BCLIQUOR 39Th & Cambie

1826 reviews

5555 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3A3, Canada




BCLIQUOR 39Th & Cambie is a Liquor store located at 5555 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3A3, Canada. It has received 1826 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of BCLIQUOR 39Th & Cambie: 5555 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3A3, Canada

  • BCLIQUOR 39Th & Cambie has 4.5 stars from 1826 reviews

  • Liquor store

  • "First few times I went here the security guy inside was following me around the liquor aisles"

    "I live a few minutes away, overall very happy with the selection and customer service"

    "This is probably one of the largest liquor stores you’ll find in lower mainland"

    "Worst customer service ever"

    ""This hotel is truly a gem that we frequent"


  • Danika Fonseca

First few times I went here the security guy inside was following me around the liquor aisles. The second time I loudly asked my companion "Do you think he is following me because I am not white?" Upon which the security guard stopped following me. None the less I stopped looking at wine or any of the whiskey and go elsewhere to purchase if the want arises. This store is large and has a great selection of beers however, so I still go here from time to time to buy beer. Today I asked for help at the cashier(A) and was rudely told to go to customer service. I put it down to that lady just having had a bad day. At the end of my visit I asked a cashier(B) if I could take one empty box. I was told sure help yourself. I was taking a box when cashier(A) came up to me and asked in an extremely rude tone "Did anyone say you can take a box?!" I assured her that I had asked permission before taking a box. She claimed that they do not give out boxes but since I had already grabbed one I might as well take it. I thought this was incredibly rude because I have seen other customers take boxes several times before. I felt profiled because she took the effort to follow me and then point out something so insignificant that she didn't do with anyone else.

  • Isla Lieu

I live a few minutes away, overall very happy with the selection and customer service. Everyone is usually very helpful and optimistic. Except I came across a woman who works there. She has black hair, petite and older, possibly in her 60's. I wish I have gotten her name.. I purchased 4 bottles of wine prior to looking for one more item I had to get. So the 4 bottles were left behind the cash register while I go look for that item. I gave her a recap of how the bottles were left behind the counter for me to pick up after i was done shopping. Right away her response was "I have never met you in my entire life! I don't know what you're talking about" Me being stunned by her tone of voice and shocked by her EQ and intelligence which I've thoroughly explained the situation (not difficult to understand) I just walked off and looked for my own bag of goods that I've already purchased. Sadly hiring people who doesn't know how to do basic problem solving or understand how to deal with customers brings a negative vibe to the business. Glad everyone else who works there are amazing.

  • Christopher Nguan

This is probably one of the largest liquor stores you’ll find in lower mainland. It has everything you could want from a massive selection of local and imported beers including local craft brews from around BC in Canada. An immense assortment of wines ranging from table wine to very high end sourced from around the world. Their liquor selection is particularly excellent and again ranges the gamut from affordable and accessible all the way to extremely high and high-quality stuff. If they don’t have whatever you are looking for in stock at this location then they probably don’t have it available in stock anywhere. The staff are immensely friendly and helpful think it’s certainly locate anything for you whether it’s in the store or special order. Especially good as well with this location, is the ample parking and it’s very accessible location in the heart of the city on one of the main thoroughfares. Come here all the time and would recommend to anyone.

  • Kyle Sunder

Worst customer service ever. On many separate occasions I was treated rudely and disrespectfully by the staff at this store. I had 1 cashier literally not ID a 20 year old that looked 16 and ask for 2 pieces from me a 30 year old bearded man, stupidity at it's finest. I had another idiot tell my brother he looked like a clown for wearing socks and flip flops, and another time a woman wouldn't sell because I just had my license renewed and didn't have picture id other than a student card...but my name was on literally everything else. Avoid this liqour store if you want a positive experience, there's waaaay better BC Liquor Stores

  • Nancy Wang

"This hotel is truly a gem that we frequent. First and foremost, their selection of spirits is unparalleled; you can find a diverse array of bottles here that you'd be hard-pressed to locate anywhere else. Additionally, the staff are not only friendly but also incredibly knowledgeable about their offerings. They are always eager to assist and introduce you to the various types of beverages available. Moreover, the location is incredibly convenient, and parking is never an issue. A visit here is always a delightful experience for any enthusiast."

  • VA. C

I love going to this particular location. Although the only other two I’ve gone to is the one in kerrisdale and the one on Alma. They always have really good service here. Today I called in to ask a question about returns. There was a nice gentleman named Adam who picked up the phone and helped me. He was extremely nice and didn’t just give me a simple answer. He gave me very helpful suggestions and took his time to explain how to store the wines I had. It was a wonderful conversation.

  • kchowa

One of the best liquor stores in the area. Easy parking access (usually don't have too much problems finding space). large selection of beer wine spirits. Nice open space. Has the fridge ready to drink section. Friendly staff. Covid protocols, hand sanitizer at entrance. Barriers to cashiers. With the variable construction and everything that is happening to Oakridge... occasionally and randomly there may be some congestion during different parts of the day ( yesterday at 1030am)

  • Marcus K

I think this location is one of the bigger liquor stores. It always has good sales going on and it has a nice big parking lot, so you don't need to find parking just to get a six pack. You'll get I.D. most likely, but don't take it personally; it's their job. So, be sure to have two pieces of ID if you look under 30 years old. The only reason why I gave it 4 stars is because this location no longer has Rickard's Red anymore and that's my favorite beer.

