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Alto Pharmacy is a Pharmacy located at 100 Park Ave FRNT E, New York, NY 10017. It has received 664 reviews with an average rating of 4.2 stars.





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  • The address of Alto Pharmacy: 100 Park Ave FRNT E, New York, NY 10017

  • Alto Pharmacy has 4.2 stars from 664 reviews

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  • "I arranged for a pickup at the NYC location"

    "Such a frustrating experience dealing with Alto pharmacy"

    "Edit- They reverted back the changes after the call was completed"

    "One of the worst customer experiences I've had"

    "I am a physician and this is my first ever pharmacy review"


  • Reid Eisenberg

I arranged for a pickup at the NYC location. Although in 100 Park Ave, Alto's street entrance is actually on E 40th St. I have not used their courier service, so my positive experience with them is entirely based upon using the brick & mortar pharmacy which looks a bit like a Kubrickesque movie set. I moved an isotretinoin (commonly called Accutane, although there are other brand names) prescription over to Alto, as CVS had been unable to fill it due to changes in the iPLEDGE REMS system which governs the dispensing of all isotretinoin. The changes in question were so badly botched, that I came to learn at least half of all patients on it were effectively cutoff (the FDA should be ashamed). Alto however actually had a team tasked with navigating the new system, and so upon my first contacting them, the lovely rep I spoke to was very well aware of the frustrating situation, and further indicated that Alto had indeed filled other isotretinoin prescriptions recently, post iPLEDGE REMS update. I therefore went ahead to move the prescription over, feeling somewhat encouraged. In a matter of three days the prescription was effectively transferred. The Claravis converted to Myorisan (these are other brand names of isotretinoin, but it's all the same stuff), the preauthorization carried over, and most importantly, Alto was able to break through the iPLEDGE REMS stalemate that proved insurmountable to CVS. I credit this to Alto's professionalism, knowing their business, as well as being aware of the issue and actually choosing to address it. By contrast, CVS didn't seem remotely interested in filling the prescription within my lifetime. So, if that's typical of how these folks operate, I have to enthusiastically encourage you to go with Alto without reservation.

  • Megan Vogel

Such a frustrating experience dealing with Alto pharmacy. When I had my prescription filled through Capsule Pharmacy, they would automatically look for coupons to apply towards prescriptions and apply them. I never had to request it or walk them through how to apply a manufacturers coupon. Unfortunately, my doctor is not affiliated with Capsule any longer so we tried out Alto. The first month, I had to request the coupon be applied and after a few days, they eventually figured out how to do it and told me it was just a system error that they encountered. The next month, I had to again request them to apply it but this time, they couldn’t figure out how to do it and just simply told me the 400+ cost was what it was. I called the manufacturer myself after a week of back and forth with Alto and obtained step by step instructions for applying the coupon. I then sent those instructions to Alto and asked them to apply it ASAP so I could finally fill my prescription. A day later, they simply told me a care rep would reach out. They are incredibly unhelpful and would just prefer you pay the obscene amount for a prescription rather than simply take the time to figure out how to apply a manufacturer coupon that brings the cost down to $50.00. I will be using a different pharmacy moving forward and would not recommend this pharmacy to anyone.

  • Mia Rivera

Edit- They reverted back the changes after the call was completed. The below did not happen. consistent so I had to continuously check. I found this out myself an hour I hung up the phone. I ended up being on the phone for another 1.5 hours, + another $60 for messenger service. Brian L. Was super nice and worked on this for 40 mins just to get partial medication fulfillment today. I’m also attaching the amount of phone calls I had to make to get someone on the phone. below are variations of calls for all #’s available- I even tried rerouting the calls. I pretty much ended up spending my Entire day- and now I had to pay for my own messenger- (since Cynthia’s update below was inaccurate) AND I’m spending another 2-3 hours waiting for my messenger in traffic. So pretty much a 12 hour action to just get 10% of my prescription quantity filled. Amazing. —— While it’s been difficult to get in contact with anyone on the phone- Their over the phone support personnel and pharmacists are awesome and the best I’ve ever experienced. I had an issue with my medication fulfillment- pretty consistently with alto and after calling multiple times to no answer- Cynthia (who picked up the phone) resolved everything for me within minutes. Couldn’t have asked for better support!

