AGA Moving & Storage

22 reviews

Na Boleslavce, 182 00 Praha-Březiněves, Czechia



AGA Moving & Storage is a Moving and storage service located at Na Boleslavce, 182 00 Praha-Březiněves, Czechia. It has received 22 reviews with an average rating of 5.0 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of AGA Moving & Storage: Na Boleslavce, 182 00 Praha-Březiněves, Czechia

  • AGA Moving & Storage has 5.0 stars from 22 reviews

  • Moving and storage service

  • "I am a customer who not only expect, but also demand"

    "I would like to recommend Armand and his crew for a move"

    "Armand and his team did a great job moving our home from Prague, Czech to Starnberg, Germany"

    "I had a great experience with Petr's moving service"

    "S AGA Moving mam skvelou zkusenost"


  • Shant Nagle

I am a customer who not only expect, but also demand. I am a foreigner (looks like always will be after living 6 years in Prague), I needed Moving + Storage + redeliver to my new address. AGA Moving & Storage has ALREADY super-impressed me with their communication, clarity, quality, speed, and accuracy in commitment. Where other company (I don't want to name) simply replying over email with "copy-paste" content, completely irrelavant to my queries, and making me anxious if they really understand what I need or not, so I cancelled them and decided to call AGA, and IT IS WORKING LIKE REAL "CHARM". ALL of this is all even before the moving out date. To the newbies: Step 1: PACKING: If you do not know how many boxes you need to pack your stuff, ask AGA to deliver the boxes at home, and use whatever you want, and pay for whatever you use, and no need to pay for unused items. STEP 2: Moving-Out: Keep the stuff ready to be pickedup, and AGA will take it with them (discuss possible insurances with them) Step 3: STORAGE (if required): They have a very big facility, in a big building, I have went there and they have showed me (I did not enter, I did not feel the need to) STEP 4: Moving in or REDELIVER: Well, just pick up the phone and talk to them, they really do not bite :)

  • rjf Farmer

I would like to recommend Armand and his crew for a move. This is the second time we have used him and his crew. Once 2.5 years ago and this week. We have used them for moving our items from one house to another, storage and now packed for storage and eventual move to another EU country. Armand with his depth of knowledge in the business is exceptional at knowing what you need, trustworthy and dedicated. His crew, have been with him for years and moved us 2.5 years ago, respect you and your items, know how to pack properly and all have a very nice attitude all the way around. He was recommended to me through a friend and I believe most of his jobs are referrals- I’m so satisfied and I think you will be too. Good luck!

  • Sitaram S

Armand and his team did a great job moving our home from Prague, Czech to Starnberg, Germany. The whole process was painless and seamless as they perfected with excellent service and transparency. Armand and his team are extremely friendly , trustful, competent and reliable. I would highly recommend AGA moving for your relocation needs as they deliver value for money with higher customer satisfaction. Keep it up team... I will sure be calling you fpr my next movement whenever it happens... cheers

  • Anastasiia Goncharova

I had a great experience with Petr's moving service. He speaks good English, which was important for me as a foreigner. His team was amazing - they arrived on time, marked and loaded my boxes in just 5 minutes. The delivery was exactly as I requested, and everything was carefully unloaded. The guys were friendly too. Overall, it was an amazing service!

  • Lenka Kiwová

S AGA Moving mam skvelou zkusenost. Pomohli mi se stehovanim z CR do Svycarska, vse se probehlo presne dle domluvy, naprosta spolehlivost a jeste k tomu velmi mily pristup od zamestnancu. Pokud se budete potrebovat prestehovat, nevahejte vyuzit jejich sluzeb.

  • Lia Manafova

Great company - I recommend. Armand and his team helped me to move from Prague to a different EU city. They kept my boxes for me and then delivered them as soon as I made it to my new home. Great customer service and friendly people! Thank you for the help

  • Rob Tillman

Used AGA to ship our goods from Košice to Prague. They also received and stored our goods shipment from Dubrovnik. Then they delivered the combined shipments our new Prague apartment. The movements were flawless with zero damage. Highly recommend them!!

  • Barry N

Other positive reviews also turn out to be true! Punctual, quick and very efficient! They moved all our furniture from our previous apartment to our new one in a matter of 90 minutes! Thank you team for the wonderful work :-)

  • Jan Johannsson

I was very happy with the service by the AGA Moving team. After some bad experiences with other moving companies, it was a pleasure to deal with removalists who were polite, punctual and efficient. Everything went smoothly.

  • Ritsa Demetriadou

I highly recommend this company. They helped us move our household and two cars from Madrid to Prague. At origin and destination everything was done professionally within the time frame and zero damage. Excellent service!!

  • Christian Viklund

Extremly helpful service, they were quick to call back to us in regards of the car hire and no trouble. The driver was the most friendliest person and an big asset to the company. All in all, perfect service!

  • Pablo P.

The company is amazing. They acted fast, offered me great options, and were perfect when it came to communication. I strongly recommend them! Thanks again!

  • Oliver Z

Armand and this team were amazing In moving us from Prague to Munich. Super professional. I highly recommend them

  • Edison Bardhi

The best moving company, profesionales, they know what they are doing. 5 …

  • Sadman Shahriar Mim
  • Indrit Brahilika
  • Giannis Veronis
  • Farkas Kerényi
  • oIvan Simicevic
  • Ramiz Beci
  • Petr Petruzela
  • arshila taghian

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