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14815 Ballantyne Village Way Suite 100, Charlotte, NC 28277



DownDog Veterinary Clinic is a Veterinarian located at 14815 Ballantyne Village Way Suite 100, Charlotte, NC 28277. It has received 93 reviews with an average rating of 4.9 stars.





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  • The address of DownDog Veterinary Clinic: 14815 Ballantyne Village Way Suite 100, Charlotte, NC 28277

  • DownDog Veterinary Clinic has 4.9 stars from 93 reviews

  • Veterinarian

  • "THEY ARE AMAZING! I just moved from California to the Ballantyne area and noticed a large lump on my dogs behind"

    "Update: I have been coming here for about 2 years now and they have been outstanding to both our cat and dog"

    "We just moved with S’mores, our high strung, skittish Australian Shepherd to the Ballantyne area"

    "I found Down Dog Vet Clinic after being told at my regular vet that they couldn’t see us for over a week, and we’d been taking our pets there for about 10 years"



  • Sheri Atwood

THEY ARE AMAZING! I just moved from California to the Ballantyne area and noticed a large lump on my dogs behind. I found DownDog and called them. They initially were fully booked that day so scheduled an appointment for the next day and asked me to send pictures. I text them pictures and they immediately called me back and was able to fit me in 45 minutes later. The entire office staff and Dr. Kimmel were amazing, compassionate and took time to assess my dog (even thou I know they squeezed me in!). They explained the options and treatment plan and immediately took her to drain the abscess. After the procedure i was sent a very detailed text on the results and how to prepare to bring her home. When I picked her up they were amazing! They took the time explaining what they did, their thoughts and the care plan. They then made sure to check in the next morning, allowing me to ask any questions I had. It's hard enough to move across country not knowing anyone here. Im greatful I now have an amazing vet for my two furry babies! I can't recommend them enough!! I have even asked my townhouse office to add them as the top recommended vet in the area so all my neighbors can gain an amazing vet as well!

  • brad h

Update: I have been coming here for about 2 years now and they have been outstanding to both our cat and dog. They consistently and thoroughly treat our pets with care and make sure everything is accounted for that is needed without being pressured as I have previously experienced at other vets. Our cat had some minor-moderate health issues (additional to original review) when we brought her in recently and after a few necessary visits and tests, we see an improving trend in her health. Dr. Kimmel and her Team have been very helpful and I love the level of communication they go to and explaining their findings and recommendations. I trust Downdog and will definitely refer anyone. Original Review: First time going here with our cat. She had some issues that we have been dealing with no progress from other vets nearby. We came here for the reviews and based on the treatment plan and communication of what they believe the diagnosis is (pending test results), we’re already seeing improvement in her health. Thank you!

  • Amber Pressley

We just moved with S’mores, our high strung, skittish Australian Shepherd to the Ballantyne area. She has always lived in a rural area in Alabama and had never been in the car more than 30 minutes at a time. After a SIX hour ride and a move to a new home in the city, she was a nervous wreck. She was due some shots and needed a checkup. After seeing good reviews and the close proximity of the DownDog veterinary clinic, I called and was able to get an appointment for the next day. Due to Covid, it is still curbside service so I could not go in with Smores. However, the vet assistant was so kind and patient with her. Dr. Kimmel called me within a few minutes and talked through our options to treat S’mores without making her anxiety worse. She came up with a great treatment plan and was able to complete all the needed tests. S’mores’ nub was wagging (her breed often has docked tails) when they brought her out to me. This is our new vet! If you are looking for a caring vet with a kind staff, this is the place to go.

  • Jane Johnson

I found Down Dog Vet Clinic after being told at my regular vet that they couldn’t see us for over a week, and we’d been taking our pets there for about 10 years. Down Dog got us in that same day! And even though I had to wait outside due to Covid, they were WONDERFUL with communicating and sending me pics of my dog Archie. He is a nervous Nelly and was very scared, but they really made him feel at ease, and he has adopted the office manager Sarah as his “girlfriend”, lol Dr Kimmel is very caring, compassionate and knowledgeable, and we quickly got to the bottom of what was going on with Archie. I then brought my other dog Daisy to see Dr Kimmel, and she’s worked out a diet plan for her & really cares about getting her back to a healthy weight. If you want a vet that still has the personal touch and is not part of a huge multi-chain practice, Down Dog is the place for you! The entire staff is awesome! I can’t recommend them highly enough!

