Liberty Wine Merchants | Beer, Cider & Spirits

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1622 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5L 3Y4, Canada



Liberty Wine Merchants | Beer, Cider & Spirits is a Liquor store located at 1622 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5L 3Y4, Canada. It has received 153 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars.





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  • The address of Liberty Wine Merchants | Beer, Cider & Spirits: 1622 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5L 3Y4, Canada

  • Liberty Wine Merchants | Beer, Cider & Spirits has 4.5 stars from 153 reviews

  • Liquor store

  • "Our experience was marred by an overly confident young staff member who lacked the patience and listening skills necessary for a meaningful interaction"

    "There was a time I would have described Marquis Wine Merchants as the best wine shop in the city, with the most knowledgeable staff, and the biggest selection of wines that might only pass through our fair city once"

    "Great selection of wines"

    "Probably one of the BEST specialty wine/liquor/beer shops in the city"

    "Came here to buy a specific BC wine brand, which I've had before the 'Scout' - the skin contact Riesling"


  • JJ Ol

Our experience was marred by an overly confident young staff member who lacked the patience and listening skills necessary for a meaningful interaction. Despite our attempts to explain our preferences; what wine we were looking for, he constantly interrupted with a generic overview of too many random offerings, failing to tune into our needs. This left us both confused, prompting my partner and I to exchange a look before quickly heading out of the store. Too bad since the other older guy working there seemed very friendly and chill. Just fyi there’s a significant distinction between organic and natural wine. Organic certification doesn’t inherently speak to the winemaking process, a fact overlooked in this one-sided conversation. We were on the hunt for a light red from the Loire, something with a perfumy, peppery vibe, juicy and a bit mineral, natural and effervescent. We made it clear we’re into carbonic maceration and love our Gamay, Cab-Franc, and Pinot Noir. Definitely stated we were not looking for anything too tannic or sunripened. But what do we get? Recommendations for some heavy, tannic organic reds. Just listen, assess, and inform? The whole thing felt super impersonal and honestly, pretty annoying. While the wine prices were somewhat high, they weren’t unreasonable. Unfortunately, the poor quality of our interaction prevented us from making a purchase. Too bad because this could have been a nice find, wine and spot alike.

  • Reive Doig

There was a time I would have described Marquis Wine Merchants as the best wine shop in the city, with the most knowledgeable staff, and the biggest selection of wines that might only pass through our fair city once. No longer! That honour now belongs to Liberty Wine Merchants, and particularly to their Commercial Drive shop. Need a pairing suggestion for a meal you're planning? They're on it, and they'll work within your budget. Looking for a cheap sipper for a lazy summer afternoon? You're covered. Need help picking out a fabulous gift basket, or looking for just one bottle of something slightly obscure? Ditto. Plus give them your phone number & email to add to their database and you'll get a percentage off (about 5%, I think, which is still a buck off a $20 bottle of wine!) of every purchase of a wine, so long as it's not one you could also find in the BC Liquor Store. (They don't undercut BCL pricing, but 80+% of their products aren't ones you'd find at the government shops anyway.) Check them out. You won't be disappointed.

  • John Tino

Great selection of wines. Good service, if you’re white. Great place to be followed and scrutinized if you are a POC. My partner (who is Caucasian) walked into the store to pick up some wine. We were the only ones in the store. It was obvious that we were together (we were discussing the wines) but clerk felt that he needs to make his presence felt my being around me. We decided on the wines, went to the cashier to pay and the person who was following me went behind the counter and rudely asked me ‘can I help you?!’ It was obvious that we were there together (since he was following me). Go somewhere else for your wines. Their selections are not that exclusive. I will stick with my multiple wine subscriptions. The only reason we stopped there was we wanted wine that was already cold. Won’t be going back.

  • Mike Wong

Probably one of the BEST specialty wine/liquor/beer shops in the city. As it’s a private store they get to stock all the cool and craft alcohol that you can’t find at a government-run liquor store. If you had a really cool wine at a restaurant, chances are they might have it. If you’re into natural/organic/sustainable wines, this is your place too. If you love craft beer, they have a substantial smorgasbord of local beer, to even the obscure imports like Belgian/German Beer. Point being, this is the Ollivander’s Wand Shop (from Harry Potter) of alcohol. There is something for everyone!

