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YLaw is a Family law attorney located at 1122 Mainland St #410, Vancouver, BC V6B 5L1, Canada. It has received 183 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 stars.





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  • The address of YLaw: 1122 Mainland St #410, Vancouver, BC V6B 5L1, Canada

  • YLaw has 4.8 stars from 183 reviews

  • Family law attorney

  • "This Review is for Jasmeet Mangat"

    "Excellent law firm"

    "Not a good experience"

    "Dana Rogers had a firm comprehension of my estate problem and how she could solve it right from our initial consultation"

    "I had the pleasure of working with Alex and William during my recent divorce proceedings and I couldn't be happier with the level of service I received"


  • Rolan Mendoza

This Review is for Jasmeet Mangat. Our situation was a particularly complicated Family Law case, it would have almost seemed impossible if it wasn't for the expertise of Jasmeet. Without getting into too much personal details of the case, I want to communicate how complex things were and how Jasmeet was able to help us get exactly what we hoped for against such compounding odds. There were 3 parties involved, and after a grueling 2 year process due to the events and involvement from other parties, Jasmeet was able to help us get the exact court orders we wanted, without needing to go to trial. There were times where we felt so lost and hopeless, but after conversing with Jasmeet, getting her council, being thorough and sticking to the well thought out plan, I can soundly say that our decision to have Jasmeet in our corner was single handedly the best decision we made in this process. We would not have had the success we got without her. Not only was Jasmeet communicative, transparent, and available, but she was also caring, compassionate and most importantly, she was truly invested in us and our case. We feel so lucky that we stumbled upon Jasmeet's profile and made that initial phone call. Jasmeet does not leave things up to chance, and will work hard to support her clients in a professional and timely matter. Please, if a situation truly matters to you, a lawyer is a necessary expense, and Jasmeet is absolutely worth it. Thank you YLAW Group!

  • A R

Excellent law firm. The Best. William is a caring thoughtful person who takes care of his clients. William makes sure you're getting to see your kids and makes sure you're protected. The family law in BC is strictly protecting women even if unfair but William makes sure that doesn't happen if your a husband going through divorce and that is so important, seeing your kids is priceless making sure your assets are protected is extremely important and William and Ylaw make sure your protected on all ends. Having a law firm like Ylaw behind you is extremely necessary when the laws favour the wife in any case, she lies they believe her and men get screwed in BC, If your having any problems with separation or divorce call William and you will not regret it. They try and keep costs down as well, they work with you and are there when you call. William always made sure he got back to me quickly if he didn't answer right away and especially when stressful situations happen, that is so important when going through a difficult time like divorce. We need more lawyers like this that help us and actually care about you not just the money, and i can't say enough good things about Ylaw and William, from his paralegals, to his staff all around they are all extremely helpful and actually care, nice to you when you call make you feel important, even when they are very busy. THANK YOU.

  • ryan pickel

Not a good experience. The lawyer I had Kathryn wasn't even good for affidavits. I had to make her edit multiple multiple time because she could not understand what I was saying, which costed money each time. There was still discrepancies in her work that was not true because she didn't listen to me multiple times. Then told me to tell the judge it was my fault because her and I had a misunderstanding. During our calls her dog was always barking in the back ground... But what really got me was I paid almost 10,000 for trial and we settled outside of court... that being said we never went to court yet she still burned all that money then hit me with another bill over 3000...nothing was done and still charged more, without even going to trial. DO NOT recommend this firm unless you have deep pockets and enjoy to watch your representative struggle with the incompetence of a simple task youll have to correct multiple times and still fail at thier task, but they wont forget get to charge you all the more.

  • Melissa Paulse

Dana Rogers had a firm comprehension of my estate problem and how she could solve it right from our initial consultation. This was due to her diligence and preparedness (through her review of my intake forms) and her strategizing prior to us even talking. (I had already gone through an initial consultation with a different lawyer at a different law firm. This lawyer called me without reviewing my intake forms and with no clue as to how he could help me ... I could hear him shuffling papers as we spoke on the phone, trying to grasp my legal issue.) I felt like a year-long burden had been lifted after I spoke to Dana and I will always be grateful to her. Several months have now passed but I still talk about Dana and how she saved me and my family from having to go through a very costly litigation process. Dana dealt with me, even as I was experiencing an emotional rollercoaster, with the sincerest respect and professionalism. I would recommend Dana Rogers and YLaw in a heartbeat.

