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3326 E Marconi Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85032



Pam's Floral is a Florist located at 3326 E Marconi Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85032. It has received 102 reviews with an average rating of 4.9 stars.





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  • The address of Pam's Floral: 3326 E Marconi Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85032

  • Pam's Floral has 4.9 stars from 102 reviews

  • Florist

  • "I’d like to say that Pam is very helpful and dose an Amazing job! I called in the afternoon to get an arrangement sent to a very sweet woman I’ve been getting to know"

    "Completely disappointed with this arrangement, the flowers have started dieing 3 days after delivery, they have been properly watered and cared for but after further investigation the flowers were not cut properly and alot of the ends were crushed"

    "Pam did a perfect job! I didn't know anything about flowers, nor did I know what flowers my girlfriend likes"

    "My father and I drove here thinking it was a store front"

    "Pam certainly has an art, she is the best"


  • Douglas VanKuiken

I’d like to say that Pam is very helpful and dose an Amazing job! I called in the afternoon to get an arrangement sent to a very sweet woman I’ve been getting to know. I told her what I kinda wanted and told her to do something elegant and fragrant. She took very good care of me! The Arrangement had to be delivered a second time because she wasn’t home. So a call was made to my friend to find out what time would be good to deliver. It was the next day. She didn’t say who the flowers were from so it would still be a surprise. It definitely was a good surprise! My friend was so happy and the arrangement is beautiful! Thanks Pam, your the best!!

  • Bellal Chaaban

Completely disappointed with this arrangement, the flowers have started dieing 3 days after delivery, they have been properly watered and cared for but after further investigation the flowers were not cut properly and alot of the ends were crushed. I would expect that any arrangement should last more than 2 days especially one that cost almost $200 (Update) 02/20/2022 leave it to the flower shop to reply with accusations blaming the customer for there bad product instead of trying to make it right. There are plenty of flower shops in the area who offer better quality and customer service. Save your time and money and go with some reputable.

  • Donnie Rodriguez

Pam did a perfect job! I didn't know anything about flowers, nor did I know what flowers my girlfriend likes. So I picked a mixed bouquet and Pam went above and beyond to make the perfect bouquet! She put a purple heart in the bouquet (which just so happens to be my girlfriends favorite color). Pam also offered a heart shaped box of chocolates to go with, which also happened to be a perfect selection (solid milk chocolate hearts) also my girlfriends favorite. She is not fond of candy with filling inside. Pam is awesome! 6 stars! :) Thanks Pam for being so kind and helping me make the perfect gift! You made two people very happy today!

  • Daniel Awwad

My father and I drove here thinking it was a store front. We found ourselves in front of a home and decided to knock anyway. Pam greeted us and we explained our situation needing and arrangement for a grieving mother whose home we were heading to shortly. She was obviously not expecting us but was very accommodating and said she could put something together right away. She asked our budget and got to work. 5 minutes later we had a beautiful flower arrangement at a better price than other florist im sure. I’m not recommending just showing up like we did, but I would recommend ordering from Pam the next time you’re looking for flowers

  • Amith Kumar

Pam certainly has an art, she is the best. I am super glad, not only she accepted my last day request on this Valentines for flower delievery but also made such a wonderfully hand crafted beautiful bouquet that my girlfriend finds it unprecedented romantic gesture I ever did for her. She has been talking still all about it with our friends & office. Everybody was like WOW! at her office when she got delivery. For me its like worth the every penny spent for her smile & happiness. And Pam's prices are very reasonable, best in the market, you don't have to ask for discount at all. I am super happy that I chose Pam's service.

  • Michelle Reed

I was looking for a florist to deliver and noticed it was in a residential neighborhood. I called before going there to double check it was ok rather than just showing up and invading her privacy. The woman who answered kept saying how she doesn’t have any displays, but can go by what I’m wanting, she asked a budget.(50-60 but I ended up spending 92 in the end) and said that she would be more. Kept talking about delivery fee, how expensive flowers are, and I just got a huge vibe she didn’t want to do it ‍♀️ Decided to go to Arrowhead instead and got the flowers ordered and taken care of.

  • Priscilla Alter

Pam made a beautiful floral arrangement for the memorial of one of our coworkers. Pam was very pleasant to communicate with, very communicative and very flexible working with us. Our flowers came out beautifully, and while this is a strange compliment to leave for a florist the arrangement was very... “sturdy”. Aka My clumsy behind tripped walking into the funeral home and the flowers smashed on the concrete pretty hard and the vase didn’t so much as crack, nor did the arrangement shift or look bad. 10/10 would recommend this business! Thanks again!

  • Erik K.