  • Kyle G

Came here to buy a specific BC wine brand, which I've had before the 'Scout' - the skin contact Riesling. The staff was helpful and checked the back to see if it was available. Unfortunately it was sold out so opted for same brand but different type. The store is quaint and packed to the brim. There are boxes of wines in all the aisles making it big enough for one but tight squeeze if someone is trying to get by. I would go again to see what other types of wine they have or would recommend. They have a range of wines from $20 to $100+.

  • José Fernando Mata-Piche

Most of the staff are knowledgeable and willing to help you make a good selection based on your budget, and they have a great selection of wines to choose from. The reason I deducted three stars is that we got extremely rude service from the older white haired British staff member at the shop seemingly because we selected a value wine instead of something higher end. That kind of customer service is inexcusable and it makes me not want to give this place my business.

  • Diego Martin

Such amazing service. I have walked in so many times and never felt so welcomed in any other liquor store. Every single member of the staff is knowledgeable and willing to help. Plus, they have cold beer and an amazing selection of cold bubbly wine. I always choose this place over the bc liquor store because 1) I don't get racially profiled and 2) they have an amazing selection of already cold items to go. Simply the best on commercial drive

  • J N

Best beer shop on the Drive by a stretch. Come at me. I am not a big fan of wine, but over the last few years being a regular customer here I have been getting a proper education on different wines that I have always found to be informative and helpful. The people are terrific and know their stuff. They have always been very good to me and is on its’ own reason enough to pay a little more for such a nicely curated experience.

  • Kendra Nickerson

I have a somewhat advanced palette, but feel out of my league in this store. Most of the stock is unfamiliar to me, so it helps to have someone guide you so you’re not blindly picking a $30+ bottle based on the label (guilty), varietal, or region. But the staff is usually too busy stocking the store to assist you, or helping someone that knows what they’re buying. So I tend to avoid it and go to friendlier private shops.

  • Mike Ryan

This wine shop on the drive has been around for many years, and is conveniently located near 1st ave. The quality of recommendations has traditionally been pretty good, but has fallen off of late. Probably best to do your research online before going into the shop, as results can be pretty hit or miss from the staff. They don't seem interested in following up on issues, which is critical in this business.

  • Therese H

I've been to this location several times, and in the past have had good service, and been introduced to some nice wines. But today, when I asked about a blend I had purchased there before, I was bluntly told "I have no idea" by the clerk, who then turned to serve someone else. Uh... that's not service... Weird. I am baffled and, honestly, disappointed. I'll go elsewhere.

  • Jocelyn Morlock

Disappointed with them - I'm sure they're knowledgeable but I've never had worse advice - this is after buying wine there several times. I'd do better for the money picking by prettiest label picture. Not planning on returning, Marquis is decidedly better. For that matter, BC Liquor store are better, and less expensive. Two stars for convenience - they're open late.

  • Jose Alvarez

Excellent selection and service. They don’t carry the mass-produced wines you see at the Government stores. Their focus is on quality over quantity - although they do have a vast selection of quality! Prices are fair and some great deals can be found. This is my go to wine merchant, and one of the few authentic wine merchants in the city

  • Arin Ringwald

Good selection of craft beer, excellent detection of craft ciders, eclectic selection of Latin spirits like mezcal, Pisco, tequila they always focus on what the BCL up the street doesn't stock. Plus, staff are always friendly and chill, ready to help. A little on the pricey side, but probably a reflection of the unique inventory.

  • Naomi Grace

Usually get fantasitc service but after being spoken to very rudely by one particular staff member (who was mentioned in a previous review) on more than one occasion, I'm going to take my business to the government liquor store 1 block away where the prices are lower and I don't have to expect poor treatment.

  • Vicki Leszczynski

If you love wine, this is your store! The staff here are passionate about wine and know their stuff... My favorite method when I come here is letting the staff know roughly what I'm looking for and what my max budget is and knowing that whatever they choose will be a winner :)

  • Mortimer Graveley

Great specialty store - more than just wine, lots of craft beer and cider as well. A lot of very knowledgeable staff. Go in expecting to need a bit of help navigating the store (because there is so much to see) and you will be rewarded! There are some unique gems to be had.

