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38 Ayr St, Doncaster VIC 3108, Australia



Aquamarine Aquaristic is a Aquarium shop located at 38 Ayr St, Doncaster VIC 3108, Australia. It has received 88 reviews with an average rating of 4.6 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Aquamarine Aquaristic: 38 Ayr St, Doncaster VIC 3108, Australia

  • Aquamarine Aquaristic has 4.6 stars from 88 reviews

  • Aquarium shop

  • "If you are into marine tanks , this is the place to go! It's like walking into another world! Just don't expect any service if Jacob is working and your not Chinese! Been a customer for over a decade and spend hundreds at least every visit and I visit regularly just to be ignored! Service is terrible unless Jono or Lauchie are working"

    "Awesome shop, by far the best of the half dozen or so I've visited around Melbourne"

    "I drive all around Victoria for work and I stop at every aquarium when I have the chance"

    "Made a purchase of some co2 scrubbing media after a week of it not arriving I contacted aquamarine and was told that they didn’t have it in stock currently it would be arriving next week"

    "Always had a fantastic experience at AA"


  • Daniel Larnach

If you are into marine tanks , this is the place to go! It's like walking into another world! Just don't expect any service if Jacob is working and your not Chinese! Been a customer for over a decade and spend hundreds at least every visit and I visit regularly just to be ignored! Service is terrible unless Jono or Lauchie are working. . Thanks Jacob for your loyalty! Very professional Jacob, only reason I continued to come in was I knew u where away and would get service not ignored. Emojis? Grow up! Iam not upset over a few dollars Iam upset at you and how you can lie and laugh. I literally had to yell to get attention after being grumbled at by some tall rude Asian kid. Then sold a faulty heater. So yes it's very true. Plus your whole system of aqua dollars is a scam. Mine mysteriously disappear. Spent so much supporting you from when you started but you only really dealt with my wife. Plus most items are overpriced and still you laugh at a customer instead of calling or discussing? Maybe Jono should look after your customer service, u have no clue mate. Nice guy when u want to be. If it wasn't for Jono would have left it on 1.

  • Pat Mcdonald

Awesome shop, by far the best of the half dozen or so I've visited around Melbourne. This shop caters specifically to salt water, which means they really know their stuff. The selection of coral is second to none with huge frag tanks taking up the majority of the floorspace, all neatly ordered and immaculately maintained. Other shops in the area are put to shame by how well maintained and clean the tanks and entire shop is, clearly staffed by people who care about what they're and when I'm spending hundreds of dollars in livestock for my tanks I want to know they come from people who care and take the extra steps to keep things tidy. Thanks for the experience, you've earned a loyal customer for sure!

  • The Wine Stain Hurricane

I drive all around Victoria for work and I stop at every aquarium when I have the chance. I can say with confidence that this is the best shop by far! The biggest selection of corals to choose from with a fair price and the quality is unreal. The staff is highly knowledgeable and actually enjoy taking the time to explain things in fine detail. You can tell they enjoy it as Jonathon is a key member of the "novice reef keepers australia" Facebook page who takes even more time to help out everyone in need and make reef keeping accessible and enjoyable for everyone. If you come to this shop, know that you will be in the right hands.

  • Corey Wildbore

Made a purchase of some co2 scrubbing media after a week of it not arriving I contacted aquamarine and was told that they didn’t have it in stock currently it would be arriving next week. Called back the next week and they had issues with their delivery company and had to send it via another courier a week later it finally arrived. Having burned thru the media very quickly I have now returned to using the co2 media from reef pure it’s a little more expensive but lasts 3 times as long and is less waste at the end of the day Will not be purchasing anything from aquamarine Aquaristic in the future

  • Beth O'Brien

Always had a fantastic experience at AA. Jono is a real down to earth bloke, good sense of humour and he always has stacks of frags. All frags have been healthy, robust and happy and are doing great guns in my tank. I’m based in NSW, and corals always arrive in top nick. The only time I had issue was when StarTrack messed up, and even then, Jono sent me some replacement frags the following week! His customer service is top knotch and I’ve recommended Jono/AA to around 20 other reefers, probably more. If you want quality healthy corals and fish Jono is your man!!!