  • A C

One of the worst customer experiences I've had. I can't even rate based on their delivery service because I've been talking to them FOR A WEEK without any progress made on my prescription. Why? Because their responses can take up to 26 hours and are often laughably unhelpful. Below is an excerpt that occurred over days 5 & 6 of our ongoing exchange. (For brevity's sake, I've removed their automated pleasantries/apologies.) _____________ [You - 1:48pm 10/06] Do you have an ETA on restocking? Or is there a dosage in stock that my doctor could change the prescription to match? [Alto Team - 4:45pm 10/06] Hi __, we do not have an estimated stock date and we recommend reaching out to your provider in regards to dose change. [You - 5:07pm 10/06] I need to know what dosages you have in stock before reaching out to my doctor to change it. [Alto Team - 8:24pm 10/06] We will forward your message to our Care Specialist team and they will reach out to you shortly. [You - 12:43pm 10/07] "...reach out to you shortly." Does not feel "shortly"! [Alto Team - 10:10pm 10/07] Hi A! We currently do not have a date from the manufacturer. _____________ So. Yeah. 31 hours spent NOT getting an answer that could remedy the situation. It's a bad system. *edited for brevity

  • D M (dohtur)

I am a physician and this is my first ever pharmacy review. A patient asked me to send a prescription to Alto, then informed me that there was a problem with a prescription (no one from the pharmacy contacted me about it, phone or fax). I called in and chose Alto prescriber line - 20 minutes later I am still waiting for a pharmacist to answer. I reached out to my patient and moved their prescription to a different pharmacy. Alto does not have its act together, to put it mildly - a shiny front end does not matter if there is no back end to speak of. 2 month follow up: Alto has really improved its customer and provider experience - now there is a dedicated provider site (where the pharmacy maintains patient profiles in a HIPAA compliant manner) and allows the provider to communicate with the pharmacy and prior authorization teams by messaging. They have also been much more communicative by phone or fax if issues arise. There still are a few hiccups, but it does sound like Alto QA team is taking the quality improvement issues seriously. The pharmacy has been very helpful during the time of the stimulant medicaation shortages as well.

  • Anthony Visciotti

Absolutely awful experience with this pharmacy. Had to call twice today, very long holds - more than a half hour for one. They kept saying they had to confirm things with my doctor but once I spoke with them, it was just problems with their system including billing and not knowing which medications I had been on previously. Then, I get a message last minute one of my prescriptions can't be delivered on time. I again call and they had no reason, just that it had to be tomorrow. She mentioned on the phone my other medication wouldn't be delivered today anyway because it was out of stock. Nobody had told me this. No message alerting me, had I not called it just wouldn't have shown up. I ordered the medicine 3 days ago any they didn't work to get it in stock during any of that time. Really bad service, customer service agents are able to do very little. She suggested transferring prescriptions to a different pharmacy if I wanted them. How does a pharmacy stay in business when their business model is either wait for delayed medication with delivery dates you can't rely on, or use different pharmacies? Awful.

  • Alexandra Belyakova

Terrible service. I initiated the transfer from another pharmacy to Alto. After completing the online form, I contacted Alto to explain that the time was of the essence and asked them if they could expedite the process. The representative advised that I had to wait for 24-48 hours. In 48 hours my request still wasn’t processed so I called the transferor pharmacy to ask them send the prescription to Alto as soon as possible. The representative for that pharmacy told me she would do it right away. I still haven’t heard from Alto after that so decided to call to check on the status of transfer and was told that the transfer was declined because the substance was controlled in my state and, as a result, the prescription had to be sent from the doctor directly to Alto. First, I don’t understand why Alto could not tell me this at the very beginning when they saw what the prescribing was for but instead advised to wait for transfer. Second, no one even notified me to inform that the transfer could not be completed. Very disappointing experience. Will not deal with Alto ever again.

