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107 Fison Ave W, Eagle Farm QLD 4009, Australia


Shannons Insurance is a Insurance agency located at 107 Fison Ave W, Eagle Farm QLD 4009, Australia. It has received 253 reviews with an average rating of 3.4 stars.





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  • The address of Shannons Insurance: 107 Fison Ave W, Eagle Farm QLD 4009, Australia

  • Shannons Insurance has 3.4 stars from 253 reviews

  • Insurance agency

  • " , My car was stolen early one morning from my home, then located by police within 24 hours"

    "Beware when taking up the policy that they will do everything possible upon cancellation to continue direct debits"

    "great sales team, always quick to help"

    "Used to be good and fair"

    "I am now on my third visit with my new Mustang to Capital Smart"


  • Luke Hillier

, My car was stolen early one morning from my home, then located by police within 24 hours. DNA and fingerprint testing was completed within 72 hours, and Shannons was notified that the vehicle was ready for collection. In the nearly 4 months since my car was stolen (I STILL don't have it back, or even know if it's a write-off), the ONLY real contact I received from Shannons was to tell me I was being investigated for fraud!! Again, the vehicle was recovered within 24h! This is despite the fact that within hours of the theft, I provided police with camera footage of 4 thieves in a second stolen vehicle, removing my plates, breaking into my house to steal keys, and taking the car in a matter of minutes. The vehicle sat waiting for Shannons to collect it from the police holding yard for nearly 2 months, and it has now been over a month with an assessor with no indication on the status of my vehicle, let alone expected time to repair if it's not written off. I have also been denied access to my vehicle to claim personal effects. Despite 2 letters from my lawyer, I have received *NO CONTACT WHATSOVER*, save for a phone call acknowledging my formal complaint, and generic text message saying my car had been collected for assessment. Hopefully my submission today to the Ombudsman will move things along. So before I get the old "we are sorry to hear that you had such a poor experience with your claim" reply below, I want everyone to know that if they can't be bothered to reply to an official internal complaint, or 2 letters from my lawyer, the only bother they'll go to is in their sales department to get you in the door.

  • Lee Reynolds

Beware when taking up the policy that they will do everything possible upon cancellation to continue direct debits. After multiple calls to there call centre and being told they had no record of cancellation only to find that they did because it was not logged in there system properly they still refused to backdate my refund until I jumped through multiple hoops to prove I had sold the car and upon being sent the sale documents from the dealer and confirmation of funds received from dealer this was not enough and I WAS NEVER REFUNDED FOR A POLICY I HAD CANCELLED AND WAS STILL PAYING FOR. Fortunately I did not have to put a claim in to find out what would happen. I can say I have 3 other vehicles insured with Allianz plus a camper and 2 home policies and even though slightly more expensive they offer genuine parts replacement and have never done the wrong thing by me when I have cancelled a policy ( I have owned 22 cars in the last 10 years personally) my advice to anybody that I am associated with will be to avoid Shannon’s and shop around.

  • Fox S

great sales team, always quick to help. However, i was stranded for 37 days and not able to get my funds for my totaled prado. . someone at Shannon's never filed my assessment so 3 weeks go by and i have to call therm to see whats going on, they had made a mistake and after 4 hours on the phone they found the problem ( their fault). i was told the problem was corrected and the funds should be released in 3 days. fast forward 2 more weeks and still no funds, i call up again and someone in the payment department had not done the paper work. so again i am on the phone for 2 hours while these clowns figured out what to do. at no time should the costumer have to call the company he is paying to find out why no one is doing their job. it is day 38 and i still haven't received my policy even know it has been closed complete for 2 weeks now. be aware, great sales team, S**T staff. i cancelled all my polices with them as of today. unless you want to be stranded for over a month get a better company.

  • Jean Tierney

Used to be good and fair. A friend is fully insured through them for cars, was hit while parked and no note left. Initially Shannons was fine but the disgustingly rude assessor from Jimboomba smash repairs says "he doesn't see how the back of the car could be damaged" - it was hit in the front and pushed backwards into the tree it was parked under. How hard is that to understand?! So they are fixing the front, but not the back?? Cop out on both companies. My friend is changing ALL of her cars from them. How dare they insinuate she is making it up?? Its not like she was trying to get every last scratch out of the car. Just the front and the back where it was hit. It was hard enough to deal with given the nature of the accident and having to pay $650 excess for something she didn't do. I would spare the heartache with the heartless company/s. I too am now changing my husbands cars out of Shannons and will also leave a review for Jimboomba smash repairs on their behalf. Disgusting.

