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Hardage-Giddens Oaklawn Chapel & Oaklawn Cemetery

JD McKinney III

During the service, a Hardage-Giddens attendant sat at the back of the room and every time a new speaker went to the podium or a musical arrangement was scheduled, an attendant stood up and appeared to be adjusting an audio-video control panel mounted on the wall. At one point, another attendant came in, they had a conference and switched places. Felt this was very rude, disrespectful and distracting. If the only one who reads this is management, good. Please fix this.

The Havana Shirt Store

Christopher Williams

RIPOFF!!! Shops like this give Little Havana a bad name..Charged TRIPLE the online price for a shirt and DOUBLE the MSRP! This area is struggling to revitalize and recover in a post pandemic world and need customers, but this store is the worst! I hope this post goes viral like some of my other posts have done in the past and nobody else shops here! They ripped off the MSRP from the label so they can mark up the prices like crooks!

Kaffeine Coffee Co.

Jensen Williams

Guys I have given this place about 27 chances. They have the best espresso. UNFORTUNATELY every single time I am made uncomfortable by staff. Sometimes they very rudely tell me I can’t have ristretto in an iced latte, and talk down to me. Sometimes they talk to their friends and make my drink wrong repeatedly. Today was the last straw. I ordered my drink, I was polite, I tipped. Also, I’m a barista myself so I’m not really sure why they just allowed this to happen. The barista was talking it up with two people blocking the whole counter. She made my drink wrong, I said something shyly because I saw in the written ticket that it was written correctly, just made wrong. AND HER FRIENDS SAT THERE MAKING FUN OF ME. Are you kidding me? For context, I’m not a Karen, I’m a Joe Shmoe college kid. They made fun of me for an additional 10 minutes until I got my “fixed drink” and I swear to god, they didn’t even make the shots ristretto. Why do y’all subject me to this every time? I have pretty bad social anxiety and every time I leave here feeling some type of way about myself and my capabilities. Your espresso is not worth the torture you put me through.
Food: 5
Service: 1
Atmosphere: 1


Natascha Lea

Wir waren mit einer großen Gruppe da und fanden das Essen und die Atmosphäre sehr gut. Zu empfehlen sind wirklich auch die Soßen die auf dem Tisch stehen, die sind super lecker :D Ansonsten hat jeder ja seine/ ihre Präferenzen. Die Auswahl an Vegetarischen und Veganen Gerichten ist auch groß. Zudem kann bei jedem Burger das Brötchen einzeln ausgewählt werden. Abends gibt es auch ein Menü als angeboten, indem Burger, Salat/ Pommes und ein Cocktail inkludiert sind.
Verzehr im Restaurant
Art der Mahlzeit
Preis pro Person
20–30 €
Essen: 5
Service: 4
Ambiente: 5
Empfehlungen für Gerichte
Burger Mit Pommes Und Dip, Burger Menü, Hamburger, Soße, Hans Im Glück Burger-sosse Vegan
Vegetarische Gerichte
Genügend Auswahl für Vegetarier vorhanden:)

Ren Ishii Restaurant

Denise (Dee)

Fine modern Japanese. Seating is comfortable and the service, especially by the Japanese? (I think) guy was above and beyond amazing. The food was fine, but one of the newer items on the menu needed refinement, but they were happy to take the feedback on board and to rectify. Given this my review has probably gone from what would have been a 3 to a 5. I personally think it's hard for new restaurants to nail everything, but the ones that want to put in the effort will eventually be successful in doing so. There is a 10% surcharge on Sundays and public holidays.

Solabee Flowers & Botanicals

Mackenzie F

I came here last month while visiting Portland. I was recommended by my tattoo artist who had a ton of beautiful plants in her studio which she stated she mostly got from Solabee, so obviously I had to see for myself. There was great selection, the plants were healthy and lush, and the staff was helpful. I got a beautiful rex begonia and a lil monstera. Unfortunately my begonia has gone to plant heaven (I’m so bummed, but turns out when a small earthquake knocks stuff on your plant it probably won’t survive), but my monstera is doing great. I will absolutely be back next time I’m in the Portland area.


