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Coffee Culture Cafe & Eatery

Caroline Jobim

During our visit to the Cafe this evening, we had an unfortunate experience with the service provided. I believe it might have been the same lady some other customers have mentioned in their comments. We were being friendly and polite during our visit, so it was really surprising to us how unnecessarily rude she was. We understand that it was a Sunday evening, but we believe in providing customers with kindness at all times. We decided to stay because we had traveled a fair distance to get there, but under different circumstances, we might not have. I usually avoid writing negative reviews because I empathize with the challenges that people working in the service industry face. However, the service was exceptionally disappointing, to the point where I couldn't help but share my experience. Having worked in customer service for over a decade, I recognize the significance of providing excellent service. The cafe itself has a cozy ambiance, and the food is ok. However, the service we received was far below our expectations, making it the most disappointing experience we've had. On a more positive note, there was an older gentleman there who was friendly and courteous. We hope that our feedback can be useful in improving the cafe's service and ensuring a better experience for everyone.
Dine in
Meal type
Price per person
Food: 2
Service: 1
Atmosphere: 2

Hob Nob Hill

Chisheena Smith

My family and I visited this place and it was absolutely disgusting. We ordered crab cakes,chicken and waffles, pancakes, French fries, hamburger and egg rolls. Everything was frozen not fresh. The pancakes and waffles were doughy. No flavor or seasoning on anything. I asked if the food was fresh or frozen before ordering. The waiter said they cook everything fresh. That was a lie! My crab cake were burnt and hard. The servers are nice. The inside is clean all except some dirty saucers. The food is trash! I will not return here again.
Dine in
Meal type
Price per person
Food: 1
Service: 4
Atmosphere: 4

Yaletown Mini Storage / Storguard Self-Storage Yaletown

Carey Oakes

I am a student, had to leave the rental I had because my new roommate was not compatible. So with 2 hours left before my classes I am stuck with heavy bags and I needed a storage locker close to my school. Yaletown mini storage was less than understanding of my current situation, I was told i either had to get a large 300+ Locker because nothing else was available...... Look me up on IMDB Carey oakes Better yet go watch maid on netflix episode 10......I'm also on ctvs casting carey. I'm a student, professional actor and a support outreach worker. Just relocated to Vancouver on Friday. Hope your business in the future is more accommodating. My Google reviews are followed and I hope this helps other struggling students avoid this business in the future. Updated: Well I had previously emailed about 20 days prior asking about availability and prior to walking through the front doors I asked if you had small units available. I was then told to come right in, so could this not have been solved by stating that only large units were available over the phone? In addition I asked about the smallest available units standing at the desk, he still had not said anything about only large units left. He then asked me how much stuff I needed to store, I replied with just the 2 bags I had on me at the moment. I continued to say that I had just relocated to Vancouver for college and I had "lost my accommodations" Leaving out the reason........that being, my new roommate was suggesting that he and I become "intimate". I declined the offer and thus my housing as well. So from my end, it came off that your business heard that I was now without a place to go and no longer wanted my business. I then packed 2 very heavy bags up to my college and had to sit with them all night. I am now back at my apartment in Victoria b.c where it would have been more convenient to have a storage unit for my college and work items in vancouver so I would not have to strain myself everytime I had to do the commute via ferry and public transit.

Woki Kitchen

AJ's Antics

Gave Woki a go for a quick work lunch today and it was pretty good. Dim sims were great, chicken curry puffs were crispy and so tasty and the lemon chicken had great flavour. The rice was a bit bland but it had lots a good ingredients just tiny pieces so you didn't really get the flavour impact. I ordered online for pick up and it was ready quickly with good communication. Prices were reasonable and the lady that served me was friendly. Will definitely try this place again in the future.
Take out
Meal type
Price per person
Food: 4
Service: 4

Prefeitura de Venda Nova


Meu Deus,o tratamento para com o povo é precário, meu filho no CRAS as 11:20 da manhã até agora não retornou para casa a assistente social euzilene muito grossa achou ruim , porque eu entrei em contato com assistente social que estava de férias nem um vale transporte passam para meu filho.nos moramos muito acho que que eles pensam se eles tem um emprego quem não tem tem que aguentar a falta de educação , mandei um áudio pedindo a assistente social Patrícia que assiste meu,sei que ela está de férias,mas o Natan perguntou se ela poderia perguntar se a euzilene poderia dar um vale transporte para ele a mesma não me respondeu.

