BCLIQUOR 28Th & Main

229 reviews

4423 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3R2, Canada




BCLIQUOR 28Th & Main is a Liquor store located at 4423 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3R2, Canada. It has received 229 reviews with an average rating of 4.2 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of BCLIQUOR 28Th & Main: 4423 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3R2, Canada

  • BCLIQUOR 28Th & Main has 4.2 stars from 229 reviews

  • Liquor store

  • "There is a manager named KP at this location - he is fantastic! He has provided numerous recommendations and is always friendly"

    "Do you like beer? I do"

    "Really nice staff at this location"

    "Although the hours have improved (previously closed quite early, never open during convenient hours on evenings and weekends) it is still a smaller store with a limited selection"

    "This liquor store is a bit small so the selection isn't great but it's a government store so the prices are good"


  • Bindy Kang

There is a manager named KP at this location - he is fantastic! He has provided numerous recommendations and is always friendly. In the summer, he recommended a rum based drink and my bookclub friends loved it. He appreciates old school customer service and is so approachable and kind hearted. He also knows his wines and alcohol. When he provides a recommendation, he shares the reason for it. Super knowledgeable and helpful!

  • Steve Morgan

Do you like beer? I do. That is why this BC Liquor Store is disappointing to me. The beer selection is lacklustre to say the least. Much better selection at many other BC Liquor Stores around town — including some not far from this Main Street neighbourhood. But if you are just hankering for some Molson or Coors, this is your place.

  • Kevin Boyle

Really nice staff at this location. Extremely helpful and professional. Went in for a box of Heineken bottles, they were sold out but went out back and brought out a similar alternative option, carried it to the register and wished me a Happy Thanksgiving. It's the little things. Thanks BCL Main Street team. Happy Thanksgiving :)

  • Theo Blake

Although the hours have improved (previously closed quite early, never open during convenient hours on evenings and weekends) it is still a smaller store with a limited selection. Staff is friendly, although if you have any questions about products it is best to direct then to the service desk rather than the register clerk.

  • Adrian Mandy

This liquor store is a bit small so the selection isn't great but it's a government store so the prices are good. It's a handy place to pick up some beer on the way home from dinner in this fantastic restaurant district.

  • t

Great selection with cheaper prices in the area. Love this location but giving it a 1 star because of an instance with a younger, brunette employee. She was rude and condescending. Train your staff better.

  • Randy Clarke

Raquel is the manager and she runs a great store. The shelves are always stocked, lots of local craft beers and specialty items as well. Free underground parking and lots of other cool shops in the area.

  • Dulce Ramirez

The place is organized and clean. Even when it's busy, the employees do the best they can and they sanitized the baskets frequently. They are efficient and willing to help the customers at any moment.

  • Ben Hutchinson

Pretty good selection and consistent through all locations though some store have barely any cold zones.. so plan ahead. They also seem to be dog friendly which was helpful in the winter season

  • Lisa Moore

Always a pleasure to shop here. The staff are always so warm and friendly and the selection for a smaller store is always on point. I can get almost anything I need here!

  • Stephen Hand

A small but decent liquor store. It has a good selection of beer, wine, liquor, and spirits. There is a cold section for cold cans and bottles. You can buy ice here too.

  • Paige Sanford

Small store conveniently located. Security guard at the door. Clear markings on the floor indicating directional pathways. Not too busy. And of course, friendly staff!

  • B D

it's a liquor store, I dunno. they have liquor. it's not like they're giving it away either. good selection, I guess. no one spits on you when you walk in. average.

  • Paul Kalkman

Nice staff but horrendous hours (unimaginable), no cold section and a relatively poor selection. This business wouldn't exist if it wasn't government.

  • Dulce Ramirez

Very organized, clean and safe place to go shopping for alcohol. The staff are very focused on what they're doing and sometimes they have good prices

  • Cynthia Htun

The sales lady was so rude towards my friend who went in to look for the items he wanted. She was always nagging and not patient at all.

  • Rodi Abakumov

Great store, and location. The store has Georgian Middle East, kindzmarauli wine. The best of the best and cheaper then other stores!

  • Jason Fedorchuk

My first visit, Captain Morgans Spiced Rum and a six-pack of vodka coolers. Even though I quit drinking, rather on my own, that is.

  • Katie Boyd

It's a bcl. Easy to find what you're looking for. Helpful staff. Fairly good craft beer selection and a wine sample.

  • Phillip Moore

Do not rely on google maps for the hours of this location. Friendly staff and decent selection for a small store.

  • Thomas Bell

Good selection - our preferred liquor store. If the lady at checkout was less miserable, it would be even better.

  • David Draeseke

It's a BC liquor store. It's a little small therefore the selection is limited, but there's a cold zone.

  • Penny Harten

Ok well we all know what happens after we go here lol I know my coffee tastes great with baileys in it

  • Jess Lieu

Super friendly staff! They were pretty willing to help out. Good selection for a store of its size.

