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Turnstyle Consignment - Phoenix Arizona is a Consignment shop located at 4711 E Bell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85032. It has received 251 reviews with an average rating of 4.1 stars.





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  • The address of Turnstyle Consignment - Phoenix Arizona: 4711 E Bell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85032

  • Turnstyle Consignment - Phoenix Arizona has 4.1 stars from 251 reviews

  • Consignment shop

  • "I am beyond frustrated and humiliated after my experience here today"

    "Please consider never consigning with this store"

    "This was my first visit to this store"

    "A friend of mine went to one of the locations a found Gucci bag"

    "The blonde lady who I believe is the manager needs a reality check on how to deliver customer service"


  • Terri Rose

I am beyond frustrated and humiliated after my experience here today. Last week I spent over $200 on clothes for a new job and today I went to go return some of them because I am no longer going to be working at that job. I brought in my clothes with the tags still attached and I had the receipts which state I have 7 days from the day I purchased my clothes to return them. I bought them on the 3rd and today is the 9th. The girl at the counter said she would have to talk to her manager because she didn't know if she could take the clothes because it had been too long. I told her today is the 7th day, I have through today to return the. Another employee with a bandanna on her hair came up and said she doesn't believe they can take them back. I pull out my calendar on my phone to show them that according to this receipt, I have until today to return my clothes. She said I have to include the day I bought and I kept trying to tell her that this did! She then rudely walked away from me as I was trying to explain and went to talk to someone else she worked with across the store. Then she proceeded to literally shout across the store to me "NO WE CAN"T TAKE THEM!". At this point I'm completely offended by the way she was behaving, given she is older than me and was acting like a brat not wanting to talk to me. The girl she had spoke with came walking over to me and asked me what the problem was. I told her word for word " I am not trying to make anyone's job here difficult, I just want to return these clothes and the receipt says I have 7 days from the day of purchase to return this clothes. Today is the 9th I bought them on the 3rd." I then showed her my calendar as well. She then said "it's fine" and finally took my clothes to give me a refund. You could tell she was annoyed as well. My boyfriend asked the girl if the woman we spoke to before was a manager and she said yes. He then asked her if she talks to her team the way she was talking to us and the girl asked "what do you mean?" as if she had no idea what just happened moments ago with the lady yelling at us. At this point I just wanted to get my gift card and go, I was on the verge of tears at how awful I was treated for their misunderstanding of their own guidelines on the receipts. I would maybe understand her acting that way had I been rude or belligerent about returning my clothes but I hadn't done a single thing wrong nor did I make any rude comments or gestures. I am really upset that this store doesn't give cash refunds because I don't ever want to come back again or give money to this company after today. I have a gift card that I'm stuck with now and it's unfortunate that I have to eventually come back and get clothes to make use of the money I was returned.

  • Linda Cogdill

Please consider never consigning with this store. Today I brought in 4 home decor items. After waiting an hour, the intake girl finally looked at my things. She handed me a glass plate back, and said she couldn't take it because there was a little bit of dust on it. I said really, a bit of dust, here let me wipe it off. So I did with some water. I had to wait another 15 minutes for her to finish up with another consigner. She than says to me "We prefer that you take it home and wash it and bring it back." I said "I live over twenty miles from you and I am not coming back for a little bit of dust on a plate." So she looks at it, and says she "sees" scratchs on it, and won't take it. I am so angry now after waiting over an hour, to be told, by this employee yet again, she won't take it. I said to her that I had just spent time browsing the store and there were plenty of items that had dust, and tiny issues on them. Her response was "Well, that is why they are not selling and that is why I am so careful about what I take." Well, honey, you just lost a consignor and customer, over dust!!! On a prior visit, this same gal "forgot" to include 5 items on the consign list. Good thing I checked the sheet before leaving. I waited 45 minutes that visit. Also I left them with two oriental relief wall hangings from Gumps that were originally $99.00 each. They sold them for $16.00 each! When I mentioned my surprise, the response was : "Well, did you mention that when you brought them in??" No, I had not, because I trusted that you had staff that understood the value of art work. Obviously, not the case. I have consigned here for the last two months, and after today and prior experiences with waiting, and snarkiness of the young girl working today, I am done bringing anything into them. Also, if you want your things back, they want you to pay them a dollar for each item YOU have to retrieve from the floor!! I am done dealing with young, snarky, rude staff who think dust is a reason to reject an item, and than make up more reasons for rejection, just so she could be "right". The entire staff at this store need an attitude adjustment, and/or should be fired. No one deserves to be treated like this after being in the store waiting on them for over an hour, to look at your things. My time is worth something too, and I will not be driving back and forth because some snotty intake clerk found miniscule dust on an item!! They have lost a consignor and a customer, after this fiasco today!! Good riddens!

