1st Avenue Liquor Store

268 reviews

2800 E 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC V5M 4P1, Canada




1st Avenue Liquor Store is a Liquor store located at 2800 E 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC V5M 4P1, Canada. It has received 268 reviews with an average rating of 3.9 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of 1st Avenue Liquor Store: 2800 E 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC V5M 4P1, Canada

  • 1st Avenue Liquor Store has 3.9 stars from 268 reviews

  • Liquor store

  • "My wife bought a $140 of whisky from this place, it comes in a box"

    "You can buy drinks anywhere, the prices are good and it is in a handy location even if you take your life in your hands trying to park in the mall parking"

    "Super amazing staff "

    "The liquor store has a door man now, my wife left her ID at home so neither of us could go in"

    "I've visited a couple times but today was great!! I asked for help with beer recommendations for my boyfriend and someone helped me right away"


  • Gavin Morris

My wife bought a $140 of whisky from this place, it comes in a box. When we opened the box the next day it turns out the seal on the bottle was broken and someone had already emptied the bottle. My wife brought the box and empty bottle back to the store and they refused to give her a refund. $140 for an empty bottle of whisky.

  • Tyler Campbell

You can buy drinks anywhere, the prices are good and it is in a handy location even if you take your life in your hands trying to park in the mall parking. What makes this place stand out are the people. I have never met a friendlier group of people at a B&W store. They are cheery, talkative, helpful without being snobs.

  • David “rif” Jackson

Super amazing staff . NGL had a crush in the one girl that I just "seemed" to always get cashed out by.... lol gave my pup a bowl of water . Always quick with conversation and I've never been able to ask a question that hasnt been answered lol . You guys ROCK I'm sad I had to leave Van . Love u guys!

  • Will Nash

The liquor store has a door man now, my wife left her ID at home so neither of us could go in. Quite frankly ridiculous when a little bit of power goes to someone’s head. Won’t be shopping here again, High Point has a better selection and better prices.

  • L B

I've visited a couple times but today was great!! I asked for help with beer recommendations for my boyfriend and someone helped me right away. She took the time to explain the differences with so much genuinity and kindness. Very happy. Thank you!

  • Stephanie Dahl-Stonechild

Most of the time, I’m pleased with this store. Unfortunately tonight, by 10:53pm, they were completely closed - shutters down and everything. To me, when a store has hours that say they’re open till 11:00pm, I expect them to honour those hours.

  • Emeka Ano

They ripped me off I ordered 12 beers from skip and they only sent 6 and when I called and gave them a chance to make it right nether skip or the liquor store gave me the correct order or my money back. Worst service I have ever received by far

  • David Williams

Went to pick up a bottle of wine even though it’s pricier than BC Liquor. Was with my daughter and they refused to serve me as she didn’t have proof of age (tough as she’s 13). Guess on plus side I saved money when I went to BC liquor instead.

  • Josef Roehrl

Strategically located, they carry a different and delicious selection of alcohol, as many private liquor stores do. Become s repeat customer and get points towards future purchases. Very polite and knowledgable staff, always a welcome bonus.

  • A M

Pretty expensive compared to other private stores, but most importantly, the staff is just plain rude. I was rushed, and have been given sh* for not having my ID readily available. I don't care about having to show ID, but the attitude was

  • Smarty

The manager purposely set up an automatic 15% tip on your receipt without the choice of custom tipping. They say I should have look at the screen before they punch in. Ah, why would I tip a LIQUOR STORE? It is not a BAR!! They scam people

  • Earth Angel

This is my neighborhood store and it has been good to me over the years... Great staff and monthly promos plus a points based reward system, my only recommendation would be to be more user friendly/convenient for bottle returns... …

  • Maya Ushikubo

Every time I visit this shop I have good experiences with the staff. They welcome me upon entry & haven’t been rude. I like their local cider selections here. Wine is priced up $2ish compared to BCL (as expected since 1st Ave is private

  • Adrian Carotenuto

If I could give no stars I would. Just heard that my good friend's girlfriend was thrown out of the store because she looks a bit like someone who apparently stole from the store at one point. They would not let her remove her mask to

  • Dennis Phan

I'm almost 30 years old. I had my ID. I got rejected from buying alcohol as my friends didn't have their ID. Honestly, didn't like his attitude about it. He'a doing his job but he could've heard me out and not cut and brush me off.

