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João Viktor Souza

Minha experiência nas Lojas Americanas tem sido incrivelmente positiva. A variedade de produtos disponíveis é impressionante, abrangendo desde eletrônicos até itens de decoração para casa. Os preços competitivos me permitem encontrar ótimos negócios em produtos de alta qualidade. Além disso, o atendimento ao cliente sempre foi atencioso e prestativo, o que contribui para uma experiência de compra tranquila. A conveniência das várias lojas físicas e a opção de compra online com entrega rápida são definitivamente pontos fortes. Recomendo as Lojas Americanas a qualquer pessoa em busca de uma variedade incrível e ótimas ofertas, tudo em um só lugar

CARE Veterinary Hospital

Tanyanan Strasser

I had to take 2 senior cats to CARE in a span of just over a year. Both were euthanised. It's the one thing any pet owners wouldn't want to do if there are better options. Both times every staff from receptionist through to the veterinarians expressed great understanding and empathy. I didn't feel rushed in the process. They didn't show concern how long I'd take to say goodbye. On a latter occasion I was even offered fur clippings when the vet saw that I was collecting my baby's lose fur from her leg shaving for IV tube. The compassion shown to me at the tough times was more than I could ask for. I heard stories from my friends that they were pressured into euthanising their pet at their chosen vet while they were drowning in tears, I'm so grateful that none of the CARE staff did that. With my first cat I was advised to help him cross the rainbow bridge but I insisted otherwise, the vet who worked him was really understanding and assured me she would do her absolute best even though she knew the successful outcome was highly unlikely. When I resolved to put him to sleep, she offered me a hug in the end :'| I highly recommend CARE to all pet owners. The level of care and emotional support received is exceptional.



On 25th December 2022 we went shopping at Law Garden Ahmedabad store for V Mart's special discount offer like forever. While shopping I forgot my credit card at the store today 4th February 2023 I remembered that I might have forgotten it at the V Mart store. When I visited the store I was very surprised to find my card intact after such a long time without any usage. Special thanks to the Law Garden store staff because in online shopping, once the data is lost, there is fear that someone will misuse our data, but even if I had my credit card in this store, none of them It was returned to me today by the staff without any ill use.I again thank Rup Singh Ji and Deepika Ji who kept the card safe and sound.


Sergio Canales

Paint the point that this Subway does not do the same deals as other Subways walked in that was trash everywhere customer service was very bad they didn't have any thing that we ordered you try to order for two things and they couldn't even get a hold of right I asked for toast bread but the workers were too much into their conversation about some guy that they knew so my order came out wrong offer used to pay for it and walked out

