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X365 Fitness is a Gym located at 2682 Highland Dr., Salt Lake City, UT 84106. It has received 273 reviews with an average rating of 4.9 stars.



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  • The address of X365 Fitness: 2682 Highland Dr., Salt Lake City, UT 84106

  • X365 Fitness has 4.9 stars from 273 reviews

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  • "X365 Fitness has been such a great experience"

    "Nick Olsen runs a phenomenal personalized fitness program at X365 Fitness and online"

    "It is my pleasure to write a review about Neil McLaren who was my personal trainer for nearly 4 years"

    "Overall x365 fitness is one of the cleanest and most well maintained gyms I've ever been in"

    "I recently had back fusion surgery and I was nervous to start an exercise program"


  • Bailee H

X365 Fitness has been such a great experience. I was a newbie to working out and was looking for a trainer that could "show me the ropes" as it were. I sent an email and got a response very quickly from Riley, one of the best trainers around. He answered all my questions and addressed any concerns i had. After an in depth tour and a thorough explanation of every aspect of the building including the machines, plus how their personal training works, i knew I had to join (: Riley is such a great trainer, he made it fun to workout! He explained every workout we did in a way where it's impossible to mess it up on your own. I enjoy going to the gym now, and I honestly look forward to it. His training helped me substantially, so thanks to you Riley! You're a true gem(: I would recommend X365 to anyone and everyone. It's not crowded ever and you have all the equipment you could ever ask for! This gym is in a great area, so if you are looking for somewhere to start or a place to pick up where you left off, X365 Fitness if the place to go(:

  • Janine Hardy

Nick Olsen runs a phenomenal personalized fitness program at X365 Fitness and online. I began working with Nick after watching my daughter’s remarkable body composition transformation. In 6 months, she accomplished her personal best fitness and health goals ever. Now a year into working with Nick on my own fitness and health journey, I feel better than I have in years. Nick has gone above and beyond for me, working with some physical limitations I have from old injuries and has given me exceptional support and increased my understanding of all things fitness. Throughout this year, Nick has also offered me challenge, encouragement, vision, accountability, inspiration, direction, motivation and the knowledge and foundation for continuing to improve my health and fitness goals in 2022 and beyond. Even more, I have definitely gained strength and resiliency both physically and with my mindset working with Nick this past year. Signing up to with Nick is one of the best things I have ever done!

  • Colleen Lindsey

It is my pleasure to write a review about Neil McLaren who was my personal trainer for nearly 4 years. Neil recently relocated his family to Utah and is now associated with x365 fitness. When I started with Neil I could barely get off the floor without assistance, oh what a difference he made in my life! At almost 66, I am the strongest I have ever been in my life and don't get me started on how great my mobility and balance are. When the pandemic hit, Neil purchased a total gym and we worked out in my garage. Then he created a gym with professional grade equipment in his garage (another client posted a pic). We barely missed a beat. Neil's dedication to furthering his education in service to his clients is unsurpassed, this allows him the ability to meet the specific needs of each individual. This is no "one size fits all" trainer. Last, but not least, he's a really nice guy! I am sorry for my loss, but so happy for those who get to work with him next!

  • Aubree Erickson

Overall x365 fitness is one of the cleanest and most well maintained gyms I've ever been in. It has all of the equipment you could want and is a smaller local gym so it's never overly packed with people. Combined with the code access so you can workout whenever works best for you, it makes for an ideal gym. The best part of x365, however, are its knowledgeable trainers. All excellent and willing to help at all times. I personally have been working with Ron Lindsey and have never felt better in my life. He focuses on the entire picture - combining his knowledge of lifting and nutrition with hormones and overall health. He has an attention to detail that is unmatched and improves every aspect of your health. I 100% recommend him and his entire team to anyone who asks. If you're looking for more than a short term fix he's your guy - he single-handily changed my relationship with food and my body.

  • Kyle Bracken

I recently had back fusion surgery and I was nervous to start an exercise program. I found X365 on the internet and requested a tour. I was contacted immediately and made an appointment. I was so happy to get some individualized attention to my specific health challenges before I even joined. My trainer, Ciara Johnson, is terrific! She is knowledgeable and professional. My workout program is fun and I look forward to going to the gym most days, but especially for my sessions with Ciara. I've made dramatic improvement over these past three months. I've never been much of a "go to the gym" person...more of a "go skiing, biking or hiking" sort. But I'm convinced that this training is going to make it more fun and safe to do the things I love. I'm becoming a bit of a "go to the gym" person, now. Thank you Ciara and X365! I highly recommend it. Well worth the $$$!

