RONA Mississauga (Erin Mills)

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2933-A Eglinton Ave W, Mississauga, ON L5M 6J3, Canada



RONA Mississauga (Erin Mills) is a Hardware store located at 2933-A Eglinton Ave W, Mississauga, ON L5M 6J3, Canada. It has received 1162 reviews with an average rating of 3.9 stars.





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  • The address of RONA Mississauga (Erin Mills): 2933-A Eglinton Ave W, Mississauga, ON L5M 6J3, Canada

  • RONA Mississauga (Erin Mills) has 3.9 stars from 1162 reviews

  • Hardware store

  • "If there is an option of zero star"

    "Went to purchase a dishwasher at Rona because in the past I always received excellent customer care"

    "Rona is a big name and i love the store for many reasons:- 1- They have millions of products which you need for your life start from essential things end to the entertainment products"

    "While I can usually find everything I need on my own at this location, I was incredibly disappointed with the “customer service” we received from Parth and Justin in seasonals"

    "I went this location to purchase the post of the deck"


  • Gnnob Oniuqa

If there is an option of zero star. I will give to this location. I haven’t been in this location for ages because of bad services and today it’s no different it’s the same bad customer service. My wife ordered a large purchase online and says will be ready in 2 hours at the store. The store has 3 in stock. But when I arrive at the store after 2 and half hours. They haven’t even process the order. The associate told me it can be pick up by next Monday. Today is July 23. Six freaking days to pick up. Are they freaking serious? I ask them if someone walks in and purchase it in the store and customer service ask Rob from Rona and told me the best they can get the item buried at the back of there warehouse is Thursday. That’s freaking two days for a store purchase. What bunch of lazy workers you have working in this location if they can’t get an item out of there warehouse better replace the one in charge of warehouse. I remember this location is huge but now it’s half where it use to be. I’m not surprise if one of this day. This location will shut its doors because of poor sales and can’t keep customers satisfied not asking to be happy. If you want to get good service go to Royal Windsor location. I canceled my wife’s order went to Royal Windsor location and got the same item the same day not six days or 2 days. This amazing guy Rob didn’t even try to compromise or give me an option. Better stay away on online order or the store in Eglinton and Winston Churchill. Never had this problem with in stock item and come have back after 2 days. I Told my wife to do business only at Home Depot.

  • Erika Giorgio

Went to purchase a dishwasher at Rona because in the past I always received excellent customer care. I was looked after by Kristina who was outstanding and this negative review has nothing to do with her because she was so informative, patient and tried to help. This negative review has to do with one of the store managers Tim, I was hoping to get some sort of discount on delivery because Rona doesn't stock the items there and I would have been happy to save the $80.00 and pick it up on my own]. When I asked to speak with the store manager to see if I can get some sort of break on delivery [Perhaps pay half because they were offering free delivery on 2 or more appliances} Tim was asked to come to the appliance section. Right from when he arrived you can tell he was annoyed. When I asked for a break in the delivery he flat out said "NO" and that if I didn't like his answer I should "take my business elsewhere" because Rona "only makes 5% off any appliance sale". For a competitive business I was shocked on how he responded, even if he couldn't help with my request there are ways to kindly decline it. Sorry Rona I will think twice purchasing from you again.

  • Bassam Alshami

Rona is a big name and i love the store for many reasons:- 1- They have millions of products which you need for your life start from essential things end to the entertainment products. 2- They have many offers all the years but you need keep your eye to the fliers all the time, don’t forget to sign up to get email from them about the sale. 3- The quality for 99% of the products was very good after many years 4- paint & colors, if you looking for colors and not expansive will be the best choice to found from them, some times they have great sale for painting products. 5- High end products for outdoor products but the best time to buy ( end of summer ) they make a big saving ⛱⛺️ 6- The washroom’s products was very good quality 7 - Thousands of tools you will find in the store ⛏⚒⚙️ 8- They have NEST ( Google products ) , security products which is the best quality ever 9 - Big variety of wood, doors, metal and other stuff 10- Huge section for lights bulb and chandeliers, cleaning stuff, fixing tools, very high quality of machines.

