Wat The Fish (WTFish)

476 reviews

Unit 11/276 Victoria St, Wetherill Park NSW 2164, Australia




Wat The Fish (WTFish) is a Aquarium located at Unit 11/276 Victoria St, Wetherill Park NSW 2164, Australia. It has received 476 reviews with an average rating of 4.6 stars.





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  • The address of Wat The Fish (WTFish): Unit 11/276 Victoria St, Wetherill Park NSW 2164, Australia

  • Wat The Fish (WTFish) has 4.6 stars from 476 reviews

  • Aquarium

  • "I wish I could give them 0 star"

    "Highly recommended! My family, friends & I find Dylan extremely polite, professional & pleasant to deal with"

    "Don’t let the good reviews fool you, these people were giving away free nano lights to get people to give reviews"

    "The team is really helpful"

    "Most people would use negative feedback to improve their business and customer experience, not to tell people off for giving their opinions"


  • Moe

I wish I could give them 0 star. I bought $120 worth of different fish from them on Monday and one them died the next day and the other one had popey eye infection. I tried to reach out to them on Gumtree and called them 10 times but their response was kind of confusing. They told me they won’t accept anything if the fish is out of the plastic bag that they put them on and has gone to my fish tank! They also told me their fish are healthy and when I asked them how do they know and if they have been checked by a vet and no responses was given . All I asked was , to refund my money for two fish or I was happy to take the dead fish and infected one back to get two more fish. However, they stopped responding to my messages. 10 bucks won’t make me rich but you guys need to have a bit of decency. Not happy with your response and your comments. You are not deserve a star.

  • Andrew Phromjom

Highly recommended! My family, friends & I find Dylan extremely polite, professional & pleasant to deal with. Dylan is super nice, genuine, passionate & knowledgeable about fish keeping (fish & fish care). I have friends & family that commute all the way from Canberra & Regional NSW to Dylan's store because he offers a premium quality variety of fish, fish care & accessories at the best prices. More importantly, Dylan shares & caters his expertise to all ages, cultures and all levels of fish keeping (from beginners to professional fish enthusiasts/aquarists). FYI for the people that live closer to Sydney city - Dylan recently opened up a store in Sydbey CBD. For variety, Wetherill Park is still the store to go. Keep up the great work Dylan!

  • Elzatri Amaiaska

Don’t let the good reviews fool you, these people were giving away free nano lights to get people to give reviews. They might say we didn’t say it has to be a good review, well mate if people want a free light they’ll show you a good review. The only upside of this place is good prices on tetras and clown loaches. Other than that nothing special. The staff are nice but the people in charge have no respect when they talk. I haven’t been there in ages so maybe they’ve changed, but I have only been there 3 times but on my 2nd visit on a quiet midday when I was offered for help it was in such a degrading manner I was actually quite shocked and regretted buying fish from there after thinking back about that rudeness.

  • Ahmed Suleiman

The team is really helpful. The fish are great quality and they have very good prices compared to other aquarium shops. I bought 10 assorted peacock cichlids for $120, which was a sale offer they were having at the time. They were small but very colourful. They also offered me tips on how to keep them from discolouring later on. They have a great range on freshwater and saltwater fish, and sell all the products that anyone who would like to keep fish needs. They sell food, equipment and ornaments. You can also follow their Instagram or Facebook page if you want to keep up with any sales that they have.

  • Faiza Anwar

Most people would use negative feedback to improve their business and customer experience, not to tell people off for giving their opinions. That’s not good customer service. The way you speak to your customers is VERY rude and condescending. So typical that you would state this is a fake account. Just because it’s a negative review. Not all negative reviews are from fake account. You can’t handle the truth?? I’m not hiding. My name is up there and have reviewed many businesses. You should be called TRUMP coz you think all negative reviews are FAKE REVIEWS!!

  • J H D

Store very mess,wet. Customers super aware of rocks on floor. If this store been check by HS definitely on bad reviews. Low care of fish, caught lots of fish deseases and die. A guy serve there felt upset if customers required of choice of fish, and become rude. Owner never let you choose your own fish. Checked some of reviews, seem like every low reviews the owner reply back with low manner. A good person need to learn from the mistakes to become better. If there is lower than 1 star I would surely rate it. Would not recommended this. .

