U-Haul Moving & Storage of Truman Corners

195 reviews

11827 Blue Ridge Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64134




U-Haul Moving & Storage of Truman Corners is a Self-storage facility located at 11827 Blue Ridge Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64134. It has received 195 reviews with an average rating of 3.3 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of U-Haul Moving & Storage of Truman Corners: 11827 Blue Ridge Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64134

  • U-Haul Moving & Storage of Truman Corners has 3.3 stars from 195 reviews

  • Self-storage facility

  • "So the original location where I had scheduled the pick-up was very unorganized and did not provide a good experience"

    "When a customer has a set scheduled time it would be nice to be able to receive the equipment when scheduled"

    "Terrible Experience"

    "The General Manager at the, UHAUL Moving & Storage of Truman Corners, definitely needs Customer Service Skills training; in how to better interact with paying and loyal customers, how to show empathy for customers, that have encountered serious breakdown problems with their UHAUL trucks"

    "Very rude, impatient staff"


  • Crystal Colleen

So the original location where I had scheduled the pick-up was very unorganized and did not provide a good experience. The parking lot off blocked off with no signs to tell customers where to park. There were also no trailers or trucks at the location, which made the facility look like it was closed. Once parked at the nearby gas station, I awkwardly walked across the lawn to get inside, the staff had no sense of urgency as I waited in line for a long time. Also, there were no signs that explained the direction of the foot traffic inside the store, I felt very awkward when they told me to walk around to the other side of the stack of boxes in the middle of the floor. Once I got to the counter, they told me that they are getting their driveway redone so I will need to go up the road to get the trailer. It would have been nice to have received an email or text to be notified of all of this. When I asked where is the other locations, the staff member said, "Oh it's just up the road." I asked for the address, and she did not know it, or look it up, but confirmed it was "just up the road." I'm not from around the area so I was slightly annoyed. Once I drove up the road and found the location it was completely unclear where I were supposed to go. There was a huge storage location, but there was no U-haul office to confirm that I was here. I drove and walked around the plaza to no avail. I couldn't find anyone or a storefront, and of course, I couldn't get ahold of anyone on the phone because all the calls were directed to the corporate phone tree. Additionally, it was incredibly hot outside making all this confusion more irritating. Finally, I found a single staff member in the parking lot who had been busy organizing and possibly cleaning trucks. We confirmed that I was here for a pickup, but I had to wait for him to serve 3 other people until I could get instructions on where to go or what to do. I don't understand why there wasn't staff from the office helping him. (I'm a white woman, and I am not thrilled that there were 3-4 white staff members working in the a/c office, who made the one black man work out in the heat.) Once I had his undivided attention, everything was fine. I was able to hook up the trailer and the lights with no issues and go about our day. I will never go back to this location again, and I would highly not recommend it. I wish I had scheduled the reservation in Shawnee or Overland park, even though it was much farther away.

  • Christina B

When a customer has a set scheduled time it would be nice to be able to receive the equipment when scheduled. I had a reservation at 8am and was not able to actually speak with an associate until about 8:15 because several of them were just standing around telling us to wait for one particular worker. I ended up not leaving the lot until close to 8:40 However I paid for and needed a full 4 hours from 8am until 12 and I arrived on property at around 7:45am when I asked how I could be compensated for my time he said he had “no wiggle Room” and that the truck price is the same price no matter what. It was very much so like he could care less about the inconvenience. It’s very frustrating to select a time for a specific purpose and that time not be met, why even have a reservation. Isn’t that the purpose! Otherwise I should just be able to walk in off the streets, rent leave abs come back as I please, because of this I was unable to finish the job that was needed. I’m very disappointed with my experience. There needs to more available workers on staff to see customers and get them in and out at their designated times rather then Stand around and watch another person do all the work. On top of that the new damage system was not explained to me In the past I would be given a paper and to go out and check the trial and a worker would verify. I had to go outside find my Own truck and also come back in to ask how the process works. I was told I was sent a text.. I still had to figure it out on my own which also made the process lengthy. Again very disappointed in the lack of customer service. Not to mention there was full box of ritz crackers in the glove box and a full machete in the back seat area. Very weird and dangerous. I probably will not be using this company or location again. I would rather go to a company that values your time.

