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Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic is a Physical therapist located at 595 W 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z 0C4, Canada. It has received 192 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 stars.





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  • The address of Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic: 595 W 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z 0C4, Canada

  • Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic has 4.8 stars from 192 reviews

  • Physical therapist

  • "I was involved in a terrible high speed accident two years ago"

    "Nice front office staff, but the physio I saw here kept suggesting that I push through the pain, which made my injury much worse"

    "After moving from Vancouver Island and leaving my longtime physiotherapy clinic, I was in search for one of similar quality"

    "I was plagued by persistent neck pain that disrupted my daily life"

    "(…Continuing the previous review) ~~~ Vestibular Recovery ~~~ Kosta is a very experienced vestibular physiotherapist"


  • Xingqi Zhang

I was involved in a terrible high speed accident two years ago. I started coming to Treloar also since 2 years ago. It’s absolutely an amazing team. I’m seeing Serena for Pilates, Kosta for Vestibular, Hayati for Yoga, Victor for Active Rehab, Sarah for Pelvic Floor. I really appreciate their great help in my recovery journey. Without them, no doubt, I wouldn’t recover to my current stage. I met Sayla two years ago the first day I came to Treloar to check if it is the right place to go. After talking with her, I knew I was lucky and it was the exact place I wanted to go. She’s warm and nice and always offers great services. I appreciate that. Her puppy is cute too. The whole reception team, especially Angel and Jessica, is always very very kind and helpful and very easy to communicate. All of them are very welcoming and nice. I really appreciate all their great help and nice attitude. The best front desk team I’ve seen ever. ~~~ Muscle Skeleton Recovery ~~~~ I got many many injuries from the accident. I lost muscles and I need to rebuild them. I have to relearn walking from all the beginning. < Pilates > Serena is really my hero in my recovery journey. She’s the key role in my muscle skeleton recovery. She is a fantastic pilates physiotherapist. She’s extremely professional. She’s always kind and enthusiastic. She’s super knowledgeable.She has very strong and solid knowledge background. She knows what she’s doing. I love that she trains me systematically and plans ahead. She helps me to strengthen muscles and relearn walking. She can always find where the problem is and give me a clear answer. More importantly, I really feel I was well cared in her sessions. She puts her heart into the sessions and into her work. She makes me feel I’m important and my recovery is important. She really cares. Not to mention her kindness and patience. She’s very optimistic as well. She gives me the encouragement. She boosts my confidence of my recovery and makes me feel hopeful. I’m deeply deeply grateful to have Serena in my recovery. < Active Rehab> Victor is an excellent kinesiologist. I’ve seen quite a few kinesiologists after accident. Victor is absolutely the top. He takes his work and his clients very serious. I can tell he really cares about my recovery. He took time and efforts to know my situation thoroughly, to know me well. He tries his best to find better exercises for me to get the most benefits. He’s very knowledgeable. He always gives me the right exercise that targets the exact muscle. He trains me step by step, understands my limitation then encourages me to work hard but not overdo. I love that he cares about the quality of exercise. I like when I’m exercising he always keeps an eye on me to make sure that every movement is correct. He is also very kind and patient. He always listens to me carefully and cares my recovery so much. Thank you Victor for your help and kindness. < Yoga > Practicing yoga with Hayati is absolutely a booster in my recovery. Since I started yoga with her, I found the effects of my other therapies like Pilates and Active Rehab… were enhanced apparently. I guess better stretching really helps muscle strengthening. Hayati is absolutely a yoga expert. She’s one of my best yoga teacher ever. She knows yoga so well. Not only the postures but also it’s more important I think the knowledge behind. I’ve learnt a lot of fundamental but very important knowledge about yoga from her that I’ve never heard of before from any other yoga teacher. Another important thing is that I always feel very refreshed after her yoga sessions. I love it. She is a very cute and easygoing girl. Getting along with her let me feel comfortable and pressure free. Very relaxing. No pressure at all. (Exceeded character limit, to be continued on the next review…)