  • Andrea D “DreaD70”

This was my first visit to this store. My mother and I both had items that we wanted to consign so we went together. When we entered the front door there was what appeared to be the check-in counter with a clothing rack in front of it, about 2' from the doors. There were three ladies who looked busy behind the counter and one of them hollered at us. We didn't know what she said, either two or tube, but being first timers, we didn't have a clue as to what she was talking about. When we didn't move, just trying to figure out what she meant, she yelled again. We told her we didn't understand, and that we’d never been there before and all of a sudden, her demeanor completely changed. She stopped what she was doing and nicely explained to hang our items behind the number 2 tag and showed us where we could put all of our other items. She patiently explained the paperwork and then went about accepting or rejecting our items. She rejected several items based on the premise that they were not in style, some of which were new with tags. She also rejected one blouse that apparently had a microscopic stain. It was so small that even after she pointed it out to us, we still could not see it; we just accepted it and took back the top. But while we were walking around the store, I came across multiple pieces of furniture that were covered in stains and discoloration and several clothing items that had stains on them too. On a different note...the prices were on the high side. I say this based on the fact that a lot of the items can be found in lesser-priced venues. But taking into account that these items are on consignment and the people want to make a little something, I guess, the prices are about right. However, the fact that they keep 55% (which is higher than average in the Phoenix area) probably drives their prices up too. Overall, the experience was lengthy and uncomfortable, and if I wasn't going to be charged to pick up my items early, I probably would take my items back and try to sell them in a different manner. Overall, not impressed and do not recommend this store.

  • Lee-li Li

A friend of mine went to one of the locations a found Gucci bag. I was like right on . So then I tried my luck . I forgot to ask her which one she went to. So I go to the one on bell rd. There is guess , jucy cotoure , Micheal kors coach and I am like am I in the wrong store? So I asked lady behind counter do u have any Fendi wallets? She replied. Sorry but this store does not take high end brands on consignments . What ? What the heck Nooooooo. She the said u may want to try a different location it's just our manager does not want to do that. I was so disappointed . I did find cute guess bag , Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B. both handbags were in excellent. Condition. Staff was friendly and nice to me. However, if I are looking for that one little Gem. Like I am go to different location don't go to one on bell unless I are looking for coach or Micheal kors I was. Sadden that this location did not have what I was looking for so now I am going to go to one in Chandler

  • Marcus Ruppel

The blonde lady who I believe is the manager needs a reality check on how to deliver customer service. I went in to shop and the men’s section had no clothes on the rack (very little) walked around and saw empty shelves by the home stuff and then headed out past this woman where I stopped and asked if they are looking for furniture or clothes and she ignored me and looked past me with out a response. This isn’t The only time I’ve seen her be rude. So I know that taking that as disrespectful Behavior. I get she may be busy, but people now in days think that they’re entitled to something or someone’s business or that they don’t have to give customer service to their customer service or to only Some customers it’s just horrible and the reason why online shopping is going to put these type of stores out of business because people Don’t know how to act.. If you’re a male male looking for clothes, don’t bother

  • H H

Extremely Poor Management. This place will rip you off if consign here. I consigned a flawless TUMI Backpack. Retail $495. This store ripped me off in broad daylight by selling the TUMI backpack for $36. However, a comparable backpack at My Sisters Closet/Attic with some known minor marks/scratches normally retails for $400 and they were smart enough to price it at $295. Turnstyle will rob you of your good high in demand items. DO NOT DO BUSINESS HERE. They practically gave away my consigned item. One of the employees who I will not mention said, "this is not a good business."

  • Sally Horath

I was very happy as to what they took for consignment. Everyone there was very nice with the exception of one person who kept talking about stop signs and complaining with the rules. Heh wait a minute I don’t know what your rules are as I haven’t been here since you took over. Isn’t the customer supposed to be treated with respect and fairness? This woman confronted me every thing I said and did as she had spy’s in the store. It was so spooky and weird I’ll never go back until she is no longer there This is the Turnstyle in Tempe not Phoenix. What a nightmare

  • Mike Kimbrue

As a shopper this store is awesome because of the variety. They have everything from furniture and decor to clothes and asessaries they also have very good prices and all vintage and new age items.if your bringing things there to have them sell is a different story. They only take 36 items a day and I thought that was pretty good as I must have had over 100 but when they were done going through everything, they only accepted 9 items. So my suggestion would be to call there first and ask what type of items are they taking that day.