  • Alyssa Navarra

While I can usually find everything I need on my own at this location, I was incredibly disappointed with the “customer service” we received from Parth and Justin in seasonals. We were really struggling to find what we were looking for and had to awkwardly interrupt both of their conversations with other employees to get any help. They searched our item in their devices and said they should have some and very quickly scanned their stock and seemed very confused and uninterested to help. Both Parth and Justin said they would scan the aisles and help us look. We stood there waiting for over 10 minutes before my partner got fed up and walked away. As I waited there for another couple minutes, I noticed that both Justin and Parth were assisting other customers. When I approached them asking if they found the item we were looking for, they seemed to have forgotten that they were helping us. I wouldn’t be as frustrated and upset if they had just come back and said they couldn’t find it. Instead they had already moved on to other people. Please do better.

  • Bruce Lee

I went this location to purchase the post of the deck. When I examined the post, none of the posts are in good shape. I talked the lumber manager, Ryan, for discount ( I got 30 % off at Home Depot located Heartland ). Ryan said he can’t provide the discount. I complained that the posts rotten, fungus all over, and cracked. I told Ryan that the posts shouldn’t be on the shelf for sale. I was so upset because I didn’t have choice. I asked Ryan for store manager, but Ryan started acting like he is the store manager. Ryan refused to call and bring the store manager. Ryan said “ the store manager will listen to me. Sorry I can’t not call the manager “. RYAN IS NOT STORE MANAGER ! I SAID TO RYAN “ YOU ARE A GOOD MAN “ BUT, HE IS REAL BAD LIKE ROTTEN TOMATO ! ALSO THE POSTS MUST NOT BE SOLD TO THE CUSTOMERS BECAUSE THE POSTS ARE DISQUALIFIED FOR SALE AND THEY ARE NOT GOOD CONDITION. THIS RONA IS TRYING TO RIP OFF THE CUSTOMERS BY SELL THE TRASH ! ! !

  • Au Sa

I just picked up 4 bags of Pro-Mix soil 112L each. The cashier lady at the counter did not ask if I needed help to upload in my car and I assumed they had somebody outside to upload. To my disappointment, there was none. This should be standard business service to ask and provide the assistance. She knew I was a lady too. She definitely needs training. My husband thought we would need more for our new garden bed and decided to go and pick up 4 more bags. I made him aware of my experience and told him to ask the cashier for assistance which he did and the cashier said there was somebody already outside. When he came out, there was no one and and as he was trying to go back in to ask for assistance, he met a tall Rona employee and told him he had paid for 4 bags and the employee instead of asking if he needed assistance, told my husband to go and pick it up. My husband is close to 70yrs. They need to improve on customer service.

  • tarun minocha

This store is fortunate that Google doesn’t have a zero star option. The staff is plain unprofessional and has no respect for customers’ time or money. I paid for a Monument Bbq Grill in early March and the product purchase included assembly. I was told that the product will be ready in 3-4 days but they couldn’t deliver even after a month. I went to the store multiple times during the month and the staff just told me to come again and check later. I gave up after several visits and asked for a refund. Not going back to this store again for such products or services. I’ve had a much better experience with Home Depot and Canadian Tire, at least their staff has respect for customers’ time and money. Update: Received a call from Rona saying that the bbq is ready to be picked up. But I got the refund about 4-5 days back so this is way too late. Crazy management here.

  • Vivek Jain

I'm not a handyman and have limited knowledge. I don't go to this store often although it's the nearest hardware store to my place. Couple of times when I've been there, the guys around have no knowledge, are not helpful at all. Went there couple of days ago to the plumbing section to get the connections to split my outdoor valve to add line to the sprinkler system. It was already there before so I had pictures as well as the split I had and was carrying. The guy still couldn't help with putting it together for me to buy the parts. I had the before pictures, current pictures and the part. Didn't help. In fact the guy asked me what size is this pipe that he was holding in his hand. He had no idea about it. Was a waste of time and gas. Next day I went to Home Depot and the guy was so helpful with finding the solution and I got everything done I needed.

  • Joanne B

I was in this store yesterday afternoon and had the pleasure of being served by Kristina in appliances/bathrooms dept. This was my second experience with her and I am compelled to share how remarkable she was. I was in looking for a bathroom vanity as well as a shower set. I could NOT have asked for a better customer service experience! She went above and beyond what any other retailer CSR has provided, searching for the items, both 'within the store' physically, (since the inventory stated there were 3), and then at neighbouring stores etc. etc. I was actually amazed. I had a ton of questions as usual...and never once did I feel rushed or that I was putting her out. She made a number of calls and located the items I was looking for at another store and I'm off to purchase today! Thank you Kristina for your amazing customer service!

