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Sinners Restaurant & Cafe

Maria Cikos

Highly recommended After seeing a friend in South Morang my kids and I where hungry as we not celebrate the Catholic Easter being Orthodox we were over the moon they where open I had the crispy salmon on a bed of mash potatoes carrots broccoli like wow I've been on a change of diet for 6months and have lost 25kg And still going when I saw on the menu that they catered for my change like wow Salomon O mega 3 a good day that fights stored fat Broccoli also a fat fighter and so are carrots check it out not a sin but a saint Check it out you can their without worry about that waist line I did darlings

Fitness 1 Gym

Jeanette Morales

My boyfriend and I were visiting family in Glendale, AZ for the holidays came across Fitness 1 on google. The owner gave us a tour around the gym which made me feel comfortable knowing where everything was before I began my workout. It was very clean and organized. They have a lot of options from cardio, to weight lifting, and offer workout classes throughout the day. We would definitely get a membership if we lived nearby. We hope to see you again soon on our next trip!

Area 51

Kelly Ortega

Good atmosphere and love the different rooms for different music and karaoke was super fun! I did 4 stars because the floors are super unstable, as I was walking from karaoke to the bar, the floor was not even abs I twisted my ankle and fell to the ground and busted my knee along with my ankle. However, Loki the bar tender not only made the best drinks there, Loki also helped clean me up! He's the best one there! I'll definitely be returning but the owners need to fix their flooring.


Anirban De

Heelalige station and this Hosur line location seems to be designed by architects who hated trains and public transport. If they located it at Hosur road junction (chandapura) it would have saved commuters all the harassment of trekking this 2Km in dark and busy roads. Similarly there should have been another halt to intersect with Outer Ring Road at Karthik Nagar(Alpine Eco Apartments). Hundreds of Whitefield bound folks risk their lives getting down on top of the bridge on Old Madras Road junction so that they don't have to go all the way to Byappanahalli and return in the traffic jam. Yes ORR was not build when this link was laid but Hosur and OMR was present. Before they double/electrify the tracks realignment would have made better ROI

Kitchens@ Electronic City Food Court

abhishek chatterji

Kitchens is a brand aggregator, and they provide food takeaway/home deliveries from different brands at one place. They have clean open kitchens with large windows to see as your food is prepared. The place is well maintained and they follow necessary hygiene standards. They have some of Namma Bengaluru's fav brands. Empire, Thalapakatti Biryani, Sharief Bhai, Shanmugha, Smoor, A2B, etc. Biryani, Donuts, Shawarma, Tikkas, Dosas, Idlis, Subs, Salads, Juices...etc. Choose at leisure!Also, they are open from 7 am-3am!! Payment is easy too, just place your order at your favorite brands, collect tokens and pay at the payment counter. Show the bill to your respective outlets and collect your food

エディオン 五日市店


毎年、夏の帰省中に伺います おじいちゃんにおこづかいを貰った子どもを連れていきます 正直、ゲームを買ってもすぐにあきるんだから、買わなければいいのにな~と思っていますが、何も言いません 店員の方は、子ども相手でも丁寧に対応してくれます 義父もこちらのお店で色々と購入しているようです。 個人で好みがあると思いますが、良いお店だと思います 私自身が買い物をしていないので、星3つとしてます。特に不満はありません

Classic India Indisches Restaurant

Rainer Nickel (DJ Rainer)

Wir haben von Groupon zu viert auf einen Sonntag einen Gutschein für ein 4-Gang-Menü eingelöst. Wir wurden freundlich begrüßt (junger Mann - ca. Anfang 20 - Sohn der Inhaberin/Inhabers?). Obwohl wir die einzigen Gäste zu diesem Zeitpunkt waren, dauerte es bis uns die Getränke (4 Getränke in 3 Etappen) serviert wurden. Die Suppen wurden uns ebenfalls vor dem 1. Gang serviert (kam dann auf Nachfrage). Der junge Mann wirkte leider sehr unmotiviert und hatte nicht wirklich Interesse an der Bewirtung seiner Gäste. Das Essen jedoch hat uns sehr positiv überrascht. Alle Speisen waren frisch und lecker zubereitet. Der Schärfegrad (mittel) entsprach voll unseren Anforderungen. Die Portionen waren ausreichend bemessen. Das Ambiente (Souterrain) ist etwas spezieller. Die Räumlichkeiten sind eher klein und der Außenbereich grenzt direkt an ein Mehrfamilienhaus mit Balkonen. Das Preis-Leistungsverhältnis ist aufgrund des leckeren Essens absolut i.O.!
Essen: 4
Service: 2
Ambiente: 3