  • Karla D

Yes they are open!!! Fantastic place for clothing, shoes, housewares, and furniture. Do not buy furniture anywhere else before you check out Turn Style . They have quality items at a super price. I go there regularly for the last three years, and have done very well on my purchases because I go often & look for what I need for my family. High-quality items go fast at a fair price. I highly recommend this location as a regular stop in your regular routine.

  • Summer Morgan

I dont reccomend this place simply because my short time ( 3 weeks ) working there i was fired for the most petty reason " because i was just not fast enough" I was new and im trying to do everything the right way and im learning how to do that quicker and quicker everyday, another reason is that i have yet to be payed by them, it has tekem over a week and i am still waiting to be payed and now im jobless and not being payed at all.

  • Jasmine Reiss

Would give zero stars if I could- I took about 12 pairs of nice heels never and/or lightly worn with their boxes and I’ve since checked my account and I have like $10 in there…?! Not sure where my heels have been going. I have a good friend who had her MK purse misplaced and a pair of shoes that were stolen. Both items she had brought to consign. Please let consigners know verbally that this may happen!! ⚠️

  • Carissa Paulsen

Terrible! Came up here from far away, I do not look close, to consign clothes and they asked me if I had an appointment. Apparently, they changed their policy to Thursdays being appointment only. I have consigned here for years and years and have never needed an appointment. How would I know? Of all days, the day I come up here they won’t take a look at my clothes. Didn’t even offer. I won’t be back

  • Jennie Burk

Turnstyle consignment has many unique household items and furniture at excellent prices. Their clothing is organized well on racks according to size and style. I enjoy browsing through the store and usually have no trouble purchasing a purse, jacket or maybe something to decorate my kitchen!! Check out Turnstyle on the corner I'd Bell Rd.and Tatum.

  • Janet Chapman

I have changed my mind as of recent. They are VERY "picky" about what they will take for consignment and actually sent me home with someone else's merchandise and after having to travel from South Phoenix to North Phoenix, would not even give me anything for returning merchandise that belonged to another client and they made the mistake!!!

  • Joan Diercks

The customer service at this store was absolutely terrible. I understand they have a short return policy (5 days), but wouldn't reach for a customer one day past even for store credit. They were very rude and when you take things in to consign, they just ignore you and offer little support. I would not recommend this store.

  • Don Snyder

Of course they want to buy low & sell high but... I felt the "cold shoulder & borderline rude" treatment like other reviewers. I sold once and the $ amount was certainly underwhelming for what they had accepted. I've never returned to consign. The items are displayed nicely but I haven't bought anything since pre covid.

  • Charlotte Carpenter

Love this store! The employees be are so kind and helpful. I always enjoy seeing those sweet faces. There's ALWAYS a huge selection of whatever I'm looking for. They're a little picky on what items they take but that just means that we'll get good, clean, quality items. I just wish they'd open a store on the west side!

  • David Dick

Visited this store, and its sister store, always impressed with the quality of the inventory, whether be clothing, furniture, or related household goods. If we were to ever move to AZ, we would not ship our furniture. We would sell and repurchase nice furniture at a reasonable price at stores like these.

  • L. W.

Tanya was super helpful today. She let me consign at a couple minutes to 5:30 PM even though they stop consigning earlier than that now. She said if you listen to their voicemail, push option 3. That should give you the hours for consigning. I know they were not happy but it was nice of them.

  • James Nickerson

Like a slightly more expensive thrift store, but with only the nicer stuff! Pretty good compromise, if you ask me. We found a cabinet thingy my wife really liked, at a very reasonable price. We haven't tried it out on the selling end yet, but it seems like a good option.

  • Rebecca Meininger

This location is smaller than their other ones - but still a lot of great items! The clothing they seem to receive isn't very high end, but the selection is still fantastic. The employees always greet me at the door and have such a great energy. Will return for sure.

  • Draper

Very Cool Boutique! Furniture,Decor, A they only consign the best of the best. E.g. Rockin Republic, Diesel,True Religion are among those I've bought... I saw lots of other fashionable lines of merchandise at remarkable prices. Tell them Draper sent you.

  • Paige Updike

I often consign here. It's hit and miss as far as making decent money consigning, and finding things to buy as well. Good for mature young adults to adults. Small selection for men as well. Some home decor, not usually super modern decor though

  • Josiah Pryer

MY FIRST VISIT: first the attitude the workers had I Littarly hope they all fall in a ditch. This is outrageous they would not even LOOK at the clothes because they were not on hangers, the clothes were not even wrinkly and then they have

  • Mark

They have lots of furniture and house decorations. Plenty of women's clothing but very little mens clothing. In my opinion the pricing isn't what it should be. A little on the expensive side. Well laid out store. Employees are super nice.

