Aquatico Aquarium

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8/72-80 Hampstead Rd, Maidstone VIC 3012, Australia



Aquatico Aquarium is a Aquarium shop located at 8/72-80 Hampstead Rd, Maidstone VIC 3012, Australia. It has received 175 reviews with an average rating of 4.3 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Aquatico Aquarium: 8/72-80 Hampstead Rd, Maidstone VIC 3012, Australia

  • Aquatico Aquarium has 4.3 stars from 175 reviews

  • Aquarium shop

  • "Everybody knows Aquatico Aquarium has a fantastic array of great tropical fish at competitive prices"

    "DO NOT GO HERE! Saw several dead fish and owners noticed them too but just walked past and continued doing other things"

    "Went today to check some axolotls for my daughter and successfully reserved 2 to pick up a week later as we have to set up a tank first"

    "My new favourite fish store"

    "Absolutely disgusting tanks"


  • Phil And Nat Chamberlain

Everybody knows Aquatico Aquarium has a fantastic array of great tropical fish at competitive prices....if you haven't seen for yourself check out the fabulous Facebook reviews! Me....for over 32 years my passion & geeky obsession has been FANCY GOLDFISH! I am so excited to update & share this review with all you keen goldfish keepers... When I first met Son he was certainly already passionate about fish however this business was quite new. He had a few small tanks of various goldfish both common & "FANCY GOLDFISH" I'm so happy the range of fancy goldfish he stocks now are second to none in Melbourne! Excellent Ranchus, extremely good quality Orandas from itty bitty to 22cm the variety he keeps are great but at very reasonable, competitive prices & importantly, optimum health. You do need to be fast because they sell very fast now that word has spread! Son has a keen eye for quality & will happily do his best to source what it is you're looking for. He is well connected, practices as an Aquarist with pride, the upmost integrity & certainly deserving of the great reputation, he & lovely wife Vicky have achieved. Both are a pleasure to deal with! It's so nice to leave an aquarium feeling this sense of satisfaction! ALL fish at Aquatico Aquarium are kept in optimum, conditions for the health & wellbeing of that particular species! He takes pride in standing by the excellent premium quality & conditions of all stock! It's refreshing to have discovered such an UNASSUMING, EXTREMELY PASSIONATE, GENUINELY HONEST, KNOWLEGABLE, FRIENDLY, HELPFUL, WELCOMING, PROFESSIONAL AQUARIST (that's a lot of adjectives I know! deservedly so!) I love that his small selection that used to be out the back has exploded! Expanded into a vast array of lovely large tanks with the best variety of beautiful Fancy goldfish in town! Don't go past them for your new set up either. With very competitive prices on all your needs equipment, lighting, filtration, media, plants food & chemicals you will be doing yourself a favour! Even if you're not a local... Son will happily help you & you can rest assured you can rely on their advice, honesty, expertise & recommendation from your specific needs. Don't be shy to ask if there's something you don't see.... Son can proudly stand by his reputation as the "go to guy" for ALL your needs he will stand by the quality of his stock, products, accessibility to competitive fair pricing. They do not sell you things you don't need to waste money on yet help you with an enquiry big or small. You child's first pet goldfish bowl to the most elaborate set up fully stocked with the highest quality exotic species. I am proud to use them exclusively and no longer need to source anything interstate or overseas! See for yourself! You'll be impressed!

  • Liandra du Preez

DO NOT GO HERE! Saw several dead fish and owners noticed them too but just walked past and continued doing other things. Water everywhere in the shop with pipes all over the floor. All the beta fish were still, not swimming around very sad. Saw poor handling of fish, just grabbed it with their hand and then threw it into a tank. The building stinks and is ridiculously humid, barely any vegetation in most tanks. Many fish in small containers they can’t even move around in on the shelves with yellowed water, no clue how long they’d been there either.

  • Ann Sarreal

Went today to check some axolotls for my daughter and successfully reserved 2 to pick up a week later as we have to set up a tank first. I've been searching and didn't realise there's a good pet place nearby that has them, there's lots of other fish varieties and aquarium supplies too! The guy who helped us has topnotch customer service skills and we're very happy. Highly recommended!

  • Phu Lai

My new favourite fish store. Mainly freshwater fish. Great collection of livestock, plants, and hardscape materials (rocks, driftwood, etc.). There are some great display tanks too. Pricing is one of the best in Melbourne. Customer service still leaves a lot to be desired though. Very worth a visit in general, will be back again.

