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021 Dental

Lucas Sant anna silva

Gostaria de elogiar demais os dois recepcionistas, Matheus e Mateus! Sem comparação, muito bom atendimento dos dois. Me ajudaram no que precisei! E sanaram minhas dúvidas. Muito satisfeito! Não é toda vez que vou a uma clínica odontológica, e me deparo com sorrisos na recepção, são bem humorados, educados e fazem o clima ficar mais tranquilo, não só pra mim, mas como para os demais pacientes. Gostaria também de elogiar a doutora Leandra, atendimento único! Gostaria de um retorno da 021, referente a esse tão bom atendimento dos dois rapazes, Matheus e Mateus Nada melhor que ser atendido, depois de todo o pesar do dia a dia, com bom humor e sorriso na voz. Muito satisfeito com a minha experiência!!!!! Deixo aqui meu Agradecimento a clínica 021 em si, e mais aos rapazes que diante tanta pressão, sempre estão ali atentos e bem humorados, dando o melhor de si.

Maria Mata Mouro

Laís Sara

Uma DECEPÇÃO! Fiquei mais de uma hora aguardando os meus pratos, enquanto mesas que chegaram depois estavam sendo servidas. Reclamei com o garçom e com a gerente, e nem assim fui servida. Cancelei o pedido! Demorou tanto que eu cheguei no Mata Mouro para almoçar (às 15h) e sair de lá para jantar em outro restaurante. SERVIÇO PÉSSIMO! Se em horário pouco movimentado é assim, imagine?
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Hospital Estadual Alberto Rassi

Magno Moreira Moura

A minha experiência no HGG não foi muito legal, porque no dia 08/09 meu pai um senhor de 74 anos foi internado às 8:53 da manhã para fazer uma cirurgia de desobstrução da veia carótida. Se passaram  os dias e nada de informações por parte da equipe médica, não falavam que dia seria realizado o procedimento e assim se passaram 14 dias e essa espera é angustiante tanto pro paciente quanto para nós acompanhantes isso é muito ruim, e no dia 21/09 às 4 horas da manhã meu pai caiu do leito e fraturou o fêmur e somente às 10 horas da manhã é que o hospital se moveu para fazer um raio-x  e infelizmente depois de tanta espera para o nosso maior desespero verificou-se que o fêmur dele tinha quebrado, e outra espera se iniciava pela procura de uma vaga em um hospital de ortopedia e só conseguiram vaga para transferir ele depois das 6 horas da tarde hoje estamos aqui no " CRER "aguardando avaliação dos médicos e passar por novos exames para fazer a cirurgia do fêmur que foi quebrado, então é muito ruim a desinformação dos médicos em relação quando seria feita essa cirurgia. E agora, como fica a tão esperada cirurgia que meu pai precisa tanto fazer? Que é a da desobstrução da carótida que como os próprios médicos nas poucas vezes que conversamos me disseram que é de urgência pois ele corre sérios riscos de ter um AVC a qualquer momento e vir a óbito, devido a obstrução da veia. Quando será remarcada? Portanto fica aí a minha indignação referente a desinformação por parte dos médicos, o descaso e a falta de humanidade deles com os pacientes.


Hora Kumada


El Camino Memorial - Sorrento Valley & Memorial Park

Joel Lehnherr

My experience with the service at El Camino is a little different than most. My family or loved one was not buried here recently but after rendering honors to a colleague last April, I will be sure to have all my family and loved ones placed to rest here. The staff was very professional and considerate of Mr San Jose and his family. They accommodated all the requests the family had and attended to all their needs. Specifically, I would like to thank Kimberly Mosley for going above and beyond the call of duty. She made herself available to the Honor Guard team at all hours and coordinated with our commander extensively. She allowed our team ample time to setup and prepare for the ceremony. I have never met someone more dedicated to their craft than Ms. Mosley and it shows in the execution of the service. Every detail is accounted for, as well as the schedule and timing of the service. Again I would like to extend my gratitude to Kimberly Mosley and her team at El Camino Memorial for a service well done. I look forward to working with them in the future when the time comes.

相模原麻溝公園 ふれあい動物広場

KIT.C Tomy

日曜日に家内と娘、息子夫婦、一歳半の孫と行きました 家内とお嫁さんがお弁当を作ってくれたからみんなで楽しく頂きました お目当ては動物のふれあいでしたが、並んでる方が多く小さな孫は待てずに飽きてしまいました 隣の相模原公園と合わせ大変広く、様々な遊具や芝生などもあり天気の良い日に子供を連れて遊びに行くには非常に良いところです 駐車場も無料ですが中々空きが見つからない時もありますが、お昼くらいに午前中からの方が出るタイミングで回転が良くなる時があります

Glamorgan Animal Clinic

Erin Miller

Noticed that my cat was acting off this morning so I called some clinics while at work. These guys were the only ones who easily fit me in and offered to keep my poor girl until I could get off work. Dr. Hill explained all of the possible problems and why she wanted to do the tests she had planned. Overall really great staff (Including Rufus). I just appreciated how easy they made it for me to come by on my lunch break and take care of my girl until I can pick her up this afternoon.

Free Tour Lyon

Aditya Rau

Paul hosted a wonderful walking tour of Vieux Lyon, pairing historical accounting with humorous asides. I appreciated the balance in his commentary - which provided just enough information for us to leave feeling more informed but not so much that we risked being overwhelmed. Paul also thoughtfully encouraged us to revisit parts of the old town later in the day, very aware that his tour is not the be all and end all of discovering Vieux Lyon. Finally, his thoughtful engagement of different members of our group was noted and appreciated. Well worth joining Paul for a tour!

