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Woodland Physiotherapy is a Physical therapist located at 2817 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V5K 2A1, Canada. It has received 51 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 stars.





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  • The address of Woodland Physiotherapy: 2817 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V5K 2A1, Canada

  • Woodland Physiotherapy has 4.8 stars from 51 reviews

  • Physical therapist

  • "I would like to speak to the owner of this establishment"

    "I absolutely adore Amanda! I started seeing her for pelvic floor physio (amazingly helpful, especially after giving birth!)"

    "I found Calvin, the partner and physiotherapist to be knowledgeable and experienced with his diagnosis and treatment"

    "Was sooooo lucky to be referred here by the urgent care nurse from across the street when I mentioned I lived near by"

    "I am so grateful for my time with Nina"


  • accordingtocora

I would like to speak to the owner of this establishment. Terrible customer service from the front receptionist today. Incorrect information presented to me. And extremely rude staff this morning. Also when is it okay to cancel a 7am appointment 15 minutes prior. I missed hours at work to book that appointment and then all they could say was I was not charged so I don't need to be compensated. Another occasion where they cancelled on me the day of. I originally booked all my appointments to use my benefits from both of my jobs here for the rest of the year as there are only 3 months left now. To be told this morning very rudely and amatter of factly they won't do direct billing for me with my other coverage. The only reason I am attending this establishment and have gone to them in the past is because I was told I could use both coverages without the hassle of having to pay out of pocket. I wouldn't of booked up all of my rmt appointments with them if they said this in the first place. Please speak to your front receptionist staff on how to treat not only customers but people when changing protocols on them last minute.

  • Julia Lane

I absolutely adore Amanda! I started seeing her for pelvic floor physio (amazingly helpful, especially after giving birth!). When I started seeing her, I was also having a shoulder issue, for which I had been seeing a different physio for months (and also seeing chiro for awhile). Amanda took one look at my shoulder and provided me with insights I hadn't heard from either the other physio or the chiro, I started seeing her for my shoulder issue and experienced significant relief nearly right away. What's more, I made steady improvement. All of this was before Woodland moved into its beautiful new space. I continue to see Amanda for chronic neck pain and have been thrilled with the new facilities - so beautiful, welcoming, and bright! I have also recommended Amanda to my husband, and he has been really happy with her treatment and the progress he has made so far with his own neck and shoulder issues. Everyone should have a physio like Amanda!! Thanks for everything that you do to help us stay well and pain-free!

  • Philip Chang

I found Calvin, the partner and physiotherapist to be knowledgeable and experienced with his diagnosis and treatment. I’ve had varying experiences at different physiotherapist offices and this was hands down, one of the good ones. Sometimes they just listen to you for 20 minutes and then slap a tens machine on and go see another patient, but he spent the entire time focussed on me and performing treatments, ranging for slight spinal adjustments, to cupping, to IMS acupuncture. Sophia, who I’ve been seeing for massage is also terrific and has a healing touch! Definitely not a corporate chain and a great addition to the neighborhood!

  • Julie “Chronfused” Barrera

Was sooooo lucky to be referred here by the urgent care nurse from across the street when I mentioned I lived near by. I had never been to physio before and was a little nervous but luckily my physiotherapist Junichi who was super kind and explained the why behind each technique he used. Not only was I able to get back to work quickly but the stretches taught to me for upkeep have been super helpful for maintaining my mental health walks. HIGHLY recommend him and this clinic in general as everyone was friendly and helpful at every step.

  • Bri

I am so grateful for my time with Nina. Nina brings her experience as a kinesiologist, personal trainer and athlete to her sessions at Woodland, and working with her has helped me reengage with movement in my daily life with reduced pain and discomfort. Nina is a caring healthcare practitioner who works hard to create a safe and accessible space for her clients. Working with her has helped me reach my personal fitness and recovery goals and now I am able to move through my day to day with less pain! Thank you Nina.

  • Veronika Amdur

I would recommend Junichi and team at Woodland Physio. I feel so fortunate and grateful to have Junichi as my therapist. The environment that he creates during our sessions is very respectful, peaceful, positive vibes, and very knowledgeable in demonstrate different technics to stretch and strengthen. He actually takes time to listen and address my concern of pain and discomfort and works with me to resolve those issues. I always look forward to my sessions with Junichi as he makes them easy and fun to learn.

