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M2A, 601 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4C2, Canada




Iven KS Tse Law Corporation is a Law firm located at M2A, 601 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4C2, Canada. It has received 42 reviews with an average rating of 4.9 stars.





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  • The address of Iven KS Tse Law Corporation: M2A, 601 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4C2, Canada

  • Iven KS Tse Law Corporation has 4.9 stars from 42 reviews

  • Law firm

  • "The selling of a property is complex and there is quite a lot to organize"

    "My mother found Mr"

    "I have been in commercial real estate for over 13 years and have handled more than 500 business transactions"

    "Iven breaks my impression of a lawyer"

    "Extremely professional and responsive service"


  • Michael Hempel

The selling of a property is complex and there is quite a lot to organize. One needs a top team to take as much stress away from the transaction, starting from a competent realtor, a high-quality bank and a trusted legal advisor. We have known our realtor for many years and also had an established relationship with our bank, but we only coincidentally found Mr. Iven Tse’s Law Corporation by referral. I must say that from the beginning of our contact, my wife and I were positively impressed with the exceptional customer service, very friendly staff, concise and well-prepared meetings. The fees were reasonable. Mr. Iven Tse has a way of explaining complex matters to the layperson in a way that we always had the impression to be well informed and best advised, above all, we felt in very good hands. I can only highly recommend Mr. Ts’e Law Corporation. This team is a top address, 10 out of 10

  • S Yee

My mother found Mr. Tse very knowledgable on a radio program. She called his office for general information and Wendy Chan patiently answered all her questions. Her friendly service helped my mother decide in hiring this firm (my mother has called other companies and the staff were not patience at all). There were complications related to the sale of my mother’s property including information we were not aware of. Mr. Iven Tse and his assistant Andy Liu were thorough, friendly, knowledgeable and professional in explaining the situation and ensure the process was completed smoothly. I have contacted Andy multiple times with inquiries and he always responded promptly. We are very satisfied with the service provided by Mr. Tse and his great team (Andy, Wendy and Crystal) and we highly recommend this law firm for others.

  • Max Chiu

I have been in commercial real estate for over 13 years and have handled more than 500 business transactions. Most of these transactions are standard and proceed smoothly. However, I recently encountered the most challenging transaction I've ever faced. The landlord kept rejecting four prospective tenants over a period of one and a half years, despite these tenants being well-qualified with sufficient funds and experience to run the business. We were very fortunate to decide to engage Iven Tse to assist us in proceeding with the transaction. Everything got back on track, and we were able to close the deal on time, even though my client's lease had already expired. Thank you for your professional practice and assistance with this transaction.

  • Ojin Chou

Iven breaks my impression of a lawyer. Previous lawyers that I've worked with are all business and do not care about my underlying needs. Iven understands that I do not have a law background, and he clearly explains his reasoning. And I appreciate this transparency which makes me more comfortable dealing with things that I'm not familiar with. In addition, he and his team are highly professional and easy to work with. Everything was well organized and being taken care of without much work on my end. Not to mention, Iven is extremely charismatic and has a great sense of humour. Working with him is a pleasure.

  • Rick Y

Extremely professional and responsive service. I am based in Toronto and my family is in Vancouver, so we needed a firm that has their act together, knows the importance of deadlines, quick in responding to questions and clear in their instructions. Iven's team were always available and ensured I had adequate time to get the documents signed and returned to them - they really made the transaction stress free! That's why we keep coming back and have used them in our last few transactions. Highly recommended if you are looking for a team who is focused on working for you.

  • Aram Askarian

Deliver document late and stress everyone out before Real Estate closing dates. Unreliable and don't meet promised deadlines. We've done 100s of transactions over 3 decades with our lawyer and this has been the 1st time we've had a problem like this. Your correspondence was very unprofessional, and "abusive" as you like to put it. When you missed your deadline your response was we'll get the document when your team is ready to give them. If you don't have a competent team and think real estate transactions are complicated, you shouldn't be doing them.

  • Carrie Tsang

I met Iven more than 10 years ago and he has always been very professional and personable. I am especially grateful that he is extremely knowledgeable in different types of law including Real Estate, Corporate and Family Law! I would highly recommend anyone to give his office a call and book a time to have a chat if you are in a pickle, or better yet, get to know Iven BEFORE you're in the deep end! It will be the best phone call you'll ever make in your life. Thank you Iven for your service and advice.

  • Mary Phan

I got referred by my closest friend to Mr. Iven Tse. I had to say that I don't feel any regret to meet him. I was very pleased to meet and discuss with him a piece of legal advice. He supported a small growing business that got harassed. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart you help me to guide me into the legal stuff and refer me to the right person with who I can discuss many issues. I own you a lot. :)

  • Andrea Wong

My parents used Iven KS Tse Law Corporation to complete a property title transfer and a POA last week. Iven is very patient and professional. He and his team are able to complete all the documentation within the agreed timeframe. This has allowed different family members (including my relatively old parents) to execute all the documentations in one visit. I highly recommend using the legal service of this firm.

  • Jordan Liang

Iven and his legal team assisted me with my closing purchase on my apartment. His team made the closing very seamless, very knowledgable, responsive, reliable, and professional. Advised me step by step on what should be accounted for the closing of the purchase. I recommend using Iven and his legal team for all your legal necessities. Thanks again to Iven and the legal team!