  • Francene Tata

Good deals are available on everything from clothing to shoes to housewares and furniture. Additional discounts from time to time. One recommendation would be to improve signage on clothing racks...difficult to determine types and sizes.

  • Kimberly Strong

I found it challenging to navigate through the store. Although, it's tidy and organized, lacking visible size signage. However, a vast selection of clothing, shoes, accessories and home decor. All I looked at seemed reasonably priced.

  • Yana Barker

I checked by the phone consignment store hours which automatically says that it's open till 5:30 pm. I came at 5:12 pm on Friday & was told that the consignment store is closed & that I should talk to somebody at the store, nice

  • jon vie

Manegment is terrible. I left a baby bottle at the store. When I called, the manger said they threw it away because they don't have a lost and found set up. The manager was apathetic and didn't seem to think this was a problem.

  • Prince Williams

I have known Lola the manager for years professionally. She displays competence, friendliness and total professionalism in all that she does. She leaves a well trained staff in her absence!! They all are 5 Star personnel!!!!!

  • Daryll Hindman

I consign clothes here as well as buy clothes. My size drastically changed, and I've been grateful someone is benefiting from my clothes that no longer fit, and I'm getting to rebuild my wardrobe with clothes that do fit!

  • Karen Blackbird

First and last time consigning. The staff were curt and less than courteous when I attempted to consign my clothing. Their clothing selection is expensive was not very impressive. Overall will never consign there again.

  • Barry Gordon

Their website says, “Consignments are accepted any time we are open” yet when we arrived an hour before closing time, they told us, “consignments are closed, come back tomorrow.” No explanation, no apologies.

  • Beth Reinking

I love Turn Style! This is the 2nd time I got running shoes there. Today, I got a a newsboy for my 13 year old son, a pair of Asics and a pair of Brooks. I spent just under $60. I will definitely be back!

  • Charlie P, Accountant

Sad, this store on Bell seems to be trying to get rid of customer service. Over the past 6 months the turnover in employees speaks volumes about management. The store on Scottsdale Road has nailed it.

  • Kathy Miller

Just looked, nothing jumped out at me, so I left empty-handed. I have bought here before though. Lots of merchandise, all arranged well. Everything is clean and tidy. Clothes and some household items.

  • Amy Mahlouji

Clothing selection is much better than Goodwill, but prices are a little higher. Definitely caters to older women more than younger. I've also had better luck consigning here than anywhere else.

  • shontell viken

It was very disappointing. Brought many bins worth of clothing most name brand. Very unprofessional and had lack of customer service. Will not go nor refer as in the field of customer service.

  • J. P. Greene

Turnstyle is a consignment store on the SW corner of Bell Road and Tatum. They have a large assortment of good-looking clothes and some furniture for sale. There's dressing rooms for try-ons.

  • Veronica Hermann

I have been shopping at both Turnstyle locations for a few years now...always find what I need and more that I don't. The prices are fair, the quality of clothing and furniture is excellent.

  • Jonathan (TheBlakBaron)

They have a lot of great clothes in my size, which is pretty cool considering I'm a big boi. The staff is very friendly and the furniture there makes me want to buy property. I r8 8/8

  • Sharon Gray

Nice selection of furnishings and decor items. Fun options for clothing . . . Lots of blouses/shirts and jeans. I consign here and can vouch for how they only consign the best!

  • Brigitte D

After purchasing a furniture item it was impossible to contact the manager to discuss an issue we have. The item was incomplete with missing parts. Very Poor customer service.

  • Stanley Hopf

Great prices for great quality brands bought 6 Tommy Bahamas tees and polos wife got j Jill top and chick's Laura Pulitzer wine bag insulated with the wine opener

  • Bekah Mulder

One of my favorite stores for resale, with always friendly staff, new things arriving - a place where you can find something you weren't looking for yet !!

  • Susan Harden

My "go to" for clothing and accessories (I try to buy recycled as much as possible). Organized, friendly, and quite often have sales. Love this store!

  • Jamie Bryant

Clean , lots to choose from , home decor , furniture, bedding, clothing , jewelry, purses,shoes, all good quality with decent prices and sales .

  • Nick Smith

Great place to go for clothes shoes dishes artwork and more. They have a better selection womens clothing but they do offer nice guy clothes.

  • Shannon Kasallis

I enjoy thrift shopping and this shop is my “go to.” Whether you’re looking for shoes, bedding, art, or furniture, I always find fun stuff.

  • Stephanie Bergman

This used to be my favorite resell shop. But they have become ridiculously over priced for clothing that is extremely out of style.