I decided to give Pam's Floral a try because it's near my house, and because I needed a same-day arrangement for an anniversary. (Didn't forget. Just ran out of time.) In less than 30 minutes Pam had a gorgeous bouquet ready with an unexpectedly large variety of flowers and some little artistic touches that went above and beyond. Even better, the price was less than I'm used to paying for smaller arrangements at bigger florists. Pam is my new go-to. And next time, I'll call earlier.

  • Ayden Wallis

I stumbled upon Pam's online and I'm absolutely blown away. Her flower game is on point! The variety they offer is impressive! From browsing to checkout, the whole experience was a breeze the website is so user-friendly! I ordered a bouquet for a close friends birthday, and when she got them, she couldn't stop gushing about how fresh and vibrant they were. If you're in the market for stunning blooms that won't break the bank, do yourself a favor and check out pam's!

  • Martha Camacho

I wanted to send flowers to my mom for her birthday so I searched a local florists near her house. I was a bit nervous to buy an arrangement based on a website alone but I liked Pam's Floral website / reviews / pictures so I went for it. I got the ''Visions of Beauty" arrangement and it was spectacular. Large, tropical and grand it made her so happy she has sent me tons of pictures of it from every angle. It really blew me away how beautiful this arrangement turned out.

  • Brad Smith

My wife and I live in Iowa. We wanted to send our daughter flowers for her birthday in Phoenix. I found her by doing a vicinity search on my phone maps. Pam’s was very easy to deal with. She was personable and friendly to talk to on the phone. She had quick delivery and the arrangement was absolutely beautiful. As an added bonus, she included a balloon with the arrangement, which was a nice surprise. Our daughter was so happy with the arrangement. Thanks!!

  • Danielle Moskalenko

I ordered flowers to be delivered for my husband’s aunt in Scottsdale for Mother’s Day. Ordering from another state can always be iffy. I didn’t want to use the big floral chains this year, and I’m so glad I went with Pam’s. The flowers were delivered early in the day, and look beautiful. Very similar to the picture I on the website, which isn’t always the case when ordering online. Well priced and made the whole process easy.

  • Nolan Geiser

Ordered online from WI. She was very nice to work with when I changed the delivery date as I put the wrong date in when ordering. I was ordering for Mother’s Day but was very late with ordering so told her that if she didn’t get it delivered till Monday that was fine as her schedule was very that weekend already. She very kindly did it on Saturday yet! I was very impressed.

  • Jenifer Earl

5 stars! Ordered online from Alaska to have flowers delivered to AZ. Service was great and Pam and her delivery driver were professional. Flowers were choice style and the quality was exceptional. Most importantly, the prices were fair compared to other local shops I researched in the area. I recommend Pam's Floral with a smile and will use them again in the future!

  • Tom Paul

The florist that I usually use to send flowers to my 94 yr old mother-in-law ( We live in CT) was too busy to deliver flowers for me for Valentine's Day and I had been a regular customer for 7 years. Pam, on the eve of Valentine's Day, said she could certainly deliver those flowers. She could have said no too. Very accommodating. Thank you!!!

  • Al Duran

After going around to different flower shops I bumped into this place. Not your typical flower shop. Which is why it makes it unique. Literally this woman made me a flower basket in 10 mins ! Other places gave me a 4 hour wait time. And the prices were ridiculous! Thank you Pam. I will definitely use your services again .

  • E M

I recieved flowers for my birthday from my brother who called in from Florida. The arrangement was beautiful. The flowers were fresh and beautiful. The yellow roses were gorgeous and opened up so beautifully. I will definitely be using Pam’s florals whenever I want to get flowers. Very friendly and best quality.

  • Chris Chinchilla

Pam’s is great... the service, quality, and care they give to each order has made me a repeat customer. I’ve used their service 5 times now and literally anything I’ve asked, they’ve managed to do. I recommend them 100%. If you need something special, for someone special, Pam’s is the place to go!

  • Sara Schrader

Absolutely beautiful flowers. I ordered online and they were delivered next day. I am especially impressed with this because it was on a holiday weekend. I chose the Deluxe Designer's Choice. They really did a phenomenal job. I will definitely be using this florist again.

  • Roscoe Nelson

Arrangement was beautiful! Historically I used national companies but I wanted to find someplace local. The flowers started to wilt on day 2 and I let Pam know. I just left a message. Later on that day a new arrangement arrived. Great service, I will use Pam's again.

  • Vince Hejl

Absolutely fabulous......sent my wife a dozen roses today to her work. She said they were the most beautiful arrangement she had ever seen - brought her to tears in front of all her customers. Will DEFINITELY use her again and highly recommend.!!!!!!!!

  • Chris Lazau

This was my first time purchasing and the whole experience was effortless. The flowers came out looking better than any others that I have previously purchased. Very glad to have found this florist and would definitely recommend them in the future.

  • Rupert loza

My floral arrangement was absolutely beautiful and fragrant. Pam does quality work on all her arrangements and delivers on time. I been with her for approximately 15 years and she always provides the best service, extremely pleased! Thank you Pam!