  • Rebecca Winderman

I al both a PHYSICIAN AND A PATIENT AND I cannot believe this pharmacy hasn’t been shut down. They cancel and reschedule medications on the day of refill for medications which are on auto refill because they are “out of stock”. WHY WOULDNT YOU ORDER THE MEDICATION BEFORE THE EXPECTED REFILL DATE IF YOU KNOW THAT ITS COMING UP?!?? And…worse is that YOU CANNOT GET A HOLD OF ANYONE THERE. No one answers the messages on the app. NOT ONCE HAS ANYONE RESPONDED TO A MESSAGE IN THE APP. AND THERES NO PHONE NUMBER LISTED ON THE APP. I googled the number to call, because they don’t offer that information on the app, and twice now I’ve spent over 40 min just waiting for someone to pick up the phone!!!!!! I’m currently on third call since switching to Alto from Capsule and it’s been 21 minutes and counting waiting for someone, anyone, to pick up the phone. It’s unacceptable. I WILL NOT BE PRESCRIBING MEDS TO THIS PHARMACY AND ITS TBD WHETHER I STICK WITH THEM FOR MY OWN MEDA

  • mike harb

I have Covid-19 and my Dr. Send me treatments trough Alto pharmacy They (Alto) Also I have asthma, I also use CPAP machine Keep sending me messages that my order arrived 5:00 pm Then after5:.28 pm They call me and told me sorry we missed your delivery because the delivery guy leave early. I asked her please I’m very sick and feel bad and my cough painful, all my body can you at least send me cough medicine. Or I can send Uber . She told me sorry I can do anything or you have to send someone to pick up your medication and we open until 7:00 pm I told her I will try to find someone to pickup she told me you have to say it now Pickup or tomorrow’s delivery I feel very bad like she treated me like I’m nothing. After that she close the phone in my face. So I hope someone from the New York City understands the way this kind of pharmacy work. We should isolated in pure house when we exposed to Covid and no one responded for our help. Thank you

  • Faramarz Fanaian

I can't believe this. These people are intentionally playing with my health. First they changed my medication delivery without notice to today. The owner came out with a lame excuse on Google. While I have been waiting for today's delivery, they send a last minute message that they are out of stock. Sorry. Enough is enough. Now it is going to be review campain and reporting to law. This can KILL ME. MEDICATION IS NOT A JOKE SO CALLED PHARMACY! PLEASE EVERYONE WHO READ THIS REPORT THEM. THEY ARE PLAYING WITH YOUR HEALTH LIFE AND THE OWNER !!! INSTEAD OF LAME EXCUSE APPOLOGIZE AND FIX. PLEASE SHARE THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW. THERE IS AN OPTION NEXT TO THE REVIEWS. SPREAD THE MESSAGE. I WILL DO IT UNLESS THEY SAVE MY HEALTH.

  • Mary Samson

Have used both mail away and local pharmacies and this was the absolute worst. Medication needed pre-approval by insurance co. It was received by alto on 10/11. I was told it would take 7 business days to process. I called on 10/31 and was told a pharmacist cancelled it. I was then told by someone else that Medicare would not approve it, which I knew to be false. I called my insurance co. on 10/31 and within 20 mins. got the case # for approval. I did in 20m mins. what alto couldn't do in 20 days. Delivery was wonderful, but adding a tip to the driver, who deserved it, only adds to the cost of the RX. MY doctor's office recommended alto and I will let them know of my problems

  • Becca Tong

I had a horrific experience with Alto. My med was supposed to arrive between 2-5 and I was getting updates regarding this. Then, the updates stopped. When I messaged customer service I found out my order had been cancelled. They weren’t even going to tell me, I had to reach out to them. Because this happened in the early evening, pharmacies near me were closed and I missed two doses of medication which is dangerous for me. I was counting on them and they let me down, risked my health, and did nothing to rectify the mistake. Just disgusting. The free sea salt caramels that come with the meds are delicious but not worth risking your safety for.