  • Koshala Basnayake

I had the pleasure of working with Alex and William during my recent divorce proceedings and I couldn't be happier with the level of service I received. From the initial consultation to the final settlement, Alex and William was professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate. Throughout the process, Alex and William kept me informed and provided clear guidance on the legal issues involved in my case. They were always available to answer my questions and address any concerns I had, which made me feel confident and supported throughout the divorce process. What I appreciated most about Alex and William was their attention to detail and ability to navigate complex legal issues. They were able to negotiate a settlement that met all of my needs and exceeded my expectations. Overall, I highly recommend Alex and William to anyone seeking a skilled and compassionate divorce lawyer. They are a true professional and a pleasure to work with.

  • N C

I had the pleasure of having Leena as my family lawyer and I can't speak highly enough of her and her team at YLaw Group. She's definitely mastered the art of bringing her intelligence, compassion, and tactfulness when dealing with such emotional and sensitive issues. She is extremely smart and knowledgeable, she's creative - she thinks outside the box, she wears her heart on her sleeve, and she gets the job done in a timely manner - The best combination a lawyer could have in my opinion! She has a way of connecting to her clients, she made me feel at ease just after having the initial one hour consultation with her. I am very lucky to have her to guide me through the most difficult time of my life. If you are lucky enough to have her as your lawyer too, rest assured that you are in the most capable hands. Thank you Leena, Victoria, and Lee for everything that you do. You make a difference in humanity in the most positive way!

  • Roy McCombe

I don't think I can find all of the best words to express the gratitude I have for Leena and the team of professionals at YLaw. I also want to call out Victoria as well for her professional communication. To put it lightly, I was going through the most stressful, emotional periods of my life. Friends and family can only offer so much support and most likely they are unable to alleviate the many unknown factors and potential scary outcomes that are constantly running through your mind. Leena took the mystery away. She helped me achieve peace of mind by providing me insight to end goals. I always felt she was open, honest, empathetic and even compassionate when I needed it most. All I wanted was a fair result and I believe Leena worked hard to provide me with the necessary outcome I needed for the peace mind to move forward. I absolutely recommend YLaw and fully intend to continue working with them whenever I need their help.

  • Neda Dadmand

Mrs Yousefi is truly one of a kind lawyer who is a pleasure to work with. She is passionate about her job and justice. Her priorities are to make sure her clients are treated with dignity and fairness. She is not in the job for the money and her genuine satisfaction rests in knowing she is doing her best, and we all know that now a days that’s hard to find. Her energy and enthusiasm creates a reassuring mindset that the case will be handled in the best possible manner within her numerous abilities. Her staff are also understanding and compassionate and very professional. Leena and her staff, you are awesome.

  • Joe Cortese

Amber was great to work with. I had to work on a separation agreement and I chose YLaw help me with my mediation. She responded to all my requests very quickly, she was very personable to talk to, she had all the answers to my questions, she seemed to truly understand my situation and she was instrumental in helping me achieve a settlement I felt was fair. I would recommend this group to help with family law matters.

  • Eric Wilson

Amber and William did a great job picking up where my previous awful lawyer left off. They were honest about what they thought we would be able to achieve and never made any promises they didn't keep. They kept things moving forward all the time which I feel is a rarity in the legal space. At the end of the day we ended up accomplishing more than we had set out to. They're expensive, and they're worth it.

  • Sook Lee

William is the best family law attorney I ever worked with. He is not only extremely knowledgeable in the legal dispute in terms of co-parenting, but also has been highly sensitive to my concerns in regards to what's the best interest of the child. Him being always very responsive when I had questions outside of our meetings has been great support for me to deal with the stress. I highly recommend him.