  • B. Od.

I went to Rona to get some laminate flooring and vinyl tiles. It was actually my 2nd time in a Rona store surprisingly but my oh my, isn't Bibiana such a lovely staff! She patiently walked through the options with me. We discussed my colour preferences and she was really really patient as I arrived at a decision. She attended to other customers who came in without 'disconnecting ' from me. Then she took me to where I could view closet doors and weigh the costs/ options. Very engaging staff. I felt like I went shopping with a friend. Now, that is what I call customer service. If she owned the business I am sure I would have bought things I didn't plan for, just to make her happy. If/when I have a business, Bibiana would be my 'ideal' profile for client facing roles. And yes there are so many Rona options for flooring

  • Mary C

Staff is polite and helpful, exchanged my merchandise without any hassle or hitch. Though, the shelves are not as full with merchandise at this time. Otherwise, I had purchased a new Maytag washer and dryer from the appliance center. The customer service from the young lady with dark brown hair was impeccable. Top notch, answered every question and concern I had. Highly recommend and appreciate the time and effort made by this woman. Something to think about when making a major appliance purchase. Delivery without a hassle, removed the old broken equipment. The gentlemen that installed the product were very helpful and extremely knowledgeable about my Maytag appliance. Great job!

  • F Sant'Anna

One of the largest Rona stores in the region, but with the same terrible process and operations as their other branches. I traveled to the store to get a product that they had 10 units in stock, as shown online. Getting there, after looking for it and asking about it, I was told that the item was locked on a trailer outside the store, and only the manager could unlock it, but there was no manager there to do it. And it was a $13 product! Really unbelievable the disorganization and precarity of their processes that leaves employees with no tools to provide a good customer experience. I'm never going back to this place. There are much better options out there.

  • Jay Piwo

I have shopped at Rona Erin Mills for some time now, and I have to say it is a pleasure. My latest interaction was with Tara and crew at the Pro Desk - Rona head office was dragging their feet on a issue, and Tara and team stayed on top of it. She kept updating me and when there was no movement on it from head office, Tara found a great solution that I'm thankful for. In terms of the store, I always find what I am looking for for my builds (which I some times can't find in other big box improvement stores) and at good prices. Love their drive-in lumber/stone yard as it makes things so much easier. Keep it up!

  • Jessie Z.

Exceptional customer service at this Rona location. Store manager Angelo went above and beyond to help us over the phone during covid as well as in store after reopening. He truly cared for our needs, accommodating, and most importantly solved our problem. We are very grateful for the wood/door specialist Michael as well, who is very knowledgeable of the products and helped us find what we need. We shopped at a few large retailers for our home reno and this store definitely stands out and provides the best shopping experience. Thank you Angelo and Michael for your help! I think you deserve more recognition!

  • Peter Min

I ordered two items online for curbside pick up. The site said they would be ready for pick up within two hours. I've waited 6 and a half hours and then called the store to check if the order is ready. The clerk said there is nothing she could do. Yesterday, I ordered 11 items which would be ready in 24 hours on the site but I received it in 7 hours. The lumber I received was not in good condition. The osb board was damaged and pressure treated wood cracked and damaged. The quality of their items are very poor compared to Home Depot. One picture shows how quick Home depo is. I'm very disappointed in rona.

  • Purvish Shah

Recently bought a dishwasher from this location. Instore service was phenomenal, the issue with one party delivering, another party installing and zero communication between them is painful. Received call for installation to charge for installation right away with no insight on when the actual delivery itself is. Frankly, not a issue limited to Rona, other big box (orange) stores are the same. A truly disappointing experience as far as installation and delivery of the actual product goes. 5 stars for actual purchase experience in store , missing stars for poor installation and delivery experience

  • Neil Gandhi

I was being "assisted" by an elderly gentleman today Aug 8. We were trying to locate a small item I showed him on the website which showed 58 units in stock. He said he would go to the back and check the computer but didn't even note down the item number. I waited patiently and he never came back I managed to find the item on my own and ran into him 10mins later outside the store as he was leaving his shift at 4:30pm. He could have just asked another associate to assist before rushing out the door Please note that other staff members today were professional but this incident was annoying

  • Louise Chan

Went there today to buy a few electrical items and one of the items I needed was a 3-meter 14/2 wire. They didn't have pre-cut wires with this length so I needed assistance so that I can buy this wire by the meter. I approached 3 store staff at different times. First staff just told me that somebody in aisles 9-12 will be able to help me... 2nd and 3rd one sent out a page so that somebody can come to aisle 12 to help me. Despite the 2 pages, nobody came. Left the store after almost 15 minutes of waiting for nothing. A big waste of my time.

