Robson Wine Beer and Spirit

123 reviews

425 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6B 6L9, Canada



Robson Wine Beer and Spirit is a Liquor store located at 425 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6B 6L9, Canada. It has received 123 reviews with an average rating of 3.2 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Robson Wine Beer and Spirit: 425 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6B 6L9, Canada

  • Robson Wine Beer and Spirit has 3.2 stars from 123 reviews

  • Liquor store

  • "I shopped at this store very often"

    "It’s suitable if you’re okay with paying an extra few dollars for everything"

    "Robson Wine is a 3,000 square-foot store located on Robson street"

    "Prices are very high"

    "This couple came in today one with a pair of ID one without the guy explain she was 34"


  • Paulina Zhang

I shopped at this store very often. Happened to be renewing my driver license when coming in this time. I see a new staff and also someone named Eddie that has been there for a long time (he did my transactions many times too). New staff never met me and he asked me for my ID. I don’t have a physical ID but showed him my driver license photo. He didn’t consider it sufficient, so he asked Eddie if he had met me before. Eddie said no. I was shocked because I went to that store so many times and met him so many times. The interesting part is that Eddie never says “hello, thank you or goodbye” when completing my transactions before. Perhaps that’s why he doesn’t remember me? I noticed that before and thought it may be just bad service for him, but now it impacted me to the point that I got turned away. I think if Eddie actually takes some time next time to say hi and bye to customers, maybe he will remember the customer and not turn away a regular client. But with this instance, not sure if I want to feel this cold treatment again.

  • Sabrina Wang

It’s suitable if you’re okay with paying an extra few dollars for everything. The location is convenient and they recently renovated so the interior is quite nice. Usually the customer service is pretty standard, nothing special but generally polite. However, we had a very negative experience recently where we made a purchase and realized the receipt was not in the bag. Assuming the cashier simply forgot (we were definitely not asked whether we wanted a receipt), we returned to the store to get it (all of 30 seconds later). We spoke to the same cashier and he was extremely condescending. ‘I can’t print another receipt after the fact’, ‘you can’t ask me to do that’. Well what did you do with the first one? He took 2 seconds to print a new one as soon as we asked for a manager. He continued to be condescending, acting as if he was doing us a huge favor printing out a receipt that he failed to give to a customer. Pretty sure there are many laws about withholding receipts, but OKAY, buddy.

  • Pooya Mohammadi

Robson Wine is a 3,000 square-foot store located on Robson street. ✅ For sure you have to pay extra on top of all the drink you buy because of the super expensive location. The staff is somehow helpful and in some cases they might be useful if you ask questions and in some cases rely on your instincts. For emergency situations you can buy some drink here, but the price is definitely higher than BC Liqueur. There is a good diversity and you can buy the most frequent bought drinks. But, don’t think you can find special drinks. * In general, buy your drink and don’t expect too much from the staff.

  • Andrew Browne

Prices are very high. Just paid 43% more than BC Liquor store prices for a 4-pack of tallboys and that's a pretty standard markup here for beer. Not sure about liquor as you'd have to be insane to buy anything bigger than a mickey here. Service is okay. One bearded dude (?) is pretty friendly the others are just ok. It's open late, and it's nearby, so that's something, and I sympathize that their rent costs are probably very high, and that they don't get the distribution markup like BC Liquor does, but still, the prices are just so, so high. It's a last resort.

  • Devon Campbell

This couple came in today one with a pair of ID one without the guy explain she was 34. The clerk asked for ID she didn't have it the lady of the couple this was about 9:00 pm they were able to buy their alcohol and walk out like nothing I asked the clerk if it was Ok if I didn't bring my ID she told me always have it she had just broken a rule .. the clerk I mean no offense on this but was a older white lady with red ish hair I didn't get her name but watched all first hand have a lovely week y'all

  • Carly Diane

It grosses me out that they have a well-used no-tap credit machine! You have to handle it to pay by credit. Yuck. Just not acceptable in this day and age. And to make things worse, they can't seem to get rid of the 'tip' function on paying. Why would I tip??? Prices are higher here, too. The renovation they did was very nice, and the store has potential, but I find that the limited selection of every-day-priced wines coupled with these other things means that I will make the trip to the BCLC store.

  • Sophie Berthelot

Terrible service, if you ask for help to pick out a wine don’t bother they don’t know anything and will tell you that. Also don’t bother showing up before 11pm when their closing time is for they will shut the door in your face at 10:50 and shoo you away. Not impressed by the new staff and values. Will not be shopping there ever again which is sad for this has been my local for 3 years and loved the previous service. From very very unhappy customer

  • Zhuocheng Li

The store offers a wide variety of options and generally provides a pleasant experience. Unfortunately, I had to rate it with only one star due to a distressing incident involving an Asian staff member who exhibited disturbing racial bias upon learning I was coming from China. It left me profoundly uncomfortable.