  • Dennis Quast

There are many things that separate YLaw from other law firms, but one of them I truly valued as their client was everyone involved caring about my case. This is not just a law firm but a group of lawyers that go above and beyond for you with great dedication and skill. I totally recommend them. Be it for family law, estate litigation, civil litigation, or your Canadian visa. Much love!

  • Sarah Miller

I had the privilege of working with Will DeWolf at a previous law firm. He is an exceptional lawyer and a wonderful person. I continue to reach out to him when I’m stuck or need a second opinion. Some lawyers spend hours searching for answers that he seems to know off the top of his head. As a sole practitioner, I feel very fortunate to have Will in my support network.

  • Keith Desnoyers

William and team did an amazing job helping me out through the whole divorce process from start to finish. The team a YLaw made a very difficult time in my life very easy and negotiated an amazing divorce settlement for me. I highly recommend YLaw for anyone doing estate planning or going through divorce proceeding.

  • Mandy Rai

Dana Rogers and Yurim Larsen are compassionate and effective. They helped me with a civil matter involving family, and their level headed support during an emotional time helped me get my loan repaid. The costs for legal services were fair, reasonable and well worth it. I would highly recommend them.

  • Terry T

Our court system did nothing to deter my ex-wife from lying, breaching court orders, and repeatedly making false accusations. It is an uphill battle for fathers in our court system, so I highly recommend getting a good team of lawyers on your side from the start. YLaw is your team!

  • Kit Lee

I had an excellent experience with Dana Rogers at YLAW. She is extremely professional and courteous and was compassionate and realistic with me about my case and what my options were. Would highly recommend her and the firm to anyone looking for a divorce lawyer.

  • Lee Grogan

YLaw is the best family law firm in Vancouver as far as family law goes. My experience was seamless, all assistants were professional and my lawyer resolved my case is a very quick and efficient manner, despite international difference. Highly recommended.

  • nesa haghparast

Leena is the best family lawyer I know in Vancouver. She handled my international divorce case perfectly from the beginning to the end. She is extremely sharp and talented at what she does. My case was high conflict because my husband chose

  • Ben Chen

I highly recommend Amber Cheema. Definitely great customer service and professionalism. I am so happy with the results she got me. she responds within 24 hours and always keeps me updated on my case. Amber explains everything in detail and

  • Emanuel Andrei

Choosing YLaw was one of the best decisions our family made. Raha is an absolute powerhouse! She came to our case with hard hitting facts and proofs that leveraged us in a way that there was little to no dispute from the other side. She

  • Farnaz H

I heard about Leena 2 years ago, I have been waiting to see her for more than 2 years.It was worth the wait!. She is the best , very knowledgeable , confident and caring....certainly meets the reputation she has of being the top lawyer.

  • J J

Sum it all up in one word…EXCEPTIONAL! Leena outperformed all expectations and her knowledge outclassed two other attorneys we hired to handle my wife’s case. She dedicates her time to her client and exhibits attention to detail when it

  • Marissa Elliott

We had an INCREDIBLE experience with YLaw. Leena was absolutely amazing. She was able to step in and work with my 71 year old mother in her divorce and take a huge weight off her shoulders by making the process easy and stress free. I

  • Sue L

Thanks Amber for your help  You were prompt, empathetic, and eager to step in to help.... answering my questions, and offering winning guidance leading to positive results! All the lawyers and legal administrative team at this firm

  • Michael Zedd

From the moment I walked into the YLaw office, I immediately became impressed with the modern atmosphere and professionalism of the staff. Meeting with their senior lawyer, Trudy Hopman for an initial consultation, I was provided an

  • Diana Wang

I had the pleasure of working with 2 YLaw lawyers for my divorce and was very impressed. We settled our case on favorable terms and efficiently. These lawyers are hands down the best divorce lawyers in Vancouver. Highly recommended.

  • Naaz H

Dear Leena , If I could give you more than 5 starts I would, You are brilliant!! During the last 2 years not only you were my lawyer , But also you were supporting me

  • Robb Ford

My lawyer was very professional when balancing both the impersonal process of legal matters with empathy and understanding. I appreciated both! Thank you

  • Mike

Trudy is fantastic. Professional, very knowledgable and fair. Please request her if you can.

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