Ak Taki

昔からある蘇我の洋菓子屋とパン屋さんです。久しぶりに買いに来ました。シュークリームは個性的な味のクリームで薔薇の形をした形で印象が残り旨いです。ショートケーキも濃厚で佐藤ベーカリーならではの味で旨かったです。昭和の歴史を感じるパンは個人的には魅力があり大好きです。カレーパンや揚げクリームぱんのパン生地はもちもち感があり個性的な味で生クリームのコッペパンは最高に旨いです。 また、行ってみたいです。

Shoe Carnival

Kathy Newkirk

Employees stood around. Didn't ask if I needed help when I couldn't find a pair of shoes the size I needed. Couldn't look up in computer to find size I needed. Said I had to bring each shoe up to them so they could look it up. When I left the store empty handed the door security alarm went off. I asked the two employees standing by the door if everything was ok. One looked at me crazy. The other employee said everything was fine. I'll not go back.

Losco Regional Park

Florida Born

The main play set is geared more towards older kids. There isn't much to do for toddlers or 4 and even some 5 and 6 year olds. There is a splash pad...nice for a quick cool off (can be quite slippery and is close to the retention pond). There are beautiful trees for climbing or taking pictures. And there is lots of room to run around. The bathrooms are gross, but that is to be expected at a public park.


Melanie Lowe

Our realtor had recommended Rif Moving and we were very satisfied with the service we had! We were moving quite a far distance from Vancouver and the quote we received from Rif Moving was affordable compared to other moving companies. They were very accommodating of our moving schedule which included holding items over the course of a few days. They were polite and responsive to all questions and emails. The day of the move and the day of the delivery they called for any updates they had and did a great job of moving our items. None of our items were damaged and we had great experience! Would recommend Rif Moving to anyone!

Aer Lingus


I thought Air France were about the worst airline for losing and damaging bags; That's until I suffered the Aer Lingus experience. Check-staff woefully slow and move with all the enthusiasm and energy of a Three-toed Sloth (Google it). Needless to say, bags didn't make it onto the plane and lost for a fortnight. No response from Aer Lingus (as anticipated) - had to don a Deerstalker to find my bags in 2 different random locations in the UK. Maybe they changed their name to Air Bowen.

Eyuboglu Hotel


Egolu ve samimiyetsizlik kokan bir yer. Daha önce tüm misafirlerimi buraya gönderiyordum. Bu sefer ben Misafir oldum otele . Yemek yiyelim dedik Demez olaydık görevli karşımıza dikildi. Efendim şöyle yemeğimiz vs böyle yemeğimiz var personel yemeğini bize 40 TL gagalamaya kalktı . Hayır dedik yemek dışardan söyleyeceğiz . Söyledik . Adamı otele almıyorlar . Dışardan yemek söylemeyormuşuz Ba Ba Kendini 5 Yıldızlı 1000 çeşit devamlı sıcak yemeği olan bir otel zannediyor ki ayrıca Devamlı cam dibindeki oturan ukala bencil anladığım kadarıyla personele devamlı mobing uygulayan otel sahibi de oradan efendim burası bir otel ‘’yok ben ahır zannettim’’ demesiyle otelden ayrılan bir tanrı misafiriyiz . Allah razı olsunlar daha ucuz daha Güler yüz samimi ve kaliteli bir otel bulduk. E ne yapalım kötü mal sahibi adamı ev sahibi yaparmış.
Gezi türü
Hizmet: 1
Konum: 1

San Francisco National Cemetery

Peter Hacker

even though we are not from the US you could really feel the history hidden in this place. besides that the view on the bay is really nice if you walk up to the top of the cemetery. when we walked back down we encountered an elderly man with his daughter. it was very hard for him to walk up the hill. she asked us for a specific grave number and we kindly pointed her into the right direction. after asking if she needs some help she replied "thanks, we are fine.... that's just my dad who, on passing by, remembered that HIS dad is burried here" which gave us goosebumps and made this place stay in our memory forever.

