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Petland Las Vegas


I don’t know how PETLAND Las Vegas has so many bad reviews. I know every experience is different but wow- the care, patience and assistance we received this Saturday picking out our little ferret baby was superb. First of all, every single puppy looked like they were ready for a calendar shoot; their eyes were bright and clear, their coats were full and shiny and their kennels were all clean. Yes, there were a lot of puppies :( and it makes me sad, too, to think of all the fur babies out there stuck in shelters while breeders keep pumping out purebreds. It’s heartbreaking. But the law allows it, so as long as PETLAND is taking great care of the animals, people shouldn’t rant about something in a way that suggests what they are doing is shady or unlawful when their issue seems to be an ethical one. I too, don’t think it’s ethical to breed new puppies while so many beautiful “mutts” SO deserving of a forever home remain homeless. But that’s an ethical issue and this isn’t a platform to bash a business because my ethical opinion doesn’t correlate with their legal business practices. Moving on, the woman who assisted us was so kind, patient and helpful in helping us pick out necessities for our new little buddy, as well as educate us on Ferrits. Even short- staffed, she took the time to help us feel comfortable and informed. She even helped carry our new kennel to the car. Our ferret is lively and sweet with a very healthy appetite. (Got him for my son but I’m kind of in love ❤️). I would absolutely go back there and recommend others based on my experience and the visual conditions of the pets ❤️.

College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving Indianapolis

Nancy Guse

We recently used College Hunks to move our mother into an senior living apartment building. She is upstairs and there was an elevator available for the move. The guys were so considerate of the residents needs for the elevator, that they chose the stairs. We had heavy furniture! We were impressed with that. Overall, we were impressed with their kindness, carefulness and their professionalism. The rates were very reasonable too! I would highly recommend them to anyone

Ioannou Shoes

Costas Μichael Τrokkoudes (Olympus1000)

Ένα από τα αγαπημένα μου μέρη αγοράς υποδημάτων. Πολύ καλή ποιότητα σε πολύ λογικές τιμές. Στην Λάρνακα υπάρχουν δύο καταστήματα. Το ένα βρίσκεται μέσα στο Metropolis Mall της Λάρνακας. Αυτές τις μέρες έχουν τις καθιερωμένες για την εποχή εκπτώσεις, οπότε καλά θα κάνατε να βιαστείτε.

Cherrypick India - Best Furniture Shop in Bangalore

Ranjit V

Came to Cherrypick based on Google reviews and I've ended up giving a review now. We bought an Onyx Dining table along with the chairs. Both my purchases are just fabulous and exquisite in terms of quality, aesthetics and the price was just a great deal. We were really taken care of by the kind executive and staff. Christina guided us through the store and made sure we had the best buying experience of furniture. Good luck my regards to the team at Cherrypick

Franziskus Hospital Bielefeld

Melanie H

Ich war in den vergangenen 6 Wochen zwei Mal stationär dort. Das erste Mal zur Entbindung (geplanter Kaiserschnitt). Ich habe mich schon bei den Vorgesprächen gut aufgehoben gefühlt. Alle sind sehr nett. Der Kaiserschnitt verlief unkompliziert und dank der tollen Schwestern und Hebammen bin ich mit einem Stillkind nach Hause gegangen. Tausend Dank dafür, das war in meinem Fall nicht selbstverständlich. Ein großes Lob an die Ärzte, Schwestern,Hebammen und Pflegekräfte der Entbindungsstation. Der zweite Aufenthalt musste erfolgen da die Gallenblase dringend entfernt sollte. Der ganze Ablauf im Krankenhaus ist gut geplant. Man wird aufgeklärt und ist auch immer schnell an der Reihe. Am OP Tag kam vorher noch der operierende Arzt zum kurzen Gespräch und das war sehr beruhigend. Man wird perfekt betreut. Von der Aufnahme bis zum OP-Raum und auch danach. Hier macht wirklich jeder einen grandiosen Job und man wird sehr freundlich behandelt. Danke liebes Team der Station C3 und auch ein Dankeschön an Schwester Stefanie aus dem Aufwachraum und das OP-Team.

