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Bob’s Discount Furniture and Mattress Store

Mary Biancalana

I highly recommend Bob's Discount Furniture on Fullerton. I was there looking for some home decorating accessories like table or floor lamps, an entertainment center and counter-height bar stools. The sales associate and the sales manager were both courteous, and very helpful without being pushy or trying to sell me anything. I think the selection was excellent of all the items that I saw and I think the prices of things were very reasonable considering that on the same day I had been to four other major furniture stores. I am glad we have Bob's Discount Furniture in Chicagoland, we needed some more competition for some of the larger Furniture chains. I highly recommend Bob's Discount furniture.

Apache Plumbing Services

Jason Dittsworth

So i've been doing a lot of work on our house over the last year or so and wanted to run a gas line from the meter to our stove and to our bbq. I had originally gotten estimates from about 5 different places and Apache was very reasonable based on all of the estimates I was given. However, even their estimate was a bit more than i was prepared for at the time so I put it off. Fast forward a year and now, knowing the expected prices I called Apache back and set up the gas run. I received an updated estimate with 2 different prices based on 2 different run options. Called them back (Monday), advised them which option I wanted and was able to schedule the work for the upcoming Friday. They showed up on time and got right to work. Frank and Richard are both great guys and very friendly. I had laid some pavers last year and asked that the line be run under the pavers up into the bbq and they were able to accommodate. The caveat being that the run was only a couple feet otherwise, i would have had to go a different route. It took them a total of 2 days to get the work done and the only reason it even took that long was the ground being so hard to get under the pavers. The company on the first day even sent a 2nd crew out to assist to try to get it done. Frank and Richard came back out the 2nd day and wrapped it up early first thing in the morning. Apache also took care of the permit piece as well; we got inspected 2 days later and were given the green tag. It was late in the day that we were given the greenlight so Apache wasnt able to come until the 2nd day after the inspection which was completely understandable to me, even beyond my expectations as I expected their calendar to be full but they were there and backfilled the trench and even went so far as to help me hook up the conversion kit to the grill! Very nice guys and Dorothy in the office is super friendly and accommodating. I would not hesitate to use Apache again... in fact, I'm about to install a bib in the garage at my water softener (wash cars without spotting) and will definitely be using Apache for that as well. Thank you!

Max's Bakery & Delicatessen

Robert Kent DesRochers

Went there for a coffee and snack for the first time and picked out food for dinner for 2. The food was good but I will say this place is expensive. Over 7 dollars per cabbage roll and other items like the salads 3-5 dollars per 100 grams made my 3 medium containers come to 36 dollars. Large seating area and some outdoor tables, the environment was basic brown tones and rather dark The service was friendly. $$-$$$
Take out
Meal type
Price per person
Food: 3
Service: 4
Atmosphere: 3

Pet Valu

Elie Assaf

I loved the place! I was looking for a kitty cage real quick and ended up entering their store for the first time.. other than being extremely well organized and offering all kinds of necessary items the people working were super nice and it was a wholesome atmosphere! I got to chat with them and met their two cats Harley and Hailey.. the best thing about the place is the authenticity and dedication I would def recommend the place to whomever needs pet supplies!

Cineplex Cinemas Lansdowne and VIP


This was the worst VIP experience ever. I always like to take advantage of VIP and have tried the VIP experience in many countries. The VIP at Lansdowne does not qualify nor should it qualify as a VIP experience. Seats do not recline and are filthy and worn. The service is unwelcoming. Paying for VIP will not get you the over-sized Premium Seats nor will you get to take advantage of the “Large lounge area with bar” as there’s no one servicing that area. It also will not guarantee In-Seat Food. We had to go get our own food as there was no one to take our order. Totally not worth it and not up to VIP standards. Your better off going elsewhere. Also, the seat map did not reveal that the seat I selected was behind a large handrail/menu stand that obstructed my view. I’ve included a picture taken at shoulder height.