Passion Flour Patisserie

Salt Lake Tattoos

Sour? Maybe you are just a sour person. I get that Vegan food isn't to everyone's liking but I have eaten here 3 times... in the last week! Never been prior to 7 days ago. I will certainly become a regular. I've tried numerous items on the menu and from the case. Each has been perfectly and meticulously crafted. I especially like the fact that I can order hot items if I have the time to wait, or simply grab something quick if I'm in a hurry. I've never been a fan of French foods; being Vegan since the 80's it's always been pretty hard to come-by. But now that I've found this place, it will quickly become a staple in my rotation. Thanks everyone at Passion Flower Patisserie! Even though Sour-puss didn't like it. I Love it, and I certainly recommend it.

Speed Queen Laundry

Whitney White

They claim to offer free dryers when using the washers however; they shut off over half of the dryers and put not in service on them which causes people to get in drama or race to the few dryers available! There was also a man there trying to play people at the change machine by offering to help! Lol what a joke!!Plus the Fox gas station that’s attached does not accept EBT! They are not for the people!!

かつや 新潟白根店


テイクアウトで、レジに注文で受付をし、決まりましたら、お呼び下さいと、メニューを見て選んでたら、次のテイクアウトで後から入って来た客 わたくしの次の客の注文聞き出した。 この店は、順番とか、関係ないのか その時は、若目の男の定員で態度も、接客態度も悪い 同じ事を何回も聞くし 12月 日曜 夕方の出来事です この男 苦情ものです 因みに、女の定員は、愛想は、ありませんがまだまともです 苦情電話入れたいですね

Campus Hair Meisterbetrieb


Ich bin leider nicht mehr so überzeugt vom Salon. Hier ist es sehr unruhig und hektisch geworden. Das Klima beim Personal untereinander ist auch öfters angespannt, wodurch man sich etwas unwohl fühlt. Die Mitarbeiter sind teils auch echt unfreundlich und überfordert. Hier kann man Glück oder auch Pech haben, je nachdem wer gerade da ist. Es ist leider auch schon vorgekommen, dass ich mit schlechten Schnitten rausgegangen bin. Fairerweise wurde der Sache nachgegangen und ich habe beim nächsten Mal nichts zahlen müssen. Es wurde sich auch wirklich sehr nett darum bemüht, dass ich weiterhin ein Kunde bleibe, danke dafür! Für die Leistung die man hier erhält habe ich mich trotzdem langfristig für einen anderen Friseur entschieden - zwar bekommt man hier ein gratis Getränk und sitzt beim Haare waschen auf Massagesesseln - wem es aber eher auf den Schnitt ankommt sollte lieber woanders hingehen.

Caloundra Van Lines

Kylie Gill

I cannot in good conscience, recommend this company!! Accepted Jason's quote, locked in the day, everything sorted. Last minute email, to say he couldn't do it, he'd arranged a mate to do the job, and left half my belongings in Victoria!! Jason said he would collect the rest, then wouldn't return emails or telephone calls. I had to arrange another removalist, to complete the job. The cost nearly double my original quote. Later found out, Jason was out on a boat fishing!! I was recently widowed, with my husband passing only 5 weeks ago, and even though Jason knew that, he took advantage of the poor widow with the 3 small children!! Please avoid, would hate this to happen to anyone else!!

Хабад България

שושי נאור

Бяхме 5 момичета на Шабат, отидохме при семейство Хабад в София. Там се срещнахме с равин Соломон и равин Дойч и тяхното семейство, които ни посрещнаха в един богат, повдигнат и много уважаван петък. Благодарим ви, че сте там за нас,… Още

Collection O Relax Stay Apartments

Soul Hopes

दोस्तों, कृपया इस होटल को बुक न करें..मैंने इसे ओयो साइट से बुक किया था और एक दिन के लिए प्रति कमरा कीमत 715 रुपये थी, लेकिन जैसे ही हम होटल पहुंचे तो मैनेजर ने हमें बताया कि हम ओयो साइट की कीमतों का पालन नहीं करते हैं और आपको भुगतान करना … ज़्यादा