  • Charlene Elizabeth

Dr. Kimmel and her staff are the absolute best! We adopted our girl Charlie this year and needed a good vet as she had many health problems when we got her. Dr. Kimmel and her team had Charlie feeling better so fast and continue to take great care of her. They made everything so easy and comfortable for us as new dog parents. We have now been taking Charlie to the team at DownDog for almost a year. I copied this from another reviewer as it explains exactly why we love DownDog Vet. **Incredibly friendly and professional and will treat your pet as their own. Always available to answer questions at anytime, will always make recommendations for your pets health and are very flexible when it comes to scheduling appointments and working around your schedule. DD being the most affordable Vet I’ve ever been to is a nice added bonus as well! If you’re looking for a Vet, look no further, Down Dog is the place you and your pet want to be at.

  • Charlotte Pender

There really is nothing bad to say… I moved from out of state and was desperate to find the right vet for my baby girl. After trying different drs in the area I was finally able to settle on one. Dr. Kimmel and her staff always go above and beyond to provide the best care for my fur baby. She isn’t the easiest dog when it comes to vet and groomer handling but I can say that here the staff ensures that she is as comfortable as possible and work with her to accommodate HER needs- not exactly easy to find in my experience. As a pet owner it’s comforting knowing that the people I am handing off a member of my family to are taking the same care and love with her as I would expect and hope but don’t often find. Here , it is a breath of fresh air to see the passion and care that the staff and dr. Kimmel have and spread to their patients. Truly an AWESOME place!!

  • Ash G

My dog was seen with the GC SPCA and was treated with as much care as the typically paying customer! The surgery my dog had was for “entropion.” It takes a skilled vet to ensure the eye appears identical to the unaltered eye. Dr. Kimmel did an excellent job performing this delicate surgery on his eye. She was kind, informative, and patient with my questions as a young & new dog owner. The after-care was really great, they texted me to make sure everything was well every few days and saw him 2 weeks later to confirm it was a success. He was also neutered here. Staff was to attentive to his nervousness and met him where he was. They were patient through his caution and didn’t make his fears worse. I really appreciate this veterinarian clinic’s care! *I posted before and after photos of his eye for pet owners whose pets have similar conditions.

  • Laurie Dugan

Dr Kimmel and staff are a truly unique group of people. They are kind, compassionate and very knowledgeable and in tune with the pet as well as us crazy pet owners. When we do go we have the attention and one on one visit and never feel rushed. Our dog is unfortunately not well at her stage in life and I know we are being given the best possible care to keep her as comfortable as possible. Thank you Dr Kimmel and Sarah I know Bella is in good hands. Update 5/09/23 Unfortunately Bella had a turn for the worse and was admitted to Emergency hospital in South Park, when it was time to say our goodbyes Sarah from DownDog Veterinary clinic came to the hospital and stayed with me through the entire last moments with Bella. This is true and absolute proof of the kindness, compassion and love for people and animals .

  • Larissa Hare

My puppy and I LOVE Dr. Kimmel and her team. They always take such amazing care of my baby and I always leave feeling like an educated pup mom. Most recently, we were seen for a snake bite. The office was closing early for the day and they stayed open for us to get in and be seen. It was one of the scariest moments of my life, but I knew my pup was in good hands. Dr. Kimmel got right to work on assessing/treating while Alexis grabbed a box of tissues for this weeping mama. We went home shortly after and pup recovered in just a couple of days. For each visit, I easily pass 3-4 vet clinics on my way to DownDog -- and I will continue to drive right pass them, simply because this clinic is the best in how they treat both my pup and me.

  • James Dey

My experience with DownDog has been great due to these factors, among others: responsiveness; price; and level of care. Responsiveness: After my pup’s spay procedure, the DownDog team proactively reached out over text to check in. That text chain gave me access to send pictures and ask for quick opinions on my pooch’s recovery, which DownDog answered right away. Price: The spay procedure came in at a cost way less than I was expecting. I had to call to confirm the quote, as I thought it was an error. Level of care: My dog, who doesn’t always take to new people easily, is always excited to see the DownDog team. They clearly treat her with care even when I’m not in the room.