  • BJ Jusay

I was here a few weeks ago to start up my fish hobby again and to get inspiration. I've forgotten the gentleman that was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and passionate to share his experience. I was very impressed and more inspired for my near future marine setup. I feel bad I didn't get to buy anything at that time, but i will definitely come back here soon and BUY BUY BUY! Great customer service, shop experience from our local community should be supported and help blossom. This is one worth checking out people!

  • Ricky Aziz

The place was alright when I first went. The prices are pretty good and staff are alright but I have purposely avoided this place for a few months due to the attitudes of the the guy who owns the place and the guy who accepts the calls. When they can't be bothered they put on a ridiculous accent that is infuriating like you're being talked to like a little kid. I have happily spent a few extra dollars and went elsewhere just to avoid these people. Wouldn't recommend, low prices do not make up for poor manners.

  • Some Random Dude

Looked for the shop and couldn’t find it ended up being in the back behind some stores on the main road in a industrial area i only realised it was there because of a graffiti sign saying fish the while place was black except aquarium lights the place looked very off went in there all the aquariums were well kept until i got to the back where about 25 young bichirs were kept in 2 litre tanks with little filtration in the dark Guy was sketchy and seemed very dishonest 2/10 happy i walked out of there unharmed

  • Tony

I have to say that this store is one of the few aquarium networks in Sydney that are reputable, honest and are owned by people that are really passionate in the hobby and care about the fish they sell. Dylan, and his boss, who run the store, are backed by other reputable fish aquariums in the scene (I was recommended this place from my local store), all known for their impeccable care of fish and are making a difference to those who are just getting started or enthusiasts alike.

  • D Lattimer

Visited yesterday afternoon to purchase shrimp. It's in an industrial estate rather than a shop setting and is not that large in area. Still they had a good range of fish at competitive prices and we purchased a few that would have cost a couple of dollars more elsewhere. We only keep tropical tanks but those who keep marine tanks seemed to be well catered for. They had a beautiful range of corals. The staff couldn't have been nicer. Very friendly and helpful. Will go back.

  • Soph

Guy at the store seemed nice. Dont know who exactly the owner is but one guy who said he was the owner was condescending. Even on here he tries to dismiss honest reviews claiming people are making fake accounts. People don't have time for that. That alone makes me not return. *Edit to your response* Your response doesnt even make sense. You dont know what youre talking about so stop making up random responses to favour yourself. Just take the feedback, learn and do better.

  • Sarah C

I was recommended this place by a friend of mine who keeps aquariums. It doesn’t look like much on the outside but WOW inside! The man who helped me today purchase 10 silver dollars and some other fish was the friendliest and knowledgeable people I’ve met with regards to fish. All their food and supplies are fresh (unlike other aquariums I’ve been to recently) If you’re after a great variety of fish, this is the place to go! Also, the man is a fish catching NINJA !!

  • kiara abarca

If there were 10 stars I would give to you for sure The best place ever I got the best advice how to set the water in the fish tank before I buy fish . Very patient sales person with a great knowledge have a time to explain any question I’m so happy to find this store I can not wait to get my fish tank full of fish …. Great selection of fish with best prices I highly recommend this store to anyone Learn from the best I did today

  • Corey Farrugia

I found these guys online about a year ago and have never gone anywhere else since (i travel from the city)... Dylan is super helpful and is always eager and excited to see pics of the fish I bought as they grow. I have bought Oscar's, bristle noses and green and red texas and all still striving strong... they also helped me out with a new filter and lights with great prices and advice everytime... sending all my mates here now

  • Ben Goodlet

Best place to get all your fish gear, friendly helpful staff that try to help not just sell products. I have brought fish from these guys and now the fish have grown well and have awesome colour and are breeding. On a recent visit I got some holey rock and the boys were happy to help me find some pieces. Overall I can't speak more highly of the quality of the fish and experience of the staff.