Księgarnia Stonewall

Bartek Ross

Chciałem tu wpaść już od jakiegoś czasu, a dzisiaj w końcu przyszedł ten dzień i ulicami rozkopanego Poznania wybrałem się do księgarni Stonewall, gdzie miło zaskoczyła mnie jej przytulność oraz wybór książek. Osoby mnie obsługujące pomogły mi znaleźć jedną pozycję i były pomocne i (na szczęście) nie były nachalne. Skończyło się na tym, że opuściłem księgarnię z trzema książkami, z czego jedną z nich, "Inny Poznań" Mike'a Urbaniaka, już zdążyłem przeczytać, zresztą serdecznie polecam. Wszystkim osobom queer, ale i nie tylko polecam wpaść! (Sam pewnie niedługo tam wrócę ;))

McNally Jackson Books Downtown Brooklyn

Dominique Chatman

I work in city point mall and I’d been dying to see what type of books they have however I am a black woman and when I looked around I didn’t see ANY black literature sections AT ALL. When I asked the woman about it she was confused and had NO IDEA what black literature even meant. Extreme red flag. I’ve actually never been into a bookstore that didn’t have a section no matter how small it was for black writers and stories. The girl said that they were “probably” scattered throughout the store but we all know that finding black representation in literature is like finding a needle in a haystack AND her “probably” insinuated that she wasn’t even sure if they carried books by black authors. Very weird experience. Most likely won’t be back unfortunately

Publix Super Market at Windsor Commons Shopping Center

R Brooks

Being my first visit to this location, I couldn't see the produce dept from the entrance. I tried the front, then right side, finally asked if they even had a produce section. It's hidden in left rear corner. Most places give a you view of the heart-warming fresh veggies from the entrance. Not sure why they chose to hide them in back. The prices here are way high. The same Hawaiian rolls I can get at walmart for 3.69 are 4.59 here. That's a pretty hefty premium to walk these hallowed aisles. They do have a better meat selection and some hard to find items like Tiramisu. This is like a fine dining restaurant, It's a once or twice a year treat.

Kilburn - Cocktail Bar

Lorenzo Maggioni

Ottima scoperta! Cocktail davvero ben eseguiti, fatti con alcolici selezionati. Buono anche l'aperitivo: seppur contenuto nelle quantità, si compone di scelte piacevoli e di livello, riuscendo probabilmente anche a saziare gente dallo stomaco piccolo (resta comunque più adeguato intenderlo come aperitivo nel verso senso della parola). L'ambiente è molto curato e il personale molto cortese e capace. I prezzi sono giusti vista la qualità (durante l'aperitivo, 12€ per cocktail e taglieri). Ci tornerò sicuramente!

Skin by Ruby

Katie Riesenbach

Ruby is incredible!!! Her custom facials are a dream every time. But the real value comes with her services designed to make skincare easy and accessible for every person struggling with skin issues. I showed up to Skin By Ruby with a skin issue that I had been struggling with for years! The skin around my nose would become red, inflamed and flaky with the slightest change in anything in my life. She worked with me extensively over a year to tailor my facials to what my skin needed in that moment and overhauled my daily routine. She took the time to understand the time I wanted to spend on my daily routine and checked in as I changed different products and eliminated things like washing with hot water. When my nose improved then reverted AGAIN with a prescription cream my dermatologist recommended she recommended a different moisturizer and a technique where you apply your moisturizer twice. That finally did the trick and my nose hasn’t had any issues in over 6 months.

