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Electronic Express Outlet Store

Amber McKinley

Visited 1/30/2021 my experience was great. All employees were nice and willing to help. One in certain (who checked us out and showed us products) was awesome! He asked if we want to see anything I was interested in and took his time. He didn't rush us or try to push us into buying. We bought a samsung watch. My receipt is not showing his name or else I would recommend him. 10/10 recommend this employee and store!


Janka K.

Bohužel, po několika letech a velké spokojenosti, jsem nakonec musela zde přestat tankovat naftu úplně. Její kvalita se opravdu hodně zhoršila. Auto mi po každém tankování ztrácelo výkon a dokonce vynechávalo. Toto jsem časem vysledovala a konzultovala i s mechanikem. Proto jsem začala tankovat jinde a pak už bylo vše bez problémů. Je to velká škoda, je to krásná ČS, vždy se mi moc líbila a nedávno prošla zdařilou rekonstrukcí, ale na exkurzi tam opravdu nejezdím.

JUDr. Lucie Pražáková, advokát

Peter Matula

JUDr. Prazakova is a very professional and knowledgeable lawyer, the way she explains and describes each part of the contract agreement between developer / buyer gave me a better understanding of the law and potential issues. It was a privilege to working with her. Highly recommended to all new buyers who purchasing new property and seeking legal advice on buying contract agreement or needs help with Czech property legal issues.

beauty salon Pono

Yumiko Uno

今まで大手の脱毛サロンしか行ったことがなく、初めて個人サロンへ行きました。 Googleの口コミが良かった&比較的近かったので直前予約しましたが、大当たりでした☆ サロン内がハワイアン調。 (写真撮り忘れてしまい残念(><)) とてもエネルギッシュで清潔感があり、何よりオーナーさんのキラキラ感が素敵でした☆ お話しも施術も時間をかけすぎず、丁寧にやってくださり、最初から最後まで全く不快な思いをすることなく、リラックスして施術やお話しができました☆ また会いに行きたいです☆ ありがとうございました☆

Osbourne Pinner Solicitors

Chuma Makasi

Ms Pinky Ong Yee Han has been very helpful, patient and kind throughout the process of our company's Sponsorship Licence application. I am very grateful for her efficient and timely work attitude. She is quick and receptive to telephone calls made and always ensured to keep me updated on the progress of our application. I'm really pleased that we were able to obtain a successful Sponsorship Licence in such a short span of time and definitely recommend her services to any business looking for assistance with this matter. Chuma Makasi Quaintsyss Ltd.

Pinpoint Movers Houston

Bill Brantley Jr

We recently used Pinpoint Movers to move our daughter from Clear Lake to Tyler, Tx. We have nothing but the highest praise for the moving crew that showed up and did the job. The crew consisted of Milton, Juan and Cornelio. These men let us know what time their arrival would be as well as when they would arrive once on the way to Tyler. Just very polite and professional men. I would highly recommend Pinpoint Movers for a very fair price and professional move. Bill & Rita Brantley.

Realty Austin

Ronit Ledani

We were referred to Stefan by a friend in Austin and are so grateful for the referral! As first-time home buyers and new residents in Texas, my husband and I were nervous about navigating the daunting Austin housing market. Stefan made us feel in control of the experience and walked us through the ins and outs of everything from choosing the right area for us, what to look for in home and finally the process of closing. Stefan was available for all of our questions, had our best interests in mind and brought a feeling of joy and excitement to our home-search journey that was inspiring. We loved working with Stefan and look forward to having him as a resource and friend in the Austin area!

ラーメン山岡家 千葉花見川区店


山岡家は好きなので、味がどうとかではないのですが、お手洗いをお借りした際、前に使われた方が流してないなぁと思い流してたときまでは良かったのですが、自分が使ってから流そうとしたとき、全然流れてくれない。 4回ほど試したが流れないため、タンクの蓋を開けてみたら、水が数センチしか溜まっておらず、これではいつまで待っても流れないと諦め、背に腹は代えられないと手を突っ込み、ペーパーを掴んで、汚物ボックスに捨てました。 その後、キチンと石鹸で手は洗いましたけど、とっくに届いていたラーメンが若干微温くなってしまっていた。 掃除のときとかに確認してないのかしら…… 最悪の日でした。
食事: 3
サービス: 3
雰囲気: 3

Spire Health Club

Josh Pope

Spire is so much more than just my go-to gym for 1 on 1 personal training and classes! Not only are all the trainers experts on how to train your body for results, but they also provide so much knowledge on promoting good health in general. I have been a member for many years and they still continue to challenge my body with every workout. I can’t say enough good things about the whole Spire crew. Honestly do yourself and your body favor and check them out!