  • Howard Groos

I am now on my third visit with my new Mustang to Capital Smart. By their own admission the quality of work they have performed is not satisfactory. They have had my car now for a total of over two weeks (this means 6 visits to date)for a simple respray of a scratch, no damage, just a scratch. Why is Shannons also to blame, because this is their preferred repairer being owned by Suncorp as is Shannons. After the second attempt Shannons sent an assessor to check the quality of the work. He passed it as "good as new" , Shannons words not mine. I have taken it back a third time and Capital Smart admit it is still not acceptable. I now have to arrange a time to take it in to capital Smart again! This is my time, petrol money and Toll charges every time I have to do this. This means a total of 9 visits to Capital Smart for a simple spray job!! Maybe I should just go with a cut price Insurer where I can choose the repairer.

  • Fiona Parker

I have never in my life dealt with such low lifes that don't have any idea,how to deal with there customers, with trust and respect ,my son and husbands policy cancelleing after missing one month's payment, I my self am with a trusted qld insurance company and have nothing but great things to say during coved i had missed one payment my self also having an accident thinking I was not covered when contacting them they not only got my car fixed within a week and giving me time to catch up which I did with in a week but the point is my husband and son have been ripped off $150 a month for what my son works dame hard and what for , For some snotty nose consultant to be rude to me . Thanks but no thanks ,I have encouraged my husband to take his Harley Davidson to a different company because I think that they wouldn't stand with usin any crisis and i don't think your company would. Thank for nothing,

  • Natasha Batson

Don't insurance your car with these guys they Return cars back with a safety Certificate after it been in 2 Accidents and car is still faultin is putting my family in danger and is refusing to write it off as a Total loss the car was Return to me on monday, had the car for an hour, have videos of it faulting And now they want to return the car and get it looked at again. Even though we have three reports from there auto electrician saying there's no fault I'm working with the Ombridsman but they no help I'm now Seeking legal advice from a lawyer i have warned them i well taking it to the Media share on every social platform the stress and Anxiety this insurance company has but me though is Ridiculous i've now had to hand this over to my mother inlaw as i can't handle it been a fight on my hands for the last 6 months They are quick to take your money but not quick enough to make a decision

  • D Payne

Will never insure a vehicle with them again & will definitely never recommend this company. I had my vehicle insured & then in August the car was stolen I have been put through hoops the personal loss,stress & anguish is absolutely ridiculous. This is not how a business should be ran you want all our money then when we make legitimate claims you put your customers through hell. All the personal info that I had to send through to the outside investigator has been lost or they say not received I have sent through everything they have asked atleast 3 times & still 3 months after the fact they are still causing me a crazy amount of stress & anguish. Absolutely a disgrace and now AFCA is involved. Cars are a lifeline for people & you should not be taking over 3 months to pay out the insurance claim I will never recommend this company nor will I ever insure my motor vehicle through them again

  • Andy C

I've insured with Shannons for years, I like their products and in fact have had to use them a few times. But OMG. The wait times - it's no joke that I think my car was probably dropped off, repaired and returned in less time than the wait times when you try and contact them. I can't think of a time I've called in the past few months that the wait time hasn''t been "your call will take up to 45 minutes to be answered". I get they're busy, there's always some disaster going on in Aus, but they lose three stars simply because there's not a time of day or queue option that isn't a ridiculous wait. Ever. It'll be the reason, and pretty much the only one that matters, as to why I move on. Trying to call three times a day, and getting run out to 45mins or close to before I have to go and do life is meaning I'm spending 2hours plus listening to the same queue music.

  • Tommy Tutone

I am so disappointed that I ever recommended these people to anybody. "Choice of repairer". Yeah right!! When it suits them. You need to get the repairer to assess the damage, then the quote gets sent to Shannons. They'll look at it when they're ready. In two or more weeks if you're lucky. Use their preferred repairer, you are at their mercy. Shannons will book you a time. You can't talk directly to the repairer. They're under contract with Shannons. Even though the damage isn't my fault, Shannons couldn't care less about how much they inconvenience the customer. One thing that they don't disclose though (AND YES, I'VE READ THE PRODUCT DISCLOSURE STATEMENT), they WILL NOT commence the claim lodgement UNTIL YOU PAY THE EXCESS IN FULL VIA CREDIT CARD. BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THIS INSURER.

