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Santa Fe Relocation is a Moving and storage service located at U Prioru 1076/5, 161 00 Praha 6, Czechia. It has received 34 reviews with an average rating of 4.4 stars.





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  • The address of Santa Fe Relocation: U Prioru 1076/5, 161 00 Praha 6, Czechia

  • Santa Fe Relocation has 4.4 stars from 34 reviews

  • Moving and storage service

  • "Santa Fe Relocation managed 2 of my relocations, the 1st from Switzerland to Denmark in 2016 and the 2nd from Denmark to Portugal in 2021-22"

    "Highly unrecommended for international relocation company! Stay away if you care when and what quality to expect your shipment"

    "Total disaster"

    "I used Santa Fe Relocation service twice: firstly for an international relocation of a large 200 Sq meters apartment from Italy to Czech Republic and then now again for a local relocation in Czech Republic, Prague"

    "Santa Fe Relocation helped us with our moving from the Czech Republic to South Africa"


  • A Striniqi

Santa Fe Relocation managed 2 of my relocations, the 1st from Switzerland to Denmark in 2016 and the 2nd from Denmark to Portugal in 2021-22. Both experiences were highly satisfactory, particularly the 2nd relocation which was also more complex. It all started before Easter 2021. At very short notice Santa Fe was able to bring someone to visit the apartment and arrange for the crew to package and transport my personal affairs as promised, relieving me from the stress of having to vacate the apartment in time, as agreed with the leaser. They were very flexible and understanding - be it the management staff, be it the crew. My personal affairs had to be split into 2 with part of them staying in Denmark after 1 month of storage and the other part being headed to a storage for an indefinite amount of time delivery to Portugal. The crew was very patient and attentive to the split of all the items which were only classified in broad lines with some labelling. Everything was placed where it should have been! I was delighted when the 1st delivery in Denmark happened as foreseen within 1 month and Santa Fe was even mindful of the official holiday and arranged for delivery 1 day earlier. As for the 2nd delivery, it stayed in storage for about 10 months as per my request and delivered in Portugal a few weeks ago. This was yet another great surprise. I was AMAZED to find all my stuff intact and as if packed the previous day and not nearly a year ago. Clothing items, books, China, kitchenware, furniture and a lot of fragile items arrived EXCELLENT condition. I am very grateful for the help and support that I received throughout this project from the team in Prague and to all that were involved in packing, storing, shipping, unloading. You deserve to be HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Keep up your great job and high level of service!!!

  • Marieta Gundova

Highly unrecommended for international relocation company! Stay away if you care when and what quality to expect your shipment. Even though I had a very good communication with the sales representative and I have received the best price quote (out of 3), I have regretted it many many times their selection once the move actually happened. Part of their packing crew was unprofessional which resulted in significant damages to the furniture (almost every item was damaged); the actual delivery tool almost one month more then planned and when received some furniture could not be assembled back together as the dismantling was dome very unprofessionally. Additionally, when I raise my concerns to the management, I was told that they don't see anything wrong with their level of service. All I am left to deal with all damages myself and communicate with insurance company without any support. This is not what you experience when you deal with really global professional players. Please stay away and pay few euros more to get the service promised.

  • Vlastimil Hrabal

Total disaster. Already relocated multiple times but this is so far the worst experience (with Czech Office only, PH office is very good). They packed things which were not allowed to be transferred to PH (first they told us its ok to pack it, later where it was on the airport they told us these are prohibited items for transfer), and now the things which were returned by the officers are still not returned to us, as they dont want to deliver it back for free from the airport... no communication for their side... dont recommend it if you will deal with Prague office...

  • Robert Gauci

I used Santa Fe Relocation service twice: firstly for an international relocation of a large 200 Sq meters apartment from Italy to Czech Republic and then now again for a local relocation in Czech Republic, Prague. In both situations, they appeared to be much more professional than the competitors I used in the past, in my experience of regular relocation as expat, and they handled our specific requests and needs for very fragile / complex furniture transportation and fixing in very professional manner. Highly recommended, I will used them again!

  • Veronika Kvaková

Santa Fe Relocation helped us with our moving from the Czech Republic to South Africa. It was from door to door service, their team even packed all things in CZ (to their own coverages) and unpacked it again in SA (and took all the rubbish away). Everyone who was involved in our moving was very professional, kind and helpful. There were no problems at all and all processes went very smoothly. Fast, clean, professional and very nice in personal (or online) contact. I highly recommend this company!

  • Michael Carlson

Extremely satisfied with the quality of this moving job from Czechia to Italy. In our case, it included very attentive wrapping of furniture, pick-up, one-month storage, drop-off, and more. The work teams on both ends were large (4-6), professional and efficient. The packing materials were top-quality. Email, phone and video communication was very professional and included a virtual, walk-through of our home to estimate the size and cost of the load.