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Britney Liedtke

I used to love this place. Sometime last year I went and my coffee was really grainy, so drove back and asked if I could get a new one. They ended up remaking it for me twice, and it was still super grainy. I ended up just taking it that last time, it was less grainy than the other ones. I decided to go again about a week ago, after about a year of not going. And it was the same issue. Grainy iced coffee. Idk what they changed but it didn't used to be like that. The grainy-ness of it is almost like sugar chunks that won't dissolve. It makes me really sad, I loved this coffee chain so much.. maybe try again in another year
Food: 2
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 4

apollostation 3号植木バイパスSS/西日本宇佐美


いつもガソリン給油でりようしてるんですが、クレジットカードを渡してクーポン画面を見せようと声をかけたら、カードだけ持って行って戻ってきてカード返される時に「クーポンもあるんですけど」って言ったら、「先に見せてください」って怒ったように言われました。その後私が「さっきクーポンもあるって言ったんですけど」と言うと、無視されました。 その後も、中拭きを渡される時に怒った態度で渡され、窓ガラスも拭きますかとか聞かれず勝手に拭かれました。 こんな事初めてだったので驚きと、怒り、接客態度をどうにかしてほしいと思いました。 ちなみに名前は安達さんと言う方です。 あの時私が大声で「クーポンあります!」って言ったらよかったんですか???

Big Yellow Self Storage Hanger Lane

R Ren

Absolutely top notch!! 20/20 Customer service Kasia your professionalism and care is EXCELLENT!!!you took great care to follow up on my request ,showing me the premises and recommending storage room for easy access,I am very impressed by this level of Customer service ,and to add to the service the whole team is so extremely helpful Shabana your assistance and attention to details is the cherry on the Cake ,I can not praise the exquisite service enough ,I leave a very happy customer .Please keep up with the excellent Kind Regards E R

Ron Case Roofing & Asphalt Paving

David Rosenbloom

So Christian CASE ostensibly Ron’s son comes over to bid on resealing a two year old two thousand square foot driveway in perfect shape. I’ve had this done before and the web home advisor quotes .20-.25 cents a square foot, so should be under a grand. His estimate is $4400! I tell that number to other contractors and they laughed. The driveway itself cost just under $5000 new installed two years ago. Looks like the son didn’t learn about fairness from the dad. What a giant attempted rip off!

Farrah Fine Jewellers

Erwin Ruyter

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed from visiting a few other jewelers trying to find an engagement ring for my girlfriend before I visited Farrah. I went in with my mom and we had a memorable experience. Farrah (owner) had a very gentle air about her and a calming effect on me when I otherwise would have been fairly anxious. I didn't have the highest budget for a ring but Farrah was able to work with me to find something my girlfriend loved. In my naivety, I didn't realize one is supposed to get two rings, an engagement ring and a wedding ring (I thought I was getting duped by my fiancée). We both went back to Farrah and found a piece that looks knockout with the other. We were able to customize one to our desires. When it came in, Farrah was initially unsatisfied with the result so she worked hard to make sure it was perfect. I will be returning for ring 3 for whatever that will be for!

Spa Wellness Plaza Mercado

Mage Rolin

Nunca pensé que un masaje pudiera hacerme sentir tan bien. Oana y Judith nos han dado un masaje exfoliante y ha sido como visitar el paraíso. La exfoliación y el masaje son tan relajantes que durante hora y media te olvidas de todo! Mi novio y yo necesitábamos un descanso y el masaje ha superado con creces nuestras expectativas. Lo recomiendo muchísimo porque ambas son unas pedazo de profesionales que te hacen sentir super a gusto!

Same Day Cleaners & Alterations

SeveredTroy Drum Channel

Called at 4:30 pm on a Tuesday to check out and get info on pricing and turn around times. The number listed just rang and rang 8-10 times before a generic vm picked up. I called again. Same thing. How can these places expect to get new business when they don't answer the phone? Forget it, I guess I'll go out of my way to go to the place that answers professionally, has good pricing, and is helpful instead.

ไปรษณีย์ไทย สาขาราษฎร์บูรณะ

Benchawan Buadang

สถานะของพัสดุบอกว่าจัดส่งไม่สำเร็จเหตุเพราะบ้านปิด งง ค่ะ ที่บ้านมีคนอยู่ตลอด และไม่มีใครโทรมาเลย อะไรคือบ้านปิด เอกสารสำคัญนะคะ โทรไปก็ไม่มีใครรับสายค่ะ

Sukhmani Hospital

Mohit Gupta

ग्रीन पार्क जवळ हे एक लहान पण प्रभावी हॉस्पिटल आहे. मिस्टर आणि मिसेस गांधी या डॉक्टर जोडीसाठी हे रुग्णालय अधिक प्रसिद्ध आहे. तळमजल्यावर त्यांच्या केबिन आहेत, तळमजल्यावर आपत्कालीन कक्ष आहे, पहिल्या मजल्यावर त्यांची ओटी आहे आणि दुसऱ्या … अधिक

Mini Punjab Grill

Sunitra Mishra

व्यवस्थापक सांगतात की जेवणाच्या वेळी रेस्टॉरंटमध्ये घरातील माशी आणि उंदीर धावणे ही एक सामान्य गोष्ट आहे आणि काय केले जाऊ शकते...वो तो आते रहते है!!! सर्वांचे हार्दिक स्वागत :) … अधिक


Liudmyla Krychevska

როდესაც მივხვდით, რომ ახალი ბინის ძებნა უნდა დავიწყოთ, თავბრუ დაგვხვდა, რამდენად რთულია ეს პროცესი ყოველთვის. თუმცა, გიორგისთან პირველივე ზარის დროს ჩვენი პრობლემების ნახევარი გაქრა) დარეკვიდან ორ საათში (და კვირა იყო) ბინა გვაჩვენა. … სხვა