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Cargo Bar Pizza Lounge

Samuel Webb

Enticed by proclamation of half price pizzas I donned my most festive button up shirt, suede underwear and turkey-skin leather sandals and waddled into Cargo on a Wednesday night. After a good few tooth gratingly awkward minutes standing at the bar debating whether this is a place you sit down and claim a table or get delegated one by the staff, I do what any modern man does in such situations - pulled out my phone. I felt immediate relief and a certain tangible comfort as I flicked the screen one way and the other, mumbled uncommittedly and shrugged when people turned and wave their arms at me. Finally I was forced to talk to a person as I had gradually, inexplicably made my way to the bar. Myself and the bar staff had a few moments of absurdist laughter and heartfelt tears as I order a pizza with more Italian words in it then the Good Book itself, and we found ourselves hugging each other and patting one anothers backs and wiping the tears off each others cheeks. A real human experience. I slapped down the credit card on the table and gripped two glasses of different IPAs that tasted remarkably just like every other IPA in existence. Somewhere in all this they had told me that there was a 70 minute expected wait on the pizza. In retrospect this has broken me. The very fact that they call times above one hour in the minute range not only tickles my sensibilities but does lead to thoughts of how often this may occur. I said "no worries cobba" and smiled even though somewhere in me my stomach quivered and I felt the barstaff's smile falter as my eyes unconsciously slid towards the kitchen where the one small pizza oven looked lonely and neglected and just ready for a pizza right then and there. Well I don't want you to get caught up and miss key geological timeframes with my interview but rest assured the time it has taken me to write this could well have equated to the cooking of 1% of my pizza. I would argue that the human species as a whole was different when I received my pizza compared to when I ordered and I am not sure the social and technological advancements we have come through are a good thing. When I walked outside my eyes squinted at the noise and people roared past in some sort of motorised vehicle that was only whispered about in dungeon and dragons game rooms and sci-fi conferences before I entered Cargo. In this new world I find myself in I can only recall with a sorrowful feeling of having missed out on something vital the times and experiences, and people that I have missed and never had part of my life because of my journey to Cargo. But the one thing I do have is the knowledge that the pizza with the Italian words for a name is quite nice, and at least they lived up to the wait times they promised.

Restaurant Brunnenhof

Robin Chr.

Sehr enttäuschend, haben uns draußen hingesetzt und wurden komplett ignoriert. Nachdem wir dann nachgefragt hatten, kam eine Bedienung mit einer Karte, obwohl wir vier Leute waren und hat die Getränkebestellungen aufgenommen. Nach einiger Zeit kam die Bedienung dann auch mit den Getränken, wir hatten uns aber noch nicht alle für ein Gericht entschieden, da wir ja auch nur eine Karte hatten, also ging die Bedienung wieder. Danach wurden wir 30min lang ignoriert, sind dann reingegangen um zu Bezahlen, absolut lächerlich, auf keinem Fall eine Empfehlung würde auf jedem Fall davon abraten. Nie Wieder. Schade, dass es keine Möglichkeit gibt, Null Sterne zu geben...

New Lucky Fish Aquarium & Pet Supply

Jose Tufino

This worker with a hat and glasses is a totaldick head ~ listening my conversation with another client about another fish store that I work at . Is a aquarium business we support each other in this hobby although the store has lots of crazy things their worker decides to come at me telling me not to that in a very disrespectful way . If you guys buy here be careful because he is just a seller and knows nothing about fish probably hasn’t kept a single fish in his life not enough one visit I had at this store I found him not even acclimating fish .

