Yaletown Liquor Store

131 reviews

1116 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2S2, Canada



Yaletown Liquor Store is a Liquor store located at 1116 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2S2, Canada. It has received 131 reviews with an average rating of 3.6 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Yaletown Liquor Store: 1116 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2S2, Canada

  • Yaletown Liquor Store has 3.6 stars from 131 reviews

  • Liquor store

  • "I went into buy a bottle of wine, and after much deliberation finally chose one that I was stoked to take home"

    "Please go elsewhere"

    "Feels like I have just been robed"

    "I went to buy a wine, asked the guy for the price because it was without the tag"

    "This is my go to place for purchasing wine"


  • sheeniam

I went into buy a bottle of wine, and after much deliberation finally chose one that I was stoked to take home. The price on the SHELF was $26.00. When I went to purchase the wine, I was a) NOT asked for ID, and b) was NOT told a total. The guy just handed me the debit machine, and I tapped my contactless debit card, only looking down to confirm the price after it had been approved. IT WAS $39.47!!! I immediately demanded that they explain themselves, and the TWO employees both told me that "management had adjusted the pricing, but had not sent down new price labels yet." I then requested a refund on the SPOT, and they refused. SO I was charged over $14 more for a single bottle of wine. THIS IS FISHY AND SKETCHY AND COMPLETELY ABSURD. I call BS on this shop, and their sketchy AF employees. Pretty sure they were scamming me. The bottle of wine was the Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot from Blasted Church, typically retailing from as low as $24.01 to a MAXIMUM $31.60. THIS SHOP FAILED.

  • Matthieu Daniel

Please go elsewhere. Just got back from the store. Went there to get some cold beers. Picked a couple ones for $27. I had a $5 bill and mostly $2 coins and a couple $1.I didn't have anything lower than $1, wasn't going to give him a hundred coins. The guy refused to take my coins, basically refusing me paying for his service. And I quote: " Sorry dude we don't take coins for that amount of $22". Pathetic service. If only he had looked, he would have seen about $18 dollars of that was $2 coins. The essence of a business is making money: show a little bit of sympathy and accept cash, because it is what a business is meant to do. Terrible service.

  • Nelson Assis

Feels like I have just been robed. Bottle of wine didn't have a price tag, I asked and pointed to the bottle I wanted and I've been told a price. Go to pay, didn't pay attention and tapped my credit card and only then realizing the price was more than double what the guy told me it was. When I asked he just said "I checked the price of another bottle and I can't do a refund". Since I literally pointed, touching the bottle I wanted when I asked the price, I can only assume it was a scam in the hope I wouldn't notice. If you don't support this kind practice, I suggest you never come to this place. Ruined my night.

  • Karine Roseira

I went to buy a wine, asked the guy for the price because it was without the tag. He said $16. I chose another wine for $13. Both would be a little more than 30 CAD with tax. I let my husband pay for it and he told me that the total it was almost 50 dollars. How come? We went back to store to check the price. And I asked again for the price of the first wine (the one without tag that I specifically asked him the price). The guy not even look at us and just said :"Sorry, no return". I'm sure it was a scam... Don't go there.

  • E Z

This is my go to place for purchasing wine. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable with recommending different types of wine. They also have a great selection of beers that other liquor stores do not carry. I've been trying to get more into red wines and their manager Vince has really helped me in some great selections which is why I continue to come back for new recommendations every month.

  • Angel Rodriguez

Arrived 15 minutes prior to closing and tried multiple times to buy alchohol with a card, however THEIR card machine was not working, so the clerk said she would hold my liquor and suggested a nearby ATM to grab cash. I dashed to an ATM to get cash, but when I arrived 1 minute before closing the gate had already been closed, and was left empty-handed.

  • Ryan Wallace

Ok, this review is for the liquor store, not Yaletown Brewpub, which I think is awesome. The Yaletown Liquor Store is over-priced, and has a terrible selection of craft beer. Funny since they're connected to a brewpub. I haven't shopped for wine there yet, but I assume the prices will be as ridiculous as the beer prices.

  • Elly Zee

During the liquor strike this was the only liquor store that still had stock while BC Liquor store was sold out with everything. I can tell that whoever owns or manages the place knows what is in demand and takes care of making sure we leave the place NOT empty-handed! :)

  • Adam Hutt

This has got to be one of the smallest liquor stores around, however, it has an excellent selection of wine for all price ranges. The staff is friendly even though they are extremely busy restocking the shelves and keeping the store clean. Great store.

  • Seain Cannon

Solid location, my closest. For a tiny shop well stocked. Leaving 1 star instead of 5, +++ONLY+++ because when you buy anything, they spin the terminal for you to hit OK, then navigate a convoluting tipping maze on screen. WTH. I was in

  • terence au

The staff was very helpful and kind. I was indecisive about which wine to pick since I'm not familiar with wines, but my date is. I didn't want to disappoint her on our first date. The evening went very smoothly! Thanks! …

  • Lina Gonzalez

This place requires you to tip, cashier was VISIBLY upset when we didn’t tip. There’s already a premium for purchasing here, and now you want customers to tip? For what? Get a self checkout or pay your employees a living wage.

  • Azi Jahan

Love their service as I'm ordering online from this store since two years ago! They are amazing! No comment about costs because I've never doubled check their prices as I know I'm receiving the best service. Try it and enjoy!

  • Cari Lee

Don't go here for the only reason that the prices are at least $3 higher than the average liquor store, and also the selection is poor. Save yourself money and walk another couple blocks to a BC/private liquor store.

  • Stephanie O.

