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Monik Silva

É a pior unidade do bobs. Fiz o pedido de um zero beef para mim e outros de carne para meu companheiro pelo uber eats. Quando recebemos, percebi que não havia nenhuma marcação nos invólucros de qual seria de carne e qual seria sem carne. Quando desembrulhamos percebemos que ambos eram de carne. E outra falha está no cupom fiscal, onde constam duas maioneses extras, que não pedimos, e um adicional e tomates, que também não pedimos. Como podem enviar um hamburguer de carne no lugar do zero beef se o sem carne custa 50% a mais que o outro? Fiz o pedido novamente em outro restaurante para não ter que ficar sem ter o que comer, tendo que pagar outra taxa de entrega pois o bobs enviou o pedido errado! imagine a minha frustração, decepção e fome por receber o pedido incorreto?

Jiří Janeček

!!Florea skutečně celou situaci napravila!! Ještě tentýž den večer mě kontaktovali a po omluvě, opravdu v sobotu dopoledne doručili kompenzační kytici zcela zdarma!! Velmi si cením solidního přístupu a jednání společnosti při vzniklém problému! Personál byl opravdu ochotný a milý. Květiny i celé kytice jsou opravdu velmi pěkné a splnily veškerá očekávání! Děkuji a využiji k dalším nákupům. (Květina objednána dva dny předem, i přesto nedoručena v termínu. Očekávaný termín doručení (pátek), další možnost doručení až v pondělí. Odůvodnění ztráta květiny. Dva dny po jubileu a oslavě už je květina bezpředmětná.)

Tienda de Café

Mariana Belén Suárez Lo Valvo

Me acerqué a almorzar, pedimos una de las tartas (capresse) y el sandwich de jamón crudo y rúcula, traían ensalada y papas de acompañamiento respectivamente. De sabor estaban bien, algo aceitosos en general, la ensalada era bastante escasa y las papas estaban cortadas muy gruesas, lo que provocaba que en el centro estén un poco crudas y duras. El jamón crudo contaba con exceso de grasa, realmente no se podía morder, terminé desarmando el sandwich para quitarle la hilera de grasa con el cuchillo. Las fetas eran gruesas y muy sabrosas, destacable. Tuvimos un pequeño inconveniente, dentro del sandwich había un elemento ajeno al mismo. Al mencionárselo al mozo pidió las debidas disculpas y se encargó de gestionar un resarcimiento económico por el mismo. Esta actitud es destacable, en muchos otros lugares suelen hacerse los desentendidos ante los errores. Pedimos marquisse de chocolate y café para terminar, ambos deliciosos. El lugar es algo ruidoso, con exceso de mesas para mi gusto, estábamos casi pegados con la mesa contigua. Volvería a acercarme, es una buena alternativa por la zona para hacer teletrabajo por ejemplo.

Ryde Hospital

Esme Bruner

I was treated terribly by the doctor and nurse on duty when presenting to emergency with very serious conditions. When I received my discharge letter, the word obese was mentioned upwards of 10 times in an attempt to shame me and my medical status at the time. I advised them I had an accident in the bathroom and they didn't clean it for the 24 hours I was there. Divert ambulance to concord if you have any choice in the matter. I was later diagnosed with pericarditis from a reaction to the pfizer shot which they didn't pick up because they couldn't be bothered performing a scan. They also forgot to test the urine specimen they requested and I provided. Idiots.

BCNLIP Escuela de Idiomas

Anastasiya Tsatsura

Esta escuela presenta los estudios que se parecen a una experiencia inmersiva gracias a su organización y al equipo de profesores que nos da apoyo fuerte, mientras que tiene un programa oficial, herramientas modernas y espacios muy cómodos. En BCNLip aprendemos idiomas tocando unos temas importantes para entender diferentes partes de vida, ser capaz ser confiado a si mismo hablando una lengua nueva.

