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1108 Pacific Blvd, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2X7, Canada




BCLIQUOR Yaletown is a Liquor store located at 1108 Pacific Blvd, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2X7, Canada. It has received 430 reviews with an average rating of 4.0 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of BCLIQUOR Yaletown: 1108 Pacific Blvd, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2X7, Canada

  • BCLIQUOR Yaletown has 4.0 stars from 430 reviews

  • Liquor store

  • "Nice little BC Liquor with a decent selection of options"

    "This place is always crammed as it is and the staff use the narrow hallways as storage"

    "This is a small liquor store but they do carry a lot of items for the size of the place"

    "I love that I pay taxes on everything"

    "This BC liquor store closes early compared to other major bcl stores"


  • Eric Reyes Altamirano (CorranQ)

Nice little BC Liquor with a decent selection of options. Not the largest and not the smallest I’ve seen, convenient location, and friendly staff. I’ve pretty much always found what I’ve wanted, but I admittedly don’t get too complicated with my selections so I can’t attest to whether or not others might need to expand beyond it.

  • Soroush Bagheri

This place is always crammed as it is and the staff use the narrow hallways as storage. BCLQ needs to either expand the real-estate for this location, have bouncers outside to control traffic, or simply close up shop. Next time, I’m going to call the fire department, it’s a fire hazard to occupy 50+ people in such a tiny store.

  • Gary O

This is a small liquor store but they do carry a lot of items for the size of the place. Staff has always been friendly and nice. The isle ways can be small so it can be a bit tight to walk around if the place is busy. If your in the Yaletown area, it is a good place if you need to pick up some beer, wine or spirits.

  • Capt. Anthony

I love that I pay taxes on everything. And after a hards days work and paying 40% on my earnings, I can trust I can walk into a BC liquor store and buy a bottle of wine for 20 bucks. 16 bucks of which is taxes because the rest of the world (I'm pointing at you Spain, France) You can get a similar bottle for 5 bucks

  • K L

This BC liquor store closes early compared to other major bcl stores. Limited on refrigeration as the place is small but has some selections of beers and wines and spirits. If you are picky and want a diverse variety of liquor go to the one on bute or Robson.

  • Jennifer Chang

This liquor store is small and I'm always worried that I'll bump into something and break things accidentally. Staff are nice enough if you approach them for help. But they don't carry as much as another BC liquor store-- no stock on what I was looking for.

  • Adriano

Small no space to move around. Ridiculous they allow it to be open with no space at all. Government full time staff have an attitude. Part time staff are the opposite, quite nice and helpful (maybe only until they get promoted). The area deserves better.

  • I P

The person who worked until 9pm on February 11 sold me the box of vine filled with molds inside the box and all over the one side of cardboard. I picked the box and it was perfectly clean on one side that was facing me ,then paid and didn’t

  • Kel Green

The customer service is usually pretty good but then again you don't usually need customer service in this tiny little "abbreviated" liquor store. It's very tiny and you're not likely to find most of the more obscure items you'd find in a

  • Jacqueline Cullimore

The staff at this store are consistently friendly and helpful! I would give it five stars just for that, but the inventory selection is sometimes a bit slim, likely due to the very small location. However they usually have something close

  • Yogita Patel

This place has terrible service. Went in with 1 BC ID card and my iPhone which serves as my credit card and they wouldn’t let me make my purchase. No purse as many now do. Then showed them a picture of my other IDs that I had on my phone

  • Samantha Proano

Management team needs to train staff better on the definition of customer service. Was in yesterday to pick up wine and specifically chose to walk to this store for its selection, despite having been right by the yaletown liquor store.

  • Gerald M

Been coming here on and off for 5 years and begged management for cold options... went in today and noticed a brand new fridge. Finally! Looked organized and staff were friendly/excited about the new selection, there is cold beer and

  • Ismith

I live just across the street but am increasingly avoiding this store because it is just far too small. The already small aisles seem to be permanently filled with boxes of wine, making it impossible to see products on the shelves,

  • Ross De

Vancouver's hottest and smallest nightclub doesn't disappoint. From the atmospheric line where you too can enjoy watching traffic pass. To the hand crafted product selection. Theres something for everyone. Provided your over 18.

  • Stephen Janco

Always leave with a smile on my face. Not sure if is the purchase or the staff but I still leave happy. The staff went out of their way to order me a case of Ramazzotti and to pay as I go. Now that is special.

  • Gerald Joe

Convenient location in Yaletown. Small but well stocked with a good variety. Not that convenient for drivers but there are better bigger locations nearby if you drive eg Cambie & W8th across from Whole Foods.

  • Daniel Thompson

Cramped small with two tills. BC liquor rented this space before all the development. Now it is too small for the community. It's in a good location but if you are looking for a selection...forget about it.

  • Billy McGregor

What kind of liquor store doesn’t have cold beer? If you like your beer cold, this isn’t the place for you. The yaletown liquor store actually has cold beer and it’s two blocks away, go there.

  • Sal Kahil

The service is great, employees are very friendly, the selection is very good except they always run out of Polish and Czech beers. Please keep up the stock. I still love you.

  • Marcelo Meirelles

Always a wonderful experience. Although the prices for alcohol are high in BC, we get to enjoy the variety and quality of products in this treasure network of stores.

  • Owen Morley

An adult candy store with all the treats A decent selection of the standard fare from beer and wine to hard liquor. The staff is always friendly and read to assist

  • Jeffrey Archer

December 15 2020. Only 6 people are currently allowed at a time in this store due to COVID-19 restrictions, so expect a little bit of a wait at peak time.

  • Matt Shepherd

I mean it’s a booze store, the employees have been surprisingly rude and even made comments about how I looked. Run in and run out I suppose.

  • Andrey Soubbotin

Canada Day, plus a newborn, means we have reasons to celebrate, and BC Liquor is a good place to start planning said celebration!

  • simin dashti

Great customer service and great beer and wine collections! These German style beers were on sale for $1.75 each. Cheers …

  • Christine Kwok

Great selection and prices. Usually there is a line outside, so might take ~10 minutes to get in. Friendly and helpful staff.

  • Sasha Verhage

By far the best selection I've seen so far in Vancouver but not a huge selection because it's postage stamp sized

  • Barny Royal

Lots of options and well stocked, but parking is a bit testy out front. Nice friendly staff too.

  • Sonja Van

Small store , however has great selection of wines and beer. Professional and helpful staff.

  • Jesse “Noface”

Great location and super friendly service. My go to place for booze! …

  • No MSG No Garlic Foodie

Their gluten free flour is great. I use it to make baked apple pancakes.

  • MOKO Kourechian

Very small, carries only main brands, nothing fancy nor sophisticated

  • Nav S

I like liquor. They carry it. It's a match made in heaven.

  • Valwynn Y. Williams

Very conveniently located. Good selection of craft beer.

  • Zoë Jackson McGrath

Vibes were off, and they didn’t have a cold zone.

  • Rayne Morgan

Not the best selection or size but pretty good.

  • Kelly Kessler

Great selection and knowledgeable staff!

  • Herman Lam

Very small store with limited selection

  • Terry-Lee Foggin

Great selection of Wine.

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