  • Britney Reasoner

Terrible Experience. We booked our truck early with a reservation. We wanted the biggest truck because we were moving out of town. The day of we set up the truck with the woman at the front desk, we let her know the miles, and that we would be returning the truck to a different location. We paid that day and bought some other supplies and were on our way. We moved the 1st of October. The next day I received a phone call asking if and when we were returning the truck. When I informed him that we would be dropping it off here soon at this Wichita location. He was instantly enraged and went on to accuse me of stealing the truck and saying I was going to have to pay extra for all these fees, he was so rude. We then went to return the truck and the lady was confused at the contract because it was in fact for an in-town visit. We were confused because we just set it up with the original U-Haul telling them exactly where we were going. We were extremely dissatisfied with the experience, but that wasn't the worst part. A couple days U-Haul had charged my account $750 right out of my bank account. I didn't authorize this charge and I certainly wasn't notified before hand. On top of that I was charged $900 in total plus $85 in gas when I returned it. this caused so much disarray in my life and they were not willing to help at all. Will never use this moving service and will never recommend to anyone. Just wanted to save the next sucker 1000 to move to a new home.

  • Bernadette Henderson

The General Manager at the, UHAUL Moving & Storage of Truman Corners, definitely needs Customer Service Skills training; in how to better interact with paying and loyal customers, how to show empathy for customers, that have encountered serious breakdown problems with their UHAUL trucks. Their team agents at this location, have better customer service skills, than the General Manager, DeAndre Anderson does. It's more than just about, issuing credits and discounts, to a customer who has just experienced, a traumatic breakdown on a very busy Interstate in your UHAUL TRUCK. Noone contacted me from this location, to see if my family was ok. Thank God for looking over us and caring about us because it could've been worse. Even my mover helpers' car ran over the drive shaft, and had damage to his car. The thousands of customers, the General Manager, DeAndre Anderson told me he has to deal with everyday, that come thru his location, may become less, because of his lackadaisical, unempathic and non compassion attitude towards and for his customers. i guess the General Manager, DeAndre Anderson, never learned: POSITIVITY IS CONTAGIOUS!!!

  • Jessica Smith

Very rude, impatient staff. Poor customer service and manners. The place was a mess. The U-Haul I was issued wasn’t the correct one after they already charged me for it. So, when I returned my U-Haul after hours, I ended up getting double charged for my services. Tried to contact the location directly and the gentlemen wouldn’t even let me get 2 words in. Told me whatever I was talking about had nothing to do with him and demanded I hold on. Put me on hold just to get disconnected after 20 minutes of waiting. I ended up having to contact the 1-800 number where I sat on hold for an hour before resolving my issues. Also, the photos don’t match the pictures of the U-Haul at all. The photos of the vehicle they make you approve look brand new while the vehicle was not cleaned before given to me. The license plate # didn’t even match the truck I was issued and I had to go back inside before leaving to correct this. Completely unprofessional. Awful experience. I would recommend going a few extra miles to a different location. Save yourself the time, money and headache!

  • Robert Walker

My check out experience with the staff in the office was excellent. They were attentive and very helpful. That experience was ruined when I was asked to returned the trailer to the storage area. The individual that was tasked with receiving the returned trailer was clearly annoyed and angry. When I stepped out of my vehicle to store the hitch, I angrily ordered me to “return to your vehicle“. When I did not comply I watched him snatch apart the wiring harness with such force that it separated the connector from the wires. He was able to complete the remaining process without any additional damage. After the positive experience that I had in the office I wondered why the ratings for this location, Truman Corners, was so low. Maybe this is why. Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with this feedback.I don’t want to provide a rating.This detractor is not fair to the those who worked at the front desk. But I am not able to submit my review without a rating.

