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Kerfoot Burroughs LLP is a Law firm located at 400-1401 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6H 1H6, Canada. It has received 50 reviews with an average rating of 4.7 stars.





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  • The address of Kerfoot Burroughs LLP: 400-1401 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6H 1H6, Canada

  • Kerfoot Burroughs LLP has 4.7 stars from 50 reviews

  • Law firm

  • "Kerfoot Burroughs is one of those rare finds in business that deserves at least 6 or 7 stars out of 5"

    "My experience at kerfoot burroughs was life changing"

    "This is Bad practice lawyers office there"

    "I interviewed many lawyers before discovering a lawyer like Kit Perrick"

    "By nature, I have an assiduous perspective to research every task to achieve the best possible results, including having a team who is empathetic towards my situation in the process of a divorce"


  • Clint Scarth

Kerfoot Burroughs is one of those rare finds in business that deserves at least 6 or 7 stars out of 5. I don’t offer praise lightly and I think have only written about 5 or 6 reviews in my life and this review was not requested. I have been doing business with this firm for about 8 years now. It started when a client didn’t pay their bill for my construction company and Ian Burroughs helped me navigate the lien process. Ian has always been extremely fair, direct and knowledgeable. The firm he has helped create vividly displays each of those characteristics. I then began working with Sunita Syal about 4 years ago regarding similar business matters. Every time I have met with or spoken with Sunita I have been taken aback by her professionalism and shocking attention to detail. She has a tireless amount of energy and that passion is invested in her clients. What an amazing member of their team. Shortly after starting working with Sunita I had to navigate a very contentious divorce. My first divorce lawyer fit the stereotype to a T and milked me every penny he could and then fired me the day before I finally got mediation arranged. I called Sunita at about 5:30pm on a Thursday with the mediation the next morning. She immediately got Michael Steven on the phone and the 3 of us discussed my position for a couple of hours and then refused to bill me for it. Needless to say Michael immediately became my divorce attorney and navigated some very difficult waters. Michael has given me advice that I can honestly say has saved me more money than all that I have paid him. Numerous times I would be extremely hot under the collar and his calm and wise nature would immediately cut to the heart of the issue and offer the smartest course of action. Total professionalism. Having worked with all 3 of these lawyers over about 8 years I can 100% recommend them. I have on at least on 3 occasions told them that I think their invoices should be higher. I am serious. Imagine being UNDERCHARGED by your lawyer. At every instance their service has far exceeded my expectations which I can honestly say is a very rare occurrence. Thank you Ian, Sunita, and Michael for all of your help and know that the incredible team that you all have built there shines in an industry that is all too often filled with unsavoury characters. Excellent job.

  • Sandrine Westerink

My experience at kerfoot burroughs was life changing. My Lawyer, Kit Perrick and his assistant Jennifer have been a huge support through my battle for custody, high conflict relationship and all the trauma that was caused to my family. Kit is always available, he took it upon himself to read every court applications, endless emails, phone calls. 10 longs years of it. His assistant and him have put all the time and effort to fight for my family and my son. We were treated like family, nether felt ashamed to share our difficult story. We went to this firm to finally get outstanding lawyers take on the burden and the pain that endless court battles can cause. They always pick up the phone, they help filling out endless documents, they are kind, honest about possible outcomes and they are more than ready to address every scenario possible while in court. This firm has senior lawyers, always ready to give advice and work as a team to insure I would get the best chances. The day I won my battle, my lawyer was genuinely happy, relieved for me. It all comes at a cost, but our relationship with this outstanding firm will never end as we have never experienced so much trust, honesty and feel for the first time in years, that there is nothing we can’t face with their support. Kit, we thank you you for the endless hours working on our case. Jennifer, your kindness and truth helped us more than you know. Olivia, I would have never made it through court without your outstanding support, helping me be calm, gather my emotions and stay focused. You all have changed our lives for the better. Thank you for everything…