  • Dan Luu

Nice front office staff, but the physio I saw here kept suggesting that I push through the pain, which made my injury much worse. I'm eight months out from when my physio gave me bad advice that made things much worse and I'm not back to the level of function I had before I tried Treloar, although things have improved. If I'm lucky, maybe I'll regain the function I had before coming to Treloar in another eight months or eight years? If not, then visiting Treloar will have ruined my life. I had two friends who saw the same physio (one person in my friend group had an ok experience and suggested their physio to the rest of the friend group) and, of the three of us, one had moderate improvement and two had severe decline. Batting .333 is pretty good in baseball, but I can't say that I'm happy to have seen a physio who batted .333. One thing that really stood out was that when things weren't working, rather than provide tailored advice, my physio started throwing out comments that it must be my fault without any knowledge of what I was doing. For example, when following my physio's advice made things a lot worse and I stopped by for a follow-up visit and explained that things had gotten worse, my physio immediately said that the decline must've been because I wasn't stretching after activity. In previous sessions, I mentioned (unprompted) that I would stretch after activity, but my physio would often forget what I said and appeared to forget this one. When I mentioned that I was, in fact, stretching after exercise, my physio then immediately said the problem must be due to stress and diet, again without any reason to think that. And, in fact, my stress levels were a lot lower than normal so it couldn't have been stress. I'm not going to provide a full log of my diet since that's a bit much for a review, but my diet also wasn't the issue. Of course physios can be hit or miss anywhere, but it seems really unusual to have a physio repeatedly reflexively make things up to explain why my worsening condition was my fault without asking any questions about what was going on.

  • Patrick Wilkinson

After moving from Vancouver Island and leaving my longtime physiotherapy clinic, I was in search for one of similar quality. After calling around to different locations and reading reviews, I came across this location. I was apprehensive at first as finding a new location to trust your own personal health can be quite difficult. But from the first moment I walked in and spoke to the front desk attendants, I knew I found the right choice. One in particular stood out. I believe her name was Angel? Quick service, friendly attitude really made the whole experience feel welcoming. It makes a difference when you're first impression into a place is so great. I don't usually leave reviews like this, but I felt like it was my duty to make sure others knew just how good of a place this is. The physio staff were attentive. Helpful and most importantly made me feel like they actually care. If you are looking for a new physiotherapy place or want to try something new, I highly recommend these people here. Top quality real class acts thank you Angel and the team of doctors there.

  • Jonathan Athayde

I was plagued by persistent neck pain that disrupted my daily life. I went to see Peter Kmiecik at Treloar Physiotherapy, and he offered me expert care and guidance that made all the difference. From the start, his warmth, professionalism and expertise put me at ease. He listened to my concerns and assessed my condition, providing valuable insights into the root causes of my neck pain. Peter’s tailored treatment plan included exercises, stretches, and manual therapy techniques, all accompanied by clear explanations and hands-on guidance. This hands-on approach empowered me to actively participate in my recovery. As I followed their plan, I experienced a significant reduction in pain and an improved quality of life. His dedication to my overall well-being, along with their personalized care, made this journey to recovery a truly transformative experience. In short, my Peter’s expertise and compassionate care were instrumental in relieving my neck pain. I highly recommend seeking their help if you're dealing with similar issues – it's a decision you won't regret.

  • Sarah Zhang

(…Continuing the previous review) ~~~ Vestibular Recovery ~~~ Kosta is a very experienced vestibular physiotherapist. His amazing background impressed me. He graduated from the world top university UCL in England. He worked with different well-known sports teams. He worked in top hospitals. So, I trust him. He does do very well. He is very knowledgeable and smart. He can always find the key point and the right solution of every problem. He also helped me a lot on calming my nerve system down from emergency mode. He’s very optimistic and professional. I have a lot of pleasant experiences in his session. ~~~ Pelvic Floor Recovery ~~~ I see Sarah for my pelvic floor issue from accident. She’s very professional and pleasant to work with. She provides me careful and respectful treatments and patiently teaches me exercises and stretches. I really appreciate her help and many times it really saved me. Highly recommend Treloar Clinic. I really appreciate all the therapists I work with.

  • Jessica Zhang

Victor Choy is the best kinesiologist!! I was very confident with my squats and pushup, but it turns out I was doing both in an ineffective way that only exacerbated my back and knee issues. Working through a new exercise routine with Victor helped me be way more efficient with my movements. His visual analogies help me remember to correct my movements when I'm going through the exercises myself. Victor explains the exercises to help me understand which muscle groups I'm strengthening and how it'll impact my body, and also provides the right amount of encouragement to keep me feeling positive and confident when I go to the gym. I used to hate going to the gym, but now with Victor's help, I find myself enjoying it more and more as I now understand what each exercise is helping me with and can confidently perform the reps in the right way. Thank you Victor for supporting me on my journey to a relatively pain-free body!