  • Starman Starscapes

This place is tucked away in an industrial complex , the place is packed full of tanks with lots of variety of fish .There are some bargains to be had here sometimes and the owner is fairly nice and fairly knowledgeable . There was water on the floor , but hey its an aquarium you sort of expect that . The shop is a bit messy but that just shows that they are busy , I'll be back .

  • yuk hustle

The 'owner' is unnecessarily rude and needs to speak to customers better. Fish came in yellowish water and quality just isn't there compared to my fish from other places. Some may be cheap but you get what you pay for. As you can see in other reviews, he responds with attitude and tries to make it personal knowing he can't be responded to. Not professional.Won't be back.

  • Peter Secheny

Great customer service. Bought some axolotls and the staff gave me advise from the tank setup, care and maintenance, to feeding. Not only are you getting a great price, you get knowledgeable customer service which is pretty rare these days. I give this place 10 out of 10. If you are after salt water fish / setup they have an amazing range of corals.

  • Gilberto Abreu

Small store with a impressive range of fresh/salt water fish and corals, the staff that served us was very passionate about the fish, making the experience extra nice. They also have great prices which was a cherry on the top of the cake. The stock of other products on display is limited but you will still find the basics when grabbing your fish.

  • Damien Jones

I have been buying stock, and equipment from What the Fish for a quite a while now. The staff are always friendly and give great advice, particularly as I have started a cichlid tank for the first time. They have a great range of fish, aquascaping supplies and accessories to suit every budget.
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  • Rina Aguilar-Woo

These guys are amazing! They know their stuff, always happy to help, and the friendliest people you’ll meet. Their fish variety is better than I’ve ever seen, if you’re in search for a rare fish it’s most likely here. I would recommend this shop to anyone and everyone! Come in and check out their sick set up to see what I’m talking about!

  • Nathan Adams

Fantastic service and always has an abundance of choice across many breeds of fish. Fish quality is great, also! Many great deals on offer as well, so make sure to stay across these. Couldn't recommend them highly enough - best in the business!
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  • James Motufitutama

Amazing experience, the go to shop for anyone in the hobbie. Dylan the owner very personable and knowledgeable makes it easier to get a better understanding of different types of fish and their habitats. Multiple different varieties at great prices Highly recommended.
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  • Felicity Ritchie

I've been trying to set up my son's fish tank for 6 weeks with a well known pet retail outlet and its been a nightmare. Today we went to WTFish and Dylan was extremely knowledgeable and helpful and was an incredible help... we even walked out with some fish Fantastic experience! …

  • Shoshanna Varma (ShoshannaVarms)

Amazing service. The staff is very friendly and very helpful... Being a first time saltwater hobbyist, they really put the extra effort to make sure I was able to properly understand the fish they were selling me. Both my transactions were amazing and the fish are very healthy.

  • Dave S

This place is great and friendly service. He knowns alot about fish too and good prices with a better variety of fish that you dont find in other places. Highly recommend. Bought some GoldDust Geos and a beautiful flowerhorn yesterday among other fish. 10/10 Dave

  • Stefan

Shop from my neighbourhood. Mixed feelings. Last week stuff were nice and helpful .I have spend over $100, Today on weekend rude and patronising manager.. Prices are good ,quite a big choice of fish and plants but manager should have better manners.

  • Tommy Mills

Great service and attention from Dylan. Massively enthusiastic and a pleasure to talk to. I’ve been after an axoltl for ages and Dylan’s the man. All stock healthy and many to choose from. This will be my go to place from here on in. Thanks Dylan.

  • James Baker

The best place in Sydney to get your fish! Good range of fish to choose from and they're always healthy! I've never had a problem from here. Puchased a senegal bichir and couldn't be happier! Highly recommend going, the staff are super friendly!

  • Toufic Fakih

Prices are cheap compared to other aquarium shops, but choose carefully. One staff member is great, while another is not so as I feel he got cranky when I really wanted to choose. Lightening on some tank is pretty bad and access is cramped.