Cahuenga Veterinary Hospital

Lauren Simao

I was really disappointed in my visit here, and was really surprised at the service received after reading so many positive reviews. We had an appointment in early May, and immediately upon arrival the place felt chaotic. The vet didn't introduce himself nor take much interest in my cats, and he didn't wear a mask, despite COVID-19 regulations. He recommended an ultrasound for one of my kittens, which, after visiting another vet, I learned was completely unnecessary. He asked no clarifying questions and did not examine my other cat, despite having brought them both in for a wellness exam, addressing only the one question we had that he recommended an ultrasound for. Maybe we caught them on a bad day, but we'll never go back.

Université de Liège

Joel Duchene

Il est tout d'abord primordial d'accorder des remerciements tous spéciaux à l'ensemble des intervenants de cet hôpital Universitaire connu et reconnu pour ses compétences. Malgré une surcharge de travail, chaque cas est pris en compte individuellement avec sérieux et gentillesse. Il est impératif de les soutenir tant au niveau privé que professionnel. Je m'attarderai plus spécialement sur le service cardiologie de Mme SPRYNGER qui ne néglige aucune possibilité de vous soigner et qui s'arme des ressources nécessaires à votre bien être. Grand merci à elle et ses collaborateurs. Courage à vous.

フードワン 矢部店


近所なのでよく利用していますが野菜や果物の品質はあまり良くありません。商品管理が出来ていないのか、お米2割引で買いましたが、レシートで割引されていないのを確認、問い合わせの電話をしたところ、すでに割引された値段だと説明されました。広告にはレジで割引と明記されていましたが。 翌日も立ち寄ったところ2割引は終わっているにも関わらず同じ値段で販売されています。前日の説明はその場を取り繕うウソ? 全く信用できないお店です。

Княжий Храм Святого Миколая ПЦУ


Це - перший та найстаріший храм Львова, заснований за часів короля Льва Даниловича, на початку його правління, коли центр міста знаходився ще в районі Старого Ринку. Храм був побудований у традиційному для Галицько-Волинського князівства стилі, але пізніше зазнав багато перебудов. Якщо є трохи більше часу, ніж на основні туристичні точки, то завітайте сюди та взагалі до цього району.

Veterinary Clinical Compex

Dr Manohar Nagre

It's teaching Veterinary clinical complex. I'm a student from here. It's government teaching institute. Newly formed construction is amazing. Well maintained and hygienic campus There are different departments as per the case like gynecology, medicine or surgery. Emergency unit is also there You can go inside the campus with vehicle. If you need any help you can directly contact to staff or students.

Clinique vétérinaire Liesse

Ciprian Dragomirescu

Very surprised.. today I've tried to get an appointment for pigeon ...that I believe was hit by a car, just as general's a small soul... When I told them that is a pigeon, they said no... I answer that I am willing to pay for everything...then they said to wait on hold why not. In the end they refuse it because it is a wild bird...really?? How you can name yourself a veterinarian when you refuse to help a poor bird...because you don't make more money as if you will do after a dog???

Havering Therapy Centre

Kevin Francis

Havering Therapy Centre have treated me on a number of occasions in recent years for various problems with my knees and back. I have always found them to be very professional and effective in their treatment. My recent visits for a shoulder problem saw the same high standards I have come to expect. Shruti conducted the initial examination very thoroughly and explained everything very clearly. My confidence was further strengthened when Graham provided a second opinion. I saw an immediate improvement in my condition and after a couple of weeks the problem was completely resolved. All the staff at Havering Therapy Centre are courteous and very helpful. Highly recommended for any problems requiring physiotherapy.

JOHN REED Fitness Leipzig

mohammed alqaisi

Also das Studio ist groß und sauber bisschen der MA dort sind sehr nett aber für mich persönlich fehlt sehr viele Geräte das Studio braucht noch viele Geräte zum Training z.b wie im Bilder unten und was gibt von Geräten für Brust und rücken reichen nicht also wenn ich ein Vergleich mache zwischen euch und fit one oder clever fit die haben bessere Geräte dort ich hoffe ihr bringt in Zukunft neue Geräte für das Studio weil das kann nicht sein die alten Geräte bleiben für immer und wir sehen keine Verbesserung V G

ラウンドワンスタジアム 熊本店

ユーホーキャッチャーはたくさん種類あります。 期間限定なのか知りませんが10円のものがあり小さい子どもはとても喜んでいました☆ 種類はたくさんありますが、欲しい物はあまりなかったです。日曜日朝から遊びたいと思ったら穴場ですねー、8時頃行きましたが1組の家族しかいなかったです☆2階にかき氷やアイスが売ってあります。おいしかったです(^o^)

