Pita Pit

223 reviews

1400 Ellice Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3G 0G4, Canada




Pita Pit is a Sandwich shop located at 1400 Ellice Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3G 0G4, Canada. It has received 223 reviews with an average rating of 4.0 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Pita Pit: 1400 Ellice Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3G 0G4, Canada

  • Pita Pit has 4.0 stars from 223 reviews

  • Sandwich shop

  • "I HAD to write a bad review for this location specifically"

    "Got in my car to drive to Pita Pit on a cold Friday night, and got the worst pita I've ever had, over toasted and tasted stale"

    "The girl in the front was rude"

    "Good location"

    "It was really good, and the ladies were very nice and knew their stuff"


  • Michelle Turcotte

I HAD to write a bad review for this location specifically. I order with a few co-workers for lunch through Skip and my order got messed up which isn't a huge deal BUT when I called everything was my fault and they were unreasonable. I drove there and they still argued with me. Never order from this place again.

  • Rob Strachan

Got in my car to drive to Pita Pit on a cold Friday night, and got the worst pita I've ever had, over toasted and tasted stale. And the girl working provided terrible service, making me feel like I was inconveniencing her by being their to order.

  • dylan Ward

The girl in the front was rude. Not helpful. And didn't care about anything but herself. Then i find out why.. the owner was talking on her phone in front of customers. I said to her it's kind of rude to talk on your phone around customers.

  • Relax with Aay

Good location. Parking is available in the mall. There are some stalls with time limit like 15 mins and 30 mins max which are close to restaurant. You can dine in and take out. I really liked food, I tried it first time at this business. I

  • Crouton B B

It was really good, and the ladies were very nice and knew their stuff....but we have to talk about the smoothies. They are charging $5 for a smoothie that is 236mL. I don't care what kind of yoghurt is in it, that's a huge rip off. If we

  • Dee Cee

I am not sure if the hours are right. I came by around 9:20pm last night (Thursday) and the doors are closed and the workers are cleaning already. It says online that the store is open 'til 10:30pm. I would've went to the one at Sterling

  • Christopher Schuitema

Was not as good as the last time I came here. The pita was good, but they didn't cut up the meat while it was being cooked like they usually do & she wrapped it too tight so the pita ripped partway through eating it so it just kind fell

  • Jarred Loewen

Worst ever experience at pita pit. I dont even write reviews but that's how disappointed I am with this experience. The service was awful I wasn't greeted when I entered or left the guy seemed very angry when I asked for my toppings for

  • Ashley Bandusiak

So I ordered from this location yesterday on door dash and I was really disappointed when my item arrived. It was burnt, all ripped up, I couldn't even hold it because it was falling apart, just like the person who made its life clearly

  • Jamie Cinq-Mars

Food is always so fresh. Great vegan and vegetarian options too. Young man (possibly new to restaurant) struggled with wrapping my pita, but stayed cool, grabbed another one and made a successful transfer. Than thank me for my patience.

  • Dylan Harmastki

Ordered a large pita with Philly steak lettuce feta and sauce etc and asked for double the meat for an extra charge and got home to see it had barely any meat. Pretty much all lettuce. This place has down hill man. Not going back …

  • Mike G

Never had a smaller pita in my life. This location used to be great but now you'll get less than any other pita pit in the city. not worth the money. Staff is not friendly, I said hi to the girl standing at the till and she immediately

  • Kyle

I left the store feeling like I needed to leave a really good review. I have a management background, and literally everything that the 2 young women working today was perfect!. They were very attentive with customers, and made sure

  • r bharath

Outstanding customer service by the girls and young lad about 1pm, answered my questions and grilled the pita wrap quickly. I ordered a falafel wrap and it was well done with loads of veggies. Price is a bit high though.

  • Jarrett Decker

The staff here are great, super friendly people. It's my family's new go to "fast food" and is way healthier than a fast-food burger joint and fresher flavour then the local sandwich/sub place.

  • Kat

Stopped in this Wednesday evening, and while they were clearly busy with plenty of skip orders on top of steady customers, the service was still great and reasonably quick once it was my turn.

  • Sarah Lefebvre

Ordered through door dash. Pita was falling apart and burnt on one side. Other pita pit locations have always taken care to remove the inedible woody bits, however this one didn't -

  • Jon Amadatsu

"Healthier" alternative to McDicks, I suppose. Place is usually very fast and efficient. Our pitas are always made the way we like them and never had a problem with anything.

  • Sara

I always love getting food here. Quick delicious and they definitely give you your money's worth on toppings. The employees are also quite nice and friendly

  • Steven Gould

This place made me love pita pot. Staff are always the best. Portions and food quality is just the best. Awesome healthy quick food. More

  • Walter Whiteside

Ok, not as good as the one in Brandon but did is great. Nice and healthy, a welcome alternative to the burger joints. More

  • Derek Loewen

One of the few healthy options to get something quick to eat. Friendly staff, attentive to allergy requirements. More

  • Alejandra Leguizamo Forero

Absolutely disgusting!!! Just bought this in the store, while eating it found a hard plastic thing. please be aware.

  • harshdeep bajwa

Taste was good ,although no washroom is a fallback busy plaza you gotta lookout for parking space

  • Marie Kimberly Perez (Amira & Kareena's World)

The ladies in the later shift around 6-9 pm are the best! They are super friendly &makes the experience great!

  • A. Rosteski

Not one negative comment. Real food in a pinch. Dragonfruit smoothie was awesome.

  • Justin Woodcock

Repeated inaccurate take out orders. My office placed two orders, one a couple months ago and today.

  • J D

Staff is great, knowledgeable, helpful and care about what they are serving
Food: 5…

  • Susanne Rivard

Delicious! Always love the food. Can someone please open one in Crestview?

  • DJ L

Good place for a healthy pita. Nothing outstanding but good quality

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