  • Damon Salvo

Overcrowded place. Some items maybe a dollar cheaper than other shops. Poorly done setup of the tanks. Several fishes were disease-ridden or on their way to demise. Good coral collection. Some rare marine livestock but the conditions they

  • Lachlan Gingell

Never seen so many fish in an aquarium before! Such a great spot to get your fish - it's even great to just go and have a look. Dylan and the team there are very welcoming and have a very in depth knowledge about all the species.

  • Tania Beard

The place is a mess, very dark & the guy was not very helpful at all!!!......In regards to the reply you have definitely confused me with someone else. This was the 1st time I've ever been to you shop & will not be returning

  • Jason McKay

One of the greatest little stores in Sydney. They have really great and affordable prices and the customer service I got from their staff members was probably the best I’ve seen so far. This shop is highly recommended.

  • rayneel singh

If you are looking for cichlids, this is the place to go. Dont bother going anywhere else for quality and reasonable pricing.
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  • Jim Z

A happy experience friendly helpful staff variety of fish and plecos to choose from ! Been a few times always happy and satisfied ! Looks like the a cave but just ads character ! Nice place to buy healthy fish !!

  • Grant P

Good variety and value for money. The service was friendly and quick. Check out the regular specials on Gumtree. But the shop is in an industrial estate and not for everyone. Saying that, I will be back.

  • Daniel Kristen

Highly recommend this business i have been getting fish from here for the past 6 months .Their prices are great and the fish are amazing .if you haven’t already been here its a store you must visit .

  • R’o’ T%#

Only a very small choice of marine life. But what a great choice and even better is the prices. They have cherry shrimp at the best prices i have seen and they have a full tank of black live worms.

  • Fiona

Dylan & the team are super helpful with a huge variety of fish. They have an extensive knowledge of everything you need to know about owning a fish tank/aquarium. So glad we have across his shop.

  • Angela Vong

We come here all the time! Great little place! It has a variety of fish and the owner is always friendly and knowledgeable. Fishes are always in good condition. Very good customer service.

  • David Munn

These guys are amazing the fish range and serive you will notfind at anotger fish store in sydney i travelling from wollongong and i will be coming every week keep up the good work boyz

  • Manny

Best fish and customer service. Bargain prices. Ante is the legend. Highly recommended.
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  • Christopher Trento

I haven’t bought anything from this shop but I met Dylan the other day at my local coffee shop. I didn’t have the right money but he heard my “ kiwi accent “ and bought me it!

  • Rhiannon Murphy

I absolutely coming here, there is the best variety of fish and the staff is so helpful and always help you out and recommend what fish for your tank! I am never disappointed

  • D Mac

I've been going here for years and still the best prices for any fish or aquarium supplies out there in Sydney. Dylan is the man, always so helpful and knowledgeable.

  • Keith Rowley

Great service and very friendly, the knowledge of the industry helps make it easy to walk in with no idea and leave understanding exactly what you need and should do

  • Far_Akh

Excellent customer service. Good variety of fishes with very reasonable prices. Highly recommended
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  • Emma van de Vorstenbosch

We visited on a friday. Staff were friendly and nice. The store is dirty and difficult to find. They didnt have a huge selection for us. Could be good for others.

  • timmy tran

Great place to shop for aquarium. Shop owner is super friendly. My kids love come to come here on the weekends to buy more fish or just stock up food for them

  • Roy Simpson

Good customer service very friendly and helpful with all your fish needs. Only place could find axolotls will be going back all the time best aquarium been to

  • Garry Zhang

The best aquarium in Sydney !! Huge range of freshwater fish. Got my tank here and everything else, been cycling it for a while. Can't wait to go back !!

  • John

Great service and value! One of the best aquariums in Sydney. Dylan is a very honest, helpful and friendly man. Keep up the good work. Regards, Michael.

  • Beni Poul

Amazing shop Best place for fish at the cheapest prices ‼️
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  • Mathew Parker

Awsome prices friendly helpful amazing fish in every aspect
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  • stephanie zappia

Found this place online and such amazing service, very helpful and kind. Would definitely recommend buying your fish here! Such a big variety

  • amrit sunar

Wow what a amazing shop with plenty of fish and variety great knowledge from staff highly recommended for fish lovers i will be back!

