Virgin Australia Brisbane International

46 reviews

International Terminal, 32 Airport Dr, Brisbane Airport QLD 4008, Australia


Virgin Australia Brisbane International is a International airport located at International Terminal, 32 Airport Dr, Brisbane Airport QLD 4008, Australia. It has received 46 reviews with an average rating of 2.8 stars.



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  • The address of Virgin Australia Brisbane International: International Terminal, 32 Airport Dr, Brisbane Airport QLD 4008, Australia

  • Virgin Australia Brisbane International has 2.8 stars from 46 reviews

  • International airport

  • "How can a flight be cancelled when Courtney booked me on it not more than 5 minutes before"

    "Flew in November 2023"

    "Never had a problem with virgin airlines staff"

    "23/12/23 6:40am I understand it’s near Xmas so lots of people travelling"

    "Wow what an awful company"


  • T P

How can a flight be cancelled when Courtney booked me on it not more than 5 minutes before. I was trying to book another connecting flight to follow on, as you had already cancelled one home-bound flight and significantly delayed the previous. No compensation for my lost family time or business. You sent us to a flea motel, noisy, no meal and not fit to live in! You must think that your time and money are more important than your customers because it wasn't just me that you left in the lurch. We were assured by your Cairns staff that the connection was being held in Brisbane, but the staff knew nothing of us when we ran to the gate. Yet the flight was delayed, so all this cost of customer satisfaction and money for hotel/meal/taxi could have been avoided for 3 minutes ie. Cairns flight pulled in at 2055, and outbound flight actually departed at 2115. There were other customers. You have sunk to the same depths as DeathStar in reliability and service!! I will not be as selective as I have been, as you're all the same! Vote with your feet and money, people!

  • Mat Barr

Flew in November 2023. I’ve travelled all over the world and my recent trip from Brisbane to Queenstown NZ via Virgin Australia was quite possibly the worst flight experience I’ve ever had; delayed flight, poor service both on ground and in air, last minute change of gates, and a destroyed suitcase as the cherry on top. Glad I flew Qantas back to Aus. I won’t bother going into detail as I’ve sent Virgin numerous emails and follow ups without response. Pathetic. So, my only recourse is to post a poor review. I’ve no reason to use this terrible excuse of an airline ever again and I suggest you pay a little extra to fly either Air NZ or Qantas before you fly considering flying Virgin, because the name is ironic. You will be F’d after flying with them. Pictures of my Antler suitcase, after suffering the abuse of their baggage handlers.

  • Stephen Lumley

Never had a problem with virgin airlines staff... hard to write a review if you have had nothing but satisfactory to good experience.. they are a fairly cheap airline.... but they even treat economy class passengers well... will let you know more if I ever have a bad or less than satisfactory trip... but to date haven’t had that... ground staff, counter and flight staff have all been courteous... I would choose them above any airline any day of the week... I have had no international experience with them.. no flights more than two hours... so take my review with a grain of salt...

  • T N

23/12/23 6:40am I understand it’s near Xmas so lots of people travelling. My bag label didn’t print out & it took 45mins to get help. Staff making comments about how they can only serve one person at a time are unwarranted. I didn’t complain nor get abusive. I patiently waited. One dude got very upset about waiting 30 mins for help. The lady with xmas headband on got very pouty to say the least. Staff are only human but gee whiz control your tempers a bit better. I had the worst check in experience today. Previously with Virgin they have not been too bad.

  • Seoirse Laffan

Wow what an awful company. They make leaving any sort of feedback really difficult to avoid getting any. The people on the phone are rude and do t listen. They just say set lines that aren’t even relevant to the conversation. The flight credits were used then they cancelled the flights and then keep the expiry date even though the new flight dates don’t suit. They have also stopped food and drinks in the lounge what’s the point in having one? It’s been steadily getting worse. What a load of rubbish. Branson should be ashamed of himself

  • Geoffrey Cusack

What could have been a Christmas disaster and the worst airport experience of my life turned into a Christmas miracle thanks to the support of duty manager Meegen Burston. She went out of her way to help me with my crisis and ultimately got me on board in time for my flight to Fiji. I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to her for going above and beyond, and I hope this message gets passed onto her directly. Thank you so much! I will certainly be flying with Virgin airlines from now on.