  • Dion Lauriente

They have a fairly large cold-zone with not just beer, but ciders and other bevies in the cooler.

  • spydermcfly

Clean store, well stocked. Staff are super friendly and willing to help you find something new.

  • Arkar Min

Pls fire the sales women in liquor store. SUCH A BAD EXPERIENCE. I will never buy here again.

  • Dom F

Hands down, the best liquor store around. I don't know anyone's name, but they're all great!

  • Glenn Nawrocki

Smaller store friendly staff street parking difficult underground parking access from alley

  • Ian Mawson

Selection is okay the operating hours are a joke here. They shut before 8pm some nights.

  • Peter Pham

You can always depend on BC liquor to be there in good times and in the worst of times.

  • Heath Delzer

One of my favorite places for libation procurement. The app they have is good too.

  • Jonathan Kinney

Very friendly staff. Great selection....especially the $27 Evan Williams bourbon!

  • Brandon Wong

Has liquor 10/10. Transit friendly, not a car friendly area. Store has coldzone

  • Dara Kenny

Good location, cheap prices and its a really big store with a huge selection

  • Owens spam

Come here all the time to do pickups for my job. Good team good selection

  • Zane Remenda

I would of appreciates more knowledge of Canadian wines from the staff.

  • Bernardo Mendes

good selection of beers! Closes early, should extend the opening hours

  • Leer

Clean store with chilled beer. Smaller size with a reduced selection.

  • Celeste Munger

Good selection and prices, but hard to find parking at peak times.

  • This Vancouver

This location is not as good as it used to be. Avoid if possible.

  • Piotr Wojtowicz

Limited supply of European beer . Salespeople look very tired ...

  • Jackie Chow

BC run liquor store. Clean and tidy, prices don't vary by store.

  • Robin Jones

Street parking. Very friendly and helpful staff. Busy location.

  • kid nash

the store is great the fijian salesman older guy was very rude

  • Catherine Holmen

Parking is helpful. Closes early - have been caught by that.

  • Mac - PC Tech Total Solution

Great store, and location. we do build e-commerce website.

  • j d

great hours, lots to choose from, staff is super nice,

  • Christophe Personne

Des produits de qualité et sans être trop honereux...

  • Dan L

i like to get drunk and this place helps me do that.

  • Redy Vinluan

Best place to buy your beer and hard liquors. …

  • Warrant

Great location but selection not as good as others

  • TheHonestBiker (Roy Swift - Shiny Side Up)

General liquor store. Friendly manager and staff.

  • Mara Coelho

Good customer service. Best prices in the city!

  • Larry Glowacki

Really what's not to like about a liquor store

  • Dan Wilson

Looks great now that the renovations are done!

  • Konstantin Miasnikov

Pretty good store. Nice stuff works there ☺️

  • P So

Very helpful when asking for recommendation

  • Gurmit Mehat

Very nice store. Staff is very nice …

  • Blackfly-Alex NLM

Well merchandised store & easy to shop in

  • Christina McMynn

BC government store. What else do you say

  • Patrick McIlvenna

Alright selection but nothing impressive.

  • Hardip Jassal

Not enough selection as signature stores

  • Andrey Rizhkov

We love this place!! Recommend 10/10 :)

  • Anonymous

Nice store layout and decent selection

  • Benjamin Graeme

Go to pre-Canadians game stop …

  • Jan Lasteen

Friendly service and good selection.

  • Steven Aspinall

Found nectar of the gods here …

  • Lucas Wright

What's ton complain about?its booze

  • John Lightowlers

Fair selection of different drinks

  • Shawn Carroll

Small BCL. Cold beer available.

  • J Pop

Had what I wanted and then some

  • Hermes Melo

Nada demais. Preços salgados.

  • Christian Thomassen

In out no lines got ma beer

  • Amac Trees

Fast Friendly Safe Service

  • Samuel Liebermann

Free parking in the alley.

  • Lawrence Kidd

Good selection and prices

  • Robert Kent DesRochers

Friendly service. …

  • Corrie Buchkowsky

Small but very organized

  • TSA West49

Nice store. Great staff

  • Joseph Forde

Beer is fresh and cold

  • Carmen Castrucci

Get your beer on here.

  • Robert Thompson

Great clean store!

  • Veronica Guan

Very awesome staff

  • Nav

Variety of drinks.

  • Mohammad Ganji

Friendly staff

  • Kapil Aggarwal

Small but good

  • Timothy Godberson

Good selection

  • Joshua Zylstra

Closed at 7???

  • Andrew

Friendly staff

  • Michon

Friendly staff

  • doron grill

Very helpful.

  • Brendan Curran

It sells beer

  • aa AAA


  • Andrew Edwards

Its good

  • Amandeep singh Bedi

love it

  • 바그연


  • Michael Ang


  • Abhi Micheal
  • J. Sizzla

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