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Warburton Motel

Kano Gallifrey Walpole-Cairns

5 Stars absolutely! Great effort for a small business. Amazing Views, Great organisation with the furniture !logical. Our service to the room was absolutely great, Nice Quick response to questions. Room number (12) had a fridge, kettle, towels, microwave, Free Teas, coffees, sugars, milks, Shampoos, conditioners, And more ! Also I had been given sweets gifts, for a friend that was having a birthday here and a deck of cards !
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Rooms: 5
Service: 5
Location: 5
Nearby activities
There’s a free water park only a minute down the road so hot days coming ahead no worries !
Shops, a waterpark, walk trails, bike trails, a river, and more.
Hotel highlights
Luxury, Great view, Romantic, Quiet, Kid-friendly, Great value, High-tech

Fish Happens


Healthiest fish I have ever seen, all in natural environments. The fish are NOT overcrowded whatsoever and homed with those of the same species, environment, needs, and temperament. Entire ecosystems in each individual tank that balance each other out incredibly, with snails, loaches, frogs, and plecos as cleanup crew. Not a SINGLE speck of buildup or algae in any of the tanks. Store itself is very clean and organized. The man who helped us was absolutely incredible in his knowledge of the different kinds of fish and plants, as well as the individual needs of each and everything. I would shop there even if it was expensive, but the prices are cheaper than any other breeder/supplier/store I have ever seen and come from people who are genuine and talented at what they do. Bought all of the equipment for a tank (tubing, air pump, sponge and vessel) AND all different kinds of plants to start a little pond setup for my frog and spent no more than $50 for what would cost you nearly a hundred at a pet store, and for double the quality! Only place I ever recommend shopping at regarding all needs fish and plant related. Worth going out of your way for. Tip jar was overflowing with other happy customers.

L T Denny Jewelers

Toan Viradet

Excellent customer service, you can trust Leslie to make sure you get the right stone for your need and style and that you are happy walking out with your selection. She is honest and very knowledgeable about the diamonds, and always looks out for your best interest. Highly recommended if you are looking for beautiful diamonds with outstanding customer service! All my family and cousins have been going there for the past 20 years!!

Beck Taxi

Miranda Khan

Very reliable, and pretty affordable too. A lot cheaper than Uber is what I've noticed, and they come relatively quickly. I love that no matter what time of the night it is, you get through to a real person who dispatches a taxi out to you and you don't have to wait too long. It's pretty cool that they offer a service where if your car needs a boost they can come give one to you and if you don't have cables they find a taxi that has one.

Grande Pharmacie de Rennes - Boticinal

Louise Yc

Le dernière fois, pharmacien Jocelyn m'a donné le mauvais médicament. Il m'a appelé de retourner à la pharmacie pour l'échanger. Il a mal lu le nom du médicament ! Vraiment pas professionnel. Et c'était pour les yeux! Aujourd'hui je suis passée encore une fois et j'ai eu la chance de voir ce monsieur au caisse. Sans surprise, il a oublié de valider une promotion en cours... je suis retournée pour avoir le remboursement.. bravo! En plus, pas de Bonjour, pas d'au revoir!

The Good Guys Taylors Lakes

Bella Lukas

It was my first time visiting Watergardens good guys and I’m never coming back again, even though it’s so much closer to my house. Blonde, older, lady who served us was so rude and just seemed like she hates her job. She couldn’t be bothered helping us with questions and kept walking away like she was busy....there was no one else in store. Stop calljng me “darls” while being rude and unhelpful and it’s so annoying. I left this store and drove to highpoint and got totally different experience and I spent $3000 on what I needed. Never coming back.

Texas Air Museum-Stinson Chapter - Museum with Historic Aviation and Military Exhibits

Jessica Saenz

Great tour guide. So informative. I didn't realize the Stinson family was played such an important role in flight history around the world. This museum has chairs to sit during the presentation or breaks along the tour. There are bathrooms available and a gift shop. I highly recommend this place. This is a museum. There are fragile items, displays, aircraft etc. So please keep a watchful eye on your children. There is free parking on site. The museum building is an old aircraft hangar so it is cold in the winter and extremely hot in the summer. So choose your visit date accordingly. I'd also recommend eating at the Big Bib down the street inside Stinson Airport.