  • Ryan Ferguson

Dr. Kimmel and her staff are the best around, hands down!! Been to a few other Vets since adopting my pup 7 years ago, in different parts of the country, and Down Dog is without question the best I have ever been to. Incredibly friendly and professional and will treat your pet as their own. Always available to answer questions at anytime, will always make recommendations for your pets health and are very flexible when it comes to scheduling appointments and working around your schedule. DD being the most affordable Vet I’ve ever been to is a nice added bonus as well! If you’re looking for a Vet, look no further, Down Dog is the place you and your pet want to be at.

  • Brittney Scamehorn

I’ve been going to DownDog Vet Clinic for two years now, and haven’t had a problem until today. We brought my dog in for emergency breathing issues/behavior. They proceeded to tell us “if you want to drop her for the day, we might be able to work her in” like she’s a vehicle or something. The receptionist had no compassion or care that my dog was having issues breathing and was ridiculously rude. The lady working the front desk this morning doesn’t care about your pets. We ended up taking an emergency trip to Companion Animal Hospital of Indian Land who worked us in right away, who were helpful and honest, and they CARED. We gladly wont be return.

  • Patricia Brewer

Wonderful staff! I brought my dog, Zoe, in for a nail trim today. Dr. Kimmel and her tech, Sarah, were absolutely amazing. My dog is very nervous and anxious at the vet. Sarah took her time with Zoe, giving her treats and letting Zoe warm up before even starting the nail trim. They took breaks between paws to reward Zoe for being good and reinforcing that this experience is a positive one. I have been to places that force the nail trim to happen, this was not the case at all. They went at her speed. It was a fantastic experience for not only Zoe but for me as a dog mom.

  • Chelsea Fraser

My husband and I recently adopted a dog and wanted to get him caught up on vaccines and just an overall check up, since we had little information on his history. Peyton was able to schedule us an appointment that day, and the experience was great. I was so nervous about how my dog would do, but they loved him from the moment he got there. They were very thorough, patient, and helpful, as we are new dog parents and still learning. I am so thankful that we do not have to shop around for a vet and have found one that is so wonderful! Cannot recommend them enough!!!

  • Nikki Terry

I have tried quite a few vets with my cat and have had very little luck in Charlotte. I adopted a puppy from the spca and they had me take her here. After my first few experiences you bet I will be continuing to go here. My puppy runs to the door (even after getting spayed here ). They are always very responsive when open and aren’t the vet who will ALWAYS recommend they come in. I’m a crazy puppy mom who has 1000 questions and they are always happy to answer all of them. I have already recommended DownDog to quiet a few friends.

  • Kaitlyn Rogers

My cat has medical problems that require monthly vet visits and I travel out of state just to go here. Back when I was trying to diagnose my cat Down Dog was the only clinic that could direct me towards any sort of answer (we had tried 7 offices already! ). Their quick action and compassion essentially saved her life and now they help me keep her comfortable as she battles the long term symptoms of her diagnosis. The staff is always friendly and enthusiastic about seeing her, even though she has a bit of an attitude. Thanks Down Dog!

  • Nancy Roberts

Even though it is called DownDog, it is a great place for cats too! Dr. Kimmel gave my two cats their physicals today and she was very thorough and sooooo nice and caring. There is a special examining room for cats that is very pleasant and calming. Like Dr. Kimmel, the staff is also excellent and took us in right away so the cats would not be scared by loud noises in the waiting room. Even before our visit, Sarah worked hard to obtain all of my cats' records for me so I wouldn't have to spend time on it. Great place!

  • Jessica Pilla

My pup gets the greatest care with DownDog Veterinary Clinic! Always fast results with testing. I love the check in texts the next day to see how my pup is doing after treatment of any kind. Always have been treated nicely from everyone there and lastly but not least Dr. Kimmel is wonderful. She’s got a great personality and great love for every animal that walks in the door. Someone I instantly trusted as soon as I met her. My partner and I absolutely love it. Thank you Dr. Kimmel!

