highly recommend Brothers Moving & Delivery! They arrived early for the move and ensured that it went perfectly smooth. I was impressed by their professionalism and quality of service. Beyond that, they were personable and kind. Thanks Joe and Ben for making what could have been a challenging day into one that was easy and enjoyable!

  • Allyson P

Brothers Moving made moving as good an experience as possible! I hate moving but these guys were exceptional. Joe, Renaldo and Jerry were professional, friendly and so careful. Nothing left our place that wasn't wrapped and secured! No damage, not even a scratch. They were so accommodating and patient. I would recommend them to anyone.

  • Shannon de Groot

Brothers moving - Moved me into my new apartment in the west end in Vancouver, BC. and it was truly a supportive, positive experience. The professionalism, efficiency, equipment quality and extremely positive attitude was impressive and I would recommend this company for your moving needs over the rest. They were truly great!

  • Elana Sures

I used Brothers Moving for my office move and they were fantastic! Everything went smoothly, from the booking process to the move in. They were professional, efficient, and fast! Nothing got broken or damaged and they wouldn’t let me lift a finger! They are super nice (and strong) guys and I highly recommend them!!

  • Muwuso Mkochi

Joe, Ben and Said were an absolute tank of a team. We couldn’t be luckier to have had them on our side, there are no words we could add to the quality, care, speed and friendliness they showed towards us and our move. Safe to say, we cannot imagine moving or attempting to do so without Brothers Moving on our team.

  • Jason Rako

We had furniture moved from one address to two different addresses. The furniture was a mix of antique and office pieces. Everything arrived without damage. The movers carefully packaged all the fragile pieces as well. They arrived on time and everything took about 5 hours. We will recommend and hire again.

  • priya bala-miller

We had a very positive experience with the friendly and professional team at Brothers' moving. They handled two moves (one into a storage facility and one residential) and were very courteous, making every effort to avoid marking up newly painted walls. Would highly recommend this team for your next move!

  • Lucy Schneider

These guys sure know how to take the stress out of moving! From the easy and fast quotation and booking, to the actual move, they were fantastic. Joe, Sam and Manuel were fast, efficient and very careful with our items. We will definitely be using them again when we next move. Huge thanks to them all.

  • Lilly Ann Aglubat

Brothers Moving Service helped us 3 times in the past 4 years, and each time, we received a great service! Joe and Ken were always thorough and professional and made moving so much easier. I am impressed with how Joe was able to book us on short notice. Excellent job! Highly recommended :-) -Lilly Ann

  • Rob Hill

The guys did a great job! Showed up on time, were very nice to deal with and took great care of our things. They wrapped up furniture that was delicate without our need to ask. They worked very steady and got the job done efficiently. I would definitely use them again for our next move. Thanks!

  • Paul Belzile

Thank god for Brothers Movers. Joe and Ben did a quick and efficient job moving our stuff across town on a first of the month. No damage on any of our furniture and our nice glassware came through without a crack. Will recommend them to anyone moving and will use them again if we ever need to.

  • Quentin Spetifore

I had to schedule a last minute move and Brothers Movers were able to accommodate me. They showed up on time, were courteous and professional. The best part was they took very good care of the furniture and everything went smoothly. I will use them again and certainly recommend them to others.

  • Parvaneh

The Brothers Moving company not only has an amazing name but it does help you as your real bothers would do. I was lucky to be accompanied by two brothers who helped me to move my belongings from one city to another in this Covid pandemic. They were very caring, generous, and kindhearted.

  • Alyssa

Joe and Ben helped me out on the day of my move and definitely made it less stressful! They were friendly, efficient and professional . They took great care with all of my items and moved my furniture out of my small space with no issues. Would absolutely recommend them to anyone moving!

  • Geoff Helliwell

Had a great experience. The guys made my moving experience really easy. Great communication leading up to my move, and they had me packed, and unloaded at my new residence really quickly! Really friendly and helpful guys. Will be calling Brothers moving if I need to move again for sure!

  • Vanina Torres

Brothers Moving Service, are an excellent Move out/ in company! They were all professional, prompt and politeand, did an amazing job, they took care as much as possible not to damage our furniture. I would use them again and would definitely recommend them to family and friends!

  • Mackenzie Kochell

I had a wonderful moving experience with Joe and Ben. They were right on time, very respectful of my belongings, kind to me, quick, and educated on moving large pieces of furniture and packing the moving truck. I fully recommend them and would use them again. Thanks again guys!

  • Jennifer Woron

We used Brothers Moving to move into our new house. Joe was very quick and responsive in setting up the details prior to the move. On the actual day, they showed up as planned and were very careful not to damage any of our possessions. They worked hard and had a great attitude!

  • angela zhou

ben and joe helped me out with my move in vancouver. they were super quick and efficient, very professional good. weather was bad but all my belongings were properly packed and in amazing condition!! i highly recommend this company, thank you again ben and joe for your help!

  • Jean McComb

Joseph and Thomas were great!! I had some heavy awkward pieces to be brought down from the top floor. It's an old house, so narrow hallways and a switchback staircase. They did it quickly and efficiently. Such pleasant guys. I would highly recommend them for any moving job.