  • Faramarz Fanaian

Hi all. Very negligent. My prescriptuon was scheduled for today and then I get a message from them the very day( today) that they adjusted my delivery to next week without a prior notice because insurance wouldn't pay until then. Seriously? You found it out today? On a day I am out of meds. Well. It is not their first time doing this and many other incompetent acts. It is a serious Negligent. And they are very bad with communication and messaging. So I don't even bother myself to contact them anymore. I just come here and other review platforms and drop a review each time they do this show of negligence. Thank you for reading

  • Sarah Moore

My doctor sent a new prescription there and the process was easy. However that’s where the convenience ended. I spent the last five days trying to get them to transfer one prescription from my cvs and they did not respond to messages nor did I think they ever called the cvs on the phone - couldn’t get a straight answer on this. (They claimed the pharmacy “didn’t respond to their requests” maybe they were faxing them from 1990?) Ridiculous. If you won’t bother to make an effort to help customer transfer prescriptions don’t advertise it as a service you offer. Back to the cvs I go.

  • T. Tolliver

8.8.23 Big A, was earlier than expected and on time and professional. 2..19.23 The snazziest well dressed driver on time and respectful. A ALWAYS on time and always available with a caramel snack in my order. Love the nice delivery ladies and gents. I usually give a $10.00 tip for gas #MUAHHHHHHHHH!! T- 9.30.22 These Alto delivery drivers got some sweet cars. Mr. B today was sweet, and on time. He got a shiny new 4 wheeler rolling up to give this old woman her meds. One has a Pacifica and a Jeep. Hmmmmm. Alto

  • Luis Troche

I was initially notified by Alto pharmacy that approval for my medication had not been granted by my health plan making me feel concerned as to why, and that I would have to see my doctor this time for an alternate medication for my condition, then a day or so later I received information from Alto that the prescription had been approved, that eased my concerns but did not make me happy about the conflicting information and my initial concerns. Other than that, all went well. Delivery of medication made on schedule. Thank you.

  • George Frazier

Problem, your delivery person was ready to leave before I could get downstairs. This happened in less than a minute of me responding to his call and telling him I will be right down. Fortunately, my brother was at the front door, and called to the driver as he was entering his vehicle, preparing to leave. Unlike the previous delivery person this one seemed to be in a hurry and a little nervous. Why this driver would leave after being told that I was coming to the door is beyond me. Maybe you can find out why.

  • Barbara Bonn

Alto delivered my Paxlovid prescription exactly when they said they would. Great service. The only glitch was that somehow they (or somebody) spelled my name wrong so I could not verify my identity on the app. This took two twenty-minute phone calls (which the world's most annoying percussive background music and repeated robo-messages) to rectify. Once I got a human (a smart, nice, understanding human) on the phone, everything was handled smoothly and efficiently.

  • Laura

Update: Now charges $9.99 for same day delivery. Absolutely horrific customer service. Medication undelivered. Medication left on curb instead of given to door person. Medication frequently out of stock. Impossible to get good, quick customer service. It took me over 5 days to get a prescription from another pharmacy because Alto kept charging the insurance for it so it showed as filled when it wasn't. If you're in any rush to get a medication, don't rely on Alto.

  • IDALYS Santana

Thank you so very much for the beautiful and very efficient delivery the young man that delivered my medication seemed so humbled that he seemed shocked that I had a nice tip for him. Thank you Alto PHARMACY for THE great work & professionalism you provided for me. MS. Istrha Santana PS my only concern was that when I actually called your pharmacy, I couldn’t get to speak to a live person because the wait was just so long.

  • Katherine S

I had an excellent experience with Alto. Responsive, great customer service, quick delivery and a delicious caramel and a shot blocker included with the order. The last time I had a similar, time sensitive medication ordered it was a nightmare. This arrived quickly and there was constant communication and tracking availability. The only thing that was not included was a sharps container, but that wasn't an issue for me.

