Manly Waterworks

161 reviews

Commonwealth Parade, Manly NSW 2095, Australia



Manly Waterworks is a Water park located at Commonwealth Parade, Manly NSW 2095, Australia. It has received 161 reviews with an average rating of 4.3 stars.





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  • The address of Manly Waterworks: Commonwealth Parade, Manly NSW 2095, Australia

  • Manly Waterworks has 4.3 stars from 161 reviews

  • Water park

  • "Inconsistent operational rules"

    "I have always loved this place"

    "Brilliant! My boys have Autism so I messaged prior to them attending that they’d have support workers with them"

    "Had my sons 9th birthday party here"

    "We had my six year olds party there today and it was fantastic"


  • Anton Brown

Inconsistent operational rules. I spent a wonderful hour with my 7yr old and 4yr old where I went double with my 4yr old . My 7yr and 4yr old went together for half the time. A week later we went again, this time I have an injured shoulder so the plan was for my 7yr old and 4yr old to go together as my 4yr old isn’t comfortable going solo. I’m now told that’s not allowed so had to explain to my kids that they changed their rules, what they did last time isn’t allowed this time! Will not go again, run by a bunch of a children with no customer experience and obviously no operating standards.

  • Christian Biggins

I have always loved this place. It's had several forms over the last 30 years or more and had always represented Manly well, both in activity and soul. This time though was different. The manager sat at the bottom of the slides and would pull up the kids for even the slightest transgression. It meant that after a while the kids were more concerned about him than they were about having fun. Interestingly his staff then used the slide and broke the same rules with no word being said. Definitely ruined the atmosphere. Fun police.

  • Jillian Raptis

Brilliant! My boys have Autism so I messaged prior to them attending that they’d have support workers with them. Absolutely no issues at all about using their companion cards. Extremely accommodating and accepting. Highly recommend Manly Surf n Slide to special needs parents. Manager checked in to see how the boys were enjoying their time, staff were friendly and engaging. Thank you so much for a perfect day

  • mofoyojunk

Had my sons 9th birthday party here. Was great! Had about 7 kids and we did nuggets and chips and a fruit tray. Easy going atmosphere and nice spot in the shade. They had a small birthday table set up for us to put stuff on and the kids wore a 2 hour wrist band. 2 hours was perfect amount of time. Afterwards we just moved to the beach right there by Manly Wharf.

  • Kylie

We had my six year olds party there today and it was fantastic. The kids had a great time and can’t wait to go back. The staff were friendly, professional and great with the kids. I would absolutely recommend this place for parties or just for fun. I went there as a kid and loved it, and seeing my kids there was just amazing. Thank you Manly Surf’n’Slide!

  • Karl Linhart

Had a great time with my 7yr old daughter. Only three slides but really good fun for 2hrs and hardly any queues the whole time. Super friendly staff who keep a good eye on the safety side of things really well. Great for kids and also good fun for grown up kids... Little observation area outside too if you don't fancy the slides yourself

  • Leanne Harris

1.5 - 2 hours is plenty. There are 3 slides - 2 that kids can go on with parents on the same mat and one that is solo only. All of the slides are small kid friendly (5+) but sometimes kids get a bit dumped at the finish of the slide - there's a life guard so it's not a problem but the dumping might initially scare some weaker swimmers

  • Lucan Guerra

I think surf n slide is fun, but they need more rides. There are only 3 rides, and once you have gone down them a lot, you get bored. Also they only open up at a certain time of year so you can't go there very much. But overall really fun to go with kids, parties and even families! I give surf n slide 4 out of 5 stars....

  • Lisa Marning

We organised a last minute birthday party for 30 x 7 year olds. Brenda and the team were fabulous, kids had an absolute ball and it was a stress free party that everyone loved. Staff were friendly and really looked after us. Many of our guests wanted to return the following day for some more fun!

  • Chris Kelly

Great for kids ten and under I think. Lockers on-site, free sunscreen, well supervise and 3 separate slides. Parking is tricky. But once here boathouse cafe is right next door Shaded space FPR parents to wait and watch Also if you have a little one ask if they can do a trial run before you pay

  • Chris Abbott

Still remember when this place first open and how much fun I had ad a kid. Great addition to Manly and super popular on the holidays and weekends. Kids are always screaming with delight and laughter. I know as I live across the road. #LetsGuide #waterslide #manly #Sydney #Australia …

  • uncle Pakash

i mean its a good place but i got kicked out. i got fasle kicked out because on one of the slides you stop and the person behind catchs up so it looks like you break the rules and i lost my money. they didnt give me a refund
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  • sandra jones

Had a superb meal here with my family . The rib eyed beef , shared with my sil was delicious. It's a little pricey , but worth it for a special occasion. Service a little slow and perhaps a new waitress learning the ropes.
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  • Keith Allen

A really good set of water slides for kids. All safe. Good location in Manly. Hourly sessions which is about right for kids. There are 3 slides of different rides. Yellow green and blue. Our 6 years grandson went down all 3 and loved them all.