  • Andrew Cherwenka

Thorough, knowledgeable, and super effective. I was referred to another physio in Amanda Rnic’s clinic by my wife’s trainer at Grindhouse but I booked directly with Amanda after reading her background. She did a complete assessment of my shoulder and systematically ruled out the dozens of possible reasons for my pain, narrowing it down to one. She then identified 3 exercises to address the root cause and followed up with the plan by email. Exactly what I was hoping for. Highly recommend.

  • Jess Gilmore

Right in the hastings sunrise neighbourhood! Went to see Amanda and she was so knowledgeable, caring and helpful. She really listened to my concerns, and was able to pinpoint my injury and the treatments necessary. First appointment - I went from hobbling and unable to straighten my leg, to walking much more comfortably. Amazing. More work to be done this week but so impressed. Following strict covid protocols, and very clean facility. 5 stars for sure. Highly recommend.

  • Joan Y

I have been to Woodland Physiotherapy a handful of times. The online booking system makes it easy to fit an appointment in my busy schedule. The welcoming staff are great and I love the neighbourhood vibe. Both Amanda M and Calvin W are amazing physiotherapists and would recommend them both. Any issues I had were resolved in one or two appointments. I felt comfortable asking questions and left with great instructions for things I could do at home to improve my mobility.

  • Hazel Sellars

I am having physiotherapy sessions with Amanda Mrsic and from the beginning of my first appointment I felt comfortable and relaxed. I felt I was In great hands and actually stated out loud that she had magic hands, as I could notice a difference in that first session. The place itself is very clean and bright. I have felt very safe to go here during Covid. The receptionist (I forgot her name sorry!) is also very friendly and welcoming.

  • Shelby Shukaliak

I have come in for different back injuries and Natalie is always amazing. She keeps track of your progress and past injuries and is great about explaining how they may be connected. Extremely kind and willing to work in different modalities based on what both you and she think may be a good direction in which to go. I always leave feeling better than when I arrived. Beautiful facility and really friendly/helpful admin staff as well.

  • michael barden

this place is terrific calvin is great . I am a senior male. I was suffering extensively for many months with pelvic related pain. Calvin fixed it. He gave me a set of excercises and progressively fine tuned them to my needs . He’s patient ,encouraging and available for out of session questions and support.The staff is friendly and welcoming and helpful . The appointments timely and effective. The experience totally positive.

  • Casey McCabe

Sofia is the perfect balance between professional and completely down to earth. Usually I am disappointed in how light an RMTs touch can be, but Sofia employs a large range of force. She is really able to get power to dig into problem areas. She checks in to ensure client comfort and is responsive to feedback. She handles my post car accident janky body like a dream. Honestly so happy I found her.

  • Neil K

I am very impressed with Amanda. I was recommended to her by a massage therapist (Kimen Peterson) who spoke very highly of Amanda. Her knowledge is truly world class. She also gave me great advice and exercises about some minor lower back pain that I was having. It is now gone. So I only have great things to say about this physio. I also have recommended other people who are also very happy.

  • Bonnie Low

I had a bad fall and hurt my hip and knee. After a few months with a different physiotherapy clinic, with poor results, I switch to Woodland Physiotherapy. My hip and knee began to improve after a few sessions with Amanda. Amanda is very hands on and uses a variety of techniques to help me get back on track. I also began seeing Stephanie for Pilates to help my core.

  • Katie N

So happy I discovered this clinic after a car accident this year, both Amanda and Natalie are truly wonderful! They take the time to listen to your concerns and worked with me to find the most effective therapies for my back pain, including IMS and manual manipulation. The clinic is thoroughly sanitized between clients and there is plenty of free parking nearby.

  • Petr Formanek

I have been working with Calvin Wong for a few months now. Calvin has been guiding me through some issues and during this time he has been very knowledgable but also highly responsive to any question or concerns I have had during this whole process, which goes a long way. I would definitely point everyone who is dealing with some issues to Calvin.

  • Melissa Drouin

I have been seeing Amanda for about a month now and I have never felt better after a session. I have had TMJ along with shoulder/neck issues and she is the first to really concentrate of what is causing the issue. Her methods are different than the traditional stretching and exercises and I really enjoy them. Great place to get to feeling better.

