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A+ Family Dentistry is a Dentist located at 6755 Mira Mesa Blvd Suite 218, San Diego, CA 92121. It has received 269 reviews with an average rating of 5.0 stars.





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  • The address of A+ Family Dentistry: 6755 Mira Mesa Blvd Suite 218, San Diego, CA 92121

  • A+ Family Dentistry has 5.0 stars from 269 reviews

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  • "They seemed very nice"

    "I was very happy after my first visit at Dr"

    "I love A+ Family Dentistry"


    "If your dentist doesn’t care about you like this"


  • Micheal Weston

They seemed very nice. The office was welcoming as well and everyone was friendly. Why is my review one star then? Well they are reallllly money hungry and push for services that you don’t really need. For me, it is was deep cleaning. After going in for a normal cleaning and initial exams/X-rays, the dentist comes with a quote for a deep cleaning saying that I really need it to have a healthy mouth. I did tell them the last time I had a cleaning was 10-11 months prior but the confidence she had in telling me that I NEEDED a deep cleaning was a bit worrying for me and because I was laying on down and on the spot looking at the paper with the quote on it, she didn’t ask if I wanted more time to think. She literally shoved it in my face and was staring at me waiting for my response. As someone who has to rely on a dentist for information (like most people) I said yea ok and proceeded to do deep cleaning on half of my mouth around $800 (what a great deal am I right?). After I left thinking what the hell just happened, I consulted two other dentists in San Diego and both said that I did not REALLY need a deep cleaning. They said it could be done but it is not necessary which is the opposite of what Dr Janice mentioned. This reminds me of when mechanics trick many people into adding more services for their car resulting in paying more money when those services are not needed. Sad.

  • William Nguyen

I was very happy after my first visit at Dr. Janice's office and decided to do dental treatment at A+ Family Dentistry. I initially wanted to get routine check and would decide if or when to go back to my home country, Vietnam, for treatment. I believed it's much more affordable there. At my first visit, Dr. Janice was very thorough when checking my teeth and gum bleeding condition. She carefully explained options for treatment and what they can do to help if I decided to do treatment in Vietnam. After the visit, I realized that the overall cost is not much different for treatment here comparing to a top dental place in Vietnam. Moreover, the staffs, services and atmosphere at Dr. Janice's office are really great. Therefore, I decided to do all dental treatment work with A+ Family Dentistry; major part of treatment has to be done at El Cajon office due to equipment requirements, but I don't mind the commute. However, I still want to go to Dr Janice's office for teeth cleaning. Overall, my experience with Dr. Janice's office was great; and I continue going for teeth cleaning here regularly. I really like their attention to details and putting effort to send our personalized greeting cards and prepare personal welcome message at office. I would highly recommend Dr. Janice's office to everyone.

  • Lily Mason

I love A+ Family Dentistry. I broke a crown and needed to see a dentist asap. I didn’t know where to go and then I remembered receiving a postcard for this dentistry so I called and made an appointment. Wow, from the second you walk in you feel So much peace and calmness; there is so much serenity that you just relax in the spot. To me it feels like an oasis The staff is absolutely professional and extremely friendly, they really make you feel welcomed. Before they start any services you are explained the process and what will be done so there are no surprises. Once the evaluation is done you are explained in serial what services are needed and at that point you can decide to go ahead and continue with the services or not. I truly appreciate so very much being treated with so much warmth and respect as well listening to all my questions and concerns, doesn’t matter how long it takes they will take the necessary time to explain everything!! I love this place so much I already brought my son here and this will definitely be our dentist location. I sincerely recommend A+ Family Dentistry to everyone, you will love the service, the attention and all the staff.