  • Brad Prinze

Placed an order for coral and inverts. Was shipped via star track on Monday and didn’t arrive until Thursday. Only 3/5 of the coral arrived dead and one shrimp. Very helpful before placing the order although referred to DOA policy after it arrived. Apparently if it is delivered within 24 hours and is DOA then they can do something about it although if StarTrack take longer than 24 hours to deliver the package then there’s nothing they can do about it. If StarTrack is unreliable then perhaps move to a different courier so customers don’t receive a box of death.

  • tony Matthew

Very poor experience, spent $150 buy a blue tang just one day was dead , contact the owner he requested my provide the sample of water and fish photo him , I said I can do it my water is standard . then after half hour he deny what he said and just tell me nothing to do that . I provide some photo evidence like the fish abdomen color is white and serious wound then he blacklist me Do not buy any fish from this shop! 大家不要在这家店买东西 本来以为是中国人开的 ,没想到同胞就会欺负华人. 买的蓝吊一天就死了 入缸后就藏着平躺状态极其不好 . 这个店主挺黑的让我提供这证据那证据 我都给了 完了就给我拉黑 大家千万不要找他买

  • Anton Shcherbakov

Unusual selection of corals for a very affordable price. Despite cold winter nights, corals always arriving healthy, due to carefully and professionally organized packaging. Sent multiply emails with lots of questions, all emails has been replied almost immediately, John clearly doing his best to provide second to none customer care. Best corals related online shopping experience i ever had . Hopefully, one day I'll be in Melbourne to see this amazing store in person.........

  • Azi Sheikh

Outstanding, potentially the best range of coral in Melbourne. This place is a must for the reefer hobbyist. Well worth the drive and Jono and the team have excellent customer service. If you are new to the hobby, visit here as they are leaders with advice for the novice reefer. See you guys again soon.

  • Alan Handley

if you are after marine corals etc this is the place to go the are very helpful and have great corals well worth the drive. the are welling to spend the time to help you set up your tanks and give you tips to make it even better. thanks guys

  • Jay Yu Leung

Decent looking shop however disappointing to see the fish tanks are full of disease. Service was lacking, was served by Alan, helpful at first but he lost interest after he realise I was only buying 1 coral

  • Jason Kelly

5 Stars out to these guys. Fantastic store with amazing pieces and really cheap prices compared to other aquariums. Jono and the team are so friendly and helpful. Will always shop here

  • Paul Kite

Amazing range of corals and beautiful healthy fish. Prices were very good. The staff were very helpful and knowledgeable. I couldn't recommend this shop more highly. Well done!!!!

  • Chris Larsen

Awesome place, great experience and very knowledgeable, highly recommended for all marine enthusiasts.had 100% success with all stock brought including snails, fish and corals.

  • R

The staff seemed like not welcoming. They have some fish and corals. However there are many shops around and I don't beg to shop at your store when u don't welcome customers.

  • tarrynpful

have been in store and i also buy online frequently and i can say their corals and service are amazing. Corals always arrive in good condition and super healthy.

  • Mike Walker

So many beautiful corals to look at!!! A great location and the staff are very friendly.Nice place to visit with your family and spend some time outside too.

  • Peter Zimmerman

Had a good time going on a Saturday.I do love this place. Anything that has to do with ocean life fascinates me.They have very beautiful display tanks too.

  • Suggine Silva

Amazing store and it’s my go to shop for all saltwater related things. All live stock looks very healthy. Staff are very helpful specially Jonathan.

  • Dan Downes

Awsome shop, best prices and good blokes been coming here for a few years now, always good knowledge and company thanks guys …


The best place for coral lovers. Always get good corals in stock with great service and professional advice. Highly recommended.

  • Cooper Gaunt

Very helpful friendly staff that are always keen to help you out and have heaps of different things for all sorts of stuff

  • John Herrmann

Amazing stuff. If you want the best coral at great size and price you dont need to look anywhere else. These guys rock.