  • Brittany Kingzett

I’m very grateful for Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic and the amazing care that I’ve been receiving. If it wasn’t for my physiotherapist, Carman Wong, who referred me to the Active Rehab Program with kinesiologist, Victor Choy, then I still wouldn’t know how to workout without causing pain post-car accident. Working out has been a challenge since my car accident, and would often cause pain flare ups, but it was Victor who taught me how to slow down and reflect inwards to determine if an exercise should be continued. It has made a big difference in my pain management and strength building journey, as well as empowered me to use new equipment at the gym that I’ve always been too intimidated to touch. I can’t say enough good things about this place. A big thank you and shoutout to Carman Wong, Victor Choy and Angel at reception who is so kind and welcoming.

  • Amberly Chung

I cannot stress enough how pleasant this place is! Victor is an extraordinary kinesiologist and you can tell how much he loves his work. Committed to rehab, he designs a personalized treatment plan based on your needs and lifestyle. He is never in a bad mood and is a big optimist. Open and honest, he communicates what he is capable of doing and what he advises you to do, as well as what he has knowledge of or not. He advocates for people's well-being and physical health- only in the way that matters; how you feel and how your body can manage. I am excited to try their other therapies but wanted to give a review based on the many appointments I've had so far. The receptionists are always very kind and know exactly what they're doing! Even if you're just inquiring about their clinic, they welcome you with warmth and genuine concern. Thank you!~

  • J Z

Mankeen is the most effective physiotherapist!! I've gone to several over the years to fix neck and back pain issues, and he's the only one who has been able to pinpoint the exact ribs, hip and leg muscles, and even facial muscles that contribute to my pain AND provide easy exercises that I can commit to. Mankeen listens patiently and always treats his patients with respect, making Treloar a comfortable environment to get into painful issues. I trust Mankeen to tell me like it is, give the best demos for how to do stretches and shoulder presses (really he's an expert on any exercise) properly, and pinpoint all the tight muscles and joints. I hope he'll continue to be my 'body mechanic' over the years as I get older albeit stronger due to the homework Mankeen and Victor give me

  • C G

Treloar physio is one of the best clinics I've ever experienced! The physiotherapists are extremely knowledgeable, and many are considered experts and are well-known in their field. I was lucky enough to have Carol treat my neck and shoulders after I was hit by a car (as a pedestrian), and her phenomenal care and expertise allowed me to return to my normal range of motion and activity levels. She really listened to my needs and symptoms, and I was blown away by how much attention she put into modifying exercises to my needs, and adjusting them as my recovery progressed. Also - she's a hoot and made every appointment a lot of fun. I always recommend Treloar to anyone in need of a PT, because they put such care into ensuring they have the best practitioners.

  • Matt Ostrehan

For the last 9 months, I have been receiving treatment from Treloar Physiotherapy to rebuild strength, mobility and reduce pain following a major road incident I was involved in last year. Special shoutout to Pete and, more recently, Sourna for being my ABSOLUTE HEROES as part of my recovery journey. I have never doubted I'm in competent, capable hands with them, and our sessions together continue to be the highlight of my week. I am incredibly grateful to both them, and the wider team, for all the support I've received (both physically and mentally), and I would not hesitate to recommend Treloar to anyone in need of similar care.

  • Katie Wiskar

I can't say enough wonderful things about the entire team at Treloar. I've been treated by both Deb and Yvonne for a challenging and long-lasting foot issue. Their level of expertise and knowledge is so impressive, and they really look at the wholistic picture to get to the root cause of the problem. Yvonne has been so dedicated in working with me over the past several months, and has worked with me through many hurdles and setbacks. I didn't think I'd ever get back to running, but am finally back to it thanks to her support and exceptional care. Highly, highly recommend!!

  • Linda Eng

I was in a rear ended vehicle accident. Started to see Matt for Physio and Victor and Lily for rehabilitation over the last 4 1/2 months. Matt gave me great manual treatment and exercises. Also, Victor and Lily gave me great exercises, educated me on the proper body mechanics and the importance of doing the exercises. I followed their exercise progress plan and I’m now ready to do my 500 kilometre bike trip. The service and the gym at Treloar Physio - Cambie are surperb. Thank you Matt, Victor and Lily! Linda Eng

  • Catherine Aguilar

I started coming to Treloar last year for an injury that left me with a very sore shoulder. It has been a long process in getting range of motion back in my shoulder but the difference of how I feel today verses how I felt 10 months ago is like night and day. From my first call to get a last minute appointment, to the quality of care has never let me down. The ladies at the front desk (Angel and Company) JP, Grace, Talía, Patrick, Tavis and Sourna are real keepers. Thank you all for your time and patience.