  • John Pozer

Absolutely wonderful selection of wines, specialty liquors, and beers. Guaranteed to have Gluten Free beer options. Recently met the Glutenberg rep who stopped in to make sure that the fridges were stocked. Great BC wines and liquors. Helpful staff. Love Liberty!

  • Amanda Westrheim

I was recently in the store and was helped by Kaylene to choose 12 unique bottles for my cellar - and wow; her knowledge of unique varietals and grapes around the world was wonderful! I’d never heard of this wine store before but I’m glad Kaylene had me stop in.

  • Dan Bazinet

Private liquor store on The Drive. 4 stars for the selection, which consistently and esily tops the BCL a block away, and is the sole reason for returning. 3 stars for the outrageous mark-up on pricing; sadly becoming the norm in this city. Overall 3.5 stars.

  • S Z

I like coming here for the ciders they have, but when I need a wine I know without doubt that I can ask for a recommendation, tell them either what I’m looking for in taste or what it needs to pair with and walk away with an amazing wine.

  • Sam Lambert

Liberty has an awesome selection of wine and niche beers - I wish we had private ones like this in Ontario! Managed to get some Mikkeller beer which I've never seen before in Canada, and they have some great suggestions on natural wines!

  • Emerson Killam

Good selection, great organization into sections (ie. budget wines, seasonal, fun finds etc) Staff are pretty great also. Pricey, but if you want to try something different from the BCL its worth it, plus they're open later.

  • Daniel Murphy

If you actually like alcohol then this place is the one for you! The wine selection seems endless and the beer and cider selection always has something you won't have seen before. Great shop, great staff and great booze.

  • Warren Jones

My favorite liqour store. Good selection and the staff are so great! I only wish there was a tip option on their machines because I frequently don't have cash these days and they deserve it!

  • Lou L

2nd best liquor store on the drive. The discount wines at the front are a fun time. Great selection of natural wines to spend your paycheck on. 1000x better then the Granville location.

  • OneSpeed

Liberty offers alternative wines that are as good as the BC Liquor store offerings, and at par value to them as well. Large wine selection, but other liquors can be found here as well.

  • Alison Cuffley

Always friendly and helpful staff, and products for a variety of budgets. I love their ever changing selection in the coolers and will always stop here versus the BCL down the street.

  • Aaron Peters

Really brilliant selection of bourbons, vermouths, Belgian beers, and of course, the best curated selection of wine in Vancouver. They have super knowledgeable staff who are a delight

  • Janae Cram

Had a lovely experience picking up wine for a party. We havet suggestions as to what we wanted and had excellent help with the selection. We enjoyed all four bottles thoroughly!

  • Angela Kim

This branch has its own vantage vibe. The staff are welcoming and professional. They are properly stocked. I never fail to get my favorite wine in this store.

  • Devon Tickson

Great wine/beer selection. Fairly developed cider selection. Could use a little work on making sure done of the import beers sell before their best beforez.

  • Josh Adam

Great selection and very helpful staff! Can't really ask for more. Prices are steep but that is not their fault, provincial liquor taxes take care of that.

  • Lyle Isbister

The staff is incredibly knowledgeable here. In particular, Max is very skilled in pairing the perfect wine with whatever I tell him I'm having for dinner!

  • DwNecrid

Great selection, knowledgeable and helpful staff. Prices are incredibly fair as well. Easy recommendation if youre looking for some harder to find things

  • Lynn Krukowski

A family favorite store. Great selection of specialty beer, wines, scotch ... An enjoyable place to read labels and discover a new taste testing treat.

  • Darcy Liam

If you're into expensive wine or hard bar or beer they have everything that the BC Liquor Stores don't have very worth a try and very worth your money

  • David Warren

great store if you're looking for hard-to-find wine and even some beers. mostly imports. they also sell tickets to some great Liberty hosted events!