  • Manny Najafi

This is Bad practice lawyers office there.i did make Appintment i was Desperately Looking For Lawyer i call that office made appointment , That office asking me the day appointment bring with me files and clips and binder 2 to see old Senior Lawyer. If I saw him Grumpy no Tie no haircut 38 years experience want Break Me Down Fix Me Up And Blackmail me man got my file and Interrogation like Secret Service’s, and talking, How grate lawyer I had , I fired my lawyer because she was money god person and she was Femenina lawyer I could completely lose my money and my rights . if you are new clients going to any new practices 1- Interview the lawyers and asking his Secases stories and 2-make sure the lawyer believeing you. Do not trust the Costomer view because many Views Are Fake 3- is he as experienced lawyer representing you or student lawyer fresh graduation ?If the lawyer $430 or $500 or $600 you asking him is he or her go to court ?otherwise do not pay them for three people that money should cover your lawyer fees . 5- make sure the lawyer really your side otherwise Fire him or her .Good luck with this practice they moved my previous review in this law office. I will as much as possible until becoming severe community as server not as boss Clint’s are bosses because paying your bills.

  • Melany Wins

I interviewed many lawyers before discovering a lawyer like Kit Perrick. He was an absolute blessing to me. He is so confident, acerbic, positive and has a good vibe, as a person and a professional. He also has helped me with my anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, sleeping insomnia as well as many other harms I suffered - by working with the Health Professionals - that I have had due to a very traumatic childhood and an abusive past. He handles everything with such sensitivity, care and you feel like you’re working with both a lawyer and a friend. To me, in my perspective, he seems like a super hero for our planet because he really fights for justice in litigation, and, for the children that live inside the adult bodies that have suffered during their childhood years. This is such an intrinsically noble characteristic in a person: and it should be blessed by God. Kit is so compassionate and very good at listening - this feels so validating! He really helps bring me a sense of validation - which is really healing for me. I very highly recommend him to anyone who has suffered abuse or family violence or spousal abuse; that wants justice and Peace. And, the way he handles things are in a perspective that is in relation to cause-and-effect which is so helpful :-) thank you Kit Perrick

  • PC

By nature, I have an assiduous perspective to research every task to achieve the best possible results, including having a team who is empathetic towards my situation in the process of a divorce. Kit Perrick & his paralegal Jennifer Platt, have represented my case for many months with the utmost care & sensitivity. Kit shines best in court, & his approach is inviting while stating the facts which requires true finesse. Jennifer's organizational skills are unprecedented, working tirelessly after work, and on the weekends to ensure that everything is perfect to help set Kit up for success. As a professional painter creates a masterpiece onto a canvas, so does Kit & Jennifer create a "legal work of art" when dealing with my case. Their patience & dedication are instrumental for both short & long term planning. The best referral that I could offer as a client is to mention that Kit & Jennifer are in high demand because on several occasions months apart, their business card slot has been emptied due to their outstanding service for legal matters. Thank you for both for your professionalism!

  • Dustin Miller

After a few previous lawyers I found Kit Perrick who was recommended to me by another sr lawyer here, on Vancouver Island, even tho he is in Vancouver. We found Kit is down to earth, and very compassionate too. When it comes to trial time he was a lion, for us. Kit took on the Government without hesitation - and with class - he was fearless. He was also comforting to me / us. kit took time to talk patiently, and, to actually really listen to us - how many lawyers really listen?! - and Kit counsel me through this very difficult time in my life. I can honestly say he was not only my lawyer but he was became a friend. Hopefully he will continue to be a friend for the rest of my life. Kits' Para-Legal Jennifer Platt was amazing. She was hands on the whole case: helping all of us navigate all the paperwork and steps, putting in long hours over there in Vancouver ! I highly recommend them both to anyone = that needs the highest level of legal support. U won’t be disappointed with kit or Jennifer.