Bluebird Guesthouse

Elise Mostello

This was a comfortable and easy stay, that is right in the middle of great Portland breweries, food, and shops. The Beverley Cleary room is spacious and has a wonderful en-suite bathroom. The communal kitchen was stocked with snacks and delicious breakfast basics. I throughly enjoyed my stay, and would do it again. Small note- in booking they ask that no young kids stay due to noise, which now makes a lot of sense. It’s very quiet here but that’s because of respectful guests around me. You can easily hear noise in the hall.
Rooms: 5
Service: 5
Location: 5

銀座ダイヤモンドシライシ 千葉店



Australian Dental Clinic

jana mae cueva

I had my wisdom tooth extraction yesterday and I booked for 2pm with Dr. Cong. I waited for quite long but the staff were accommodating. The translator was also very welcoming and friendly. I was really nervous and worried with the procedure and everything, but Dr. Cong was gentle and really helpful. They kept reassuring me that I don’t need to worry about anything. He injected anesthesia several times. Next thing I know, my tooth is out. It was quick and I didn’t feel anything. Dr. Cong was also very helpful in answering my questions. It’s my second time there and I would definitely be back and let them fix my teeth next time.

All My Sons Moving & Storage

J Deaver

I moved last weekend and the three gentleman who took care of our things, Andres, Fidel and Carlos were superb. They were careful with all our things, thoughtful, respectful and genuinely lovely to have around on a very stressful day. At our new home, I accidentally had them move a table upstairs that needed to be downstairs and they quickly brought it back down and were so kind about it. Moving out of a townhome, I was nervous about how long it would take and they did it so quickly and efficiently that I barely had time to finish my coffee before they were ready to go. All My Sons was well worth the money to help us move and the peace of mind it brought. I'm so grateful they convinced us to have 3 movers instead of 2. The team was amazing, clear and helpful throughout the booking process as well. These professional movers are a must, especially if you have stairs or heavy items. They know how to handle everything and will take good care of you.

La sardine du port

Alexis Ledieu

Il y a au moins une bonne chose dans tous cela, c’est que je ne retournerais pas dans ce restaurant (si on peut appeler ça un restaurant ). Le menu est aguicheur certes mais ce que nous avons dans l’assiette l’es beaucoup moins… 6 pauvres huîtres en entrée et un sois disant demi homard en plat qui ne donne vraiment pas envie et n’est clairement pas assez grand pour être servi à table ! En parlant de service, les « serveurs » sont un peu trop familier avec la clientèle.. bref je vais m’arrêter là, une dernière chose : ne pensez même pas à y manger !
Repas sur place
Type de repas
Prix par personne
40–50 €
Cuisine : 1
Service : 1
Ambiance : 1

iSpot Stary Browar Poznań - Apple Premium Reseller

Przemysław •

Sprzęt oddany na program wymiany klawiatur. Wymieniony został tylko jeden przycisk zamiast całej klawiatury, która jak przyznaje producent, JEST WADLIWA. To jest raczej opinia w stronę serwisu niż obsługi i samego sklepu. Niemniej, ustalcie tą kwestię bo jest to przerażająca amatorka. Ludzie naprawdę nie mają czasu oddawać co chwilę sprzętu do serwisu i czekać na jego oddanie. Na jakiej podstawie wymiana KLAWIATURY staje się WYMIANĄ PRZYCISKU?

Automo Garage Limited

Achalu Biri

Went this garage only because of a friend. Service was great by chief technician, Bini! High 5 for quick and reliable service! On other hand, it’s unfortunate the front Desk lacks people skill and courtesy huge opportunity to coach their staff in customer service skills. “It’s not what you say but it’s how you say” plays a big roll now days in providing exceptional customer service! So many service providers out there and you can only outstand from the rest by providing spectacular customer experience. so please take this feedback to improve!