  • Charlotte Evelyn

Absolutely disgusting tanks. Every tank is overcrowded and filthy. Stuff all over the floor. Betta fish in tiny glass tanks with brown/yellow water stacked on stop of each other in open styrofoam boxes on the floor in the tank room. Strong smell. Overpriced driftwood. Go to a different aquarium. Don't go here.

  • Cincel Diao

We went there today and were very disappointed. DO NOT go to this place. 0 stars for customer service!! The guy there didn’t seem interested in the customers and even looked irritated when we asked questions! He did this to the other customers as well. I would not spend a single penny on this place!

  • Mr.Syed Abdul Razzaq

You deserve 10 stars! Excellent customer service and very humble, Today i was late for 5minutes and was'nt able to find the location. The Owner waited till i reached eventhough he was closed before 5mins of my arrival. He did wait for customers sake. Appreciate it. Thank you!

  • Shamz R

BEST AQUARIUM shop in the West side! Very helpful staff and fishes are within affordable price range and from past experience, they are healthy and well kept. All the exotic fishes we purchased off them has lived on long, compared to some we bought from another shop!

  • Manh Hoang

Great place great prices . The staff r helpful and generous and the water in some of the tanks is brown from Indian almond leafs it's not dirty just letting u know ... the fish love that water it's healthy 4 them... so yeah 5 stars u won't regret going there …

  • Kirsty Purcell

Bought Aluminium plants here, which were fully submerged in their tank. Later to find out this isn’t even an aquatic plant, when it died and made a mess all over the tank. Obviously should have done my research but also don’t think it’s cool to sell like this.

  • Jesse Wilson

THE BEST! Fantastic service, wide range and the best quality. They have rare aquatic plants, mosses and quality shrimp! Everything you need. They also stock rare betta, ADA substrates and a wide range of aquascape goods. One of my favourite places! …

  • Christopher Jordan

Aquatico is an exceptional store with a huge range in live fish, plants and hardscape. The owners are always wanting to help and show a genuine interest in your enquiry. The best Betta fish available in Melbourne- this is your one stop shop! Love coming here!

  • Richard Hayward

I'm very glad to live so close to this amazing shop. There are two rooms stocked full of tanks with exotic flora and fauna to explore. I drove past this place as it's more of a warehouse than a shop. But once inside, there's plenty to look

  • shadow cadence

Only go here if you are an experienced fishkeeper, know exactly what you want going in, and have the means to care for sick fish when you get them. Many tanks are hard to see into because of algae. Many sad looking bettas and sad looking

  • Stan Mustang

Got some Cardinal Tetra and a algae eater today with plants and very happy on the service and knowledge fantastic work and so much at this Store filters Aquariums and plants great displays and a large variety of fish …

  • Olivia Bodycomb

High level of knowledge and professionalism has kept my 3 fish alive. Offering delivery services during Covid 19 times, always was a pleasure to do business with. High quality everything wouldn’t get fish at any regular pet store.

  • Kham TEH

I only went there to have a look, I told myself. Then I came home with 2 more fish! This place only have quality livestock. I've got no more room for more fish so I better stay away from this place. One of the best in Melbourne!

  • Chandra Wijaya

Happy with my purchase....they are really helpful and give a good advice :) will be my favourite place to buy aquarium stuff. Also delivery is really fast i was surprised (next day interstate). Good luck guys!!!! Love ur work

  • Billie Morris

so helpful and knowledgeable, my absolute favourite aquarium for fish, the bettas are so big and healthy!! their display tanks are beautiful. A worker gave me duck weed for free, and helped me pick out my bettas …

  • Arash

The store goal is not to have log term customers. As a beginner I went there hoping to get professional opinion to lead me but I didn't. I spent over 400$ there on the equipment and fish and two of my fish died in

  • Jo Prap

Great customer service from Kong and the owner! Very freindly and knowledgeable with extremely competitive prices. Took the time to explain products. Very clean shop and healthy fish! We will be back!

  • M Legiman

The owner, Son is very honest and helpful person. He will help you to chose which fishes are matching in your aquarium. Thank you Son, for your service when I still can play with my fishes.

  • Mary Rutnam

Always have the best experience, love the service always when we get there. Reasonable prices on everything always have heaps of choices and can get the best advice from everyone around..

  • Rizz

Great place. Amazing staff! Great quality stock. They get in some of the most interesting unique fish on a regular basis. Well worth repeat visits. Fairest priced products in Melbourne.

