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Judy Restaurant


One of my fav spots in the entire city. I feel like this is the last place left that has been able to survive the super rapid gentrification in this neighborhood and I hope they'll be around for many more years to come. Bomb pupusas and margaritas and great mix and match combos. I've tried most of the food on their menu and there hasn't been anything I haven't liked. The burrito azteca, chicharron and NY strip steak are my favs.

Habana Cuba Restaurant

David Ng

Come here for the oxtail! You won't be disappointed. I miss their old digs with the restaurant setting but sometimes it's better to survive in some form than to close up shop. Despite moving their operations to SoFA Market, they haven't compromised on their excellent quality of Cuban food. The service is excellent and the food top notch. The slow cooked pork dish with rice, beans and plantains is also a very popular dish.

Restaurante Emplumado

Kristell Guillen

Excelente ubicación y buena atmósfera para ir a comer. El diseño de interior es lindísimo y se ve que todo ha sido seleccionado cuidadosamente, desde los acabados y mobiliario, hasta los platos y cubiertos. El servicio es de 10, todo el personal es muy amable y te hacen sentir bienvenido. Comimos dentro del restaurante porque era un día de mucho calor y ordenamos todo lo del menú “callejero”. El brioche de castacán con queso fue la estrella del día, los demás platillos estuvieron bien pero nada extraordinarios. Seguramente volveré para disfrutar de la terraza y probar más de su menú.
Comí allí
Tipo de comida
Precio por persona
800-900 $
Comida: 4
Servicio: 5
Ambiente: 5

Anytime Fitness


I have been a member of Anytime Fitness since the day it started off. To be honest before I joined the gym I had a perception they are more pricey compared to the other gyms. Hence before taking a final decision I decided to take a trial at 2-3 gyms. When I took the trial it became crystal clear to me Anytime Fitness was going to be my choice. What I love about this gym is they have equipments which are far more superior compared to any gym I have been part of in the past. They use PRECOR machines which are the absolute best. I love the AMT(Adaptive Motion Trainer). With regards to the trainer I have found a gem of a person in Shahebaz. He has completely transformed my life and has given me a great deal of knowledge. I love their Inbody BCA machine which helps me track my fat percentages. I an very particular about hygiene and cleanliness, I see housekeeping cleaning machines and benches all the time. Restrooms are kept really well. I would recommend Anytime Fitness to each one of you. Its a gym where you will get results.



初めての脱毛で既にレモンさんにて数回利用させて頂いております。男が脱毛なんて…って思ってたんですが周りに脱毛男子が増えてきたので試しにと行きました!笑 効果ですがあててもらって数日後、黒く浮いてきてアレ?と思ったら1〜2週間後くらいにポロポロ抜けました。痛みは多少ありますがしっかりやっていただけるのと場所も効果もいいので満足してます。スタッフさんも優しく対応してくださるので通いやすいです!他の脱毛サロンに行ったことはないですがおすすめできるお店かなと思います!

Ibrahim Law Office, LLC

Farzad Dehghan

My wife and I are very thankful of Micheal Ibrahim. Before we hire him we approached many immigration lawyers over ten years to duplicate documents were destroyed in a fire. The results were disappointing. Micheal was able to find the lost documents. My wife got her permanent residency. He was always available for us during stressful time. We like to thank Michael for his knowledge, professionalisms and expertise. We would definitely recommend Michael for immigration services.

Restaurante Naval

Roberto Ferreira

Um restaurante com muita tradição na cidade s que iniciou a sua operação no ano de 1907, tendo sido frequentado por vários famosos durante estes 116 anos, sendo um dele o Lupicínio Rodrigues, que segundo a lenda, compôs o hino do Gremio Futebol Porto Alegrense, durante uma das suas visitas ao restaurante. O atendimento é perfeito, sendo realizado por garçons ágeis e experientes. O cardápio é composto por vários pratos, com frutos do mar, carne vermelha e Frango, além de vários petiscos, incluindo o famoso bolinho de bacalhau. Para beber, além de uma boa carta de vinhos, tem chope da Brahma bem tirado nos tamanhos 300ml e 500ml, mas nenhum em copos supergelados e nenhum em caldereta. O cardápio não é digital, os guardanapos não são envwlopados, os talheres não são ensacados e não tem álcool gel nas mesas. O estacionamento é na rua em zona azul paga. O custo x beneficio é bom.
Dine in
Meal type
Price per person
Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 4
Recommended dishes
Pastel de Camarão

Green Hybrid Bikes

Pawan Shah

I recently purchased a bike from Hybrid Green Bikes and I am extremely happy with my experience. The motor and battery are fantastic, providing more power and lasting longer than I expected. The bike itself is very strong and durable, making it a great choice for both personal use and delivery purposes. I have been using my bike for about 7 months now and I have had no issues with it. The staff at Hybrid Green Bikes were also very helpful and knowledgeable, providing me with all the information I needed to make an informed decision about my purchase. Overall, I highly recommend Hybrid Green Bikes for anyone looking for a reliable and high-quality electric bike. The combination of great customer service, top-notch products, and fair prices make them the perfect choice for anyone in the market for an electric bike❤️

Porters Liquor


David, Ben, Paul and the rest of the team are running a great little liquor store. Great variety of wines, beers and spirits, also carries a few cigars for those who enjoy a smoke. Personable service where after 1 visit they will remember your name. Parking is OK in front of the shop as long as your quick as it gets hectic there with traffic flowing off Northwood Road. They also deliver which is great service for a party or just a usual Saturday night

Better Internal Medicine

Michael C.