  • Karly Foster

If you are looking for one of the best Physio clinics in Vancouver to go to, Treloar is definitely your answer! You can't really go wrong with any of the practitioners as they are all super knowledgeable and skilled in what they do, having learned from some of the truly best in the Physio world. The Physio's at Treloar are all super passionate about what they do and truly care about the clients they work with. You know it's a good place when other Physio's recommend it!

  • patricia silver

This Physio office was recommended by my doctor for chronic lower back pain issues. Carly, who could double as a stand up comedian, patiently gave me a home program which was easy to follow and very helpful. She also sent me an app from Treloar with reminders to do my exercises, extra exercises and guidance which I found super helpful. All in all, I felt well taken care of. The excellent support I received spurred me on to write this review.

  • Andrea Neufeld

Treloar is hands down the best physio clinic in Vancouver! I have seen several Treloar therapists over the years for various issues. Most recently Carly & Hayati have helped me so much with my TMJ pain. I leave each appointment with immediate pain relief and a clear treatment plan. The staff at Treloar communicates efficiently and timely. I highly recommend Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic for any of your rehab needs!!

  • Christian Guillou

Many thanks to Matt for his guidance and knowledge in helping my son out during an online session after he hurt his back (out of the country). He felt so positive after his session with you and had a clear understanding of his injury and how to help himself heal. You were able to explain it all to him and answer his questions. He’s much reassured and we really appreciate you helping him.

  • Graham Huelscher

I have been seeing Patrick for a couple injuries of mine and they have never felt better. I am extremely happy with the progress and improvements and would highly recommend him as a physio. I also recently took a pilates class with Jos and it was an awesome first experience. She was enthusiastic and informative as we learned the poses and movements.

  • Olivia Gerow

I saw Fraser (physiotherapist) for my broken foot last year and he was incredible at helping me recover quickly but also safely. He is so kind and knowledgeable and is always willing to answer questions and concerns. He goes above and beyond for his clients and you can tell he is so passionate about what he does! Couldn’t recommend him more!

  • Susan Yang

I've worked with Talia for several months, and she has been absolutely fantastic! Clinical pilates has proven to be a helpful form of physiotherapy for my 20-year-old injury. With her guidance, I've regained the ability to perform movements that I had long believed were beyond my reach, and my aches and soreness have greatly improved.

  • Meredith Sanderson

I had a great experience at Treloar physiotherapy! I was treated by Peter for a severe ankle sprain after a running injury. Thanks to the treatment he provided, I was able to complete my first half marathon - something I never thought would be possible! Would highly recommend Peter and this clinic to anyone in the future!

  • Keri F

Carly is a great physio, she treated me out after I had a serious injury. She was extremely helpful getting me back to work. I have recommended her to many of my friends. I also saw Yvonne for Clinical Pilates who was very knowledgeable and super helpful getting me stronger and confident to get back to playing sports.

  • Alyssa Levin

This is definitely the best physiotherapy experience that I’ve ever had. Professional, clean and great private rooms. I second the review below that Carly (physio) was extremely knowledgeable, gave a good amount of 1:1 attention and was one of the funniest and most enjoyable people I’ve been treated by.

  • Daniel Meron

Working with Sourna for the past two months has allowed me to make significant and sustained progress in my recovery from my car accident. Sourna's knowledge and expertise, paired with his friendliness and adaptability, has helped me feel enthusiastic and hopeful after every session.

  • Warren Yamasaki

I have seen both Kostas (Vestibular Physio) and Lily (Kinesiologist) for rehab from a serious cycling accident. Both have made significant contributions to my ongoing recovery. I would highly recommend them if you are in the need for either Vestibular or muscluar skeletal rehab.

  • Lindsay LeBourdais

Carly is an exceptional therapist. She takes the time to properly assess and educate her clients and ensure their goals are discussed and met. Her manual therapy skills are top notch and she is very knowledgeable. I highly recommend her for any of your physio needs.

  • Joy Hsieh

I had a great experience working with Lily and also had a great experience attending kinesiology sessions at Treloar Physiotherapy. Lily is kind and attentive to my needs. With continuous encouragement from Lily, I was able to work toward my goals! Thank you Lily!

