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Jacksonville International Airport

Andre Romano

The Jacksonville Intl Airport, located in the northeastern part of Florida, has long been criticized for its outdated and lackluster appearance. From the moment travelers step foot into the terminal, they are greeted with an ambiance that resembles an airport from a third-world country rather than a major transportation hub in the United States. The first thing that strikes visitors is the overall dreariness of the airport. The architecture and design are reminiscent of the 1960s, with faded walls, worn-out carpets, and outdated signage. The lack of natural light and dimly lit hallways create a gloomy atmosphere, making it difficult for passengers to navigate their way through the airport. The amenities offered at the Jacksonville Airport also leave much to be desired. The seating areas throughout the terminal are uncomfortable, with worn-out chairs and limited seating options. The dining options are limited and unappetizing, with a lack of variety and quality compared to other modern airports. Travelers looking for a pleasant shopping experience will be disappointed by the limited number of stores, offering only basic necessities and souvenirs. Furthermore, the lack of modern technology is striking. Outdated flight information displays and public address systems are often difficult to hear or read, causing confusion and frustration among passengers. The airport's Wi-Fi service is slow and unreliable, making it challenging for travelers to stay connected or get work done during their layovers. Perhaps most concerning is the lack of cleanliness and maintenance. The restrooms often appear dirty and poorly maintained, with broken fixtures and outdated facilities. The overall cleanliness of the airport leaves much to be desired, giving a further sense of neglect and disregard for passenger comfort. In contrast to other airports in the country, the Jacksonville Intl Airport lacks the modern amenities and conveniences that travelers have come to expect. It fails to provide a comfortable and efficient experience, leaving passengers with a sense of disappointment and frustration. Efforts have been made over the years to improve the airport's infrastructure and facilities, but progress has been slow. The lack of investment and attention to detail has resulted in an airport that is far from meeting the standards of a major transportation hub. In conclusion, the airport's dated appearance and lack of modern amenities make it resemble an airport from a third-world country rather than a major hub in the United States. The dreary atmosphere, limited amenities, and overall neglect contribute to an underwhelming and disappointing experience for travelers. It is high time for the Jacksonville Airport authorities to prioritize renovations and upgrades to bring it up to the standards expected in the 21st century.

Museu de História Natural e Jardim Botânico da UFMG

Leonardo Alves

A mata é muito bonita e as histórias das árvores de vários lugares do mundo encanta. O guia é bem solicito e explica muito bem . Vale fazer a trilha guiada e se aventurar pelas outras mais afastadas. Pena que há um certo ar de abandono em vários pontos , fruto do descaso público e falta de recursos do Estado para investimento na infraestrutura local.
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Liberty Convenience Store & Parcel Service Available 5am till Late


I was really surprised and scared by the premium on goods here. I bought two bottles of cola and a box of instant noodles. Let's solve a simple math problem together: given that the price of two bottles of cola on special is a total of $5.5, and the cashier finally charged me $16.2, how much does a box of instant noodles cost? Shockingly, a regular box of instant noodles here costs $10.7. The reason I chose this overpriced instant noodles is not because I'm wealthy or foolish (though I feel pretty foolish now), but because it lacks a price label. Based on common sense, I thought it should be around $4, but even the clever Einstein wouldn't have anticipated that a box of unlabeled instant noodles would cost $10.7. With that amount, I could enjoy a steaming bowl of freshly made ramen at the nearby restaurant, instead of a Unif Bowl Instant Noodle with Shrimp Fish Flavor

Casa Posada A'melia

yojana silva

Estuve una sola noche, por WhatsApp muy amables pero la señora que esta en el lugar no sabe tratar con público. Por pedir el cambio que me tenia desde hace 7 horas se enojo y hasta me hablo de forma grosera y en tono alto, fue un momento muy desagradable y por eso no volvería. La ubicación perfecta para estar cerca del aeropuerto y la zona es bonita y con varios tipos de restaurantes muy cerca, estuve con mi perro y hay un parque justo al frente y es perfecto si vas con mascotas, las habitaciones no son muy modernas pero si es para una estadía corta esta bien.
Habitaciones: 2
Servicio: 1
Ubicación: 5