  • Karly Good

I have family in Arizona and called Pams Floral for a special arrangement for a cousin. She delivered a beautiful, huge, bouquet that was well worth the money. I contacted her about delivery time and she was very responsive and sweet. Thank you!

  • Stephanie Ramos

I absolutely love every single arrangement my husband has ordered from here. They are always so fragrant and beautifully put together. I am always surprised and never disappointed. Get nothing but compliments every time. Thank you Pam's Floral

  • Katherine Miller

Wonderful florist! I placed an order over the phone from out of town and was given stellar service. Pam created and delivered a beautiful arrangement. It was exactly what I wanted, and the recipient was SO pleased! Thank you so very much, Pam!

  • sundgt46

Pam's Floral did a fantastic job with the arrangement that I ordered. I gave them very short notice on my order, and they came though perfectly. My wife was very happy! I appreciate the great customer service. I will be a repeat customer.

  • Mike Thompson

I ordered flowers for many occasions from Pam's and they are exquisite and so fresh plus they last a long time. She really has an eye for beautiful and classy arrangements for all occasions. Thanks again Pam for another awesome arrangement.

  • Latasha Teague


  • Albert Rivera II

Gorgeous flowers, timely delivery! Very reasonable prices! Girls love flowers delivered in front of friends/co-workers/frenemies... Just a fact...and these beautiful flowers definitely helped me earn some brownie points, for sure! Lol

  • Adnan Jamakovic

I am very pleased with both the quality and service provided by Pam’s Floral. The flowers I purchased were superb and well done. Me and my family are very pleased. I would absolutely recommend and I, myself, would buy from here again.

  • Tiffany Davis

Made a beautiful bouquet with various stems completely last minute with just what I needed for Easter and it’s BEAUTIFUL!!! Last minute literally within 3 minutes! She’s creative and and now I know who to call! Thanks Pam❣️

  • Jessica Zeman

Pam delivered beautiful perfect flowers the next day, less than 24 hrs after online ordering. They expressed our sympathy and were well- received in a time of need. We will continue to support this fantastic local business!

  • TheDoc

My boyfriend got me flowers from here today and they are absolutely gorgeous!! I love them so much, they came right to my office and they have a gorgeous "fall feel" to them and are so aromatic! He's out of the doghouse ;)

  • Mike Harvey

The young lady that answered the telephone was very helpful and easy to work with. She made sure she covered every detail and from start to finish made me feel like I made the right choice. They have my business forever.

  • S D

I appreciate Pam’s Floral for her promptness. I called and wanted some flowers same day and with out hesitation she said they’ll be ready shortly! I was impressed and easy to work with!! I highly recommend Pam’s Floral

  • AL Hollie

Great experience with Pam. I was able to purchase a beautiful arrangement for my great nephew's funeral on the spot. I would highly recommend you purchase your flowers from Pam. Guaranteed you'll be satisfied.

  • Marc Podell

The flowers that were delivered looked exactly like the picture on the website (rare in my opinion when ordering from others online). They were delivered exactly when she said they were and they were gorgeous!

  • Sonya Penland

Shout out and many thanks to Pam. I needed flowers in a hurry this morning for my sister's bday. Not only were they beautiful she got them done and delivered within a couple hours!! You are awesome!

  • Karen Bastow

I'd give Pam 10 stars if I could! She was so helpful and went the extra mile in making sure the flowers I ordered were perfect and delivered just when they needed to be! Absolutely beautiful work!

  • Lisa Piccininni

Wonderfully executed with on time delivery. Fresh flowers and expertly crafted arrangements. Very happy with their service, rates and design. Will definitely be my go to florist for the future.

  • Valerie Tichenor

Flowers by Marcelle did all of the flowers for my daughter's wedding and they were spectacular!! Exactly what everyone had envisioned. Pam is so wonderful to work with and very accommodating.

  • Scott Gutentag

Created a beautiful and fresh bouquet of flowers. The arrangement was artistically done. Pam was awesome to work with, easy going, and professional. Would definitely use Pam's Floral again!

  • Vic Franco (Victor)

This company has been nothing but outstanding. Every arrangement, every experience, every moment has been nothing but outstanding. This is the only florist I will use. Beyond Compare.

  • Toni

I ordered sympathy flowers and they were shipped and received same day in beautiful as seen in picture condition. I will definitely use and recommend Pam's Floral in the future!

  • Debra Kaim

I was flying blind when looking for a unique and classy florist, with specific colors/ideas in mind. Wow, did I score, when I found Pam's...she went above and beyond!! BEAUTIFUL

  • Karen J Wills

Pam was absolutely fantastic to work with - I ordered flowers for a very special person and she was really happy! Thank you, Pam! Give them a call, you won't be disappointed!