  • Sushmitha s murthy

The prices are very reasonable, they clearly indicate in case the prescription is held up at the insurance or the doctor, they deliver next day as well. In addition to being able to track your delivery till the last minute. I switched to Alto pharmacy and have not looked back. The app on mobile is very good and at times i had to call their helpdesk and they were very helpful as well. Overall very happy with this.

  • Frank Mastromauro

I have been using Alto Pharmacy for over a year now. I recommend them to anyone on prescription medication. They are very fast filling , very good delivery and so far, less expensive than three brick and mortar pharmacies I had been using. The delivery people have been very friendly. I suggest you give them a try, if you dont like the experience use some one else....but Im sticking with Alto. 3/16/23

  • Jennifer McCarthy

With my IVF injection delivery they left a sweet treat of caramels - such a wonderful touch and pick me up during a stressful time. In addition, I ordered my refills in the afternoon and had a free expedited delivery that came the same evening. So easy to navigate the app. Their IVF injection videos are also so so so straightforward and easy to follow and are linked in the order history. Thank you!

  • kseniya dor

Disgusting. At minimum, you wait15-20min before anyone chooses to answer the phone. And when that call is answered, nobody seems to want to do anything or have any basic knowledge on medication coverage. As for prices, I’ve called 2 other pharmacies to confirm prices on basic meds and alto is obscenely outrageous with pricing. Made sure to transferred every med out of Alto.Make it make sense pls!

  • Madeleine J Hobgood

I don't understand why deliveries are so frequent. My Ozempic is delivered once a month instead of every three months. I can't pick the delivery date. Ninety days supply for all prescriptions please! Also, last time, your courier asked me to meet him in my lobby? Today, another guy called from the hallway instead of knocking on my apartment door? I'm a disabled senior citizen. Keep me a break....

  • gillian f b

This is one of the worst pharmacies . They get sent your prescriptions , don’t fill them , change times and deliveries on you as late as an hour before it’s supposed to be delivered leaving you sick , always feeling awful because you can NEVER NEVER NEVER COUNT ON THEM ! They have the worst customer service , don’t respond d for days : MY EXPERIENCE HAS BEEN NOTHING BUT CATASTROPHIC!!!

  • Fizza Saeed

I found out I was no longer covered for a medication where I pay a copay of $25. I called 3 times and left multiple messages to CANCEL the prescription unfortunately I was still be delivered the medication and charged over $1000 dollars. I'm genuinely shocked how they didn't contact me about the price change and at the amount of time spent to contact them. I am so disappointed.

  • Chika Anajemba

Great experience with this pharmacy! I had to make several on the day orders for same day delivery and in all cases Alto promptly delivered. It's also easy to order on the app, which is quicker than calling their line as it can sometimes get very busy which means a long wait to speak to someone. Would recommend this pharmacy if you're looking for fast and efficient delivery.

  • Mack Lipkin

Impenetrable phones, unacceptable delay in Rx filling, no manager available. The phone queue said I was number 5, 15 minutes later said I was number 7 10 minutes later I was number 12! The pleasant person I got to after 1 hour and six minutes was unable to help or inform and had no manager available. I canceled by message on the app and got multiple messages after

  • Randolph Selig

Alto gives great pharmacy service. My only gripe is that you have to go through their App to communicate in writing. Alto is an odd combination of the excellent and the exasperating. Trying to hold a conversation is impossible. One literally is talking to a machine. Their delivery service is first class, however, with delivery people polite and punctual.

  • Sylvia Brown

Alto pharmacy came through with flying colors! They even expedited my prescription and I was able to have my medication delivered right to my door. Also they kept me updated in terms of the arrival of my delivery. So grateful for the services they provided. I recommend this company to those of you who are looking for a good reliable pharmacy.

  • Lalita Krishnamurthy

Alto Pharmacy has become a very important part of my life. I don’t have to worry about my medication not reaching me on time. They are caring, listen to your questions, clarify any doubts and truly work with you. Their main focus is the patient and patient health and I have s lot of respect for them. Thank you all at Alto for your compassion and help.

