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50 Sage Creek Blvd Unit 806, Winnipeg, MB R3X 0J6, Canada



Subway is a Sandwich shop located at 50 Sage Creek Blvd Unit 806, Winnipeg, MB R3X 0J6, Canada. It has received 107 reviews with an average rating of 3.8 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Subway: 50 Sage Creek Blvd Unit 806, Winnipeg, MB R3X 0J6, Canada

  • Subway has 3.8 stars from 107 reviews

  • Sandwich shop

  • "Depends who's working they make your sandwich good"

    "The store is clean and I love this location but man, you gotta learn how to build a sub"

    "Had the most unenthusiastic 'sandwich artist' ever"

    "Purchased a sub today at 5pm"

    "When I walked in one employee was at the till talking on his phone made someone else go up to serve me"


  • Daniel Mejnov

Depends who's working they make your sandwich good. The lady in the morning is nice and makes bomb sandwiches. The guy in the evening/afternoon doesn't put the right proportions at all its like he gets a raise for every time he puts less meat and veggies in the sandwich. The scoop of meat is never full always 3/4 or less

  • Jerilyn Huson

The store is clean and I love this location but man, you gotta learn how to build a sub. If you're not going to cut the bread the old way (channel on top) then don't pile all the toppings in layers. I swear, the sandwiches have zero consistency - some bites have mayo, some are all Lettuce, like why?! WHY?!!?

  • Ashley D

Had the most unenthusiastic 'sandwich artist' ever. Somehow, I ended up with the bottom of the bin for all the veggies I wanted - I shouldn't said something. wilted lettuce, tomato ends and frozen cucumbers - gross. I slipped the green peppers completely as they were heavily contaminated with onions.

  • Matthew

Purchased a sub today at 5pm. A couple walked in refusing to wear a mask and the Indian guy at the counter served them. The customer said I don’t have to follow your rules. This is absolutely uncalled for on the restaurants part. Beware of this locations Covid protocols people.

  • Keena Richard

When I walked in one employee was at the till talking on his phone made someone else go up to serve me. The lady that started making my sandwiches was very nice. Than this guy took over and just gave the impression that he hated being there just not a great vibe. More

  • ryan brickey

The owner of Sage Creek is a stand up guy! Was there twice this week and had a problem with the App not working. He contacted me after seeing my review and offered to comp me a sub for my troubles. Will definitely go back to support this type of business owner!

  • Mark Robles

3 leaves of spinach on a foot long. Asked for more and they put 3 more so I walked out mid sandwich making. Had to email management about the lack of training and the response I got was that their staff is qualified. Worst Subway in the city.

  • Jordyn Arklie

I’ve gone in there multiple times and come out with a sub that is un eatable after stating lots goes on so pack it lightly please they never listen and then when I go back in for a refund or to have it remade it’s made out to be my fault be

  • Nik P

Well this is a first. I'm assuming the chicken breasts were frozen solid and when I asked for it to be grilled they thawed a bit because as I took my first bite, the water started pouring out of the chicken breast as it split open. Nastiest

  • Maurice Hebert

The absolute disregard for health of customers is appalling...she makes 90% of the sandwich I pay with cash. she handles the cash and proceeds check the frozen chicken by pressing it with her fingers into it in the same gloves she just had

  • Keenan Lodewyks

Went in to grab a quick bite last week and the service was extremely disappointing. Had 3 or 4 staff members working behind the counter and not one smile from anyone my entire visit. Cashiers were the opposite of friendly to say the least.

  • Arpit Pandey

I went to buy ny subway and there was a middle age indian lady standing on the counter. I am also an indian and since I am a vegetarian i tried to explain her the same and said if she can change her gloves and also clean her platform and

  • Kyrah Sacco

Would not recommend this specific location. Every time i have come here the service has been awful and the workers seem like they don’t know what they are doing. A teriyaki crunch sub was ordered and grilled chicken was out onto the

  • Tache Tree

Food was good but server was kinda snotty and talking on her phone the whole time. Was annoyed with how I wanted my sub made. Also, this location randomly decided they don’t want to offer coffee. How weird is that? More

  • Jason Sternat

So disappointed. We pre-ordered subs and I ordered a pizza sub. Barely any sauce it ruined my sub. I rubbed my finger across the pepperoni and no sauce on it. That’s how little they put on. More

  • R W

Sub was well made and held together nicely. Average portions. Store is clean. Staff is competent and neither friendly nor unfriendly. Usually two or three people in line. Not overly busy. More

  • Parminder Grewal

Afternook shift girl i think her name is simran. Always on the phone she dont have time for parminder(customer) and even now she is busy on the cell phone. Never mind we are in toronto.

  • Bhanu priya

I went today and one of the employee was helping but she made comment on my order which was really bad and i felt embarrassed after that. I hope she doesn’t do it with anyone else.

  • Troy Dolyniuk

Staff was friendly and the sub was great, but only 4 stars because most of the tables were dirty. I was the only customer in there at the time, not busy at all when I went.

  • I disgust myself

Subway Sage Creek is garbage. Been twice will never be back. Super sloppy sub makers,bread was never fresh either visit. Just not the way Subway used to be !

  • Jacob Brown

Went to go get lunch at 11 am. Doors were locked and the employees just stared at me. It says right on the door, "open 7am". More

  • Simon Lambert

Good sandwich location. They don't put much veggies, but if you ask for more they will add more and won't charge you more.

  • Pierre Manaigre

Came in here for coffee. The place is really clean and the staff are friendly. I would definitely come back again.

  • Vidyut Ambani

Beautiful please for quick light food , fast & prompt service, food quality is good & delicious..

  • chad hiebert

Love sandwiches, and this place always delivers the same consistency of food no matter where you go. Tks Subway!

  • Matthew Young

It is exactly the same as every other subway. Maybe slightly better than the average subway

  • Jason Salamandyk

I'm rating for a Subway...and it's a fantastic Subway. Great staff, quick service, and very clean.

  • Ravi Bhatt

Had great service and atmosphere, but food quality was ok.
Take …

  • Sean Lindgren

Best subway in the city! They actually employ sandwich artists here! Thank you!!

  • Eric Carter

Wonderful experience, service was prompt. Hardly have to wait at this location.

  • Chris

Friendly staff and always fresh food! One of the better Subways in Winnipeg.

  • Andrew Larkins

The food was good but the service was slower tha. It should have been

  • James Koop

Great food, prompt friendly Service. Clean bright atmosphere.

  • Capt'n Kirk

As always, great sandwiches, clean store, friendly staff.

  • Jacob Linney

Very friendly staff, quick service and delicious food.

  • Chloe Weinheimer

Delicious and quick
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  • Brennan Trueman

Nice and clean restaurant. Service was good.

  • Bill Setka

Clean, friendly service, very pleasant staff

  • Holly Bausman

Clean, new, staff made great subs!

  • Baylee

Good food

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