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Snickers Bar & Grill

Jesse Glasshoff

This is a great little hole in the wall place, serving good greasy food and nice simple drinks. It is a place for the locals and carries all flavors of customers to mingle with - from businessmen, lawyers, and doctors to all of your "friends in low places." If you want a place to have fun or a place to relax with a drink, this is the place to go. Nice diner-style atmosphere, cozy bar on a cold night.

Cafe Villaggio

Katia Luchyshyna

I want to share today's experience in this cafe. I usually go here several times a week. I like this place and like out desserts. I took tea and dessert Tiramisu roll. Having tried the roll, I realized that the cream is not fresh and has an unpleasant aftertaste. I asked the shift manager to give me another dessert, as this one was stale with an unpleasant aftertaste (the dessert cost $7). I was told that this was my personal opinion, that all other people liked this dessert and that they could not help me. A question for business: are you not ashamed to save a penny and lose a client for a couple of dollars? I won't visit you again!

CGV Liberty Citypoint

Uyen thi tu Nguyen

Tôi đã mua vé xem phim tại CVG Liberty Citipoint, đã thanh toán tiền. Nhưng khi đến xem phim, toà nhà báo không có chỗ đậu xe hơi nên không vào được. Tôi liên hệ CVG thì họ bảo họ không giải quyết được nên yêu cầu tôi tự liên hệ toà nhà. Như vậy là Liberty và CVG không ai xử lý chuyện này? Tôi bảo bạn nhân viên CSKH của CVG là nhờ đổi vé của tôi sang CVG khác để tôi không bị mất vé thì cũng không xử lý, bảo là không được. Dịch vụ của CVG tệ quá!

Saté Lounge

Govert Nootkamp

The Saté Lounge is one of the many food stalls and restaurants located in Rotterdam's very cool Markthal, located near the Blaak metro station. Of the various food stalls I tried in the Markthal, the Saté Lounge was my favorite. The the food offering is limited, but the food itself is excellent. I had the chicken satay with peanut sauce, along with an order of spicy noodles, which were extra. The portions were very good considering how inexpensive the food was. There's a small selection of drinks as well. If you're not sure what to get, the staff will gladly explain any of the items. I had a nice conversation with the owner, who was very friendly and seemed to enjoy talking with his customers. Highly recommended.

The Hat Madrid


De los mejores bistrós en lo que he estado ,súper céntrico,habitaciones muy confortables y muy bien de precio … el desayuno no lo pedimos ya que no teníamos tiempo para ello ! La gente de recepción muy atentos y competentes !!
Tipo de viaje
Viaje en grupo
Habitaciones: 5
Servicio: 5
Ubicación: 5
Muy buenas habitaciones y camas cómodas
Actividades cercanas
El centro de Madrid a un paso de todo !!
Muy seguro
Aspectos destacados del hotel
Tranquilo, Adecuado para niños y Buen precio

Monash Medical Centre

Jessica Duncan

I was transfered to Monash Medical Centre from a private hospital who could not treat me. I spent 9 days in hospital pre and post birth and can not thank the nurses in the maternity ward and the NICU enough. They went above any beyond to make me feel comfortable. Their care and compassion made a very difficult time much easier to deal with. Whenever I wanted to go see my son in the NICU they wouldn't hesitate to wheel me down in a wheelchair as I couldn't walk due to c section recovery.

EDION 広島本店 西館


レジで並んでいるのに、割り込みをしてきた客を先に対応する店舗です。呼び止めて買わせようとするくせに、謝罪を一切してきません。 予約をしているのに手続きに余計な時間がかかっていたし、担当のスタッフがおよそ接客業とはおもえない態度で接してきます。せっかくApple製品買ったのに後悔しかありません。これらの改善を求めます。 もう行かないと思います。

M R Y & Co.- Best CA in Jaipur | Chartered Accountant for ITR Filing, GST Return Filing, Accounting, Auditing in Jaipur

Shankhini Gupta

I recently had a great experience with MRY & Company, a chartered accountants firm in Jaipur. Their exceptional accounting and financial services truly make them stand out from the competition. I was impressed with their expertise in taxation, accounting, and auditing services. The team was approachable, friendly, and provided personalized attention to my needs. They took the time to understand my unique situation and provided practical solutions that were tailored to my needs. I highly recommend MRY & Company to anyone in need of exceptional accounting and financial services. Their commitment to client satisfaction is unparalleled. #CharteredAccountants #AccountingServices #AuditingServices #TaxationServices #Expertise #PersonalizedAttention Best CA in Jaipur

貴船 喜らく


客室: 2
食事: 4
サービス: 4
サービス: 4
場所: 2
雰囲気: 5


Joaquin Mariscal

I die a little inside every time I go here I just absolutely dislike this location. Shelves are always empty. There’s never any shopping carts, the lines are so long even for self check out. Some things like salads, jello, rotisserie chicken, honey Dijon chips, and sugar free popsicles are basically non existent in their shelves and I have either never or rarely been able to acquire them. I’ve had enough. Finally went to the Shadeland location and they had everything I needed. Floors were shiny, shelves were fully stocked or about to be restocked. Great layout and incredibly friendly service. Wish I could say the same about this location :/ I’m permanently saving myself from future headaches and going there from now on

Mirza Fry & Chinese

Jay Solanki

Such an amazing food
રેસ્ટોરન્ટમાં બેસીને ભોજન કર્યું
ભોજનનો પ્રકાર
રાત્રિ ભોજન
વ્યક્તિ દીઠ ખર્ચ
ભોજન: 5
સેવા: 4
વાતાવરણ: 4
સુઝાવ આપેલી વાનગીઓ
Special Chicken Biryani, Chicken Matka, Chicken Tikka, Tandoori Chicken

Roof Replacement Inc.