  • Simon Johnson

Great knowledge of fish and other living creatures they sell. The owner knows a lot so if you get the chance pick his brain other wise pick the staff's brains they are happy to help

  • Kale Bryklin

The guy was really aggressive with getting the fish out and proceeded to get careless enough with the bag he dropped them on the floor bursting the bag open and two fish fell out.

  • Kelly Tiernan

Great variety of different types of fish both tropical, and fresh water, live plants many beautiful displays, didn't have globe required, so would have to order to get another.

  • Jane Kenny

My kids and I have had the best experience with Kim and all the team. Incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, with a huge range to choose from. I would not hesitate to recommend.

  • kate Greenwood

Shocked! Not one fish tank without dead fish in it. . Nearly every fish had white spot on fishes fins and this was in the late afternoon so you would expect them to be clean.

  • Gcash

Great store ! The staff are very approachable and knowledgeable. Their products are very well priced and extensive. A place I recommend for anyone entering the hobby!!!

  • Saurabh Kanwar

I've been here few times always leave happy, have bought few fish, some plants and some accessories, all reasonably priced and healthy. Knowledgeable and helpful staff

  • Nigel Dolbel

My son was looking to set up his first fish tank. We went twice to Aquatico Aquarium during the process and found the staff to be very helpful and knowledgeable.

  • Dee Jade

I love this place for my Aquarium needs, always go here and people here are so friendly. I recommend to visit their Facebook account to see their new daily post.

  • chantelle brennan

Very friendly and helpful staff, great store and great stock, manager is always happy to barter for large orders, buying or selling quality fish with a smile.

  • COVID lol

Some of the worst shrimp in Melbourne I've purchased over 20+ blue bolts 15$ each daily water changes but they still all died do not buy shrimp from here

  • Hansel Lobo

Friendly staff and very helpful to answer all of my queries. Great quality and variety of exotic fish. Definitely recommend Lee and the crew. Thank You

  • Koroush Refahi

Safety does not exist in this shop, watch your step when you walk around , lots of hoses and other things on the floor which can make you trip over.

  • Les Man

For all your aquarium needs. Top people. Friendly. Have a big range of accessories. The place to at least drop by and check out. Well done.

  • Currer Bell

Our favourite aquarium! Worth the hr or so drive down. Great selection of fish, beautiful set ups, good prices and really awesome staff.

  • Charmaine Ferraren

Good range of livestock and dry goods at extremely competitive prices. The staff are attentive and knowledgeable without being pushy.

  • Rob Ljubic

Great range of fish and accessories at a great price,highly recommend anyone checking it out,you won't be disappointed!!

  • Meihui

A little bit pricy, but great variety of plants, fish and equipment! The staff were also very professional and helpful.

  • J M

The tanks were filthy, and smelled terrible. A lot of ill looking, dead, and dying fish. I would not purchase from here

  • nirmaan nallamuthu

Can honestly vouch for this aquatic business One of the most honest shops around. -Prices are very competitive.

  • Rabin Dahal

Bought few goldfishes and few items. Lovely people, healthy items and resonable pricing. Highly recommended.

  • nguyenminh hieu

Professional aquarium shop. Have a lot of fish for chose + medicine for treatment. Recommend this one.

  • Joel Danao

The owner of this shop will look after you ! Just ask him what you need and he will take care of it !

  • Arthur Pramatias

Very nice shop got some very good quality catfish and shtrimp very friendly and helpful

  • Brittany Debono

Amazing customer service. Reliable products. Thanks team, will be back in the future.

  • Leon Vlahakis

If you're looking for professional advice & service this is not the store for you....

  • Its Me

Lee is amazing!! Super kind and helpful. Fantastic products and beautiful fish!!!

  • PvTT

Quality fish, great selection, friendly staff and overall a good store to visit.

  • Mr Marcus

Dirty, cluttered floor lots of trip hazards, rude staff and alot of dead fish

  • Azhar

Good spread of species of fish. Prices are higher than some places.

  • An Duong

Good place for aquarium fish mainly high quality fancy goldfishes.

  • Liam

Not worth your time. Quality of fish is low and workers are rude

  • Monte Latrodectus

Great range and very good prices, staff were also awesome …

  • Klaas Meekel

Great range of fish available, excellent service received

  • Faysal khan

Great customer service and value of money

  • Janelle May

Great service and good prices

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