  • margaret howard

We have been insuring our 3 cars with Shannon’s since 2007. Never made a claim until yesterday. This is what happened - One of our cars was parked on the street while we went to do our shopping. While we were away, someone backed into our vehicle and damaged the tail light. There were no witnesses and no one owned up to doing the damage. Shannon’s said I had to pay the full $600 excess because we don’t have the guilty person’s Rego number or any other particulars! How could we, when we didn’t witness the accident??? The quote for getting the tail light fixed is $500. So, I’m not paying for any excess. What I’m going to do is CANCEL all my 3 car insurances with Shannon’s. NEVER INSURE WITH SHANNONS.

  • jason murray

Can’t thanks the staff at Shannon’s enough they have been absolutely amazing after my car was stolen and written off no hassle claim process staff are very understanding professional and compassionate to my situation. Months later updating some information again greeted by wonderful staff who are very helpful understanding and again compassionate about my situation offering all kinds of help in every way possible I’ve been insured with Shannon’s for a very long time and will never change Keep up the great work guys I’m so impressed with your level of service and wish there was more I could do to show my appreciation for all you have done for my children and myself

  • Rhianna Watt

We have been with Shannons for a few years with no issues until recently. Repairs were approved but not done satisfactorily, repairer taking no responsibility and cannot get the assessor to return my many calls. Lodged a complaint to the customer relations team over 2 weeks ago, still no response. Its been 4-5 weeks since getting the car back and cannot get anyone to call me to discuss our concerns. Cant even drive the car but still have to pay insurance! Very disappointed in the recent service and lack of communication. Will be taking this further by lodging with the AFCA and possibly taking even further. If I could give a 0 star, I would.

  • Owen Machin

Super dissapointed with the preffered repairer, done a trash job on matching and painting it and told me mechanical issues that had arisen due to the accident were already there and were nothing to do with the accident, the car was sent back to the repairer and the response was the same the second time. When this was raised with Shanons they seemed unconcerned and I was told that they would get an assesor to contact me, nearly two weeks later I am told that the assesor has tried to call me twice and sent an email, which is a flat out lie. Thanks to Shannons my pride and joy is sitting in a garage with me to scared to drive it.

  • Paul Frisby

Yesterday Shannons paid out in full a total loss claim on my car which was destroyed by a careless and ignorant semi trailer driver pushing water into my engine at speed in minor flooding after cyclone Debbie. The handling of the matter took just 24 days and all Shannons people were very kind and helpful throughout the process - which happened during a difficult personal time for me. This was only my third claim in over 16 years with the firm and at all times service has been excellent. They did not let themselves down even though the cyclone must have stretched their claims service resources. Ten out of ten.

  • Firaz Khan

DO NOT USE SHANNONS, totally hopeless when it’s time to do a claim they just run you around like a stupid idiot!! I’m still waiting for my claim it’s been 1mth 3 weeks still nothing done I called the customer service more than 10 times emailed more than 8 times no reply. So now if they don’t get back to me ASAP this case is going to COURT with my Lawyer to SUE Shannon’s insurance it will be going on media and Facebook I have all the evidence and recording so yes people DO NOT USE THIS INSURANCE COMPANY… and if you are using Shannon’s now please pull your policy out from them find someone else better.

  • Tony Southwell

Where do I begin? Such poor support and service from Shannon's. Sent me to a repairer but forgot to book me in with the repairer so they weren't interested in helping me fix my car. Waited patiently to be referred to another repairer only to find out I would have to wait 3 months for repairs to start!!!! Work took 4 months and was very poor - so much damage to my car BUT after taking my excess payment 7 months prior NOT ONCE WAS I CONTACTED BY SHANNON'S TO SEE HOW MY CLAIM WAS GOING. They actually paid the repairer without obtaining a release or any feedback whatsoever from me. Absolutely pathetic..