Vivantes Humboldt-Klinikum


Vor ca.4 Wochen wurde meine Mutter mit der Feuerwehr im Humboldt-Klinikum eingeliefert. Erstuntersuchung, Labor und Bildgebung erfolgten zügig. Ich wurde von der diensthabenden Ärztin, Fr.Dr Sauer (Chirurgin) telefonisch zeitnah und freundlich über das vorläufige Ergebnis informiert.Die Wartezeit dann in der Not-Aufnahme bis zum Transport meiner Mutter auf die Intensivstation dauerte allerdings meines Erachtens für meine stark schmerzgeplagte und mittlerweile verwirrte Mutter sehr lange. Auf der Intensivstatin wurde ich sehr freundlich behandelt und auch vom Stationsarzt sowie von Fr Dr.Sauer nochmals über das aktuelle Befinden meiner Mutter informiert.Meine Mutter wurde noch in der Nacht notoperiert.Leider konnte ihr nicht mehr geholfen werden.Nach der Not-OP hat mich der Chirurg telefonisch sehr mitfühlend in Kenntnis gesetzt.Ich durfte dann dort auf der ITS die letzten Stunden mit meiner Mutter verbringen. Mein Dank gilt allen beteiligten Mitarbeitern und Ärzten, die sich um meine Mutter bemüht haben und mir freundlich begegneten, ganz besonders aber der sehr herzlichen Schwester Martina. Sie hat meine Mutter sehr liebevoll umsorgt und uns Angehörigen ein Gefühl der Ruhe und Anteilnahme vermittelt. Obwohl sie eigentlich schon im Ruhestand ist, verrichtet sie noch Dienste auf der ITS. Wie schön, dass es solche Menschen gibt, die diese fordernde Arbeit mit Herz leisten!


Mu La Flaga

【治療中のミス、費用は患者負担?】 昨年末、家内が足の外傷で救急外来にかかりましたが、本来関係のない頭のCTを撮りその費用も払わされました。 処置中の態勢が適切でなく、あまりの痛みに倒れてしまい、頭を打ったためです。 そういうミスによる二次的な費用まで、患者が負担しなくてはならないのでしょうか。処置をしたのは研修医?の方で、その後外科の先生が駆けつけて「こういう場合は寝た状態でやらなくてはいけない。処置が適切でなかった。厳重に注意します。」と謝ってくださいましたが。 費用に関しては会計窓口に掛け合いましたが「起こった事象に対して処置した分の請求をした。」の一点張りでラチがあきませんでした。 夜間・休日診療で、センターからこちらに回された際は、気を付けることをお勧めします。

Fuente de Aguas Danzantes

Sil Savid

Hermoso lugar!! Lugar icónico de nuestra hermosa cuidad, en donde se puede apreciar una hermosa arquitectura, la fuente de agua danzante que es digna de ver, un espacio donde se puede ir a pasar una tarde/noche tomando mates, con la seguridad de estar rodeado de muchas personas y locales. Se puede ir a pasear con las mascotas, las cuales parecen divertirse muchísimo en una pequeña pileta. Un lugar para ir a pasear ya sea con amigos o con familia y quedarse un rato aprovechando del show. Si vienen a Córdoba, sin duda deben conocer la fuente de aguas danzantes.
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Sprouts Farmers Market


I really like this company, this store, and I want to like it more. BUT!! The prices keep climbing. I purposely do not want to shop for the things I need on Amazon. I want to support this Store but, your pricing me out of options. Your now 3 to 5 dollars more on each item. I spend 25 to 50 extra monthly to shop there. I watch for sales. I get cost, and items raising in cost. However, I can now order, Not drive and save allot of time and, Now money. I will come to you as long as I can. Keep trying!! PLEASE!!