Wok In Wok Out (Order online)

TheBeauty Stuff

Was ill and couldn't cook so ordered one of their boxes with chicken - chicken has been pink inside and raw / watery not possible to eat because was raw - not only been little of it but also not cooked. Ordered rice and whole box was stuffed with noodles alone, very little veg! No taste very bland! Waste of money because it cost around £15 and nothing to eat! CHINESE PLACES IN TOWN DO BETTER FOOD FOR A FIVER. Plus this sort of staff is not keen to take your complaint trust me - they don't care!

TOS Mattress And Furniture

Daniel Vazquez

I was shopping around for furniture and went to all of the usual big box furniture stores. I kept having the same issue over and over.. They were either overpriced or out of stock. I was working within a specific budget and came across "Tos Mattress & Furniture" via the internet. I reached out to them and they were amazing. They immediately sent me several options to choose from all within my budget along with the links to several financing options that I did not know were available. I decided to finance and selected the bedroom set form one of the many photos they immediately sent me. Because of my busy schedule delivery was an issue for me. They made arrangements to have one of their employees deliver and entire bedroom set to me later that very same evening. The bedroom set was exactly as he had described to me and the quality was far better than i expected given my budget. If I had to choose one thing that stood out to me it was the exceptional customer service and honesty that won me over. I am a customer for life and highly recommend them to anyone looking for good quality at a great price with customer service that is second to none. I cannot thank them enough. I will be returning to them for all of my furniture needs in the future. I want to thank them with a 5 star rating. They have earned it.



Непоганий вокзал, але ось диспетчер так оголошує рейси, що розчути нормально це важко, весь час луна. Зал очікування немаленький, але ось неприємно, що прямо з перевіркою так накидаються, чи є квиток. В інших містах такого свавілля немає, містах більших на хвилинку.

UCI Luxe Maximo

Alessandro Pace

Prima esperienza nel cinema Uci luxe maximo. Sono stato nella sala isense a vedere Black Adam, posso solo dire che è stata la mia migliore esperienza in un cinema della mia vita. Punto primo : sala d'attesa pre film ben fornita e possibilità di sedersi su divanetti muniti di tavolini. Personale cortese Sala piccola con pochi posti, ma ben distanziati l'uno dall'altro. Poltrone reclinabili elettricamente , con possibilità di allungare le gambe. Audio e video ottimi Consigliatissimo

VA Cafe


Coffee is decent. It won't be my go to coffee shop as it is out of my way and it can be hard to find parking but it's in a really good location! I liked this building when Forth owned it and I'm glad another coffee shop has set up here. Can't wait for the climbing wall! Wish it would be big but I understand the restrictions.
Take out
Meal type
Price per person
Food: 4
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5

TAXIBOX Mobile Self Storage Sydney | Greenacre

Sarah Laverick

TAXIBOX provides an excellent service, far superior to traditional fixed-location storage! It's affordable, super easy and convenient, with great customer service. The delivery staff were always on time and very accommodating, and managed the tight spaces with the forklift with ease. Great alternative that means no moving vans, no extra packing and unpacking and the fact that they do interstate shipping is a useful bonus. Highly recommend!

Caféレストラン ガスト 新津店


から好しのから揚げは何回食べても飽きないくらい美味しいです。皆さんにオススメしたいです!! 2022年3月27日 ハニーマスタードの合盛り定食をいただきました。以前食べた甘とろダレも美味しかったですが、今回食べたハニーマスタードは今までにない味で最高でした。また来ます!! 2023年6月12日 サーロインステーキ(ウインナートッピング)をいただきました。丁度良い厚さで美味しかったです!!

Shurgard Self Storage Köln Poll

S. Rabih

Mit dem alten Top-Box Team, der Struktur und Organisation waren wir wirklich extrem zufrieden! Die Mitarbeiter waren besonders hilfsbereit und freundlich! Das Lager war sicher und es gab wirklich nie irgendwelche Probleme! TOP! Seitdem Shurgard das Lager übernommen hat, ist es leider extrem chaotisch geworden und wir haben fast wöchentlich irgendwelche Probleme, die hier teilweise auch schon angesprochen wurden, das kann auch ich bestätigen. Die "Zwischentür" ist nun geschlossen was sowohl den Zugang unseres Mitarbeiters erschwert (um Pakete vorne abzustellen) und er manchmal sehr lange warten muss, bis ihm geöffnet wird (was uns natürlich zusätzlich "kostet") und zum anderen scheint auch DHL hier nicht gerne warten zu wollen und holt unsere Pakete nicht mehr zuverlässig ab. Extrem ärgerlich! Außerdem ist heute eine Retoure verloren gegangen im Wert von über 1400€ (!!), so etwas wäre bei Topbox sicherlich nicht passiert. Hier war man sogar so freundlich und hat Pakete in den Lagerraum gebracht, wenn man nicht sofort selber zur Stelle sein konnte! Unter dem Vorwand von "höherer/besserer Sicherheit" hat Shurgard also diverse Dinge geändert, die aber nun in der Praxis überhaupt nicht funktionieren und sogar gegenläufig sind! Zwischenzeitlich wurden wir komplett aus unserem Lager ausgesperrt (über den Sicherheitscode), da Shurgard bei der Verrechnung der Kaution keine gesonderte Rechnung über eine fällige Differenz ausgestellt hat und für kurze Zeit ein kleiner Betrag offen war. Wir hatten also faktisch keinen Zugang zu unserem Lager! Ich weiß nicht ob Shurgard hier bewusst einen Teil der Mieter loswerden möchte oder wirklich so eine schlechte Struktur hat. Bei Anruf mit Bitte um Rückruf (weil man ständig in andere Filialen umgeleitet wird), wird man auch grundsätzlich nicht zurück gerufen. Schade, leider absolut keine Empfehlung.