Yoshikatsu Okuno

戦前、千代崎地区にあった松島新地は昭和20年3月13日の大阪大空襲で全滅する。 逃げる事を許されなかった多くの女性たちはそこで命を落とす。 それはおびただしい数の死体だった。 リヤカーで運ばれていく山のような遺体。 目撃者は彼女らの足元から赤い襦袢がのぞいているのを見た。 無残だった。 戦後、松島新地は現在の地区に移され、再び活気を取り戻していく。 しかし戦前の活気は戻ってこなかった。 いまも営業しているわずかな料亭。 かっての栄華はないが、松島新地は現在も生きている。

Nissan Of Rivergate

Tiff B

The purchase of our 2023 Nissan Altima at Hays Nissan Rivergate was a pleasant experience. Our Sales associate Kris was extremely knowledgeable on all the features and technology on each model, and the differences between trim levels. He was helpful, kind and allowed us plenty of his time to ask all the questions. I appreciate Kris and all of his help! We had a trade in, and the process along with financing was easy. I'm happy with our car, and the service we received. Thanks!

Čiunės Sugiharos sakurų parkas

Justinas Jastremskas

Diavolo vienareikšmiškai ji. Užėjas į vidų, pirma kas krito į akis natūralia ugnimi alsuojantis pečius, malkos beržinės ir rūstūs bet pakėle akis su šypsena veide pasitinkantys kepėjai. O taip tai pica ir taip ji tikrai kitokia ir verta kiekvieno cento+++. Pagardams aliejus, ne padažas o tik apiejus. Įtalai šypsosi tai matant. Skanaus chebra, jei dar nesilankėte tada pavydaus jums, nes mums čia laaaabai skanu ;)


Elysabeth C

The worst Pharmacy in ALL of Lasalle. They are sooooo slow. You call ahead for yours meds they tell you 12h wait time to prepare it. You go pick them up its another 45-1 hour wait time. You organize deliveries with them, give them your credit card info, confirm a delivery window, the delivery never shows up. You call and they dont know what you are talking about. They yell at you over the phone. The rudest staff in all of Montreal. Terrible, terrible customer service and they dont even care. The pharmacist Jad, told my girlfriend that there are plenty of other pharmacies in the area if we are not happy. They need new management and some customer service training.

RBTS Luxury Self Drive Cars Delhi


Highly recommended! When visiting India, I always rent a car and have rented previously from Myles, Choize, etc but RBTS totally stands apart. I rented an Hyundai Venue 2023 model. The cars are well maintained and the pricing is competitive. The service was fantastic. The booking experience, the delivery and pickup was outstanding and very punctual. No hidden costs and the deposit is refunded as promised provided there are no extras incurred. I had to extend my booking and that was done seamlessly without any hassle. This is going to be my car rental company of choice going forward! Keep up the great work :)

Williams Funeral Home

will james

I have to say it's something special to know just how helpful they was with everything. As soon as you walk in someone is already asking can they help you. They lady in the front went up and beyond for my family. Not trying to selling on things or say it's best you do it this way. They listen to what you needed to make this unexpected emotional day go just right. I have been to alot of funeral homes and they stuff they did I didn't expect at all. Everything clean. Parking under ground. Just a 10/10 for me. I recommend this place to anyone.

Piccadilly Plaza Post Office

Luisa Mejia

Don’t choose this post office to have things delivered! I’ve made the mistake of doing this three times and every time has been a nightmare for me to get my things quickly, without extra effort or ge them at all - that is if the place is even open on the times it says it will be. Edit to reply to their response. Ive had parcels delivered to the post office - this is a service you offer - and every time there has been an issue. This time, the post office was randomly closed at normal working hours and because of this my parcel was not delivered and then lost. I also had to go out of my way to visit twice as the first time I went it was closed despite it being normal opening hours - just a sign on the door. So it is your service that is bad, it’s not the couriers fault! Don’t offer a service you are not in capacity to provide!