  • anarchy lane

Never had a bad experience here ever and have been shopping there for 4.5 years. Staff is very knowledgeable, helpful, and super polite. Prices are competitive also and they usually have what I am looking for.

  • Surinder Singh

I went there to pick online order. And the girl working at liquor store was very rude and had no manners. That's the most unprofessional worker I have ever seen at any liquor store. I'm not coming here again.

  • Pradip Khatri

So rude it's my daily liquor store .but new girl she they hire so rude .I don't blame her she is young just poor management.or lazy management who doesn't want provide coustmer service training to staff

  • Chris Avram

I would leave zero stars if I could. The cashier on Saturday afternoon acted like she was doing me a favor. Poor customer service and rude behaviour. Come here if you want attitude.

  • Katy Nguyen

I keep coming back for beers they sell here that I can't find anywhere else. The staff are friendly too, they seem to really enjoy their job. Kudos to the management!

  • Matt Lutes

Most inexpensive liquor store I've found in East Van if not in Vancouver. Great specials, amazing prices and awesome selection of craft beers, ciders and wines.

  • Hollis Schmidt

Great emoloyees and selection, but wish they were a tad cheaper! I go out of my way to come here (instead of BCL) because they have such cool stuff sometimes!

  • Ahmet Duman TURUNÇ

Avoid wasting time and money. Go somewhere else and save the journey. You'll feel guilty for allowing them to treat you the same way they always do.


Great prices, wide selection of beers and everything, unlike other bc liquors stores, the people behind the counter are cool and have a nice vibe!

  • Peter Fung

Friendly staff and a good collection of imported beers. Edit: 5 years later and this store is the still the best with best and friendliest staff!

  • Blackbear Foot

Staff acted snotty and seemed to look down their noses. Personally I think they were being racist. Either way not rushing back anytime soon.

  • Carol

The worst service of my life!!! Rude and unprepared staff! My friend showed two pieces of ID and I just had one. Even though my friend was

  • Dawn Stafford

Good variety of choices. Cashier was very friendly. Heard other customers being assisted by staff in very courteous and well informed way.

  • Patricia Lara

Great attention from all the guys there, very friendly. Close to any othe amenities like T&T, dolar store, asian restaurants etc..

  • J. Antonio Cruz Navarro

A great liquor store, they open early and the personel is very kind. Prices are Ok and there is a variety of local and USA drinks.

  • Haley Breedlove

Great array of stuff. Friendly staff. Not sure if I love the fact they recognize me now, but that confirms good customer service.

  • Shelley Anne Shorter

Best little liquor store in East Van! Super nice staff and great care is taken to make you feel safe during this pandemic.

  • don m

Great staff and well-curated selection along with prices that are usually on par with (and sometimes lower than) the BCL

  • Katya Estrada

Great selection of beer and the big surprise for IPA's Lovers; they distribute Space Dust of Elysian Brewery

  • Farley Dunsmuir

Friendly staff and decent prices for craft beer. If they had a bigger selection I could say it was perfect.

  • Derek Jay

my go-to liquor store if I want something cold to drink. I don't shop here often only when I get a craving

  • Nathan B

Price is definitely higher than bc liquor. The staff are unique people with interesting character! ❤️

  • megan moore

friendly staff. lots of good stock to pick from. don't seem to be out of too much with the strike.

  • Paul Wittal

Great selection of craft beer and local drinks with reasonable prices. Staff was friendly too.

  • rock khatri

So grumpy staff . I am good store but staff and management they are far from coustmer service

  • Emil Yim

Decent selection, fairly small neighborhood liquor store. Staff person at the till was nice.

  • Hayley L

Pretty decent liquor store. They have everything! Lots of beer, ciders, wine, hard alcohol.

  • Nick fararis

Awesome great selection of everything drink related friendly staff and professional service

  • Muhammad Faizan

Hi there! My name is Muhammad Faizan and I am a Digital Marketer. I help local business

  • Sean Wiseman

Great staff, great selection, good prices. Recommend coming here over a BCLS any day

  • Lee B

Not alot of variety but the staff make up for it. They're all very nice n friendly

  • Orange Clarke

Friendly and helpful staff. Great selection, with ease of access layout in store

  • Russell Hunter

Love this store! Awesome, friendly staff and pretty good selection

  • Sergio Valenzuela

Nice place to buy beer, it is big and they have a good selection

  • Shay A

Convenient but so overpriced

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