Essendon Fields Airport

252 reviews

72 Hargrave Ave, Essendon Fields VIC 3041, Australia



Essendon Fields Airport is a Airport located at 72 Hargrave Ave, Essendon Fields VIC 3041, Australia. It has received 252 reviews with an average rating of 4.3 stars.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Essendon Fields Airport: 72 Hargrave Ave, Essendon Fields VIC 3041, Australia

  • Essendon Fields Airport has 4.3 stars from 252 reviews

  • Airport

  • "Traveled many times in and out of Melbourne"

    "La Manna What a top place People say it's expensive, some of it is, but some of them I found the items much cheaper than Coles and Woolworths so very happy and we'll go there again"

    "A beautiful small airport dedicated to small airlines and general aviation"

    "Small domestic airport in Melbourne"

    "A SMALL REGIONAL AIRPORT VERY NEAR THE MAIN MELBOURNE AIRPORT Essendon Fields (MEB) is the original Melbourne airport before the massive Tullamarine (MEL) airport was constructed"


  • Jonathan

Traveled many times in and out of Melbourne. Reasonably easy to get to by shuttle bus services, and even by bicycle. Train service is lacking. Limited free wifi provided, however sometimes has issues and can be rendered useless. International terminal is nice. Domestic adequate. Budget airline terminal is horrible. Good coffee is available in domestic/intern. terminals. Passport control is ok if your e-passport is accepted (though my Dutch one is not yet on the list), if not then it can be a very long wait. Customs can be a very long wait as well...

  • Lottie Peters

La Manna What a top place People say it's expensive, some of it is, but some of them I found the items much cheaper than Coles and Woolworths so very happy and we'll go there again. Breakfast there was excellent five stars, the juice was really nice my sister had the bircher muesli and she absolutely loved it so 100/100 Very clean, salt pepper shakers full , room to move and we went to the liquor department and the gentleman there was very obliging and helpful , he came out and got me a trolley which was excellent service.

  • Cyrus Siu

A beautiful small airport dedicated to small airlines and general aviation. The location is somewhat precarious due to the fact it is so close by to high-density areas. Sharp Airlines is probably the most known airline to fly from here, with the Royal Flying Doctor Service also operating from here; it’s in close proximity of the major hospitals. Nice small, clean terminal!

  • Dave

Small domestic airport in Melbourne. It also has a shopping centre so, convenient. The flight time could be delayed in some cases which depend on the weather conditions. By the way, safety is the most important thing. Late arrival and departure will be frequently happened but in that case you might be compensated with an accomodation by the airline company.

  • Ian Woodruff

A SMALL REGIONAL AIRPORT VERY NEAR THE MAIN MELBOURNE AIRPORT Essendon Fields (MEB) is the original Melbourne airport before the massive Tullamarine (MEL) airport was constructed. It mainly services private jets and small regional flights. Has a large shopping centre nearby. Fairly easy access via the same road that goes out to Tullamarine airport.

  • David Berry

Amazing attention to customer satisfaction On and off the aircraft, I love to fly with you again. I accidentally left my wallet on board, and I was immediately emailed from Lost Property to advise me that my wallet was found. Also, I was called prior to boarding to make sure I was on my way and if everything is OK.

  • Edan Robinson

Amazing little airport I’m currently doing flight training and I have a really great flight instructor, there is a lot of air traffic in and out of the airport which makes it interesting cause u see something new right around the corner, easy to access good shopping district and airport all around

  • Ben Sinclair

Could have been 5 star, however the house keeping needs work. Things aren't cleaned very well and there was an off milk in the fridge. I called reception to get another and they told me to come to reception to get one with no apology. Bit disappointed but the rest of the place was great.

  • Eleanor D

It is 3.19AM!!!! Why is this idiot doing this at this time... I get pilots need to ‘train’ but SERIOUSLY what could they possibly be learning other than how to annoy people!!??!!?? If it’s a nice night for a flight-go to an un-populated spot!!!!!!!!! Registration: VH-FHJ

  • Paul Lustica

This area has potential - they should close the airport and develop the area as a shopping/entertainment district. Beyond a quick visit to LaManna or Coles, there's not really any other drawcard. Would be perfect to have a dining/cinema/entertainment precinct here.