Terrible customer service. Called to see whether they had a product in stock. The woman who answered the phone was dismissive, rude, and barely gave my inquiry any thought before quickly hanging up on me. No thanks!

  • Gordon Currier

Doesn't currently take cash as payment, only digital debit, credit purchase accepted. Quite a small location, kind of weird layout, bit too overstocked to allow comfortable shopping for wheelchairs or scooters

  • Tommy Sumethpanich

Came here to looking for a bottle of wine and Vince was very helpful thank you so much for the great service the wine you recommend was amazing and great value...totally recommend Yaletown Liquor Store

  • Tario Sultan

Very cranky/unfriendly service. Best luck to your business. Didn’t even ask me if I want change back, took the money and said ‘you’re all set’ lol.. How can you operate a business in Yaletown Smh..

  • Agent Hanson

Very overpriced. Only reason to bother is if you can't wait in line at the other place like two blocks away. Tried their whiskey that was priced like a premium bottle but had no flavor

  • Tanya Circosta

The man serving didn't look up at all when we walked in, but once we chose a wine to buy he was spoke to us. Small selection of wine and pricey but good for a special occasion.

  • G B (G)

Pick from there for dash and the staff are great . Super chill yaletown vibe . More people should door dash there booze in this neighborhood let's get busy this season.cheers

  • Ray J

Expensive liquor and terrible service. The new staff at the till is flustered and rude every time I visit. I'm finally done with this place and taking my business else where.

  • Tanna Po

Came here to upgrade my hotwheels collection but was directed towards a nice gamay instead. Got drunk but still don't have a Caprice for my display.

  • Arash Salamati

One of the cleanest and well stacked liquor stores in town. Obv great neighborhood but they have literally all the wines I've not seen anywhere else

  • Taila Fisher

Best Gin we have found. We always buy a bottle when ever we visit. And we appreciate the knowledge base of the young gentleman who runs the place.

  • conal cusack

Bought a nice bottle of rum just got it to fall through the paper bag a couple minutes later on a completely dry day. $40 waisted.

  • lya k

Super limited selection here, tiny location, prices are higher than in other locations, closed early, service is pretentious.

  • Jacob Soheili

I like the wine collection they have here. As an avid wine collector, they have some pretty decent stuff here.

  • terry ryan

extremely expensive wines in Vancouver. .very limited variety also..no discount wine/liquor stores here..

  • Christine Kwok

Nice staff but small store. Good if you want something easy and quick but not a huge singles selection.

  • Andrey Soubbotin

They have a decent selection of wine, beer, and spirits... I'm not sure what else one can say about it.

  • Siqin Liu

A small store with not so many choices... you have to be lucky to find what you want in general

  • srdjan mitrovic

People working here are very nice and helpful but the store is small and the choice is limited

  • Connor O'Hanlon

Decent selection but asked to tip (in a liquor store!!) when paying which is pretty shameful.

  • Bethany Phillips

This place is always understaffed and way too small for the area. Cramped and uncomfortable.

  • Hugo Ladron de Guevara

Great service, thanks for working in the holidays me and my family appreciated it a lot.

  • will england

My box of white claws ripped open on the walk home. Really ruined the whole experience.

  • Krish Jolliffe

Absolutely rudest cashier I have ever dealt with. Some needs to give that guy a hug!

  • Laura Botero Becerra

Great and convenient, prices are good, service is nice too! Recommended!

  • 蔡東岳

Dude at the desk is a racist to Asian and he drinks while he’s working.

  • Thien Nguyen

Great selection and staff are super friendly and knowledgeable!

  • Eduardo Vega

Convenient. Pricier than BCL but they have a decent selection.

  • Sunny Tse

Great selection for alcohol! Highly recommend this store!

  • Devin Durrant

A reasonable selection of beer and wine for a small store

  • Simon Lav

Jai ete servi par une dame arogante mais belle selection

  • The Radick's

Best place for craft beer in Yaletown. Great staff

  • J.W. “Smithers” Milton

Great local beers like Red Truck and open everyday

  • Peter B

Love the Yaletown Gin & Vodka, great for martinis.

  • Ted Haley

Convenient store, although selection is limited

  • Alex Plett

Always reliable been going for a few years

  • Tom Tomorrow

They really need to expand their selection

  • SkinnyKitchen

Sorry, only 4 as it's debit/credit only.

  • Christopher Solhi


  • Arjun Shah

A bit expensive. But good overall.

  • Nick Brons

Great selection and great service!

  • Brian Koval

Like to go in here and feel fancy

  • Natalia Garbuzova

Nice store and attentive service

  • Christine upton

Great place great people

  • Kevin

Not much of selections.

  • Richard Luu

Staff are very friendly

  • Kat Delorme

Positive interaction

  • Black Khan

Cool little store

  • Michael Brisseau

Great selection

  • Warren McMillan

No cold zone

  • Satrajit Basu

Nice shop

  • Mia H.


  • teresa cortes

De todo

  • David Lunn


  • Nielsen Pachacks


  • Hitak Henry Kike Lee
  • L Wang
  • Eunsol Ha
  • Takashi Kishigawa
  • Eric Hidalgo
  • Max
  • HeeJin Noh
  • Oleg Karasov
  • kevin dawe
  • Nan Moreno
  • Hamed
  • Kevin “Holybeardman” Sorenson
  • Richard Brown
  • Kurtis Dolezsar - heythatsdolly
  • Diogo Mattoso Jorge
  • Michel Labelle
  • Andrew Rosario
  • Il T T
  • Taha Alian
  • Nick Chow
  • Jannu Chauhan

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