  • Coulter Winn

This review is specifically about Neil McClaren who was my trainer for 3 years before recently moving to Utah. I trained with Neil 3 times a week and my schedule revolved around our sessions. I am 70 so strength and core conditioning are critical as posture and balance can avoid injuries for my age group. Neil is an expert on physiology and was quick to identify the source of any aches/ pulls i sustained. Neil customized our sessions to keep me physically “guessing “ through a variety of workouts. During the pandemic, Neil built a gym in garage during the lockdown so we could continue our training sessions following protocols. A photo of his garage gym is attached. I am showing that as a statement of Neil’s professional dedication to keep his clients healthy and safe. I really miss Neil. He became a good friend and advisor. I highly recommend him

  • Ashley Robison

Love X365 Fitness! Destinee Shook has been my trainer for almost a year now, and has been so awesome to work with! She has a great level of patience and understanding while still being able to push me out of my comfort zone and help me see what I’m actually capable of. It’s an empowering experience that I don’t feel I would be able to ever find on my own in the gym. New machines and exercises can be so intimidating to try out, but it really makes a difference to have a trainer there cheering you on and checking your form. Scheduling in-person gym sessions is always a breeze with her, and she’s great to answer any of my questions or concerns. I would recommend this gym and Destinee to everyone. I’m also a huge fan of the gym being open 24/7. And the place is always so clean!

  • D B

This review is for Neil McClaren. Neil trained me and my brothers for many years before relocating to Utah this year. He's very dedicated to helping out his clients achieve any goals they have. He's professional, knowledgeable, and a very encouraging person to work out with. Sessions were always fresh and adjusting as my brothers and I made progress. Neil is really thorough in his process and in properly providing solutions to any body pains or issues you may have. All sessions with Neil were very rewarding and motivational. I recommend Neil to anyone who wants to make a commitment to wellness and improving their body. He is one of the best trainers around! x365 Fitness gained a wonderful person and great trainer.

  • Slade Roberts

There is a reason X365 has been awarded the best of SLC for 3 years running! From the cleanliness of the equipment to the kind and knowledgeable trainers and courteous gym-goers, this is the place to be in regard to training and getting into shape. I go in the morning, mostly from Monday to Friday, and one of the best parts of my day is saying good morning and talking with D. (or De, I think her full name is Deanne). She doesn't train me, but she is the most welcoming person to everyone who steps foot into the gym. It truly starts my day off right when I walk in, and she welcomes me with a warm smile and a "good morning!" All in all, I am so happy I made the investment in myself with my membership here.

  • Jeffrey Galbraith

This is the best gym I’ve ever been a member of due to the staff, their experience with training and being able to breakdown your diet if you choose to do so and they work at YOUR pace. It is very accessible and you can go whenever you want without any hassle with gym hours etc. I workout there and have worked with one of their many great personal trainers and I highly recommend x365!! Most importantly, the trainers all know what they are doing because it’s run by knowledgeable individuals! x365 trainers can break down your diet to give you the results that YOU are looking for if you choose!! I’ve been a member for about 5 years and I love it, this is a 5 star gym to say the least!!

  • Archer Birrell

I believe it was about ten years ago that I first trained with Stacey M. I couldn't be more grateful for her expertise and training. I've always advocated to find a fitness trainer that has made training their career. The depth of knowledge that Stacey shares is a treasure box. I spent ten years of my life using the knowledge she imparted to me in the gym. I began training with Stacey again and I feel like I won the lottery of well-being. I have heard of many amazing trainers at X365, Stacey is undoubtedly one of the best on the planet. Thank you, Stacey, for changing my life for the better. I hope you get a chance to work out with her too. She is one of my heroes.

  • Tiffany Blair

Kendall has been an amazing addition to my fitness journey. He has helped set me up with a great nutrition and workout plan. I’ve had my ups and downs due to my own motivation…he has helped get me back on course with encouragement, along with tips and tricks that helped him through his own journey. The gym is pretty amazing and all the trainers/owners seem helpful and very friendly. I love that it’s accessible 24 hours a day. I totally recommend X365 to any and everyone…. 100% Unfortunately, I have asthma and I’m not able to get the full experience I was hoping for from this gym and the money spent there due to strong fumes from their cleaner/sanitizer.

  • Igy Szabad

x365 Fitness has been a great find especially during the pandemic where there were concerns of safety and cleanliness. The gym is private and has all essential items. Additionally, working with Riley has been wonderful! Due to work, my schedule and times I’m outside of Utah create issues for having a regular routine. Riley has helped tailor programs to do while I’m on trips and he has been flexible and accommodating. He is always helpful and answers the various questions regarding exercises and concerns. Compared to other places where you might feel more as just a number, x365 focuses on providing the tools for success while also seeing the individual.