Hiro Kamegaya

With the historic rainy weather we've gotten, our poor roof had given out like a lot of Los Angelinos. We had over 4 leaks in various parts of the house and it was time to put our old roof out of its misery. Our friend had her roof repaired by Adolfo and recommended Roof Replacement Inc. We got 6 other quotes but we ended up going with Roof Replacement since they gave a great value for a quote that was similar to everyones we went with Roof Replacement and we were not disappointed. Demo occurred in one day, they were able to replace the rotted wood and put the insulation in two days and cover it up really well while we waited for the rain to pass and extremely delayed city inspection to come by. After the rain, they were able to torch and add the finish the roofing in another day or two. Adolfo and his associates were extremely responsive, keeping us updated along the way and making sure everything was tidy along the way as well. After the instillation, our house has been warmer from the instillation and there has happily been no leaks from the last 3 rainy days we've had. Thanks Roof Replacement!

Performance Footwear

Christine Joseph

I visited this store last week after having many failed attempts to get the right running shoes for me. The store was not busy which meant that the sales assistant was able to spend more time with me and tailor my experience to my needs. Within a few minutes he knew the exact shoes that would be best for my feet. Without asking me what I had used in the past he fitted me with the newest model of my previous trainers in the right size for me which sadly I can no longer get in the UK. A week later and they feel like my feet are walking on clouds. I cannot thank the sales assistant enough for finding me a pair to suit my needs after three years of agony. The only drawback is they have a very limited range of formal footwear and only one pair of running shoes in my size (I wanted to buy a second pair to keep me going and was disappointed that I couldn't).




Sprouts Farmers Market

Chelle Cee

I haven't had any negative experiences shopping at Sprouts. In addition to all the packaged and bulk health foods, they have a really good selection of vitamins and supplements, natural beauty and hygiene products, and reasonably priced, good quality produce and meat. The staff has always been helpful when I've had trouble finding things, and friendly during checkout. I wish the old Naco location was still going because it was closer to home, but I'll continue to shop at Sprouts at this location.

Feida Bakery

Gerardo Ramirez

While the place is small, they've got a seating area right behind the wall with the fridge, but to most outsiders, this is a quick in and out stop. Definitely don't be afraid to try the pastries due to their names or appearance, you literally cannot make a wrong choice. They have unusual mochi-like breads on the left of the case and to the right, the unusually delicious hot-dog-wiener-in-a-roll-of-bread. Also, if you tell the lady you're getting a lot and ask for a box, you well better be getting a lot of pastries because it's a big box.

Lady Bird Physical Therapy

Lauren Pati

I was having some issues which started in my second trimester and was referred to Lady Bird Physical Therapy by my OBGYN. So glad she did! Not only has my issue been a lot more manageable, I’m also getting help & guidance for new things that pop up during my pregnancy. I’ve been seeing Dr. Liz for everything and I cannot recommend her more! She genuinely cares, is patient, and explains things in a pragmatic, easy-to-understand way. The front desk staff are also incredibly friendly and overall the office has a positive vibe around it. Highly, highly recommend!


Shu Ikeda


Circle K Lý Tự Trọng

Lê Phương Anh -4E

Sáng nay 912/2023 lúc 7h 40 tôi có vào CK LTT quận 1 mua hàng( hết 100) để ngồi ăn, đến 10h ra thì bị bảo vệ xích xe yêu cầu đưa 50k mới cho đi, vì để xe mà không mua hàng,tôi yêu cầu check camera nhưng không ai làm, nhằm để vu khống và tống tiền tôi,đến lúc tôi làm căng thì nhân viên mới yêu càu bảo vệ đưa chìa khóa cho tôi đi( đúng ra bảo vệ hoặc nhân viên phải mở và xin lỗi tôi vì đã tự ý xích xe và vu khống tôi).Nhưng thái độ của họ rất mấ l ịch sự


Kay Lafleur

Prepare to be amazed!! From the moment you walk in your eyes began to wonder. Every room is absolutely beautiful and fun. The staff was really nice and polite with a bit of artistic flair. Love it!! For a party of five it cost around $200. We purchased our tickets online and showed up 15 minutes before our scheduled time, which is required. I think visiting once is surely enough. Great opportunity for awesome pictures as well.
Visited on
Wait time
10–30 min
Reservation recommended
Price for adult entry