  • Alex Barsukov

I was amazed, I have contacted three competing companies, and Santa Fe did the best job, quality and cost wise. They were super fast and flexible. I would highly recommend their service, the personal I Prague and Ljubljana were superb and very responsive. We even cut a deal to pick the package free of charget after the movement as I wanted to sort some stuff on my own. So to sum it up, highly recommend their service and people are great! BR, Alex

  • Karsten Kinzig

SantaFe did a stellar job moving us across the globe several times now. Our most recent move from Prague to Luxembourg could not have been smoother. Excellent crews on both ends, super supportive coordinators and teams more broadly. Everything arrived the way it should, lovely crews who have been very helpful (and patient with our kids and our dog moving around while packing). Thank you SantaFe, and a very special thank you to the Prague team.

  • Fi Kanera

The gentlemen from Santa Fe Relocation have just unpacked two truckloads of my things. They were very pleasant to deal with, & were efficient & tidy in the way they placed everything. It was a big help that everyone spoke English, & Tomas Vlna in the office did a first class job of coordination with my removalists from Australia, & every step of my containers journey. I would definitely use their services again.

  • Jaime Freeman

We recently relocated from Prague to Seattle. Santa Fe was fantastic to work with. Very responsive in the lead up to the packing and moving. The team who came to pack was very respectful and took great care of our things. The handover to the US entity was smooth and I knew who to contact with questions at all points during the relocation. I would highly recommend!


I recently contracted Santa Fe Relocation for my move from Prague to a city in south of Italy. Since the first contact the staff were very helpful and friendly. In addition to the fast and competitive quote, the pick up and delivery day was accurate with polite and prompt staff. I am very happy with the service and commitment of the company.

  • Gabriela Procházková

I moved couple days ago with Santa Fe from Prague to Zürich and I can only reccommed to relocate with this company. From the very beginning they were very helpful and professional, I had also a lot of questions and I received answer to all of them without any delay. They´ve got my trust and I am fully satisfied with the services.

  • Алена Белянинова

We had worked with Santa Fe company for our relocation from Prague to Madrid and were absolutely satisfied with their services. Client Manager provided all the necesary information and was in touch with us during the all process. Team packed our staff carefuly. And delivery came very fast. We recommend their service.

  • Monika Dvorak

We moved from the Czech Republic to Portugal - to Madeira. So quite a challenging challenge. I highly recommend Santa Fe Relocation: excellent communication, professional behavior of all employees and co-workers. The price / performance ratio - the amount of things with regard to the demanding time - reasonable.

  • Josee Ouellette

You want to have your stuff taken away at the point of origin and then be in the dark as to where your shipment is? Use this company. We had or stuff packed 6 weeks ago and as far as we know, our goods are still in their warehouse and when we call or email, we get the runaround. Stay away!

  • Therese Jansson

Good communication throughout the process. They provided all information needed prior the move, and ensured safe packing of my things as well as punctual delivery. They put in the extra work to find good companies to support the move even at covid challenges.

  • Alina Dyvnych

Služby Santa Fe vřele doporučuji, vysoká profesionální úroveň, individuální přístup. Využil jsem služeb agentury při stěhování do ČR a byl jsem velmi spokojen s úrovní služeb!! Dobrá práce :)

  • 쿠우

Staffs were amazing. All could speak English, extremely kind and they seems very experienced/educated on their job. Due to their fast work, all the goods are in new home now! Thank you.

  • Cecilio Rodríguez

The packing team was resourceful and very professional. Helped me with my worries regarding the packing. The costumer services was very helpful and solved all my little questions .

  • Alec King

I've used Santa Fe twice now, once internationally and once locally - and on both occasions they were highly professional. They remove a lot of stress from the moving process!

  • Mariana Ribeiro

Pierre vždy velmi rychle reagoval na mé požadavky a poskytl jednu z nejnižších nabídek, které jsem našel. Vždy laskavý a se skutečným zájmem pomoci. Důrazně doporučujeme.

  • Stepan Dlab

Použil jsem SF Relo pro přesun na dlouhé vzdálenosti a byl jsem velmi potěšen zkušenostmi. Zákaznický servis byl skvělý, stěhováci byli úžasní. Doporučil bych je.

  • Patricia Patrick

Pierre je náš account manager a odpovídá na naše dotazy. Velké poděkování patří týmům ze Santa Fe, protože byly efektivní a výrazně nám usnadnily stěhování.

  • Kyle Tiltman

Pavel Malček zdvojnásobil svou cenu a pak je hrubý a zavěsil telefon během rozhovoru, protože nechce mluvit o problému..... velmi hrubý a neprofesionální

  • Jan Nemec

Velmi neprofesionální přístup k zákazníkům - do své "door to door" ceny nezahrnují základní poplatky. Záludné. Nepoužívejte tuto společnost!

  • Aymeric „Xavienrique86“ Chertier

Perfektní služby, efektivní, včasné, super užitečné a levné ve srovnání s konkurencí! !

  • Fabien Frossard

Byl to bezvadný tah. Nic nebylo rozbité a reakce tam byla. radím

  • Michael F

Milí lidé tam pracují, velmi profesionální a nápomocní.

  • Gabriele Lenger

Velmi příjemná obsluha, vše pečlivě zabaleno.

  • Tereza Kocianova

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