  • Mary Ward

I have been a gym rat in one form or another for decades, but my routine was stale and my motivation low. I signed up with Chris Ward (no relation) to be my personal trainer at X365. Having had no experience with a personal trainer, I was curious to see what he might be able to bring to the table. My experience has been wonderful! Because I am a woman and about to turn 50, my needs are very specific. He is a dream to work with because he listens to my concerns, helps me refine my goals, and has a genuine concern for my health and well being. He is caring and considerate but also very motivating. He pushes me in ways I would never EVER push myself.

  • Taylor Day

I started working with Ronny six months ago and he completely changed my relationship with personal wellness. He explained things in a way that I could understand and made me motivated to make changes. He has been supportive of my goals and makes sure I am staying on track. I have noticed results and feel the best I ever have. He has helped me so much with nutrition and my fitness plan. I have had such a wonderful experience and I couldn’t imagine a better personal trainer. Also, the gym is amazing and I am never waiting around to use equipment. I would highly recommend this establishment to anyone that wants to improve their health.

  • Mike Marikian

I've never been to this gym but my PT Neil McLaren has just started working at Z365 Fitness he moved from California to Utah lucky guy. I am 65 and Neil has trained me for over 3 years and the results have given me more life. The best thing about Neil besides being a good trainer is that he listens, gets to know you and shapes your workout to your needs. I had very weak legs from numerous injuries and surgeries when I came to Neil, he got them back in shape and taught me how to maintain them. He's got an app. for everything when you have questions. Miss you Neil have a great life in Utah get to know him everyone he's a good guy.

  • Haojia Li

I've been working with Destinee for 4 months now, and the experience has been nothing short of fantastic. She's incredibly flexible with my hectic schedule, always finding ways to accommodate me. Her patience and encouragement have been a game changer in my fitness journey. With her guidance, I've been able to release the immense pressure from my intense work and study routine. Additionally, the gym itself offers a welcoming and motivating environment, which makes every visit a pleasure. It's not just about physical fitness; it's about overall wellbeing. I leave each session feeling refreshed and empowered. Highly recommend!

  • Killian Lamanna

I love this gym! It is very clean all of the trainers are really nice. It is a great space to just go in and do what you got to do. I highly recommend Neil as a trainer. I’ve had several trainers and Neil is by far the best. It has been 2 weeks with him and I’m already seeing results. Not only is he a great trainer he is your best friend. He puts so much effort and thought into the workout that he designs specifically for you. This is all about you. What you want out of this you will get with Neil. He’s the best trainer I’ve had and I’m stickin with him forever. I’m very lucky to have found him. Neil is the way to go.

  • Oliver Keenan

X365 is a great gym, it’s compact but has everything you need for a well rounded work out and feels clean and organized. Everyone is always very friendly at the gym, trainers and gym-goers alike. I’ve been training with chris ward for the past 6 months or so and he is an amazing trainer. He has a ton of background knowledge on the human body and clearly articulates what each movement is targeting, why it’s useful, and how it works which is super helpful for me understanding form. I really appreciate the realistic expectations and goals he has helped me make for myself and has set me up for success

  • DeShawn Boyd

I've never really enjoyed going to the gym because of how crowded they usually are. I've been going to X365 since August of 2020 and I enjoy everything about it. The equipment is great, the staff is super chill, the facility itself is really clean. Ron Lindsey has been my PT since August of last year and has done an awesome job with helping me with my goals. He's very knowledgeable when it comes to PT, coaching and meal plans. He always quickly responds to my questions. Overall I have enjoyed my experience at X365 and with Ron. I can't wait to continue my fitness journey with X365 fitness and Ron!

  • Andrea Marks

I’ve been coming here for a few months and have been working with Kendall. I’ve never met a more highly educated and motivating personal trainer! Kendall is on your side and works with your specific circumstances to help you achieve your goals in a healthy and empowering way. The gym has every piece of equipment you need and is super clean. All of the other trainers are kind and greet you which breeds a culture of encouraging and supporting others. I’ve tried other gyms and diets for years and this is the best set up for long term, sustainable, and healthy success! I love X365!

  • Anthony Mai

Under Kendall’s guidance, I’ve made more progress in the past year than ever before, despite having been active my entire life. Not only is he a great teacher and motivator, but also an expert in this field as evidenced by his deep knowledge of nutrition and biomechanics. I was also impressed by the X365 app that allows for customized daily checklists of my work outs (which then syncs to my Apple Watch), caloric goals, weight tracking, and more. The system reduced many of the barriers that I faced in the past, finally allowing me to reach my fitness goals!

