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Joseph Medcalf Funerals - Eastern Suburbs

Maria Sonda

Joseph Medcalf Funeral Services were amazing in assisting myself and my siblings after the recent loss of our father. From my first conversation with Michelle she was genuine and showed great empathy and professionalism. She was a constant support in guiding us every step of the way to ensure my father received the service he deserved. I will be forever grateful for everything she did and would gladly recommend them to others in the future.

A-1 Self Storage

Elisabeth English

Moved my piles “of stuff” & furniture into a large storage unit last week at A1Storage off of Pacific Highway (about 10 minutes from downtown). Leo & Alex we’re both on hand & were extremely helpful! from signing up for the unit, to immediately jumping on a light that was out in the unit, to overall friendliness & helpfulness these two have made this Storage Location the Best in town! And, trust me, between my clients (real estate) & myself I’ve seen & worked w dozens of locations! My only con is the carts they provide for moving are old (& heavy) but they are working w A1 to get them replaced (hopefully soon!). But everything within their control is Too Notch! Highly recommended!

Pizza Hut

Shug Alford

Pizza showed up late and cold was told I would get a refund if I brought in the receipt. I show up with the receipt and they refuse to give me a refund without the pizza. I had thrown the pizza way like I told her on the phone 3 times. Complete lack of customer service. Driver showed up smelling like a bag of Bud and that's probably why my pizza was late. I would not eat here again if my life depended on it. I have co-workers that eat here often for lunch that stops today. I've never ever been treated so poorly in my life period I will be contacting the corporate office.

Anexo Hospital Ferreyra

Julian Gribaudo

Un desastre la atención. Los empleados de recepción atienden de muy mala gana. Me presenté con 39 grados de fiebre y dolor de garganta para atenderme por la guardia. Después de 1:30 horas de espera por reloj llamaron al primer paciente que hacía 3hs que esperaba. Mientras esperaba escuche quejas de que los baños de las salas de internacion hacia más de 12hs que estaban sin agua. En la sala de espera había niños gritando y personas escuchando música a todo volumen con sus celulares. Le pedí al guardia de seguridad si podía pedir que bajen el volumen a lo que me respondió que no porque "no me dan bola" Luego de 2hs de espera pedí cancelar la atención y me tuvieron otro rato más esperando para anular el pedido y me retire sin ser atendido. Un desastre! También quiero denunciar que todos los días la clínica tira residuos patológicos a la vía pública!!!! Cada vez que paso por el lugar hay gasas, jeringas, agujas, sueros, se puede encontrar de todo exparcido por la vereda junto a un contenedor de basura. Ver las fotos!


Ruslan Ivanytsky

Гарний готель у центрі м.Дніпро. Найбільш оригінальною є приватна колекція картин у стилі соцреалізму. Усі вони вивішені у коридорі та у кімнатах. Свого роду подорож у 30-50-і роки. Кімнати затишні, поруч - ресторан Дакота, чудовий молодіжний заклад.

Your Local Movers

Joanne Harding-Smith

I have never done a review before however I was so happy that I am going to the trouble to share. From start to end they were great. They sent the right sized truck. Very accommodating as we had to take things to a couple of different places first. Aiden and Mitch were amazing. At the end they did it in the dark as Energex hadn't connected the power and moving all the furniture without batting an eyelid up 5 flights of stairs. They're not big guys however I have moved a few times and never had it handled so well. Very fit and strong and pleasant to deal with. I cannot recommend these guys enough.

Corporate Autoworks

H.Luanne Hanes

I was stranded 100 km from home. CAA recommended Corporate Autoworks. They were forthright in their dealings with me, honest, financially reasonable, and did the needed work in a timely manner. They recommended that I check the warranty on my starter motor and it was covered by my regular shop, with whom they communicated. There is nothing worse, as a single woman, to be at the mercy of a broken-down car in an unfamiliar city. I would HIGHLY recommend Corporate Autoworks to anyone, in Burlington or just passing through. Thank you so much!! Luanne Hanes, Waterloo

Schnauss North East Florida Funeral Home and Cremation Services

Dawn Devine

My eldest brother passed away suddenly. I live in Michigan. When I called Roger I instantly felt at ease. An unexpected death thousands of miles away is an extremely stressful time. Roger and his team handled everything for me. Naugle and their team helped my family, and myself, through such a grief stricken loss of a loved one. I will forever be grateful for such honor and grace in our time of need. God Bless, Dawn Devine Michigan

Timbers Bar & Grill

Penny Kane

Such a friendly atmosphere and the people who work there are so friendly, they treat you like family! Food is DELICIOUS!!!
Dine in
Meal type
Price per person
Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5
Recommended dishes
Chicken Philly, Onion Rings, Cheese Burger w Fries
Parking space
Plenty of parking
Parking options
Free parking lot
There's a lot of parking and lighted well at night. Very safe!

Gull Law Chambers

Darvaish Abbas Pasha

I found Gull Law Chambers the best and professional service provided in UK, specially Mr. Riaz with his best knowledge of UK law and all kind of Visa consultation in the UK. My Visa application is solved with all UK requirements by the Gull Law Chambers and my Visa Consultant Ms. Z. Chaudhry dealt my application with her best knowledge and professionally, I feel free and without any hesitation to ask any questions during my Visa Process. I happy to recommend Gull Law Chambers UK to any one with great pleasure.

Body Restoration

Sheralee Tumm

I called on Easter Monday, as my back went out over the weekend, and was in a lot of pain. They were able to get me in the same day, and I've been getting IMS (needling) treatments with Matt. He's super nice, knowledgeable, and his schedule works with mine. The clinic is super shiny, clean, and brand new. The only downside is parking, curse that swim school! Sometimes have to circle the block to find a spot; I have yet to park in the lot, it's been street every time. Maybe the landlord will give them some dedicated spots; the daycare has a ton that are empty when I go to my appointments.