  • Edwin Blewett

I don't know anyone who goes to a liquor store who doesn't enjoy the experience. I happen to live fairly close to this one and it's a full-fledged All In you want it you get it liquor store run by the BC government. So if you live nearby you probably already know about it. I've made commercial shopping relationships with a few people in the store who are amiable and willing to help and they seem like good people and good staff.

  • Justin Gorrie

This is Vancouver's premiere liquor store. What they don't currently have in stock,they can provide ordering information for, or let you know if they no longer stock what you are looking for. The staff are great, very helpful and they seem to get along great despite the obviously mundane task of working at a BCL. I especially liked the staff member playing a record from The Police on his boombox as he stocked shelves.

  • Stacie Langford

Amazing selection, great parking and super helpful and friendly staff! I was there this last weekend with a problem I needed help solving (paying there and pickup at a different location) and Adam at the Customer Service desk couldn't have been more accommodating. Solved my issue with a smile the whole time, he never acted like it was an inconvenience. Great experience overall!

  • Elin Elin

So happy to find famous Chinese LangJiu at BC liquor store! Qinghua Lang - very elegant soy aroma with a mild smooth finish. Ladies, if you like Asian Spirits or Japanese Sake, don’t forget to buy one! It tastes way better than other brands. Langpai Tequ T8 reminds me the tropical pina colada drink. Well priced for 60 bucks and good for cocktails drink base

  • Bj Woods

Best wine selection of any BC Liquor store I have been to. They carry a huge variety, but also the rare items and special edition bottles I have not seen anywhere else. They staff are knowledgeable and always ready to help. Their selection of coolers and ciders is unique as well. If I need something different, I come here first.

  • Ailish Chauhan

Its signature liquir store kinda like Starbucks reserve with some featured and collectors wine. Has way more options to pick from compared to other regular locations. There is free parking available just for the liquor store and near bus stops. Great staff they really helped! Make sure to wear a mask for everyones safety :)

  • Tara Elizabeth

If it is sold in Canada, it is likely found at this location. The staff is very knowledgeable and willing to help. There are always lots of staff just waiting to help you find that rare bottle you crave. Whether it is a quick pop in for a local beer or the most expensive import you desire, this is the place to go!

  • Noah O

What a selection! I saw a 33,000 dollar bottle of scotch for the first time in my life here. They also have colt 45's. It is like knowing you and Elon Musk have been to the same store. Pictured is the 22k bottle, If you want to see the other you have to go yourself and get the experience.

  • Mike Wong

I always love the Signature Stores, as they have the best selection of wine/spirits, and carry a lot of products you cannot find at any other location. They often carry the wines that you can only find at restaurants, for example. This is the largest BC Liquor Store in the city!

  • vishnu bhatia

The BC liquor store offers you a complete list of liquor for your celebration. It's a one-stop shop for all the liquor lovers in Vancouver. The staff is very courteous, but they will double-check your identity as proof that you are of an eligible age to buy and drink liquor.

  • Alvin Wong

The showcase store for Vancouver, if you have it in stock chances are it's at this one, otherwise to the order counter you go. This is a huge store thoughtwith racks of things from the humble can of beer to a bottle which costs more then a car... Browse slowly.

  • Kyna Ng

Great liquor store with a helpful and friendly selection of staff. Good selection of BC liquors and alcohol. Store is clean and spacious. Will definitely come back here to purchase liquor for work events. Interestingly, largest BC liquor store in the province.

  • Miles Thiessen

I was at the annual spirits release 2021. It was very easy for me to blow my whisky budget at this event but I walked away with some very nice bottles! I missed the preorder unfortunately so I wasn't able to get all that I wanted, but I know now for next year.

  • koli

This liquor store is huge and they have a great selection. The store is well organized, the staff are friendly, and it just feels nice to walk around in. This store also has special events once in a while - you can find the dates and times on their website.

  • David K

Big store. Huge selection. Lots of fine wines. I've asked the staff for wine recommendation today and she was very kind and knowledgeable. Tasted one of the wine she recommended me today and it was really good. This will be my go to place for wines.

  • Kelsey Chan

Very clean and organized inside! One of the largest BC Liquor Stores that we've been to with a much larger selection of spirits. They also have empty boxes near the cashiers for you to use. Staff was friendly and helpful. Would come again.

  • Alyah K

Great experience purchasing advent calendar gifts for my staff today. The staff was very helpful with the large order. The store is large, extremely well kept and there is lots of parking. Would go out of my way to purchase from here.

  • Alestar Dean

The best store. Large space and the probably the largest collection in town. BC Liquor never lets you down. If you feel a bit lost looking at the different offerings don’t shy away from asking an employee there. They are very helpful!