  • linda dunmore

We have had two great experiences at Rona the past month. Our rental hotwater tank that was 13 years old cracked, and we wanted to own the next tank. My husband called Rona and Marco at Rona had our hot watertank installed the next day. The installation team was clean, fast and efficient. We were so impressed with the quality, service, and price. Rona was great again this week when we had a new dryer delivered. The service in the appliance area and delivery was again five stars. Thank you to all those who helped us at Rona, Erin Mills.

  • Abba Ji

This is your typical Rona location with few people who can actually help you and are willing to help you. It’s always a challenge finding someone in a specific aisle / department who can actually help you. Product range is somewhat mediocre. You go in thinking it’s a big box store but half the time you don’t find the things you’re looking for. It’s kind of in-between HH and HD. Their price match policy is non-existent. No wonder their larger “orange” competitor i.e. HD has been winning the battle.

  • David Eng

Took forever to get help at an aisle. Had to page seasonal worker multiple times. When I finally got someone, the worker told me the item I was looking for was in overstock but they couldn't get it for me. The reason was the machine that they use to get overstock items is driven by a specific person that went home already. Sigh... Update 2022: I have been here numerous times since then and they have good selection of products and friendly staff helping out. So I am upping my review to reflect.

  • Mrq5daw

We went to Rona Dundas and cawthra, the item we are looking is not available there, they check the computer and the item we are looking is available at Rona Erin Mills, we drove there and asked the 3 guys who was just talking and laughing, they checked the computer and sure enough they have two available item we are looking, he told us that they could not find the item location so he can’t get it for us, I felt that they just want to help us or disturb them, what a waste of time and gasoline.

  • Anu George Canjanathoppil

I have had the worst experience as a first time customer. I purchased 4 planters online and went 4 tines to their shop and called 12 times and they still have not resolved my problem. Zero follow up or interest in customer satisfaction. They took me for granted because of where I come from. Really embarrassed to even follow up with them. They have cost me a few hundred dollars and the few hundred losts on the plants I was unable to repot but what cost the most was my dignity.

  • Hamid Assadullah

I ordered online. I drove there and responded to their email and sent arrival notice through their web platform with my parking spot and description. Nobody came out to bring my order. After getting frustrated, i walked in store and they havent even picked up the item or processed anything. I could have waited til their close time and no one wouldve come out to help me. Finally, I received the item, it wasnt what I expected so I returned it. That part went pretty smoothly.

  • Jessica Cece

Disgusting and disrespectful customer service. Male worker ACCUSED me for loading extra items in my car, then refuses to count the items, making me wait as I stated I am in a rush. His excuse was he needs to serve other customers. I am a customer standing right in front of him, he stopped ME and is making me wait for his service? I returned the items immediately, the workers then counted the items and surprise surprise, I did not load extra items in my car.

  • Troy S

The staff is great, very friendly and helpful. Item that I wanted was sold out in front and the lady in flooring went to find the item in the back very early in the morning and even though it was a very heavy item she brought all of it for me with extras to reload the shelf...this was the day we switched to daylight savings time and she and the other guy must have been exhausted that early but still extremely helpful and pleasant

  • Art Wish (Art Wish)

Bought a product online and picked it up at the store, the email I received said I could pick it up from inside the store which is not the case, no big deal but it would be nice if the email reflects what the current rules are. Also it took a while to get my purchase, like 20 minutes it was a small item and there were not many people waiting. Home Depot usually brings you the products out in 5. Other than that everything is good.

  • Vinz Pingol

Kristina in appliances was excellent. So helpful and patient. Dec 22/19 - The service here is hit and miss. My first experience was really great. The next few were sub par. Today I dealt with a few more sub par employees but Jordan was exceptional. He not only took the time to answer my questions but went out of his way to give my wife and I extra special service. It totally made my day and I'm grateful for his service.

  • Hai Yen Nguyen

Went there this afternoon looking for a fridge and had a bad experience with the service at appliances. The guys there simply said no with all further requests just because it was inconvenient for them. They didn’t even make any phone calls just to double check about the service. They don’t treat you as the customers, they care more about what is convenient for them, not what is convenient for you. Do not recommend!