Mizuspa Münster Arkaden

becki hmn

Habe meine Nägel machen lassen. Hatte um 18 Uhr einen Termin musste aber 20 Minuten warten. Meine Naturgelnägel sind durchsichtig wie sonst etwas. Der Mann hat sehr aggressiv gearbeitet und war zu dem wahrscheinlich krank, weil er die ganze Zeit heftigen Husten hatte. 37€ für so eine Leistung ist eine Frechheit. Nächstes mal geht es wieder zu den Standard Nagelstudios wo man alles für 25€ bekommt und es ordentlich aussieht.

Beans & Brews Coffeehouse

Joel G

The coffee and food are good, not great. Kind of like a Dunkin donuts compared to really fresh and strong coffee houses, this is more sweet and savory with less emphasis on quality coffee. Also their app seems to always have problems and never scans correctly. I've also had a bit of sass from several locations, including this one.
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Saint Claire Bakery & Café - Champagnat

Paula Baron

Lugar extremamente caro para o atendimento PÉSSIMO que oferece, os alimentos são bons, nada que justifique o valor mas são bons , agora se vc quer ir lá para comer, tomar café desista, o coitado do menino que fica lá atendendo não dá conta pq o estabelecimento não tem noção nenhuma de um bom atendimento , colocando apenas uma pessoa para atender todas as mesas além do mesmo ter que fazer sucos, café e servir os clientes, não dão conta de limpar as mesas, eu mesma tive que tirar os copos usados e passar um papel para poder sentar, um absurdo o cliente ter que limpar a mesa do estabelecimento que está pagando CARO para comer !!! Ficamos 30 min sentados na mesa apenas esperando para ser atendidos e mais uns 20 esperando chegar um café e um misto!!!!! Então se o dono do local estiver lendo esse comentário, entenda uma coisa para VC cobrar 20 REAIS num pão com queijo, presunto e um café,, vcs devem NO MÍNIMO oferecer um atendimento de qualidade e não deixar um cliente que frequenta o estabelecimento a anos, esperando quase uma hora para tomar um simples café e muito menos não ter funcionários suficientes para limpar as mesas. Moro ao lado e Não volto mais!!!!! (cometário referente a unidade da Padre Anchieta no Bigorrilho )

Sonterra RX

Jessica Crawford

Had my prescription sent here to support a small business. They received my prescription on Thursday. I called Saturday to check the status on my script. They said they couldn't give me the 90 days I was prescribed because they didn't have it in stock. They said if I waited til Monday they'd have the 90 day supply because they could order it for me. Strange that they didn't do that when they received my script in the first place. They also assured me that my prescription would be covered by insurance. When I arrived on Monday, they were very disorganized. They had HUGE HIPPA issues as I could see patient names, medications, and prescribers on several documents. Furthermore, they have their account information INCLUDING THEIR PASSWORD taped to the side on there computer because they couldn't bother to memorize it, or at least hide it. Blatant disregard for confidentiality laws aside, when they brought me my prescription, that they seemed to have lost track of, they told me it would be double what was advertised on GoodRx (which they also said they didn't accept). I wasn't going to fight them on it because I'd rather go somewhere else anyways, but buyers beware.

Tribe Hair Co

Autumn LaDue

Tribe Hair Co is the BEST! I have been going to Erica for close to 6 years now and she is amazing. I even drive over an hour from east Mesa to get to her, and believe me it's totally worth it. Erica and Allie are both not only great at what they do, they are also both very genuine and caring. ❤ The women at Tribe Hair Co are passionate about what they do and it shows in their work. Go see them, you will not be disappointed!

nicemove Removals and Storage Manchester

Shelly Chhung

Great customer service from initial contact via telephone with Saj to end of home removal with Nate & Nathan. They're very quick & efficient with the loading and unloading of furniture. They made what could have been a stressful home move into a pleasant experience & Nathan was very kind to keep checking in on our wellbeing. I would definitely use them again & recommend to friends & family. Thank you Nice Move!