  • Jay B

Best place for sps in Melbourne my go to for high end frags, clean tanks, great advise. Amazing display tanks.

  • Metamorphosis Makeover

Every staff are the best and amazing services as always!! Best corals and fish so much to choose from! …

  • Robert Verzin

Johnno knows his stuff. Very helpful and always willing to share his knowledge. Some awesome corals too !!

  • Kemp Zhong

Best place for coral lovers in the area. Wide range of corals and nice set up. Recommended for any reefer.

  • Toan Pham

Best marine store in Melbourne. Jono and Lachy are the most knowledgeable and nicest people in industry.

  • elle moss

The most stunning aquarium I've been to. Honestly rather come here than the Melbourne aquarium …

  • Stephen Fuller

All the frags I have received from AA have been fantastic in quality and size. Highly recommend!

  • 钟宝华

Coral haven for reefers. Always come here to look for healthy corals and professional advice.

  • George Dagher

You want the best corals around Melbourne come down to aquamarine you won’t be disappointed

  • Gary S

Super clean store with so much amazing coral it’s hard to choose when it all looks so good

  • Aaditya Kumar Sharma Nepal

So good coral collection and good communication happy corals happy days …

  • Jane Exell

10/10 worth the 45min drive to visit this place! So many corals and great service!

  • Phong Pham

I have been here many times. The best place of coral and always have good prices.

  • Amazigh Tari

Best selection of corals ive ever seen! Great quality service and friendly staff

  • Jason Feng

Excellent service and all the fish and corals are in good health. Recommended!

  • Astrid Blume-Tari

The best coral shop in Melbourne I got a lot of my special corals from there

  • Suizhen Huang

This is my go to coral store. Recommended for coral and marine fish lovers.

  • Eliah Dagher

Best service there is, Amazing coral etc also staff are top notch …

  • Khushal Derashri

Best Aquarium shop I've been too so far in Melbourne. Very informative

  • Emmanuel Karras

Sales person Johno, very knowledgeable. Service was above and beyond.

  • Zhengyang Liu

The rich variety of corals and knowledgeable staff. Very nice shop!!!

  • Kim Harrod

Perfect place to bring a child.!They love the display fish tank here

  • Saikrishna Gundamaneni

Good customer service, nice coral selections, cheap price as well.

  • Roberto Traficante

For all your Aquarium needs, can't go past Aquamarine Aquaristic.

  • Jennae Neal

Very knowledgeable and super friendly!!! Definitely recommend!!

  • Abbi McDonald

Great range of stock, friendly and helpful staff, good prices.

  • Damian Ciccotelli

Amazing shop!! Very professional and awesome corals …

  • Brandon Stafford

Great advice and beautiful corals. Our go-to marine reef shop

  • Michael Aloisio

Best meals and pizza in the area great relaxing venue

  • Sylvia Bayside Yoga

Beautiful pieces to add to your salt water aquarium

  • Benjamin Knight

awesome place for everything coral especially SPS.

  • Jamie Robertson

Extremely poor The worst shop in Australia by far

  • Martin Kelly

Great variety of corals and Service was great

  • Casey Chong

Friendly service and very reasonable prices

  • Mace Withington

Incredible range of coral at great prices.

  • Mark Z

Best sps collections in Melbourne

  • Ben m

Awesome shop, great service too

  • Thong Ta

Great range of beautiful coral.

  • Paula Stafford

Great corals, excellent advice!

  • tim Feng

nice quality corals and fish

  • enzo谦信

very good place~

  • Eco Friendly

Shop is closed

  • pearly Subash

Pretty clean

  • Saman Jameel
  • bbx
  • Cain Seing
  • Dom H
  • J
  • Tim M
  • Matthew Diamond
  • Alvin BK
  • Marco Candiloro
  • Reece Alexander
  • David Semkins
  • Sachinda Samarakoon
  • Mónica romero turriago
  • evca acve
  • Michael Nguyen
  • ThatPodGuy
  • Elijah Withington
  • Havin Huang
  • Kris Vanston
  • shez Edi
  • lu “luin909”
  • RY

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