I have been a patient of Dr. Hodges since 1987 and can truthfully say that over the years, he's cured and eliminated several severe physical and psychological conditions of mine. Doctor Hodges has to be one of the most caring and thorough doc's out there! He takes the time to listen and not only understand symptoms, but also to get to know patients much like a good friend would. 5 Stars and a big thumbs up!

Get Smart Storage

Kristina Jaluba

Rented a storage unit here for 3 years and what an awful experience. Clean facility but unfortunately I don't think the term 'customer service' applies to this company. My husband and I rented a unit and barely ever went to grab items. But when we did, we frequently got yelled at by Brenda for little to no reason. The company was also extremely inflexible - moving out was a nightmare. They didn't allow our trailer for the move near our unit. Overall, avoid if you can.

Holmes Place Fitness - Friedrichshain


Ich habe länger nach einem Ort in der Nähe gesucht, an dem ich auch zu Feierabend-Zeiten und am Wochenende in entspannter Atmosphäre vernünftig schwimmen kann und mich auch explizit deswegen für eine USC Mitgliedschaft entschieden (ergo die Möglichkeit, hier zu trainieren). Was soll ich sagen? Ich hab es bis jetzt keinen Tag bereut! :) Das Schwimmbad ist wirklich toll! Niemand nervt, es ist nie überfüllt und am Ende kann man zur Entspannung noch in die Sauna springen. Gut finde ich hier v.a., dass es im Umkleidebereich auch eine Sauna nur für Frauen gibt. Die Mitarbeitenden sind auch alle nett und zuvorkommend!

Kiddie Kobbler St Laurent

Chris Ferraro

I continue to be impressed with Kiddie Kobbler and specifically this location. In my opinion, this is one of few true shoe retailers in which they actually understand feet, shoes, and various activities, and help you align to find the best shoe available. Special shout out to Rob as he was incredibly efficient and just a pleasure to deal with as we searched for a tennis shoe for my daughter (she ended up getting a very unique shoe to the Canadian market, which was a bonus)... ;)

Boulangerie CASSORET Olivier et Céline


I tried quite a few bakeries in Strasbourg. This one however simply does best. Prices may be a bit higher but you really taste the quality. You will find here traditional pastries, cakes and bread and it all tastes amazing. Even the little chocolate chips on the cake for decoration that usually taste bad in most bakeries are clearly made from quality chocolate here. The chocolate eclair was my favourite so far. I will visit again for sure! I honestly cannot understand some of the bad reviews...

Costco Gas Station

Kennon Bacon

The gas is pretty much the cheapest around, but the way these stations are set up is a huge hassle. It's a mess trying to get cars in queue efficiently. The entrance from the main road is right by the entrance to the stations, but you have to almost do a U-turn to get in. They don't have any garbages or window washing fluid. Basically go here if you want cheap gas and are willing to fight to the death for it to get in line.

くら寿司 金閣寺店


きぬかけの道と場代通り交差点の角にあり、すぐ近くには 立命館大学や金閣寺などがあり、一年中賑わっています。徒歩で数分の所に はま寿司が出来たのだが、どちらも繁盛しています。 くら寿司の良い所は、メニューに、いつも 変化があり いつ行っても飽きない所ですかね! 追記: コロナ禍てあっても、相変わらず 大人気でした♪ 席の予約は、タッチパネルで席の発券がされるので、でなければ 店員による案内は無く 表記された席番号に座って食事して 精算もタッチパネル操作して、席の発券を持って精算するシステムになっていました。席のタッチパネルでの注文も、自分のスマホからでも 注文出来ますので、人との接触を避けたい向きには歓迎されますが、席にはおしぼりが置いていないので、席に着く前に取りに行きましょう。

RONA Mississauga (Erin Mills)

B. Od.

I went to Rona to get some laminate flooring and vinyl tiles. It was actually my 2nd time in a Rona store surprisingly but my oh my, isn't Bibiana such a lovely staff! She patiently walked through the options with me. We discussed my colour preferences and she was really really patient as I arrived at a decision. She attended to other customers who came in without 'disconnecting ' from me. Then she took me to where I could view closet doors and weigh the costs/ options. Very engaging staff. I felt like I went shopping with a friend. Now, that is what I call customer service. If she owned the business I am sure I would have bought things I didn't plan for, just to make her happy. If/when I have a business, Bibiana would be my 'ideal' profile for client facing roles. And yes there are so many Rona options for flooring

Ветеринарная клиника "ALEX"

Света Сушко

Добридень! Хочеться висловити велику подяку доктору Олександру Миколайовичу за професіоналізм, уважне ставлення та терпіння. У квітні цього року ми мали дуже непросту операцію у кішечки. Завдяки лікареві все пройшло добре, наша кішечка… Докладніше

Super OYO Collection O Hotel Manu Bangalore

Sunny Singh

"अभी अनुशंसित नहीं है।" पहले तो उन्होंने ऑनलाइन बुकिंग के दौरान पूरी रकम चुकाने के बाद भी बदतमीजी से अतिरिक्त पैसे मांगे, अन्यथा ठहरने नहीं देंगे। कमरे में टीवी, एसी, इलेक्ट्रिक केतली … ज़्यादा

haus & haus Group

Kamran Farooqui

لقد كان من دواعي سروري العمل مع السيدة سارة من Haus & Haus، وخبرتها كمتخصصة في العقارات فاقت توقعاتي. لقد أرشدتني بسلاسة خلال عملية تأجير الفيلا الخاصة بي في دبي هيلز استيت، مما أظهر مهارات تواصل وتفاوض ممتازة. لقد فعلت كل هذا أثناء إقامتي … المزيد