  • mervyn Hosking

I usually come here as my mother in law likes to buy from LaManna . Since we're there I'll sometimes go to Coles to shop to pick up essentials . It can be hectic depending when you shop but lately it's been quiet due to the year that we've had plus restrictions...

  • Ideal Thunder

Decent Airport, best one I've been overall. The staffs we're friendly the atmosphere and view was good and the experience was great. The only part I hate is that it rained and we had to go down stairs with rain. It was fine tho I wasn't wet.

  • Michael Webb

Great little airport home of VICPOL AIR HELICOPTER. Essendon airport is now only a fraction of what it once was but still operating mostly to private arrivals and chartered services but still the closest operating air strip to Melbourne CBD

  • Sherif Abdulrazaaq

Great experience!!! All the staff were friendly. From the superb instructors to the great guys at the reception!!! They all exhibited every sense of professionalism. I left my headphones on site and it was ensured I got it back in piece.

  • Ian Craig Marshall

Melbourne’s Domestic and International Airport prior to the move to Tullamarine. Not as busy as Moorabbin, Tullamarine or maybe even Avalon, but it’s the base for the Victoria Police Air Wing and Air Ambulance Victoria.

  • Geoff C

Usual Airport. Easy to navigate around inside airport complex. BUT not so easy with roads, highways and roadworks and reconstruction and signage confusing and poor for visitors out of state.

  • Theshinez Michael

A mix of Industrial building used for small aircraft and also activities like Bounce, Gymnasium and Indoor Sky Diving. Also can catch a glimpse of Vintage Aircraft landing and taking off.

  • spoonfork fork

Have caught a plane to regional Victoria near the border of S.A. from this airport. It's very small with few amenities but it is close as can be to the CBD and does the job. 3.5 Stars I

  • Baltzars

This is not Essendon Airport. This is a retail park on the southside of the airport. People wanting the airport should enter the airport from the West and not via the retail park.

  • Hammurabi Babylonion king

The food wasn't good and very late served plus we paid for the parking the soft drinks one bottle of Pepsi or coca cola for 8 peoples i have degree in hotels management

  • bob maclennan

F I ne touch hand car wash always do a great job on my car. So if you want your car to look good inside and out bring it here, plus they are nice people to deal with.

  • Oliver Gigacz

Lovely little airport with a few regional airlines operating daily and weekly services. Has close tram and bus connections, but has not been upgraded since the 1970s.

  • Mandy G

Air craft fly too low making living in Essendon/Niddrie hard as sleep is often interrupted by loud sound and vibrations of planes all hours of night/early morning.

  • Kaushik Prajapati

Nice place to visit with kids to watch some small planes and helicopters. Shopping center in this area is bit quite but nice to hang around when you there.

  • Clifford de Cruz

Fantastic supermarket fresh produce, excellent deli ,fresh seafood variety of cakes and take aways. Highly recommended for a visit and experience.*****

  • Warren Ellis

I shopped at La Manna and love the quality of their fresh and packaged food. If you live in the area and haven't been you need to have a look.

  • Leslie Dubrina

dropped off my son at this airport recently and it has changed from when I was younger, the flow of traffic is much more manageable!

  • Martha Nico

Friendly and attentive staff, also I didn't miss any of ma bagage, which is a common problem with Australian aeroports. 5 stars!

  • Pierre Bennett

Essendon airfield has a great range of car dealerships on the way through who great supermarkets and a nice place to see things

  • roney Singh

I been there for 3 days they provide a best services food was awesome and the staff very cooperative definitely i go back soon

  • Cosar Donma

Attended a Worrells function, very spacious and a good breakfast, good venue for these events and plenty of parking available.

  • Kevin Nguyen

This is not the best airport but it does the job Flights in lights out Cos I'm all about What it means For dank review memes

  • lazydazs

This is a hive of activity with all those car dealerships ,La Manna & Coles,Post Office and takeway eating places.