パーソナルジム LUKE GYM-ルークジム-大阪堺


初めてパーソナルジムに通ってます 何をやっても続かなかったんですが、2ヶ月続いてます。 指導も丁寧で毎回色々なトレーニングを考えてくれて続けられてます。 最近は、ウエストも細くなったり体が軽くなったりで筋トレの効果を実感してます。 目標もできたので、これからも続けていこうと思います。

Melbourne Gas Group Pty Ltd

Lauren Watt

Melbourne Gas Plumbing group is one of the best services I have come across. The process from beginning to end was so professional. From the administration staff, Jayde and Rhiannon, to the installation of a brand new heater and shower head from Matt and Brandon. They were there within the hour of me calling as we had no heating and knowing I had children they were very accommodating to fix the issue immediately. I have recommended 3 people since I have used the company and all 3 have required heater checks and were thankful I passed on the details. It’s hard to come by great customer service these days along with professionalism and good quality work. Matt also took the time to explain how to keep up maintenance on our heater for our safety which I found really helpful. Thank you for your great customer service and high quality work.

Benni's Autoservice

Oliver Welz

Ich bin jetzt seit mehreren Jahren dort mit verschiedenen Fahrzeugen Kunde und immer wieder aufs neue erstaunt, mit welcher Hingabe zum KFZ gearbeitet wird. Bin selbst gelernter Mechaniker und kann mir dadurch selbst ein gutes Bild von den Arbeiten dort machen. Es wird immer erst überprüft, ob was repariert werden kann, bevor ein Teil getauscht wird. Sowas erlebt man in der heutigen Zeit immer seltener. Auch die spezialisierten Partnerfirmen zum Beispiel in Klimatechnik bzw. Getriebeinstandsetzung kann ich nur empfehlen. Ich hoffe, die Werkstatt wird es noch lange geben.

Amigo Meu Veterinária

natália lopes

Minha cadelinha idosa ficou internada por alguns dias na clinica. Ela recebeu visita todos os dias em todas a vezes encontramos ela deitada na urina e nas fezes. Um descaso total com a cachorrinha, nao se deram ao trabalho de limpar o local que ela estava acomodada. Um dia fui visita-la(dentro do horário de visitação) e alegaram que eu não poderia ve-la pois a cadelinha ja havia recebido visita de outro familiar , neste dia minha cadelinha faleceu e não pude ve-la pela ultima vez. Péssima experiência, não aconselho.

Vetco Total Care Animal Hospital

Michael Carter

Anyone sick of companies using covid as an excuse to provide poor customer service and to be just flat out lazy? When interviewing Thrive to be our new Vet for my two large dogs and update their shots we agreed to an in-person visit. This was also confirmed in the confirmation process the day prior to the visit. Once in the exam room, it was then explained to me that the dogs would be taken out of sight to a back room for the vet exam and shots. I'm traveling next week and leaving my dogs at a dog ranch, so I had little choice. The most idiotic part, the female vet called me from the room down the hall to upsell me on additional services from like 25 feet away! I could faintly hear her through the wall as I'm ridiculously talking to her on the phone. Needless to say the upsell didn't go well. Did my dogs get their vacines? Did the right dog get the right vacines? I have no idea. Will never use them again. So cold, not the customer service and care what you want for a furry family member

College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving North San Diego

Jade Dorsey

Honestly such an amazing experience. We just moved here and needed to get rid of some stuff and was pretty stressed about how to get rid of it. I had Duc and Ethan picking up a dresser and a couple of old TV’s for me. They were right on time, very friendly, and quick to move everything. They explained pricing thoroughly and was very pleased at how inexpensive everything was. Duc was who I interacted with most and was great to talk to and I hope he does great things with his degree in Aircraft Mechanics! 100% would use them again in the future!

