Waterworld Central

18 reviews

122 Lang Rd, Moore Park NSW 2021, Australia




Waterworld Central is a Water park located at 122 Lang Rd, Moore Park NSW 2021, Australia. It has received 18 reviews with an average rating of 3.6 stars.





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  • The address of Waterworld Central: 122 Lang Rd, Moore Park NSW 2021, Australia

  • Waterworld Central has 3.6 stars from 18 reviews

  • Water park

  • "Visited today with my young son"

    "Sitting here at EQ Moore Pk feeling Gyped! Wish you could give ZERO STAR RATING"

    "I really enjoyed the water park it was action packed and fun"

    "This was a rip off"

    "My kid loved it and kept on saying he was happy"


  • Jamie C

Visited today with my young son. This place would be fantastic if you were over 4 but we had to leave after only being able to go down one water slide. The staff do not allow adults to go down the slides under any circumstances. They do not allow them to accompany their children - no matter how small they are. My boy wasn't able to make it up the stairs on his own and I wasn't able to go up with him as I had to be at the bottom to receive him. This meant he couldn't go on any of the slides beyond the small one at the front gate. You'd think there might be some leniency for young children but the young adults working there had obviously been told not to allow it. This is all despite me being warned at the door that I was not allowed to leave his side when I entered... They really need to advertise that it is not suitable for children under 4. Next issue is that there are no lockers. This means you have to have somebody watching your gear at all times or risk having it go walkabouts Finally there are no sun cream stations around the park. This is pretty common practice at outdoor pools and really should be a consideration of the park. We hadour own cream with us but it meant going into our bag whilst all wet. For those with young children it might well be worth avoiding and heading to Gunyama Park

  • Jeff Hilder

Sitting here at EQ Moore Pk feeling Gyped! Wish you could give ZERO STAR RATING. Water Park Huh that's a good one !!! It's basically inflatable paddle pools! Give it a wide berth.Was better last year only came back because of Covid on North Shore. Now, unless your kids are old enough and brave enough to climb the 3x 50ft high Extreme slides there are only 3 pools with a combined total of ONLY 2 slides !!! No BS, oh and the boats thing if kids are over 8 and big for age likely to flip and whack them in the head at which point you find there First Aid is 6 plastic chairs, a camp bed and a back board leaning against the back of the food van with NO ONE there and no sign of a first aid kit or even an esky of ice for bumps. There are 3 non water activity inflatables but with 1 attendant not worth the effort... But they have made sure there is plenty of extra Pester power stuff like Show Bags and Carnival games just to ensure as a parent you feel PI$$ED OFF AS WELL AS RIPPED OFF.

  • John Mac Giolla Phádraig

I really enjoyed the water park it was action packed and fun. My only downside is how rude the people working here are. I know they’d rather be anywhere else then sitting down in the sun but please don’t make it everyone else’s problem! The majority of them didn’t smile once didn’t even try to sound happy for the younger kids there was one worker who was just completely done they sat in the corner and almost sounded depressed. There was one positive worker I found who was quite nice and at least put in some effort. Just so unhappy and their moods were affecting my fun. It’s a pretty great place to have fun but in order to make it a great experience please just try to sound happy workers except for one of them he was such a chad

  • Nico Kenny

This was a rip off. Last year we were allowed on the slides with our kids, this year we were not. So if your pre schooler is too scared to go on the slides alone, there is no point in paying $40 for a splash in three shallow pools crowded with people. And today there were angry carnies storming the place blowing whistles and yelling at everyone. Obviously desperate to wrap it all up. The SUP boards were gone and half the pools were gone this year

  • M Zaghloul

My kid loved it and kept on saying he was happy. I understand the criticisms though- make sure your kid can climb well because you can't go on the slides with them. There isn't much variety- 2 slides, a pool and paddle boats. There is an area which costs an extra $20-25 but this is not water based so I didn't bother.

  • Jason Avedissian

A very lame park. Only about 7 rides most of them very uninspiring. Long lines. I gave 2 boys under 12 the option to leave a little early and they took it. Within the park there is an area of more rides which is an additional cost which is very greedy. Not worth the visit. Over-priced and over-hyped.

  • Dina Meier

My seven-year-old son loved it; we will actually go there today for the second time! I think it is excellent value for money, especially when you decide to go on a day, when it is slightly overcast, since the kids don't have to queue. (at least that was the case when we were there the first time)

  • shantanu malakar

I visited the Newcastle park and compared from the pictures from the website, even your least expectations will be ruined plus it's impossible to have a fair amount of fun for the children.

  • Jacklyn P (Brooke2606)

Alot of fun on a hot day. Highly recommend. And there is so much to do at entertainment qtr while you there

  • Emma Dwyer

Awesome day at the park. The kids had an absolute ball. We will be back:)

  • Ptrhy

Good value for money, the kids love the different slides and pools.

  • Alicia Klemm


  • Moshe Wolff


  • jon devine
  • Ed Swayne
  • Dheeraj Kandel
  • George Slewo

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