  • Stuart B

I love this place from laManna, to the various car yards, planes and helicopter s everywhere. What's not to like

  • Wendy Murdoch

Open day was fantastic. Saw inside many planes you would never ordinarily see. Would have loved to see the DC3

  • Jem S

Noise polluting jerks disturbing citizens' sleep after one am. A blight on the entire moonee valley region.

  • amer hoblos

If you around for shopping you can watch the take off and landing for A private jet which nice to watch ☺️

  • Graham Lea

Had a fantastic day at Essendon Fields and looking at a private hanger with Jets.. staying st thr Hyatt

  • Antoine Cini

Typical Airport. Very convenient and always bustling with people, as you would expect from an airport.

  • Colin Hamilton

Looking to buy a new car? Look no further, every dealership under the sun all in the one place.

  • Don Alegra

Haven't actually been in, but you can see through the fences and it's definitely an airport.

  • George Butrus

Awesome close up experience of planes taking off/landing, a few hundred metres away from me

  • David Graham

Visited Coles for groceries very clean & well laid out, easy access to Tullamarine freeway

  • Jacinta Barrow

PremiAir Helicopters: an amazing experience, flying over Melbourne; a unique perspective

  • Ali Hazara

Hi i am lyana and i dont have any education document where can i study to become a pilot

  • Raistlin TAO

At first I thought it's a big airport.. nope Small place but Not really nice for smokers

  • Ross Andrews

Looking quite nice indoors. Outside looks old-school but that's OK I prefer it that way.

  • Valentine Crombie

We were at the animal hospital. The vet's and staff were very polite and helpful.

  • Ernesto De Rubeis

Very nice hotel. Staff are super friendly, polite and curtious. Great place

  • Carol Cortez

The air traffic controllers working here are wonderful and friendly!

  • Manzoor Hussain

Good view public transportation access easy way to go anywhere.

  • Faye K

During the lockdown, it's a good place for kids to run around.

  • George Bayios

Awesome little airport and lots of golden photo opportunities

  • Guy Turner

Always greeted by friendly staff who provide a great service

  • Robert Orosz

Was great, went on a DC3 flight to King Island, brilliant

  • Darren Macdonald

2 good supermarkets and plenty of food and coffee shops .

  • Cath Jolly

Would be great if the Essendon Football Club wasn't here

  • Milly Bereket

Tasty well presented food and excellent service …

  • John Field

Good access, nice hotel, good parking and facilities.

  • Damien Griffin

The only place for a new car or to get one serviced.

  • Katatonic Kiwi

Not packed, which is always a plus for supermarkets

  • Thomas Heuer

Can be quite confusing. Especially for Google maps.

  • Vincenzo

Awesome place to rest and enjoy good food and drink

  • Robin Rockey

Small airport for private jets and Helicopters

  • Anne whight

Went for walk on tarmac at Essendon Airport .

  • Luca Mills

its just a shed, with planes. kind of boring

  • Michael Ngo

This has also the Westpac ATM's and Coles.

  • Elaine Evans

Very busy due to sales and public holiday

  • Nelson Tran

Awesome airport with great shuttle access

  • Hungry Hungarian

Great place to watch planes and shop

  • Karen Michelle

Kids love seeing the planes take off


We were expecting a basketball court

  • nunzio rose

Great airport with a great history.

  • Robert Hodge

It's a private airport, looks nice

  • kuden

Fast in, fast out. Great service.

  • michael edward

lovely landscaping very well kept

  • Dave Graham

Great to be back after 54 years!

  • Rino Cristallini

Great place great, atmosphere.

  • Asher Kroon

the plane took off the runway

  • Ven Colicchia

Good group of sales outlets.

  • Eddie Pagnucco

Fantastic flight experience

  • Allan Hardinge

Lot's of fun and activities

  • Stephanie Mcgowan

Well run little airport.

  • Copper Brown

Best airport in my life.

  • Anthony Zaremba

Wonderful experience

  • Peter Swales

No parking anywhere

  • Nelson Dailo

I love this area!

  • MR96

Good Service

  • Rozan Sako

Great place

  • ian macadam


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