  • Panda “Panny” Doe

I love this service. All of my meds have been covered. I started using this service about a month ago. I was very sick and not feeling well at all. The delivery service was just what I needed !!! I give it FIVE STARS. customer service is very helpful as well. I had trouble adding a gratuity to my order online/ this was fixed within 12 hours.

  • Danielle Whitelow

Alto Pharmacy is the pharmacy of the future! Getting my prescription filled through them for an IVF cycle was seamless and convenient. My medications were delivered on time with no complications and their customer service is top notch. I truly wish I could get all of my regular prescriptions filled with Alto, they are a dream to work with.

  • Stephanie Jean

I wish I could give zero stars. My sensitive medication that required refrigeration was not delivered despite the fact that I received a text indicating it was. There was no way to contact the courier after waiting 30 minutes for customer service the delivery was rescheduled. Why provide tracking updates but no way to contact the courier.

  • Julia Chinn

Their pricing on fertility drugs isn’t the most competitive but the customer service is top notch. I arrived at the pharmacy to find out my nurses had not send over my prescription and I left my phone at home. The lovely man at the counter helped me get in touch with my clinic and lent me his phone multiple times to sort things out.

  • Matthew Micik

Stay away. More of a hassle than a convenience. 45 minute wait time to talk to someone on the phone to reverse the insurance claim on a medication they didn’t and couldn’t fill? Sorry, but the amount of time wasted dealing with the understaffed customer service line outweighs any time you save by having your medications delivered.

  • Allison g

Such a frustrating experience with Alto. Over two weeks of computer generated responses. No human to return my phone calls and a 30 minute wait time to speak with someone. This is nyc and it’s unacceptable to not have my medication when needed. Also problems when trying to transfer script. They are a mess. Don’t waste your time

  • Ella

The delivery person left my package in the lobby, anybody could have taken it. If it weren't for the text message saying my package was delivered, It would have still be down in the lobby for someone to take. The person never even rang my bell. Why ask for all the information of how to deliver if they are not going to use it.

  • cookie cookie

These people are thieves. My prescription was supposed to be delivered last night at no cost. Instead was delivered this afternoon for a $10 'expedited' delivery fee. Expedited when they received the script yesterday early afternoon? I will never use them again. They owe me a refund but of course I'll never see it. Thieves.

  • Alaina Bro

I recently switched to Alto from another courier rx service. Alto is miles better. Better tracking, better communication, better packaging. Actual same day delivery! Convenient time slots! I saw other people mentioning the caramel and kind of thought it was cheesy, but those things are delicious. Make the switch!

  • Anne-Elizabeth Straub

I have been very happy with all my interactions with Alto Pharmacy. I have been using them for about a year. Their app is brilliant, they deliver quickly and their customer service, whether via text in the app or over the phone, is responsive and first rate! I have recommended them to friends and family members.

  • magicteen1

Horrible experience. They rescheduled my delivery to FOUR WEEKS later. It also often takes a couple of days to get a delivery. To top it off they’re super slow to respond to messages, if they respond at all. Objectively poor service that could be improved if they cared. There are much better alternatives.

  • La Shawanna Goodman-Munroe

If I could give them zero stars I would. Do Not bring your business here. You can NEVER reach a customer rep on the phone regarding your prescription needs. I am running short and have spent all morning trying to get in touch with someone, I have been on hold for hours and yet no response. Disgusted!

  • Rhoda Karp

The courier delivered medication is amazing. They tell me approximately the time it will arrive and as the time draws near give up to the minute updates along with the driver's car on a map showing exactly where they are. Tonight's driver was a lovely friendly, smiling woman. Perfection.

  • Margo Rod

Received my medication all intact and driver was really respectful and kind. I know my neighborhood is not the easiest place to find parking, so I give to driver two thumbs up for making an effort and still bringing my medicine to my doorstep. Thank you Alto Pharmacy!