  • Debbie Armistead

After being insured with this company for 21yrs and never making a claim we were all of a sudden dropped in the most discussing way when we told them we were traveling and the bike was locked up like fort Knox and has an immobilizer. It takes us a good 45 minutes to remove once immobilizer is switched off.. If it is off the back of the truck which has a locked ramp keeping it in there it is locked at friends homes that we visit.. Shannon's your claim to motor enthusiasts of all old and new vehicles is a joke .. Start telling the truth instead of being just another money grabbing company

  • Adam Dykes

Absolutely disgusting client communication. Over 20 hours of being on hold to the contact centre and claim management team. No email communication or updates with the claim unless instigated by myself. Kept getting passed around and have now dealt with 4 different claim managers who repeat themselves with no resolution. Was promised portion of the claim was submitted for settlement only to find out it was never submitted and now settlement wait times are over 3 weeks. Will not be renewing insurance policy once claim is finalised. Absolutely unacceptable and unprofessional.

  • Craig Peters

I have just recently finished restoring my 1970 Holden HT Kingswood. I took it to Shannons at West End today for a valuation update on my existing insurance policy. What a fantastic experience. I was blown away by how passionate the staff at this branch are about cars. All the staff came out for a look at my car, great conversation and lots of complements. The valuation they offered for my insurance was right on the mark too. Shannons personalised customer service is outstanding. Nice to know I have real car enthusiasts looking after me. Great job Shannons West End.

  • P. Mc

I have a modified 4x4 that I've recently upgraded with lots of off-road and camping add-ons and was told Shannons were worth checking out. What a great experience. Answered within 1 minute and the guy doing the quote was pleasant and professional...and in Australia. Imagine my surprise when we agreed the value and the premium was less than my previous insurer, who refused to insure anything but the basic ute. Evaluating insurance company customer service can only be gauged once you've made a claim, but they've really got the relationship off on the right foot.

  • chay greig

The most un professional insurance company! Have had continuous issues about payments with shannons. Where they have cancelled my insurance and letting me know 2 weeks later because of an unpaid insurance(money was always in my account ready). Reset it up 3 times now because of this. Payment was meant to come out on Friday(money is in there waiting)yet still no money has been withdrawn from my account. It's a continuous thing. Makes my credit rating bad but also driving my car around un insured with no notifications. Would not recommend!!

  • Stanley Whiteman

Outstanding insurance company Shannons Insurance! Great to deal with. Highly professional. They were very polite, friendly and extremely professional on the phone. For communication would give six stars if I could. Next two cars will only be insured with the Shannons! Very happy with the Support Team and Customer relations Team response. Highly professional, Brisbane based support, the young lady really helped on the phone to understand the best insurance option for all our cars! Thank you so much Shannons Team!

  • Ian Johnson

The rating is for the auction house, not the insurance company. It took several attempts to get the salesperson to return my call after I had paid to arrange pickup of the car. Even though I gave about a weeks notice of when I would pick up the car, I had to wait around for 20 minutes while the sales guy got all the paperwork together. He knew I would be driving the car back from Brisbane to Newcastle, so you would think he'd have everything ready to go at the time agreed upon. No care factor.

  • Timmy Fletcher

Shannons have been good over previous years but now they don’t wanna talk to you. Some enquires can’t be resolved online so I called them, 15 minutes of lectures about how I should contact them online, then 5 minutes promo for the latest giveaway. Then, lucky me, after a very long wait, I was put through probably the rudest, most arrogant ‘customer service’ agent in call centre history. Probably advise anyone to call Youi instead. Reviewing my insurance now. Yours, disappointedly Timothy

  • Jess Kay

Received an email at 10:20pm stating that our multi-vehicle insurance policy was cancelled, as of the previous day. We received absolutely no notification that our regular payment hadn’t debited as it usually does, and thanks to Shannon’s have been uninsured for an entire 24hrs. Incompetent and sloppy. We’re disgusted enough that we will be taking every car, home and contents literally anywhere else. Do yourself a favour and avoid, they’re not worth paying for.

  • Matthew Graham

4 calendar weeks to take a look at my email containing quote etc for my repairs, then I'm told it will take another 3 weeks before they've made their decision, yet they take my excess straight away when the accident happened more than 6weeks ago! No wonder Shannon's is loosing client's and getting such a bad name out there. A lot more options out there now for classic car's will be going elsewhere when it's eventually fixed... if it's ever fixed that is!!!

  • David Say

Have been a customer for roughly 15 years. The quick service of the call centre has always been a strong point for me staying. But have noticed it starting to slip lately. Wait times of about half an hour when they used to be nearly straight away. Call centre staff always came across as car people but I hung up on one call back as it was a generic overseas call centre person and it didn't seem like a genuine call you would get from Shannons.