  • Julie Hartley

Soooo much fun. I took my 4 and 6 year old. They said it was the best day ever. Brought back childhood memories. The attendants at the top of the slides are super fun to. Throwing buckets of water on top of the sliders...... the kids loved it.

  • Deniz M

I celebrated my birthday at Surf'n Slide and had the best time! The staff were extremely helpful and friendly. The slides are great fun and water temperature is perfect. I could not have picked a better venue. Thank you Surf'n Slide team! :)

  • Molly Marr

AMAZING atmosphere and fun waterpark for the perfect summer day. Always had incredible service from every employee, full of enthusiasm and compassion. Recommend for all age groups (except over 110cm) love love love this local hidden gem !!!!

  • Andrew Bevan

This facility has seen better days. It was a real novelty when it opened 40 years ago, but is now very dated and hasn't really been updated. It has been closed during covid. Unfortunately, with only 3 slides, your kids will get bored very

  • Rebecca Farr

Great place for a spot of fun. Small but adequate for its purpose. The staff went above and beyond, trying to help keep us happy and dry, considering the bad weather set upon our group booking. We will be back, hopefully on a sunnier day.

  • Mark Wybrow

The park is a great distraction for kids usually on their gaming software. There are only 4 slides so for kids older than 11 it gets a little boring after 30mins. We did clock up 12k steps so pretty good for an hour activity

  • Adriana Queiroz

It is a nice place for kids. Owners do try to keep everyone safe reinforcing the rules. What I think it is disgusting are the parents pretending they are not seeing their kids having no respect for the rules.

  • Whalenman123

Very fun good staff and prices i like how there is three different levels of slide very good fun for the kids still good and my dad used to go to it when he was a kid and i went because of that. Recomend it.

  • Ad Ross

Great place. But a little disappointed that I wasn't allowed to take my bmx bike down the slide with me. Nicole Kidman was allowed to do it, I don't see why there is 1 rule for her and 1 for everybody else.

  • Skye Surrest

A great place to have a party! The kids had a great time, easy to see them and nice and safe. Brenda was excellent to liaise with and made sure we had everything we needed. Set up was perfect. Thank you!

  • Cherise Chessor

It's a small place with just 3 slides, but it's the perfect place to hold a kids birthday party. The kids have endless fun and everyone is in a safe area making it easier to keep an eye on everyone.

  • Amelia Ward

Great place to host a kids birthday party. Can get a little busy in the party area, but the kids don’t care! Recommend popping younger kids in a wetsuit as the afternoon gets quite shady.

  • Ayobami Adegoke

Great place to host a kids birthday party. Can get a little busy in the party area, but the kids don’t care! Recommend popping younger kids in a wetsuit as the afternoon gets quite shady

  • Dimitri stangl

Get there 45 minutes early, because you will be looking for a car spot for a long time. And then you walk 15 minutes there. 3 slides, it’s a fun thing in a traditional sense of thinking.

  • Finn Claire

employee charlotte aggressively pushed my child down the slide when she was scared. Terrible
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1 hr+
Reservation recommended

  • Lokis Mum

So much fun even for adults! We spent 2 hours here going on the slides. Pros; very cheap and very friendly staff. Cons: only 3 slides and no pool. Still had a super time :)

  • Jonathan Stewart

Are you fed-up of arguing with the kids that its time for them to go to sleep? Chuck them in here for an hour or 2 and they will be too tired to argue …

  • Wendy Croxford

Great trip down memory lane this week taking my kids to the water slides in Manly. The manager Fiona was fantastic and all the staff were helpful and fun.

  • Starman Starscapes

This place is not open at the moment , I can remember coming here 30 years ago as a kid , it looks a lot smaller now .I guess its closed due to Covid .

  • Alex W.

Wet and Wild hasn't changed in 20 years, but it's still a fun experience for kids. The timeless appeal makes it a classic choice for family enjoyment

  • Bo Jiang

Great water park for kids. Parking is challenging.
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Wait time
10–30 min
Reservation recommended
Not sure

  • clare house

The experience was wonderful! The staff were so friendly and approachable. I came with my daughter's and her friends and they loved it!

  • Tania Torillo

Great place for a kids party or just for an afternoon of fun. I remember this from when I was a kid. Some things are just timeless.