ほけんの窓口 豊田駅前店


結婚を期に保険を検討しようと窓口で相談したのがきっかけで、もう10年程お世話になっております。 出産や住宅購入などイベント発生時に定期的に見直し相談にも応じていただき、大変お世話になっております。 自分では調べることが出来ないであろう提案もいただき将来への備えの一助になっています。

Centennial Family Eyecare Durango

Halley Celi

The receptionists at both locations are very rude. I have given this place multiple chances and it gets worse every time. Today was my last straw and my family will be finding a new optometrist. The first time I called and made an appointment and I guess the appointment was never made.. The second time I went in person and the receptionists looked so irritated with me when I told them the skye canyon location made me an appointment the same day due to the reason stated above. The third time was today. The receptionist rolled her eyes when she called us up to help us. We just asked for a perception to be printed.. We called in advance to get it emailed it, but it was never sent.. Please reconsider the staff in front.. I have been nothing but kind to all the staff here..


Sekarpramita Darmaputri

The service was great and so friendly. However, a lot of things have to be fixed. - bebek goreng: rice is delicious and medok, but too oily - soft shell pao: there is something sour and tangy (is it pickle? Or ruined bread?) but it doesnt goes well with the soft shell crab nor the pao. I even thought “ini roti nya udah basi atau gmn ya?” Could have put lettuce instead of pickle - live music performer: off tune/sumbang, nyanyian ga sesuai beat dgn instrumen nya, vibe semua lagu dibikin sama (mau lagu mellow, ngebeat, dll, ga ada bedanya) dan pas nada tinggi ga nyampe dan maksa bgt jdnya - nyamuk deh kak… pls do something about it. Bukan cuma aku aja yg komen terkait hal ini dan i dont see any improvement - pls separate smoking and non smoking room Too overrated by haveyoumattsam. Will be no 2nd visit.
Makan di tempat
Jenis makanan
Makan malam
Tarif per orang
Rp 200.000–225.000
Makanan: 2
Layanan: 5
Suasana: 3

Ветеринарний госпіталь

Наталья Т

У шпиталі нас прийняла молодий лікар Поліна Андріївна. . О шостій ранку. На щастя, нам не знадобилося те лікування, яке нам запропонували в нашому місті, лікарка зробила рентген і все прояснилося. Але як вона все пояснює, як знає свою справу, просто чарівність !!! Радію, що можна в наш час довіритися. Рекомендую!

Fragrant Bakery 行香老店

Angela Ho

Best wife cakes in the city - been coming here for years and I still love it It's a little comforting to see that even after like 15 years the bakery looks exactly the same lol! I used to come here with my parents and now I still come here as an adult to buy some baked goods and I never leave without their wife cakes. I think they're cash only... I have never attempted to pay with a credit card so I could be wrong, but make sure you bring cash with you in case!
Food: 5
Service: 4
Atmosphere: 4

Clinica ospedaliero-universitaria Policlinico Umberto I

Massimo Parmeggiani

Il Policlinico dal punto di vista delle strutture sembra un ospedale amazzonico o di una favela. Muri sporchi, pavimenti rotti e che sembrano non vedere uno straccio da mesi. Nonostante questo, miracolosamente, funziona e il personale medico è di buon livello. Trovare il reparto dove devi andare è come vincere un terno al lotto. Se hai prenotato con il CUP vai con molto anticipo, il 90% delle informazioni che ti hanno dato risulterà sbagliata.

جامعہ کراچی

Marfooaaa Hadi

KARACHI UNIVERSITY can be a good option for students, but unfortunately they lack many things, first thing is their security, I went to Karachi university only one time and on that day I regretted going there, pathetic staff, unfortunately no security, no cameras, no responsibility. It is more than a jungle, i know how old it is but still if they are charging fees they should do some maintenance also provide some safety and security, dogs are roaming around, students are smoking, it is not about smoking but I think people should know basic rules and regulations of a University or any Educational Institute. New semester students are being raged, I saw it from my own eyes. Overall it was a very bad decision going there, their educational department is far better than other departments 10/10. It was highly maintained and clean. The worst department was VISUAL DEPARTMENT. Pathetic. Even the staff there didn’t give us any information we went to know about admissions and all they said was you will get it online. Would rate it 1/10 UBIT Department was also fine it was 8/10. Also if you want to go to KU you better be using SILVER JUBLEE GATE to enter otherwise you will get tired of walking it is a very big university. But they need to work on them. SILVER JUBLEE GATE PICTURE HAS BEING ATTACHED.


the shoes

広くて木々も多く特徴のある公園です。 乳児、幼児、未就学児が楽しめて辰巳駅からのアクセスも抜群。テントをはってピクニックを楽しむ人も多いです。 自転車を止める場所も十分ですし、地下鉄からエレベーターでのアクセスも良いです。 トイレも最近作られたばかりで綺麗ですが、石けん、トイレの中にゴミ箱は用意されてません。公園のなかにはゴミ箱があります。

Ashleigh's Bakeshop

Jane Burnett

Just tried my first ever Ashleigh's pie. It didn't disappoint!!! My husband and I tried to get a slice at Poppy's in Lee's Summit but they were sold out so we decided to just drive to Ashleigh's Bake Shop so we could try what everyone was raving about . We bought a berry patch pie . The crust was AMAZING!!!!! Honestly it was the best pie I have ever tasted. We will be back for more . So glad we found this bakery.