  • Patricia Dilk

Easy to consign. Very nice employees. Lots of all kinds of items, from clothing to furnature. You will find more then one treasure.

  • Yvonne Holliday

This place is totally awesome, they have everything from furniture artwork to clothing to shoes to Collectibles. I love this place

  • T Barton

This is the BEST in Phoenix. Designer clothes like new great prices much better than My Sister's Closet. They are too expensive

  • Brenda Knox

Visited this shop during a visit tp Phoenix. Great prices.. the best quality clothes...scooped some real finds. I e ill return

  • James Kehoe

Decent consignment for clothes. Not so great for furniture or kitchen ware. Definitely worth adding to the regular list.

  • Bethany Gerland

Love this shop. The staff is Always pleasant & helpful even when they are very busy. Excellent deals on quality items.

  • Monika Golembiewski

Always a unique and reasonably priced find at this place. Love the girls that work here- always friendly and helpful!

  • Tommie

Nice stuff, from peoples' homes. Prices weren't bad, until I started looking at clothes! Wow! Nice, but too pricey.

  • Nancy Jacobe

Wonderful selection of household goods and furniture. Some of the prices are great... some seem a little high.

  • Elena Dibiase

Sale on regular price items. Find something cute when you're not really looking for anything in particular.

  • I'm Forgiven

Always a Great place to take your unwanted items. And Great place to find bargins!!!! Love the Staff!!!

  • Jen Blumenthal

So easy to consign items here! And great purse and jewelry selection. Definitely will keep returning!

  • Michael Jessmon

The prices are extremely reasonable Especially when I know there retail prices for each manufacturer

  • Grant Smith

Always find something good here, from clothing to furniture; they have everything. Great prices.

  • Raymond U

I cannot stop raving about these stores! Make a day to visit all these stores! It is worth it!

  • Vikki Hay

Great staff, bery helpful and happy. I'm enjoying my purchase. I'll definitely refer.

  • Victoria

Urgh never again! They lost my stuff I left there and the staff was so rude about it.

  • Ruth Carter

This place is too pricey. I'd rather shop at Ross and pay the same for something new!

  • Julie Waller

Overpriced for all the clothing! Literally can get brand new for same price or less.

  • julie Whipple

Have a good variety of everything from furniture, clothes for everyone and furniture

  • Major Davis

I only go because my wife likes to shop here for hours while I wait in the car mad.

  • Julie Holmes

Great, but still expensive. It's consignment, there should be consignment prices.

  • Ida Salinas-Mendoza

Great store! I loved finding cute treasures here. Well organized, helpful staff

  • Rose Ann Erb

Poor management in all there locations once they have your stuff they abuse it

  • Carmel Courtright

Great store! Fabulous finds...and 25% off all regular priced items right now?

  • shay Adams

One of my favorite consignment stores to shop at. Friendly and helpful staff.

  • Melanie Palumbo

I like the store, but for used cloths it should be a little more affordable.

  • Bailey Mejia

A little pricey for some items, but definitely fun place to kill some time

  • Val Dragomier

You can find some very nice cloths, shoes, furniture and glassware there.

  • David Wood

Come to visit this place once a month always find something to take home.

  • S. A. Walker

Do not consign their! You will be the big loser. They are legal crooks!

  • Justina Williamson

Always clean & professional! Great treasure hunting & consigning place!

  • Sarah Daniel

Amazing! First time here and I found everything I didn't know I needed.

  • Duff Smith

Very particular about items bought and sold in great way! Good prices!

  • Joyce Everett

Always find something to purchase, have sold there often Great place

  • Kris Foster

Great service and one of the best consignment stores I have been in.

  • Judi Wooster

Great selection of clothes and household items including furniture.

  • Kanata Jones

A lot of good furniture pieces,clothing and shoes in a small space.

  • K F

Great place to re-home furniture and find new items for your home!

  • Estelita

Shopping here is fun and nostalgic. They have a knick knack shelf.

  • Amanda Villa

They have very nice second hand clothes at very good prices.

  • Joseph A

Always find something. Men's section n home goods, decor.

  • Gerry Lewinson

Great consignment store. Huge selection and fair pricing

  • Todd Williamson

Wonderful collection. Great clothes. Thrifty prices.

  • B Jones

This place has a good selection of decent products

  • Alisa G

Always a great selection. Nicer quality things!

  • Hope Carson

Good prices on clothes, furniture, other items.

  • Heather Jaschinski

Great bargains and lovely set up for browing

  • Marylyn Rae

Found a dress I like real reasonably priced.

  • Linda Feck

Great selection, good quality, fair prices

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