  • ralph 2

Pretty reasonable, the website doesn't work properly, and when you ring up due to this reason, or for something that can't be found on the website, the first few minutes of the call tells you to go to the website. We know the website is there, we would use it if we could, who in their right mind would wait on hold when you could use a website? Get rid of it, or make it like 10-15 seconds long, just makes the whole experience so much worse.

  • Jason Jupp

So we have multiple policy's with Shannon's because they present themselves as being a reputable insurance company who are easy to deal with.... Well I've been mucked around for the past 4 months waiting to have an issue diagnosed at my place after rain damage. I expect substandard service from cheaper low budget insurers but not from 'premium' insurance companies. It just goes to show that Shannon's are not all they appear to be.

  • Daniel Clarke

My car written of for hail, they were quick to pick up my car however still waiting on funds its now been 8x days without transport, called have waited 2x lots of 3x business days for funds to clear ro find out 2nd time now they have technical issues transferring funds. Nowi feel only option taking a 2 hour trip on a train to headoffice to pick up a cheque as missing out on cars and too stressful with getting kids to school etc

  • Yama Ha

Don't ask Shannon's Insurance for anything over the phobe. They will reject you and be very rude about it. I'm sure they would not speak to anyone that way if it were done in person. Due to how rude they are they've lost me as their customer. I've paid for top cover for quite some time now and never put in a claim for anything so a little respect would go a long way but nope, they don't believe in respecting their customers.

  • ken brown

Fantastic service from an Australian consultant answering the phone. Couldn't have asked for better. Understood my problem, and solved it straight away with insurance that fitted my need perfectly, at a price that was substantially less than my current unhelpful insurer with whom I've been a loyal customer for over 40 years. I'll be looking to get a quote for my house and contents when it's due after service like this.

  • Tamara Watson

If I could give them a negative I would. If you have insurance with Shannon's read your policy because they will only replace items with the base model even if you had a better quality. So if you are robbed or your place burns down and you have no proof then they don't care. So make sure you keep all your receipts for everything you buy or you'll get the base model of the brand you say it is. Photos mean nothing!

  • Aaron Cavalieree

After being connected with Dan who said he works at the Brisbane office, I can confidently say the experience and customer service from him was absolutely next level. He was an amazing helped and worked with me to give me a car policy which best suited my needs. Easily one of the best and memorable instances of customer service I have received. Your a legend Dan, keep up the awesome work!!!

  • Glenn Littleford

Had my HQ insured with Shannons for a few years using their laid up insurance, to cover it while it lives in the shed waiting for restoration. Currently getting the car back on the road, so called Shannons to discuss policies and prices. The salesman was very helpful, explained all the options, and the price for full insurance on the road was less than I expected. Very happy.

  • Dean Dixon

Would like to take this moment to acknowledge just how good Shannons Insurance is. I have been with them for years with my cars, and just recently got my bike insured last week. Got a bad tank of fuel and they sent me a tow truck to my house and took the bike to be fixed without charging me a thing. What can I say but truely professional service guaranteed Thankyou Shannons.

  • John Pheloung

I could not believe the way that I was interrogated and question as to why I was buying the car that I wanted to get a quote on. The consultant I spoke to was arrogant and condescending. I'm a profession person who is buying a $100000 sports car for my personal enjoyment and I was made to feel like I was a criminal. Good work Shannos. You have no chance getting my business.

  • Scott Bellamy

Pore service,after having vehicles insured with them for years I'm sick of calling them being told I'm not a customer,nor when you're trying to follow up on a claim it takes I straight days on hold for over an hour every time to be told , sorry wrong department I can't help you by, and hang up, will be taking this further with your legal team. Do not use Shannon's at all.

  • Douglas Hart

I had 11 vehicles insured with Shannon's , I have made 2 claims over the years and have always been happy. U til they refused to insure my classic 240z for more then 40k when then engine cost that much ... After much back and forth I cancelled all of my policies and went to Enthusiast. Not only is that car now insured for 120k I pay less annually than I did with Shannon's

  • Pete Mcdonald

Being an enthusiast I needed my long term project insured, three attempts at contact, 15 minutes on hold each time. This being the sales line for new customers I'd expect it to be the priority to answer and respond, I'd hate to be claiming, you could be waiting weeks. While on hold there is marketing being rammed down your ears, pointless really, if you can't purchase!

