Winnipeg Animal Emergency Hospital

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400 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB R3L 2E7, Canada



Winnipeg Animal Emergency Hospital is a Emergency veterinarian service located at 400 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB R3L 2E7, Canada. It has received 69 reviews with an average rating of 3.3 stars.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Winnipeg Animal Emergency Hospital: 400 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB R3L 2E7, Canada

  • Winnipeg Animal Emergency Hospital has 3.3 stars from 69 reviews

  • Emergency veterinarian service

  • "I had to go in for an urgent situation with my cat on a Saturday night"

    "Take your pet to someone qualified"

    "That was the worst experience I ever had with a vet office: receptionist laugh at me when I said I’m not happy with the result of the treatment on my dog"

    "We came from out of town for a vacation brought our dogs caninsulin but forgot her needles"

    "Thank goodness there is a 24hr vet in this city"


  • Tara Wood

I had to go in for an urgent situation with my cat on a Saturday night. The person at the front desk and Dr Camera were both very pleasant and the wait wasn't hours on end which was surprising given the parking lot was full and my situation was not a serious emergency. I am happy with my experience there.

  • jackson stangeland

Take your pet to someone qualified. Initially told me my dog was fine, which was a lie. Then gave me a wrong diagnosis and whatever pain meds which I’m not giving my dog. Seemed like he didn’t even look at my dog and still charged me. Just an awful place with an awful vet.

  • Natach ZEBA

That was the worst experience I ever had with a vet office: receptionist laugh at me when I said I’m not happy with the result of the treatment on my dog. My rate would have been 0 if that was available because laugh at a client is just NOT

  • Tom Wood

We came from out of town for a vacation brought our dogs caninsulin but forgot her needles. Called this clinic around midnight to have a very pleasant voice answer the phone and after explaining our urgent situation she fully understood the

  • Sparks Janzen

Thank goodness there is a 24hr vet in this city. The vet and techs and reception must be quite busy. I can only imagine how stressful it would be to hold the life of someone's loved one in their hands and then have another 4 people waiting

  • Double K

January 17, 2023 I took my 11 year old German shepherd in because she had lumps all over her body and the one back leg was swollen really badly and she was panting a lot and needed bloodwork to see if it’s caused by her medication done for

  • Isaiah Edwards

I brought my dog in on a Saturday evening after as he became significantly ill and was not acting like himself (vomiting and refusing to eat among other symptoms) and my regular vet being closed for the weekend. A week prior to this my dog

  • Nikki Schultz

Awful terrible experience getting turned away in the middle of the night and hearing the callus voice on the other end as I beg for help over the phone. I understand wait times but to not even consider the level of emergency before turning

  • Nevada Kehler

We had a sick cat that got worse into the night and early morning on a Saturday. I called around 5:00am and spoke to a staff member, she advise we bring him in asap, we live an hour away so we drove in right away. They took our cat and we

  • Arielle Barsby

I brought my cat in last night after she fell down our stairs. We though she may have broken her back left leg. Pembina was busy, as a bunch of us got there all at once. We had to wait about an hour before even getting a call from the vet

  • John Gore

I read the reviews but had no choice. My dog needed attention so I rushed him here. The male vet had an attitude straight away when he called me back and said the dog needs to be put down or have an expensive surgery and ended that with a

  • Stephan Sabeski

Hunter, who is my large breed dog was hit by a car today. Dr.Camara recommended a fair treatment plan that ensured Hunter's safety and comfort. I am grateful for her knowledge and patience, I am the type of person to ask 100 questions and

  • Winter Witch

Our pup got suddenly ill - refusing to eat or drink. She then started to have seizures. She had been to another vet for a second distemper shot a week before and never really was like her playful, happy self after that. We took her on two

  • Aimee

Do not bring your pets here, whatever you do. Dr Scammell does not care about your pets and will rush exams without giving proper care. Diagnostic exams should take at least 30 minutes, not 15 and the staff is beyond unprofessional. Your

  • Ainslee McLaughlin

We had to bring our cat, Gypsy, in for an emergency visit over the weekend from the north. With emotions running high, it is so nice to be greeted with courteous and calm staff. When we arrived, it was rather busy and since our issue was