Strength and Movement Lab

Peter Durning

I cannot speak highly enough of the team at SAM Lab! I started my 6 week challenge in January. Since then I have lost 6.3kgs. More importantly for me, my posture has significantly improved and my back feels stronger than ever! I have tried numerous gyms over the years and I’ve never had the feeling of actually looking forward to going! SAM Lab has changed this for me, and now I genuinely can’t wait to get stuck in to my classes! I’ve also never eaten so well in my life, the team have guided me through understanding what food helps me get the most out of my day, whilst still having a balance to enjoy lots of the food I have done for years!! Get involved, you won’t regret it!!

Murphy's Law Accident Lawyers

M. C.

It is with great pleasure I write this review for Chris and Sharee and the rest of the team at Murphy's Law. Whilst experiencing one of the most traumatic times in my life, I can say that with the professionalism, empathy and sensitivity of Chris and Sharee, my journey for the last two and a half years has been somewhat bearable. They provided exceptional advice, guided me through the tough times and ultimately represented me and my best interests to a very high standard. They genuinely care about me, the way my injuries impacted my life and how my family was coping. I would highly recommend Murphy's Law to anyone going through a personal injuries claim.

Mandarin Bar


Враження чудові. По-перше, атмосфера дуже приємна та затишна - зручні диванчики, красивий посуд, не навʼязлива музика. Після традиційних місцевих таверн, де з цим зовсім не заморочуються - я наче повернулась додому. Хтось писав, що заклад російський - цього не знаю, з нами спілкувались українською. Тепер про страви. Борщ як у мами. Правда. Подача справді душевна - з милими дрібничками у вигляді гріночок, сметани, сальця. Так виглядає любов до свого гостя, я вважаю. Сирники просто найкращі в моєму житті. Навіть каву нам подали зі стабільною пінкою, я таку востаннє пила 2 роки тому в Києві. Дуже раджу скуштувати. Ціна середні по Лімасолу, на мій погляд. За таку їжу зовсім не високі. В цілому, дуже сподобалось і вже відрекомендовано знайомим на острові. Дякуємо.
Τιμή ανά άτομο
20–25 €
Φαγητό: 5
Εξυπηρέτηση: 5
Ατμόσφαιρα: 5

Floricultura Bem Me Quer

Leandro Souza

Conheci a floricultura por aqui, no site escolhi o que queria, liguei e me passaram um numero celular para eu fazer DDD da mesma operadora, atendimento muito bom, fiz transferencia bancaria, tirei foto do comprovante e mandei por email, na hora confirmaram e entregaram no horario marcado com cartão escrito a mão conforme solicitei.. muito bonito o arranjo e a pessoa adorou!! :) ..recomendo!.. estão de parabéns!!



TOTOの歴史や発展を学べるミュージアムです。 街の中ですが駐車場もあり、入場料も不要とのことで、気軽に訪問できます。閉館1時間前だったこともあり、お客さんはほかにほとんど見かけずにゆっくり拝見できました。またスタッフの方もお声がけいただき、ご説明もしてくださります。国会議事堂に設置されたトイレの上部表面に傷があるのは、便座に座ることが分からず、靴のまま乗った人がいたため付いたキズという説明もしてくださいました。 小倉でなぜ生産に取り組んで、どのような発展を歩んだのか、生活に密接した商品ですので、誰でも面白いと思います。また閉館時間に合わせて退館してクルマで移動するところ、玄関先でスタッフと警備の方が頭を下げてお見送りしてくださり、ホスピタリティの高さを最後まで感じました。

Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia

Ram Sharan Adhikari (Sajan)

यो साँच्चै नराम्रो अनुभव थियो जब मैले उनीहरूलाई जानकारीको लागि कल गरेँ, मैले उनीहरूलाई कल गर्न सकिन र जब म भ्रमण गरेँ भने म दूतावासमा जान सक्दिन। दूतावासले देशको प्रतिनिधित्व गर्छ: मैले थाहा पाएको सबैभन्दा खराब सेवा।