  • Mercedes Huot

Dr. Janice is the best dentist ever ever ever. I have a history of very bad anxiety at the dentist and have avoided going for years. Finally I decided enough is enough and I researched dentists in my local area. I am so incredibly grateful I found Dr. Janice and her team. I had some major dental work done here over the last few months (extractions, wisdom teeth removal, crowns). They put me at ease and make me feel comfortable every time I’m in the office. They explain all the steps to me. They greet me with a smile and make sure I’m comfortable and safe every step of the way. The office is clean, beautiful, and they play good music. Every staff member I have interacted with has been very kind. I am now looking forward to my next appointments with Dr. Janice and will never ever change to any other dentist. She is the best there is. I am forever grateful to her for making my smile beautiful and giving me that confidence boost, but even more grateful to her for making me feel safe and removing that anxiety around the dentist. If you’re nervous about going to the dentist, PLEASE go see her!!

  • Noel Buckhanon

If your dentist doesn’t care about you like this. You are doing yourself a disservice! Dr.Jen and her staff are AMAZING . She is so meticulous and gentle at the same time. Let me tell you how scared of the dentist I was before A+ Family Dentistry . Dr. Jen cured me of all of that. I can’t say enough how much she cares for her patient’s. Her first priority is comfort and PAIN FREE!!!! Yes people that does exist at the dentist. I didn’t believe it until I came to A+ either. Do yourself and your family a favor and go and see Dr.Jen and her crew . Let me tell you something….. you won’t regret it. Thank you Dr.Jen

  • Hanna Ho

I went in to have two cavities filled and a cleaning. Amanda and Dr. Janice were doing the fillings, and they did such a great job. They made the process so easy for me, and as someone who is ridiculously scared of needles, they made it feel a lot less scary and I had it done with ease. It was my first time meeting Amanda, and she helped me feel a lot less nervous as she was so friendly and accommodating! Claudia was working on my cleaning, and like Dr. Janice and Amanda, she goes above and beyond on her services. I would highly recommend A+ Family Dentistry!

  • R Salaam

A+ Family Dentistry Sorrento Valley is the best dentist office that I’ve been with. The staff is always happy and it doesn’t feel like they’re there just doing a job, they make you feel like you’re with friends as they provide such a warm and welcoming environment and energy! Their knowledge and professionalism is always appreciated. I wanted Invisalign for a few years, but didn’t know who to trust with my treatment, A+ Family Dentistry was by far the best choice that I could’ve made to handle my dental care and Invisalign treatment. Thank you all!!!


I've been a patient of Dr. Janice for the last 4+ years. She is very well-versed and extremely professional in her business. She provides you with all of your dental needs with the who, what, and options for your own dental needs. Her staff when it comes to customer service are top shelf. They are super friendly and very professional in their way of providing me with great service. I highly appreciate the service they provided me. If you ask me, I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great dental service to give A+ Family Dentist a big try.

  • Elise Aikman

Great place, friendly staff and Dr. Janice is fantastic. She takes the time to explain what’s going on with your teeth, and how your insurance works so there will be no surprises. During procedures, Dr. and Assistants are skillful and efficient while at the same time, they let you know what to expect throughout, and take steps to keep you comfortable, such as giving you sunglasses and bite pillows. Their sensitivity to the patient’s experience is much appreciated. This is a great place to go if you are apprehensive about dental work.

  • Den Tong

My dentist retired last year after 25 yrs with him I am trying hard to find a good dentist for a year. Finally found Dr Janice Doan and her team who gave very professional and caring service for their patients in Sorrernto Valley office. I visited four times to have deep cleaning, replacing the the old metallic fillings and follow up, each time the experiences are pleasant and the team are caring and accommodating. I thank Dr Janice Doan and her team for the wonderful services and experiences I had with them.

  • Robin StonePal

Of all the dentist places I have been a client, this one is so, so very much better! I have never felt anxious, angry nor scared about Dr. Janice and her amazing crew. She does NOT drag the procedures on and on. I lost all my teeth due to lifelong medical issues. Dr. Janice has done an amazing job with the extractions and the dentures. After ~15 yrs, I will be able to chew my food. These, once they are complete, are amazing. The mold fit perfectly and the teeth are beautiful. The white is perfect.