  • Jess Z.

First timer, this was phenomenal. You guys are better than Amazon ! The packaging and the enclosed item with paperwork, my delivery was hands down fantastic! She was so friendly too. Love it!! Now I need you guys to take over the world so my life can be easier. Lol

  • Marc Ganz

Have been very pleased with Alto. They make everything very simple and easy. Great fast communication. They help find good pricing. Easy to apply coupons. Fast and timely deliveries. No longer have to wait in line for my scripts or to speak to a pharmacist.

  • Deborah D Henry

The service was outstanding. They kept me abreast of the status of my prescription status from start to finish/delivery, by text messages and through their app, which I downloaded. Keep up the outstanding customer service. I would use this company again.

  • Bobby Ramkissoon

Worst people to work for...they are do as you are told or you are fired..I was a driver ..they don't care for any drivers or there concerns or safety I worked there for 14 months. One favor I asked for with dispatch and was fired the next

  • Aduomi Owusu

I will recommend Alto pharmacy to everyone as my doctor did for me because Alto has fast and effective service. It takes few hours for them to deliver direct to your door. Please try Alto pharmacy and you will also appreciate their service.

  • Sch Mee

I've had two deliveries from Alto that have both required signature and neither of them have actually been delivered to me. Alto should find new couriers because their current couriers are bringing down the value of their business.

  • Lisa De Jesus

First time I have ever ordered medication and had it delivered... this by far is top quality service. The process was easy and the delivery was prompt.The delivery person was kind and polite. Definitely will use this serve again.

  • Mary ANN Young

I am presently homebound. The courteous, professional courrier brought my medicine directly to my apartment. I was provided with a pre-delivery notice of delivery time and was able to track the progress. Remarkable! Thank you.

  • pan2Cmusic pan2Cmusic

Next time send me a text the day before to remind me that the delivery person is coming. Or next time I can come to you and pick it up. Everyone was asleep including my self. So no one answered the door. I apologize for that.

  • Joseph Papini

My repatha was no longer being dispensed. Alto never informed me or the other patients they no longer carried the medication. We were forced to go to local pharmacy and start the trsnsfer process for medication Unacceptable

  • Vincent Caruso

Excellent service and very competitive pricing. Drivers are always very courteous and you receive text alerts telling you exactly where the driver is and the exact time he or she will be at your location. Highly recommend!

  • Linda Reiser

Very convenient service. Only problem was that my “safe place” was outside my apartment door and the medicine was left with the doorman. Since we have Covid we had to ask the building staff to have it brought up.

  • Natalia Pesin

The worse pharmacy I have ever had business. This people are absolutely UNPROFESSIONAL . They are playing games with vitally important medication taking in advantage that there is a shortage of supply.

  • мила полякова

Impossible to reach them by phone . Just hire more people in call center . This pharmacy doesn’t care about customers. If you send a question to customer care they take at least 24 hours to answer .

  • Monica Goff

Fast, prompt, and courteous! They made a process that initially seemed (and could be) stressful, very easy and efficient! They were more on top of it than I was when I first started this process!

  • Francis Murillo

There was a mis communication with my address and was delivered to a wrong address but alto pharmacy made a quick adjustment and was resolved immediately. I am very thankful to their team.

  • Yvonne Baker

Changing my prescriptions (med) from my old pharmacy to Alto was the best thing to do. My meds are delivered on time. They are never out of what you need. I feel secure with Alto pharmacy.

  • Marina S

The medicine was not delivered to my address, although the email was sent. I am very upset because I was left without important medications for a month. Very unhappy with the service.

  • M'Shell Patterson

Wonderful experience! Delivery always on time and adhering to the request to leave in the designated safe, secure area! Thank you Alto for great Customer Service and Delivery Service!

  • Steven Foster

Excellent service... Delivery service on point.... Excellent customer service by phone... App is wonderful... I recommend this to everyone that has prescription drugs delivered....