CHRIST IN YOU,Church of GOD (FG) In India

Aibiang Mame Thangkhiew

By God's Grace I'm a part of this chruch, all I can say is I've grow so much spiritually through the teaching of this Man of God our beloved Pastor ... The Mighty Presence and Anionting of The Holy Spirit is just overflowing in the church service... I'm so blessed beyond words to be a part of this Chruch.. ‭‭Righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, that is the Kingdom of God.. Don't you want to be a part of His Kingdom? Come and be blessed..

Intown Animal Hospital

Daniel DeWoskin

This office is outstanding! They keep in touch, and promptly provide updates after procedures. They are respectful of customers and their time, and very conscientious toward their furry patients. I can't be more pleased with the vet techs, assistants, and the vet. We had some tough questions that were met with understanding, expertise, and compassion, which is everything you want in a vet. The costs were also very reasonable. This is a great office.

Taramati Baradari Resort

Sony Sachin

Enjoyed well..!Outside city it's cool and calm, We can enjoy with a family and's all like a gardener with couple of beautiful Scenery... Parking is available,out side food is not allowed, I found one jewellery shop it's a bit quite expensive to purchase,point to be noted Free entry ... Unfriendly Staff especially Watch mens, there will be a number of watch mens available, coz of Included Banquet Halls, and Wedding shoots, refusing no to enter here and's a nervous inside.. Available Washroom Neat and clean...

BAUHAUS Wuppertal-Barmen (Lichtscheid)

Pierre Christ

Einfach peinlich dieser Bauhaus Standort. Wollte ein Einhell Akkugerät kaufen. Diese Geräte werden ohne Akkus angeboten. Das Ladegerät samt Akku gibt es als Starterset. Gerät vor Ort, aber kein Ladegerät Set. Was bringt mir das Gerät ohne Akku und Ladegerät? Antwort des Personals "ist bestellt" Die Antwort hilft mir als Kunde der im Geschäft steht leider gar nichts. Scheinbar keine gute Lager Logistik.

Phil's Restaurants

Tess Lucas

I feel like Phil's has been seriously underrated. Just tried it for the first time for breakfast and it was AMAZING! Our server and the hostess were both lovely, we were seated quickly, and the food came out promptly after we ordered. 2 of us got the build your own omelette combos which were delicious and the third got the eggs benny! Everything was prepared correctly, presented nicely, and tasted absolutely delicious! We couldn't waste any of our breakfasts and left VERY full! I can't believe how good the blueberry french toast was too! Yum! Can't wait to come back :)

Exotic Indian Beauty - Jordan Springs

Maria Ma'aelopa

My appointment was at 7pm the girls were lovely but felt service was lacking in professionalism and skill due to tiredness, fatigue and lack of commitment to see the job through to the end! The picture presented to her of the style I wanted was disappointing! She basically did not try! It was just layered and a rough blow dry by someone else as she was walking out the door. First time experience should be better than this! Maybe they should not take bookings for colour, cut and blow dry so late or make sure staff don't work 12hour shifts!

Phresh Gourmet

Kaitlyn Lucey

I've been ordering from Phresh Gourmet for 2.5 years now since I moved to the DMV, which in and of itself says a lot - I have been pleased with the meals and service this whole time! The meals are fresh and well-portioned, and every week there are a good variety of options to choose from. Also, the meals only need to be heated up (they are not frozen nor require additional prep), which is very convenient. Service is top notch also - from deliveries to answering any questions I may have. I highly recommend Phresh Gourmet!

Walmart Supercentre

Sunny Kwong

Smaller and older Walmart Supercenter located within the Agincourt Mall complex. There are two entrances/exits, one directly to the parking lot and other is to the mall. It has the typical clothing, shoes, houseware, kitchenware, frozen foods, pantry foods, toys, automotive, pharmacy and seasonal items. It also has a McDonald's with a large sitting area located at the back of the store. This Walmart location doesn't sell any fresh produce or meats. Ample parking spots even during busy periods.