  • Jim Decker

I hadn't rented a truck in years. Overall, I was very impressed with how this worked. The one snag is using mobile pickup, it says "Skip the line and get your keys." It seemed like a new concept to the personnel at the office. There were 2 customers in the store in line and 3 employees, none of who would look at me. I finally asked a guy who was walking around and he said "I should be walking through that door to help someone else" but acted annoyed and got my keys. Everyone was busy and working hard, no complaints there, but if you're going to say "Skip the line", you need to actually train personnel to cheerfully accommodate it as part of the expected customer experience, not treat them like they're trying to cut in line. I was sensitive about the situation as a customer - one of the 2 people in line was holding a baby, so I FELT like I was cutting in line.

  • Bryen Jacob

The rental I went to pick up was not pick up ready, not clean, tires were low, fuel gage was wrong, mileage was wrong, lost an hour time i needed to get going, and then after arriving to my destination with the van the oil light came on. The van was 3 quartz low on oil, I contacted uhaul about it, and asked them if I got oil put in it myself and saving the receipts to be reimbursed for it. They said yeah that's fine. Because of the 1 hour loss of time getting this rental ready completely, i was 40 minutes late dropping off. Upon my return equipment inspection I stated that I do not agree to the additional rental charge due to no fault of my own. It is the fault of this company wasting my time I needed to have this van. If they actually had this vehicle ready 100% and didn't cost me my hour's time I would have made it back on time for drop off.

  • J Swenson

Kelly screwed us over. So two weeks ago we scheduled our U-Haul for June 30th. It was an out of state move. Kelly asked us if it was in town or out of state and we told her out of state. So she schedules it all and we think we're good. Fast forward to today (the 30th) we get to the U-Haul in Olathe (they also moved the pickup of our truck but NOT our trailer, so we had to go to two different U-Hauls). We get everything ready to go and they tell us "this is an in town move only. You can't leave it in a different state or we'll change you $500". We explain to them that we scheduled it as an out of state move and one of the other ladies says to us with an attitude "well I respect that that's what you think but we can't change it". So now we have to drive 200 miles today and 200 mies tomorrow just to return the dang thing.

  • Shannon Farris

Never rent a truck from this location!!!! I couldn’t even take pictures of all the filth inside the truck because I had to take so many pictures of all the body damage. The truck also stalled out on me after leaving the lot. The customer service at this location is TERRIBLE. My first interaction with any employee was a man rolling his eyes at me because I couldn’t find a place to park in their full lot and didn’t want to park blocking their front entrance where it was clearly not a parking space. I then waited in line for half an hour to get the keys to the truck I was renting. The employees were not friendly AT ALL and the man who helped me seemed to be high on something. I will NEVER rent a vehicle from this location again. If I could leave negative stars I would.

  • Christina Hull

The general manager Chad and crew stole my Nike bag that I accidentally left in the truck with thousands in cash and supplies heart medication etc refuse to “ check” the cameras saying he doesn’t have access when he is the gm and making excuses saying we didn’t lock the doors when we triple checked them and that’s the whole reason I couldn’t get my bag bc we already dropped the key in the box before we realized!!! Also saying they haven’t even checked the truck in yet when it had been moved already and was hours after we dropped it off update he now says he found it in the trash with just my ring box n recipet n the bag itself evething else gone

  • Horace Duncan

I am highly dissatisfied with the management of this particular location. On two separate occasions, they have demonstrated a lack of competence by failing to properly register my rental returns in their inventory. As a result, they attempted to hold me accountable for their own disorganized practices. To prevent others from experiencing the same trouble I had, I strongly advise obtaining a sign-off from an employee and taking photographs of your rental return as evidence. This will serve as protection against any unjust accusations and save you from unnecessary hassles.

  • Jack Hanson

I have rented Uhaul car trailers several times, and I don't know why I continue to do business with them. At this location, the trailer was given to me with no safety chains on the rear. The chain was completely missing. Did not notice until I loaded a car onto it, and then I was forced to provide my own safety chain.. Of course the staff here is no help to correct any issue. Uhaul does not maintain their equipment. They will give you a trailer with bald tires, missing chains, even lights that function intermittently. Massive safety hazard. Avoid.

  • Nyesha Lyas

The only reason I had not given these people one star is because of two people I worked with. Coleen and Steven. They have made my experience tolerable. As for the rest of the staff, they only work with who they find attractive. I mean all attention to the most attractive or whomever they feel will give them the time of day. I waited entirely too long for service. I had to actually walk up to the counter and yell for someone to acknowledge I was even there. That is very poor customer service.