City Way Animal Clinics - Fountain Square

Stephanie Jakubek

I always try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt in most situations but our experience here was honestly unbelievable. We have been taking our 5-month old doodle here over the past 3 months. About 2 months ago, he unfortunately fractured a growth plate in his leg to which he received a splint in our hometown until we were able to visit our primary care (Cityway). We took him in a few days later to which they did not replace the splint. I took him in 2 weeks later to have the splint replaced, to which the vet ran more XRAYS and told me and tried to show me he was having no improvement. After she insisted on consulting a surgeon we were told he needed a $3000 surgery to heal his leg. I'd like to add I am not a vet, I just trust the professionals know what they are doing and have my dog's best intentions at heart. They put the splint back on him and sent me on my way with no further information, which I honestly thought was weird because she did tell me it was essentially not helping him heal. I noticed immediately he was more uncomfortable with the new splint as it looked very tight and he was not putting any weight on it like before, but I wrote it off as he was getting used to it. I also noticed he was chewing at his leg more than usual but no signs of pain. We had arranged to get a second opinion on surgery about a week after that appointment, when out of the blue he started yelping and screaming in pain one night. We decided to take him to the emergency vet, where I was shocked to be informed that he had developed a severe skin infection under his splint because the leg was not shaved as it was supposed to be before applying the cast and the tape at the top was taped to his skin- causing more sores and pain. The worst was on his foot where his sore was so bad you could almost see his bone- which was essentially due to the splint being too tight to where his nail was pressing into it his skin at the bottom. We were not informed by our vet that splints apparently need to be replaced weekly or such things can occur, but the emergency vet informed me of this immediately. Had we have known, we could have absolutely prevented this from happening, but we are not vets so we had no idea, this is also our first dog. I was also shocked to find out that this type of splint was actually not recommended for the type of injury he had, but it was placed on him anyways! The emergency vet decided to run another set of X-RAYS on his leg to see any type of progress, although I told them it was not needed because I had seen the vet a week prior. After further X-RAYS and evaluations from an on-sight surgeon- it was found he had been "mostly healed" and surgery was not advised before a year of age. We did call City Way to express our concern of what had happened to which our vet was immediately very defensive and RUDE. My boyfriend was more than respectful when speaking to her, given the opposing information we received. After expressing some of our concerns her response was, "Well unfortunately I am not a wizard," which quite honestly BAFFLED me, given what we had gone through with our puppy and quite honestly could have been completely avoided and there was no accountability. She did tell us the reason she didn't shave his leg before applying the splint was because we were supposed to have him in for surgery this Wednesday. Well- this all happened on Monday night and the sores, which I have pictures of below, did not develop overnight. We really put our trust into this place as new and un-assuming dog owners, but ultimately it lead to more damage to our puppy's leg than good. The only way I could describe it was complete negligence and laziness.For a cast he DIDN'T NEED and lead to an infection and a set of XRAYS- I paid $350, where as at the emergency vet I paid $325 for far more information, direction, and honest help to our dog. We will absolutely be finding a different Vet and I advise anyone else to do the same. The only good thing I could say is that the receptionists and vet techs were always very kind to us.

Living Doll Beauty Parlor

Ayesha Habib

I don't want to give it even a single star but there's no other option! Terrible experience twice! The first time there for a haircut - Gladys handled my hair so roughly that I suffered a continous headache for two weeks and my hair started falling badly! The second time it was Misbah - I bet even roadside barbers can do a better job than her! She ruined my hair! And don't ask about the charges (way too high for such an amateur cut) - they claim to make you a living doll but you end up looking like a living hell!

Dr. Taghipour veterinary hospital

Soroush Moosapour

اولین چیزی که توی ذوق میزنه این مسئلست که وقتی وارد میشی برای کار درمانی کارت ملی میخوان ازت. من کارت ملیم قدیمی بود و قبول نکردن و گفتم حاضرم کارت بانکیم رو با رمزش بذارم‌ (سر عقیم سازی سگم بود) و بازم قبول نکردن. قانون مسخره و بی ادبانه ایه. دومین نکته بی سوادی کادر درمان و شخص دکتر تقی پوره که یکبار نزدیک بود سگمو به کشتن بدن با تشخیص ۱۰۰٪ اشتباه پاروا. سومین مسئله پتشاپ خوب و نسبتا منصف این بیمارستانه که‌ خدا رو شکر از مدیریت بیمارستان جداست. چهارمین مسئله ای که من باهاش درگیر شدم آرایشگاه بود. دوتا سگ بردم و خوب کوتاه کرد ولی بیضه یکی از بچه ها به شدت زخم شد و خیلی پروسه درمانش اذیت کرد. ضمنا پذیرش برای آرایشگاه ۵۰ هزار تومن برای هر سگ پول پیش گرفت که تا الآن هیچ جا ندیده بودم. به هر حال خود کلینیک ۱ ستاره‌هم زیادشه به علت بی‌ادبی و بی‌شخصیتی بعضی پرسنل و رئیس بیمارستان. ولی پت شاپ خوبی داره واقعا.