  • Blythe Iversen

Today 1/13/22 we had to make a very hard decision, to put our baby Gus down. I had wanted to get a paw print for a tattoo but I forgot to do it. These amazing people had the office manager go to Office Depot to buy ink and card stock paper to make it for me. I want everyone to know how peaceful and loving the whole staff was. I am so thankful for them. I would recommend anyone to go to them for any pet need.

  • Michelle

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS VET!!! Dr. Kimmel & her staff are so kind and patient! I brought my 2 y.o. German Shepherd who has shown aggression to male vets in the past but she (and I) had a wonderful experience. I was very nervous since it was curbside drop off only and it was her first visit, but the staff took their time with her and she came back with a great report. Thank you again! You guys rock!!

  • Erika B

Kind, engaged, animal lovers with compassionate "bedside manner". So glad to have found them when I moved into Ballantyne. My Heidi might not be here today if it wasn't for their ability to squeeze her in and Dr. Kimmels quick reaction to her symptoms. Heidi is on the road to recovery and we are hopeful for a positive outcome with the help of this incredible veterinarian and her team!

  • Dakota Jen

Dog was happy here! You can stay by their side as they are naturally stressed in a strange environment. Staff does everything possible to allow dogs to warm up, taking extra time letting dogs step on the scale to be weighed, getting used to strangers hands touching them, etc. plus the front desk staff was personable, honest and friendly, I really felt comfortable here as did my dog.

  • Christina Gutierrez

I researched many many vets before I brought my baby home. The fear free environment was something that was important for me. I want my dog to feel comfortable, and he definitely does when we walk in! We have been going to them for a year now, and we love love love the whole staff! I recommend them to all of my friends. Thanks for always taking care of my baby!

  • Elaina Matthews

Dr. Kimmel is the best vet I've ever been to!!! At home my pets are pampered and treated like family members. I'm very picky about who cares for my pets and I am so happy that I found DownDog Veterinary Clinic and Dr. Kimmel. I will never go anywhere else!! Highly recommended for compassionate, thorough, fabulous care. Thank you Dr. Kimmel for what you do!!!!

  • Rachel Kaminsky

DownDog Veterinary Clinic was by far the best vet I have ever been to. It is so warm and inviting you don’t even feel like you are in a doctors office. I have a chihuahua and she is afraid of everything and everyone; Doctor Kimmel and Sarah made her feel safe and comfortable. This will be my veterinary clinic for life! You guys are the best of the best!

  • Ryan K

We've had such great experiences at DownDog Veterinary Clinic so far. The staff are all kind, smart, and caring. While we haven't had the chance to meet Dr Kimmel due to the Covid lockdown, she's communicated with us really well. I know that this is the start of a long friendship between our dog Banjo and DownDog Veterinary Clinic!

  • Natalie Bowen

So thankful for Down Dog and Dr. Kimmel. Our pups look forward to coming in ! We are new to the area and brought our puppy here for his initial visits. Dr. Kimmel took the time to listen to our concerns - she and her staff are incredibly personable and caring. They treat my babies like their own ! I can’t say enough great things !

  • William Wherry

Recently took my puppy here and she absolutely loved it! They made her feel super comfortable and my puppy didn’t even realize it when they gave her the vaccine shots. The rooms and waiting area are really nice and the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. Will definitely be making this my regular veterinarian!

  • Sloan Meadows

Dr Kimmel and her staff are so efficient and thoughtful with their care for your animals! My dog had an upset stomach and of course on a Friday you figure there is no way to get a last minute appointment, but they worked hard to squeeze us in and get her back in shape. Well worth an extra drive for great people

  • Alex Willox

The staff is very friendly and helpful. My dogs are treated like stars at DownDog. Last time I was there I could hear the staff all yell my dogs name in excitement when they took him to the back for an examination. He’s excited to see them and they are equally excited to see him. They love what they do.

  • Katie Wilson

Dr. Kimmel is amazing!!! She’s been our family vet for years. She loves our pets like her own and is so attentive to them while always answering whatever questions we have. She is so kind and very knowledgeable as she’s done this for years. We love Dr. Kimmel and recommend her to all our friends.