  • T S

Great staff and nice help I received. One of the staff member Sai was so patient with me to complete the transaction since I used gift card and credit card. Very friendly staff and nice range of wine product options.

  • João Prado Ribeiro Campos

A very high quality liquor board, with a wide selection of great wines, ranging from $15 to $400, a great variety of distilled liquors, liqueurs and most great champagnes, except Krug. A must stop for connoisseurs.

  • Christian Johannsen

Great liquor store with a huge selection of local and global wines and spirits. Very helpful and friendly staff. Even offer to special order items not found in store. However, you'll have to buy volume to do so.

  • Agasthya Rao

The reason for me to do a five star,is this place has a wide range of liquor option. I go there to grab my favorite whiskey, which I couldn't find anywhere in the city... Or even province.

  • Jessica Tipping

Nice and friendly staff and they seem to treat everyone with dignity regardless of their appearance, which is kinda nice. Plus they don't even mind if someone pan-handles there either.

  • P “North Star” Z

No comments. But, they add the tips on the ATM. When you are paying the bill, you will see it. The tips mean that customers options " what they are feeling about the shopping."

  • Lauren Moore

This is a "signature" BCL so it is larger than other locations. It has high end spirits and an assortment of alcohol offerings. They also host events here on a weekly basis.

  • Kin Leong

A very nicely organized BC Liquor store with a unique collection of specialty wines and spirits from around the world that is not found in other BC Liquor store locations.

  • Karen Cooke

It's a bit mind-boggling to even go into this store. Every area is nicely labeled so even though it is huge, it's not hard to navigate. Very busy but lots of parking.

  • Phoebe Wills

They have a great selection of beers and wines from around the World. The staff is always friendly and I think the prices are very good compared to other stores.

  • Adam Dropkin

Best Liquor store. Friendly knowledgeable staff. Great stock of high-end spirits. If they don't have it, they'll bring it in for you if they can.

  • Alan Charlton

Funny, A bottle of Japanese Wiskey in a Japan 7/11 = $11.00 taxes in. Here the same Bottle is $70.00 before taxes! Good margins to the extreme!

  • Briany Tai

Great Selection of hard-to-find Japanese Selections! -Kujira 8 & 20 years -Yamazakura Blended & Pure Malt -White Oak Akashi -Nikka -Suntory

  • Daisy Fung

Older Spanish speaking female cashier super friendly to construction men… once she gets to ‘you’ - all attitude (experienced this twice).

  • Alex Brnjac

One of the best BC liquor store locations in the lower mainland. Big cold zone, lots of selection, and relatively easy parking. My go to.

  • diane jaehrlich

Great selection of craft beer.. Would like to see singles of everyone...my husband logs them in...therefore likes to try them all..

  • C Liew

Found the Chinese white wines where totally unavailable in other stores! Huge selections of local and international brands!

  • Greg T.

This store has great selections. This time around I was looking for champagne and they had a variety and plenty of stock.

  • Maria Continentino

Great variety of European wine. Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly as well. It’s my go to liquor store!

  • Patricia Anders

This place has a large variety of liquors and a great local wine section. Friendly helpful service.

  • Chocolatitto

When the summer comes, their beer section is the best!!! It’s a bigger store and variety of liquor

  • Robert Piddocke

Nice selection. Helpful staff. Often have special products. Best BC Liq in the city. Worth a trip

  • Terry-Lee Foggin

Large selection of all liquor. I needed small Bailey's bottles to help with a project. I call

  • 1HunnieB

had what we were looking for to make margaritas! mmmm so delicious! the place is pretty big!

  • c c

The main, and biggest store in the province, so generally the best selection of products.

  • David Little

Amazing staff The manager was incredibly helpful. They have an incredible selection

  • Ys Kuzi

Always got good stock of beers and coolers. Their whiskey are well stocked as well

  • m n

I love BC liquor store. They have many selections and cheaper than other places.

  • Purdey Go

Friendly and helpful staff. Lots of events, so go check some in-store events.

  • Chris W

Biggest bc liquor in town. Selection is fantastic and they're open till 11pm

  • NS

What's not to like? Huge variety. Kind and friendly sevice. Decent prices.

  • Jon

Nice open layout, great selection, they stock expensive drinks as well.

  • Derek Jay

pretty large liquor store with chilled selection at no extra cost.

  • B Perdue

One of the better BCL stores in Vancouver. Great wine selection.

  • M Y (Dragonfire76)

Probably the best selection of alcohol in Vancouver area.

  • Randy Vancouver

Received great advise from staff on wine selection.

  • Asal Hazratifard

Big store with many parking lots and good offers.

  • Shaun Webb

Great selection of wine, spirits, and craft beer

  • James Drec

A place where you get into a lot of trouble....

  • Kenny G. Music

Huge selection and well stocked liquor store.

  • Bharath Bandapureddi

Wonderful store with plenty of varieties.

  • Jim Purchase

A great store with super friendly staff.

  • Harman Gill

Large selection and has a tasting room

  • Dominic Rechner

Very well stocked liquor store.

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