  • Google Guide

Physio and more. They also have specialists. Located near Cambie and Broadway corridor and great transit access. Meter street parking. Or free time limited residential parking on side streets. Paid parking underground in the building. #letsguide #covid

  • Emily Chow

Carly’s physio treatment is thorough and informative. She helped me recover from a back injury after an accident, and is a caring, highly knowledgeable and genuine physio. The clinic is lovely and staff are very friendly! 10/10 would recommend.

  • Aleks Acimovic

The dedicated, knowledgeable, and compassionate team at Treloar really do it all. I had done physio once before and believed that it was a complete joke and did not work. The team at Treloar proved me wrong. My treatment started with Alyssa

  • Michaela Pontellini

Treloar Physio has an incredible team to get you back on your feet and address all your aches and pains! I have been seeing Carly Lochbaum about various issues stemming from my tech job (too much sitting!). She's improved my posture, sorted

  • Jennifer Park

It’s about time I wrote Treloar Physiotherapy a review as I have been using their services on and off for the past 6 years for multiple sports injuries and other pain conditions. I can’t say enough good things about their therapists and the

  • Jacquelyn Brubacher

My experience at Treloar was stellar, 10 stars, and I'm so grateful to Fraser Perry for his treatments and rehabilitation plan!! This was my first physio experience and I'm so glad that I went - my knee/leg was injured and really affecting

  • Max Tims

Hands down the top clinic in town! I've had the pleasure of working with several therapists here, and every single one of them has been incredibly knowledgeable, guiding me through tailored treatments with expertise and care. The depth of

  • Sara Alhowar

Treloar is the best physiotherapy clinic I've had! I don't know what I would do without their fantastic team! I have been going to the clinic for almost 4 years now after a serious car accident and multiple surgeries. I was barely able to

  • Hyatt Smith

Great staff here all around! I saw Fraser Perry for chronic low back pain and immediately was able to build a plan for a return to activity. Fraser was very professional and easy to work with, and great at explaining his reason for the

  • Nancy Heckman

I have been going to Treloar for a few years, for various aches and problems, and lately, intensively because of hip problems. The physio team is fantastic, with a special shout-out to Yvonne. And I've gotten in shape and kept in shape

  • Blayne Martin

I highly recommend Treloar for all your physiotherapy needs. Everyone working here aims to make your experience as comfortable and friendly as possible. I am very hesitant to recommend my physiotherapist, Carly, to anyone though. Her

  • Gabrielle Quigley

Nothing short of an amazing experience at Treloar. Everyone there is super helpful and upbeat, making the overall experience energising and motivating! I started seeing Fraser virtually during covid for a running injury, and then

  • Melissa Coombe

I've seen 4-5 different physiotherapists at Treloar over the years. They've all been really great! Usually I get an email after my appointment that notes the exercises I need to complete at home. So helpful!!

  • Rick Sayers

Carly, Yvonne and Fraser are an absolute dream to work with. Went in with horrible shoulder pain, walked out with relief AND a list of resources. Truly could not recommend the folks at Treloar enough.

  • Rufina Cua

Lily puts her heart and mind into rehab sessions with me. She plans ahead, keeps an eye on me throughout, and provides information for home exercises to boost self-motivation. Topnotch in her field!

  • Adi Rittenberg

Awesome clinic. Convenient location and great staff. I've had really positive experiences with Peter K as my PT. He's thorough, knowledgeable, and always friendly. Would definitely recommend him.

  • Cindy Chen

Talia was really good at diagnosing problems which were causing my hip and lower back pain. The strengthening and stretching exercises she asked me to do were super helpful!

  • Laura Curran Burden

Great staff. Working with Lilly is a pleasure. She is knowledgeable, skilled, & intuitively knows how to connect with me to maximize my rehab.

  • Tara Hunt

I see Talia for clinical Pilates/Physio and she is amazing. I highly recommend her as she is super knowledge and excellent at what she does.

  • Emily Dodge

Great staff! Skilled and empathic with their treatments. I have seen incredible results with consistent work in a short period.

  • Colleen McLean

Pilates is always great at Treloar. Jos is so knowledgeable and an excellent teacher. I look forward to my sessions with her.

  • johanna libbey

Christina P is amazing! She has solved numerous issues for me. Curious, fun energy, efficient in her work.

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