  • Victor N

Lazy, slow people! Placed a simple order for 2 cans of glue. Next day called to find out when is it going to be ready. Got the answer - they are looking for a product. For the information how long time will it take I have been offered to be on hold for an hour or they will call me in few hours. Had to cancel my order. Terrible slow service!!! Placed the same order in Home Depot and it had been ready within an hour.

  • Queen Shrugs

Shop there only because of convenient location. Disorganized. Conflicting directions as to the pickup. Several people in the store but no one seems to know what they're doing. The number to call when you arrive was unreachable both my pickup times. Other time when I did reach them they couldn't find my order and tried to convince me I was at the wrong location. If you opt to shop here come equipped with patience.

  • B.A. D

We went to this store to get some appliances. I didn't expect much, in my mind was just another store, Home Depot style. The experience I had was wow! I had the luck to find a very skillful associate that was able to quickly navigate through stocks, offers, sales and gave us all the answers and advises. So, if you need appliances, find Kristina. She is not only very professional but is also able to multitask.

  • JE J

Went to look for a dryer at the Rona located at their Eglinton/Winston Churchill location. I was fortunate to meet up with a sales associate named Mohammed in Appliances. He was very knowledgeable about the products and listened to understand what I needed in a dryer. Service was exceptional so I purchased a LG dryer from him. Rona is lucky to have Mohammed working for them so keep up the good work!

  • Karim

Rona is a reputable hardware store offering a wide range of products. Their plumbing section is extensive, and the staff is knowledgeable, providing excellent customer service. The kitchen faucet I purchased was of high quality and reasonably priced. Overall, my experience at Rona was positive, and I would recommend this store to anyone in need of plumbing equipment or hardware supplies.

  • Maj M

The store is well organized and you can find items easily. However, some of the staff is really unfriendly and rude. I go there often because of its proximity to where I live. I had a couple of bad encounters with young staff members who were inexperienced and flat out rude. Only reason I return because of the good managers. They seem to have weeded out some of the bad apples recently.

  • Thomas Joseph

Was at the store at 1:30 pm today and I had the best experience ever. I went looking for a air filter for my lawnmower and I was taken back by the dedication the 2 employee showed to make sure that I get the air filter.The young man and young women went out of their way looking for it behind large boxes .I really felt special as a customer.Thank you and keep up the good work

  • Malaika K

Great customer service! I had called in about a snowblower and nobody was available to assist in that department. The customer service rep took it upon herself to check it out for me and confirm it was in stock and they just assembled it. When I came in to purchase, they price matched and helped take some of the snow blower apart so it fit into my SUV properly.

  • Dana Young

I didn't shop Rona very much until yesterday when my frige broke down. I went through all stores in the neighborhood but didn't get what I wanted, Rona at this location was my last stop. Appliance department Kristina was super kind, patient, helpful, turned the shopping experience memorable. I will surely shop with RONA in future. She warmed my heart so much!

  • Allan Connor

Waste of time. Went to buy an item on special. At checkout price was twice what I expected. Apparently the item I picked up along with others had been placed over "special" area of shelf. After dealing with two sales people who were helpful but of no use we determined that they were out of stock on special item. This took a long time. I left empty handed.

  • Enflux

I recently visited Rona and unfortunately encountered a slow cashier. However, the rest of the staff was friendly and helpful, and the store had a great selection of products. I appreciate their commitment to safety measures during the pandemic. Despite the slow checkout, I would still recommend Rona for their quality products and customer service.

  • Khalil Supple

Friendly staff and well organized store. Lots of Kitchen cabinets on display and on sale. Unfortunately only in white. Would love if they can offer different colours. Appliances also on sale - good selection but don't stand out from other competitors. I didn't find what was I looking for (the laminate sheets for counter tops). Overall good visit.

  • Winter Walker

The plumbing specialist at this location named Albert knows his stuff, and provides great service! I had no idea what I needed to fix my leaking bathtub faucet, and as soon as I told him the issue he told exactly what I had to do. I am so grateful that Albert was there, and took the time to actually listen and explain to me.

  • Thilini Udeshika

Ordered an online product and I had an excellent customer service. I called customer service and request to expedite the service as the product was urgently needed to fix my house water leakage. The customer service associate who answered to my phone call was arranged the pickup sooner than I expected. Great service..!