  • john&wendy (Positively Dog Street)

Efficient and professional service. The people I spoke to on the phone, and in person when my prescription was delivered, were very pleasant and most helpful. Much appreciated!

  • Jennifer Marwill

Amazing service! Getting prescriptions timely and at a great price when the pharmacies couldn't deliver, never could be better. If only Alto could give flu and Covid shots ;)

  • Jay Zimmern

Absolutely wonderful and efficient service. The lady I spoke to earlier (I didn’t get her name) was so nice. It is a credit to your company. Great overall experience.


thank you for your as promised, delivery without interruption. The medicine was delivered with prompt, and professional service. Again, thank you Ms Wilkins

  • Mira Zaki

Excellent service, professional to deal with, easy to use the app and schedule delivery, delivery left at my door, thank you for a perfect experience twice!

  • Mark Subias

Alto Pharmacy has terrible to non existent customer service, and there were multiple issues with over the several months in which I used their services.

  • Doris Goliatha

Awsome customer service in person and on delivery. And when it says it's going to be delivered. Big plus. I'm happy. Thank you Alto

  • Michael Ciotta

Like always, on time and carefully placed in a safe location. And, was given an accurate text informing me of status of delivery!

  • Yenin Carrion

The best pharmacy. Couriers always deliver on time. If they can't fulfill a prescription they let me and my doctor know on time.

  • John Mederos

Very precise on the delivery time , I’m very happy with your service , planing on getting the rest of my medication through you

  • __

Excellent service and excellent delivery Alto Pharmacy is the best it’s the number one pharmacy delivery service in my opinion

  • noemi gorelick

I am very pleased by Alto's service; incredibly efficient. I think I will end up transferring my other prescriptions to Alto!

  • Faramarz Fanaian

Last minute message that they don't have the meds in stock. Do not rely on them, you will lose your doses of meds. Thanks

  • Marcus R

delivery never happened (noon). ring camera confirms no delivery. no response from alto after 8 hours. meds still missing

  • Michele Bastone

Great delivery service. Been using them for a couple of years. I'm handicap it helps me to have prescriptions delivered.

  • Hediye Bromage

Thank you for the efficient, soul saving delivery of medicine! Please continue this effort - really appreciate it.

  • Amy Paolino

Why doesn’t everyone use this service? It’s so fast and easy. I also get the best price for my very expensive RX

  • Bella Levina

Received a wrong items. The prescription was Dexcom G7 but you sent me Dexcom G6. Please order and deliver a G7

  • Rosa Pico

Delivered was definitely between the time window provided, and was continuously being informed on the status.

  • Tamar Stepanian

The driver was rude and disrespectful. She was lost and I was trying to give her directions to find my house.

  • Coach Pete Montpelier

Great prices. Awesome customer service. Product was delivered on time and even the Courier was polite!

  • Robert Cardinale

Delivery was on time the day that I requested it to come have dealt with Alto before very satisfied

  • Joy Soodik

Your service level is top notch. So impressed. Truly contemplating making you our go to pharmacy.

  • Neil Rand

This is the best pharmacy I have ever used. People need to stop using retail stores and try Alto.

  • Lilly Simon

Great service. Alto always has what I need stocked and ready. Same day delivery is an option!

  • sofia Bedoshvili

Amazing service , delivery was on time , safly delivered my medications. Thank you Alto team

  • Paula Jean

Was just about to give up on it coming. When there was a knock at the door. It was 10:10 pm.

  • dV Blue

Delivery was two hours late. Glad this medicine was not time sensitive. Oh wait, it was!

  • Wadiyah Latif

Thank you. The line at the pharmacy is painfully slow. This is so much more convenient.

  • Haley Switlekowski

Never got it. Wrong building. Tried to tell driver but disappeared when I messaged them

  • herodita vanegas

It wasn’t on time like they says it was arriving at one time and came 2 hours later

  • Khanya Thompson

Delivery was easy to schedule and delivered on time. I appreciate the convenience.

  • Michael L. Edmonds

Always a pleasant experience with Alto delivery. Thank you for your great service

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