  • Operations Computer

took three weeks to even appoint one of their overworked assessors to look at my car, in this time the only contact i received was continuous phone calls from their indian call centre demanding that i pay my excess. Decided to not renew with them and i get a constant stream of calls and emails wanting to 'discuss this' Seems like they only know how to take money.

  • Alaedin Idris

This company is a joke, the sales staff are so ignorant on cars and just overly poor attitude. Not to mention the lack of ability to change excess and the values. Also 2015 STi’s are not a theft risk, this isn’t 2001, they have immobilisers and built in sensors activated by a keypad. Not to mention keyless entry so without the key you can’t even turn it on.

  • Beck L

Was recently tricked into changing CTP over to Suncorp (who own Shannons), voucher provided was less than promoted, made a complaint in writing, as they were totally inept at rectifying this and am still waiting for a response from June 22nd. They don't care. I have cancelled my home and contents insurance with them and got a great deal with Budget Dircet.

  • Mark Coorey

An outdated and cumbersome website needs to be updated. A 38-minute wait time on the phone is unacceptable. it's the longest wait of any insurer i have delt with. and having to listen to the mind numbingly boring droning of the talk back is painful at best. Nowhere i can find on the web site can you request a call back, unless of course your new business.

  • Lindsay W

Their online access is terrible. I have an existing policy and it never shows on there, and always says it can't be found. You call their customer service line and wait on hold for hours until someone answers and tell you they can't fix the issue. What's more frustrating is the hold message states "you can do all these things online" but you can't.

  • Maree Thomsen

Had chip in windscreen occur on freeway. I was able to get this fixed for free on the same day by going to their Slacks Creek store. Unfortunately nobody was available to come to me to fix for another 4 days, where it could have spread further by then, otherwise would have given 5 stars. Chip is fixed & can hardly see where it was now thank you.

  • lag plz no

We had just transferred to Shannons car insurance and had to make a claim. Shannons staff were excellent in the prompt and efficient manner in dealing with our claim and Nambour Smash Repairs were of the same high standard in doing the repairs. Colour match was perfect and they even washed and vacuumed the car. Five stars to all. Thanks again

  • John Russell

Hi, I would like to say a huge thanks for the way in which Shannons handled my recent claim. This is my first claim in 50 years of driving and although it was a no blame claim and a frightening accident situation to be put in, the entire claim process was made easy. Great job Shannons, thanks and best wishes for the festive season.

  • Geoff Carter

Used to be a great motorist insurance company......then along cam suncorp to take over. Well done suncorp!! You should stick to stuffing up the banking fraternity and leave motor insurance to motoring experts. suncorp already lost our family some time ago. shannons have also now lost a looong term customer. Hello YOUi?

  • lcxu1051

So called motoring enthusiasts insurance company who allows sub standard work to be done on classic cars so they can make more money. No longer a matter of you get what you pay for but now a case of paying more for much less. Just look up my name David Campbell on Facebook and read what they have done to me and my car.

  • S S

A decent insurer, but a seriously hopeless lot when it comes to trying to log in to one's account, they should hire people who know how to run their website instead of the 2 day computer course eggspurts run the show. I have to continuously ring them to update details etc intead of being able to do it online.

  • Wally Porter

Customer Service was not up to my expectation after going through the ID etc - Customer Service at an issue with my account - So put me on hold and the line dropped out Rang back and another operator wanted ti start from the beginning - Just not good enough - Now I will review my two cars that I have insured.

  • No Nickname

Absolutely useless, don't bother wasting your time with this insurance company. Ridiculous wait times to answer your call & then an archaic view on a motoring enthusiast. I would hate to see how they actually handle a claim if you ever had to make one. Stick with your current insurer or go elsewhere.

  • vette 63

I'm really annoyed that if you're already a loyal customer that has been with them for years, as I am, you dont get an entry in any competitions they run. Its like if they have your policy, then you dont matter anymore. Shannons try looking after your existing customers or they may look elsewhere.

  • Suzie Hope-Springs

We had the pleasure of speaking with Dan who answered our questions and dealt with us in a friendly, efficient manner - Watch out Shannons or some other insurance company will steal this helpful young man. He's a keeper. And Shannons are the ONLY people to insure with! Sue & Don, Taggerty. Vic

  • Adam Priest

Shannon's have been fantastic to deal with throughout our not at fault claim. They have kept us up to date with details around repair costs and options and have been very accommodating with extending the hire car loan period. Will stay insured with Shannons and happily recommend to others.