  • Sujaan Singh

Canadian home hardware store for all your reno and home needs. Could be a lot more cleaner and organized, With all the employed standing around talking. Shelves need stocking and sorting. Love the outdoor lumber yard. Saved so much time as you can load directly into your truck. Proudly supporting Canadians.

  • Tahera Al-Harazi

I had an emergency buy and two employees were a tremendous help, Albert and Angela. I’d like to add a personal note of gratitude to Angela for taking the time to talk with me and being empathetic in my situation of this emergency buy, I swear she is an angel that was sent to give me hope and courage.

  • Tom Garnett

I personally had no issues here, I wanted an EGO trimmer and asked the first employee I saw. He had trouble locating it and asked the guy on the forklift to check high up. They found it and cleaned the dust off the box so I wouldn't get all dirty and off I went. They were very helpful throughout.

  • Rakib Khan

Customer Service is not good. Even the manager doesn't know how to talk to the customers. My experience is based on a return, which was made within the timeframe, but the manager was not happy expressing why I didn't return a few days before the return end date and should have come early!

  • Rochelle Mathew

They will tell you you picked up the wrong product when they stock the wrong one under the wrong skew. Cashier will tell you to take a photo of it and take it to customer service and customer service will tell you you grabbed the wrong product! But at least they will exchange it.

  • KSP

Service at all places has gone bad now. They don't have staff around to get some answers. Only 1 person at the cashier helping returns and cashing out. Everyone is overworked, so definitely, they do not care for customers. They also don't do price match with their other stores.

  • linda gibson

Experience at the store was not good. I was on hold on the phone for a very long period of time and finally when I did speak to somebody they were not knowledgeable, told me to call back tomorrow and when I said I guess I'll go to Home Depot they didn't even seem concerned.

  • Tamer Afifi

I did not have to wait a moment to find an associate that is able to answer all my questions interior door related. Very nice helpful people and reasonable price. Love the place. It has an atmosphere of a small family run business. Friendly and very helpful personnel.

  • Iosif Berbec

Wonderful staff and personnel bought my washer and dryer here after Bad boys went broke incredible service they had everything in stock and installed within 3 days delivery and personal at the store incredible I recommend shopping here for all your major appliances

  • Lima Lake

I have been shopping there for many years and I applaud the friendliness and knowledge of the staff. They always take the time to assist whether it's hardware, paint, plumbing, electrical. This Rona have the most helpful and kind associates.. Thank you RONA.

  • Mr King

Not a Rona fan at all. I prefer Home depot. I recommend anyone to go to Home depot than Rona or Home hardware. Any time I bought something from there, always end up with bad day. I DO NOT RECOMMEND RONA/LOWES. ESPECIALLY THEIR POLICIES AND CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  • Ivana Pivnicki

I broke my foot and am unable to drive. poinsettias are my go to Christmas decor must. Rona has 6inch pots for just under $7. They gave an express delivery option for $10. Beyond thrilled. Not sure which store they were shipped from. Guessed this one.

  • Philip Tran

Their phone robot does not work - can't transfer and get in contact with a person using any of the dial options tried 5 different options (customer service/two separate departments/curbside pick up/and sales) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ don't bother calling lol

  • Doug Pham

Looked online, it states this location has 1 of the item I'm looking for in stock, arrived at the store, item wasn't in stock. Spoke with customer service at the store, they said it's better to order online for pick up. I ordered online for

  • The Contractor

Waste of time for contractors. Inconsistent with quality of lumber, they'll never price match the competition on building supplies, Stock levels are inconsistent, I have 3-5 projects going on per week. I've visited this Rona a handful of

  • Deb Dobson

So far so good, I called the store spoke to the flooring desk, and she was busy with a customer and asked me to hang on. I was happy to wait because I find it ignorant and rude of sales people when I am in a store and they put telephone

  • Daniel Stoenescu

DON'T GO THERE....!!! On last night visit I have to wait more than 25 min on fashion plumbing to see an associate , never came .... we try different things...asking on hardware department..calling the guy a couple times...asking other

  • Jary Jaryy

Called ahead to see if they had a product. They said they did. Drove in heavy rain and snow to get the product (snow blower). Turns out it was "out of box" and a floor model. The sales rep was happy to give a 15% off after seeing my

  • S Ahmad

The lady who works in the Paint Department is probably the worst customer service employee I've ever encountered. Rude. Discriminatory. Condescending. Unhelpful. Unknowledgeable of the product she is selling.