  • Karla Monsivais

A+ Family is beyond amazing! After looking for a new dentist, I came across Dr. Janice so I booked an appointment for a regular checkup routine. I was very impressed with the caring staff and state of the art technology. They used a 3D scanner which was very helpful because I was able to visually see what Dr. Janice was talking about. Noemy was her assistant and she was very informative during my polishing. Overall I had a great experience and I recommend to anyone looking for great dental care!

  • nicole hoch

I love going to A+ Family Dentistry in Sorrento Valley! Dr. Janice is like the human version of sunshine! She makes you feel so comfortable and she shows how much she really cares through her detailed explanations! Claudia the hygienist is by far the best hygienist I’ve ever had! She’s bright, full of love and educates her patients in a way that’s easy to comprehend. All the staff at A+ Family Dentistry are so sweet and caring! 110% my favorite dental office!

  • Nga Dam

I decided to try A+ Family Dentistry when I just moved back to SD. I really appreciate Dr. Janice as a dentist. She is thorough in explaining the condition of my teeth and gums and she provides all of the options for treatment as needed. She really got me to take better care of my teeth ever since. She doesn’t try to sell unnecessary services. She is super friendly and doesn’t hesitate to answer my questions. I will continue to come back!

  • Jacky Cheong (JC)

Excellent dentist with the best quality service. Dr. Janice pays great attention to detail. She takes pride in giving the most complete dental care and all professional options. Extremely modern facility with cutting edge equipment. The $99 package is highly recommended for any first time patients looking for a deal. The cleaning was flawless, precise, and painless. I'll definitely come back here for my future dental work!

  • Chi Ison

This is THE BEST DENTAL OFFICE I’VE EVER BEEN TOO. All the staff is welcoming and polite! For someone who has a major fear of the dentist. They make you feel comforted and forget your fears!! I’m not local to California , It has crossed my mind to actually fly out here for dental work. They go beyond costumer service by making you feel like family. Dr Janice , you have the BEST STAFF!!! I recommend this place to everyone!!

  • Yan Xie

I’m so happy to choose A+ Family Dentistry to take care my teeth. Dr Janice, Claudia and her team is very friendly. They made me so comfortable to stay. Importantly the doctors are very professional and described everything in detail. Although I only finished the first step-deep cleaning, I believe it will be great after finishing all needs including crown and filling. I wish I visit this office earlier.

  • Charlyn Suarez

Loved A+ family dentistry!! Due to covid my husband and I didn't go to the dentist for a few years and when one of my molars cracked I knew I had to go in. I was scared to go to the dentist due to previous experiences, but Dr. Janice and the rest of her staff made me feel safe and guided me through the treatment plan I needed. My husband even joined in and now we both have beautiful smiles again!

  • Eric Jin

This dentistry office has become my go-to for all my general dentistry needs. The team, led by Janice, is exceptional - they are highly skilled and take the time to explain procedures in a clear and concise manner. Additionally, their warm and welcoming demeanor always puts me at ease. I have already recommended this office to several of my friends and will continue to do so in the future.

  • Tsmis

Dr.Janice and her assistant, Honey, were so professional and kind. I felt right at home as soon as Erica welcomed me at the front desk. I knew that I’d be taken care of well throughout my stay and have only had good experiences with everyone so far. Would definitely recommend A+ dentistry. It’s an amazing team and I will keep coming for all my dental needs.

  • Ivette Romero

Dr. Janice and her staff are absolutely amazing! I had an emergency case and she took care of me better than I could’ve asked for! She’s extremely professional, caring, explains in detail and answers any and every question you have! If you’re looking for a great dentist, Dr. Janice is your girl! Thank you Dr Janice again, she’s truly amazing!

  • Ella

Highly recommend this dental office! I had my root canal done here and they were very nice and professional and did a superb job! Very satisfied. Both dentist and the assistant were very attentive and made sure I was comfortable throughout and really worked with me in making the best decision for my tooth. I give this dental office an A+

  • Stephanie Lee

A+ Family Dentistry is the best dental office to exist! I was very nervous prior to my appointment but Noemy, the dental assistant, made me feel at ease when she took my x rays and imaging. Dr. Janice was wonderful at explaining what I needed for my oral health and made sure I understood everything. Be sure to make an appointment here!