  • Jennifer Sneddon

I’ve loved working with a personal trainer on my fitness goals at X365! After dealing with leukemia and a bone marrow transplant 4 years ago and a broken leg 2 years ago, I was very weak and struggled to do very average every-day things. But a few months with Amanda and I started seeing real progress! I have a herniated disk and she has helped me strengthen my core while protecting my back. It’s been a little over a year now since I started with her. I haven’t been this strong in years! It feels so good! She’s become a dear friend, not just my trainer.

  • Gian Opiniano

All I can say are nothing but great things about x365 fitness. The facility is clean, the equipment is well kept, and the staff are friendly. I personally am a client of Chris ward for his nutrition background and expertise. Not once have I felt that Chris was unprofessional or unrealistic about goals and expectations. Planning and scheduling with Chris has been very easy. He’s accommodating and understanding of work schedules for healthcare workers such as myself. I would highly recommend anyone who’s reading this to sign up with Chris Ward.

  • Jessica Allen

Working out here has been such a great experience. My trainer, Ciara, has been an awesome inspiration! I grew up as an athlete then let life get in the way (kids, career, pandemic…) She brought me back to myself through a very strategic workout and nutrition plan. She knew when I needed a push, and taught me that I’m still stronger than I think. X365 Fitness has a great setup with everything you need, regardless of fitness level. They are also located in a great central location. Invest in yourself by joining. You will not regret it!!!

  • Michael Nielsen

I've gotta say that as much as love this little gym, the vibe and respectfulness of the patrons, the cleanliness, and perhaps most of all the soft toilet paper... What really sets them apart are their personal trainers. Chris Ward in particular. I've been training with Chris for several months now and seen incredible results and he is so knowledgeable, experienced, encouraging, and accommodating. I was nervous to admit I needed help, but it's been one of the best decisions I've ever made. About to book with Chris well into 2024.

  • Stephanie Chavez

Stacey McLaren is an awesome trainer! She has an incredible positive attitude with just the right amount of push and encouragement that has help me obtain my fitness goals! Her approach of working with the whole person through nutrition and fitness have been the perfect combination that I was looking for! Her knowledge of the whole body has also help me work through a couple minor injuries along my journey, saving me time and money of seeing a doctor or physical therapist. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her guidance!

  • Edward Garza

Working out under Neil’s guidance and regime has been the best health decision I’ve ever taken. He helped me achieve my desired results in a fun and efficient manner. I was never a consistent gym goer until I met him. Neil has an enormous amount of knowledge of the human body and an endless array of exercises. He always makes the workouts challenging and fun. He knows how to attack ones fitness goals from many different directions / angles. If you’re looking to really accomplish your goals look no further than Neil Mclaren.

  • Abbigail Coe

X365 is, by far, my favorite gym in SLC. It’s a very welcoming and encouraging place to begin your fitness journey. It’s open 24/7, which is great, especially when working a swing/graveyard shift. It’s the CLEANEST gym I’ve ever attended, as well. Everything is organized and sanitized regularly. Ron and his team are incredible people. The progress I’ve made at this gym has not only increased my confidence, but it has also increased my understanding of holistic health. I would give it more than 5 stars, if possible!

  • Danae Hillberg

If you’re looking for a kind, knowledgeable, encouraging, and thorough trainer - Neil is your guy! I’ve been an athlete for the greater portion of my life and have trained with many trainers, but none like Neil. Training with him allowed me to reach my goals and surpass what I thought my body was capable of. I trained with him one on one and with my husband - both experiences were incredible! I highly recommend this incredible human as a facilitator in leveling up your mind, body, and spirit goals!

  • Marnie Shook

Destinee is an awesome personal trainer. She has helped me shed 27 pounds. Destinee is a gut specialist and has studied a lot about women’s hormones. I have gained 50 lbs of menapausal weight. I was able to lose my weight quickly after all 6 of my kids, but this weight has been very difficult to lose. She has helped me with my workout, my diet, and has given me ideas for certain hormonal supplements. This girl knows her stuff! X 365 is an awesome gym and Destinee is an awesome trainer.