  • Kiana Dashtbazi

After 6.5 years of ongoing conflict with my ex-husband over the child support, custody issues, and getting represented by Legal Aid lawyers, I decided to take a different path and retrained Mr.Kit Perrick as my Lawyer. Mr.Perrick is very smart, knowledgeable, and on top of his field. He is a person of integrity and very passionate about protecting children’s rights. On my 8 days trial, he extensively argued about the important issues which were not touched by any other lawyers in the past and made a significant change on the results of my case. Moreover, I'm very grateful for the stunning lawyer, Olivia Milliken, who worked with Mr. Perrick in my case and made significant changes to the results. Mrs.Milliken & Mr.Perrick are smart, knowledgeable, strategic, and truly made the best " Dream Team" I could ever imagine. I can't be thankful enough for the amount of work they put on my case and made a huge difference in my life.

  • Anne Biehl

This firm is highly disreputable. My mother died in 2017. There were 50,000.00 worth of holdbacks put in place by Mr. Barry Kerfoot which he refuses to release as of March 2023! Furthermore, he conveniently retired the week afrer my mother died despite saying just prior to her passing that he would be practising for another 5 years. Thirdly, he procrastinated on selling Mothers Kerrisdale property so long that it went into foreclosure and, by the way, the market had in the meantime dropped significantly. He tried to say that the it was listed nearly 800k velow market value because it was a 1930s house. I protested that the value was in the property which was on Mackenzie Heights (2696 West 31st V6L 1Z8) and had an unobstructed mountain view. BEWARE! In addition, he went on vacation when my mothers mortgage came due.

  • Jordan Chow

I've used Kit over the last eight months to help resolve a lenghthy dispute which will soon be coming to an end. He has been communicative throughout the whole process, patient and willing to listen and explain everything while also giving good advice coming from his extensive experience. Coming into this whole legal battle was very daunting, but Kit made it much more simple and was able to put me at ease. Kit is always available and would get back to me in a prompt manner and provided timely updates even after office hours. I would not have been able to move on with my life if it wasn't for Kit and his assistant Jennifer. If I ever need a lawyer in the future I will be using Kit Perrick again. Thanks again Kit and Jennifer.

  • No L

I had the opportunity to meet Kit a week or two ago. I was anxious because he is my sons lawyer and I wanted to know what this guy is all about. I now get a little better picture of the situation of my sons battles that he is facing because of Kit. I am a very skeptical person and try to see the whole picture behind what people are saying whether it’s false or are they calling it the way it is. Kit does take the time to explain the situation, the possibilities for the positive and for the negative. He seems to explain it well, and I have confidence in him. He takes his time to explain it properly. He is a very astute lawyer and seems to be able to judge people to his advantage. and that is important in this business.

  • Shauna Magrath

Ian save the day.... crunch time on a sale and at the 11th hour we needed a lawyer. Without ever meeting Ian, only a simple phone call, he stepped up and helped give council. He stopped and addressed our time sensitive issue with kindness and no intimidation. Lawyers are not always so easy to approach. He was open to my calls as I needed him and made the process very smooth and effective. I will certainly use their service again and gladly recommend them to anyone in need. They are friendly, personable, affordable and extremely qualified. I say YES.... use them and save yourself a lot of unnecessary grief!

  • Jace Lambertsen

I had Michael Steven help me at my first settlement meeting for my business. He was very thorough explaining step by step how things would go down and calmed my nerves throughout the meeting. He is VERY professional and experienced and it showed today. It was clear today that his experience is second to none, making the other lawyers in the room look like amateurs. I will 100 percent continue to use Michael if any further legal action is needed and I highly recommend Michael Steven and Kerfoot Burroughs LLP firm for anyone who is need of a quality, honest, experienced lawyer. Thanks Michael!

  • Sylvia Matthies

I can only say the best about Kerfoot Burroughs LLP. Michael Steven is a top lawyer, and I am really glad he took on my case with my slip and fall. I didn't break a bone, but I suffered a lot with bruises and Hematoma. Michael Steven is professional, knowledgeable, compassionate, understanding, and I trusted him completely. We need more lawyers that work with integrity in Vancouver. I didn't get justice before in the past in the court system, but now my faith in the justice system with Kerfoot Burroughs has been positively transformed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  • Stephen Scovill

I have been a client of Kerfoot Burroughs LLP for approximately 3 years and I can honestly say I've never been treated more fairly. The court process can be long and every situation is different. Trust that your lawyer has your best intentions. Being from Ontario and doing our business mainly by phone, email and Zoom. This was a retainer worth shelling out for. Ian is friendly and very professional. I appreciate everything that was done and the bill was more than fair. Good lawyers are never free! Highly recommended!!!! And please, enjoy your day!