Menorah Hotel

Alena Kirilova

Менора - одне з найцікавіших місць міста Дніпра, музей - перлина культурного центру. Були сьогодні з дітьми на екскурсії, дуже сподобалося, екскурсовод молодець, дуже цікаво було слухати! Всім рекомендую!Діти, батьки та вчителі в захваті!

CarTune Independent Service

James Fields

The service provided by Car Tune Independent is exceptional. Both David and Justin display a high level of professionalism and expertise. They are not only friendly, but their prices are also reasonable. Whether you require wheels, tires, alignment, suspension, or any other service, they will ensure you're taken care of. I've been here twice now for car work, and I intend to remain a loyal customer due to their transparent approach. They offer comprehensive services and, in my opinion, stand out as the top choice in San Diego, CA.

Forest Glen Animal Hospital

Terry Warzecha

This was my first time going to Forest Glen animal Hospital and what a wonderful place! The staff is so knowledgeable and helpful. We had a great experience from the moment we walked in the door. They were so attentive to our new puppy, and extremely patient and gentle. The facility was extremely clean and comfortable. The examination room was also clean and welcoming. Our puppy was very comfortable there. I am definitely looking forward to having them treat our puppy for a long, long time!


Ramya Krishna Kosuri

We have been taking our 15yr old dog to Dr. Rama Rao for the past 5yrs and I have only good words for him and his clinic. He has also recently performed hysterectomy on our dog at the age of 13 and she's still going strong. The clinic is very clean and well maintained. You can get all pet accessories and food at the clinic itself. I recommend all pet lovers to consult him for any health issues for your pets.

Ace Hardware

Dale Darlage

Amazing Customer Service. We just bought a first car for my daughter and we were having a hard time getting the license plate screws to go in. We had the right size of screw but it just wouldn't go in. Two different customer service people went back and forth to the parking lot with us 6 or 7 times and tried different thread widths and different sizes to find a screw that would fit. We decided to just buy the finest thread screw, go home and force it in with a ratchet. As we were walking out to the car, one of the people who had been helping us ran out with a tap, re-threaded our license plate holes (they didn't need much help - more like a cleaning up) and attached the plate. That was an amazing amount of customer service for a couple of screws. I am going to make a point out of going to this store more often in the future.

Savera Indian and Nepalese Restaurant

Steffi Abhishek Rao

Indian Restaurant with Authentic Indian Food Experiences like are the ones you remember for a long time. Went on Valentine's day, pretty busy. Got seated real quick though the food takes awhile. But again its worth the wait. Also whats the hurry if you have gone to sit n enjoy your food. The portion size was great. Food was delicious. The nans werent very oily, which I absolutely loved. We ordered veg as it was Ash wednesday. Would definitely go back to try non veg. The chef & owner later came out , we had quite a chat about the food, the restaurant , his work experience and the homemade species he uses cook. Would totally recommend this place!

Lava Pizza & Wings

Jincy Macwan

Worst experience I ever had with this location. We ordered food for party of 6 people and we received wrong order, tried to contact the store and a staff member there named simran talked very rudely to us and he/she also accused us that we spoiled the food ourselves. It was the worst customer service experience and very disappointing as the staff are accusing the customers wrongly.
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Safeway Pharmacy

Cassandra K Winchell

The pharmacy staff gave me a 20 minute timeframe for my simple RX to be ready and I said I would come back. I'm back several hours later only to find out that the pharmacist had just went on break, of course before checking my RX. The Pharmacist also is late coming back from that lunch break. Very unprofessional. Another woman in line behind me also had problems, she mentioned it was the third month in a row where the pharmacy staff provided poor service.

Dublin Diamond Factory

Alan Farrell

When myself and my partner got engaged we were recommended DDF from a friend and I'm so happy we were. From start to finish, Wayne made the whole process of designing the engagemnt ring, really enjoyable. He is extremely knowledgeable and was able to explain to us all we needed to know in an easy to understand manner. He was able to create the ring of my partners dreams with care and attention given to every single detail. He was always at the end of the phone to answer any questions we had and was happy to make any changes we wanted along the way. I'd recommend Wayne to anyone and everyone. Five star service. Thanks Wayne Alan & Nicole

Fountain City Dental Group - Kansas City


I've been going to this Dentist office for about a year and a half now & I absolutely love it ! I used to drive past the office everyday on my way to work and school and decided to do my research because I was looking for a new Dentist Home. I'm so glad I made the decision to choose Dr. Sutton & the amazing team he has working in the office as well! They always take good care of me & their customer service is amazing ! I've never felt like I was treated any different than any other patient. Meaning, I get the same treatment and respect as everyone else whom walks through the door & I love it ! Definitely would recommend becoming a patient here ! I also love how the entire office is up to date with technology. I think it's really cool & sets the office apart from others!

Azalea Nail Boutique

Kylie Davies

The place was very clean and the staff was fairly polite. However if you are looking to get small details on your nails then this is definitely NOT the place. I am happy with my nails but my nail tech completely botched the snow flake and it’s not even in the right spot. They are pretty rough as I got cut a couple times and not worth the price. If you are looking for just a solid colour or shellac done then it’s not a horrible place to go.

Музей шістдесятництва

Анастасія Косьяненко

Музей невеликий, але колекція експонатів велика! До цього багато читали та дивились про рух шістдесятництва. В музеї була можливість побачити ще й речі, які належали до тих подій. Працівники музею раді відвідувачам, раджу взяти екскурсію.