Canada Post

27 reviews

2888 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3J0, Canada


Canada Post is a Post office located at 2888 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3J0, Canada. It has received 27 reviews with an average rating of 3.0 stars.





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  • The address of Canada Post: 2888 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3J0, Canada

  • Canada Post has 3.0 stars from 27 reviews

  • Post office

  • "Leticia had absolutely zero interest in working"

    "I don’t think I’ve ever had a worse Canada Post experience"

    "I went to ship a package the other day and the lady kept on trying to convince me to go with the most expensive option because it has insurance coverage up to $100"

    "I went there Saturday (8th of August 2020) to send an important envelope and the open hours meant 10"

    "One pays for parking, you get inside and yet no one is at the counter, at different hours throughout the day"


  • Brandon P

Leticia had absolutely zero interest in working. Zero interest in resolving a problem that was non-sense and had full interest in wanting to argue. I had two parcels and she refused to try to scan one of them because she didn’t think the ink was dark enough. It was noticeable that it was not the darkest of black ink. It was a dark grey. Maybe a step down from true black? Not noticeable enough that I’d think I needed to print the label elsewhere. She then told me there is no information on the completely legible prepaid label that she could use to pull up the label. Surely, if I can type in the tracking number on the website to get information, the same can be done in their computers? Nope, she can only retrieve by bar or QR codes. WHAT?! When I started asking questions to find a resolution for her problem, Leticia’s only solution was “go home and print the label so it’s darker.” I offered resolution to forward the email to her at the store, and pay for the printing. She looked at the printer on the back counter that I was referring to and told me that does not print like like that. Another WHAT?! A printer that doesn’t print? Horrible service experience. If you like to debate issues that make no sense, go here. You’ll have a lot of fun with Leticia. If you are looking for resolution oriented help when they tell you there is a problem, Leticia is not your person. I would recommend going to another location and Leticia will likely appreciate your business going elsewhere based on her customer service efforts. Update: Went to another location 9/2/2023 with the same label. The service person did not even question it. Scanned it in and said thanks for stopping by.

  • Danielle Ryan

I don’t think I’ve ever had a worse Canada Post experience. The woman working here is unbelievably rude. My partner and I came in to confirm our identities for mail forwarding as we are moving. We had a few questions about how the process works and wanted confirmation that I would in fact be included in the mail forwarding to which she had no willingness to give an answer. I have worked many years in customer service facing roles and have patience for people who work in positions where they are likely to be berated all day and become frustrated, but this was 9am and the day had only begun. Would recommend you go elsewhere for your postal needs

  • Sade Leschuk

I went to ship a package the other day and the lady kept on trying to convince me to go with the most expensive option because it has insurance coverage up to $100. In the past I have always folded my item to be the smallest possible which is what i did i’ve saved $2 per package by doing this because it takes out all of the air. After doing this the lady literally expanded my package therefore charging me more making the package carrying cloth pants to a location an hour and a half away $20

  • Dina W

I went there Saturday (8th of August 2020) to send an important envelope and the open hours meant 10.00-18.00. I was there 1.40 pm and to find out, someone took a break for more than an hour. The sign on the counter showed a reopen time at 2.50 pm. It's unbelievable. A washroom break for 5 min I can understand, but a lunch break for more than an hour should be covered.

  • Aaron Nakama

One pays for parking, you get inside and yet no one is at the counter, at different hours throughout the day. This is my 4th time here, and each time there’s been a sign saying “The post office will re-open at X:XX... so either you’re open during posted hours, or just close it down altogether.

  • Frank Bailey

I'm not sure what these other people are saying about the "rude man" but there is a very polite gentleman there who is soft spoken and always greets me with a smile. He has been helping me with my packages for several years now and I truly appreciate his customer service.

  • Grace Lim-Adderley

This location is my local post office. I come here to pick up packages and mail things all the time. The staff are friendly and helpful. I couldn't ask for anything more really. It's a post office. Often, it's busy. People need to give them a break. -.-

  • russ l

In my experience I have maybe a 50% chance of prepaid labels actually work properly. The other times I have to either return the following day or simply abandon my prepaid label. It's actually amazing how poorly Canada post's system works.

  • Moises Schini

I really like this Canada Post location. It’s very convenient, not too busy and the staff is always friendly. There’s a underground parking lot which charges $2.50 for one hour but they refund ir for minimum purchases of $5.

  • Ryan De Sousa

Literally useless employee, did not help me at all. The guy there provided useless information and refused to print a shipping label even though he could have done so. Honestly worst experience

  • Michael Browne

Awful service. Don’t expect any assistance or advice from staff. Terse responses that provided no answers when asked questions.

  • Zhongjie Shen

Canada Post here doesn't deliver package, they deliver a notice of your package.

  • Lluvia Navarro

Really friendly staff, vwey helpful and patient. All of the stars!

  • Kristina Thornton

They're lovely, always good service and friendly.

  • Sarah M

Guy who is always there is consistently rude.

  • Joseph Fieldgate

Great service and everyone is so friendly.

  • Mariana Oliveira

They have new hours. Check the picture.

  • Youssef Elmokadem

They don't ask for ID. Disappointed.

  • Arash Bahari

Great team and hard working!

  • Nada Mahmeed

Was very helpful

  • kk aa

Great Location.

  • ray Of light
  • SunysideUp
  • Amanda Daemmig
  • Kristina Heath
  • Amy Johnson
  • Anthony P.

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