  • angie montano

I walked in and first thing I noticed was how clean and fresh the gym looked and smelled. I have signed up with a trainer Stacey M. She has been amazing always there to greet me at the door, she is all about my goals and helping me reach them. I have a love hate relationship with my trainer! Stacey is always watching my form and focusing on pushing/ kicking my butt to make sure she is doing what I need to reach my goals. I highly recommend this gym and her as your trainer

  • Alta Sweet Tabar

Nick is a great personal trainer, and I love each of our sessions. He is super passionate, inspiring and focused on my personal goals. He educates and guides me on how to reach my goals in the best/healthiest way possible. Not only is he a great personal trainer, but also has incredible input and advice. The gym is in a great location, and is always very clean. If you’re looking for a great personal trainer, this is the place to find one! Would definitely recommend!

  • Allyson Fernstrom

Stacey McLaren is the absolute best! With her guidance, I completely transformed my health! She has helped me sculpt my body to a form I never thought I would have, especially at 39 years old! She does a fantastic job hitting every muscle group so you can tone and shape each muscle. She has a deep understanding of total body health and does a fabulous job including exercise, diet and mental health into training. Stacey brought me to the next level! I’m hooked!

  • Elías Pinet

Been struggling for years to reach my goals in the gym, having high and lows on my motivation and never really being consistent. I finally decided to get a personal trainer and it's the best desicion I've taken. Chris Ward has helped me stay on track with my workout plan and diet to constantly make progress, he's always available to address any concerns or questions I have. Definitely one for the best desicions I've made so far is to train at X365 Fitness.

  • Josh Stanley

Probably one of the best personal gyms you’ll find. Have been attending for a year and Destinee Shock has helped me reach my goals way beyond I could have imagined. Personalized workouts, training sessions to meet your schedule, individualized meals plans to reach your goals, and all around a sense of family and community. Definitely recommend this gym and the owners are always opening to feedback to improve their gym for all clients and staff!

  • Cecilia Villalobos

We signed up for sessions with Chris and the experience has been phenomenal. He personalized our workout program and nutrition plans with our health background in mind and into something that fit into our busy lifestyle. I had attempted to try some personal training sessions before with EOS and the information they gave was very generic. Chris was very knowledgeable and was happy to answer any questions that we had.I would highly recommend.

  • Morgan Saunders

Ben working with Chris Ward for the last 3 months. And despite my many set backs, Chris has been extremely patient with me. He has been more then accommodating when it comes to changing my routine and has really fine tuned my caloric intake to meet my physical demands. I recently went on a multi day backpacking and cycling trip and I was very much impressed with just how much better I was handling the trails than other hikers. .

  • Levi DeGarmo

This is the best gym in the area hands down. Its a smaller private gym, locally owned with a good vibe. It has nice equipment a great no douchebag policy and awesome trainers. I train with Ron Lindsay and am very happy with his in depth knowledge about metabolism, body reset, and obviously his knowledge on proper execution of exercises. Several of my friends and family know train with him after hearing what I have to say.

  • Trey Judd

Kendall is incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition and fitness. This magnifies the work that you put into his tailor made programs. The results speak for themselves. More notable than the physical results I have attained since working with Kendall is the psychological change that has come. I now have the disciple and mental toughness to achieve lasting and meaningful changes in most important areas of my life.

  • Nicolas Zubiate

This is the best gym I’ve been to, super clean, has all the essential equipment and the personal training is out of this world. I personally train with Chris and it has made me push myself to milestones I never thought I would reach! The nutrition plans he provided for me are amazing. Chris customized it to be to my liking and to fit my already busy schedule. Now I look forward to training every week here !

  • Tam K

We have worked with Chris Ward for the last three months and can’t say enough good things about him and our experience. He is kind, level headed and a good listener. He took the challenges that my daughter and I faced and taught us creative ways to deal with the challenges of eating for health and exercising with full busy schedules. Chris is down to earth and has a great passion for helping people succeed.

  • Melissa Funk

I’ve been working with Chris for the about six months, and it’s been great! Chris is cool. He really knows his stuff when it comes to nutrition and working out. He’s also patient and willing to take the time to break things down for me. He’s helped me achieve my fitness goals while keeping things fun. If you’re looking to get fit and learn a lot along the way, Chris is your guy. I’d highly recommend!

  • Thomas Dominguez

If you are at all on the bubble about this gym, do it. Go for it. Let the personal trainers be your guide. Chris has been phenomenal for me and can help you on your journey as well. He's tailored my workouts to my needs and accounted for my limitations in a very supportive manner. And thank you to all the kind folks who have been completely non-judgmental as I've strived to improve myself!