  • Tom Parke

After over 10 minutes on the phone trying to just get a quote for insurance, he gives me a number over 1.5x other insurers gave. When I said it was way higher than everything else I got he just says: “We don’t do cheap, I thought you would have known that.” Thanks mate. Have a good one.

  • dale ward

I called Shannon's after I found out that YOUI wouldn't insure my car with modifications, and, had bumped my premium through the roof without notice. SHANNON'S not only accepted my Car with modifications, but were cheaper, all with an agreed value near 3 times what YOUi were offering.

  • Brian Jeffreys

Always quick to answer the phone, have lodged a claim with my car previously and have had no issues, unfortunately with there home insurance over the past 2 renewals they have increased there premiums to the point they are uncompetitive so have now only have the car insured.

  • Karyn Brown

Wouldn't go anywhere else for my insurance, in my many years of being insured with them I've had no dramas and the couple of claims I've had have been stress free, I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting good quality insurance, can't same the same about racq though.

  • Edwin Limque

I have dealt with Shannons for several years, had a claim during that time, always helpful and good to deal with. Wait times on the phone seem to growing though but that's how it goes sometimes and not always manageable especially these days. I'm a happy client

  • Anthony Trothe

Car was insured for $12000 and the car run over a kangaroo and it was scrapped and they only paid out $6500. It took months to sort it out and they chipped and chipped away at me. I the end I scrapped the car for $300. Not greatly impressed with their service.

  • stuart newcombe

They say you only know how good your insurance company is when it comes to making a claim. I have made a claim, and as a result I don't even bother comparing quotes at renewal time! I have all my motor vehicles insured through Shannons. Six stars for me!

  • D Co

Communication is lousy. Used to be great service. I've waited for over 40min before hanging up to get a quite to add to the policy. No ability to leave a number and get them to call back. Disappointed is an understatement. Time to look elsewhere I think.

  • Fred Mohammed

The car was in repairs for 3 months, then it was delivered dirty with marks, stans, broken part & overspray. The car doesn’t run well and Shannon’s declined getting it fixed. The car requires a full detail, dash screen replaced, marks and Stan repaired.

  • Taylor Harrison

Trash insurance company. Roadside assistance is useless the take money off you that you have already paid getting a refund it's ridiculous and hold times are sometimes 30mins or longer would suggest you don't fall into the same trap I did leave them.

  • Dianne Austin

I'm so happy with my new policy! What a great company. I needed to get my renewal a little early because we're going overseas and WOW it arrived today. This is a company which does exactly what it says it will do. Thank you very much Dianne Austin.

  • Vicki Williams

Apparently because I'm not a motorist enthusiast they are not interested in my business. Wanted car & contents insurance but was told to try AAMI?? So much for the advertisement on TV. My car is important to me but not to them. Go elsewhere!

  • Family Man

These guys refuses me Insurence all cause I was not into cars I have a A1 driving record never had an accident in 26 years of driving I drive a near new car either way they didn’t even ask about what my history was as soon as they found out

  • russco1231

Service has consistently dropped over the last couple of years to the point that I'll be moving all my cover to another insurer. (1) Shannons DO NOT answer the phone, wait 20, 30 or 40 minutes...still won't pick up. (2) I paid my excess to

  • Sam Price

been with these guys 6 years. probably given them close to 20k with no claims other than one free windscreen a few years back. they won’t offer me insurance for an SS commodore because it’s not in a garage. it’s an SS for crying out loud.

  • Michael Hutchinson

Been a customer of Suncorp for over 30 years & Shannons for 15 and have CTP with Suncorp . I thought about leaving this Building Society pretending to be a Bank a thousand times over lack of Branches, lack of action on any matter, Auto

  • Garry Condon

had my first claim with these recently and tbh I couldn't be happier with the way they dealt with it. kept me informed at all times and went out of their way to ensure the claim went as smooth as possible. I wont be going anywhere else

  • Jason Johns

Shannon's is unlike any other insurance company they listen. I have 4 cars listed with them, and I have made 1 claim, and it was so easy dealing with them. If you are like me and have a wide variety of cars, this is your insurer.