  • Alex Collard-Zelli

This took a while to write, but this place is super thorough and caring. Everyone here loves animals, and it shows! Took our cat Toulouse, who can be a little difficult, but they were in complete control with so much kindness. He is happy and healthy again and back to his annoying self!

  • Emily Washington

Everyone is very welcoming and friendly! Dr.Kimmel is a very great veterinarian and my puppy Zeus loves her! She responds in a timely manner and she fits us in when we have unexpected issues! Definitely would recommend her for anything concerning our pets!

  • Kamali Jordyn

Great Service! Dr. Jennifer is such a nice vet! One of the only vets I feel extremely comfortable leaving my puppy with! I took my puppy here to get her nails clipped. It was a smooth, quick experience. My puppy will be back for grooming services soon!!

  • Brooke McCormick

I adore Dr. Kimmel! I had the pleasure of working with her for a few years and knew that when she opened her clinic, I would be first in line! With so many options for hospitals in the Charlotte area, I would highly recommend giving DownDog a shot!

  • Robin H

Honestly I can't say enough about DownDog. We recently moved to Charlotte and I hadn't yet established a vet here for my dog yet. And this weekend, she hurt her back. I called around to half a dozen vet clinics and either got rude responses

  • mechelle padgett

We first needed to make a last minute appointment for our small dog to get a vaccine in order to be groomed.. I called, hurried and hoping they had availability and thankfully they worked with my schedule, called and transferred her records

  • Nick Warnock

Family used this vet and rant and rave! Recommend to everyone. Very nice building : clean and welcoming to pets. They do cooperative care for those who value their dogs comfort and fear/stress levels. Dr. Kimmel is the vet and is really good

  • Danielle Phillips

Downdog is hands down the best vet we’ve been to. Dr. Kimmel is knowledgeable, compassionate, and goes above and beyond to ensure our pets are living their happiest and healthiest lives. Additionally, her staff is the best and always gives

  • Elisha H

If you're looking for a great Veterinarian who genuinely cares about your pet, then Dr. Kimmel is the way to go. Easily one of the most compassionate vets I have ever met and had the pleasure working with. She listens to your concerns and

  • Brandi Cox

I have never had such a wonderful experience with a vet before. Dr. Kimmel and all of the ladies at DownDog are so sweet, caring and professional. My dog and I felt welcomed and comfortable at our visit. They have been keeping in touch to

  • Jenna Rabel

My dog, Cash, and I had our first appointment here last week and I LOVED them! I had been looking for a new vet for a while because I was unhappy with my previous vet. I wanted to go somewhere that was more personable and where it didn't

  • Carolyn T

My rescue cat, Ziva, has had quite a bit of trauma in her life and has pretty high anxiety...especially with vet visits and car rides. I happen to live 1 minute from Down Dog and after reading other reviews, made an appointment for her

  • Amy Alexander

Down Dog is the best! I took my cat Slinky in for an exam so I could refill his medication. Like a lot of cats he does not travel or handle new situations well and usually freezes and hides in his carrier the whole time. We got to his

  • Randy Olson

We take all three of our canines to DownDog and have had such a wonderful experience with the staff and treatment plans. I highly recommend anyone in the market for a new healthcare provider for their pets to consider DownDog.

  • lynn frazier

Dr. Kimmel is the best veterinarian I know. Very knowledgeable and kind. When our dog Gracie had her X-rays to determine how many puppies she was having they threw her a baby shower. I would highly recommend her and her team.

  • Borne Creative

Great first visit. Was very nervous about finding someone to love our baby as much as we do. All my questions and concerns were answered and followed up with a nice written summary so I didn't forget anything!

  • l woowoo

Dr. Kimmel and her staff are AMAZING! From the time we entered her business to the time we exited, everyone was very friendly, informative and patient with us and our puppy. Definitely will be back!

  • Jesse Gibbs

The staff at DownDog is a group of the kindest and most caring people I’ve met. The office is clean, organized, and easy to access.

  • Lori Bowen

Friendly staff dedicated to our pet’s best interests. Will definitely refer this practice to our friends and family

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