  • Glenn Nolan

Friendly staff, great value and healthy fish!!
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Reservation recommended

  • Daniel Stefas

What a great Aquarium shop with incredible staff and knowledge... thanks again guys top notch service and great fish and products!!

  • N0pHiLTeR

A very friendly fish keeper that gives great advice. Has a great range of fish and products for beginners and advanced enthusiasts

  • John Willoughby

Great bunch of guys really helpful and awesome prices!! Definitely recommend
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  • Angel Kwok

Helpful staff who taught us how to set up the new aquarium tank. Great range of fish at reasonable price. Highly recommended.

  • jl22

Great range of fish at the best prices around. Dylan is a very friendly guy and easy to deal with. Highly recommend this LFS!

  • Jarold Hover

Was referred to this place by my mate. Highly recommend - Dylan is an absolute champion! Great prices for great quality fish!

  • Timmy Anders

Great shop, great prices, great variety of fish to choose from Bough a bunch of African cichlids and all doing well so far

  • Joseph Consalvi

Big range of fish and great prices!
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Reservation recommended

  • Jasmine Clissold

So healthy cute and friendly. Love the olive with black gills. Amazing customer service. And great help with my chiller

  • MACK Cichlids

Amazing service and top quality fish. Dont go anywhere else. Dylan gives awesome service.
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  • Greg Brien

Great shop, Much better than the big icon stores. Never had a problem with the fish or pricing. My go to shop More

  • Troyderson Poerwondo

I come here first whenever Im looking to buy fish as they usually have the best prices and good range of cichlids

  • A H

Great fish selection, great price and the man is very friendly
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  • DEAN Martin

The guys were amazing and super helpful highly recommend and will definitely come back
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  • Jimi Ang

The boys here are very passionate about their trade and give good advice for all levels of fish hobbyists.

  • Katey Hornby

Great knowledge, very friendly and a good range
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  • Jason Ngov

Beautiful unique range of fish for good prices.
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  • lachlan white

Great service ,best prices ,massive range of fish and staff are on point and really knowledgeable

  • Shoba Nadeshu

Great range of fishes for decent prices and amazing service with good knowledge of expertises.

  • Qaisar Sarwar

Good prices and great customer service
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  • Paul Willis

Great friendly service! Very knowledgeable and helpful with all my fish needs and questions

  • Karen Bligh

Always a pleasure to deal with Dillon. Also, has a large variety of fish. Would recommend.

  • chu chen

Best place to buy fish in Sydney-Great customer service and very cheap prince in sydney.

  • craig george

Love this shop best fish hands down . Super friendly staff who care about there products

  • James Farr

Great prices, good customer service and great range of common and rare fish. …

  • Arabian

I found this guy's on gumtree Best service top quality fish very helpful thank you

  • Henry Bui

Excellent service! Very friendly staff! Cheap but good quality fishes. 5 stars!

  • TTV-Tactical6212

Very good service with very good quality water and fish high recommended

  • Mitchell C

Great knowledge of fish, friendly customer service and great prices


"Been buying all my fish here. Great prices and friendly service".

  • Chris Skapa

Great customer service. Friendly staff and great selection of fish

  • Eli

Owner is extremely knowledgeable and sells stock that he has bred.

  • Praneet

Great range of selection and advice on keeping your fishes save!

  • Darren Marinclin

Great service and price, always well stocked with great fish

  • leslie Mark

I’m online services for Delivery even locally not the best

  • Carissa Rideout

Great place to buy fish. Friendly staff. Great prices

  • Sheren Mostafa

Amazing range of fishes excellent customer service

  • Hassan Fawzi

The best shop ever with very good quality fish

  • James stock

Best prices around customer service top notch.

  • The beast sniper 1235

Lots of beautiful rare fish at great prices

  • Damian Wilkins

Sweet as fish perfect service

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