  • Daniel Schobel

I asked for a recommendation for a pinot noir under $25, was recommended three bottles over $35 and told there was nothing else good standing in front of a rack at least half dozen bottles under $30. So either it was a dishonest up-sell attempt, they stock garbage or the staff is incompetent.

  • Curtis Tonello

A great selection at a price. Understandable as it is expensive to run a business in Vancouver these days. Also people are complaining about the tip of right now these employees are putting themselves at risk to serve you during the COVID-19 pandemic... tip them a buck or two.

  • Edward Lee

My favorite's place to buy drinks! I have been a customer since 2019. They always remember me and I love how the staff is friendly with customers & each other, makes for a super inviting friendly atmosphere and its the reason i keep coming back. They also have a great selection of Liquors.

  • Graf Koks

Die erste Bedienung ignoriert einen, nachdem man Fragen zu den einzelnen Biersorten stellt, die zweite bringt dann zwar das Bestellte, berechnet sich aber ihren Tip selbst. Zweiter Besuch in 2017: nette Bedienung, leckeres Craft Beer aus Burnaby, gute Musik - darum 3 Sterne plus.

  • terri damiani

Not impressed with selection and pricing. Could only find one pinot grigio, it was cheap but not drinkable. Nice renovations, but I would give this location a pass for other liquor stores close by that have a better variety of grapes and price points.

  • jr longley

Location, location, location and you will pay for it. While this location does have a wide selection of goods you will pay for it. Search for a BC liquor outlet first. Overpriced least $6 per bottle of wine. Money better in your pocket!

  • Diamond Rutherford

There was an employee not wearing a mask or any type of face covering who also was unable to keep 2m distance from customers. Not supporting a business that flouts public health orders. Looks like there are other reviews saying the same thing.

  • cheeseisgreat92

Lovely staff at this liquor store! Really friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Awesome selection of wine and coolers- really a staple of the area. Clean store and always feel comfortable shopping there. I’ll be a returning customer for sure

  • Shawna R

If I could give zero stars I would. I walked in today to pick up a bottle of wine for a dinner party. I mentioned my friends really liked Hess Cab Sauvignon and did they have it? After checking their system records, they told me it was out

  • Lauren Jarvis

Good selection for what we were looking for, also very clean and overall a really nice space/atmosphere. Not really sure about their pricing in comparison to other places as I am not a local. No complaints! Staff were helpful and friendly.

  • Paul P

Staff is neither friendly nor professional. No greeting, no offer of receipt or any pleasant small talk. The cashier was on the phone while ringing the sale up, literally texting someone right in front of me while I was paying.

  • Joseph Felsman

Popped in yesterday to check out beers for our one night stay in Vancouver. Enjoy finding local microbrewers to try when travelling. They have a great selection of single cans/bottles that were perfect for our time here.

  • Leanne Reed

I was in the neighborhood and needed a bottle of wine so it served its purpose but the tip prompt at the till was inappropriate and made me uncomfortable. I would likely try to avoid returning simply because of this.

  • James Chen

Don't know liquor very well but don't disagree with other comments. The service was okay. It's interesting how now some retail stores ask for tips when the only service is check-out. Interesting sense of entitlement.

  • Darren Maier

Avoid if possible; way over priced over BCL. Honestly, it is shocking $5 to $10 dollars a bottle more expensive in some cases. Plus, they expect you to tip. I've had enough of everyone expecting a tip these days.

  • Jussi Päivinen

Go here for great selection, not great service or knowledgeable staff. They had single can craft beers from around the world and local ones too. Also one of the only places we could find non-alcoholic wine!

  • Tyson Bulmer

They expect you to tip on your liqour purchases... As if the liqour wasn't already expensive enough. I'd rather save myself the money and walk an extra 5 minutes to the BC liqour store on Pacific Blvd.

  • Capt. Anthony

Had an awesome conversation with the Dude. He's playing classical music, which I sang the Tenacious D version, you know it. They got my props. I'd say go see these guys to wet ye whistle.

  • Jacquie Marfatia

Just walked in to the shop today. Very helpful and friendly staff. Would definitely recommend visiting this store. Thankyou so much for your assistance today very much appreciated.

  • David Kehoe

Prices are noticeably higher but craft beer selection does offer items not found in the BC Liquor Store. Additionally, they do allow dogs in the store and have treats for them.

  • Hoda Rezaei

Bad experience and bad customer service. The store sent the wrong items through SkipTheDishes and hang up when we called to find out what to do. They said call skip the dishes.

  • Nadine Schroeder

I went in once with a specific budget and the girl working helped me find what I needed. She seemed genuinely happy to help me find good wine and didn't go out of my budget.

  • morin alaric

Take BCLS prices, add 4$ to 8$ to everything and you get Robson. The wine and beer selection is not even good. The appeal ? None. Craft beer section is for IPA lover only.