  • Supa Tony

They justified a 25% increase on my premium. No changes have happened in the past year, but they felt 25% was justified. I was a big advocate for Shannons, until now.. I feel it insulting that they feel they can justify that.

  • Nicole Spaulding

Where do I start use anyone but Shannon's service is great until you need to make a claim then it turns to shocking and don't think you get to choose your own repairer they'll book you in to who they want …

  • jonathan simmons

Excellent company!- In all the years i have been insured,36 years in australia, uk, and france, shannons comes out tops. Excellant service, great cover. Thanks for the friendly phone service, and customer care. ***** 5*

  • Peter Aglio

I can give nothing but Complements and thanks to Shannons.Been with these guys for ever. Ring them up need a new policy on a car I bought plus keep old one going. Nothing was a problem.. Also a great price. Thank you..

  • Warwick Prince

I have all my classic BMW's insured with Shannons. I've had to make several claims over the years due to other people's mistakes, and every time the claim has been processed quickly and easily. I'm staying.

  • Scott Sallis

Popped in to get a evaluation on my bike and car. Staff were really helpful and came back with a realistic evaluation. It was pretty cool to see all the cars from the recent auction on the showroom floor.

  • Michael Hansen

I have a few cars with Shannons. I've recently had a claim be resolved and I wanted to say once again thank you to the accessor and the call centre team. Absolutely top service. Thanks again. …

  • Cameron Ewington

They are liars that only want whats best for them, after leaving shannons i went to alliance and am so happy i made the switch, shannon were no help to me at all and lied to my face on multiple accounts

  • Robbie Amhaz

Long wait times for the call centre. However, the service has always been great, and they helped me with paying my excess over time. If wait times weren't so long on the phone, I would give 5 stars.

  • Vince Livaditis

Absolutely appalling service. Cannot find out ANY information about my stolen vehicle. 2 weeks now and nothing. Been on call waiting for 30 minutes. Years ago your service was faultless. Ring me!

  • Joyce Tyndall

This review is to give a huge wrap for Mark Fletcher "Fletch", as I understand your company is a major sponsor of his T.V. show Classic Restos, I wish to congratulate your company for doing so.

  • Michael G

If you’re a 4wd enthusiast Shannon’s no longer wants your business. After trying to receive a quote I was informed “we don’t want customers like you” absolutely filthy with their service.

  • Michael Wulff

Recently lost a car in Queensland major hail storm. Shannons could not have acted faster or better. We picked up a new car 9 days later. Of course we continued our insurance with them.

  • Matthew Coates

Shannons, is not a company I could recommend at all. Where profits become more important than the insured. I highly recommend Enthusiasts Motor Vehicle Insurance. Poor Form Shannons

  • Tyson McConnell

Just bought a yearly comprehensive car insurance plan for my imported car. Was amazed at the price ($1000 cheaper than NRMA) and had a chat to the company which was quick and easy.

  • Michelle Ross

Online account to book car not recognizing my claim, directing back to ph number, 45 minute wait times, impossible to reach to assist. Very disappointing service,email bounces vack

  • Anita Brand

The accident I was in was not my fault and Shannons were very fast to pay me the agreed value of my car as it was a write off. Mini was the yellow one sandwiched in the middle.

  • Barry Alexander

Always nice (Australian) people on the phone. Waiting times usually not long. Any issues and queries have been sorted quickly. I'm very content with their services so far.

  • Scott

Took them 3 people to advice me they don't offer home and contents to people who don't have a car or bike insurance with them. You guys deserve the 1 star on this one.

  • matt heynes

We have 5 vehicles insured, each one tailored to its usage with Shannon’s, with the multi policy discounts and service provided we would be silly to go elsewhere

  • Kevin Booker

Was a great company but now simply lost the plot. That important that they text you and ask you to ring them and then leave you on hold for 40 mins. A disgrace

  • Roxi Walker

Saved a bit by ensuring with these guys, haven't had to use my cover but if the claim process is as easy as getting in contact for cover it should be easy.

  • Sophia Ross

Communication and ease of payment is terrible. Trying to pay on their website is a nightmare and customer service is non existent. Find another insurer.

  • Wane Irvine

Can't complain very competitive pricing and hassle free set up online I now have 3 vehicles insured with and my has his new Jimmy with them as well

  • Erwin Munroe

Awesome showroom with a good variety of vehicles! Chris was very approachable and helpful with showing us through the vehicles and process.

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