  • Ben Howard

Terrible service, rude people. I tried two days in a row to get a hitch installed and had an appointment both times. First day, waited over an hour past my appointment time, on the floor as there is no where to wait, and left when they had no idea when my appt would actually start. Came back today with a new appt time - employees laugh at me as they say the hitch person isn't even in today even though U-Haul made the appt for me. These folks are rude and disorganized.

  • Harold Carl

I went to the location earlier in the day. I was told there were no pickup trucks or vans available for rental today. I went home and a booked a pickup truck online! I picked up my pickup truck. The person who processed my rental was friendly and helpful. The truck had not been cleaned. I tried to report that on the app with a picture. My picture of the dirty truck never did upload. So, aside from one friendly and helpful employee, not a good rental experience.

  • Michael Smith

I arrived at my initial pick-up time to find 2 customers inside awaiting service. They said someone was there, but suddenly left. There were 2 employees standing around outside, when I asked if they could help they said no. Why have three employees and only 1 of them can help customers? After waiting 15 minutes and nothing happening I left and had to make a return trip an hour later. I'll go back to Penske next time.

  • Jessica Osborne

Truck had issues. Turned off a couple times at stops. Then completely wouldn’t turn on at all today. Had to contact roadside service , which took and hour for them to get here he got lost them he had to go to auto part store and get a starter for the truck. It’s took around 2.5 hours of waiting around while the tech fixed the truck. I’m highly displeased that they are renting out trucks that have mechanical issues!

  • Chyneshia Pearson (Chyna)

I would suggest better customer service the day I had to pick up a rental I waited in line for 1.5 hours. Not one clerk greeted anyone in the facility or outside. Not one person said sorry for the wait we're moving as fast as we can or anything they avoided looking up when walking back and forth from getting the trucks. I'm just saying if you know you're going to be busy and short staffed at least have courtesy.

  • Larence Wright

Had the opportunity to rent a 26ft U-Haul truck on a Monday morning. Staff was friendly and helpful. Able to walk in and immediately began the check in process. Truck had minor damage and was okay. Check out was also quick and simple. This review reflects the Staff who represent U-Haul. Thank you for your help.

  • jon nicholls

Store #853077, Bailey Gadwood & the maintenance techs needs a raise. They went above & beyond to help me get my truck ready. They were extremely helpful & very friendly. I will always go to this store from here on out until I die, facts. UHaul Store manager, put your team members in for a raise.

  • Rhona Hays

The tank was not full when I received the truck. I took a photo of where the tank was when I first picked it up and I filled it back to the same level before returning it and then was charged almost $10 for gas. Basically you just stole $10 from me. Won't use your service again.

  • Clayton Neff

I have been renting small trailers from this location for years. They are always pleasant to work with, even when they are incredibly busy. The equipment is always clean and ready when I come to get it. Returning it is always a breeze, and I get credited for returning early.

  • Brian Hart-Griffin

If an employee isn’t capable of taking customers they should be in the back focusing on the job that they were hired to do. I stood waiting for nearly 20 mins while two other employees set there doing nothing. The perception shows lack of concern for customers time.

  • Joe Gates

Trash place. Darren Locke told me he can decide not to rent a truck to me even though I had a reservation and have had no issue with a U-Haul before. I asked him where that is in policy and he said he makes the rules. Some general manager

  • Case Law

The staff was courteous and knowledgeable and answered all the questions that I had, they went above and beyond to help me with my needs. Miss Puckett

  • neal lewis

The manager Deandre Anderson and his assistant Kelly are fantastic. Deandre quickly help me plan my moving and storage needs. Excellent service.

  • Jerome white

HORRIBLE Experience with the staff, I am a regular renter. After getting approval from their supervisor to rent trailer they refused to rent anyway

  • Paul McCoy

Easy process, clean truck, treated me fair on costs when I returned the truck early. Will recommend this location over others in the area.

  • Tequila Shepherd

Great customer service and on point, truck was ready. Definitely coming back next time

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