Flight Club Birmingham

E. Delilah

Mixed feelings about Flight Club. I had heard fantastic things however I feel like we may have caught them on an off day (I will revisit soon and amend this review if so). We walked in on an early Monday evening in the hopes of getting a game in and some drinks. We were greeted after a couple of minutes and had everything explained to us - we said we wanted to get a quick game in and were told that's fine and to give details to the booking in desk. We are also told everything was fully table serviced so we didn't need to order at the bar. When we got to the booking in desk we were told there was a 3 hour wait to play a game and that darts boards are kept aside for larger parties at prime time so we would need to wait until prime time was over. A shame, but we shrugged it off and decided to sit in and hang a quick drink before moving elsewhere. We sat and looked through the menu and decided on drinks. We waited. No service. Still waited and after about 25 minutes it was easier to order at the bar so we did that. There were about 4 floor staff on and only about 10 people in the venue so not sure what happened here. Overall a bit disappointing, but feel like this night not be the standard experience. Aside from this, the venue itself is absolutely beautiful. Take the time to have a wander around.

Casa Piccosa - Electronic City

JOEL (Joe)

The place is absolutely amazing to spend but need to work with the sound system. This is the second time we've come here and had a blast. Would definitely recommend. Special shoutout to Kaushik bhai who was an amazing waiter for us both of the times. ❤️
ಪ್ರತಿ ವ್ಯಕ್ತಿಯ ಬೆಲೆ
ಆಹಾರ: 5
ಸೇವೆ: 5
ವಾತಾವರಣ: 3
ಶಿಫಾರಸು ಮಾಡಲಾದ ತಿನಿಸುಗಳು
Mock Tails, Mexican Pizza, Crispy Corn, Pepper Chicken, Potato Wedges, Chicken 65


Jenny Aucamp

Well located close to the panorama hospital and shopping centre in a quiet, safe area. Room was clean. For the price i paid, i expected a bit more. The bedding and towels are old and the duvet "clumpy". Staff were friendly and very helpful. Breakfast wasn't included but was good value for money.
Trip type
Travel group
Rooms: 3
Service: 4
Location: 4


Людмила Савельева

Ставити бали за обслуговування взагалі немає сенсу. Зайшли з чоловіком, він інвалід по зору 1 групи, потрібен пилосос. На нас ніхто не звернув уваги, а дівчина взагалі вела себе по хамськи. Це ж стиль роботи магазину? Жах! Я вважаю що такі… Докладніше

Square One Mall

Ajay Dubey

काही जेम्स आणि ज्वेलरी स्टोअर्ससह कार्यालये आहेत. इथॉस वॉच स्टोअर देखील घड्याळांसाठी आहे .तुम्हाला हाय-एंड घड्याळे एक्सप्लोर करायची असल्यास चांगले. हा मोठा लाउंज असल्याने चांगला अनुभव

Фітнес клуб Sport Zone

Stef Aniya

Ходжу сюди кілька років, загалом раніше був непоганий зал, але останнім часом просто кошмар! Вечорами дуже багато людей, мало місця для занять та черги до тренажерів. У душових у вечірній час тепер майже завжди холодна вода, що дуже напружує. Головний плюс – розташування.

SOLO lounge Batumi

Alex Wins

ამაზრზენი სერვისი. კონსიერჟი არასწორ კომუნიკაციას უწევს, არ ადევნებენ თვალყურს ანგარიშის გახსნის განაცხადების სტატუსს და საბოლოოდ ახსნა-განმარტების გარეშე მიიღეს უარი, თუმცა ყველა დოკუმენტი იყო დართული და საქმიანობა არც კი უკავშირდება დსთ-ს.