Red Line

Anastasia Lonskaya

Жахливе обслуговування. Набивають в чек все що можна, якщо платиш не дивлячись, будьте готові до обману. Всі замовлення несли мінімум годину, морозиво -рекордсмен - півтори години. Офіціанти ніби перший день і раз обслуговують людей, кухню не знають, за наявність страви дізнаються 40 хвилин. Їжа дуже посередня, напої також. Через безкоштовний вхід натовп незрозумілого контингенту, який ніхто не контролює. Зіштовхнулись з неадекватним мужичком, так він собі дебоширів весь час, поки ми там були. Охорона тільки воду на вході відбирає, а таких не фільтрує. Що таке обслуговування українською не знають, або не хочуть знати. Рушники погано випрані, краще брати свої. Басейн холодний та через кількість людей грязноватий. Не знаю навіщо пускати таку рекламу, якщо вже не можете якісно обслуговувати гостей.

Euro Station Automotive

Jerry Newman

I took my car to Michael for a service ( after my son and close friend recommended him) which included replacing all fluids in the vehicle and trans fluid which I’m told is for life, and doesn’t need to be changed. before I took it in my car was sluggish on take of for a hi performance car, Micheal recommended replacing the trans fluid, the performance difference is unbelievable totally changed from sluggish to the way it performed when I bought it. He gave me a time it would be ready and it was ready by that time. Very professional and knowledgeable, I will be taking our other cars there and recommending him to my friends.

Reliance Centro

unique Vid

There are numerous brands. There are simply too many options, especially for women. Mostly expensive and luxury brands. It's difficult to find 30 plus sizes, as I discovered while purchasing OFF-brand jeans. Try going to the sale (happiness sale). Poonam Bazaar also has a variety of culinary brands in addition to clothing, accessories, shoes, and cosmetic products. When I saw it, I was quite happy. If you enjoy grocery shopping, you should definitely stop by this store. a sizable, spotless mall where you may get clothing (western, indo-western, and ethnic), footwear, and accessories including handbags, perfumes, watches, and make-up items. 100% decent variety and style. The mall is home to many different brands. Excellent location for shopping. It has escalators. a must go. You'll gain valuable experience.



診察はかなりスピーディーでちゃんと診てくれてるのかな?とも思うが最近の病院系はみんなこんな感じかな・・・ 建物はキレイで予約もLINEミニアプリで簡単予約できる 唯一指摘するなら予約開始時間が開院時間と同時なので午前なら9時から、午後なら15時からで今回は予約開始と同時に予約したが20番目になった・・・せめて30分前ぐらいから予約できるようになればもっと予約しやすいなと思った


Eduard Cislak

Je suis venu plusieurs fois. C'est plutôt bon. Mais trop cher pour ce que c'est, les prix sont devenus exorbitants, et ne me faites pas le coup de l'inflation. La quantité de patate dans le sandwich c'est trop. Je n'aime pas les sandwichs à la patate... Edit suite à la réponse du propriétaire : par sandwich j'évoque évidemment tacos et consorts que vous remplissez de frites. Cette condescendance dans votre réponse ne me surprend guère. Vous venez de perdre plus qu'un seul client.
Cuisine : 3
Service : 4
Ambiance : 4


Russell Gardener

I’m a big fan of Matalan and have used them for my every day white shirts and black shirts for the office, for jeans, for t-shirts for holiday, and for socks. I’ve also had two sets of crockery from here and a couple of pairs of suede shoes. Matalan does good quality goods and clothes for very reasonable prices. Totally recommended. Friendly and helpful staff at the tills. One of the delights of Matalan is that sometimes, with your Matalan card, you find that prices at the tills are even cheaper than on the tickets.