  • Talaysay Tours

Since 2005, Kit Perrick and his team have represented our Shíshálh (Sechelt) Nation , including many members of my Shíshálh family. I have seen him in Court, in negotiations with the Crown lawyers, in Mediations, and general advocacy and with our Shíshálh Elders. He always listens carefully, and takes the time to show he cares about us. We trust him, and how he brings validation for our concerns, whatever they may be. He has integrity, patience, and good legal advice. I highly recommend Kit to anyone. Candace Campo

  • Vanya Hanson

I was referred to Kit Perrick by a senior judge in Saskatchewan. He did NOT disappoint, but rather, he got me custody of our child in a complex legal situation. My whole family was elated! I carefully followed Kit’s advice from step one to the conclusion of the matters in both BC Supreme Court and Provincial courts. I came over from the Island for Kit’s representation, and I am glad I did. He was sensitive and a good listener. I highly recommend him to any mothers seeking custody of their children.

  • Francesco De Cotiis

Kit Perrick and his ParaLegal Jennifer Ennis have been my go-to advice for years. Kit has helped my whole family for more many years. He is compassionate and a good source for our legal advice. We trust him completely. He has integrity and keeps us in the loop on all parts of the processes of family law. He was good in Court, and seemed to have much respect from the other legal counsel. Thank you Kit Perrick.

  • Kolika Huq

We were referred to Sunita Syal to help us with the Order of Possession process to evict a problem tenant. She was very knowledgable and prepared us very well for our hearing, much better than we could do on our own. We are grateful she guided us through such a stressful ordeal with her high energy and persistence. I would recommend her to any of my network dealing with tenant issues.

  • Bennet Tse

Retained Sunita Syal pertaining a corporate small business buy out. Result was a success and I am extremely satisfied. I could strongly say they go above and beyond for their clients as they cater and work with you on a personal level. Communication is swift, deadlines are met and the managing partner Ian Burroughs will always happily lend his expertise when needed. Thank you again!

  • Carly Christie

Kit Perrick is a trial lawyer, took on the government. He gave us his personal cell number, he was available 24/7. An incredible trial lawyer and went above and beyond his duties to help this family. Was much more to us than a lawyer, we consider him family. He grand slammed our case and gave us a homerun of a turn out. If you need help, Kit is your man.

  • Marta Cygan

Huge thank you to Daleep Aujlay at Kerfoot Burroughs! My partner and I were in the process of buying our first home and he made the whole process seamless and easy for us. Him and his team were great at explaining everything and were super responsive and thorough whenever we had any questions - and we had many! Glad we had the chance to work with him!

  • david cheer

Kit S. Perrick has been nothing but gracious, patient, understanding and persistent in pursuit of settling my family claims. He has been good in Court. Kit and his Paralegal, Jennifer Platt have my best interests at heart; and, most importantly, I trust Kit's sage legal advice. I would highly recommend him to anyone with a complex family law case.

  • Brian Baker

Thank God for Daleep and Kerfoot Burroughs. We needed a last minute lawyer, and not only did Daleep jump right in at a moment's notice, he picked up a detail in our contract that literally saved us many thousands of dollars. I don't normally write reviews, but with something this big I felt it was the right thing to do. Thanks!

  • Clementine Fontaine

I want to thank Kit Perrick, and his Team, for his years of hard work and solid legal advice. He represents many members of my extended family, and community Ojibwa Elders. We all think he is a very good listener, trustworthy and has integrity. He was a good in Court too. I will always highly recommend him.