  • Jackson Taylor

Best investment in yourself you could make! I’ve been working with Amanda for a couple months and I’ve seen huge improvements in not just my overall fitness, but my eating habits and my mental health. She’s super knowledgeable about correct lifting techniques and nutrition! Insanely clean, small, and professional gym which was ideal for someone who had no idea what they were doing

  • kennedy hira

X365 is the place to be! I was getting ready for my wedding, and only had a few months to get into tip top shape…Destinee is absolutely incredible. Endless days of hard workouts, consultation check ins, meal planning, and even late night motivation texts to keep me going! I cannot thank her enough! Would highly recommend X365 - clean facility, great personal trainers and good location!

  • Emily Driessen

I have been working with Chris Ward for about 4 months at X365, and have loved every day of it! His program and nutrition advice worked with me to help gain muscle and lose weight. Even when I was injured, he was able to work my physical therapy exercises into my program so I could still work towards reaching my goal while recovering! I would definitely recommend Chris to anyone!

  • Shreyas Sama

I've gotta that it's been an exceptional experience working with Chris as a personal trainer! I have improved so much in the past few months since I've started training with Chris that now I look forward to working out and it's always there in the back of my mind. Also a pro tip if you train with Chris make sure you ask for all the good restaurants and hiking spots out here!

  • Olivia Fischer

I started going to X365 in September 2022 and have loved my experience so far. The gym is clean, small, and convenient. All the members and staff are so welcoming, which creates a positive environment for all types of gym-goers. I also have an amazing personal trainer, Ciara. She has helped me set and achieve goals in and outside the gym. I highly recommend X365 to anyone!

  • JoannChavisXO

I’ve worked with Chris Ward for sometime post pregnancy to lose weight. I love that he understands that life gets hectic and really considers his clients lifestyle to better tailer a realistic plan. He also recommend what labs to be drawn for to monitor my health which shows he genuinely cares about his clients overall well-being. Highly recommend working with him!

  • Nicole Mazzola

I’ve been coming to X365 since I moved to salt lake and I love it so far! I started working with Destinee for personal training and it’s been great! I love her encouragement during workouts and she always takes time to explain how and why we are doing certain movements, and modifies things when I need it! Excited to feel and see results with her help!

  • Dianne Mattar - Detwiler

I've been going to X365 for about a year and it's an incredible gym! It is never crowded and always clean. Despite being a small gym, it has all the equipment I need. I do personal training with Riley. He has helped me get a lot stronger for skiing and hiking. My husband is just a regular member (no personal training) and he also loves it.

  • Alison Reeley

Riley at X365 is a great trainer. He creates comprehensive programs that help me work towards my strength goals, and they're not boring. He's passionate about his profession and willing to share his knowledge. The facility has everything you need for all types of goals. The other staff and clients are cool and create a welcome atmosphere.

  • Shelly Jamison

Nick Olsen is always giving the best tips with fitness and food to change your lifestyle and become healthier. If I need protein ideas, he’s always sharing different foods that can work especially with a busy lifestyle. I trust that Nick could help change anyone from a couch potato to an educated and fit person if they take his advice!

  • Sarah Carroll

My experience at X365 Fitness has been phenomenal. I've been training with Amanda and feel great about my progress. She's been a brilliant trainer, answering all my questions and helping me along my fitness journey. The facility itself is top notch. Super clean and organized. So grateful I found this gym, it's the perfect fit for me!

  • Tyler Hardy

I have been training with Nick at X365 for a few months now. What he teaches leads to results. He has an optimistic, authentic personality which makes training with him an enjoyable experience. The gym setup is robust and always clean. I would highly recommend Nick if you are looking for a trainer and want to make a real life change.

  • Juan Hernando

I've never been into the x365 gym, but have been enjoying personal training for 5 months from out-of-state. Finely curated personal nutrition plans, workout routines, weekly check-ins and goal motivation. The app works good too. Fixed by chronic back pain, and strengthened my guns. Now my wife is interested in my abs …

  • Katrinna Ostler

Chris Ward has been an amazing nutrition and fitness coach throughout my journey. He has helped me better understand nutrition and pushed me to work hard in the gym. I am so greatful for his knowledge, patience, and kindness as we have been working towards and figure out what works best for my body and metabolism!

  • Hillary Keyes

The gym has all the equipment you would ever need to have a great workout and is super clean. It is normally not very busy which great. I train with Amanda, and she has helped me get so much stronger over the last several months as well provided education related to eating habits, effective stretching, and more.

  • Sydney Gilliland

Awesome communication from my trainer, Riley! He totally understands what I want and has been great at explaining all of the exercises in detail- I feel like I'm really learning how to work out. I feel super comfortable in the gym environment and it's always sparkling clean. Love that it's usually pretty empty.

