Moorabbin Airport

114 reviews

66 Bundora Parade, Moorabbin Airport VIC 3194, Australia



Moorabbin Airport is a Airport located at 66 Bundora Parade, Moorabbin Airport VIC 3194, Australia. It has received 114 reviews with an average rating of 4.2 stars.



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  • The address of Moorabbin Airport: 66 Bundora Parade, Moorabbin Airport VIC 3194, Australia

  • Moorabbin Airport has 4.2 stars from 114 reviews

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  • "I laugh at the people complaining about aircraft noise and/or the airport being near residential areas"

    "This airport is surrounded by residential areas"

    "The noise from the planes that fly out of there has been a major disruption to the surrounding areas for as long as it has been operating"

    "I don't have a good opinion anymore"

    "This airport is just fine"


  • Andy Belboa

I laugh at the people complaining about aircraft noise and/or the airport being near residential areas. First, the airport was there long before you moved into the area. If you didn't want to hear aircraft noise, probably should have lived in a different area. Bit rich to move near an airport and then whinge about aircraft noise. Secondly, the airport was there long before the area became residential. Instead of whinging and asking why an airport is allowed to be near residential areas, you should probably be asking why residential areas were allowed to be developed so close to an airport. Regardless, those whinging all chose to live near an airport, it was not as if the airport was in stealth mode when you chose to live here, or it sprung out from behind a tree, the day after you moved in.

  • matthew tang

This airport is surrounded by residential areas. It should have been moved to a place with few residents. The surrounding residents have to endure the noise every day, and there are also big safety issues. I know some people are going to say that this airport was there a long time ago, why didn't they say that there were many kangaroos around there two hundred years ago? I guess he doesn't live nearby, and his kids or family aren't disturbed by airplane noise every day. I hope the government or the airport company could have basic sympathy, not just to make money and fly for the convenience of some people.

  • Rick Barbone

The noise from the planes that fly out of there has been a major disruption to the surrounding areas for as long as it has been operating. If the entire place can't be shut down entirely, at least make it mandatory for the flight school planes to have silencing devices fitted on the aircraft's exhaust systems like at many other light aircraft airports around the world??? And for the those that say oh but the land was cheap so put up with the noise..... I’m 12 kilometres away in Black Rock and still get negatively impacted by the noise of fleet of flight schools.

  • Nola McKin

I don't have a good opinion anymore. I live a suburb or two away, and think it is getting too noisy for those of us who are used to living in what was once a quiet area. Expanding into international student circuit training has not been thought through for the locals. We are now experiencing large numbers of droning incessant noise from, especially, circuit training which Moorabbin is trying to increase in a suburban area. Training our own pilots used to be, mostly, the norm and fine, but now and into the future?.......

  • Simon Headley

This airport is just fine. Also, whoever wrote "Note to Jetstar- the runway is too short for large jets!" ??? What a ridiculous comment - are you a pilot? If so you'd know that commercial airliners simply pay the airport corporation a service fee for the use of the airport and are not responsible for constructing the runways. Also airliners will obviously only use vessels suited to the airports capabilities.

  • Rob

Been a while since I have visited the Airport! The Flying School has built a lot of Motel type accommodation near the Air Museum. A new building has gone up alongside the Terminal building - Think its the CAE Academy Flying School. The vegetable garden to grow crops for those less fortunate people is really established by the look of it.

  • Ella Wells

I’m sick and tired of these plains and it’s a waist of space. Why can’t they just keep the aviation museum and and silent things to the plains. If this didn’t stop I will be talking them to court. J can’t even sleep and I will not move for the sake of them not closing it down

  • Tom Evans

Very active general aviation airport. Haven't flown in or out of the airport myself but I hope to do so one day. I've been there to plane watch twice though and it was awesome! Good variety of aircraft, ranging from ultralights to

  • Frank S

Moorabbin Airport is South of the Melbourne CBD. If you're a plane spotter or like looking at aircraft taking off and landing, there are lots of spots you can watch light planes and helicopters taking off and

  • Bei Cao

Too close to residential homes, creating constant unbearable noise. There are so many accidents with nearby residents lives at risk. The prime real estate is better off redeveloped to build more houses.