  • Steven Hucke

I had my first encounter with Mr. Kit S. Perrick in 2020 years ago over the phone. Kit and his staff have been nothing but warm and professional. Their extremely hard work resulted with a fair divorce settlement for my case. I would highly recommend you contact Kit's office. Continue in the app

  • Alex Lucyk

A big thank you to Kit Perrick and his team. He has been helping me with my legal battles for the last couple years and I couldn't be happier with his work. With his integrity and professionalism in the office and the court house I highly recommend him to anyone needing legal assistance.

  • Dhanya Nair

Great firm ,Very professional and efficient. I searched vancover area for a lawyer who fits my need and more affordable .Mr Perric was not only a super efficient but also very helpful and kind who worked tirelessly for Us over the past couple months. Highly recommend and 5 Star service.

  • Alexander Hentschel

I was in contact with Michael Steven, who gave me clear and concise information. He was very straight-forward and honest about at what stages in our particular problem we would need legal support. I would certainly come back to Michael again if we need legal representation or advice.

  • Sharon Ohlsen

Many thanks to Daleep Aujlay for his responsiveness and counsel to us! I definitely recommend his services in wills and estates. He gained a thorough understanding of our goals and desires, then provided good direction and documentation in a quick timeline. Much appreciated, Daleep!

  • Michelle Me

I'm grateful for years of legal advice and empathy, humility, and good listening, from Kit and his team at Kerfoot Burroughs LLP. Kit provides meaningful & validating legal advice for my family issues, and always does a good job for me in court. Thank you Kit Perrick.

  • ian campbell

Thank you Kit Perrick for taking care of my legal needs for many years. Kit has shown extreme integrity, and support in managing my personal legal issues. I trust his competence and professional advice. He exemplifies compassion and patience. I highly recommend Kit.

  • Mark Dinardo

Kitt Perrick was referred to me by my current partner based on her experience, great lawyer, gets things done, very trusting also found a resolution after 6 years. Also really good at thinking outside the box. Will get you what you want.

  • Jean Morgan

Ian Burroughs was very knowledgeable and helpful, providing clear and thoughtful advice. The initial consultation was extremely helpful and, should I need further assistance, I will definitely seek his advise again.

  • Nickie Dukhia

Big thank you to Kerfoot Burroughs for helping me close my home purchase! Daleep made it easy for me to understand everything! I was nervous since it was my first home purchase ! Thank you!

  • Kassidy Glutyk

Kit and his team have been absolutely amazing! Integrity, great legal advice and very knowledgeable. Stunning court room experience and cross examination skills!! Highly recommend Kit!

  • Finlay Misfeldt

Kit Perrick and his team are always there to help me and my family. He really listens and helps explore solutions and cost-effective strategies. Thank you Kit and Jenifer Platt.


Ian is incredibly professional Competent. He is easy to talk to and he gives a small company service that I believe a lot of big companies would be challenged to provide .

  • Carla Graham

Excellent and friendly service for a multitude of service needs. Bonus: The building has no touch elevator buttons for germ free access to their 4th floor office.

  • Regency Park

Michael Steven was very helpful and genuinely interested in helping. He is extremely knowledgeable and i would happy to refer him to my friends and family.

  • Rob Cooper

I've worked with Kerfoot Burroughs for a few years now. They have always been very professionial, approachable and great to deal with. Highly recommend.

  • David Lavallee

Kit was an awesome trial lawyer- always on point- relates really well to judges, his client and opposing counsel- highly recommend!

  • Mehrak Niroumand

Kit Perrick and his team are great and special to oliva and jennifer for their help for assisting us in our case

  • tom penn

Kit perrick did an amazing job with getting me through my seperation. I would definitely recommend him !

  • Trevor Harvey

Even when they have a strong case, they cower when a strong attorney confronts them.

  • Laura June

Thank you Michael Stevens for the prompt reply to my concerns.

  • Samantha Hu

Michael was so helpful, really appreciated his suggestions

  • Brenda Rosenau

Professional supportive legal team

  • Dave Widders
  • Brian Sarling
  • Robert Rons

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