KeyMe Locksmiths

John Dorgan

The experience of copying a key was smooth. Now that I've signed up and I'm more familiar with the process, it will be even nicer. The big bright keyboard display made entering my info very easy. Also, I really like the idea of having my keys stored in the cloud. I want to add all of my keys so I can get spares anywhere if needed. I wonder if there's an option to add keys without making duplicates? I docked one star for an extremely basic website and the lack of an app. To find a login page or a way to change your password online, you'll have to use a search engine. And I would love to interact with the machine via a phone app. There may be security reasons for going slow on providing the functionality I'm thinking of, but there are no answers on the website. (Maybe I should Google it?) I'll definitely continue to use the service without any additional bells and whistles. Well, that is if the key works. ;)

Dollar Car Rental

Zak Forlow

One star is too many I arrived at Jacksonville Airport with the intention of picking up a rental car from Dollar, which is owned by Hertz. Unfortunately, my experience was marked by frustration and a lack of professionalism. The situation began with an hour-long wait in line due to a single agent working at the rental desk. When I finally reached the counter and presented my ID and debit card, I was surprised to find that the rental agents had my name listed as "Zach" on the contract, despite my legal name being "Zachary" on all my official documents. This inconsistency posed a significant problem, as my entire itinerary, including flights for my family, was booked through Expedia under my correct legal name. Despite providing evidence of my name and the coordination of my plans, the rental agents insisted on their internal records. I was directed to contact Expedia to resolve the name mismatch, which added further inconvenience to the situation. After communicating with Expedia and returning to the rental desk, I was hopeful when the agent's supervisor was called over to assist. However, my optimism was short-lived as the supervisor showed a complete lack of interest. Even when Expedia attempted to call the location to address the issue, and I could hear the phone audibly ringing, the supervisor dismissively declined to assist, insisting that the name on the contract was incorrect and there was nothing he could do.. This frustrating encounter led me to the unfortunate decision of renting from another company. The dissonance between the name "Dollar" and the service I experienced left me deeply disappointed. It is regrettable that Dollar Car Rental, a subsidiary of Hertz, fell short of providing a satisfactory level of service, which has overshadowed any value associated with their brand. Do not rent from Dollar (OR THRIFTY) as they are both child companies of Hertz. EDIT: After my initial review, Hertz reached out to me. After speaking with one of their agents, who was the most pleasant person of the entire interaction, blame was still put on me and expedia for messing up the booking. They offered to have the manager of this specific site reach out to me – in response to the unwillingness of their agents to assist when i was doing exactly what they told me to do – but at the end of the day what was done was done and nothing this person could say would change the fact that they screwed over a paying customer. Instead I decided to come back here after taking time to cool off and truly analyze the situation, and edit this review accordingly.

Tonic Lanka Spa & Wellness

Kellyanne Wallis

If you want/need pampering on your next holiday to Sri Lanka, I highly suggest you visit Tonic Lanka located in Marino Beach hotel/mall. The friendly staff will help you with what you need. I have been coming to this relaxing establishment for the last 2 years and would highly recommend the Tonic Spa Escapade it includes a body scrub within a steam room after the scrub you melt into the bed with a rain mist shower TOTAL RELAXTION!!! and when you think it can't get any better, you then have a 1 hour massage to end the ideal relaxing pamper session. Do your body, mind and soul a favour and book into Tonic Lanka spa and wellness

The Souled Store, Indiranagar, Bangalore


The Souled Store in Bangalore is a haven for pop culture aficionados like myself! From the moment I stepped in, I was captivated by the vibrant ambiance and an array of eye-catching merchandise. The collection here is a delightful mix of all things pop culture, featuring designs inspired by movies, TV shows, comics, and more. Whether you're a Marvel fan, a Harry Potter enthusiast, or obsessed with anime, they have something to cater to every fandom. The variety of products is impressive, ranging from t-shirts, hoodies, and accessories to quirky home decor items. I must commend the staff for their friendly and helpful demeanor. They were more than happy to assist me in finding the perfect merchandise that matched my interests. The store is neatly organized, making it a breeze to navigate through the various sections. I also appreciated the reasonable pricing, especially considering the high-quality products they offer. Additionally, they frequently run exciting promotions and discounts, making it even more appealing to shop here. One downside I noticed was that the store can get quite crowded during peak hours, which may lead to longer checkout lines. However, the overall shopping experience compensates for this minor inconvenience. In conclusion, The Souled Store in Bangalore is a must-visit for pop culture enthusiasts. Whether you want to express your love for your favorite characters or find unique gifts for friends, this place has it all. I've become a loyal customer, and I can't wait to return for my next pop culture haul!