The Birkenhead Tavern


We are semi regulars here & always enjoy it. On this particular visit there were 7 of us booked for & all seated by 12.30pm. We had all ordered by 12.45pm but did not receive our meal until 1.40pm only after asking where our meals were (no entrees, only mains). The steak in the big Burk grills my wife & I ordered seemed as though it had been kept under a warmer for 30 mins or more, extremely tough. Opposingly the egg needed another 2 mins with a jelly like white. Being a small 60th bday gathering it was a very disappointing visit. To me, it appeared the bus load of patrons who had arrived were given priority. We were not a last minute booking yet seem to be given 2nd priority.
Food: 1
Service: 1
Atmosphere: 3

Клининговая компания УБЕРЕМ

Даша Щастя

Перший клінер в житті, і я дуже задоволена! Під час прибирання я працювала паралельно вдома. Клінер розпочала з кухні, ванни, далі коридор і головна кімната. Працювала тихо, навіть пилосос не вмикала щоб не мішати мені. Вже в кінці попросила встати, щоб можна було прибрати мою зону, а я в той час приготувала вечерю. Кожну шерстинку від песика, 2 вікна, мийку, душову кабіну — все до ідеалу! Добра, привітна, клієнторієнтована. Клінера звати Д’яченко Лілія. Мені дуже сподобався такий досвід, тепер раз на місяць я точно буду звертатись в Уберем! Площа в нас 47 м2, два великих вікна — прибирання коштувало 1011 грн з урахуванням знижки 15% за те що клінер запізнився на 30 хв.

Sushi Ai

Leanne Hanbidge

My family and I have been going to/ ordering from Sushi Ai since you took ownership. We love your sushi. Always making custom rolls for my little girls ( not so little anymore ) we love it here and our kids have been coming here since they were babies :) would highly highly recommend!
Take out
Meal type
Price per person
Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5
Recommended dishes
Lobster Roll, Volcano Roll, Fire Sake Roll
Parking space
Plenty of parking
Parking options
Free parking lot
Very accommodating for kids, willing to custom make rolls ! Always super accommodating for dine in too :)

Emily Shepodd Real Estate at Compass

Hayley Yudelman

As first-time homebuyers in a hot Seattle market, we are so grateful for Emily. We didn’t exactly know what we wanted at first, but she patiently took the time to listen to our needs and tour probably over 30 homes with us all over the city. She never pressured us to move and always gave an honest, detailed, and unbiased opinion of the market and houses that we saw. Viewing homes with her was actually quite a joy! Since we were home-buying novices, she helped guide us through the whole process - meeting with us several times to rehash home tours, talk through the details of putting in an offer, and discuss in detail the inspection reports of homes we were interested in. When it was time to put in an offer letter, Emily helped us construct the most competitive offer that literally helped us get our house. She clearly loves her job and you would be lucky to have Emily as your realtor!

Bowl 360 Astoria


I've been to this place a dozen times before COVID and I am so happy it is still in business . It's a small bowling alley . Plenty of street parking and they also have parking on the side of the business for bowling patrons . They sell food , and have a lounge and bar . ( this was the last day of indoor dining due to COVID restrictions in nyc. ) The staff do a really good job with enforcing social distancing . When you come in there is a thermal temperature taker at the front and the person at the desk also takes the temperature on your wrist . You have to fill out a contact paper form with your address and phone number . The lanes all have plastics and barriers between them and are separated by one lane. There is one ball allowed per person and after you leave the whole area is sanitized immediately .The staff was excellent and very attentive Thank you Astoria bowl staff I felt very safe here and would definitely come again .

Tony Hollands Funerals

Judy Peerless

Emillie Hollands from Tony Hollands Funerals came into my life at the most distressing period I'd experienced in a very long time. My baby sister Patricia, died in May 2020 in New York. I was overwhelmed by the lack of assistance or help I received from the New York funeral home to transfer her cremated remains to Australia. My initial contact with Emillie was the bright and shinning light I needed. She took over, consulted and negotiated with the New York funeral home to finally have my sister's cremated remains transferred. I do not know what I would have done, if it wasn't for her compassionate and professional assistance during this very difficult time. Emillie gave my family strength to believe Patricia would come home to us. Thankfully Patricia arrived home to Australia and has been delivered to her final resting place with her mother. Thank you Emillie from the bottom of our hearts.




