65 reviews

1555 Regent Ave W Unit F6, Winnipeg, MB R2C 4J2, Canada



Subway is a Sandwich shop located at 1555 Regent Ave W Unit F6, Winnipeg, MB R2C 4J2, Canada. It has received 65 reviews with an average rating of 4.0 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Subway: 1555 Regent Ave W Unit F6, Winnipeg, MB R2C 4J2, Canada

  • Subway has 4.0 stars from 65 reviews

  • Sandwich shop

  • "I have a very hard time explaining how I want my subs to be constructed"

    "It was all satisfactory"

    "I unfortunately didn’t have a very good experience here"

    "Amazing experience"

    "Today I was watching how the vendor prepared a sandwich for a person with some disabilities"


  • Wayne Pearse

I have a very hard time explaining how I want my subs to be constructed. A couple times I have to stop them and tell them that's wrong that's now how I want it. Usually by the end I get what I want and please to eat it. But in my mind they need a little bit more training. More

  • Shane Septon

It was all satisfactory. My problem at this point in time with Subway is related to the company regardless of location. Their required amounts of things, such as how much onion that actually put on the sub, or green peppers, or anything.

  • Eric Jasysyn

I unfortunately didn’t have a very good experience here. The customer service wasn’t that great, when I asked how the girl was doing she replied with “fine” and then proceeded to do what she was doing to prepare for making my sandwich. I

  • Aditi Bhardwaj

Amazing experience. The most delicious sandwich I’ve had from the past 4 years from was from this location. Shoutout to that girl who made my order. Immensely glad to have visited the location. More

  • Nikkka82

Today I was watching how the vendor prepared a sandwich for a person with some disabilities. She did great, her patience and care deserves ten stars. Great people make great healthy meals!

  • Jeremy Scott

Menu changed and I can no longer get what I like. Not a big loss. Subway is just that place you go when you're out of ideas or want to lie to yourself that you're eating healthy. More

  • Chelsea Comeault

Food is good, staff is nice... Last 2 times I've gone I had to clean off a table to eat. Didn't seem busy but they could have been short staffed. It happens. More

  • Gilles Desrosiers

I look for my desired sandwich , I order it, they make it , I pay for it. Good service! Good sandwich. Don't like the bowls....the rice tastes funny gr

  • Devin Godfrey

My friend and I were here recently and it was a great experience! The staff were so nice and really went the extra mile. More

  • Kevin Kriski

I enjoyed a very good sub made by a very polite employee she wasn't shy on the veggies or the sauces either More

  • Sheila “Fang”

The sub was delicious. The toppings were veggies like tomatoes, cucumber,olives and lettuce were fresh. More

  • Didly

The lady just give me a drop of honey mustard and a cold face.. despite asking for some more..smh …

  • Ryan Whynot

My experience was perfect food was amazing once I started eating I couldn't stop

  • Upinderjit Kaur

Worst packaging ever of sub's here this is my second time.......
Service: 1

  • Gurpreet Kaur

Rude staff they don't know how to talk with customers
Dine in

  • Hannah Klassen

Excellent customer service. Tasty olives. Loved the upselling lol.

  • Parneet Kaur

It was good experience there.
Dine in…

  • Nick

They don't accept app coupons here
Service: 1…

  • Tim McGinnis

Fresh good food …
Take out…

  • Janet Braun

A+ to your staff at closing time
Food: 5…

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