Pasticceria Tagliafico

Andrea Giorgi

Locale storico della città, che compie 100 anni, anche se la sua storia è incominciata molto prima. Ottima posizione commerciale, e servizio inappuntabile. Non è economico, ma l'alta qualità dei loro prodotti ripaga ampiamente. E poi la qualità si paga... In definitiva un buon rapporto qualità prezzo. E no, non è un locale per bambini, checché ne dica il SMM. Provate ad entrare in questi giorni (Natale 2023), nella bolgia infernale dei clienti. Clienti, tra cui il sottoscritto, che cercavano di prendere una delle loro prelibatezze. E poi provate a farlo con un piccolo.
Da asporto
Tipo di pasto
Prezzo a persona
20-30 €
Cibo: 5
Servizio: 5
Ambiente: 5
Piatti consigliati
Pasticcini Misti, La Torta Genovese, Torta Alla Frutta, Torta Sacher E Sole Alle Nocciole, Cabaret Di Dolci Assortiti, Pandispagna Con Crema Pasticciera, Millefoglie Con Fragoline, Dolci Varie, Panettone, Pasticcino
Area parcheggio
È difficile trovare parcheggio
Opzioni per il parcheggio
Parcheggio in strada a pagamento
C'è lì vicino in Piazza Colombo
Idoneità per bambini
Non idoneo, è vero che ci sono i dolci, ma c'è troppa gente.
Accessibile in sedia a rotelle


Jessica Wright

Every time I have went here the past two weeks in the mornings between 7-10 am they have the truck stop bottom doors locked and say they are short staff but they have a woman working upstairs and there was a woman downstairs just leaning talking it says open 24-7 and out of the past 5 years I been coming to this location it’s never been locked ! But I think whoever owns this store needs to know so they can make some much needed changes

EQ3 Montréal - St-Laurent

Sage Reynolds

This was an excellent shopping experience! The sales agent who helped me (Jason) was knowledgeable, friendly, efficient, and gave me plenty of time to try out the different high-end office chairs that I was looking to purchase (one of which I did). The rest of the staff seemed friendly, too, and the show room is clean, well lit, and spacious. Beautiful furniture, as well! I definitely recommend this store. J'ai eu une excellente expérience de magasinage! L'agent commercial qui m'a aidé (Jason) était compétent, sympathique, efficace et m'a donné beaucoup de temps pour essayer les différentes chaises de bureau haut de gamme que je cherchais à acheter (j'ai acheté une de ces chaises). Les autres membres du personnel avaient l'air sympathiques aussi, et la salle d'exposition est propre, bien éclairée et spacieuse. De beaux meubles aussi! Je recommande ce magasin.

Cherry Street Coffee House

Daniella Lujan

Beautiful building and atmosphere! The food is alright. I enjoyed the borek which was a phyllo with spinach and feta cheese and raw tomatoes on top. The apple cider was far too sweet. The best thing was their service and that I could order after I used the restroom- because I was on a long car trip to get there! I almost had an accident if she didn’t answer so promptly. So yes, I’ll be back! Plus, later on I ordered a hot chocolate from another cafe and it was soooo hot it burned my tongue. While I didn’t enjoy the apple cider the temperature was perfect!
Food: 4
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5

Rad Café

Mahsa Kardar

واقعا کافه‌ی دنج و باکیفیتیه. فضای صمیمی و گرمی و بزرگ داره، کیفیت غذا و بارشون خوب و دلچسبه، برخورد پرسنل هم خیلی محترمه، قیمتاشون هم متوسط و مناسبه. رد کافه هم میتونه پناهگاهی باشه برای روزایی که رو مود نیستین و میخواین از دست همه فرار کنین، هم وعده‌گاهیه برای روزایی که میخواین با عزیزانتون دیدار داشته باشین. خوش روزی باشین❤️
صرف غذا در محل
وعده غذایی
قیمت برای هر نفر
‎ریال ۱–۵۰۰٬۰۰۰
غذا: 5
خدمات: 5
محيط: 5
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Pizza Chicken

Bartolme and Associates, PC CPA,s

Aram Irwin

Is there a 6 star rating I can click? David is the best accountant I've ever worked with, hands down. He takes the time to fully understand your tax situation and offer solid strategic advice, always returning calls and emails immediately with thoughtful responses. His knowledge, commitment and follow through are stellar, and he takes great personal interest in his clients, and demonstrates real professional pride in his work.