  • Tanner Parsons

Fantastic Training Gym - Private, Personal experience that really is a step above the rest. Cannot sing enough praises for Riley - been working with him for nearly 2 years and he is just fantastic at creating programs that meet your personal style/availability. Overall, the best gym training in Salt Lake City.

  • Karla Frias

My trainer Kendall Jackson is extraordinary and super passionate about what he does! He helps me reach my full potential and every workout is exciting, and challenging. He has also created a great nutrition plan that has been easy to keep up with. I highly recommend coming to X365 Fitness everyone is great!

  • Harrison Harrison

I used to be pretty "fit", or so I thought. Started working with Nick at x365 and he helped me optimize my fitness, including my hormones. Approached health journey scientifically. Helped reduce stress, prioritize sleep, careful nutrition, and bulk up with heavy lifting. Feel much better now. Thanks Nick!

  • Amy Kellogg

X365 Fitness is the cleanest gym I’ve ever been to and I love that I have 24/7 access! I’ve been working with Amanda for several months now in toning up my body and improving my posture. I needed a trainer mindful of my limitations with injuries, and Amanda has been a great match! Highly recommended!

  • Andrea Saragosa

Stacey Mclaren is an awesome trainer. She trained me in Los Angeles and now we do our training through zoom. Our training sessions are never the same which is perfect for me because I tend to get bored with routine. Stacey is very knowledgeable in fitness and health and I would recommend her anytime!

  • Joshua Bytendorp

Nick Olsen is one of the best coaches and trainers in the industry. I have worked with several trainers in my life and have been connected with the body building community. The level of knowledge that Nick has, empathy that he shows, focus on detail, and person centered approach makes him the best.

  • Naomi Worden

X365 is a great, private gym with ample machines and weights. It’s open 24 hours and unlike other gyms, there’s a lot of respect amongst gym members. I’ve been working with Amanda Stein for 5 months, and I’ve lost over 20 pounds. I’m developing muscle definition and feeling stronger than ever!

  • Laurie Moldawer

Riley is absolutely the best trainer! So well trained and educated. So good at communicating. So supportive. So passionate. You get so much help on your diet, your routine, the whole picture. At a great price too. The gym is unlike any other gym and the training is unique too. So happy there!

  • Miranda Lopez

I have had an amazing experience with my trainer Destinee. She is always so positive, fun and motivating.The best part is that she is also knowledgeable with nutrition and human anatomy. Any questions I have on my diet she is always available. Thanks to her I now look forward to my workouts!

  • Sara D'Agostino Burke

My husband and I have been going to this gym for over a year and training with Riley. The facility is great: private, clean, well equipped and never crowded. Riley has been a great, assisting us both with training and nutrition. I would definitely recommend this gym!

  • Lydia Mecham

If you are looking for a less crowded, clean gym environment x365 fitness is the way to go! Chris is an awesome trainer who takes the time to tailor each workout and meal plan based on your own personal goals and to meet you where you are at in your fitness journey!

  • Linda Wahlquist

It is always clean. Just a pleasant and happy environment. I have been coming since it opened. I am 77 years old and mist grateful to have my trainer Dee. Great place to speed two hours each week. I have at times come in on my own which is always welcome to us all.

  • Blake Ramsey

I love this place. I started out going 4 times a week for sessions with Chris. I enjoyed it so much that now I go 5 times a week. Chris is a very knowledgeable trainer who is also personable and a delight to be around. I can’t recommend him enough.

  • Shawn Kirk

So glad I found this gym. I actually look forward to workouts now, staff are friendly and encouraging, equipment is always clean and in great condition, chill non competitive environment also. Thanks X 365 for helping me reach my fitness goals!

  • Julie Baird

Destinee is my favorite! She is so professional and personable.She gave me great tips on eating healthy and the best workouts. I love Destinee's commitment and love for me. I got in the best shape and enjoyed every minute of it with Destinee.

  • Alex Welling

I can't comment on the gym since I work with Nick remotely, but I can comment on the quality of personal training you'll recieve. I've had the pleasure of training with Nick on and off for years now and have the results to show. He not only

  • Samuel Chambers

Over the past year, I've had the privilege of training at x365 Fitness and it's genuinely transformed my life and health. With the guidance and support of my personal trainer, Kendall, I managed to shed 20 pounds throughout my program. But

  • Samuel Poulter

This gym is incredible but working with Chris Ward specifically has been life changing for me. He has worked with me to completely revamp my fitness and my nutrition from the ground up and I can honestly say that it has been life changing.