  • Jeff Low

Super knowledgeable staff, and quite friendly too! The beer selection they have is not the biggest, but there are some gems to be found

  • Conor Graham

This is my favourite wine store in the city. There's none better. It's like a magical antiquarian book shop except you get drunk.

  • Campbell Sharman

Wonderful wine selection, brilliant and helpful service. My highest recommendation for a wine store in Vancouver Campbell

  • Michael Coderre

Dog friendly. People friendly. Fairly decent wine IQ. The only place my dog will shop for wine (they always have treats)

  • Dan Lewis Day

Friendly and knowledgeable staff with a beautiful selection and store. Unique Ciders, wines and hard to find beers

  • Brendan

Reaaally great selection of wines and beers from across the globe. Definitely on the higher-end of pricing though.

  • Brad Taylorwood

Cute little store, prices are a little high but it's commercial drive and the gov liquor store was closed

  • Paco Escobar

A 6 pack of P49 Radler is $5 more than in BC Liquor. I understand some markup but I'm done shopping here

  • paul scheffer

If you see mark or Graham you will not be dissapointed. Best selection of interesting and quality vino

  • Khai Lee

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Not the cheapest ever, but excellent selection.

  • Tegan Williams

Great selection of wine, beer, and spirits. The staff is always friendly and helpful.

  • Ben Appenheimer

Great selection of wine, beer, and liquor. Staff is excellent and VERY knowledgeable.

  • Jack Stockholm

Great neighborhood store packed with an amazing selection and knowledgable staff.

  • Remo Balcells

Friendly crew and a nice selection of wines and especially craft local beers.

  • Upkar singh

Its good place to buy wine but not good to buy beers they don’t have variety

  • J K

Smaller producers not at BCLD, collector's wine store and serious merchant.

  • Zachary Cox

Incredibly helpful staff, and a well sourced selection of beers and wines.

  • Connie K

The guy helping us was awesome. Great selection and super friendly staff.

  • Kenny Wu

Enthusiastic wine merchants! Very helpful and friendly. No pretention!

  • Clinton Chan

Great selection of natural wine with knowledgeable and friendly staff!

  • Kylie Slahvahshkah

Great wine selection + large selection of local craft & Belgian beer.

  • Eric Sloan

Great spot for some unique juice that can't be found at the bcl

  • Luke Minaker

The workers are extremely helpful with great recommendations!

  • Will G

Cool selection of wine, sake and beer. Good customer service.

  • Kelsey Z

Great selection and the Liberty Wine are surprisingly good

  • Jade Bone

If the BCL ain't open then this is your next best option!

  • Markus Akert

Great wines and very knowledgeable and friendly staff!

  • Kayla

Great little wine shop! Helpful and friendly staff!

  • Jillian Robertson

Good selection of wines and staff are knowledgeable

  • Bill Bellamy

Great service. Very knowledgeable. Lots of choice.

  • s. h.

The staff are awesome, knowledgeable and friendly.

  • Emily Klassen (forivall)

Huge selection, but a little cramped. Or "cozy"!

  • Cody Botto-b

Great selection, also lots of tall boiis …

  • Jason Hale

In the words of Jim Carrey - "I like it a lot."

  • Julien-Pier Belanger

Amazing staff and great selection of local beer

  • Lee-Ann Flood

Great selection, more costly than a Bcl though

  • François Tardif

Excellent advice from Mark! Lots of choice.

  • Vigan Aliu

Good choices. Decent prices. Nice location!

  • Ceri Cornwall

Great selection of wines beers and spirits!

  • Ryan Cushman

They always have fantastic recommendations

  • John Marinakis

Well curated selection and open until 11pm

  • David Berman

If only they sold tonic water. Kidding.

  • Jacky Yenga

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

  • Adam Kingdon

Lots of variety from local breweries

  • Calen Macdonald

Knowledgeable staff, a little pushy

  • Jon Bokic

Ironically, I go here for the beer.

  • Mike B

Great staff. Amazing selection.

  • Sergey Brusentsov

Very good beer selection here.

  • Divjot Bhatia

They sang happy birthday to me

  • Maia Hadfield

Great selection!

  • Tommy J

Perfect in punch

  • Willyy07

Awesome staff!

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