Hairhouse Epping

El Kay

I personally wouldn’t go here to get your hair cut unless it’s a basic trim. Especially when you expect professional hairdressers to help and guide you. Everything was rushed from the start, and there was miscommunication on both ends regarding the cut and style my mum wanted. The first dude was also rough. However, rather than being understanding and patient, both the two workers and the manager that we spoke to kept getting frustrated and having a rude tone when trying to talk to us. Also making snide remarks like "again, that’s a different style” when trying to show them different reference photos for different angles of head. The energy was just so uncomfortable with all the workers, which gave us evil stares. The girl who ended up finishing my mum's hair was nice; although she got frustrated at the start, and I think she did the best job she could. However, I don’t think they understood the look we were trying to achieve. I think they all should have been a lot nicer and more patient, and maybe they should do a training course in customer service. I feel bad that I suggested my mum get her hair done here, thinking she’d have a pamper day, which ended up being a very bad experience. I’ve worked in customer service for over 15 years, and I would never treat someone as badly as we were treated. Even if a customer was being rude to me, and we weren’t even rude; we were just trying to explain the style my mum wanted, and they weren’t understanding. It was a very overwhelming situation, and I wish we had just walked out. Such a horrible experience. I would suggest a better consultation at the start, continuously checking in with the client, don’t rush the service, and better customer service.



2023/3/5 中午12:30到訪 燉飯、義大利麵都不錯吃 雞肉系列的雞肉給的很大方! 這次來最推的就是剁椒鴨肉薄餅 要辣有辣、要起司有起司 拿起來還會牽絲的那種 甜點的奶酪讓人大吃一驚 我女兒整個愛不釋手 不知道奶酪能不能外帶 我可能會特地去買回家

Healthy Teeth Beautiful Smile: Loretta A. Smith, DDS, MS


My son fell and chipped his tooth and I wanted him to be seen quickly to assess the damage. I found Dr. Smith through a simple Google search. She was close to home and had the availability I needed. Upon arrival and throughout, everyone was pleasant and friendly. The staff seemed to work with children well and that was very comforting. I liked the way Dr. Smith interacted with my son and she communicated well which I appreciated very much. It was good experience for mom and son.

ディップパレス ヘリテイジ六本木店


先週の月曜日、夜に利用しました。 少しだけハッピーアワーの時間と重なり、レモンサワーを250円で頂きました(⌒‐⌒) カクテルみたいで女子向けで、お料理も3人でちょうど良く美味しかったです♪ 2 回目でしたが、店員さんの接客が楽しくて、良い時間を過ごせました。 また、行きたいと思っています(^^)


Andréanne LaMTL

I went there at 23h45 on the way to work to get a red bull and a snack and they wouldnt let me in! The rude cashier told me I couldnt go into the store and waved me goodbye. I was polite and i'm a small unthreatening woman. Whats the point of having a 24h built-in convenience store if you wont let people in the store? the cashier is already boxed into a bulletproof casing so it's not like he runs any risk. Will never go there again

Public Storage

Vicki Morris

I had an emergency situation today and had to move right away. The online rental and app were very user friendly. Travis is the property manager at this location. He was very helpful, informative and friendly. Great location off 281 and Stone Oak Pkwy. They have covered all the bases security wise. You're belongings, valuables, collectibles will be assured safe. Check them out if you have storage needs. Thanks again Travis!!

Sen Thai Massage & Spa

Van Ha

The massage actually gave me terrible pain the day after, not the relaxation service that I was after. They put me in a room that is cold, small, completely lack of facility (they even didnt have a proper bed for massage and put me on a mattress, no hanger or basket to put my clothes etc...). The lady who did the massage for me was friendly and nice, but she surely doesnt know how to do a proper massage.