  • Peter Redd

I absolutely love this gym! I started working out here about 7 months ago and have loved all the time I’ve spent here. All of the trainers are very nice and welcoming and there is a great culture at this gym. I would recommend it to anyone!

  • savannah bosquez

Great personal trainer and gym! Chris was knowledgeable, attentive, and created a personalized program. The gym had a variety of equipment and clean facilities. I saw great results and enjoyed the supportive atmosphere. Highly recommended!

  • Victoria Libertore

Working with Neil was absolutely incredible! I had no experience with a personal trainer and zero to nil athletic experience. I had an old injury in my tailbone and didn't realize how out of alignment my body was. My first day of going to

  • Liz Duffin-Korth

Everything about this gym is top notch. All equipment is clean and well maintained. I've been seeing one of their personal trainers (Ron Lindsey) for the past 4 months and have been thrilled with the experience and results. They take into

  • Bryan Hillberg

I was always hesitant going to the gym. The lack of motivation, the awkwardness of being unfamiliar with equipment and just my overall perception of working out indoors. Niel changed all of that for me. Neil is the kind of trainer you can

  • Gregg Taliercio

I've been training here over a year now and I have to say I am thrilled I found this place to train at. I had injured my back and was able to do all of my rehab work, and now more that my back has gotten better. The staff are incredibly

  • June Lagmay

I understand X365 Fitness has recently engaged Neil McLaren as a new trainer. Salt Lake City couldn't be luckier. Neil trained my wife and me for over 7 years starting in our early 60s. In every single session he gave full attention to

  • Steve Greiner

I've recently moved into the area and needed a new gym. I headed out on my lunch break to sign up at the closest gym to me. I had assumed I would be able to walk up to the gym, sign a contract, and begin working out on my own. However,

  • Elliott Sipple

I work directly with Amanda, and she is outstanding. She is attentive, knowledgeable, and results orientated. I have enjoyed every (grueling) minute with her. This is a great facility, populated by even better trainers. Thanks, Amanda!

  • Rachel Smith

Beautiful gym! Clean, updated equipment, and very knowledgeable trainers. You can tell that these people really care about you and your health journey. Would recommend Ciara-she is so sweet, personable and knowledgeable! 5 stars!!

  • Thomas Fitton

Great gym that has all of the equipment anyone could ever need! They prioritize an overall healthy lifestyle and do whatever they can to help you reach your goals. Ciara has been great to work with, so knowledgeable and helpful!

  • Lauryn Crofts

I had the opportunity to workout at this gym with Ciara one of the trainers, she was very helpful and patient with me! She has helped push me to reach my goals and have a better understanding with my overall health and exercise!

  • Russell Collins

If you need someone to help with your nutrition or fitness goals, Destinee needs to be your trainer! Her vast knowledge and motivation is unmatched! She cares about you and will help you meet any goal you push yourself toward.

  • Andre Myers

This gym is a great fit for me since I don't like the large chain gyms. It's never crowded when I go, and is in a great neighborhood location. Personal training is available and recommended if you're new to strength training.

  • Shawn Harrison

Coach Nick is a fantastic trainer with an epic program and support tools. I lost 20lbs, grew big muscles, and increased my endurance significantly. Learned great life lessons about nutrition and body maintenance. …

  • Kasey Kelson

Love the way this gym is set up. Love that it’s not very busy when I’m there. This gym has everything. If you’re looking for a new gym THIS IS IT! Ciara is the best. She’s always so friendly & knowledgeable. I love her.

  • Ricci El Idrissi

This has been the best experience! Brent is my trainer and everything is amazing and truly customized to me. The gym is always clean and taken care of and the other trainers and members are respectful and helpful!

  • Easton Bingham

If you want high quality, personalized help from trainers that care about your well being, this is the place for you. Working with Kendall Jackson has been the best gym experience I’ve ever had. Highly recommend.

  • Diane Liu

I have referred many friends to x365. Excellence in training and nutrition. Ron helped me transform my body composition - the results were outstanding and noticeable. Thank you x365 for the high quality service!

  • Gregory Seare

X365, run by by Nick Olsen and his crew has been awesome! I have wanted to use a personal trainer, but could never make the time. Time has worked out a schedule with me that fits my lifestyle. Great work!

  • Amanda Martinez

I love this location and gym so much! I feel so comfortable when I work out there. Not to mention, Ciara is the best trainer and makes my workouts competitive and unique to my goals! Love it here

  • Maurie

I had an amazing experience with Destinee as my trainer. Very understanding and supportive of me from the beginning. She helped me reach my Goal! Thank you so much Destinee and thank you X365!

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