  • Geraldine Sillery

Flew with Virgin from Brisbane to Mackay on 23 Dec My new suitcase came out at Mackay airport missing a wheel Virgin customer service did not want to accept liability as I only had a luggage tag & boarding pass and not a baggage receipt and then said they would but ONLY if I got a solicitor or peace commissioner to witness my declaration, as it would be more expensive to do this than to replace the case , I had no choice but to pay myself for a new case Most unhappy with Virgin airlines

  • Anthony

As a Platinum Velocity (and my wife a Gold Velocity), together with our 3 children, we were very much looking forward to first international flight for a number of years. THERE IS NO LOUNGE FACILITY FOR VIRGIN VELOCITY MEMBERS. There was no explanation, no apology as to why this the situation. I know times are tough but how does Virgin Australia and BAC allow this? My next international flight is already booked with Qantas- I’ll let you know how that goes… Not happy Jan

  • toxiec toxiec

This place is not understaffed but it feels that way. There are staffs walking around or staying in an assigned spit but when you have issues with the self check in kiosk, they CAN’T help you. When you ask for help, instead of helping you right away, they will point you toward other direction. If the machine can’t do the job, Virgin should make sure that its staffs can do the job. Otherwise, the company is only as good as its horrible kiosks or unfriendly staffs.

  • Tan Turner

THANK YOU CASSY! We recently returned with Virgin from Fiji to Brisbane. Our hostess, Cassy, could not do enough for us. She was constantly looking after us, making sure that we had exactly what we needed and always happy to answer any questions we had for her. She even helped out when I didn't have the right connections to watch Virgin Entertainment! Thank you once again, Cassy! You made the trip very enjoyable.

  • Dan Kelly

What a missed opportunity! While Qantas and Joyce destroyed an airline, Virgin shows that it doesn’t have the ability to fill the gap. They like so many squeeze you into a sardine can with other sardines kneeing you in the back because they are sit straight. What would you expect from ax ex CEO of “Deathstar”? Right now there is room for a quality airline in Australia.

  • Patty O'Connor

Worst airline in the world. The Brisbane staff are liars and will do what ever is possible to screw over passengers. Left stranded. No one available to help. Luggage never returned. Made to feel like a cockroach - be warned- horrific airline. Especially in Brisbane-

  • Aleksei Shvartser

There are terrible security staffs at International terminal. They just repeat 3 phrases, but if you want to specify some rules, they will start to cry. If you hate people or your work, may you change work? It is very stressful experience.

  • Kick Az

Old woman attending the boarding gate on 1st sept 2022 at 1.50pm was very rude. Dnt like working then stay at home Not expected from Virgin. Not fit for customer facing job. Discriminating behavoiur cause she behaved ok with white ppl.

  • Adam Murphy

No Virgin Lounge since 2020. No where does Virgin advertise this. Staff seem to deal with complaints regarding this on a regular basis. They have a generic copy/paste response. They couldn’t care less. :(

  • Paty101

There was a baggage issue for loading on the plane, but they handled it well. The only issue is that we had to wait on the plane for the bags to come instead of in the airport, which was very boring.

  • Helene Hainaut

Good location- close to the city, but not so close that it’s crazy busy. Room is clean and comfortable. Staff were very friendly - allowed us to check out late. Good price. Would stay again.

  • Tersy

Not only do they not have an international longue they don't let you access any of the patter airline longues and they don't even advertise that they don't have one so you can't plan ahead.

  • Billy and Sam Davis

Staff stood around and didn't help! We had 7 bags to check in. Made us do it all ourselves. Two bags got lost. Was a total stuff up by the older rude staff. Will not be flying Virgin again

  • Robert Egtberts

Plane Rockhampton for hours. Won't make my connecting flight to Perth for my father's funeral. Spoke to staff, to ask what would happen next. She replied angrily.

  • Parminder Singh

Already changed my hotel after my flight is cancelled. When I arrive to new hotel they cancel my booking here too. This is after 35 hours international flight

  • Bob Trendle

So Virgin have gone bust. Have $3000 in flights that have been cancelled. No refund no nothing. What a joke. Never use this company. AVOID AVOID AVOID.

  • Stefan T

The just deleted my flight and i have a visit tomorrow morning.. i will never using again that company..

  • Mick (bittu)

When you issue baggage tickets , mentions the weight on it. No proper information on tickets

  • SDM

6hr flight from Brisbane to Perth, no USB power outlets in plane. Thanks Virgin . …

  • Bram Singh

The new lounge is a step backwards. Feels like a huge container with frills.

  • Jully Kim

비행기 기다리면서 잠깐 자는 사이에 물건 훔쳐감. 새벽시간 보안서비스는 별로인 것 같음. 나머진 좋음. 직원 친절!!! 건물 깔끔함.

  • cryptaishen

Flight VA913 25 may 2023. Very friendly and well matured cabin crew

  • Jamie Genet

Good service, friendly staff, not too much waiting.

  • Alex Rivas

Always a good experience checking in with Virgin.

  • Ning Ding

David so helpful, friendly~ he made my day❤️

  • Mohammad Yusuf

All good,,excellent

  • Elliot Agius

Horrendous Service

  • wl Cheung


  • Ramesh Chary

good experience.

  • Gail Knight
  • Apache RTR
  • Hans Joachim Starck
  • Kenny Lee
  • Maz safari
  • Bozena Polosa
  • Stefano
  • Si Barkho
  • mariahwasa
  • Rohan R Kale

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