京葉線と千葉都市モノレール線の接続駅です。また千葉都市モノレール線の起点は千葉駅ではなく、千葉みなと駅なのでモノレール1号線(千葉みなと駅〜県庁前)とモノレール2号線(千葉みなと駅〜千城台駅)も両方乗り入れしています。 千葉駅同様に千葉の中心に位置する駅ですが、ドーナツ化現象で周辺の商業地域開発の失敗とオフィス街と云う事で沿線の隣や近くにある蘇我駅や稲毛海岸・海浜幕張駅等の繁華街や商業地のような賑やかさはありません。 また路線バスの運行も限られています。 正直JR京葉線よりもJRの駅同士を繋ぐ千葉都市モノレール線の方が利用価値が高いです。

BraVo Café

Maat KaRe

I've been buying my coffee there for a few weeks now, the owner is super friendly all the time and also chatty, but not too much either! Great atmosphere with pretty flowers and sometimes classic music, slay tbh
Essen zum Mitnehmen
Art der Mahlzeit
Preis pro Person
1–10 €
Essen: 5
Service: 5
Ambiente: 5
Vegetarische Gerichte
It's mainly beverages, what more is there to say
Cow milk alternatives


Владислав Иванов

Kupiłem ciastka ze słodką śmietanką w środku. Data ważności nie została wydrukowana, ale naklejona na opakowaniu. do końca daty ważności 2 dni, ale ciastka są twarde, płyną a śmietanka jest kwaśna i przeterminowana!!! Po 30 minutach przyszedłem zwrócić pieniądze i powiedzieć o tym kierownikowi. Kierownik i kasjer są bardzo niegrzeczni, kłócą się i są niegrzeczni! Tak traktujesz swoich klientów!

La Bella Luxury Spa

Nosferatu Rege

Oh it was such a lovely experience. The room was spacious and smelled delightful with comfortable high end arrangements. Liza, my therapist, is skilled, knowledgeable and takes good care throughout the massage therapy. You will feel very special during the whole therapy. My most favorite spa in Delhi, especially their room with the jacuzzi. The steam is just right and you feel fully detoxicated when you are back. Everyone there is extremely professional, right from the reception, to the therapist and housekeeping personnel in addition to their excellent skills in their respective services. Get one soon!



中華屋なのに【カツカレーライス】が辛旨\(゚Д゚*)ノ!? 会計時、女性店員さんにカレーがある中華屋さんて珍しいね?と聞いてみたら、元々、麻婆豆腐を作るために使ってた香辛料をカレーに使って出してみたらこうなったんよ。と…その心意気が面白ぇぇぇd(*´ェ`*) もったいないと感じたのは会計場所がちょうど店内に入っていく通路と重なるので、入れ違いに若干気を遣う。 【てんてん丼】や【黒ゴマ担々麺】など再度試してみたいメニューがある天天菜館。 ごちそうさまでした(*´ー`*)
食事: 4
サービス: 3
雰囲気: 3

CityVet - Alliance

Aimee LaLonde-Norman

Dr. Kordis is the best! I like to know what's going on when one of my fur babies is sick and appreciate that she suggests appropriate diagnostics (i.e. bloodwork, radiographs, urine cultures, etc.) to confirm a diagnosis instead of just treating symptoms. She's knowledgeable and truly cares about animals, listens to my concerns, and is honest about the best course of treatment as well as anticipated costs. She has provided care for my dogs and cats and shows compassion, kindness, and humor every time we see her.

Lincoln University College

Lovely times Lovely times

I am one of the student of post basic renal nursing cohort 16, Lincoln university is the d best place to do post basic renal, the lecturer Mdm Pathmavathi who teaches the theory, she is the walking encloypedia of renal and knowledgeable . She is a teacher who teaches with passion n makes the teaching so interesting. The clinical lecturer Puan fauziah, so accomadating in teaching new practical theories. As they say, it takes two to tango, so I got my best theory master as well my clinical master, where it leads me today... as a post basic renal certified nurse.jasbir kaur

StadtPalais - Museum für Stuttgart


Haben hier das Standesamt vom Sohn gefeiert. Soweit es eben in einem Öffentlichem Objekt feierlich zugehen kann. Man darf keinen Sekt Ausschenken weil Bewirtung imHaus angeboten wird. Keine Musik im Vorplatz erlaubt, obwohl draußen. Keinerlei Parkplatzmöglichkeiten außer 1 x. Schade das diese sonst sehr schöne Location so plump vermarktet wird.
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The Ruck Hotel

Martinez Stephane (Coline&Stephane)

Nous sommes venu tester le brunch du Ruck hôtel avec ma femme et des amis. Nous avons passé un très bon moment. Le service est rapide et au petit soin de la clientèle. Le brunch est copieux avec une belle carte et des plats de qualités. Je recommande
Type de voyage
Groupe de voy.
Chambres : 5
Service : 5
Emplacement : 5
Plats et boissons
Brunch copieux et excellent