  • Mark and Lauren Matthews

Super fun outing to keep the kids happy for a couple hours! Drop them off and have a coffee in Manly. Loads of lifeguards on duty.

  • David Hoy

Great summer time activity for kids. It gets busy on weekends though! Go early! Public change facilities are located next door.

  • Volker Mayr

My twins had their 7th birthday party here inviting 26 boys and girls. So much fun for kids. Many said BEST PARTY ever.

  • Steven Su

The water slide is fine. But the boat house coffee shop next to it is not. Buying 2 ice cream today cost $14, shocking.

  • Dunkel Meister

This place hasn't changed, I was there as a child and now I bring my daughter and had fun. Wish there was more slides.

  • Tanya Wolfe

Just wanted to say thank you for a great afternoon. We visited late December 2021 and had so much fun, thanks again.

  • Peter Mansfield

Good safe place for kids, clean and well run. Reasonable cost and a place you can socialise with other people.

  • Dylan Potgieter

Good but massive queues at peak time and the slides are very slow so they're kinda boring after a while

  • Pseudo

Only three slides, so it can get boring fairly quickly, good for kids or about 30 minutes of fun.

  • Sam R.

Good set up for kids in summer. The facilities are great and there are lifeguards everywhere.

  • Owen Malley

Guards get VERY angry when you cause a blockage in the slide. I am truly very disappointed.

  • Roger Thomson

My kids live this place. Not as many rides as a big waterpark but it's a local institution

  • Kim Ward

The moment I stepped inside I felt more manly than I have ever felt 10/10 would go again

  • Alice Cassidy

Great spot for the kids they love to slide for hours. A great way to entertain them

  • I B

Awesome place!!! Online booking system is great. We love coming here

  • Andre Swales

I remember going here frequently back in the 90’s I miss it so much


Fun slides and good times. Would recommend you do it for an hour

  • Dennis Kingsford

Not to bad good for the kids not enough Room to sit and watch

  • Nial Phillimore

It's where they filmed some of BMX bandits. Kids enjoyed it!

  • Fitri Suryo

Beachata at Manly, every Monday 6.30pm. Nest to "Aquarium"

  • Y A

Small water park. Will get your kids busy for 1-2 hrs max

  • DP R

Great attitude from Simon and his Team. Well recommended

  • Nathan Chey

Good slides, friendly staff. Not enough variety though.

  • Ryan Allen

Grumpy guards but they have to be, the slides are FAST!

  • Jonathan Olsson

The slides are good for kids but the guards get angry.

  • Stewart Thomas

I loved the blue slide because it was long and dark

  • Hamish MacGregor

Good fun, great place for a kid's birthday party.

  • Rachael Brown

Lovely spot so much fun can't wait to go again

  • bernadette mcguirk

Kids always love it. Great over school hols

  • Maya Davey

Drowned someone here a couple years ago lol

  • Jeremy Symes

Little gem. Lots of fun for a kid's party.

  • Richard Tanner

The kids love it! Great for kids parties.

  • ricjaihd Pinheiro

Said it would be open but no one is here

  • Tracy van Vuuren

Kids loved it. Water was not freezing.

  • Russell Clarke

Great place to Cool off in the Summer

  • Matthew Jefferson

Felt like a big kid again. Great fun

  • Sean Daly

Good fun for kids and kids at heart

  • Byron smith

This place is amazing. So much fun

  • Michael Megally

Decades later still awesome fun

  • Robert rigby

Great value and lots of fun

  • Martin Reid

It was even open in winter.

  • RwR Rooneys Whitesetting & Rendering Rooney

Old school fun for an hour

  • Andrew Burt

Lots of fun for the kids.

  • Luke Walker

Hasnt changed in 15 years

  • Hol and Wil

Fun for the whole family

  • Sharon O'Grady

Granddaughter loved it.

  • Fiona Lansdown

Fun but a little scary

  • Oscar Mcsorley

i love slip and sides

  • brian rozairo

Good place for kids.

  • 남정현

걷기엔너무좋은장소 아담한카페또한일품.

  • Robert Jarrett

It was very …

  • Carwyn Davies

Great fun today!!

  • Johny big shoes

Really fun place

  • Bella Moda

its a fun place

  • Frazer B

Fun experience

  • Billy Hair

Tyler is cool

  • Angus Cutbill

piece of junk

  • Michelle Facibeni

So much fun!

  • Mary Kelly

Great place.

  • S Roberts

Nice place

  • Tony Noor

No shade

  • P [PK] Kerrigan


  • Dougal Oddie

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