  • Rosa Jordan

After having a previous traumatic experience with wisdom removals with another Dentistry, A+ Dentristy gave me the patience I needed to get me back in the chair! Thank you so much to the hygienist for understanding and dealing accordingly with the difficultly to numb me! Yay for Military spouses taking care of one another!

  • Mike Dixon

I went to have a dental procedure preformed and I must say that I was exceptionally impressed upon the completion by Claudia B the Registered Dental Hygienist. Impressed not only by how thorough the task was completed but also the level of expertise and knowledge upon reviewing the task with suggested next steps.

  • George Liu

Dr. Janice’s office is amazing and the staff here all work together to ensure everything goes smoothly. The practice utilizes state of the art technology and techniques to deliver top quality care to their patients. Looking for a comfortable and educational dental office? This is the place to receive it all!

  • Denise Nguyen

Dr.Janice and her staff are all super pleasant. I recently moved to SD and was putting off going to the dentist, but I’m so glad I came to A+ Family Dentistry I regret not coming sooner! The staff is super friendly and I always feel so welcome and at ease knowing my dental needs are in great hands. …

  • Shatasha Hubbard

There are not enough words to express my gratitude for Dr. Janice and her entire staff. Everyone is friendly and very professional. Ever since my first day, I have felt welcomed, and I genuinely believe they care about my oral health. I highly recommend A+ Family Dentistry for any dental needs.

  • Miri Campos

I started coming to this dentist office about 1 year ago and for the first time I can say I like going to the dentist. The whole staff makes me feel welcome. Dr. Janice is so kind and knowledgeable. I actually look forward to my teeth cleaning! Thanks A+ Dentistry! Totally recommend …

  • noemy linares

Thank you Dr. Janice for all the great work and the attention to detail! I felt very comfortable and welcoming by the all the staff members . Such a clean and professional dental office highly recommended for everyone to come in and get there dental work done here . …

  • Patty Kellogg

I am so grateful that I discovered A+ Family Dentistry. Across the board, the dentists here and the staff are terrific — knowledgeable, friendly and excellent at what they do. I actually even like coming to the dentist — how often does that happen?!? Can’t say enough good things.

  • Rebekah Salaam

A+ Family Dentistry always gets 5 stars from me!! All of the staff is so friendly, professionally quick and understanding!! Everyone works together making it such a peaceful and enjoyable environment!! Thank you again and I’m so glad we found a dentist that we can stay with!!

  • Willis Gough

Dr. Janice and her staff are really friendly and sweet. In all honesty, she is a bit on the pricey side even with insurance, but you get what you pay for with Dr. Janice. Her services are great quality, she is very knowledgeable, and one of the nicest dentists I've ever had.

  • Mimi Broderson

I've been going to A+ for almost 2 years and have had a great experience. All of the staff is super friendly and inviting, and the service is top knotch! They helped me out with my gum health, Invisalign, and glo tooth whitening! I really love how white my teeth are now.

  • Chris Bowers

My family and I have been going here for a while now. They are both very competent and very caring. You can tell that they want to provide the best possible service that they can. And everyone is so friendly. This is a great place to go. Very highly recommended!

  • Sydney Mosiman

Been going to this dentist a full year, absolutely love them. Extremely knowledgeable! Very reassuring staff that works to make you as relaxed and comfortable as possible. I have full confidence in Dr. Janet and her team to take the best care of my teeth.

  • lennet delossantos

I was in need for a dentist and I am glad I found Dr.Janice Doan! I came in for an emergency service, she was very thorough with the procedures and made sure I was comfortable throughout the whole session. Definitely will be my primary dentist!

  • Jess C

The staff here are very nice and make you feel welcomed. After my first visit I immediately liked coming here, this is my first "adult dentist" as my previous dentist you can consider as my childhood one. Dr Janice and the dental assistants

  • Jamie Li

Dr. Janice has the BEST bedside manner of any dentist I’ve ever had. She takes the time to answer all of your questions and is so kind. The staff is also incredibly kind as well. If they’re in your insurance network, make an appt with them!