  • Erin Peters

We brought our dog in last Thursday because he was experiencing a sudden onset of some concerning symptoms. We called in advance, and arrived at 6:44pm. We brought him in and were asked to wait in our car for a phone call. 2 hours passed

  • mary m

worst pet clinic i’ve ever been to. i took my sick cat here for an iv. it was literally 100 dollars just for that. we payed that for nothing just for this so called animal clinic to hand him over to humane society where they put him down

  • Paul Benson

A 24-hour emergency vet is not something you ever want to use, but I'm very glad they were there when I needed them. Late one evening, my dog got hold of a piece of mouse poison that had fallen out of its bait station. I called them and

  • Anonymous

My experience was ok. It wasn't horrible but wasn't outstanding either.. My 3 month old puppy (under 4 pounds) broke her leg in a freak accident whilst playing with her older sister (over 100lbs), so we called and I was told the initial

  • Dennis Kwast

Worst Vet clinic I have been to, overpriced and bad service. My dog was there literally for 15mins, that apparently included a full examination and cleaning of a wound - the cost was $350. I would give them 0 stars if that was an option.

  • Because I am awezome

I have had nothing but a good experience here. I see some not nice reviews. That's why I want to leave this one as that is not in my experience. I have taken my dog there on a holidays, I've called and asked questions many times. I have

  • Jea Bes

Brought in a 5 week kitten I rescued from a tree that my brother chose to adopt. The kitten's passed away and we were concerned our kitten would have a generic disease. We brought in the kitten, waited 2 hours but it was worth the wait!

  • Brianna Sun

Working in veterinary medicine myself, I've learned to greatly fear urinary blockages. So when midnight on a Saturday rolls around and my male cat is straining in the litterbox, I knew I needed to take him in immediately.

  • Caroline Donato

Honestly, if your pet is not dying, wait to go to your regular vet. Spent nearly $400 for nothing. After the treatment, my cat continues with the same symptoms. Will have to take her to the vet again. Big mistake.

  • Norma Newman

Last evening we said goodbye to Zorro, our 19 year old cat. We are grateful for the kindness and compassion of Dr. Cavanaugh and her staff. We and our old friend were treated with gentleness and the best of care.

  • Jessica Boutilier

We brought our girl Betty in after a Len allergic reaction to a bee sting. They got her in right away and we’re very helpful and patient. I appreciate the compassion and help everyone in that office provided me.

  • Corey Thiessen

Not overly thrilled about the mask.curbside rule... but they were very accommodating and friendly. They took my cat in outside of emergency practice hours on ZERO notice. Overall a decent experience.

  • Jane Burton (whxteveritsjane)

“Dr” Scammel should not have a license to practice veterinary care. As per in his name, he is nothing but a scam. Brought my cat in who was struggling to breathe and was throwing up over 4 times

  • Cheyenne Gray

New Year’s Eve I rushed my dog to the hospital( from 2 hours away). The customer service I received was horrible from the workers. Not sure if it was they didn’t want to be at work or not.

  • Nick Botsford

This has been one of the hardest days of my life, Christmas 2022 when I had to say goodbye to my best friend. The staff here were efficient and compassionate and they treated my boy gently

  • Charlotte S.A.

It pains me so much to go over this matter that I had to wait a good 8 months to write this review. This past summer I lost my best friend Audrey. Because she was small she went

  • Lana Neufeld

Yesterday I had to bring in my oldest cat, he was 12 and they found a mass so I had to put him down. They were so kind and caring with the utmost respect.

  • Devin Bruyere

They were willing to let my dogs die for $100. Stay away from these people. Absolutely useless. They say they care. They only care about money.

  • Cielo Suva

The workers and vet techs are wonderful. They really care about the animals and I had a great experience. Thank you for helping my Crocodile :)

  • Shy “Star”

Do not bring your animals here The vet is more interested in money and putting animals down, instead of trying to save them.

  • s

Took our dog in for what we thought was a tick, did wasn't they didn't even charge us.. Very nice people.

  • orlibloom4

GO TO BRIDGWATER. To anyone who wants to bring their pet here: read the reviews for "Pembina

  • Maya

I was going to this so called “emergency vet” but after reading the reviews, I’d rather not.

  • Zach Klassen

Very kind and professional. Our dog was well cared for in a scary time.

  • Midori Frisk

Fantastic emergency services, and great with scared animals