  • Michael Mischke

This is the worst home reno store I have been to. I live nearby so I try to come here often for basic items and every visit is a nightmare. Avoid this place. Take a few extra minutes and go to home depot.

  • A P

Larger Rona Home Centre. This location has a bigger variety and quantity than other stores. The presentation of merchandise and the hands on displays are top notch. Great customer service and experience.

  • Agostino Finucci

Haven't been to this store for years. Went early looking for one specific part. Luckily for me it was deserted, but the attendants were around and pretty sharp, so I got the part pretty quickly.

  • Debajyoti Basu Ray

If you are in Erin Mills area and setting up your new home this is the place to be. They've got all great quality products. I really like their lighting section, they've also got easy returns.

  • Hollies

Great varieties for home improvement. Many seasonal items are on sale. Competitive price with other stores. Merchandising is well organized and easy to find. Staff is friendly and helpful.

  • D B

Was assisted with my shopping requirements in a fast and efficient manner by store clerk Leolin. Leolin answered all of my questions and is a definite asset that Rona can be proud of.

  • Kevin

Contractors checkout needs cash/change in the mornings. It's a inconvenience that seems like should have been addressed much earlier. It's litterally everyday.

  • Raghib Hussain

Glen needs to fix his attitude towards customers...maybe he was having a bad day but there is a way respond to customers questions. Had a very rude tone.

  • Kevin Berg

Bought a dishwasher the other day, the whole appliance department is awesome. Shoutout to Kristina (I hope I remembered her name), she was very helpful!!

  • Rajeev Ahooja

Good place to shop with helpful staff. Unfortunately, they have limited products. So if you are looking for something special you may not find it here

  • Neerja Tiwari

friendly staff , spacious store, clean uncluttered aisles And Lori was great in helping me pick and choose as well as Shannon at the Cash 3

  • michael sy

Bought a new stainless steel cooking range with different controls and it included an air fryer. We got an LG and was on a special sale

  • Alberto Del Fabro

Placed a 3K order. About 40 pieces to the order , seems some of the order was marred and somehow still put on my skid for pick up.

  • Ali

Painful and frustrating curbside pickup experience. Waited over 20 mins and called twice to check on the order ... not cool at all.

  • Nick Monaco

Great big Rona, lots of stock for what I was looking for. Joel an associate there helped out alot. Thanks check it out.

  • Martex2013

Good luck in finding anyone to help you. Expect to wait a long time in the cutting section to get some lumber trimmed.

  • adnan yousif

Hard to find attendant to help you there ..not that much new products,u feel this store sell only old style products

  • Ghada Maj

They have the most professional and helpful staff in Canada You can find anything you want on regard to home …

  • Marianne Huff

This is an exceptional rona location. I go here frequently to buy hammers for my home renovation business. Thanks!


Excellent place to buy stuff. Staff very helpful. Virginia very helpful and always willing to help customers

  • Bashar Al-Hussaini

Has everything you need but not enough staff. Lots of parking and truck/tool rental is easy and affordable.

  • Debbie Taylor

Great customer service. Great selection different from others with good prices. A favourite place to shop.

  • Manny Ferns

Good deals on Christmas decorations, the supplies and tools Re as good as any home depot stores.

  • J. Johnston

Lack of stock of common items is a frequent frustration. Staff are regularly less than helpful.

  • Emily Dimitriou

Had a bad experience with employee there so they lose rating. Otherwise it was good.

  • L. Huang

Mark was super helpful, very polite and made my shopping experience here amazing.

  • Michael

Clean neat and organized. Prices tend to be higher than HD but Rona is convient.

  • Taher Aziz

It's a good home development store if you're interested to find a good deals

  • R0B D'50UZ4

Kristina in appliances is outstanding! We are very happy with our appliances

  • V Roberts

Helpful when you find them. Good rates.. Do not know if they price match

  • Terra Contracting

Been a pro here for years, always great service and excellent staff

  • Faisal Gillani

Nice clean environment and good supportive staff valuable service

  • BigSoutherland

Waited 4 hours for a wire cut What is this nonsense??!!

  • M El

Good selection of lighting and other renovation items

  • Cat Poehlman

Good staff. Great selection. Plenty of parking.

  • tim wilkinson

Great time. Lots of stock and great deals.

  • Suzanne Podmore

Helpful staff and had what we needed

  • Lam Vo

My fav store. Jeff is the best.

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