Canada Post

24 reviews

351 Abbott St Suite 150, Vancouver, BC V6B 0G0, Canada


Canada Post is a Post office located at 351 Abbott St Suite 150, Vancouver, BC V6B 0G0, Canada. It has received 24 reviews with an average rating of 2.6 stars.





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  • The address of Canada Post: 351 Abbott St Suite 150, Vancouver, BC V6B 0G0, Canada

  • Canada Post has 2.6 stars from 24 reviews

  • Post office

  • "I explained to the lady working at the post office that I wanted to ship a package and that I have never done it before"

    "Mind blowing incompetence and apathy"

    "Couple days ago, I was supposed to received a package"

    "Only because I live above it and its easy to get there"

    "I had possibly my worst staff experience at a Canada Post office"


  • Andrea S

I explained to the lady working at the post office that I wanted to ship a package and that I have never done it before. I asked what I needed to do, and she gave me the address paper to fill in. I had made a typo and she miserably gave me a new paper slip. When I finally paid and was about to leave, she says "what elementary school did you go to?" I replied thinking that she saw my home town and was questioning something to do with that. She then proceeds to say "oh well I was only asking because it baffles me that you don't know how to send a simple letter." I proceeded to explain that I do know how to send a letter, but shipping a parcel is very different. I'm sorry but that's just insanely unacceptable. Who says something like that. I was nothing but nice to her and she gave me the worst customer service I've had in years. If you're in need of honest help with postage, this is not the place to go. Never going back.

  • Don Charters

Mind blowing incompetence and apathy. I have to have a cell phone to fill out a customs form - owning a cell phone is NOT a legal requirement - (although with the total take over of medical fascism (COVID-19) this now seems like a very minor issue.) I am told that I have come to the wrong post office to get my parcel and that it is at the one on Richards. Is it open? This clerk woman does not know - does not think there is any reason why she should know and tells me she can't tell me - she tells me that they are the "government" I inform her the SHE is the "government" too. A nice guy behind me, using his cell phone, tells me that they are closed - saves me walking up there. As for the clerk running the show there at the London Drugs post office - how does such a person land a good post office job?

  • Maider Aban

Couple days ago, I was supposed to received a package. When I tracked it, it showed that my package had been delivered at Canada Post Office in Chinatown (150-351 Abbott Street, Vancouver). I took the noticed card they left in my mail box and I went to the post office. I showed them the notice card and they told me that the package had already been delivered to someone else! I asked them how could be possible? They told me THEY DONT ASK FOR NOTICE CARD AND WHEN THEY ASK FOR THE ID THEY NEVER CHECK THE NAME, just the address!!! THEY gave MY package to the WRONG PERSON! I called customer service and police and they are not taking responsibility of it.. CANADA POST should be the responsible!! Be careful!!

  • Angel Gates

Only because I live above it and its easy to get there. I once left my id there so o could bring my huge purchases up to my house. I had a family emergency so I had to leave quite fast. Ok I get that o had the basket for two days. I was gone that long. But its a basket. My ID is could potentially do so much damage to my life if I dont have it. Well I went back with their basket. THEY LOST MY ID. THIS REVEIWR IS ALSO FOR THE LONDON DRUGS THE POST OFFICE IS IN

  • Kiyoshi Otda

I had possibly my worst staff experience at a Canada Post office. The clerk was a young woman in her 20s who neither smiled nor greeted me. I purchased some stamps which she took out, counted, and didn't even bother handing them to me. After my payment went through, I had to lean across the counter to collect my stamps from her side of the counter.

  • C N

Grumpy unhelpful staff, she had my package (containing medication) on the counter but wouldn't give it to me because it "wasn't in the system". So I had to go back later, and it's mysteriously still not in the system, if I don't get it on my next visit I'll have to call the police to report the theft of prescription medication. Thanks Canada post!

  • Ángel Díaz

I watched a canada post employee have to step in and show the london drugs associate how to redo a tracking number and registration. The level of incompetence, impatience and lack of social skills of some of the older staff is baffling.

  • Daniel K

Real amateur hour at this Canada Post (maybe all Canada Posts?). As a delivery service, please DELIVER. Don't make me walk in to pickup my packages. We have an office with a receptionist that takes in packages, you noobs.

  • Laura “ShadowNugget” Nisbet

Most unreliable post office Downtown. Only one person on staff at any given day. I understand they’re entitled to their breaks, but I’ve never been able to drop things off on Wednesday because they’re always shut.

  • Sunny

Their postman seems to just drop the paper not actually delivering anything. We were home all day long & waiting for our packet but nobody did call our buzz number and just left the paper.

  • JC Adriana

Very convenient location for me as I live just upstairs. Service is hit or miss - they don’t have enough staff working most of the time, so often you will see a really long line up.

  • Vladimir Khorzhan

sad to hearing that is last day for jason here. very friendly guy, very good service! and hey guys they very understaff be nice...

  • Käfer

I really wonder if their deliveryman knows how to call buzz numbers. Why do they keep dropping just delivery notice papers?

  • Bojan Javor

Today I was in this Canada Post office and Johnson L. was working and he helped me a lot. Wonderful guy. Amazing service.

  • den fat

using this place for flex delivery, quick and precise, never stood in a line for at least 10 times i picked up here

  • JD

Hours are 9am-9pm Thursdays went today (Thursday) at 5:30pm and the post office was completely closed.

  • Levi LaFonte

Why does Street view not show a London drugs or post office?

  • Sarah Wall
  • Karina T
  • Bram Evert
  • Joey Flores
  • PR
  • Emily Fu
  • Dawn Tait

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