The Dental Retreat

Amy Carleton

Being new to the area I wanted to find a dentist that offered a plan and decided to go with The Dental Retreat and I am glad I did. The staff are lovely and very welcoming, have had plenty of chats with the team when I have visited. One thing I really appreciated was getting a predicted cost email before my filling and wisdom tooth removal as I know that’s one fear with attending the dentist, is the cost. Had my wisdom tooth removed and was in and out in under 30 minutes, with no pain. Highly recommend The Dental Retreat

Old Market Square

John Carpenter

At the Fringe Festival free stage. The act I went for was quite good, stayed for another, also good. Hung around to do some busking. The free stage is for so called "street performers" but I doubt if many of them are buskers. I played for 30 min. and didn't get a single tip, nor did I see anyone tip the stage players. Listen folks, we worked for years to develop our skills, and we offer them up to you for free. If you don't like it, fine, don't tip. If you come out to see us but don't tip, you're not holding up your end of the bargain. If buskers can't earn enough to even buy a meal we will all just disappear, and we will all lose something special. Busking is ancient, older than society itself. All cultures understand the value of free expression of the arts, but it comes with a price. If you don't pay it, the buskers do. Just 1 dollar from each patron is enough to keep the dream alive and make your city something special. I give a dollar to every busker I see. I challenge you to do the same. The reward for you pays out in ways money can't buy. Thanks for your time.

Casino Supermarché

Jean Michel Francis Rivoire

Expérience totalement négative. Malgré un personnel sympa, les prix sont exorbitant et fluctues sans que l'on sache pourquoi. Une mise en rayon en pleine affluence que du bonheur pour faire ses courses sereinement. Dimanche 16 août. 10 mn pour faire les courses 1 heure d'attente en caisse. La raison très simple 6 caisses automatiques 1 seule en fonctionnement. Des agents de sécurité débordés. Le comble pas une caisse pour les PMR ou handicapés comme vous voulez. Un calvaire. Franchement à éviter ou alors vraiment si vous êtes en détresse complète

Adam's Fine Cars Inc

Linh Dao

I had a pleasant experience dealing with Adam's Fine Cars. Adam was friendly and professional. He went the extra miles by bringing the car to Mississauga so I could do test drive because I live in Toronto. After that Adam got everything ready for me and I picked up the car a week later. The transaction was very smooth and so far the car has been working well. I'm very happy with my first car purchase. Thanks Adam!

Symphony of the Sea

Shanty Dharmawan

SCAM. Kalau gaboleh bawa anjing bilang dari gerbang masuk. Jangan tiba" diusir pas udah bayar masuk. Ke ancol tuh bayar bukan gratis. Ditanya kenapa dikasih masuk dari awal malah bilangnya saya ngumpetin anjing saya. Jelas" anjing duduk didepan, yang jaga kasir didepan aja liat . Kalau gabole bilang dari pintu masuk kalau gak KASIH PLANG GEDE GEDE. GABAKAL KE ANCOL LAGI. UDAH KOTOR GAADA APA" MENDING KE PIK SEKALIAN.



とても良い病院でした。 先生も優しくて、丁寧に説明して頂きました。 外来のスタッフの方も丁寧で優しけど、キビキビと仕事をしてありました。 今までに行った病院では最高でした。 胆石で胆嚢摘出術を受けますが、大牟田市から行った甲斐がありました。 無事に手術も終わりました。 臍からの腹腔鏡手術、5日で退院しました。 臍の穴にチョット傷が有るだけ、殆ど痛みも無かったです。 症例の多いこの病院を選んで良かったです。 佐田正之先生感謝です。