  • Sidney Sparks

This is my first dentist I've been to in San Diego recommended from my gf and they were really great. I really like how transparent they are with pricing options with your insurance and what they can do. I can for a check up and had some

  • Davy Phakdy

I love A+ Family Dentistry and staff. They were so warm, friendly and welcoming to me always. Their office is well kept clean and organized. They provided me with premium dental care. They took time to explain the procedure, it makes me

  • Kristine avinion

I’ve been going to A+ Family Dentistry for a couple of years now. Let me tell you that they are remarkably professional!! The ladies in front (especially Ariel) make you feel so welcome and they answer all my questions and concerns. Dr.

  • Harley Orion

A+ is a wonderful dental office, I'm so glad we found them! My whole family is going here now, and they've been great not only with me but my wife and three young children also. Dr. Janice and the team there do great work, they're very

  • Geoffrey Puraty

Very happy to have found A+ Family Dentistry. Dr. Janice and her staff are friendly and care about my personal experience in their office. From great communication around appointments, clearly reviewing insurance and billing for my

  • Sandra Raygoza

We love Doc. Janice! Best dentist in the area. I would not trust my kids to anyone else. Super gentle and kind. Claudia is my favorite hygienist, she is so detail oriented.l and leaves my teeth feeling so clean. Highly recommended!

  • Danielle Marbellagas

Explains everything really well. Staff is very friendly and accommodating. Update: It's been a year now but their service has continued to be excellent. I'm really glad I went here for my alignment. Would definitely recommend!

  • Ariel Diallo

I came here last weekend for a deep cleaning and I had a fantastic experience Dr. Janice and her team are the best. If you're looking for an excellent dental office in San Diego I will highly recommend coming to the A+ family.

  • Sahar B

A+ Dentistry is a truly A+ experience all the way around. Dr. Janice is a wonderful dentist and made sure I was well taken care of. I would highly recommend anyone take advantage of their services for all your dental needs.

  • aaron sato

OMG, what a way to end 2022! I recently moved to SD and chose a dentistry near my work place. From the moment I walked in until the end of the appointment, this was by FAR the best experience I had at any dentistry!!!

  • Blaire Adkins

Dr.Janice and her team are so professional and helpful to get the job done. They provide detailed explanations of dealing with your dental hygiene and want the best for each individual. I would highly recommend!

  • Madison Rios

Absolutely love A+ family dentistry! Dr. Janice and her staff make me feel so comfortable and welcome. Everyone is so sweet and great at what they do. I recommend them to anyone who needs dental work!

  • prescila viloria

Dr.Janice is very friendly and the staff as well, great customer service and what I love the most is that I am confident to smile wide after the procedure I definitely maintain happy teeth with her.

  • mazin abdulahad

I recommend this place based on my experience. Doctors, Nurses, front desk, and the whole staff are very good, friendly, and professional. I felt my teeth are in a lot better shape already.

  • Jill Schiller

Great people that are always happy to see you! Knowledgeable and they will explain everything they are going to do before they do it Always helpful. Definitely recommend this location!

  • Hannah Haar

Dr. Janice & her team are truly amazing! They clearly explain everything and are very attentive not only to my dental health but my personal well-being too. Super thankful for them!!:)

  • Carol McDonald

Dr. Janice and her whole office staff always make you feel welcome and ready to help you with all your dental needs. I always leave the office with a smile. Thank you for all you do!

  • Vivian Baker

Dr. Janice and her staff her are wonderful!! I am so glad I found them. She is incredibly smart and cares a lot about her patients. 10/10 would recommend.

  • Jianna Mique

I always have a great experience at A+ Family Dentistry. I have been going here for three years and Dr. Janice and staff members are great and friendly.

  • Rashel

I get my cleaning here every 6 months and the service is fantastic. My teeth feel brand new everytime. The staff are super friendly and helpful :)

  • Sam Gould

Dr Janice and her team are absolute pros. Excellent standard of care and everyone is so nice and welcoming. Best dental office in SD by far!

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