Lin Ray

愛奇堡一大一小250玩兩小時也不會很貴,比起很多坊間的親子餐廳優秀太多。 之前帶去親子餐廳玩,消費就超過250了,用餐限制兩個小時,玩的時間加吃飯會很趕,而且環境跟玩具品質都不太行,很多安全措施都沒做好。 這邊乾淨、環境安全,玩具也都有挑選過,可能平日中午來所以沒什麼人,剛好包場 工作人員很親切,解說詳細,很棒的地方。…...


Matouš Vrba

mysleli jste si, že v bohemce prodávají taky kola? omyl. kola mají sice na netu, mají je vystavený na prodejně, ale nikdo je tam neprodává. když jsem se šel zeptat na přepážku, jestli je u kol nějaký prodejce, který by mi poradil nebo vytáhl kolo na vyzkoušení, tak mi řekli tohle: "Prodejce na kola tady bývá, ale teď je nahoře. Říkal jsem mu, ať jde dolů, ale on nechce. Já tomu nerozumím, můžu vám tak akorát přečíst co je v eshopu." slušnej bizár.

U-Drive Limited


Very poor service, took 45 to an hour to collect 9 seater which was booked 3 days in advanced. The vehicle was very filthy, took 25 mins to clean it but still very filthy. One tyre was flat which took another 20 mins. The car stank of alcohol. When questioned the guy said well we been busy and was not willing to listen. I feel this was very poor service and not even an apology. Overall pathetic service. I would never use U-Drive again. Stay clear guys there are much better rental companies out there with better rates. Zero star not an option otherwise I would give it zero!

Posto Ipiranga


Péssimo gerente, ele quando é pra baixar o preço ele espera o estoque diminuir, agora quando é pra aumentar, nem mal chegou o carregamento novo já começa a vender o que tem no tanque, já com valor aumentado, arrogante, trata os funcionários muito mau e vive se cabando que o combustível é bom sendo que isso tem de ser a obrigação. Sem contar que tiraram a pia de lavar a mão próximo ao calibrador para economizar e os banheiros são horríveis.

Pure NO.5

bookky Sri

แวะมาไหว้พระ เลยหาร้านจาก google map ตั้งใจเดินมา ถึงร้านตอน 14:30 ถามพนักงานว่า นั่งตรงไหนได้บ้างคะ ถึง 3 รอบ พนักงานอ้ำๆอึ้งๆ หันไปถามอีกคน อีกคนตอบว่า บ่ายสามจะปิดแล้วค่ะ เอาจิงๆ เราคิดว่าจะซื้อกาแฟ และจะนั่งพักแค่แป๊บเดียวแหละ แต่แบบพอได้ยินแบบนี้ รู้สึกว่า อ่า เขาคงไม่อยากขายแล้วแหละ ก็เลยไม่ทันได้ชิมกาแฟ (ถ้าเป็นเรา เราคงตอบคำถามลูกค้าก่อนว่า นั่งตรงนี้ได้เลยค่ะลูกค้า แต่ว่าต้องขอโทษจิงๆนะคะ พอดีร้านจะปิดตอนบ่ายสามนะคะ ลูกค้าสะดวกมั้ยคะ) จะฟังดูน่ารักขึ้นเยอะมากๆเลยค่ะ
บริการ: 2


MS Ali

दोस्तों, मैंने सचमुच उनका पूरा मेनू आज़माया है और मैं कहूंगा... यह शहर के सबसे अच्छे कैफे में से एक है, यदि आप मधुर माहौल और बजट के अनुकूल अच्छे भोजन की तलाश में हैं, तो उनके पास बाहर बैठने की कई जगहें हैं। जो छत पर हैं और अंदर भी आप अपनी … ज़्यादा


Stepan Bandera

При ремонті стартера загубили біту від викрутки тим самим біта попала до маховика і розбила його після чого його цієюж бітою заклинило. Приїхавши до них сказали "ми ні прічьом , ми нічьо не знаєм" , ремонт обійшовся в 15000грн.(Точно їхній касяк бо коробка не знімалась і стартер не робився до них.)