  • Remi Vienneau

Selection isn't great for such a location - I suppose if you have simple tastes, sure. The staff are so-so and a tip option on the terminal actually made me laugh.

  • R Mann

Cashier not wearing a mask and all the cheaper alcohol hidden away.they want you to buy a 50 dollar wine bottle and tip the cashier as it is located under a hotel.

  • Ady Wolf

Rip off store, everything has at least a 40% mark up. There are many places to get your alcohol in Vancouver and I'd suggest any of them over this place.

  • Evan Pensak

Not wild about the tip prompt when I bring something to the til, but really a great selection at a decent price for the location. My go-to as a local

  • Kevin

One of the best liquor stores in Downtown Vancouver. They have so many selections! I haven't had a problem with not being able to find what I want.

  • Mark Kantypowicz

Conveniently located downtown. Good wine selection with a quantity of chilled whites and other bevies. Pricey though. Expect to pay about 30% more.

  • Robert Johnson

Way, way overpriced. Bottle of (very good) Sea Cider Rum Runner cider here was $9 (!!) more than another private liquor store on Denman.

  • Brad Taylorwood

Cute little spot, pretty decent selection of scotches and local wines. The lady working was super helpful helping my wife find a wine.

  • Damian Herman

Terrible customer service. Employees here should put a smile on their face and at least pretend to care about service quality.

  • Dustin

Really nice people. Clean store and decent prices considering its on Robson St. Lots of craft beer, spirits and wines to enjoy

  • Michelle Arnowitz

The service here was abysmal. The woman checking us out was beyond rude. The wine selection was unimpressive and over priced.

  • Sebastian Emadi

Bad customer service, I was in the store but I was made to feel uncomfortable, they never asked me what I was looking for

  • Keith

Expensive. And we’re really tipping liquor stores now? Really? Good selection of wines, limited beer, and yea, expensive.

  • Derek Nelson

Food selection. I was looking for local beers as I'm visiting BC and wanted to experience the local craft breweries.

  • I Hernandez

Very generous variety of wine and liqueurs. Big space for being in downtown area. Prices are fair for location.

  • Oh Boy

Most over priced store on earth, going to a bar is literally cheaper, food and tip included.

  • Rastislav Veľká Morava

Great Liquor Store. Service is top notch. Seema the Manager is great to deal with.

  • Siraka Gandhi

Great wine collection and excellent service. I really liked their recommendations.

  • Trish Ashbee

Friendly, helpful and they always ask me for ID which this gal appreciates!! Lol.

  • Matt Snadden

Horrible service. Actually left angry which is crazy when you're buying alcohol

  • Juan David Ortiz Zableh

Very expensive, and the price is wrong on the items, BC liquor store is better

  • Anthony Benel

One of the few beers stores downtown in this area. Very small but efficient.

  • SkinnyKitchen

Amazing whiskey selection. Very friendly staff. 9-11 everyday!

  • Christine Kwok

Good spot for a variety of alcohol. Staff is usually friendly.

  • Alex Grundy

I’m expected to tip at a liquor store now? This is too much….

  • Melissa

Fabulous selection and very cordial staff! Cheers!!! ❤️ …

  • Nicole Leonard

Great selections of wine, beer, and spirits here. Thank you.

  • Howard Reid

Friendly staff, reasonable prices, and excellent selection.

  • Robert Grace

It was a nice, well laid out shop and conveniently located.

  • ab mmm

Love the selection of alcohol they got. They have it all.

  • Vanessa Carr

Great customer service, my favourite place to buy liquor

  • Kaushal Kumar

Ridiculously overpriced. Not a great selection either.

  • Dwayne Van Rooyen

Awesome spot. Great selection of wines and champagnes

  • Corbin Lowe

They ask for a tip now? What kind of place is this.

  • Darcy Smith

Worst service. Rude owner. I’ll never go back there

  • The RED

Good wine selection and great customer service

  • Katarzyna Goska

Asking for tips in a liquor store.. Really?

  • Cathy Puskas

Good selection of wine for a small shop.

  • Sean H

So expensive and then they ask for tips

  • Curtis

You're much better off going to a BCL.

  • Mon J.

Terrible service. Unfriendly staff.

  • A

Tips? For buying a product?

  • Ccompleta Completa

Wednesday 25 close 11 pm

  • Yvan Charette

Best store in our area!

  • Chris L

So expensive and rude.

  • Dhruva Pathak
  • Dorianna Leontiadou
  • Juan Lucca
  • Zen
  • Jack MacDougall
  • E Nelligan
  • kane walker
  • Steven Hsu
  • Edward Hanlon
  • Patrick Gagne
  • Ben Kwiatkowski
  • Matthew Carleton
  • Jayme Kennedy
  • roy esperanza

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