  • Kathryn Stech

I've been seeing Amanda R. and Calvin for a few years now whenever I need them. They're both excellent physiotherapists. The new space is beautiful, welcoming and clean. They've done a great job making it feel safe to visit in person during the pandemic. I love the online booking system, it's so easy to make an appointment! Highly recommend!

  • Christopher Chan

Junichi was amazing! Really helped me with the treatment and also the education pieces behind what misalignments he was seeing, what muscles might be not firing optimally, and then what kind of exercises I could do to continue improving on these imbalances. Super grateful for his assistance. Thanks so much!!

  • Kathy Lilyholm

Woodland Physio is amazing! The staff are friendly and helpful and the Physio team really know their stuff. I’ve been surprised at how quickly they diagnosis my pain and with minimal treatments I feel much better. I really appreciate that they support and encourage me to recover at home between treatments.

  • Sophie Lowe

I just had my first appointment and I can definitely say I’ll be back. I felt listened to and reassured with the pain I have been experiencing for a big portion of my life. I feel confident this will be a game changer for me. I can tell Amanda is genuine and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend!

  • Ian Whitehead

I saw Natalie for an issue with my neck and shoulder. She was great. Really took the time to figure out the issue, and she gave me some targeted exercises that I can actually fit into my schedule. I’ve seen other physios from here in the past and always had a good experience.

  • Raquel Mercado Lucero

Been coming to this place for a while now. Friendly receptionists, clean facility, safety protocols are very well implemented, excellent physio therapist, RMT. Every visit to this place is a good experience for me. Would recommend them to anyone. I love the people here .

  • Jessica Wooding

I had started going to Woodland physio after a backcountry touring incident with my knee. The level of service and attention that was given by Amanda and the team was on point from day 1. I will without a doubt be back should I require physio care again!

  • Darren Brereton

I met Amanda at Envision and followed her to Woodland. I love her problem-solving approach. She gets competitively stubborn if she can't find the cause/cure for my pain and won't give up until she solves it. I've also had her fit my bike. Top-notch!

  • Jhanelle Williams

Tina is amazing- She is very patient, understanding, knowledgeable and has your best interest in mind. After experiencing my injury I was very apprehensive to start moving again but with Tina I was able to overcome that with the program designed.

  • Tracy Jung

I saw Natalie for the first time today and she was very thorough in her assessment and able to help me with my issue. She was attentive, friendly, and easy to communicate with. I am very happy with my visit and definitely recommend!

  • Ilke vz Bakker

I have not been myself, but I can absolutely say they helped my Fiance, Fabien with his knee. Tina knows just what to do, and everytime I pick him up after his session he has something great to say about the experience.

  • E. G. Hamilton

Very poor marketing if you are a cis-male looking for pelvic floor therapy. The woman at the front desk is completely useless, misinformative, and condescending. I cannot recommend this place at all.

  • Jeremy Jacob

In one session, Calvin was able to give me great relief from a couple of persistent injuries that had lingered for months despite several treatments from different modalities. Thanks Calvin!

  • Jennifer W

Love the physios here! They always help to heal my ailments, which are numerous the older I get. Thanks especially to Natalie and Tina!

  • Susan Taylor

Excellent. Tina really listened and asked good questions about what hurt and where. The exercises she suggested are all doable too.

  • Warren Eyolfson

I have had issues with my rotator cuffs for several years. Whenever they act up, Woodland sets me straight.

  • Mitchell Reardon

Feeling fortunate to have Amanda fix me up when snowboard, bike and running issues knock me down!

  • Darius W. Meikle

Awesome experience, super duper nice, helpful, and easy to deal with.

  • Shawna Ma

Friendly and professional staff. I come here for RMT.

  • Carmen Saucier

Great clinic! Knowledgeable, professional and caring.

  • Mitchell

One of the best physio places I have been to. …

  • Spirits

Great place

  • Michael Sanders
  • Tabatha Alexander
  • Jim Lumsden
  • Mark Hansen
  • Jonathan Dennis
  • Lisa McLaren
  • Justin Michael
  • Diane F.
  • EmerDepot Medical Supplies
  • Casey Becker
  • Kendra Wong

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