  • Lucy F

Highly recommend this moving company if you ever need moving service! Staff who moved my belongings are very friendly, efficient and professional! The moving experience is the best I’ve had so far. I’m glad I booked the service at Brothers Moving. Very satisfied. …

  • Sarah Rushton

Such an incredibly smooth moving experience! The three guys came exactly on time and hustled - so much so that we finished way ahead of schedule and I had time for a trip to the grocery store! The guys were so pleasant and trustworthy. 100% recommend and book again!

  • Ronnish Bahadoor

It's a great service. They also help you for disassembling and assembling the furniture. I paid quite reasonable price for a Cube Truck. The two guys were very friendly, came on time and especially one of them was Joseph , a great guy ! Highly recommend you.

  • Chris Francis

Joe and his team were a pleasure to work with. They arrived early, moved everything with care and took safety precautions seriously keeping us and their team safe. They made the whole process stress free and I am very happy with the service they provided.

  • Donna Armstrong

I am very happy with Brothers. I made a quick decision to move and was very tired and stressed when they arrived. They were calm, courteous, professional, gentle, and kind. I highly recommend Brothers Moving. Ty both so much. My move with you was smooth.

  • Jason-Anthony Gaskin

I had a great experience with two movers from Bothers. They were friendly, showed up on time and were very accommodating when I made a mistake on where we would load the furniture into my apartment. Great conversation as well! The prices were also fair.

  • Nene

I used this company to move in with my boyfriend. They arrived on time, just as they say they would. Joseph and his team were very friendly and polite. There was like so many moving companies in Vancouver, but I'm so happy that I chose Brothers Moving!!

  • Manisha Sharma

Best moving company to use! Came highly recommended by a friend and it was definitely worth it. It was our first time using a moving company and they made the whole process so stress free. Everyone is so helpful and friendly we had a great experience!!

  • Jennifer Eyton

Brothers Moving Service was top notch this past weekend! We had a difficult move and they made it so much easier. They were all professional and did an amazing job. I would use them again and would definitely recommend them to family and friends!

  • Caryl Rafael

I recently completed my move with Brothers Moving. Ben and Joseph were great! They were friendly, efficient, and helpful! It was a pleasure working with them. I would recommend them for anyone seeking reasonably priced and accommodating service.

  • J

Ben & Joe have been very professional and super attentive with attentions to detail. I’ve had extensive experience with different movers but these guys are definitely top notch. I’ll call them again and recommend them to my family and friends.

  • Curtis BG

The movers showed up 10min early and packed everything we needed with a great attitude and expert technique. I highly recommmend to anyone who needs help moving. Excellent work and excellent attitude toward the work. Our move was not easy!

  • Jeff Gort

Brothers Moving and Delivery picked up my plethora of items from a suite and garage, then additional pieces from a storage unit. The men were super-efficient and friendly (their salutation to everyone involved was "Hi boss!!!). It was as

  • Carey Family

Amazing to deal with from start to finish! I booked the appt. for my daughter moving out of residence at UBC to Point Grey as my husband and I couldn't be there to help. I was a little apprehensive at first but they followed up, were

  • Grace mcneill

Hi Thank you for helping move my daughter on July 25th. Even though it was a very short move, Joe and his helper, (sorry I don't remember his name), arrived the time they said they would be there. They were very friendly, efficient,

  • Emilie Sonego

Great & efficient service. Brothers made my move go smoothly when normally it's such a pain. They detached and rebuilt my bed frame quickly and moved my extremely heavy sofa couch with ease. Would definitely hire them again!

  • Robyn Lai

Very professional and went above and beyond to help with our move. Brought a box spring through the second floor window when it couldn't be brought upstairs, and moved a heavy queen sized bed frame down to the basement!

  • trudy chalmers

We used Brothers Moving for a residential move and they were great! They took good care of our stuff and made the move a lot less stressful. Thanks to their efficiency, the move went smoothly! I would recommend them.

  • Bonnie Sydora

Fantastic, friendly service! Thank you for helping us with my daughter’s move. Highly recommend these guys. We needed movers on super short notice and this company helped us. Call them for all your moving needs .

  • Mark Castro

I can recommend brothers moving. Malik and Ben were amazing. Very helpful, wrapped everything very carefully. They did the move in really good time and made a stressful day very easy. Thanks for great service.

  • Manu Guevara

Most convenient moving experience I’ve had! The movers were friendly & professional, and they had very reasonable rates for services. (no minimums for labor). Safe to say they’re my go-to for all my moves now

  • Cyrus Liu

Ben, Rick and Joe were awesome. Super friendly. Super professional and hard working. They wrapped everything to make sure none of our stuff got damaged. On time and would definitely recommend.

  • Maria Belen

Today, i used brother moving vancouver to move from downtown to storage. They are friendly, hardworking, and professional. The entire process was smooth and efficient. I highly recommend them.

  • bernice

They were so quick, careful, and efficient with their service and made our move very seamless. We will be using their services again and we highly recommend everyone to do so as well!

  • Eva Maier

I’ve used them for the last 4 moves and they have honestly been a god send! They’re always very careful and you can tell they really care about you. Just such great people all around!

  • Ignacio Vallejo Ramaciotti

The guy I hired to help me move bailed on me at the last moment. Luckily enough I found Brothers Moving Service's number, I called them and they arrived within the first 30 min!

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