  • Matthew Leung

Iven Tse is a lawyer I trust for all my business and real estate legal needs. I've known Iven for almost 10 years, during which time he helped me incorporate my companies, form business partnerships and purchase commercial and residential properties. He always provides prompt, professional service and is someone I know I can count on. I'd highly recommend Iven.

  • Hk Wong

I had the opportunity to work with Iven and his team and I’m extremely happy with the results. Andy went above and beyond in answering my questions in a timely manner as he is very knowledgeable in his role. With their help and also their connections oversea we were able to close a complicated deal smoothly even under a tight schedule.

  • Kikki Kwok

Iven helped me in a complicated property transfer which involves overseas clients and other taxation issue. Iven and the team did a great job helping me to resolve this smoothly. Iven is patient and easy to communicate. He can speak English and Cantonese makes it easier when dealing to overseas buyers. I would recommend him for sure!

  • Vonnie Tan

Just had a wonderful customer experience with Iven and his assistant Andy. All communications were accurate and on a timely manner. Iven provided advice to the customers' benefit and was very responsible. Worth mentioning is their fees, very reasonable and competitive for lawyer on a property transfer trasaction.

  • Justin McSharry

Iven is always a pleasure to work with. He is extremely knowledgeable and competent, and his staff is very responsive, courteous and professional. We've worked with Iven on three real estate transactions now and have been very pleased with his work. And he's a fun guy to have a conversation with!

  • Miranda Tsai

Iven Tse has the ability to make handling of complicated law related issues as stress free as possible. Iven has been delivering excellent service to my family, time and time again. Iven is approachable, respectful, knowledgeable and reliable. I have no hesitation to refer Iven Tse to friends.

  • Arnold Shuchat

I quickly needed a corporation set up for my real estate business and Iven and his staff were right on top of it and able to deal with the complete package and price it very competitively. The timing, execution and delivery of all materials was precisely on schedule and exactly what I needed.

  • Eilleen L

Iven came highly recommended and after working with him I can see why. Iven and his team are highly responsive and prompt in all our correspondence. Iven himself is highly capable and so personable to work with. I would definitely go back to him in the future for any legal work.

  • Wilson Tran

Iven got me through a very difficult real estate situation and I can't thank him enough for how well he handled it. Very calming, informative, and easy to reach. Demonstrated the true value of having a lawyer for a real estate transaction. Highly recommend!

  • Dreamhome Staging

Iven helping me on one commercial transaction. Iven’s team are really professional, timely give me all the support and make the business transaction very smoothly. I hope I can recommend his team to all my friends who need legal service, he is the best! !!

  • Diana Xu

Iven helping me on one commercial transaction. Iven’s team are really professional, timely give me all the support and make the business transaction very smoothly. I hope I can recommend his team to all my friends who need legal service, he is the best! !!

  • Walter Liu

Iven and Andy are so helpful for title transfer under COVID-19 situation. Althought it's inconvenient of meeting and signing documents in COVID-19, Iven and Andy alway try to figure out solution for helping us complete property purchase. Highly Recommend!

  • Debbie Chang

Iven and his assistant Andy helped me with the property purchase. Both are professional and respond in the timing manner. Iven helped me when I sold my property last year and I hired him again for the purchase. Highly recommended for their service.

  • Jake Co

Iven was truly helpful in my consultation with him. He spent time looking at different angles and wasn't just focused on the "service" required. He's very knowledgable, professional and invested in his clients. I would recommend his services.

  • 许程程

Recently completed the purchase of my home, and Iven and Andy helped so the title transfer is very smooth. Satisfied with their follow up and detailed explanation, and will recommend Iven law Corp to my friends who needs help

  • Katrina

Iven helped me with two of my cases and he was excellent. He thinks above and beyond on what needs to be done and explains everything in detail. I highly recommend Iven as he is an experienced, patient and excellent lawyer.

  • Jodi Li

Iven has been really helpful in helping me close my condo. They addressed all my issues timely and are really nice!! His assistant is really good to work with too. I highly recommend Iven and his law group …

  • Jayden Jiang

Iven has extensive knowledge in the field of real estate and foreclosure law. He is extremely thorough and patient in explaining legal proceedings. I highly recommend his services!

  • R B

Iven helped me with the conveyancing for a commercial property purchase. He did a great job and provided the support we needed to complete the purchase with confidence.

  • Ben Lai

Iven is a great lawyer. He is very knowledgable and friendly. Worked with Iven many time. Both me and my clients love Iven and his staffs.

  • George Hue

Wonderful client centred, thorough, and patient lawyer. Made sure everything was explained before a signature requested.

  • Abby Pang

I highly recommend Iven for your real estate needs. He is knowledgeable and experienced and reasonably priced.

  • Rnold Smith

Iven was thorough, friendly and knowledgeable and he and his staff were a pleasure to work with.

  • Daphne Y

For communication, organization, thoroughness, location, and friendliness! Highly recommend.

  • Judith Buist Real Estate

Excellent legal services for my client’s first home purchase.

  • Nkayz

Have underground parkade

  • Peter Tam
  • Standway Ming
  • Camy Wong
  • Arthur Lum
  • Josh
  • Tibor Soltesz

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