  • Steven Carter

Moorabbin airport is slowly becoming closed in with factories which will have a direct affect on its viability as an airport. Who approved the redevelopment has got some serious questions to answer

  • Rob Thompson

If you are interested in flying or learning to fly I can recommend dropping in and have a walk around. The people at the flying schools were very friendly and informative.

  • Justin Allen

Decent airport whith good facilities. Plenty of flying schools to choose from along with charter aircraft. The entrance gates can be a pain in the bum though.

  • M L

So funny to read through all those negative comments man, you complain about noise after bought your shoebox property next to an airport. …

  • Jess D Gleam

I don't think it's a good idea to have an airport close to residential and school area, especially when its flying path covers so many schools.

  • Mishelle Mc

Partner did the Red Balloon Warbird flight experience... he absolutely loved it, said he would highly recommend …

  • Kevin Traynor

A great place with specialist shops, food and parks to watch the planes is quite a great area to visit.

  • Ray Plenty

Great source of aviation history and some interactive sections. The Open Cockpit Weekend was fantastic.

  • Leo Lee

At night, you will find that it is very quiet here, it is good not to be noisy …

  • Warner

A great place always something happening here also lots of different industries here

  • Sefa Takelo

It's ok ...i used to play golf there with my friends...where's the golf course....

  • peter kingston

The flight bar was the perfect place for our meeting. Food and service excellent.

  • Linda Morgan

Very interesting and they have a bit of a museum with all the olld planes

  • Matt

Fly friendly is a joke. The local residents are suffering every day.

  • Elinor Bendet

We had a great time there. Very friendly staff. We recommend

  • John Harris

We go to the flight deck restaurant highly recommended

  • Ken Hernfield

Great place to spend an hour or a day watching planes

  • Jim Dale

Plenty of car parking. Nice and clean waiting room.

  • Moon_*munawar Moon_*munawar

Hello detail you flayers gooding mornings falyer

  • Thomas Kaufman

Pretty cool, the weather is kinda weird though.

  • Thomas Doherty

Pretty good but has nothing on Tullamarine.

  • Tony Brougham

Here to use HF radio, electronically quiet.

  • Calum D

Great venue for childrens birthday …

  • Minh Si

Great local helicopter and plane options

  • Rick Wright

Great for watching planes with the kids.

  • Mina Magdi

It’s good experience for scout groups

  • Vladimir Shlapak

Too noisy even in mordialloc.

  • Sam Yip

Nice first flying experience

  • Stephen & Leoni Pary

easy to get to and clean

  • Smith x

Museum was lots of fun.

  • Tianyi Wei

Excellent place to fly

  • Nik Dahiya

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Armin Weiner

Good Infrastructure

  • thomas white

Think of others!

  • Jim Mosh

Love the museum

  • Ram Anand


  • John Marsden

Love them!

  • Nick Lello


  • 葉O銓


  • Chris Deaville
  • Paul Sivell
  • Michael tider
  • Jonathan Hale
  • Lyn Olarenshaw
  • sotto voce
  • Lion L
  • Nick Xiao
  • AussieAircraft98 38
  • Parsh DP
  • Shabista Masroor
  • Nick Herford-Collins
  • Car racing Review tv
  • Klaus Sturm
  • keyur goswami
  • JOEL Reid
  • Rinesh Kumar
  • lauren White
  • andyy Bradley
  • Parvez Alam Udoy
  • Sean Mike (TheAsianPilot)
  • Parvesh Saini
  • Lite Su
  • Brey A
  • John Smith
  • Chris McDermott
  • melvyn Khatri
  • Daniel Broad
  • Ahmad Al-awady
  • Andrew Callum
  • K M

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