  • Rob May

The recipient was blown away - the floral arrangement was AMAZING! Also, it was a timely delivery, I am so very pleased!! You knocked it out of the park!!! Thank you!!!!

  • T Cunha

I have now ordered twice in that last few months. Both times it was easy to order, priced competitively, delivered as order and timely. Thanks to all at Pam's Floral!

  • Lea Emington

Pam was SO accommodating for our wedding & the flowers were so much more wonderful than I could have ever thought! Thank you so much Pam, they were beautiful!

  • Kellen Craig

Pam always does an amazing job! Her flowers are one thing, but the presentation and service take it to another level. 6/5 of stars! My go-to florist!

  • Rhonda Kersey

Truly personal experience. Pam knows her flowers and takes great care in her bouquet creations with an eye for elegance through texture.

  • Mathew Holm

The bouquet of flowers I ordered from Pam's Floral were more beautiful than I expected. Timely delivery. All around thumbs up.

  • Patric Porter

Pam's went above and beyond any flower shop I've ever used. I am very grateful for their service and would highly recommend.

  • Zach Andrews

Absolutely amazing family!! I didn’t even want to leave they welcomed me with so much love and the rose pedals are amazing!!

  • Anett Rowe

The most breath-taking, beautiful arrangements that are always stunning and worth every penny. Delivery is flawless as well.

  • Fernanda Crivici

Excellent service! Flowers were delivered the same day! The arrangement was gorgeous just as pictured. Thank you so much!

  • Justine Lassoff

This was a gift for my mom for the 4th of July. She loved them. Delivered early and beautiful roses. Strongly recommend.

  • Caleb Null

The arrangement was gorgeous, pick up was on time and easy. I will definitely be making future orders with Pam's Floral.

  • sasha apollon

All I can say is wow thank you for making my best friend Birthday beautiful. Fresh flowers ☺️just beautiful …

  • Naomi Evans

I sent my mom flowers for Mother’s Day and she said loved them! She said they were beautiful and smelled amazing!

  • David Martinez

Very quick and detailed saved me on a last minute gift. My gf graduation thank u very much. Beautiful flowers :)

  • Alicia Fikes

Gorgeous arrangement! Went out of there wya to exceed expectations. Thank you for bringing some joy to my day!

  • Chris Hurtado

Pam is truly an expert of her craft! The bouquet was absolutely gorgeous and as shown in the online pictures.

  • Chase Mareska

Flowers I ordered and had delivered were beautiful and very well priced I was very happy and so was my wife

  • Debbie Gibart

Extremely helpful to send flowers to a relative in the hospital as I am not local, great customer service!

  • Sheila Henderson

I paid $80 for a arrangement that came in a plain white coffee cup and looked like $25 worth of flowers

  • Glen Grambart

All three orders were great. Your customer service in calling me regarding my error was outstanding.

  • Jacqueline and Matthew

Very happy with the photo representation, price, delivery was on time and they look beuatiful.

  • Elizabeth Williams

I've used Pam's several times and will continue to do so as she hasn't once disappointed OPEN

  • Frank Mason

Excellent work...the most beautiful flowers set in a stunning arraignment. She is an artist.

  • Connie Richards

Beautiful bouquet, great service, delivered as anticipated. I would use them again.

  • Mike Johnson

The flowers were beautiful, fresh and delivered on time. What else can you ask for?

  • Jay Wiz

The arrangement delivered same day with a fall assortment was gorgeous, thank you!

  • Evie DiLisio

Great service and beautiful arrangement delivered within a few hours of ordering.

  • Rob Petersen

Always beautiful displays are delivered. I recommend Pam's Floral to all.

  • Ana Lucia Guerrero Lopez

Even more beautiful than the pictures! Delivered on time. Great service.

  • Trish Mewborn

My sister in Arizona enjoyed the lovely arrangement. I will use again !

  • Valerie Yaklin-Brown

Beautiful birthday arrangement was delivered in a very timely manner.

  • Kenneth Alcalde

Gorgeous flowers, reasonable prices and fast delivery. Thank you.

  • Nassim Sana

My favorite floral designer, I always recommend Pam …

  • John Leeno

Walked in and picked up a nice bouquet. Very friendly dogs too!

  • Michael McWalters

They did a beautiful arrangement. Thank you.

  • Brad Von Seggern

Very reliable and quality florist!

  • Ramiza Pamic

Beautiful bouquet of flowers!

  • Garret Porte
  • Georgina Cardenas
  • John Vega
  • Djskrilla _
  • Jeanne Moore
  • Stephanie Whitaker
  • Daniel Lucescu
  • Ariana Escandon
  • Matt Swart
  • Dhanalakshmi H
  • Anderson Welch
  • robert (alphagas)
  • Gerald Boyd
  • Stacy Gebhart
  • JoJo Goodfellow

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