Biva Paudyal

Don't expect your food to arrive before 2 hours if you are ordering from bhojdeals..Very bad experience with bhojdeals multiple times..they take forever to deliver..once the order was so late that I tried to cancel it but there are no any options in the app to cancel once the order has been I canceled over phone. But they insisted I receive my order anyway and they would waver the delivery turn from hungry to hangry waiting for them to deliver..

Bocz Salon

Jennifer Matteson

I got my hair done there on Thursday for a concert later that night. I was over a half hour late to the appointment because I'm not from the city, and I was having a hard time figuring out where to park, and was worried I wouldn't have time for all I wanted to get done. I was VERY LUCKY enough to still be able to get done what I wanted and I am very pleased with the results. The cut and color are perfect, and I'm loving my new look! I forgot the name of my stylist because I am just very bad at remembering names, but to the lovely woman who took me from having shoulder length blonde hair with brown roots to a purple pixie cut thank you so much! I got so many compliments on my hair at the concert! So many people loved it, and I love it too. If I didn't have to go back to Oregon I'd keep going there to keep up maintenance on my hair. Posted are before and after pictures.

Serrurier Toulouse Obert

Carine Combacal

J’ai appelé en urgence un serrurier pour changement de serrure d’un appartement étudiant, l’ancien locataire n’ayant pas rendu toutes les clés. Ce monsieur s’est montré très réactif et bienveillant envers ma fille de 18 ans. Il m’a tenu informé de chaque étape (étant à distance) prise de rdv , changement de cylindre. Je suis maintenant sereine de savoir que personne ne pourra pénétrer dans l’appartement. Le professionnalisme est bien présent. Monsieur continuez ainsi cela fait du bien de ne pas se faire avoir et d’avoir des solutions concrète et rapides.

Parque Fernão Dias

Giovanni Wilken

Uma das funcionárias avisou que fecharia os portões e chamei imediatamente meu filho pra irmos. O portão já estava fechado. Quando pedi para abrir ela nos informou que teríamos que sair por um buraco na tela pois fechava as 17:00. Como todos os outros parques que já fui, um dos funcionários passava avisando sobre o fechamento com pelo menos 5 minutos de antecedência para saímos sem esse constrangimento. Mas voltei em outra ocasião e estava outra funcionária e muito simpática poe sinal. Então fica a dica. Não descuidem por nem um minuto do relógio pois podem ter se submeter a sair pelo buraco.

Dollshie Coffee

Julian Monarrez

Normally just get a drip black coffee because it’s easy. The first time I asked for creamer the milk was expired, leaving white chunks in the coffee. The next time I went I let them know and the lady just said to tell the owner when they are there. I never met the owner so that was not helpful. The second time I went and requested creamer the milk is steamed into drip black coffee. The coffee has a weird taste and I don’t know if it was expired again or not, since the milks was steamed it blended well into the coffee. I worked at a coffee shop for years and understand mistakes but I have not had a good experience with these drinks. Employees do seem nice.
Take out
Meal type
Price per person
Dine in: No
Outdoor seating: No
Takeout: Yes
Delivery: No
Curbside pickup: Not sure



10日 日曜日より一泊で利用しました。 駐車場 普通車 500円 キャンプ場 1人600円と価格はリーズナブル。 キャンプ場からは海は見えないが、少し歩けば、海と高層ビルの絶景が見られる。 ただ 難点は 真上を走っている道路と 飛行機の轟音‼️ 耳栓を用意した方が良いとクチコミに あったので感謝します☺️

Generico Generic Medicine Pharmacy Store

Umesh Yadav

आज खूप वाईट आहे मी स्टोअरला भेट दिली मी कोणालातरी औषध विचारले पण कर्मचारी औषध देण्यास रस घेत नव्हते. अत्यंत वाईट ग्राहक सेवा... इतर गरजा समजून घेण्यासाठी कर्मचार्‍यांना प्रशिक्षणाची गरज आहे. ते कंपनीचे नियम शिकवत आहेत. कर्मचारी आयुर्वेदिक उत्पादनांचा प्रचार करणे जे कंपनीसाठी खूप वाईट आहे